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NEWS 10/2012

Lotus Arts de Vivre 3

“for people who love Arts and Life”

“for people who love Arts and Life�

Mission Statement

Lotus Arts de Vivre

Theatre of Indulgence creates unique experiences through the delivery of highly personalised, bespoke products and services which meet and exceed the diverse demands and enhance the lifestyles of its membership of cultured, high net worth individuals. Driven by an unparalleled commitment to quality, originality and creativity Theatre of Indulgence draws on the values and longstanding reputation of Lotus Arts de Vivre and works to promote, conserve and develop Asian art and craft traditions. From its headquarters in Thailand, and with a focus on Asia, Theatre of Indulgence connects members with an exclusive, international community of the greatest thinkers, artists, creative minds, chefs and cultural pioneers. Broadly put, Theatre of Indulgence is a lifestyle solutions brand.


Theatre of Indulgence: products and services Theatre of Indulgence’s core products and services, which draw on the Lotus Arts de Vivre brand, are: • Bespoke orders • Customisation of customer’s existing goods: eg refashioning jewellery, customising suitcases and clothing etc. • Restoration and polishing services Additional products and services: • Events and experience management: from parties hosted at Theatre of Indulgence Gallery to arranging a Michelin-starred chef to cook at a member’s home. • Connections and introductions to artists, chefs, designers, thinkers etc. • Design advisory services

Lotus Arts de Vivre

Aspirational services • Theatre of Indulgence club in Bangkok • Theatre of Indulgence Spa in Bali


Theatre of Indulgence Gallery Exhibit Lotus Arts de Vivre pieces which are too large to be displayed at the company’s retail outlets. To promote art & artist. Provide a “for hire” events space.

Lotus Arts de Vivre

• • •



A French artist

Christian de Laubadere

Lotus Arts de Vivre

who lives and works mainly in Shanghai where he takes most of his inspiration to create unusual and elegant paintings. The new collection of paintings of women’s head shows his unique ability to tell each time a different story. His influence of the Chinese culture is shown dramatically through his work. The female Chinese hairstyle is very uniform as the color and texture rarely differ from person to person. Christian de Laubadere’s heads of women could be seen as a representation of western and eastern cultures mixed together with softness and delicacy.



Olga Marie Polunin

Olga is of Russian-English and Hakka Chinese descent living in Belgium. Her paintings areinspired by the early religious works of both Europe and Asia, highlighting the creative and uplifting aspects of feminine humanity. There is humour and wit, sensuality and spirituality. “I love paintings... and not just my own.That a composition of pigments from a tube can speak to us in a deep and meaningful way is for me some kind of miracle.

Lotus Arts de Vivre

Each painting that I make is like an emotion that is crystallised, to be freed when a viewer looks upon it and feels what I put in. I wish that my paintings bring joy and put smiles on the faces of those who look upon them, this is my intention. Perhaps it is some thought put into meaning, but most important for me is for the work to give emotion. If this happens, then I have achieved my purpose.�



Maymay Jumsai This is the return to the art scene of the contemporary painterMaymay or Siriprapha Jumsai na Ayudhya, daughter of Dr. Sumet Jumsai, architect and National Artist, himself a well rounded artist.

A Fine Art graduate of Goldsmiths College, London University, Maymay was art director at Suan Pakkad Palace Gallery and teacher at Silpakorn University and was even the lead actress in Than Mui ’s movie “ The Last Love ”. This exhibition takes place after Maymay, who now works in her studio in Chicago, has been absent for a while.

Lotus Arts de Vivre

“My paintings are fiuid, changeable and there is no right or wrong side. This is my way to allow the audience to be involved and to figure it out for themselves”. “Maymay, to me, is the most gifted of the younger generation of Thai artists, certainly a leader in contemporary art”. Rolf von Bueren Art connoisseur


Lotus Arts de Vivre donated “Blooming of the Lotus Dragon Egg” to support The Big Egg Hunt 2012’s efforts to raise £1 million for charity


The Big Egg Hunt

BANGKOK: January 18, 2011 – Lotus Arts de Vivre has created a unique work of art to be included in The Big Egg Hunt a charitable event being held in London, England which aims to raise £1 million to fund vital conservation projects and secure a future for some of the most vulnerable children in Britain. The Big Egg Hunt 2012 kicks off on February 21, or Shrove Tuesday, when some 200 eggs which have been donated by Faberge to be decorated by contemporary artists and designers, will be secreted in 10 zones across London. Budding treasure seekers will then be set the task of following clues and solving problems to locate all of the eggs within April 8, when the winner of the hunt will be crowned. The Big Egg hunt 2012 and the corresponding auctions of the eggs seek to raise £1 million for two charities, Elephant Family, which is working to save the endangered animals in the wild from extinction through conservation projects, and Action for Children, which challenges injustice and empowers children to overcome the obstacles in their lives that hold them back. Both charities were founded by Mark Shand, brother of the Duchess of Cornwall. Blooming of the Lotus Dragon Egg, created by Lotus Arts de Vivre, will be symbolic for a number of reasons: • The lotus, an Asian motif with special prominence in Thai culture also represents the company, Lotus Arts de Vivre. • In Buddhism the lotus represents the true nature of beings, which rise through samsara into the beauty and clarity of enlightenment. While the flower is rooted in deep mud, its stem grows up through the murky water and the blossom rises above the muck and opens in the sun, beautiful and fragrant. • The lotus will comprise 20 leaves, each leaf will be covered with pure gold leaf. Some 10,000 pcs of gold leaf is used in the piece. In Chinese culture, gold represents prosperity, good luck and success. • At the top of the lotus sits a white ostrich egg around which a silver dragon coils its body. This symbol celebrates the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac. • The leaves of the Lotus Egg will open and close every five minutes.

The Big Egg Hunt 2012 – Key Events

Wednesday 18th January: Launch Party Monday 20th February: Egg Installation Tuesday 21st February: Launch event Tuesday 21st February: Eggs are on the streets of London – Let the hunt begin! Tuesday 20th March: Grand auction Friday 6th – Sunday 8th April: All 200 eggs come together Sunday 8th April: Hunt concludes and winner crowned Sunday 8th April: Guinness World Record broken for most participants Sunday 8th April: Online auction closes

For more information on The Big Egg Hunt 2012 browse

Lotus Arts de Vivre



A Night with Chef Chris Salans

Lotus Arts de Vivre

Thursday 16th - Saturday 18th September, 2010


Chef Chris Salans

Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique’s celebrated cuisine comes to Thailand Lotus Arts de Vivre announced a three night culinary experience at Lotus Arts de Vivre’s Gallery on Thursday th th 16 – Saturday 18 September, 2010 with award-winning Chef Chris Salans of Mozaic, considered by many to be one of the world’s finest restaurants. As part of Lotus Arts de Vivre’s dinner party series, the flair and uniqueness with which Chef Salans approaches his cooking makes him the perfect fit for Lotus Arts de Vivre’s ethos that the combination of good food and wine with great design is integral to an outstanding way of life. Adding further enjoyment to the evening, Italian Fine Wines will perfectly compliment Chef Salans’ superlative dinners with wines selected especially to accompany each dish while Italasia provided “schott zwiesel” wine glasses to be served together. Pacific Cigar also selected Glenfarclas, 12 years whisky to served all invite.

After a lengthy absence from Bangkok’s burgeoning art scene, the scion of one of Thailand’s most prominent cultural families makes her return with an exhibition at Lotus Arts de Vivre’s Rama III Gallery. Formerly a local leading light of the artistic community, Maymay has spent recent years in the U.S. evolving and developing her technique. An abstract painter who often realizes her work with oil and acrylic on canvas, she continues her exploration through a collection that centres on the idea of painting that has painting as the subject matter. With viewers who come from other backgrounds, Maymay needs to incorporate a method that allows them to be involved in the process of figuring out the answer, viz, the subject of painting. The canvases shown in this exhibition also allow viewers to make their own dreams. The images are fluid, changeable, transforming or constantly changing to something else. The paintings can be flipped around or upside down. There is no right side to her art and the process is a personal experience for each individual.

Lotus Arts de Vivre

July 10 – September 10, 2011 at Lotus Arts de Vivre’s Gallery, Rama III


The Return of Maymay by Siriprapha (Maymay) Jumsai na Ayudhya



The Art of Living

Lotus Arts de Vivre

Tuesday 8th, Wednesday 9th & Thursday 10th March, 2011


Lotus Arts de Vivre, The Residences at St. Regis Bangkok and Batasiolo are pleased to announce their collaboration on a series of culturally significant events that will bring together two of Asia’s most noteworthy artists as a perfect accompaniment to the great food, wine, and conversation that are hallmarks of Lotus Arts de Vivre occasions. The exhibition took place over the course of three evenings, with the sumptuous backdrop of The Residences at St. Regis Bangkok playing host to the culinary skills of Chef Gabriele Torretto. Flown in from Italy especially for “The Art of Living”. The dining experience would be furthered with an accompaniment of wines from Batasiolo such as Gavi di Gavi and Moscato will match some of the dishes. Featured artists of the art exhibition included Olga Marie Polunin, a Belgianbased Russian-English lady who traces her descent back to Asia through her Hakka Chinese ancestry. Her co-exhibitor is Shianghai-based French artist Christian de Laubadere. His new collection of paintings of women’s necks shows his unique ability to tell a different story with each piece.


Lotus Arts de Vivre



A Night with Chef Davide Scabin

Bangkok, Thailand – on 28th -29th September 2011 Lotus Arts de Vivre, together with Beni de Batasiolo, San Polo wines and Maduzi Hotel Bangkok, announced a culinary experience with 2-Michelin star Chef Davide Scabin of Combal.Zero, considered as one of the world’s top 10 life-changing restaurant. The “Night with Davide Scabin” was a part of a series of events which aims to provide a life-enriching experience. Chef Davide’s flair and his extraordinary approached to cuisine are a perfect match for Beni de Batasiolo and San Polo wine’s philosophy of combining good food and wine with great design as a integral part of an outstanding way of life.

Lotus Arts de Vivre

Adding further enjoyment to the evening, all partners joined forces with a common goal to offer lifestyle-enhancing opportunities. Beni de Batasiolo and San Polo wines perfectly complement Chef Davide’s superlative dinner which are selected especially to accompany each dish, and Maduzi Hotel, a one-of-a-kind conceptual hotel with ultimate privacy and tailor-made services, host the venue to complete the experience.


Lotus Arts de Vivre together with Gaggenau , the famous home appliance German brand company and Batasiolo wine presented “White Truffle and Crazy Wood Art – by Sri and Rolf von Buren at Lotus Arts de Vivre Gallery. “Crazy Wood” features the fantasy works of Rolf and Sri von Bueren whose artistry draws on natural forms to create funky designs. Each item is crafted from a piece of wood which is chosen for its unique shape and size from which an original sculpture is carefully designed and hand-carved by a Lotus Arts de Vivre craftsmen. The end result is a one-of-a-kind objet d’art. The products come in Big and small pieces such as the masterpiece name “Minotaur” which is the ancient or Greek mythology, Wooden big chair – the queen chair, Wooden Lotus Tray, Wooden lamp, Little duck and family, Flamingo, fighting rooster and Wooden rooster.


29th, 30th November and 1st December, 2011

Lotus Arts de Vivre

White Truffle and Crazy Wood Art by Sri and Rolf von Buren



“Asian Inspirations” Kuala Lumper Exhibition

Wednesday, 8th - Thursday, 9th June 2011

Lotus Arts de Vivre

With the advent of the “Asian Inspirations” exhibition, Lotus Arts de Vivre reaffirms its commitment to the Malaysian market by presenting characteristic elements of the brand’s collection, alongside works by Shanghai-based French artist Christian de Laubadere and Belgian-based painter Olga Marie Polunin. More than an exhibition, the two day event brings together Lotus Arts de Vivre’s collection of exquisite Objets d’Art, Jewellery, Ornaments and Home Decor alongside the great food, wine, and conversation that are the hallmarks of Lotus Arts de Vivre occasions around the globe.



M.L Dr. Jirayu & Thanpuying Oranuj Israngkun na Ayudhya

D. Joerg & Weilin Weigand

Sec LT. Phairoj Rattakul & K.Pariya Chirabandhu

Prof. Dr. Apinan Poshyananda

Khunying Tipyavadi Pramoj

Mr. Lawrence Graff

Carlo Bonomi

Gianni de Michelis & Stefania Tucci

Pierre Donnersberg

Lotus Arts de Vivre

Dr. Sumet & Khun Suthinee Jumsai na Ayudhya


E vent Calendar 2012 APRIL th

4 April 2012 Co-event with Quince Bangkok

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26 May 2012 The Peak Event


June 2012 Anteprima Allegini Event



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11 April 2012 Dragon & Caviar Night





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27 - 29 April 2012 Super Yacht Show





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16 - 17 May 2012 Istanbul Event


June 2012 Discovery of Senses II



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Lotus Arts de Vivre

Mr. Croc going to the office

Approximate size: 70 x 70 x 150 cm



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