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LIME CRIME THE UNEXPECTED Let's talk about make up and let's talk about the necessary need to respect nature and animals, in an unexpected super colorful way :) Everything start from a sweet girl with lilia chair, calledDoe Deere , the founder of LIME CRIME the make up collection that i wanna describe to you ;) I' ve discoveredDoe Deere and Lime Crime last year, browsing in the Internet , looking for "vegan make up " and voilĂ , i've started to love this wonderful world made of unbelievable lipsticks , glosses, and eyeshadows under the logo of unicorns. So pleased to find a make up creator thawhas in common with me an insane passion for unicorns and fairytales colors and the need to use somethingreallycruelty -free, the realvegan make up. It means that for Lime Crimethere are notusedingredients with animal origin ( ex. eggshell and so on) and ingredients and products are not tested on animals. Thiscollectionrepresents a realamazing revolution for make up and i love the factthat in Usa Lime Crime is a realsuccessful brand! Even Katy Perry is a fan of Lime Crime, she' s obviously delighted with the crazyrange of colors, like light blue lipstick, actuallyreallydifficult to findsomewhere else. So i'vedecided to talk about Lime Crimefirstly in my blog, presenting the collection and aftertrying a lipstick, writing a review. My Lime Crime Lipstick iscalled "Retrofuturist" and is the best lipstick evertried in my life, so soft, with a vivid color and it resists so many hours without disappearing after the first drink if i use it by night, it. Evenafter i wash myteeth or i eat, the lipstick remains! Retrofuturist doesn't dry my lips and make me feel really comfortable with mymake up



The thing i didn't tellyou is that i'm from Italy, and in my country nobody before knew Lime Crime before i've wrote about it in my blog and girls usually uses non cruelty free make up. I've purchased the lipstick on the online shop, and i paid a lot with taxes and so on, but when my lipstick will finish, i'll buy another one from Lime Crime, because is the better to use and to suggest. Obviously i hope that some stores or online shops in Italy will start to sell the whole Lime Crimecollections , to reduce for us the costs and to introduce intomy country new make up vegan habits. Lime Crime and DoeDeer, with her team are doing a great job, with a new positive beauty philosophy, respectful and health and one of my fashionista dream, is to see Lime Crime all over the world. Iadmire that to reach people and customers, Lime Crime just used Internet and socials, beauty fairs, not ad pages on magazine, and the success still depend by people who spread the world ;) So please girls, you too have to try Lime Crime World, and spread the world for a brand new vegan make up :) Author, Amanda Marzolini from the Italian Fashion Lifestyle Blog "THE FASHIONAMY" PhotoCredits to : "LIME CRIME"



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