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thephasecollective We are the Phase Collective. Hi. You are looking at the premier issue of Phase Magazine, our quarterly digital publication which brings you visual and written experiences in the areas of whatever. The Phase Collective was conceived in 2005 as a freely creative outlet for its founders and contributors, and we hope to keep things fresh and ever-evolving. This publication will anchor the Phase Collective’s endeavors as we explore new ways to bring our latest Phase to the rest of the world—in print, interactive, audio, underground, and experiential media.

phase01 brainstorm Phase01 is Brainstorm. Ideas, free-flowing thoughts, visual wanderings, lists and brain-dumps. Anything at all remotely related to the idea of the brainstorm. Or not. In our premier issue, we asked our contributors to start with ‘brainstorm’ and take it anywhere from there... Enjoy +

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AUral brainstorm


A walk in the woods. Black and white photos by Karen Ruane.

6 bands on the brain of Mike Huss, illustrated by Brett Jorgensen.

The Phase Collective’s Gabe Ruane explores his Brainstorming process in graphics and type.







Sarit Melmed shares a look into her brain via her sketchbook.

An informal interview of daytime television’s newest playboy, Mark Wystrach. Interview and photography by Brett Jorgensen

with Birds, Bridges, and the left half of the letter B; jordan gadapee illustrates the unique nature of Brainstorming.

part01 gnarly

part02 aural brainstorm

Arctic Monkeys White Rose Movement

Vector Lo

She Wants Revenge

Vector Lovers Death from Above


Union of Knives Hardkandy The Kooks



Profiles: MIKE HUSS Illustration & Layout: BRETT JORGENSEN

Death from Above




Arctic Monkeys

White Rose Movement



Alex Turner (Guitar, Vocals), Jamie “Cookie” Cook (Guitar) Andy Nicholson (Bass), Matt Helders (Drums)

Finn Vine (Vocals/Guitar), Jasper Milton (Guitar) Taxxi (Keyboards), Ed Harper (Drums), Owen Dyke (Bass)

Year Born:

Year Born:

early 2002



Label: Domino Records


City, State, Country:

Norfolk, England

State, Country:

High Green, Sheffield, England



Post-Punk, Dance-Punk

Post-Punk, Dance-Punk, Indie

Influences: Depeche Mode, D.A.F., The Sound, Portishead

Influences: The Jam, The Smiths, The Clash, Oasis, System of a Down, Roots Manuva, Queens of the Stone Age

For Fans of:



Video: “I bet you look good on the dance floor”




“Fake Tales of San Francisco”

Album release date: Whatever people say I am, That’s What I’m Not / January 23rd, 2006

Band Quotes: “We used to have white paint on our hands all the time,” says White Rose Movement vocalist Finn Vine. “And people thought it was this clique‑y band thing where we’d dip out fingers in white paint.” “Yeah,” continues guitarist Jasper Milton. “We were a painting and decorating team for a while. That’s how we kept the band going. We grafted all the time in between rehearsals. We finally managed to give it up last year when we got signed to Independiente.”

Band Website:


Franz Ferdinand, The Libertines, The Departure, Boy Kill Boy, Controller.Controller., The Automatic, Hot Hot Heat, Forward Russia, Hail Social, Kooks, Louis XIV, Moving Units, Rakes, We Are Scientists, Bravery, Razorlight, Maximo Park, Strokes, Hives, Battle

“If I say ‘phenomenon’ it sounds like I’m right up my own arse, but we’d be daft to act like we didn’t realise how incredible the last year’s been. When it all started we were like ‘fucking hell, what’s going off here?’” -Alex Turner

For Fans of: Nine Inch Nails, Clor, The Killers, The Rakes, Soulwax, This Et Al, The Faint, Massive Attack


“Love is a Number”, “Alsation”


“Love is a Number” - sample

Album / Release Date:

Kick / March 06, 2006 UK

Band: She Wants Revenge

Members: Justin Warfield (Vocals, Guitar, Computer), Adam “Adam12” Bravin (Keyboard, Bass Guitar, Percussion, Programming)

Year Born:

Band: Vector Lovers

Members: Martin Wheeler (Producer, DJ)

Year Born: Early 2002

early 2003





City, State, Country: San Fernando Valley “The Valley”, California, USA

Classification: Goth, Indie, Dance-Punk, Post-Punk

State, Country: Glasgow, Scotland

Classification: Electronica, Downtempo, Electro-Funk


Influences: Depeche Mode, The Smiths, Madonna, The Psychedelic Furs, Prince, New Order, David Bowie, Joy Division

Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Happy Mondays, My Bloody Valentine, VelvetUnderground, Alphaville

For Fans of:

For Fans of:

The Killers, Interpol, Fischerspooner, The Departure, The Faint, Franz Ferdinand, Muse, Stellastar*, The Bravery, Moving Units, Boy Kill Boy, Humanzi, Clear Static, Editors, Hail Social, Clor

Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Mirwais

Band Quotes: “We just wanted to make a record that would make girls dance and cry.” -Justin Adam 12 chimes in, “Or both.”

Band Website:

Video: “These Things”


she wants revenge

Vector Lovers

“Tear You Apart”, “These Things”, “Out of Control”

Album / Release Date: She Wants Revenge / Jan 31, 2006

Band Quotes: “One morning, about 4am I woke up with the words ’Vector Lovers’ floating around my head and realised I’d found a name that reflected both the computerised, synthetic aspect of the music as well as the romantic melodic side. This was in early 2002..” “I was a big fan of electronic pop—Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode, and even Alphaville. There was something pristine about synthpop—it sounded futuristic and promised a utopian technological breakthrough—for the first time, sequencers and synthesizers allowed people to record melodies and rhythms that they couldn’t actually play by was a triumph of imagination over technique and tradition. I feel grateful to those behind the technology—they have opened up so many possibilities. Without it I would still be sitting down strumming three chords out of my guitar... maybe no bad thing, but I’m not the best guitarist. Sequencers make us all equal.”

Band Website:

Mp3: “indicent ‘david’”, “Kyoko’s Photos”

Album / Release Date: Capsule For One / Oct 24th, 2005 UK



Death from Above 1979

Union of Knives



Jesse F. Keeler (Bass/Synthesizer), Sebastien Grainger (Vocals/Drums)

Dave McClean (Producer/Synthesizer), Chris Gordon (Producer/Guitar), Craig Grant (Vocals)

Year Born:

Year Born:






Death from Above


State, Country:

State, Country:

Toronto, Canada

Glasgow, Scotland



Garage-Rock, Noise-Rock, Duo, Dance-Punk

Electronic, Synth-Rock



ZZ Top, Bee Gees, Nas, Mobb Deep

Death in Vegas , Depeche Mode, Radiohead

For Fans of:

For Fans of:

Queens of the Stone Age, White Stripes, Offspring, Nine Inch Nails, The Rapture, LCD Soundsystem, Black Keys, Lightning Bolt

Muse, DJ Shadow, Aphex Twin


Band Quotes:

“I’d break my finger open pretty much every show, “Grainger says. “I’d have a black knuckle for a month, the double kick pedal beats the shit out of my shin, my tooth gets chipped from recklessly singing into the microphone, and I guess my liver’s suffered a little bit” “We wanted our band to be like an elephant in your living room,” proclaimed Jesse F. Keeler

JHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXZY!@#$%^&*()_+{}" Band Website:

Mp3: “Little Girl”, “Dead Womb”

Video: “Sexy Results”, “Blood on our Hands”, “Black History Month”


Album / Release Date:

TBA / Spring 2006

Band Quotes:

“My name is Craig from Union of Knives, I come from Scotland and I came here to rock and relax.” ”You love us. We are part of you. Maybe like your heartbeat, or a nicely healing scab. Either way, we are here for good.” “Mocha Nights, Beerjacket, Orko, No Kilter, Orla, Flying Matchstick Men, etc, etc. Glasgow is over flowing with talent. It’s crazy. There’s a lot of shit too, but those are the 6 names to watch out for.”

Band Website:

Mp3: “Evil Has Never”, “Operated On”

Album / Release Date: TBA / Summer/Fall 2006









Simon Little (Producer), Tim Bidwell (Producer)

Luke Pritchard (Vocals/Guitar), Hugh Harris (Lead Guitar) Paul Garred (Drums), Max Rafferty (Bass)

Year Born:

Year Born:

Summer 2002






State, Country:

CITy, State, Country:

Brighton, England

Brighton, Sussex, England



Modern Soul, Downtempo, Gospel, Broken Folk

Indie, Ska-Pop, Post-Punk


David Bowie, Supergrass, Blur, The Kinks, The Police, Nick Drake, Chuck Berry


Barry White, Pink Floyd, Al Green, The Meters

For Fans of:

For Fans of:

Hot Hot Heat, Arcitc Monkeys, Young Knives, The Departure, Boy Kill Boy, Franz Ferdinand, Dead 60’s, Hard-Fi, Razorlight, The Ordinary Boys

Amp Fiddler, Massive Attack, Cut Copy, Thievery Corporation, Quantic, Fat Freddy’s Drop

Band Quotes:

Band Quotes: “There are no samples on the album,” explains Tim. “We wanted to bring some musicianship back to modern music. We’ve always been influenced by the warm sound and feeling of old recordings and wanted to get away from repetitive loops.”

Band Website:

Video: “State of You”, “Advice”

Album / Release Date: Last to Leave / Feb 27th, 2006



“Bands tend to do one thing and then stick to it” Luke says, constructing a roll-up beneath a tangle of Syd Barrett-esque curls.“With The Kooks we plan to do the opposite. When there’s so much music to explore, why limit yourself?” “We all write songs and all love loads of different music so we argue a lot about how and what to play” continues Luke. “That’s what rehearsing is about for us. But because of the way Max and Hugh play there’s a soul and reggae feel to what we do which is vital. We’re a groove rock’n’roll band who want to make people dance...” “I want the album to include all types of music, no genres excluded” continues Luke, another long afternoon of rehearsals ahead.“From Bobby Womack to The Clash!” beams Max.“Everyone just pulls their own instrument in the direction they want and somehow it ends up okay, there’s only ever a few punch-ups along the way!”

Band Website:

Video: “Eddie’s Gun”, “Sofa Song”, “You Don’t Love Me”

MP3: “Matchbox”

Album / Release Date: Inside In Inside Out / Jan 22, 2006 UK

part03 explorations



idea 02

idea 03

idea 01


. thi k draw.

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part04 sketchbook

part05 roadstorm

What does it feel like to be on

DAYTIME TELEVISION? Ok, have you ever

sat down in a really nice leather chair? You know the kind, with a matching ottoman, that is made from some exotic animals hide and costs more than your car? The kind that just suck you in and make you feel like pondering life or anything your brain can come up with to keep you in that chair because it feels so good. That is pretty much what it feels like to be on a soap except while your sitting in that chair your memorizing the 46 pages of dialogue you have to prepare in just under 18 hours. But, it is by far the sweetest job I have ever had...although not as sweet as Jack Nicholson’s gig, but even he had to start somewhere.




t’s late in the afternoon and I’m thinking it seems strange to be able to get from a place like Los Angeles to one such as San Francisco in only half a day. We just got the good news that Mark’s twin, Mike, will be flying into the Oakland Airport to meet us on a last minute weekend road trip. The Wystrach twins are famous for their road trips. If you ever get a chance to travel with them, I highly recommend it. You’ll always walk away with a great story. This time we are celebrating Mark’s debut as the permanent replacement for a main character on NBC’s soap opera, ‘Passions’. I finally get the FM transmitter locked in thru the radio and am running thru my new favorite playlists on my iPod in between Mark’s mobile calls. It hit’s me while staring at the road that this would be the perfect

time to conduct an informal interview of one of my best friends, who has just hit his stride on his way to stardom. The following blue type reflects my feeble attempt to transcribe our conversation as we barreled down Interstate 5 just outside Bakersfield, California, in Mark’s newly acquired 1981 Cadillac Coup de Ville.

5 more. Have you ever heard about that book that Jeff Bridges published? I wanna do the same thing. It was an autobiography with photos. He takes those shots where he just reaches out and snaps the photo himself. So Mark, how long have you been acting?

Look at the colors of the clouds! The sky is dark to the east but dispersed clouds are breaking the light beautifully to towards the west. Mark is driving with his knee and taking photos at the same time. We start to swerve so I grab the wheel and after about fifteen shots he appears to be done until a particularly glorious patch of sunlight breaks thru the clouds. “Wheel! One more time!”

Counting year. Consistently? One month, two weeks. My life is seeming more cinematic in general. I’ve been really happy lately. There’s joy in doing what you love, ya know? Since about 5th grade I remember wanting to be an actor. But I’ve been gaining confidence lately and the world is feeling really accessible now. It’s nice to not have to do the modeling and restaurant gig any longer. I’m finally focusing on the career I want. Don’t get me wrong, I do respect the blue collar. I’ve been

there and done that for work to get by. But the kind of mechanical work I was doing felt easy. I’ve always been drawn to a greater challenge. It’s been a humbling path. But life indeed, is what you make of it. I mean not to get all hallmark but it really isn’t where you start but where you finish... or maybe it’s actually really about enjoying the trip? Faithless’ hit Insomnia is now blaring thru the lo-fi FM connection from an iPod which has the front right speaker rattling. Don’t you think it sort of adds to the experience of the road trip? Yeah, in a weird sorta way. So tell me about your contract. 3 years.

And what’s next? FILM. For sure. That’s the goal. That seems like the biggest challenge.

but I’m not really focusing on other peoples opinion. I just want to focus on getting it done. And I do appreciate all the great support I’ve received. I’ve gotten so much.

This is your way of getting to film?

Have you gotten any fan mail yet?

Oh yeah. That’s the next step. Then I’ll be one step closer to finding my peace. Not that I’m any where close to settling down. I mean, right now I feel like a little kid.”

Oh yeah! I got about eight letters. I sent out some headshots. I’ve been writing them back personally. There was this kid that wrote me who has aids. I guess he likes to ask celebrities for autographs. It’s trippy. It feels like unwarranted praise right now.

So you’re serious about this acting business? Were some people were doubtful that you’d follow thru? Yes. It does feel good to be part of that top percent of working actors. It’s been a challenging goal. You have to have to have a certain attitude

Did you write him back? Yeah and he’s written again already.

You know, I didn’t think the soaps would be as interesting... I mean it’s weird but good. I’ve been spending down time on set to learn as much as possible. Sometimes it’s hard to make the material feel right. It’s crazy. You have to suspend reality for a bit. It’s good to bring humor to the set. How much leeway do they give you with the script?

The sky is getting darker. Headlights are now on. No more sunglasses. I just queued up Arctic Monkeys on the iPod. Hey are you on myspace? Uh... no. Why? Should I be? I just thought of it because I heard that’s how the Arctic Monkeys made it big. Hmm.

They let you get away with something here and there, but you can’t just rewrite it. I call it, ‘living in the moment’. This is fun. I feel like I’m learning a lot about myself by talking about this.

Well sign up as a friend of PHASE MAGAZINE on there if you do get an account. OK. Maybe.



What does it feel like to drive a

1981 CADILLAC COUP DE VILLE? Ok, have you ever sat down in a really nice leather chair? (refer to first question) Now put wheels on it. That’s what it feels like, like driving your living room around town—it’s pure luxury bro—it drives like a good single malt scotch. And since buying that whip, metaphors like the prior have suddenly become a part of my prose and I like it. Plus, every single valet guy in town thinks I’m the tits!

Interview and photography by Brett Jorgensen

part06 UNtitled





phase01 contributors karen ruane

mike huss

Karen Ruane is a photographer, painter, and digital illustrator living and working in the Boston area. Her work for Phase01 was shot digitally on a Canon 20D, in the dead of winter, in various wooded locations in central Massachusetts.

Concerts I’ve attended in the last twelve months include:

jordan gadapee Typography has always been a muse of sorts for me. After completing my first typogrpahic compositions as an undergraduate sophomore, I have been charmed by the ways in which letter forms, symbols for phonetic sounds, can be restructured, redesigned, and reinterpreted. Most of my design begins with typography, and that may include something as simple as selecting and ‘specing’ a typeface or creating exploratory typographic collages. Currently I am finishing up my M.F.A. thesis at the University of Iowa, in Iowa City, where I am looking into the ways in which absurd time constraints lead to discovery, through chance and serendipity (using typogrpahy of course). Visit for more information.

Arctic Monkeys Autolux Battles Black Heart Procession Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Bloc Party The Bravery Caribou Chemical Brothers Clear Static The Colour The Cribs The Crimea Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, The Dandy Warhols The Dead 60’s Doves Editors Elefant Facing New York The Faint Franz Ferdinand Gang of Four Giant Drag

Goodbye Blue Monday Hard-Fi Head Automatica Hot Hot Heat Ilya Interpol Jet The Juan Maclean Junior Boys Kaiser Chiefs Kasabian KillRadio Killers The Kings of France LCD Soundsystem The Like M83 Marjorie Fair Maximo Park Minus the Bear Monsters Are Waiting The Music Nine Black Alps Nine Inch Nails

Pretty Girls Make Graves Queens of the Stone Age The Rakes Razorlight The Redwalls Rogue Wave Saul Williams Sean Paul Secret Machines She Wants Revenge Snow Patrol The Spinto Band Stereophonics The Strokes Starline Theorie The Subways Swayzak Thievery Corporation The Velvet Teen We Are Scientists White Rose Movement The White Stripes

Sarit melmed Hi my name is Sarit and I recently moved to Brooklyn, NYC from Milan, Italy. My passions are art and design. I love liquid gold and I don’t watch television. Please visit my new website:

phasecollective info Visit the Phase Collective online at for information on upcoming issues, contribution guidelines, and the rest of it. The Phase Collective and Phase Magazine were established in late 2005 by Gabe Ruane and Brett Jorgensen because it was time for something new. We hope you enjoyed Phase01, and we’re looking forward to bringing you something completely different the next time around.

gabe ruane

brett jorgensen

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