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Magazine La Dolce Vita is the only magazine specifically aimed at the 55 to 75 year old retired and semi-retired demographic sector who have a significant disposable income. This represents an unique opportunity to market luxury goods to our discerning and affluent readership.

We are a socially responsible company and believe that it is important to 'give something back' with that in mind every advertiser will benefit from the knowledge that we donate a percentage of our profits to charitable causes.

LA DOLCE VITA delivers… 

Buyers of prestige property, fine art, top of the range vehicles, quality kitchens, premium kitchenware, appliances, renovations, bathroom ware, soft furnishings and interiors, food, fashion, garden design, wealth management and planning, private health care, architectural design and construction to name a few.

We will deliver amazing longevity for your advertising, with most issues retained as a coffee table feature or as part of a cherished collection.

We have launched a magazine into this niche market to ensure advertisers and this target market meet in the most effective manner without the distraction caused by simultaneously targeting different socio-economic groups.

Our readers:  

Individuals, aged 55 to 75, with a disposable income of £50,000 and above. With a circulation of 20,000 we estimate our readership will be around 80,000.

Where: 

It is posted directly to these individuals throughout the UK using a highly selected mailing list that is updated monthly. The specific database includes active investors and high net worth individuals. The data accuracy is 0-3 months to ensure the target audience is current.

General content regular features and articles:

Events and Travel The main section will be on short and longer term events to tempt the readers’ to travel and experience these events. Also the “must see places” to visit, where to stay and how to get there in comfort. Our travel writers explain all. Health What are the benefits of keeping fit and healthy and are there any downsides?

Wealth Keeping your wealth in the family with tax issues at the forefront of our minds. Wealth planning and management. Celebrity Interviews We ask the interesting questions on their views of life that we all want to know.

Homes and Garden Your opportunity to find that special home! Also, how to look after your property plus gardening tips for the month. Also the best gardens to visit this time of year. A New Hobby Ever thought you would like to take up, say, photography, rambling, art, sailing or something more adventurous? We will tell you how. Family and Friends For the girls, the must have luxuries and apparel. Also gadgets and how to communicate with your children and grandchildren through the internet, mobiles and email. Antiques and Wine We introduce you to antiques and what to look for. Also we show you where to find the best wines for your budget!. History A look back to the most memorable periods in history during the month of the publication, some will make you proud, others maybe not. Also what are they like to visit now? Boats and Cars Boys’ toys - all boys should all have one of these at some stage in their lives!

Target market: A national magazine aimed at individuals with a significant income, aged 55 and over who are actually retired or semi-retired with an income from pensions and savings that is in excess of £50,000 per year. They have few liabilities such as mortgages and school fees. So are looking for opportunities to enjoy themselves and spend their income and invest their capital.

Disposable income

UK distribution Over £100k 45%

Over £50k 25%

Scotland Wales 5% Northern 10% England 20%

Over £75k 30%

Southern England 65%

Advertising and distribution      

La Dolce Vita is a glossy, quality magazine. No other magazine in the UK is like it. La Dolce Vita delivers first class editorial to its audience and a first class audience to its advertisers. If you are you looking for outstanding results from your advertising you should look no further than La Dolce Vita. Our advertising rates are extremely cost efficient due to our highly targeted distribution model. The magazine will be A4 portrait style. First publication will be in February 2013.

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