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Ladies of Caliber Publishing

Coming soon 2010 Titles Deadly Decisions, by Tara L. Fisher Price: 12.95 ISBN #: 978-1-89160171-2 Fiction-Crime Thriller

Painted Love by Elizabeth Perkins Jess is riding high on life, at the apex of self fulfillment when a night that was anticipated with delightful innocence turns into a horrorthat will haunt her for many. Price: 12.95

The Contents of Her Purse by Vanessa Morman-Whisper Series Price: 12.95 ISBN #: 978-1-891601-39-2 Fiction- Thriller

The Zodiac Club by Lomenshia “Mimi”•Pastran . Price: 12.95 ISBN #:978-1-891601-70-5 Fiction-Inspirational

The Gap: Who’s Standing for You? By Pastor Gerald T. Dolphus From the author of ‘Speak to The Demons’, comes an unparalleled new guide to intercession, “The Gap: Who’s Standing for You?'' .Timely, candid and relatable, The Gap will give readers a better understanding of why they have been open to attacks. He further instructs us on how to guard our spirits, fill the gaps and face spiritual warfare draped in the full armor of God and drenched in His holy anointing.

Price: 13.95 ISBN #: 978-1-891601-54-5 Non Fiction-Imprint Revelations

Sunday Morning Secrets by Shirlita McFarland escribe the product, service, or event here. Include a brief description and any features. Price: 13.95 ISBN #: 978-1-891601-23-1 Christian Fiction- Imprint-Revelations

ISBN #:978-1-891601-68-

Scent of a Man

A erial male on male rapist is on the loose stalking the macho to the gay male, the civilian , and military solider, Inventive, clever, the attackers have a dangerous system, and hidden agendas and White House ties. When the mayhem spills over into the life of an undercover operative , he stands to lose everything, including the love of his life.

Price: 13.95 ISBN #: 978-1-89160165-1 Fiction

Swagger by Vanessa Morman Whisper Series . Price: ISBN #: Fiction

13.95 978-1-891601-19-4 Espionage/ Romance

On My Knees, Vanessa Morman Hard hitting on AIDS among seniors, and other social issues. Forget the church singles ministries , what’s going on with the church's swingers.... Spies in the congregation .This is not a faith based title, though it is inspirational ...It is brazen, bold, sexy, funny, and controversial ....real.. With a twist. Price: 14.95 ISBN #: 978-1-891601-55-2 Fiction

Running a Muck, by Vanessa Morman- Whisper Series

Mama Never Taught Me How to Sing by Riches to rags drama, a socialite goes homeless, with a taste of class and a Tyka Nelson, (Prince host of secrets Keeping up Appearances Sister) Price 13.95 ISBN 978-1-891601-75- meets The Pursuit of Happiness. 0 Price: 13.95 Inspirational/Memoir ISBN #: 978-1-891601-60-6 Fiction – Release June 1st 2010

Espionage-Romance-Imprint Night Maneuvers

Preacher's Kids by Keleigh Crigler Hadley

. Price: 13.95 ISBN #: 978-1-891601-21-7 Christian Fiction- Imprint-Revelations


Reece Wheeler

Mallory Katz

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Konflict of Interest

U.S. Air Force Captain Yani Bowe’s transitional plans are derailed when she witnesses an execution that leads to her kidnapping. She’s inadvertently drawn into a covert, yet regal world of politics, treason and a Joint FBI-CIA operation. Eventually her true patriotism is tested as she seeks to disconnect her feelings for an American businessman with terrorist ties.

Alice Morton

Non Negotiable

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A sexy, passionate love story played out during multiple missions of a secret unit, the Global Shadow Team (GST). Tasked with the investigation of an arms dealer, they learn of a terrorist plot for a celebrity heist which they soon find is only a distraction for their true agenda. When the unit sets out to find an amnesia agent Lurton DeMilo, they find her in a very compromising position. Lurton's true love can only hope she'll remember him and the depth of their love.

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