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“ The Artist” Olga Marie Polunin

Olga Marie Polunin Olga is of Russian-English and Hakka Chinese descent living in Belgium. Her paintings are inspired by the early religious works of both Europe and Asia, highlighting the creative and uplifting aspects of feminine humanity. There is humour and wit, sensuality and spirituality. “I love paintings... and not just my own.That a composition of pigments from a tube can speak to us in a deep and meaningful way is for me some kind of miracle. Each painting that I make is like an emotion that is crystallised, to be freed when a viewer looks upon it and feels what I put in. I wish that my paintings bring joy and put smiles on the faces of those who look upon them, this is my intention. Perhaps it is some thought put into meaning, but most important for me is for the work to give emotion. If this happens, then I have achieved my purpose.�

Out of the Ashes (50cmx60cm)

Love Doves (50cmx60cm)

Year of the Rabbit (35cmx45cm)

Year of the tiger (35cmx45cm)

Year of the Monkey (50cmx60cm)

Metamorphosis (35cmx45cm)

The Lotus Eater (35cmx45cm)

The Dancer (40cmx55cm)

Reflection (35cmx45cm)

The Twins (80cmx100cm)

Milky Way (50cmx60cm)

Madonna and Child-under the veil (50cmx60cm)

Madonna and Child with lotus blossom (50cmx60cm)

Baby with Dragon (35cmx45cm)

Golden lama (35cmx45cm)

Blue lotus lama (35cmx45cm)

Jakrin Moon (80cmx100cm)

Payu Sun (80cmx100cm)

Olga Polunin  

Olga Polunin

Olga Polunin  

Olga Polunin