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KE'S TALES: THE LATE WEEK"EPISODE 1: GRAVEYARD SHIFT" an original screenplay by Kera Hildebrandt

Kera Hildebrandt 14701 Boyle Lake Rd. Buchanan, MI 49107 1(269)326-0126

FADE IN: EXT. SIDE WALK - DAY A side walk in a more suburban area of Northtown. It's a peaceful scene. The sun's rising. Birds are singing. The kind of morning where you know everything will be okay. STILLS (20's, nice, average guy) is jogging down the sidewalk in a jogging suit. STILLS (O.S.) I'm nobody special. There's a shot of a truck driving down the sidewalk. STILLS (O.S.) (CONT'D) I'm just a workin' stiff. That's all. EXT. HIGHWAY SHOULDER - NIGHT A highway in the woods. seen.

A "Welcome to Northtown" sign is

STILLS (O.S.) I have a job. Pay my taxes. I give to charity.


On the shoulder is the HUNTER (30's, menacing and armed in leather, ready to fight everything), straddling a motor cycle and messing with something. The Hunter looks down. STILLS (O.S.) (CONT'D) So tell me... The Hunter loads a aniper. STILLS (O.S.) (CONT'D) Why would anyone wanna kill me? The Hunters drives down the highway. Title card, "Graveyard Shift" INT. BURGER TYRANT - NIGHT A burger tyrant resturaunt. Very few people here in this late hour. Among the few people are Stills, now dressed in nursing scrubs, and KE. Ke's drinking coffee, Stills (now dressed in nurse scrubs) has nothing. KE Nobody will if I've got anything to do with it.

2. STILLS So, what? You're just gonna watch me while I do my shift? KE Yeah, and if this jerk-off shows up again, I'll take him out. STILLS What were you told about him? KE Everything you told the person who took your call. STILLS Then you know he's not...well...normal? KE Yeah, they told me about how he jumped a good fifty feet last time you saw 'im. Stills becomes fearful as he remembers the Hunter. STILLS And that face... An image of the Hunter's seemingly-skeletal face is seen (it's really irridecent face paint). Ke leans over, her expression assuring. KE Hey, he should be the one shakin' in his shoes tonight. Stills smiles, half-happy, half-nervously. EXT. HOSPITAL SIDE ENTRANCE - NIGHT The staff entrance of a hostpital. parks.

Still's car pulls up and

INT. HOSPITAL HALL, BY DESK - NIGHT Stills is at a station desk, working on some paperwork. Ke's sitting in a near by chair. KE You normally work this late? STILLS Sometimes. (MORE)

3. STILLS (CONT'D) More often this past week or so. Alotta the others are outta town, and we were short staffed already, so... KE Ah. Stills works in silence. Ke fools around; playing with her phone, looks at the clock, the like. After some moments, Stills looks at her. STILLS There's a TV in the lounge. No can do. ya.

KE Have to keep an eye on

Stills turns back to his work, smiling wryly. STILLS (To self) You're gonna get more bored than me. INT. PATIENT'S ROOM - DAY A patient (a elderly man by the name of Mr. Brinkley) is sleeping in a hospital bed. Stills is checking the vitals with Ke nearby. KE (Whispering) What are we doin'? STILLS (Whispering) Checking the patient's vitals. KE (Whispering) Oh. Stills checks the vitals a bit more before the patients stirs open. He sees Still and flinches in fear. PATIENT Oh! Stills's voice is assuring. STILLS Mr. Brinkley, you're fine. just checking your vitals.

I was

4. Mr. Brinkley slowly comes down from his fear high, relieved that he's in no danger. MR. BRINKLEY Oh...okay...sorry...I just thought you were going toMr. Brinkley stops himself from speaking, realizing he was going to say something that would offend. Stills knows what he was going to say. The male nurse keeps his smile, though sadness dulls it and his eyes a bit. MR. BRINKLEY (CONT'D) I...I was having a nightmare, that's all. Stills nods. STILLS Yeah...Yeah...A hospital can do that to someone. MR. BRINKLEY Y-Yeah...the hospital. INT. ANOTHER PATIENT'S ROOM - NIGHT Another patient's room.

This time to a little girl patient.

The patient is SUZIE (10, sweet enough to rot your teeth), who is sitting in her bed and watching an old sitcom. Still and Ke walk in, the former feigning scolding. STILLS Now what are you doing up so late? Stills and Ke walk over to her bed. SUZIE I couldn't sleep! Stills starts looking at her vitals, smiling. STILLS Your grandma didn't sneak you candy again did she? Suzie giggles and shakes her head. SUZIE Nu-huh.

5. STILLS 'Cause you know that you have to share with me if you don't want me to tell. Suzie is looking at Ke.

Stills notices this.

STILLS (CONT'D) Suzie, this is Ke. She's going to be following me around tonight. Ke smiles at Suzie. KE Hey ya, Suzie. Suzie looks away a but, being a shy girl. SUZIE Hi. Ke glances at the TV. KE Anything good on TV? Suzie shakes her head. What?

Ke fakes surprise.

KE (CONT'D) No cartoons?

Suzie shakes her head. KE (CONT'D) Oh, well, I'm sure you'll find something. Suzie looks at Ke a bit. SUZIE Are you the one Mr. Stills was talking about? Ke raises an eyebrow. SUZIE (CONT'D) The one who's gonna stop the scary guy who wants to hurt him? Ke is a bit surprised by Suzie being aware of what she's here to do, but the heroine still smiles. Uh...yeah.

KE I am.

6. Be careful.

SUZIE He's mean.

Ke smile grows. KE Well I'm meaner, and he ain't gonna get past me. Suzie looks at Stills, who is still recording the vitals. SUZIE Mr. Stills is nice. That mean guy shouldn't be bothering him. Stills smiles warmly at this. to him.

Finally, a patient who's nice

INT. HOSPITAL HALL, BY DESK - NIGHT Back to the nurse's station. As before, Stills is working and Ke's messing around. Some moments of peaceful work/play passes... Stills stands up. STILLS Snack time. Ke stands. KE Thank god. Ke starts going for the vending machine area. KE (CONT'D) I was actually kinda getting the munchShe sees Stills heading away from the snack machines. KE (CONT'D) Hey, I thought you said you were getting a snack. EXT. HOSPITAL SIDE ENTRANCE - NIGHT Stills lights a cigarette and inhales. Ah, right.

KE Forgot you don't....yeah.

7. STILLS Eh, least I don't have to worry about getting a heart attack or something anymore. KE Eh, there's that. Stills looks into space, pondering his thoughts. He slowly becomes troubled at the memory of Mr. Brinkley and the Hunter. STILLS You'd think that once I got over what happened and got back to work that things would be better. KE Don't you worry. thing's will....

After tonight,

Ke's voice trails off as she catches sight of something in the parking lot. KE (CONT'D) ...get... STILLS What? He looks at Ke's focus and becomes unnerved. STILLS (CONT'D) What is it? Ke's voice is all business. KE Get inside. Stills and Ke starts going for the building. scared.

Stills is

STILLS Oh shi...What's going on? KE You said this asshole attacked you on a harley? STILLS Y-Yeah. Stills looks over and sees the Hunter's parked motorcycle to the side of the area.

8. KE Well... Starts freaking out. STILLS Oh my god. KE It's okay, just head inside. Stills heads through the door, just as a bullet hits the stone column by the entrance. Stills yelp. STILLS God! KE Crap! Ke starts scanning the area for an attacker. She sees him coming out from behind a stone column and taking aim. Ke Sends a purple energy blast from her hand at him. To her surprise, he jumps twenty feet in the air and over them. Ke looks at him in surprise. KE (CONT'D) (To self) Whoa...what kinda freak are you? The Hunter lands and throws a flash bomb down, blinding Ke (Stills looked away, so he can still see). The Hunter kicks Ke to the ground, seemingly knocking her out. He punches Stills, knocking him back so hard his wallet falls on the ground and the card in it fall down. Stills looks up in fear as the Hunter, still covered in shadow, draws near. STILLS Please...just leave me alone! I haven't....! I haven't done anything! The Hunter aims his rifle. HUNTER Not yet. Ke suddenly appears in front of him, hit the gun so that the shot misses Stills, and punches the Hunter in the jaw. The Hunter stumbles back. He tries to aim his gun again, but it's blasted out of his hands by Ke. The Hunter reacts to the blast.

9. HUNTER (CONT'D) The hell?! Ke takes a fighting stance and gestures the Hunter to come at her. The Hunter fights, but Ke dodges most of his hits and, in the end, sends him to the ground. The shadows are still covering him. Ke aims a glowing hand at the Hunter, ready to attack if the Hunter tries anything funny. She looks at the boots, which seem to have devices attatched to it. Nice boots.

KE Air Mario's, right?

A bit of focus on the Hunter's unseen face, which is covered in the shadows. KE (CONT'D) Suppose the ads are true. You can jump over a truck with 'em. The light from Ke's hand illuminate the Hunter's face, revealing that he's merely a human in face paint. The Hunter's all sorts of mad. HUNTER Let me up. KE Why should I? The Hunter's pissed. HUNTER Because that rotter's still alive! Ke's tired of hearing the sort of crap the Hunter spews. She hears it too much. KE (Quietly) Goddamn. (Normal) This guy's no threat. HUNTER Don't you give me that! They're all crazy! They're all waiting to attack! A truck is heard approaching. KE Only thing I see this fella put into his mouth is a cigarette.

10. HUNTER Goddamn...he's fooled you! KE And your ride's here. A SWAT team-like black truck pulls up and some guys in SWATlike gear come up to Hunter and hand cuff him. Ke turns to Stills, who is picking up the scattered reminents of his wallet. Ke's eyes are sympathetic, while Stills is trying his hardest not to cry. STILLS I dealt with loads of crap before this, you know. INT. SIDE WALK - DAY Back to Stills jogging from the beginning. STILLS (O.S.) Late hours. People calling off all the time and having to take their shift because no one else will. The truck is again being seen driven down the street. STILLS (O.S.) (CONT'D) But I took it all in stride. Just worked like everybody else. Stills is seen jogging. He's nearing an intersection. He waits for the sign to switch from "Do Not Walk" to "Walk." It does. STILLS (O.S.) (CONT'D) Just trying to make a living. Stills starts to jog across the street. Suddenly, the truck comes out of nowhere and hits him. scream and clamor at the sight.


EXT. HOSPITAL SIDE ENTRANCE - NIGHT Back to reality. The last card on the ground is an medical alert card saying "Post-Living." Stills picks it up and puts it in his wallet. STILLS When I was raised out of my grave, I was a good sport about it. (MORE)

11. STILLS (CONT'D) I still went to work, I still gave to charity, and I still deal with problems at work. Stills puts his hat back on and looks at Hunter as he's being taken away. STILLS (CONT'D) Only now I have to deal with crap like this. KE He's gonna go to jail for the trouble he caused you. Stills gets up.

He's noticeably unhappy.

STILLS Why does this happen to me? I know some of us folks have caused trouble...But we're not all violent. We're not all out to eat people or anything. Stills is saddened by the memories of abuse he took. STILLS (CONT'D) Some of us are just want to be decent folks like everyone else. The Hunter is in the truck. understanding.

The doors shut. Ke is

KE I know, man. The truck drives off. STILLS Then why do people wanna hurt me? Ke struggles to find an answer. KE I dunno...some people are scared....Some people are just jerkoffs who are so unhappy, they just wanna make someone else who's different even more unhappy. STILLS Hardly sounds like a good reason.

12. KE It's not. Stills is silent. KE (CONT'D) I...I really don't know what else to tell ya. Stills sighs. STILLS least you got him, right? KE Yeah... They share a silence. KE (CONT'D) You uh, ya wanna head home or...? STILLS Nah...I should get back to work. KE Okay. Stills smiles a Ke, despite being a little sad. STILLS Thanks again. Ke nods.

Stills starts heading inside.

He stops.

STILLS (CONT'D) I really doesn't stop, right? He turns to Ke. STILLS (CONT'D) Crap like this, I mean. Ke shakes her head, gloomy. KE No...It gets better, though. Stills looks into space in thought. from her window at the commotion.

He catches Suzie looking

STILLS It gets better... He looks back to the hospital, smiling wryly.

13. STILLS (CONT'D) I've got plenty of time to see if that's true. He goes back into the building. Ke looks over to him once before walking out. The door closes behind her. Cut to black. Text, "'Graveyard Shift' - The End" :FADE OUT

Ke's Tales: The Long Week- "Graveyard Shift" Script  
Ke's Tales: The Long Week- "Graveyard Shift" Script  

Script to a Ke's Tales minisode