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The SWR is back and also are we! Once more we bring you the special report about the SWR Barroselas Metalfest, now in its fifteenth edition! This is the fifth time that Metal Horde Zine tries to give to all of you a little inside look of what’s going to happen in Barroselas! You have bios, photos and logos of the forty-four bands that will step the stages of Barroselas alongside small interviews with most of those bands also you will find some info about the bands of the SWR Arena stage! If you have read one of these special reports before you know that there are three questions that were made to all bands! Only changing from Portuguese to foreign bands! So, the three questions to foreign bands were: 1- Is this your first gig in Portugal? 2- What are your expectations about SWR Barroselas Metalfest? Do you know anything about this fest? Do you expect a crazy crowd or what? 3- What can the Portuguese metal heads expect from you in stage? Send greetings to all metal fans in Portugal in your own way. As for the Portuguese bands, these were the questions made: 1 - Is this your first gig in SWR Barroselas Metalfest? 2 - What are you waiting of your performance? 3 - What do you think about this fest, with 15 years of existence? So, hope you guys enjoy the reading and appreciate the bands that will rise in the stages of Barroselas!! See you all there!!! of Awareness’ and 2012 will see them again in Barroselas now for the WOA Metal battle competition!!

Line-Up: Joe ‘Widowmaker’ Dalton (Bx); Johnny Kilmister & Peter Chains (Gt); Alex Wartank (Dr); The Priest (Vk). Midnight Priest is a Portuguese Heavy Metal band formed around 2008 that has the particularity of singing in Portuguese! Their first release was the demo ‘The Priest Is Back’ in 2009 followed a couple months after by the EP ‘A Rainha da Magia Negra’ out by Stormspell Records!! Last year they released by the same label their debut album entitled ‘Midnight Priest’ and 2012 see them debut in Barroselas for the WOA Metal Battle!!

Line-Up: P.(Bx); T. & J.(Gt); J.(Dr); R. (Vk). Portuguese Utopium formed in 2007 is all about Grindcore!! Their debut happened in 2008 with the demo ‘Rehearsal’ followed two years later by the EP ‘Conceptive Prescience’! Last year they released a split EP with Lifedeceiver through Juicy Records and this year they debut 1- It will be our second appearance at the in Barroselas for the WOA Metal Battle! festival, the first was in last year's edition. 2- This year will be with great expectation that we will appear on the Swr Barroselas bill, since we'll play the final of the Wacken Metal Battle. 3- No doubt that the SWR Barroselas is one of the best European festivals metal.15 years is the epitome of unconditional perseverance and work for the growth of the international underground.

Line-Up: Luís Marcelo (Bx); Ricardo Batista & Pedro Gerardo (Gt); Ivo Pais (Dr); Mário Veterano(Vk). Thrash Metal with some modern touches it’s what Face Of A Vírus a Portuguese band formed around 2005 brings to Barroselas! Their first release was the EP ‘Face of a Virus’ released in the year of birth followed last year by ‘Rise and Begin’ their second EP!! This year they are going to debut in Barroselas for the 1- This is the first MIDNIGHT PRIEST WOA Metal Battle!! apparition in Barroselas. The priest was never that North before! 2- We are always ready for action and we bring Hell on stage, explosions, naked women and black magic!!! The Priest is the law!!! 3- The bill is excellent, with a variety of styles hard to find in Portugal and surroundings, for sure it will carry on without disappointing and with lots of Heavy Metal to all! Hell on Earth!!! THE PRIEST IS BACK!!!

Line-Up: André Landeck (Bx); João Pedro & André Sobral (Gt); Bruno Guilherme (Dr); Nuno Rodrigues (Vk). W.A.K.O. (or We Are Killing Ourselves) is a Portuguese modern Thrash/Death band formed in 2001! Their first work was the demo ‘Outrage’ in 2002 followed two years later by the EP ‘Symbiotic Existence’! 2007 saw the release of their debut ‘Deconstructive Essence’ out by Copro Records! Last year they debuted in the stages of the SWR Barroselas Metalfest and released their second full length ‘The Road

1- Yes, we are participating in SWR Barroselas for the first time, and we are very happy about it, it shows that the 7 years of band work is finally reaching a wider audience! We do our best to please everybody! 2- We hope all goes until now, with lots of energy and with the power we always like to have, we will try to do our best because the audience is a little more demanding, but we think everything will go for the best. 3- We do hope this fest goes on forever… It is a great initiative for all the national bands since our metal underground has not that must support as other genres here in Portugal. We would like that there were more fests…

1- Although we are are regular attendants of the fest, this will be the first time we’ll step the foot on stage at SWR. 2- We will give our best to have a great gig and cause some kind of impact on our viewers. 3- Undoubtedly, this is THE underground national fest. Although it isn’t the oldest, it is definitely the most eclectic and with the best atmosphere. The Veigas’ brothers and crew know how to deliver a great show.

Line-Up: Jais Jessen (Bx); Jonas Haagensen & Bertil Rytter (Gt); Jakob Jensen (Dr); Michael Vahl (Vk). Aphyxion comes from Denmark and plays Death Metal with some modern influences! They were formed in 2006 and by the pics seem really young!! Their debut was in the form of the EP ‘Conquering Darkness’ in 2008 followed a year later by another one called ‘Eradication of Fates’ and the third one ‘Obliteration of the Weak’ in 2010!

1- Yes, this is our very first gig in Portugal. We’ve always wanted to go to Portugal, because of the stories about your amazing crowd and devotion to metal. We met a few Portuguese guys when we played at Wacken Open Air – they were really cool, and if the rest of the crowd in Portugal is just going half as crazy as they did on W:O:A, then we’re going to have a fucking blast at SWR Barroselas Metalfest. 2 - Well, we’ve been watching a lot of videos from the metalfest – it looks brutal! Great stage and great crowd! We hadn’t heard about SWR Barroselas Metalfest before we got booked to the show. But now that we know of it, we’re definitely going to spread the word about it. 3- All our shows are different from each other – we are creative on stage, and we’re always up for trying something new. But one thing is for sure – it’s going to be filled with lots of energy, brutal riffs and evil breakdowns. We’re going to hit Portugal on the 27th of April, and by that time, we’ve been touring all over Europe since the 14th of April. So we’re gonna be ready for you, that’s for sure! If you want to check out a few videos of our performance on stage, go to Youtube and search for APHYXION AT WACKEN OPEN AIR – there should be quite a few videos of our show there. Portugal, we can’t wait to see you – horns up, and cheers from Denmark!

Line-Up: Bifes (Bx); Nuno & Tiago (Gt); Luis (Dr); Jonhie & André (Vk). This veteran Crust/Grind act from Portugal get together in 1991! Two years later they released their first demo ‘Até Quando’ followed in ’94 by the split tape with the Spanish band OBNI! In ’95 they delivered the EP ‘Simbiose’ and two years later came the split tape with Luv Da Xit! We had to wait then until 2001 for their comeback with the split 10’ with Croustibat followed a year later by their first full length ‘Naked Mental Violence’!! In 2003 they release the split EP with Spanish band Disface, a year later came the second album entitled ‘Bounded In Adversity’, 2005 was time for the split CD with Brazilian band Taiko and 2006 brought the split EP with the Swedes Driller Killer!! The third album ‘Evolution?’ happened in 2007 followed two years later by the fourth ‘Fake Dimension’ and in 2010 by the split CD with Belgian band Agathocles!! This year they bring to Barroselas their fifth album ‘Economical Terrorism’, fourteen shots in the head of politicians and corruption!!!

3- In my opinion this fest is getting bigger and better, with the big effort of the organization, and it is undoubtedly one of the bigger and better national metal fests. Thank you so much for the opportunity and see you at the SWR!!!

split ‘The Cracks of Doom’ with US band XXX Maniak and the split 7’ with Dutch band Skullhog! In 2009 came the 7’ ‘Warhead’, the split 7’ with US band Spun In Darkness and the split 7’ with Norway band Lobotomized! 2010 begun with the split 7’ with US Stormcrow, the split 7’ with the Finns Hooded Menace, the split 7’ with German band Warhammer and the split 7’ with Finland band Disgrace! Last year they released the compilation ‘Ancient Torture’ and this year they unleashed the EP ‘Sewage Sludgecore Treatment’ with six songs covered by Coffins in their Death doomish sonority!!

Line-Up: Andrew Disterov (Bx); Alexey Sazhin & Gennadiy Savvin (Gt); Anton Samokhvalov (Dr); Daniil Orlov (Vk). Ease of Disgust comes from Moscow, Russia and play a furious Deathcore! They were formed in 2008 and debuted with the EP ‘The Shell’ in 2009! In 2010 they delivered a second EP called ‘Constructed’ that one being followed by the debut album ‘Chaos’ released in the same year! Last year they unleashed the EP ‘Exceeding The Verge’, five songs of a hybrid 1- Yes, we are!! So exciting, but how many hours do we have to fly?! We don't have a Deathcore!! clue!! 2- About SWR I know it only by its name. I look forward to seeing many great bands!! And about audience, of course we very welcome crazy crowd, no matter they are dying or fucking, we play as usual haha. 3- We will show you what death metal is!!! Aaarrrggghhh!!!

1- Yes, this is our first show in PT, and we are very excited to be that far from home! 2- We're happy to be a part of it, first of all. It is always an honour to be accepted and invited to such an event. We want to see circle pits and walls of death, and we hope the crowd goes nuts. 3- With us all you get is a killer show in the best traditions of death metal. Our intro starts with "This is Ease of Disgust on the stage". When you hear it - come running. You'll see Russian death metal in its glory haha. We will rip you apart with breakdowns and I hope you enjoy our show.

Line-Up: Koreeda (Bx); Uchino (Gt/Vk); Satoshi (Dr); Ryo (Vk). Coffins comes from Japan and formed around ’96 but only in 2000 they would record their first demo entitled ‘Reh Demo 00’! Three years later they released a second one called ‘Demo 2003’ followed in 2005 by their debut album ‘Mortuary In Darkness’, the compilation ‘Sacrifice To Evil Spirit’ and the split 7’ with US band Mala Suerte! In 2006 they released their second album ‘The Other Side Of Blasphemy’ and 2007 was a busy year with a split LP with US Otesanek, split 7’ with US Cianide, split album with US band The Arm 1- Yes, it is, after some years here we are! 2- I think it’s going to be good. Who knows us, And Sword Of A Bastard God and the 3 way knows how our concerts are, to whom they are split with the Japanese Anatomia and Grudge! new get ready ‘cause we’re going to break it all, 2008 started with the release of their third album ‘Buried Death’ and continued with the so the expectations are very good.

Line-Up: Benoit Claus (Bx); Mathieu Pascal & Nicolas Alberny (Gt); Samuel Santiago (Dr); Julien ‘Nutz’ Deyres (Vk). Gorod is a French Technical Death Metal band that started in 1997 under the moniker Gorgasm and under that name they released the demos ‘Gorgasm’ in 2000, ‘Promo 2002’, the album ‘Neurotripsicks’ in 2004 and the 3 way split ‘Embalmed Madness’ alongside Finland’s Nerlich and France’s Decoherence! In 2005 to avoid confusions with the US band under the same name they changed it to Gorod and was already under that banner that they re-release ‘Neurotripsicks’ with a couple bonus tracks!! In 2006 they release their second full length ‘Leading Vision’ and in 2009 their third one called ‘Process of a New Decline’! Last year they released the EP ‘Transcendence’ and this year before coming to Barroselas they unleash their fourth album ‘A Perfect Absolution’!!

1- We already played on a barge in Porto with Cattle Decapitation and Beyond Terror Beyond Grace. It was in Summer 2010 and we spent really good time there with sardinhas, vinho verde and people. That was simply great !

2- Sure as hell I know this fest! We were invited at SWR in 2004 by Ricardo Veiga (Golden Pyre) with my other band Zubrowska. Sam was also drumming in the band at this period. The fest was not so famous because headliners were bands like Ackercoke, Machetazo... but it was really friendly! I remember it was raining all the time, so everyone we compelled to stay before the stage that was finally a good way to meet people, talk and enjoy music. It was actually not crazy but really friendly as I said. So, I expect this time to meet the craziest crowd ever thanks to the almighty power of vinho verde of death... or fresh water! 3- Just expect from us the best we can give. And we will do it, sure! Greetings in my own way? I just wish you all the best and let's go windsurfing at Guincho after the show!

Line-Up: Leif Edling (Bx); Mats Björkman & Lars Johansson (Gt); Jan Lindh (Dr); Robert Lowe (Vk). Does anyone not aware of what’s Candlemass history? These Swedes Doomsters started way back in 1984 releasing a couple demos in that year, ‘Witchcraft’ and ‘Second ’84 Demo’! A year later they released their third one called ‘Tales of Creation’ and in ’86 they unleashed their first album ‘Epicus Doomicus Metallicus’ and what a debut!! That year marked also the entering of Messiah Marcolin as vocalist and their first work together would be the album ‘Nightfall’ released in ’87 followed a year later by the singles ‘Samarithan’ and ‘At The Gallows End’ plus the album ‘Ancient Dreams’. In ’89 the band released their fourth album ‘Tales of Creation’ followed a year later by a live album entitled ‘Candlemass-Live’ recorded in Stockholm! In ’92 they entered in the 4 way split ‘Kerrang’ alongside Paradise Lost, Murder Inc and Crowforce being along this time that Messiah Marcolin gets out being replaced by Thomas Vikström that records the vocals for their sixth album ‘Chapter VI’, ’93 brings the EP ‘Sjunger Sigge Fürst’ and ’94 brings the compilation ‘The Best Of Candlemass: As It Is, As It Was’ that marks their split up! But not the end as three years later Leif Edling brings Candlemass back to life to record in ’98 ‘Dactylis Glomerata’ their seventh album and the EP ‘Wiz’, ’99 brought another album this time entitled ‘From The 13th Sun’ and in ’01 ‘Nimis’ brought back Messiah Marcolin for the voices! Next came the ‘Doomed For Live’ album in 2003 followed two years later by the album ‘Candlemass’, 2007 brought the single ‘Black Dwarf’ that introduced Robert Lowe as vocalist and the album ‘King of the Grey Islands’! A year later came the EP ‘Lucifer Rising’ and in 2009 the album ‘Death Magic Doom’ followed by the single ‘Hammer of Doom’! In 2010 they released two live albums ‘No Sleep ‘til Athens’ and ‘Ashes to Ashes’ that also was released as a DVD and the EP ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper’! This year they already presented the single ‘Dancing in the Temple of the Mad Queen Bee’ and in June is expected to be out their twelfth album called ‘Psalms For The Dead’!! Boxed sets are some but have to enlighten a couple like ‘Doom Songs The Singles ’86-89’ with 4 EP’s and

‘Doomlogy’ with 5 LP’s with demos and live split CD with Gurkha! 2008 introduce us their songs! Debuting finally in Portugal let us wait first DVD ‘Europe Football Championship in Solitude in Barroselas for Candlemass!! 2007’, the album ‘In Full Swing’ and the EP ‘We Are The Metal’! Their fourth album ‘Earthshaker’ was out in 2010 and in the same year came the compilation ‘And Some Sick Parts Rotting Out There 1992-2002’!!

1- Yes...the very first one and we are really looking forward to it. We’ve been on our way to Portugal for several years, but it has never happened before now. Finally we make our debut on Portuguese soil! About time. 2- We have never been to Portugal so we don’t now what to expect, but we certainly hope that Portuguese fans of metal will be into Candlemass as well as the other bands. Hopefully our style of doom metal is something that will make the crowd going and there will be an evening full of great music and fun! 3- This will be the first gig in 2012 and we have been recording a new album. Hopefully we can play a couple of new songs for the Portuguese crowd as well as some old favourites. We’re looking forward to see the country and meet our fans, as well as drinking some fine port wine! IT WILL BE A BLAST TO GO TO PORTUGAL!!!

Line-Up: Robert Simek (Bx); Koral (Gt); Bilos (Gt/Vk); David Sevcik (Dr). Malignant Tumour is a Grind/Crust act from the Czech Republic that has some cult inside the scene! They were formed in 1991 and a couple years later they released their first demo ‘Cadaveric Incubator of Endo-Parasites’ followed by another one ‘Symphonies For Pathologist’ in ’94 and another in ’95 called ‘Analyse of Pathological Conceptions’! ’95 mark also their first splits, a tape with German Blood and a 7’ with Decomposed! After that releases start pouring as rain in the winter! In ’96 split 7’ with Immured and split 7’ with Mastic Scum, in ’97 the demo ‘Killing For Profit’, the Ep ‘Crush Syndrome/Surgical Problems’, the 4 way split 7’ with Catasexual Urge Motivation, C.S.S.O. and Negligent Collateral Collapse, split tape with Neuropathia, , split tape with Gride and the split Cd with Squash Bowels! In ’98 came the EP ‘Equality ?!?’, a split 7´with Dead Infection, split 7´with Ingrowing, split 7’ with Vômito, 3 way split tape with Gride and Cerebral Turbulency, and the compilations ‘From Grindgore to Mincecore’ and ‘Grindcore God’! In ’99 split CD with Alienation Mental, in 2000 things started with the split 7’ with Unholy Grave and the split 7’ with Agathocles! 2001 brought the 4 way split tape with Abortion, Din-Addict and Agathocles, in 2002 they released the compilation ‘Demo/Singles Collection ’94-98’ and finally in 2003 they released their first full length ‘Dawn Of A New Age’ plus the split live with Intumescence, split with Pulmonary Fibrosis and the 4 way split with Critical Mass, Anubis and Szargyerek! In 2004 came the split 7´with Lycanthrophy and the 3 way split CD with Pozilga and OBNI, in ’05 their second album ‘Burninhell’ was out and ’06 brought the

1- Hi there, Bilos from MALIGNANT TUMOUR here. No, it will be our second show in Portugal. We played two years ago at Bracara Extreme fest and it was brilliant to play there, except some fuckers lost my backpack at airport. 2- I know about the fest many years. i know Ricardo who is organizer and some bands who already played there and all told me it ´s a great event. As far as I know Portuguese fans, they are pretty wild so we expect them wild, oh yes!!! 3- Fans can expect MALIGNANT TUMOUR in full fire, nothing more nothing less. And I hope we can make some new fans there as well. And after gig we hope that fans will join us in the bar to have some drinks together.

Line-Up: Nag (Bx/Vk); Draugluin (Gt); Antichristian (Dr). Tsjuder is a Norwegian Black Metal band formed around 1993! Their first demo ‘Ved Ferdens Ende’ came in ’95 followed in the same year by another entitled ‘Div Gammelt Stasj’ and by the third in ’96 called ‘Possessed’! In ’97 they released th EP ‘Throne of the Goat’ and in ’99 another EP ‘Atum Nocturnem’ was released! That lead into their first album ‘Kill For Satan’ released in 2000 followed two years later by ‘Demonic Possession’ and in ’04 by ‘Desert Northern Hell’! In 2006 they released the DVD ‘Norwegian Apocalypse’ and last year was unleashed ‘Legion Helvete, eight songs to shake the Christians world!!!

1- This is our first time in Portugal, we where suppose to play there in 2005 but it never happened.

2- We really don’t know anything about this festival but we’re looking forward to taste some Portuguese beer and wine. A party would be nice! 3- You will see a Black Metal show included old and new material and maybe you will get some special treat. As Lemmy says: It’s all rock and roll baby!

it with the release of the EP ‘Of Malady’ in persistence of its organizers has grown from 2005!! In 2007 the debut album ‘Leak’ was year to year and has made a stand in Portugal as released and four years later it was time for the the biggest extreme metal music fest. second one ‘Phenakism’ be out through Major Label Industries!!

1- Yes, this is our first SWR participation. 2- Keeping in mind that this is a cult festival that embraces the most diverse genres and subgenres of metal without prejudice, I think the expectations to have a great show are very high Line-Up: Mr. Δ (Gt); Mr. Σ (Vk); Mr. Π 3- I feel proud of being a part of one of the most (Dr); Live Members: Mr. Γ (Bx); Mr. Ғ (Gt). interesting and best event in the country. The Ytriple Corporation is a Melodic Death Metal band from Spain that was formed around 2002! They are a very enigmatic bunch as all members are named by Greek symbols!! Their first release was the EP ‘Undercover Antibody’ from 2008 followed last year by another EP Line-Up: Vulturius (Gt/Vk); Live Members: Andrecadente (Dr); Angel-O (Bx). called ‘The Sentinel’s Eyes: A Flashforward’! Irae is the creation of Vulturius that basically plays everything on the studio recordings!! It was created around 2002 and the first demo ‘Spreading The Wrath Of Satan’ was out in ’03 followed in ’04 by the demo ‘Ave Sathanas I Was Born To Murder The World’ and the split CD ‘Our Putrefacted Essence’ alongside Portugal’s Coldness! In ’05 he released a couple more demos, ‘Anti Human Rehearsal’ and ‘Victims Of My Insanity’ plus the split tape with Nightrealm! 2006 brought the split 7’ with In Thy Flesh, the debut album ‘Terror 666’ and 1- Yes it is! It is not only the first time THE the 4 way split ‘Black Throne of Disease’ YTRIPLE CORPORATION plays in Portugal, alongside Ars Diavoli, Penitência and Thy but it is also our first show ever! Black Blood! The second album ‘Hellnation’ 2- We expect a great fest! And yes, we have came in 2008 and in the same year was released been there before. I (Mr. Sigma) was there last the split tape ‘Contempt And Slander’ with year taking pictures for my book "Metal Acceptus Noctifer, a year later was released the Extremo: 30 Años de Oscuridad (1981-2011)" split Lp ‘..Pelo Negro Holocausto’ alongside and our drummer Phlegeton (Mr. Pi) was there Mons Veneris and the split CD ‘Odium Generis playing with his band Wormed. It is a great fest Humani’ with Vermen! 2010 brought us the live and the crowd is always awesome, very tape ‘..At Man’s Ruin’ and in 2011 Irae supportive even of smaller bands and the released the demo ‘In The Veins Of Satan’ plus ambient is really great. We expect the the split 7’ with Jazigo!! Portuguese army to join us at our show and see how we are ready to give them a really great fest, with a great surprise included ;) 3- Since it is our first show with THE YTRIPLE CORPORATION but individually we have had many gigs before, the Portuguese fans can expect a really fun show and a positive, all-out-war performance. And as I was telling before... expect a surprise at the end of our show! Thank you Metal Horde Zine for the opportunity to spread our message! You are all invited to freely download our first EP "The Sentinel's Eyes" at our website THE YTRIPLE CORPORATION arrives to Portugal to Win Your Wars! Come and join us!

Line-Up: Paulo Silva (Bx); David Jerónimo (Dr); Filipe Correia (Gt/Vk). Concealment is a Technical Death Metal band formed in 1994 in Sintra, Portugal! In ’96 they recorded their first demo called ‘Naked.. Drowned..Art’ followed three years later by another one entitled ‘Imperaffection’! The band then keep silence for six years until they broke

1- Yes this is Irae’s first SWR Barroselas Metal fest participation, although every member as already played there with other bands previously. 2- The only purpose of Irae ir to spread Stan’s wrath and seed chaos and ruin in the human race. SWR is another vehicle for its eternal propaganda. 3- It’s a fest that started with few resources like so many others, but due to the effort and

Line-Up: Aleksej Obradovic (Bx); Pepijn van Houwelingen (Gt); Sterghios Moschos (Dr); Kostas Panagiotou (Kb/Vk). Pantheist is a Belgian Death/Doom Metal band that has relocated to the UK in the last couple of years!! They were born in 2000 and their first demo ‘1000 Years’ came in 2001 followed two years later by the debut album ‘O Solitude’! ‘Amartia’ the second one came in 2005, the same year where they released the EP ‘The Pains Of Sleep’! In 2008 they released ‘Journey Through Lands Unknown’ the third album followed in 2010 by the split ‘Unveiling The Signs’ alongside Dissolving of Prodigy, Wijlen Wij and Gallileous! Last year they released their fourth album self entitled ‘Pantheist’ and it’s that one they will promote in Barroselas!!

1- Indeed, this is our first time in Portugal and we are looking forward to it pretty much. Actually it's our first time in south Europe, despite the fact that we have three south Europeans in the band! 2- For us it's definitely the biggest festival where we have played so far. I know that it focuses on extreme metal, and our ex guitarist Ilia has played there with his band Indesinence and had only good things to say about it. Crowds in south Europe are always crazy so...yes please! The crazier, the better! 3- They can expect a powerful, atmospheric and varied set of doom metal. Cheers to Portuguese doom lovers; only slow is real!

Line-Up: Peter Wehner (Bx); René Kögel (Gt); Lutz Götzold (Dr); Dreier (Vk). Veteran German band Purgatory was born in 1993 under the sign of Death Metal! First demo ‘Live…Perversion’ was out in ’93 followed in the next two years by a couple 7’ EP’s, ‘Psychopathia Sexualis’ in ’94 and ‘Sadistic Spell’ in ’95! 1996 saw the release of their debut album called ‘Damage Done By Worms’ and in ’97 they released a split 7’ with fellow country mates Seirim and the second album ‘Bestial’! The third album ‘Blessed with Flames of Hate’ was released in 2000 and three years later they would join forces with Polymorph for the release of the split ‘Hell Bastards’! In 2004

the ‘Luciferianism’ album was out followed four years later by ‘Cultus Luciferi-The Splendour of Chaos’! 2011 brought their sixth album ‘Necromantaeon’ alongside the split ‘The Legion of Chaos’ with Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult and 2012 will bring them for the second time to Barroselas (they played here in the 3rd edition in 2000 and almost last year) where we will wait for the devastation of this German quartet!!

1- No, as we've already played in Portugal in 2000 at the 3rd SWR Barroselas Metalfest. We also had the opportunity to play last year's SWR Barroselas Metalfest, but unfortunately we had to cancel the show because our drummer had a serious injury. 2- Although we had to cancel the show, some of us were there at the SWR Barroselas Metalfest and we were deeply impressed. The festival has become one of the big names in the league of Europe's metal festivals and it managed to keep an immensely fan-friendly atmosphere throughout all the years and one can feel and see that it's organisers are very passionate about the do-it-yourself style. And yes, we know the Portuguese crowd to go fucking crazy at a metal show! 3- They should expect an intense blast of 100% pure Death fuckin' metal. We gotta make up for last year, so we will put all the energy we have into this show. We hail the Portuguese metal legions! We see us at the festival ground!

Line-Up: Peter Thorslund (Bx); Michael Stützer & Morten Stützer (Gt); Carsten Nielsen (Dr); Soren Nico Adamsen (Vk). Danish legends Artillery were formed way back in 1982! They debuted with the demo ‘We Are The Dead’ in ’82 followed by other two demos in ’84, ‘Shellshock’ and ‘Deeds of Darkness’! In 1985 they released their fourth demo ‘Fear of Tomorrow’ and later that year they released their first full length with the same name! In ’87 they released the second album ‘Terror Squad’ followed two years later by the demo ‘Khomaniac’ and in ’90 by the third album ‘By Inheritance’ and the single ‘Don’t Believe/ Khomaniac’! In ’91 they unleashed the demo ‘Mind Factory’ and that would mark the split up of the band! They would re-unite in ’98 at the time of the compilation ‘Deadly Relics’and in ’99 they released the album ‘B.A.C.K.’ and the single ‘Jester’! In 2000 they broke up again and this time the silence was until 2007 when they released the box set ‘Through The Years’! 2008 brought the DVD/Live album ‘One Foot In The Grave, The Other One In The Trash’, 2009 the album ‘When Death Comes’ and in 2011 they released their sixth album ‘My Blood’! 2012 brings them for the first time to Portugal for the XV edition of the SWR Barroselas Metalfest!!

we're made of, come down and bang your fucking head!!

1- Yeah, this is our first visit to Portugal, but we have play in as the clossest.But we definately looking forward to come! 2- If seems like a great festival with bands like Candlemas, Hirax and Whiplash etc. So we really hope that the portuquese metalheads would give us some serious headbanging. According to those Portuquese headbangers who has been writting and suporting Artillery up til now we could look forward to a great time! So yes we expect some crazy headbanging. 3- We will play songs from all our Albums and we will do our best to give 110% of a thrashing delivering and share a great time with the some of the craziest headbangers in Portugal. To all the thrashers in Portugal, we are looking forward to have a party with you!

Line-Up: Henry Bates (Bx/Vk); Matt Unsworth (Dr); Tom Whitty (Gt/Vk). Dyscarnate is an English Death Metal band formed around 2003 under the moniker Incarnate! Under that name they only released a demo called ’Demo 2004’ changing afterwards the name to the actual one!! Under the new moniker and two man short (they started as a quintet) they released in 2006 the demo ’Demo 2’ followed two years later by the EP ’Annihilate To Liberate’! In 2010 appeared rhe first album ’Enduring The Massacre’ and this year in February they released the second one called ’And So It Came To Pass’!!

1- It's our first time - we've played Spain a couple of times, but are looking forward to our first show in Portugal! 2- We've heard great things about the festival and Portuguese fans from our friends in Trigger The Bloodshed, who played SWR a while back. We're expecting a fucking awesome crowd!! 3- Three guys throwing down a sound they might expect from a group with double the members! We can't wait to show you guys what

Line-Up: Theo van Eekelen (Bx); Stephan Gebédi & Paul Baayens (Gt); Ed Warby (Dr); Martin van Drunen (Vk). Hail of Bullets formed around 2006 in the Netherlands when a couple known guys that play/played in bands as Asphyx, Thanatos, Pestilence or Gorefest decided to join forces and unleash a brutal force of Death Metal! The first work was the self-entitled demo in 2007 soon followed a year later by their first album ‘Of Frost and War’! In 2009 they recorded the EP ‘Warsaw Rising’ and in 2010 came the second album ‘On Divine Winds’!! Prepare yourself for the beating of your life!!

1- Not for me personally as I've played there several times with Gorefest, but it will be the first Hail Of Bullets show in Portugal and we're really looking forward to it! 2- I know it's a renowned festival that's been around for a while, I checked the site and the line-up seems to be great each year so we're honoured to be on the bill. And we're expecting the crowd to be absolutely INSANE! 3- They can expect full scale war, total annihilation, or simply put: a massive dose of old school death metal that will break their necks! We can't wait to waltz all over you guys so be prepared!!!

Line-Up: Surt (Bx); Marco Marouco (Gt); Patillas (Gt/Vk); Daviti (Dr). Omission started in 2002 in Madrid, Spain when Patillas decided to create is own solo Thrash Metal project! In 2005 he released the first demo ‘Day of Your Death Arrives’ followed the next year by the compilation ‘Thrash Metal Revenge’, that was the demo plus seven live tracks!! Already with a full line up Omission released the second demo ‘Yells That Destroy’ in 2007 soon followed by the third ‘V.P.A.’ in 2008! In 2009 they released the live split LP ‘An Unholy Thrash Metal Night’ alongside German Old and the first full length ‘Thrash Metal Is Violence’! A year later came the tape compilation ‘Angelfuck’ and in

2011 they recorded the second album ‘Merciless Jaws From Hell’ and the 4 way split ‘Unholy Thrash Savage’ alongside Greece’s Revenge, Brazilian Dunkell Reiter and Malaysian Storming Steels!! In 2012 they will release their third album ‘Pioneers of the Storm’ and will debut in the SWR stages!!

Line-Up: C (Bx); J (Dr); A (Gt); T (Vk). Dragged Into Sunlight is a British band formed in 2006! They debuted with the EP ‘Terminal Aggressor’ in 2009 followed, in the same year, by the debut full length ‘Hatred For Mankind’! Their sonority is a blend of different sounds where you can find Black, Death, Doom and a lot more!! Last year they released the live album ‘OCCII Amsterdam’ so expect a big wall of sound when they hit the stage of the SWR Barroselas Metalfest!!

1- Nop this should be like our 8th time playing in Lusitania. 2- The expectations are really high to play in the biggest Iberian metal fest we are after it for a long time. I went last year to see Venom and it was great to have a meet and greed with VENOM, good beer, good food great shows. 3- Portuguese Metal heads can expect a discharge of violence, spikes, leather, bullets, and hopefully some fire. Hailz Lusitania be 1- It is. We've travelled there a few times, but prepared for the Satanicspeed Thrash Metal we've never played. War Machine!!! 2- We expect it's going to be chaos. We're massively influenced by some of the bands, so it's a killer day out for us. The organisers clearly put a lot of work and thought into what they do, anything with that kind of dedication pays off. Every audience is different, we'll see Line-Up: Apollyon (Bx); Horgh (Dr); Abbath what happens. 3- Ritualistic carnage, pounding drums, loud Doom Occulta (Gt/Vk). Who doesn’t know Immortal? Formed in guitars. Bergen, Norway in 1990 by Demonaz and Abbath, soon they become a force in the Black Metal scene! Their first demo self entitled came in 1991 followed in the same year by an EP also self entitled! The first album ‘Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism’ was released through Osmose Productions in ’92 and in the next year came the second one ‘Pure Holocaust’! In ’95 was recorded the fourth one ‘Battles in the North’, in ’97 came ‘Blizzard Beasts’ and in ’99 was recorded the most acclaimed album of Immortal ‘At The Heart Of Winter’! In 2000 Line-Up: Duff Rodriguez (Bx); Guillaume & came ‘Damned In Black’ and two years later Tristan (Gt); Jr Rodriguez (Dr); Seb (Vk). ‘Sons Of Northern Darkness’ being this the first Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition comes from out by Nuclear Blast! In ‘03 the band officially Paris, France but they don’t talk about love and stops until 2009 when they re-unite to unleash light in the French capital, this Death/Grind ‘All Shall Fall’ their eighth album and a split 7’ machine prefers to show the ugliness behind with Hypocrisy! In 2010 they released the DVD humankind!! Their first work was a split tape and live album ‘The Seventh Date Of alongside Infected Pussy in ’97 followed a year Blashyrkh’ and now it’s time for debut in later by a split CD with Brazilian ROT and in Barroselas main stage!!! 2001 by their debut album self entitled that had 21 tracks without titles or lyrics!! In ’02 they released a split 7’ with Brazilian Lymphatic Phlegm, in ’03 they released their second album just entitled ‘2’ again without song titles and in 2006 they released a split with Italians Cripple Bastards out through Relapse Records!! In 2007 they released their third album called ‘Inventory of Fixtures’, where they used for the first time lyrics followed in 2011 for the fourth one called ‘Sheep’N’Guns’!!

1- Our participation in the SWR Fest 2012 will be our 6th show ever in Portugal for SCD. Also, first show in your country was at the 10th edition of SWR. We discovered that we have a lot of fans there! After Neurotic Deathfest show, SWR will be our second big hit since the beginning of 2012 and our show will surprise you for sure! We have a cool 2012 year playing on big festivals as SWR, Neurotic, Hellfest … to support the release of Sheep’n’Guns, our latest album! 2- Like always: give our best to the crowd that will be in front of us! In 2007, SWR was really awesome: cool bands, the organisation was really pleasant ( Ricardo is a true metal fan and also a really gentle guy! True friend!), the audience was one of the sickest of your last tour! We also appreciate your local beers and food!! We know that we will have a good time at that show and we’re really pleased and excited to come play for the Portuguese fans! Ahah! We use to say to French metalheads that Portugal have the best crowd!!! 3- I hope they still want to see us of course! But we know that they want it: SCD and Portuguese fans are really linked! We have sometimes messages of support from fans of your country, our new album is well appreciated and we still receive shows propositions above all of that! Portuguese metal heads expect from us to deliver the most intense and sickest show! And we will do it! We’re more excited than ever to play in your country and also worldwide! SWR is gonna be really brutal!! Thanks Metal Horde Zine to let us spread our words! Be ready people from Barroselas: we have a meeting with all of you in April, 28th 2012 at SWR XV! We’ll be here to destroy the stage and we want you to follow our plans! Stay brutal!

Line-Up: Chicão (Bx); Fernando Oster (Dr); Rafael Iak (Gt); Silvano Aguilera (Gt/Vk). Woslom is a Thrash Metal band from São Paulo, Brazil formed in 1997 releasing their first demo ‘Legendary Attempts From Sat Afternoon’ three years later! In 2001 they released their second demo called ‘Woslom Remains Metallica’ and in 2002 their third one ‘From Dark to Light’! In 2004 one more demo this time called ‘Beyond Inferno’ and in 2007 came the self entitled demo followed by their debut album ‘Time to Rise’ in 2010!!

1- Yeah, it’s our first time in Portugal. It’s gonna be very special for us for sure. 2- The expectations couldn’t be better. It’s gonna be our first tour over Europe and being at SWR Barroselas Metalfest certainly will be very special for us. We know about the festival for a long time, and now we will be part of this successful history. And our expectation about the audience is also great, we are from Brazil and we expect so many crazy people as we are. 3- They can expect much feeling and Latin blood, WOSLOM is coming to bang your head till the end, it’s gonna be insane play for ours blood Portuguese brothers!!!

Line-Up: Peter Hasselbrack (Everything) One man band coming from North Carolina, USA formed around 2006 by Peter Hasslebrack!! Is first work was the full length ‘Brutally Butchered’ followed by the EP ‘Demand For Revenge’ in 2008 and by the album ‘Sadistic Deeds..Grotesque Memories’ in 2009!! Last year he released through Comatose Music his third album entitled ‘The Death of Hope’, ten tracks of sadistic Brutal Death Metal!! In Barroselas Peter much probably will play with a 2nd guitarist supporting but let’s wait to see!!!

1- Yes, this will be the first gig Bloodsoaked has played in Portugal and I am very excited. 2- I expect a great crowd or Death and Black Metal fans that support the underground scene. Yes, I have been following the festival for many years from the USA and it always looks to be crazy. 3- Expect a full on Death Metal assault, I have been playing as a One-Man band for many years now and I will bring the brutality. There is a possibility that I will have a second guitarist for the festival but that has yet to be confirmed. To all the Death Metal fans in Portugal, Bloodsoaked will not disappoint you, I will crush skulls with the SICKNESS!!!

1- This will be our fourth performance at this fest, it has been an almost parallel growth between the band and the SWR: we’ve played for the first time in the 3rd edition in 200, then in 2005, 2009 and now 2012. We are Barroselas’ “veterans”! 2- We will present our new album “Lions Among Men” and as such, we will have new themes to present. As usual we have explored some new ideas in this new record and there is some curiosity to see how the public reacts to this new material. 3- The safe growth, almost step-by-step, of SWR is a good example for everyone – They knew how to learn, evolve and improve year to year, always having the concern to improve all the logistics of the fest. It conciliates as few the almost familiar environment, underground that characterizes it, with a professional attitude that all the bands that go through there recognize and appraise. When we recall the conditions we had in the first editions and see now to all the structure that surrounds the fest, there is no way to ignore the effort and dedication of all those involved to deliver, each edition, a better 1- Greetings from India. Yes, this will be the experience for everyone. first time Eccentric Pendulum is playing in Portugal. 2- We have heard a lot about the SWR Barroselas Metalfest. We are hoping that we have a good gig and that the people appreciate us. We do not know much about the crowd there, but we sure are expecting a crazy crowd like the other European festivals. 3- The metalheads can expect an an hour of groovy progressive metal with elements of thrash and death metal. Can’t wait to perform for you guys! Cheers! \m/ Line-Up: Arun Natarajan (Bx); Arjun Mulky & Faheemul Hassan (Gt); Vibhas Venkatram (Dr); Nikhil Vastarey (Vk). Eccentric Pendulum is an Indian Thrash/Death Metalcore band formed in 2009!! Their first work was the EP ‘The Sculptor of Negative Emotions’ in 2009 followed two years later by the album ‘Winding the Optics’!!

Line-Up: Helder Malícia (Bx); Filipe Lima & Nuno Gervásio (Gt); Rolando Barros (Dr); Bruno Fernandes (Vk). Coming from Portugal, The Firstborn begun their voyage as The Firstborn Evil in 1995, having released a demo, ‘The Awakening Of Evil’ in 1996 and a full length, ‘Rebirth Of Evil’ in 1998 under that banner. Then happened the change of name and as The Firstborn they released a couple of successful albums, ‘From The Past Yet To Come’ in 2000, ‘The Unclenching Of Fists’ in 2005 and ‘The Noble Search’ in 2008. This year they released their fourth album ‘Lions Among Men’ through Rastilho Records and once more will show up in the stages of Barroselas.

Line-Up: Fiar (Bx/Vk); Nechrist (Dr); Falke (Gt). Live Member: A.M. (Gt). Foscor is a Catalan band formed in ’97 that plays a very dark Black Metal! Their debut was with the demo ‘Promo CD 2001’ followed in 2003 by the split CD with Galician’s Xerión! In ’04 they released their first full length ‘Entrance to the Shadow’s Village’, in ’06 the demo ‘..Narrow is the Path to Darkness..’ and in ’07 came the second album entitled ‘The Smile of the Sad Ones’!! In 2008 they recorded a split CD with Bosnia’s Krv followed a year later by one more album this time called ‘Groans to the Guilty’ and in 2010 by the split 7’ ‘Onslaught of Black Putrefaction’ alongside Cyprus band Necrosadist!! 2012 will bring for the first time Foscor to Barroselas and also is the year of the release of their first DVD called ‘Deu Anys Vers La Foscor’!!

1- Hi Nuno, first of all, thanks for open to Foscor the gates of Metal Horde, and please excuse my delay. Hope everything is fine there. In fact this is not the first time we visit Portugal, we played a couple of gigs with Corpus Christii on November 2007; we played in Braga with them and Nuklear Goat, and Lisbon plus Decayed and Flagellum Dei, which let us have a first approach to the Portuguese audience. Unfortunately there were not much people on both gigs, so we hope SWR Barroselas Metalfest XV could be now a good exposure moment to Portuguese audience after 4 years and a half since we landed there. Both gigs from 2007 let us know great people we have kept the contact with… so, we are sure this new raid in Portugal, before to have a new album in the next months, could be useful as introducing show to a big audience about what has Foscor developed last years. 2- We sincerely don’t know much things about this Fest and it’s conditions. We have seen videos, we have talked with some friend bands who played there… but again… we will arrive there just with the same wish we arrive to all the venues or places to play: give and show the best we have, and try to connect with people during the 30 minutes we will have. It’s difficult, but it’s the way this kind of Fests work. I know SWR has grown a lot last years, with a good exposure to the rest of Europe… last editions showed a great Line-up with bands not easy to see here. I think they are doing a great job brining this quality stuff to the Iberian fields… About the crowd…I prefer to arrive, watch, feel and evaluate after the show… he, he… If I should have to believe in what we lived in 2007, I would expect a more expectant and reflexive audience… But an Open Air Fest is so different, so… let’s see how people feel what Foscor emotions can bring them. 3- From the experience we have, I think one of the main values we have is the energy we know to transmit on stage. Foscor’s music bases most part of the content drawing emotional landscapes which let the listener flow in a very dynamic way through different audio densities. The most difficult thing when you have 30 minutes is to connect with people that don’t know too much from you, from the first moment… So, we will work a very intense setlist, based mainly on last album, which could make the audience suffer the maximum impact of emotions shots our music can. Something dense, dynamic and emotionally violent… See you all there on Sunday 29th guys, we will come and show how a fucking Catalonian Black Metal band can make you feel. Together in Darkness…

Line-Up: V.P. (Bx); S,W. & Nabemih (Gt); E.L. (Dr); Acerbus (Gt/Vk). Ondskapt is a Black Metal band that was born in Stockholm, Sweden around the year 2000! They debuted with the EP ‘Slave Under His Immortal Will’ in ’01 followed in ’03 by the first full length ‘Draco Sit Mihi Dux’!! In 2005 they unleashed ‘Dödens Evangelium’ and in 2010 ‘Arisen from the Ashes’ was released

through Osmose Productions that afterwards re- heads who attend the event. We hope to see the release the first two albums of Ondskapt!! Now old Doom Metal fans who we have been for the first time they will appear in Portugal!! contacting since our beginning and others who are meeting the band for the first time. 3- Thanks to Metal Horde Zine for the support, all metalheads from Portugal and other countries who will attend the SWR Barroselas and mainly those whom will attend our concert. We will present you a great Doom ceremony with epic anthems shrouded by mystery and fantasy about lost cities and ancient races that dominated the deep and moist tropical 1- Yes, this is our first time playing in Portugal rainforests! and we are very much looking forward to playing in your country. 2- Well, we will perform our ritual as any other festival. Giving birth to an unlight for the masses to behold. Personally I am not too familiar with the festival itself but I know of its very good reputation and also that expectations from the visitors going will be high, due to the running order. We hope the audience will be as possessed by our music as we ourselves are. The crowd should expect a stage-performance that is not only shocking and repugnant, but also very highly spiritual and atmospheric in nature. Line-Up: Steve Harrison (Bx); Lance 3- We would like to say to everyone whom is Harrison & Mike Guerrero (Gt); Jorge attending SWR fest that we welcome everyone Iacobellis (Dr); Katon Pena (Vk). to come and see our show, to embrace us and Hirax is a Thrash Metal band from California, join us in a holy union with death. We will see USA that was raised in 1984 by Katon Pena , you soon to give you a show like no other who nowadays is the only founding member before!!! that still plays in Hirax!! They debuted with the

Line-Up: Hamon (Dr); Shammash & Nechron (Gt); Samej (Vk). Mythological Cold Towers is a Death/Doom band from Brazil that was born in ’94! Their first work was the album ‘Spheres Of Nebaddon (The Dawn of a Dying Tyffereth) followed four years later by ‘Remoti Meridiani Hymni (Towards the Magnificent Realm of the Sun) and in 2005 by the third album, ‘The Vanished Pantheon’! Last year they released their fourth album ‘Immemorial’ by Cyclone Empire’ and this year they will debut in Portuguese stages!!

1- Yes and it will be our first concert in Europe. 2- Our expectations are the best possible and we are very anxious for this moment. Yes, I know SWR Barroselas is a big festival known for its professionalism and the large amount of metal

‘Demo 1984’ followed by the 5 way split ‘Anglican Scrape Attic’ alongside Execute, Lip Cream, Concrete Sox and Sacrilege and the debut album ‘Raging Violence’ in ‘85! A year after they unleashed the second album ‘Hate, Fear and Power’ and in ’87 the single and demo ‘Blasted in Bangkok was released! In the same year the band stopped and only reappeared ten years after with the ‘Dying World’ split 7´alongside Spazz followed three years later by the Ep ‘El Diablo Negro’! In ’01 they released the Ep ‘Barrage of Noise’, in ’04 the third album ‘The New Age of Terror’ and in ’05 the 5 way split ‘Louder Than Hell’ with Municipal Waste, The Accüsed, Toxic Narcotic and Vöetsek! In ’06 they unleashed the DVD ‘Thrash ‘till Death’, in ’07 the EP’s ‘Assassins of War’ and ‘Chaos and Brutality’, in ’08 the live album/DVD ‘Thrash and Destroy’ and the split 7’ with Sweden’s F.K.Ü.! In 2009 the year started with the split 7’ ‘Metalheads United’ alongside French band Resistance and ended with the release of their fourth album ‘El Rostro de la Muerte’, a year after came the split 7’ ‘Raging Thrash’ with Brazilian band Violator and the split DVD ‘Just Kill.. and Kill Again’ with Mortage and Devil On Earth! Last year they released another DVD this time called ‘First Time in Poland’ and 2012 it’s year for Barroselas and the Portuguese crowd to see Hirax!!

Line –Up: Custódio Rato (Bx); Gonçalo Correia (Dr); Nuno David (Gt); Hugo Santos (Gt/Vk). Portuguese Doom/Death Metal band Process Of Guilt has risen from the Portuguese underground to the world in 2002! Their first releases were the demos ‘Portraits of Regret’ in 2002 and ‘Demising Grace’ in 2004! That lead into a contract signing with Major Label Industries with whom they would release their debut full length in 2006 called ‘Renounce’! 2009 saw two releases by the band, first the split with UK based band Caina and after that their second album, ‘Erosion’, almost an hour of dark and destructive tunes!! 2011 brought the compilation ‘The Circle’ and 2012 saw the release of the album‘FÆMIN’ through Division Records and brings them again to Barroselas!!

1- After participating in the X and XIII editions, this will be our 3rd performance at SWR Barroselas Metalfest, and it has been chosen to present first hand some of the themes in our new álbum «FÆMIN». 2- It will be an intense performance! This date will be the beginning of a new concert cycle for «FÆMIN»’s presentation, so our expectations are very high when it comes to the audience’s reaction to the new themes. 3-When a festival reaches its 15th anniversary there’s not much more to say. It’s the biggest national underground fest and we just hope they will keep the intention to make it bigger.

Line-Up: Alwin Zuur (Bx); Paul Baayens (Gt); Bob Bagchus (Dr); Martin van Drunen (Vk). Dutch Death Metal band formed way back in 1987 that need few introductions!! A year after their birth they released a couple demos ‘Enter the Domain’ and ‘Carnage Remains’ followed a year later by the third demo ‘Crush the Cenotaph’ and the single ‘Mutilating Process’! In ’91 they released the ‘Promo’91’ and their debut album ‘The Rack’ followed in ’92 by the EP ‘Crush the Cenotaph’ and the second album ‘Last One on Earth’! In ’94 they released the album ‘Asphyx’, in ’95 a two track ‘Promo’95’ and in ’96 their fourth album ‘Embrace The Death’ (although all music in this album was recorded in 1990) and the fifth ‘God Cries’! Then the band had a little break returning in 2000 with the album ‘On the Wings of Inferno’

but the band disbanded right after its release only regrouping once more in ’08 for the release of the single ‘Death the Brutal Way’ that named also their seventh album in ’09! In 2010 they released ‘Live Death Doom’ as live album and DVD and in 2011 they released two splits 7’, one with Hooded Menace from Finland and one with country mates Thanatos! This year after their appearance in Barroselas they have scheduled the release of the 7´‘Reign of the Brute’ and the album ‘Deathhammer’ through Century Media!!

1- We have never played in Portugal, so we're excited! Personally I have never been in Portugal so hopefully we can check out the area a bit as well. 2- Actually I haven't heard from it yet, but I saw that the line-up is quite impressive. There are some bands I definitely want to see. Some Spanish friends told us that this festival in one of the best in the country, so we do have some expectations already. Asphyx is going to release a new album in February and is founded 25 years ago. A good reason to party, having some drinks and go crazy with us. 3- Asphyx krushes with high volume bang the heads off on stage and will give all energy we have. Portugal, show us where you are made of!

Line-Up: Christoph Erdmann (Bx); Rolf Meyn (Dr); Kevin Wittek (Gt); Volker ‘Iron Lung’ Frerich (Vk). Warhammer formed in ’94 in Germany to play as Hellhammer as they could do!! They never hide it and it’s just how things are!! Their first work was the album ‘The Winter of Our Discontent’ in ’97 followed in the same year by the demo ‘Towards the Chapter of Chaos’! In ’99 they unleashed their second album ‘Deathchrist’, in ’00 the third one ‘The Doom Messiah’, in ’01 the single ‘Apocalypse Unleashed’ and in ’02 the fourth album ‘Curse of the Absolute Eclipse’! After that album Volker decided to stop things for a while only reappearing on the scene again in 2006 with a couple live gigs one of them captured in what would become ‘Live Massacre 2006’ Dvd released in 2007! As for albums they released their fifth in 2009 called ‘No Beast So Fierce’ and in the next year they released a split 7’ with Japan’s Coffins!! 2012 it’s time for them to debut in our country in the XV edition of the SWR Barroselas Metalfest!!

1- Yes, it’s our first show in Portugal. 2- We were supposed to play SWR Barroselas Metalfest some years ago, but it didn’t work out. So this is our second attempt, and we’re looking forward to it very much! I have seen a VENOM-video from last year, and I like stagediving very much, so it’s cool, that this is allowed at Barroselas. We’re gonna play some cover-songs, and I like it, when the crowd sings along. As we are an Old School-orientated band, the songs are of course from the 80s, and I guess, everyone will know them. And when I look at the line-up so far, I am glad to share the stage with the likes of HIRAX, WHIPLASH or COFFINS. 3- We go pretty much crazy on stage! Lots of thrashing and headbanging. I don’t like bands, that just stand around on stage, that’s boring. And to all metalheads in Portugal: “If you don’t know our sound, and you’re maybe looking for technical Death Metal, you won’t find it with WARHAMMER. But if you’re willing to thrash to raw, simplistic and brutal Metal, that comes from the heart, we’re up to that! After all, our sound and style has not changed one bit over the years. See you in front of the stage! In the end, only Death is real!!”

Line-Up: Lalo (Bx); Yoye & Borja Suarez (Gt); Javi (Dr); Simón (Vk). Spanish band hailing from the region of Asturias, Legacy Of Brutality was formed in 2006. Their debut was out under the form of ‘Demon 2007’, a demo with three tracks of a powerful Death Metal followed in 2009 by the second demo ‘Land Of Empty Graves’ that was released as a promo pack very well designed, as an EP and as a limited edition! In 2011 they released their first full length entitled ‘Path of Forgotten Souls’ and this year they released the EP ‘Ad Bellum’!!

1- No, this is our 6th or 7th gig in Portugal. We've played in Güimaraes, Braga, Vila-real & Barroselas'09 between others. 2- It's an honour to play again in Barroselas and share the stage with bands like Immortal, Hypocrisy or Hail of Bullets... Of Course, we know the SWR very good. The first time that we've played there in 2009 was amazing! But this time will be better because we've more experience and better songs. And this time we play in the main stage, after midnight, we're

very proud and excited! 3- We know that you're crazy men! ;) You give it all in the gigs, enjoy it 'till death! Promise to give everything, lots of brutality, pure Death Metal attitude!! Ok, we greet to all motherfuckers that will be there! We want to see you all make headbanging, moshing and stagediving! Will be a memorable show.

Line-Up: Helder F. (Bx); Carlos & Jorge (Gt); Ricardo (Dr); Paulo (Vk). E.A.K. (or Extraterrestrial Alternative Knowledge) is a Portuguese Thrash/Death core band formed around 2001! Their first work was the demo ‘3 Steps To..’ in 2003 followed by their debut album ‘Musclecore’ in 2006! In 2008 they released the split CD ‘Bipolar’ alongside Crushing Sun and in 2011 Major Label Industries released their second album ‘MuzEak’ in 2011!!

1- Hi Metal Horde, to be honest I don’t remember how many times we’ve played at SWR, but I think this is our 3rd participation (or 4th, I don’t remember) you know, my memory is a bit fragilized due to all the radioactivity produced by our amplifiers! It is certain that we’ve played there in 2006 and in 2008. 2- The expectations are always the same in every gig we play which are, fun, good sound, new friendships, see and share the stage with good bands and present our sound to new people. 3-It’s really good!! To me it’s definitely the best extreme music fest in Portugal, and it even got better when they widened the range of music genres, and bands with other sonorities started to come and play. I hope they keep up the good work both in the fest as well as in their “new” venture with concerts in bars!

If we speak of Black Metal in Portugal you’ve to know Corpus Christii. Formed in 1998 by Nocturnus Horrendus, the mind behind it, they released their first demo in 1998, ‘Anno Domini’, followed by their debut full length in 2000, ‘Saeculum Domini’ and the split ‘Decadentia Christii’ alongside Decayed! 2001 brought the second album ‘The Fire God’ followed in 2002 by ‘In League With Black Metal’ and the EP ‘Master Of…’!! In 2003 come the fourth album ‘Tormented Belief’ followed a year later by ‘F.O.A.D.’ a split with Canada’s Thesyre! ‘The Torment Continues’ appeared in 2005 and two years later the EP ‘Lost Chapters’ followed in 2007 by ‘Rising’!! A year later came the EP ‘Carving A Pyramid of Thoughts’ and in 2011 ‘Luciferian Frequencies’ the seventh full length was out!!

1- Neither the first nor the second , Corpus Christii has been playing several times in this great SWR fest. The last time I think it was 2010 and it was a great pleasure indeed of playing there. Indeed, every Portuguese Metal band should play in this fest and be a part of the big SWR family. 2- The same as always, total commitment on stage, do the best possible and try to convert some individuals to the complex Black Metal World. Besides ideology, corpse paint and everything else there is the music, the music that can be appreciated even by people outside Black Metal. And of course, keep the flame burning for our followers. It has been a worthy battle to live, or should I say survive… 3- I’ve seen it all on this fest, I’ve been a constant presence and it’s amazing to see how the fest has been growing. I just regret that there are a lot of people that do not embrace this fest and rather go to bigger fests but with less quality. The SWR fest, although it has worldrenowned bands it is also a “showcase” to bring to light lots of bands that in other days we would never have the opportunity to know, even less to see them live! It is my case: I’ve known and admire lots of bands in this fest, so it definitely has a big impact on me.

Line-Up: Kyle Rutherford (Bx); Allan MacDonald (Dr); Paul McGuire (Gt); Simone Pluijmers (Vk). Scottish band Cerebral Bore were formed in Line-up: Nocturnus Horrendus (Vk); Live 2006 in Glasgow, releasing then the demo ‘The Members: Mist (Bx); Andrecadente (Dr); J Dead Flesh Architect’, four songs of Brutal & Angel-O (Gt). Death Metal influenced by the American

school! 2009 brought the single ’24 Year Party Dungeon’ and a year later they released their debut album ‘Maniacal Miscreation’ out by Earache Records!! In 2012 they released another single ‘Horrendous Acts of Iniquity’ and it’s expected their second full length in this year that they do their comeback to Barroselas!!

1- No we have played at both swr and butchery at Xmas time fests in the past 3 years. 2- I expect it to be hot and awesome!! I know that the organisers are a gang of pimps! I do! Last time was great, so if it's anything like that, it'll be a good one! 3- A set that will include tracks from our new album, due for release on earache records later this year! As well as a bunch from 'maniacal miscreation'. We will definitely supply the brutality in epic doses! To all you great Portuguese metalheads, we raise you the old \m/

Line-Up: Will Palmer (Bx); Andy Prestridge (Dr); Kevin Heybourne (Gt/Vk). Angel Witch comes from England and are one of the bands that were part of the NWOBHM!! Born in 1976 under the name of Lucifer they changed it to Angel Witch in ’78 releasing their first demo only entitled ‘Demo’ in ’79! A year later came the self entitled album that so many have praised and followed in the same year by two singles, ‘Angel Witch’ and ‘Sweet Danger’! In ’81 they released the single ‘Loser’ only followed two years later by the demo ‘Demo #3’ and in ’85 by the album ‘Screamin’N’Bleeding’ and the single ‘Goodbye’! In ’86 came the third album ‘Frontal Assault’, in ’87 the demo ‘Psychopathic’, in ’90 the demo ‘Twist of the Knife’ and the live album ‘Angel Witch Live’! The band then would split up just to re-unite again in ’98 with the demo ‘Resurrection’ followed in ’99 by the compilation ‘Sinister History’ with some unreleased stuff from the 70’s ad 80’s! In 2000 they released their second live album ‘2000: Live at the LA2’ followed by the EP ‘They Wouldn’t Dare’ in ’04!! In ’09 came another live album ‘Burn the White Witch – Live in London’ and 2012 was the year chosen to release their fourth album ‘As Above, So Below’ and to come to the SWR Barroselas Metalfest!!

Line-Up: Edgar Livengood (Dr); Amber Valentine (Gt/Vk). This Sludge Metal duo coming from the state of Georgia in the United States of America formed in 1993, soon started to be spoken in the Music media with the release of their EP in 96 called ‘Superman’! Their full length debut was released afterwards under the name of ‘Calling All Cars on the Vegas Strip’ two years later! A couple more EP’s, ‘Lambs’ in 2001, ‘War Bird’ in 2004 and a full length in between, ‘I Name You Destroyer’! They would then sign with Relapse Records with whom they released their third album, ‘If Thine Enemy Hunger’ in 2006 and the fourth ‘L’Autrichienne’ out in 2008! In 2009 they released a split EP with New York rock band, J.A.C.K called ‘Birds of a Feather/Obliterator’ and a split album with Canada based ‘Show of Bedlam’! A year later was time for ‘Throned in Blood’ their fifth album and 2011 for the five song EP ‘Nadir’ out by Nomadic Fortress!!

1- We've already played in Portugal five or six times before, one of them at SWR 2010. We really love the shows there, and the nature is so beautiful. Love the port wine too haha! 2- SWR is a really great festival done with love from the people who organize it and from the fans. We had such a blast playing there before and we can't wait to come back. Yeah we expect a crazy crowd, you guys have some of the best metalheads in the world! /m/ 3- Worship of everything we love in metal, playing really loud, with no boundaries, no bullshit, lots of sweat and probably some blood. We're just two people but we'll bring maximum apocalypse possible. Can't wait to rage together Portugal!! Line-Up: Mikael Hedlund (Bx); Horgh (Dr); Peter Tägtgren (Gt/Vk); Live Member: Tomas Elofsson (Gt). What can we say about Hypocrisy? Born in ’90 out of the mind of one man, Peter Tägtgren in Sweden soon thy would become one of the major bands in the Swedish Death Metal scene! Their first work was the demo ‘Rest In Pain’ in ’92 followed in the same year by the split 7’ ‘Nuclear Blast Promo EP’ alongside Afflicted, Resurrection and Sinister and their first album ‘Penetralia’! In ’93 came the EP ‘Pleasures of Molestation’ and the album ‘Osculum Obscenum’, in ’94 the EP ‘Inferior Devoties’ and the album ‘The Fourth Dimension’, in ’96 came the split 7´with country mates Meshuggah, the EP ‘Maximum Abduction’, the single ‘Carved Up’ and their fourth album

‘Abducted’ and in ’97 came the album ‘The Final Chapter’! In ’99 they released the live album ‘Hypocrisy Destroys Wacken’ and the album ‘Hypocrisy’, in 2000 the album ‘Into The Abyss’, in ’02 their eighth album ‘Catch-22’ was released and in ’04 it was time for ‘The Arrival’! In ’05 they started with the EP ‘Virus Radio EP’ followed by the split Promo-CD with Exodus and ending in their tenth album ‘Virus’! We had then to wait until ’08 to heard from Hypocrisy again when they recorded the EP ‘Don’t Judge Me’ and the album ‘Catch-22 V2.0.08’ a re-recording of the album with the same name from 2002! A year after came the album ‘A Taste of Extreme Divinity’ and the split 7’ with Norway’s Immortal and in 2011 they released the EP ‘Eraser (live)’ and the DVD ‘Hell Over Sofia – 20 Years of Chaos and Confusion’!!

Line-Up: Zé Pedro (Bx); P.G. & António C. (Gt); Diogo P. (Dr); C. Guerra (Vk). Holocausto Canibal is perhaps the most known Portuguese Grind Gore act! Born in 1997 in Rio Tinto (near Oporto) they soon shocked everyone with their ‘Opus I’ their first demo out in ’98 that blasted the mind of many in the Grind scene with their Portuguese Gore lyrics! After that came the EP ‘Gonorreia Visceral’ in 2000 and two years after their first album ‘Sublime Massacre Corpóreo’! In 2003 they released the split a split CD with Italian band Grimness 69 and in ’05 came ‘Morbosa Carnosidade Putrefacta’ split CD with Spain’s Mixomatosis! In ’06 they recorded their second album ‘Opusgenitalia’ and in ’08 released the compilation ‘Visceral Massacre Memorabilia’! This year in their 15th birthday they will release their third album in April called ‘Gorefilia’ and once more will give to everyone that dares to go to Barroselas a hell of a show!!

1- This will be the fifth time we play at SWR Barroselas Metalfest! We did it on 2000, 2001, 2003 and 2007. We’ve been to all editions as visitors. 2- To be present on the 15th anniversary of SWR Barroselas Metalfest comes with a great

significance to us because Holocausto Canibal also celebrates 15 years of existance!!! On the other hand we share again the stage with Immortal and Hypocrisy, 10 years after the first time. This will also probably be the first show date after our new album Gorefilia is released and the setlist will be predominantly based on this new album! It will be a very meaningful performance due to several reasons! 3- All you can say about this fest that has been around for 15 years becomes redundant! It’s in this persistence, continuity and longevity that lies the true festival essence. For more information about our next album please visit, for more info on the band go to Thank you Nuno and Inês [Metal Horde], as we have said before in Metal Horde’s pages it is good to keep grabbing a physical format fanzine thanks to you!!!GORE FOR PASSION NOT FOR FASHION!

Line-Up: Dank DeLong (Bx); Dan Foord (Dr); Tony Portaro (Gt/Vk). Whiplash was born in 1984 in New Jersey, USA by the hands of Tony Portaro! In that same year they released two demos ‘Fire Away’ and ‘Thunderstruk’ followed by another demo called ‘Looking Death in the Face’ in ’85! At that time their Speed/Thrash Metal was raising some heads and after signing with Roadrunner Recs in ’85 they release their first full length ‘Power and Pain’ followed a couple years later by ‘Ticket to Mayhem’ and in 1990 by ‘Insult to Injury’!! In ’96 they release ‘Cult of One’, in’97 ‘Sit Stand Kneel Prey’ and in ’98 reuniting the original line-up they record their sixth album ‘Thrashback’! In ’99 it’s released the ‘Messages in Blood’ compilation featuring songs from the early demos and some live cuts but by that time the band was on a hiatus! That hiatus was ended in 2009 when Tony Portaro once more wrote songs for Whiplash and recorded the ‘Unborn Again’ album!! Now in 2012 finally the Portuguese Metalheads will have the pleasure of seeing Whiplash for the first time in our country in the XV edition of the SWR Barroselas Metalfest!!

1- Yes, this is the first performance for Whiplash in Portugal. 2- All we were told is that it is normal for performances to start very late (early morning hours). The Whiplash set begins at 0130! I anticipate the Portugal crowd to be very crazy. Many Whiplash followers have been waiting for a long time to see the band live. Also, our music is very aggressive, and the live performance is always full of adrenaline. 3- We feed off of the crowd. So, the crazier they go....the more crazy we go. Are you ready?

We're gonna thrash your faces off, Portugal!!!! Listen to all the Whiplash music at and visit our band Facebook page at Whiplash.

first full length was out ‘El Dia Despues Al Fin De La Humanidad’, nineteen tracks of the sickest Grindcore!

Mike, João & Jorge on guitars, Makoto on bass and Shela on the keyboards!!

but a debut album is almost out and will be called ‘Anthemic Holocaust’!! Their Black’n’Roll is a must for all of you Satan desecrators!!

Vs This is going to be a hell of a ride when this two one man bands join to do a monster jam!! Honkeyfinger comes from the UK and he plays a kind of Experimental Blues that you can hear on two EP’s ‘Trouble’ and ‘Running On Empty’ or in the debut album ‘Invocation of the Demon Other’!! As for Pe7erpanic it’s the alter ego of Pedro Botelho and explores the sounds of surf, garage and blues in this solo project of his!! He just released his first album ‘Don’t Panic’! So, expect only the unexpected!!

Like the last couple of years Barroselas gives us a third stage with free entrance and again related with the Milhões em Festa. We’re going to try to present you the seventeen projects that will play on it!!

Skullhog comes from Holland and plays Death Metal the brutal way! They started under the moniker Bile in ’98 and under that banner they released the EP ‘The Shed’ in 2000 and the album ‘Camp Blood’ in ’05! After the change of name they released a split 7’ with Swedish band Regurgitate and another split 7’ this time with Japan’s Coffins both in ’08! In 2012 they returned with the album ‘The Evil Dead’, seven tracks of pure brutal Death Metal! The band consists of Loek Sawyer on bass, Ben Sawyer on guitars & vocals and Rob Sawyer on drums and vocals! Traumatico Desmame is a Noise Project that hails from Lisbon and started somewhat near 2007!! Their shows are always full of improvisation and are no easy meal for weak minds!! Don’t know if they have ever released anything and the band consists of JG, JT & FL performing and screaming!!

Grindcore band Nashgul was formed in 2002 to play the most sick, brutal and fast music possible! They debuted with a split in 2002 with Beltain, followed by a self-entitled demo a year later! After that, they released a bunch of splits with Japura Noise Project in 2004, From The Ashes and with Sewn Shut in 2006, Anti Hero and World Downfall in 2007! In 2007 they also released ‘Humanicidio’ a compilation of their tracks and finally in 2009 their

Swedish quintet Dying For Some Action was born around 2009 and plays a mix of Punk, Garage and Hard Rock! They are as sleazy as can be and play a lot of shows but that’s pretty much what we know about them!! The band is formed by Emelie Shamless on vocals, Stefan Eliasson & Ellinor Pussgrynder Andersson on guitars, Nicklas Hellqvist on bass and Alexander Wernborg on drums!!

Frostmoon Eclipse was born in Italy in 1994 by the hands of Claudio Alcara (guitars)! In ’95 they recorded their first demo called ‘Cold Silvery Eye’ followed in ’97 by the second demo ‘To Exalt My Triumph’ and in ’99 by the EP ‘Supreme Triumph in Black’! In ’00 they recorded the EP ‘Revenge in Scorn’ and in ’01 came the debut album entitled ‘Gathering the Dark’!! Two years later came the second album ‘Death is Coming’ followed in ’04 by the split CD with the China’s Ritual Day and in ’05 by the album ‘Dead and Forever Gone’ and the EP ‘Life is Fading Away’! In ’07 came the fourth album ‘Another Face of Hell’, in ’08 the EP ‘I Am Providence’ and the compilation ‘The Legacy’, in ’09 came the split CD ‘Beauty, Darkness, Chaos’ alongside US bands Chaos Moon and Benighted in Sodom and in 2010 the split 7’ ‘Human Infanticide’ with French band Annthennath!! In 2011 they recorded their fifth album ‘The End Stands Silent’ and the EP ‘A Ticket to Nowhere’!! Nowadays besides Claudio the band consists of Lorenzo Sassi on vocals, Davide Gorrini on bass and Gionata Potenti on drums!!

Riding Pânico is a Portuguese Post Rock band formed by some known members of the Portuguese Rock scene!! They released two EP’s, ‘Riding Panico’ in 2006 and ‘EP’ in ’07 and an album ‘Lady Cobra’ in ’08!! Bands members are: Carlos on drums,

Blacklodge comes from France and plays a unique kind of Black Metal with much Industrial influences. Formed in 1998, they released one year later their first demo, ‘InnerCells’, being followed by an EP in the same year, ‘Prince Of Dark Cellars’ and a couple of full lengths, ‘Login:Satan’ in 2003 and ‘Solarkult’ in 2006. 2010 brought them back with their third full length out called ‘T/ME’!!

Inês on vocals, Fat Bastard & João on guitars, Jimmy on drums and Pedro on the bass guitar are the members of this young outfit that goes by the name of Revengeance!! They live between the south and north of Portugal and released this year a couple of tapes as their demo ‘John Q. Citizen’ and a split tape with Portuguese Gind/Noise band Tinnitus!! Their sound goes through Punk, Grind and powerviolence as a knife through butter!!

RA is Ricardo Remédio’s solo project where he dwells through electronics and Doom!! ‘Rancor’ is his first EP and few more we know about it!!

Mother of the Hydra was born in 2006 in Sweden by the hands of V-Kaos!! When she came to Portugal she found the right people to collaborate with and soon recorded the debut album ‘Contradiction’ already out in tape but delayed on CD!! Live besides V-Kaos, that handles the bass and the vocals also plays Enobólico on the guitar and Chaosifer on drums!!

Nuklear Goat comes from Portugal and the last time we’ve heard their line-up consisted of Alastor on drums, Ben on vocals, Cirro & Desekrator on guitars and Mordaz on the bass but who knows if this is still their line-up? The info about this guys always is very unknown

Aspen is a young Portuguese Stoner Doom Metal project formed by Tiago Pereira on guitars, Vitor Oliveira on bass and Cristiano Veloso on the drum kit!! They have just released an EP called ‘Winds of Revenge’ with five tracks of heavy stoner music!!

Monkeypriest was formed in 2006 in Seville, Spain and plays a kind of Sludge/Doom Metal!! Their first work was the EP ‘Defending the Tree’ in 2009 followed in 2011 by their debut album ‘The Psalm’!! The band consists of Monkeypriest #1 on guitars, Monkeypriest #4 on drums and Monkeypriest #2 on bass and vocals!!

Equations are a very young Portuguese band that plays math-rock whatever that is!! They have just released an EP called ‘Frozen Caravels’ so check them out!! The band consists of Zé Pedro on vocals, ZéZé on bass, Gonçalo Duarte on drums, Vitor Barros on guitar and Bruno Martins on keys!!

Alto! is a Rock’n’Roll band hailing from Barcelos, Portugal! They were formed in 2008 by João Pimenta (vocals), Bruno Costa (guitar/vocals), Ricardo Miranda (guitar/keyboards), Tiago Silva (bass/vocals) and Paulo Senra (drums)! In 2009 they released the EP ‘See you in Hell, Ron’ and in 2010 it was time for the release of the EP ‘Computer Says No’!! Last month they released a self entitled album that has raised a lot of heads, so prepare for the rock’n’roll!!

DAY 0 - wednesday 25 april - 19:00 - free entrance 00:00 camping HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL | Portugal | 22:00 stage #3 SWR FEEL HARMONICS | Portugal | DAY 1 - thursday 26 april - 21:00 - free entrance W:O:A METAL BATTLE PORTUGAL 2012 | NATIONAL FINAL 01:00 stage #2 UTOPIUM | Portugal | 00:10 stage #2 FACE OF A VIRUS | Portugal | 23:20 stage #2 WAKO | Portugal | 22:30 stage #2 MIDNIGHT PRIEST | Portugal |

18:40 stage #2 IRAE | Portugal | 18:30 stage #3 DYING FOR SOME ACTION | Sweden | 18:05 stage #1 CONCEALMENT | Portugal | 17:30 stage #2 THE YTRIPLE CORPORATION | Spain | 17:00 stage #3 HONKEYFINGER vs PE7ERPANIC | UK / Portugal DAY 4 - sunday 29 april - 17:00 - 35€ 02:00 stage #3 MONKEYPRIEST | Spain | 01:15 stage #1 LEGACY OF BRUTALITY | Spain |

00:30 stage #2 WARHAMMER | Germany | DAY 2 - friday 27 april - 20:00 - 35€ 02:30 stage #3 SWR MEGA CLASSICS | Portugal | 01:35 stage #1 TSJUDER | Norway | 00:55 stage #2 MALIGNANT TUMOUR | Czech Republic | 23:40 stage #1 CANDLEMASS | Sweden | 23:00 stage #2 GOROD | France | 23:00 stage #3 NASHGUL | Spain | 22:15 stage #1 COFFINS | Japan | 21:40 stage #2 EASE OF DISGUST | Russia | 21:30 stage #3 TRAUMÁTICO DESMAME | Portugal | 21:00 stage #1 SIMBIOSE | Portugal | 20:30 stage #2 APHYXION | Denmark | 20:00 stage #3 SKULLHOG | Holland | DAY 3 - saturday 28 april - 17:00 - 38€ 02:30 stage #3 REVENGEANCE | Portugal | ... 8525045688 01:45 stage #1 SCD | France | omposition 01:00 stage #2 DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT | UK | 01:00 stage #3 BLACKLODGE | France | 23:35 stage #1 IMMORTAL | Norway | 22:55 stage #2 OMISSION | Spain | 22:45 stage #3 RIDING PÂNICO | Portugal | 22:05 stage #1 HAIL OF BULLETS | Holland | 21:25 stage #2 DYSCARNATE | UK | 21:00 stage #3 FROSTMOON ECLIPSE | Italy | 20:40 stage #1 ARTILLERY | Denmark | 20:00 stage #2 PURGATORY | Germany | 19:15 stage #1 PANTHEIST | UK |

23:35 stage #1 ASPHYX | Holland | 22:50 stage #2 PROCESS OF GUILT | Portugal | 22:30 stage #3 ASPEN | Portugal | 22:00 stage #1 HIRAX | USA | 21:20 stage #2 MYTHOLOGICAL COLD TOWERS | Brazil |

21:15 stage #3 NUKLEAR GOAT | Portugal 20:35 stage #1 ONDSKAPT | Sweden | 20:00 stage #2 FOSCOR | Spain | 19:15 stage #1 THE FIRSTBORN | Portugal | 18:45 stage #3 MOTHER OF THE HYDRA | Sweden | 18:40 stage #2 ECCENTRIC PENDULUM | India | 18:05 stage #1 BLOODSOAKED | USA | 17:30 stage #2 WOSLOM | Brazil | 17:00 stage #3 RA | Portugal | DAY 5 - monday 30 april - 20:00 - 35€ 02:30 stage #3 SWR MEGA CLASSICS | Portugal | 01:40 stage #1 WHIPLASH | USA | 01:00 stage #2 HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL | Portugal | 23:45 stage #1 HYPOCRISY | Sweden | 23:05 stage #2 JUCIFER | USA | 22:20 stage #1 ANGEL WITCH | UK | 21:45 stage #2 CEREBRAL BORE | UK | 21:40 stage #3 ALTO! | Portugal | 3179 21:05 stage #1 CORPUS CHRISTII | Portugal | 20:30 stage #2 EAK | Portugal | 20:45 stage #3 EQUATIONS | Portugal | 19:00 stage #3 YR? | Sweden

Metal Horde Zine XV SWR Barroselas MetalFest Special Report  

Metal Horde Zine XV SWR Barroselas MetalFest Special Report