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Hot Zone ‌If you saw Behind Enemy Lines, you know no one is better in an against-all-odds, tough-but-smart, angry-but-vulnerable role than Owen Wilson. (If you did not see Behind Enemy Lines starring Wilson and Gene Hackman, rent it immediately — if not sooner. Great film.) Here too, Wilson plays a man caught in a volatile situation with his wife and children… and no escape… well, probably no escape. Wilson plays Jack Dwyer, a young executive who accepts a job opportunity in Southeast Asia overseeing the construction of a water purification plant. He relocates with his wife Annie (Lake Bell) and two young daughters, and almost immediately, all hell breaks loose. The family is caught in the middle of a violent uprising where armed rebels are killing all foreign nationals. Jack and his family are stranded in the city under siege with only the help of a “tourist” named Hammond (Pierce Brosnan) to help them find sanctuary. The film is absolutely perfectly cast. Wilson is magnetic as the capable, but desperate father; and Bell is his lovely, loyal counterpart. The two make an extremely believable couple; they almost look alike. Brosnan is a pleasant surprise and the film is a heart-stopping mix of white-knuckle action and compelling family drama. It’s a 7.

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Merging Friendship ‌Coming soon to Plaza Frontenac is this charming comedy starring two veteran actors. Set in Manhattan, the movie tells the story of the unlikely friendship between a high-strung writer and the Indian cab driver who takes on the daunting task of teaching her to drive. Wendy (Patricia Clarkson) is a selfinvolved book critic whose life takes an unexpected turn when her husband suddenly leaves her for a younger woman. Adding to the myriad frustrations of life on her own is the fact that Wendy, like many lifelong New Yorkers, has never learned to drive. She enlists the help of a mild mannered Sikh cab driver, Darwan (Ben Kingsley) who is facing a rather different set of marital struggles himself. Darwan patiently teaches the neurotic Wendy to drive and heal, and Wendy helps Darwan prepare for the next stage in his life. Oscar winner Kingsley and nominee Clarkson are charming in this engaging comedy about two people unsure of where life is going to take them. The driving lessons become a none-to-subtle metaphor for taking control of one’s life, but despite the perhaps heavy-handed parallels, this promises to be a funny, endearing film.



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