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The Dragon Sculpture

SUPPORT Foundation Exhibition of Hand Embroidery Thursday 2



August to Tuesday 13 November, 2012

The SUPPORT Foundation organized an Exhibition of Hand Embroidery at the Queen’s nd th Gallery from August 2 to November 13 , 2012 to commemorate three auspicious royal th th birthdays which took place last year: His Majesty the King’s 85 Birthday on 5 December, th th Her Majesty the Queen’s 80 Birthday on 12 August and His Royal Highness the th th Crown Prince’s 5 th Cycle (60 ) Birthday on 28 July. Famous designers and rising stars presented their creations which used the foundation’s hand-embroidered textiles to fashion a range of unique products ranging from cushions and dresses to jewellery boxes and lampshades. Lotus Arts de Vivre designed two pillows and two handbags for the exhibition.

St Regis Charity Gala Dinner th

Wednesday 27 February, 2013

The St Regis Bangkok held its inaugural “The St Regis Charity Culinary Gala” on 27 February 2013 to support Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s SUPPORT Foundation and to mark Her Majesty’s 80th birthday, which took place last year. The evening’s highlight was an exclusive charity auction, the proceeds from which would be donated to the SUPPORT Foundation. Louts Arts de Vivre donated a Lacquer Cigar Humidor and a pair of Red Lacquer Elephant Stools which were auctioned off for 700,000 baht and 1.14 million baht respectively.

The “Art of Living” Exhibition Friday 1st

& Saturday 2nd February, 2013

Bangkok - Theatre of Indulgence by Lotus Arts de Vivre hosted “The Art of Living” Exhibition, an exclusive event displaying our progressive series of home furnishing pieces to enthral those with a distinctive sense of style. Work included paintings from Island6 – an artist-run studio and gallery based in Shanghai, which works with LEDs to create cutting -edge art offering a tongue-in-cheek perspective on contemporary social and cultural issues in Asia. The event was an eye-opener for interior design professionals and enthusiasts, while raising the bar for home décor in Thailand at the same time.

“A Night of Silk & Jewels” @ the Residence of The Ambassador of Thailand, New Delhi Wednesday 28


November, 2012

New Delhi – Lotus Arts de Vivre and India’s pioneering fashion designer, Bina Modi, collaborated to create an unforgettable evening of art, fashion, and fine cuisine with “A Night of Silk & Jewels” that was held honour of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand’s 80th birthday anniversary and to celebrate Thailand’s Loy Krathong festival. Guests indulged in the finest Thai cuisine and were treated with the first viewing of Bina’s exclusive collection of Indian couture created from Thai silk. Lotus Arts de Vivre transformed the interior of the Ambassador’s Residence with a selection of the company’s unique sculptures and objets d’art which offered stunning examples of contemporary Thai design.

Press Lunch for A Night of Silk & Jewels

“Seiki Torige - The Glass Master”

featuring Japanese Chef Hiroki Takai th

Wednesday 14



Thursday 15

November, 2012

Bangkok – Lotus Arts de Vivre introduced the staggeringly imaginative glasswork of Seiki Torige, at an event supported by Beni di Batasiolo wines and Gaggenau kitchens where delectable Japanese cuisine was crafted by Chef Hiroki Takai. After opening his first studio in Tokyo in 1978, Seiki moved to Bali in 1995 and the Indonesian island’s endemic artistry has influenced his work ever since. His architectural features, glass walls, counters, laminated pillars, tables, bars, doors and window decorations have been commissioned by restaurants, hotel, corporate offices and public buildings across the globe. In Japan, Seiki created three 18-meter-high glass walls for Nagoya’s subway stations. His standout designs in Bali include a glass stupa installed at Four Seasons Jimbaran and translucent glass bar lit with fibre optics at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. His work can currently be viewed at the Theatre of Indulgence Gallery and Lotus Arts de Vivre shops in Bangkok.

Saturday 24


November, 2012

Bangkok – Italian Fine Wines, The Residences at The St Regis Bangkok and Lotus Arts de Vivre collaborated to create the “Theatre of Taste”. This exclusive gathering of true connoisseurs of the good life combined a spectrum of sensory experiences into a single event. Set in a luxury apartment at The Residences at The St Regis Bangkok, fine cuisine and exceptional wine complemented a visual feast created by Asia’s leading creator of jewellery, objects d’art and intricate home decoration items. Italian Fine Wines brought together five of its top wine labels, Allegrini, Beni di Batasiolo, Cantina Leonardo da Vinci , Farnese and Mazzei who were invited to introduce the benchmark creations which have brought their vineyards such high acclaim.

CAVIAR DINNER at Lotus Arts de Vivre Private Dining Room created for Chris Salans th

Friday 18 January & Saturday 19 January, 2013


Bali – The Mozaic Beach Club in Batu Belig opened its Private Dining Room by Chris Salans and Lotus Arts de Vivre, a spectacular venue which seats 20 people in an informal, intimate setting for a memorable evening under the stars. The Private Dining Room represents the perfect coming together of Chris Salans’ culinary flair – exemplified in the Mozaic-style degustation menus – and Lotus Arts de Vivres’s stunning art.

Lotus Arts de Vivre Private Dining Room Created for Chris Salans at Mozaic Beach Club


Seiki Torige

Seiki Torige was born in Kyoto, Japan though his curiosity for glass design led him to Italy in 1970, where he studied stained glass at the ‘Lindo Glassy Studio’ in Milan. He then went on to study glass mosaic technology while most of his other skills acquired since then have been self-taught. He established his first studio in Tokyo in 1978 and moved to Bali in 1995. Committed to creating unique and extraordinary pieces of art by utilising revolutionary designs and techniques of manufacture, he works primarily with soda glass recycled from plate glass windows. The natural green tint is caused by the iron content in the fine, white, Australian ‘silica’ sand, but coloured materials are now coming into play, with the recent introduction of hues such as pink, blue, orange, emerald and red. Each fragment of colour is converted into a molten mass before being shaped and transformed to create or decorate a sophisticated vase, a unique ornament, a tactile block, or an exquisite bowl.


Critical Moment

As a German working and living in Thailand, Lotus Arts de

Vivre’s very own Rolf von Bueren was interviewed on Critical Moment, an MCOT World television show. The programme provides a window into the lives of the von Buerens, where Rolf explains how the Thai way of life has shaped Lotus Arts de Vivre and continues to inspire every piece the company produces. Watch the episode at:


Kob Nok Kala Lotus Arts de Vivre was featured on an episode of Channel 9’s

Kob Nok Kala documentary programme which focused on scarabs, a popular amulet in Ancient Egypt where they were coveted as symbols of resurrection. Thailand is fortunate to have an abundance of scarab beetles, enabling Lotus Arts de Vivre to create stunning adornments with their bright metallic wings. Watch the episode at:

Scarab Parrot Handbag set with Diamonds & Rubies Producing designs like this beautiful parrot handbag covered with scarab wings is a labour of love. Each wing is cut by hand to size, shaved from the inside, reinforced and carefully mounted one by one to the handbag shell, with each piece held in place for five minutes, enough time for the adhesive to harden. Two people worked for three months to produce this work of art. After finishing the painstaking task of setting the scarab wings, the gilded sterling silver frame was set with diamonds and a silk lining was inserted inside. Lotus Arts de Vivre only produces two to three of these bags each year. Every creation is slightly different. Dimension: 8.7 x 31 x 16 cms


The Art of Living goes digital At Lotus Arts de Vivre we’re always striving to make your lives easier and more memorable. That’s why we’re excited to tell you about the introduction of online shopping to our enhanced digital channel, Now that more of our unique limitededition creations are available online, it’s even easier for you to select as a gift a piece of jewellery or sculpture that’s ideally matched to the tastes of a loved one or dear friend, something which will remind them of you every day. You can now browse, buy and gift Lotus Arts de Vivre jewellery, accessories, objet d’art and home décor items wherever you are, 24 hours a day. The art of living just got easier...

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