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FADE IN: EXT. BUTCHER'S SHOP - DAY KE is standing out in front of a butcher's shop with said BUTCHER, looking down the street. KE I still don't see 'em. BUTCHER They'll be here. KE Uh...oh. Ke spots someone on the KE (CONT'D) Hey, I think I...yeah, I think it's... Ke's taken aback by what she sees. KE (CONT'D) Oh...that's....uh... A prancerizer goes by them, Ke and the butcher watching as he goes by. KE (CONT'D) Somethin'. BUTCHER I know, right? KE So, this has been happenin' for a few days? BUTCHER Yeah, the other day, I'm just stocking the front and these folks are just...Well your agency said you deal with weird stuff and I thought...well...weird thing right there. I see.

KE Is there only one or-?

Another prancersizer goes by. KE (CONT'D) Oh nevermind.

2. BUTCHER Tons of them. KE You know, this could just be a fad or something. Like a dance or... Ke watches another prancercist go by, lost for words. KE (CONT'D) What the hell is this? BUTCHER Weren't you sent here to find out? Ke rubs her eyes. KE Right, right. Get my head back in'ta the game. BUTCHER So....? KE Initial impression?


BUTCHER Possession? KE Like I said, my initial impression, I still need to actually talk to these folks. One goes by, Ke tries to get his attention. Hey! He goes by.


KE (CONT'D) Can I just...?

Another comes along.


KE (CONT'D) Quick question!

Another one comes by. KE (CONT'D) Sir if I could just-! He ignores Ke, who scowls at him. BUTCHER So a spirit would typically do this?

3. Ke turns back to the butcher, scowl gone. KE Well, depends on what sorta spirit. Ke looks at the butcher's sign. KE (CONT'D) Which begs the question- just how many horses did'ja kill? The butcher is surprised by this question. BUTCHER What? KE I mean, c'mon this is a butcher shop and there are people gallopin' around, so... The butcher is offended by this. KE (CONT'D) How many my little pony burgers did'ja make? BUTCHER None! KE Sir, look, you won't be in trouble. I don't think this is illegal. The butcher only frowns at Ke. KE (CONT'D) Keyword bein' think. Maybe it is. I dunno. I wouldn't really give a crap about this sorta thing happenin'. The butcher sighs. KE (CONT'D) Though to be honest, me and horses don't get along. They just always go apeshit aroung me for some reason. Like this one time, me and my friend were on this boat after I watched this tapeBUTCHER I didn't kill any horses!

4. KE Look...dude. I can't see any other explanation at this poiAnother prancercizer goes by. KE (CONT'D) I swear to god! I'm not a charity person! I just wanna-! Person ignores her. KE (CONT'D) Screw y(To guy) I know you saw me!

The Prancercist  

Script to a promo for a webseries I'm trying to launch. (Made this during the prancercise web fad.) Animated version can be seen here- http...