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Popular online dating sites

Valentine’s Day 101 Launched in 1995, serves 25 countries and 21.5 million people.


eHarmony was founded in 2000 in Pasadena, California, and has 15.5 million users.


Tinder is a location-based social search app. Its 50 million users swipe right to match with others. Source:,

Valentines by the numbers On average, a person will spend on Valentine’s Day.


224 million roses are grown in preparation for Valentine’s Day.


There are varieties of Hallmark greeting cards for Valentine’s Day.

$1.6 billion

People will spend on candy for Valentine’s Day.


The legend of Cupid According to Greek legend, Cupid flew around with a bow and golden and lead arrows. The golden arrows aroused desire and the lead arrows inflicted hatred. After Apollo, the god of the sun, mocked Cupid, Cupid shot a golden arrow at Apollo, infatuating him with Daphne, a nymph. He then shot a lead arrow at Daphne, making her despise Apollo and repel his advances. Because of Cupid’s mischief, Apollo was unable to attract Daphne. Today, Cupid’s image is widely recognized as a symbol of love on Valentine’s Day and is featured on many cards and chocolate boxes. Source:

Fifteen percent of Americans use online dating apps. Two percent of people marry their high school sweetheart. Americans spend $18.6 billion on Valentine’s Day.

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Laila Crabtree

We went to Conway from kindergarten on through, but we didn’t know each other until second grade. My husband says he remembers me sitting in front of him the first day of second grade, and he was like, ‘Oh — this girl is cute.’ But then I got moved, and he was sad. Freshman year, we connected. (Photo courtesy of Laila Crabtree) We were in the spring musical at the high school together. We spent all of our time together. He drove me to and from school every day, and we talked on the phone all the time. We’ve been together since Feb. 17, 1997. For college, he was at [Washington University in St. Louis] and I was at [Saint Louis University]. We got engaged our junior year of college and got married a month after we graduated from college. We changed and grew up together, so it’s nice that we have this common background. I think sticking true to yourself and maintaining other friendships is extremely important [when in a relationship].”

Valentine’s Day around the world France

Valentine’s Day is not just an American holiday.

The first Valentine’s Day card originated in Paris when Charles, Duke of Orleans, sent letters to his wife while imprisoned in 1415.

South Africa In South Africa, women literally wear their hearts on their sleeves. They pin the name of their romantic interest on their shirts.

South Korea

Cupid was originally known as Eros, Greek god of love.

Women give their partners chocolate and flowers on Valentine’s Day. Men return the favor March 14.

Denmark Valentine’s Day has been celebrated in Denmark since the early 1990s. Men give women gaekkebrev, “joking letters,” that are anonymously signed with dots. Source:

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