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Beauty, grit & grace APRIL 2018



Fee l good golf!

APRIL 2018 | 3


There’s a freshness in the air Monica McIntosh PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE

Welcome to the 2018 golf season! We’re delighted to welcome you back and tell you about all the great new developments we have in store for you. First, as you can see, we’ve given our brand a fresh new look. And we’ve got a fresh new way of looking at what makes Ladies’ magical: the game, with all its beauty, grit and grace; the Club, with its distinguished history; and the warm and wonderful women and men who make up Ladies’ community. And that’s just the start! You’ll also love the updates we’re making to our Golf Shop and back shop; our Clubhouse and Food and Beverage; our website and tee sheet system. It’s Ladies’ at its best! We’re looking forward to seeing you at our Opening Tea on Saturday April 21, 2-4 pm where you can reconnect with friends, welcome new Members and check out the latest fashions from our Golf Shop. And we hope you’ll bring your friends, colleagues and neighbours to our Open House on Sunday, April 29, 1-4 pm where we’ll be showcasing the great programs our Golf Academy has to offer. Loryn Ingham, our Sales & Marketing Manager, will be happy to follow up with women you know who may like to learn about membership, or with men you know who may be interested in becoming a Guest Card Holder.

APRIL 2018 | 5

Planning for the future Last year, our Members voted to sell the 2.6 acre land parcel at Bayview and Royal Orchard (hole #9). We’re about two years away from sale closing, and there’s a great deal of planning to do. Tridel is handling the municipal planning approvals process, and the Land Project Steering Committee Phase 3 (LPSC3) will provide oversight. LPSC3 Members are Joan Anderton (Chair), Nadine Segal, Virginia West and Paul Bussiere, General Manager, who sits on all committees. Additional ad hoc committees have been set up to lead various aspects of the planning efforts, with each committee focused on protecting the Club’s best interests as well as preserving its legacy and providing security for its future. The Land Sale Course Planning Committee will focus on design and location of a replacement hole and the Halfway House. Committee Members are: Kathy Hill (Chair), Margaret Anderson, Jean Davy, Jan Flott and Deb Trepanier, supported by Paddy Kelly (Head Pro), John McLinden (Course Superintendent) and Lisa Lamb (Clubhouse Manager). The Land Sale Net Proceeds Strategy Committee will focus on how best to use the net proceeds to ensure long-term financial sustainability. Committee Members are Terri McKinnon (Chair), Sharon Anderson, Catherine Chan, Lois Cormack, Beth Medhurst and Deborah Pankhurst. The Course Planning and Net Proceeds Committees are just beginning their work, and their mandates are expected to extend into 2019. The Strategic Planning Committee (while not directly related to the land sale), is in the research and data gathering stage, with the goal of completing a strategic plan later this year. Committee Members are Betty Chee (Chair), Marcie Anderson, Joan Anderton, Ann Davis, Beth Medhurst and Alanna Quinn. The Terms of Reference for all committees and the committee membership are available on the Members’ website. We want to hear from you! Member input is key to our planning, so we’d love you to contribute. If you have an idea to share, please send it to planning@ladiesgolfclub.com and indicate the committee to which it should be directed. It is my privilege to be your President for 2018. On behalf of the Board, I wish you a wonderful golf year and look forward to seeing you.



APRIL 2018 | 7

Feel good golf Paul Bussiere GENERAL MANAGER’S MESSAGE

2018 is an exciting year for Ladies’! From the moment you step on the property, you will notice some change. Ladies’ has undergone a bit of a new look. From the freshly paved driveway to the refreshed brand, we have been working hard all winter to improve our Member and guest experience. Our clubhouse got a bit of a facelift with new carpeting, flooring and paint. Chef Umesh and Clubhouse Manager Lisa have been doing a wonderful job getting the food and beverage department ready for the season. We are even building a new vegetable garden in behind the clubhouse that will provide us with fresh herbs and vegetables to be used in our menus. There will also be the opportunity to have special dinners out in the garden under the stars on a warm summer night. New honey bee hives are being installed so that we’ll be able to provide Members and guests with Ladies’ honey this year. Another wonderful addition that we can use in our menus. The rebranding of the club’s identity has been a large undertaking. It is something that was needed to make our club more modern and fresh. We consulted the Marketing and Sales Advisory Committee, along with the Board, and hosted focus groups of Members, Guest Card Holders, and Academy participants to ensure that we were on the right path with the new identity. I’m very excited for what we’ve been able to accomplish and look forward to hearing the feedback. We have launched a new public website to showcase the beauty of the club and currently working on a new Member website that will be easier to navigate and be more user friendly than our current website. All our marketing material has been updated, as well as our membership brochures and forms, internal and external marketing posters or invitations, name tags, email signatures, e-blast templates, and of course our monthly newsletter. Examples of some of the new looks are on the following page. For the Golf Academy, we are using a new online registration system that will make it easier for our participants to register and provide us more tools to track and communicate with them. Links to the registration for each of the clinics can be found in the new digital version of our Academy brochure. The Golf Shop has also undergone 8 | BEAUTY, GRIT & GRACE

some change for 2018. Paddy and his team will be ready to assist you on the floor of the shop as soon as you enter. Gone are the days of the Golf Shop counter and enter in the Apple store concept. The shop looks fantastic with its new paint job and reorganization. There’s a new lounge in the shop so that you can rest and relax in front of the TV before or after a round. Probably Paddy’s favourite new item for this year is the Table Tennis table. It will be located just outside the Golf Shop and available for any Member or Guest to use any time. Table Tennis is a great way to warm up prior to a round or just relaxing and having some fun with friends. I challenged our staff to think different this year. Ladies’ is unique and that means our services should be as well. We don’t want to be the same as the run of the mill golf courses. We want to celebrate our uniqueness, our warm & welcoming personality, our style & sense of sophistication. We’re creating a comfortable, inspiring, supportive community where you can be yourself and experience “feel good golf”. We hope ope you embrace the change and help us make Ladies’ a magical agical place.


APRIL 2018 | 9

Poised for a new season Yvonne Bland FINANCE COMMITTEE , CHAIR

Welcome to the 2018 Finance Committee season. With the Land Sale on the horizon and the new committees struck it is back to business for the 2018 Finance Committee. We have returning Members: Winnie Kwok, Joy Bradford and Alicia Milner; new Members: Katherine Keeler, Mary Pat Frey and Donna Wagg: Board Liaison: Catherine Chan. We are now a committee of 8, up from 7 last year. It is more important than ever to spread the Finance Committee work load as we not only oversee the Club finances, we also have the newly struck Ad Hoc committees that will require some of our time. In particular, the Land Sale Net Proceeds Strategy Committee will be reporting through Finance to the Board. Last but not least, the Ada Mackenzie Heritage Fund management is being rolled into our portfolio too. The first official Finance Committee meeting will have taken place by the time you read this. We will have reconciled our annual dues to the budget as the categories will have settled down. Next month’s article will report more on the financial activity and results to date. As this is my second

year as Chair, I learned some of our newsletter report formats worked well to give you a point in time update. We will continue with a table format of the key categories contained in the financial statements through the active playing months. If you had a chance to attend the AGM, you would have heard my message that our 2018 Budget may have looked a little boring, was risk adverse in spending money before we have it and did not reduce our fees overall – all though we did lower the capital replenishment fee for 2018. The Finance Committee felt that amidst this exciting opportunity and the stage in the land sale closing process, that this was not the time to make drastic changes. We are eagerly awaiting the new season and opportunities ahead of us and working with Paul and Edmar to keep us on track. Stay tuned for financial updates!



This is the time of year when the most frequent question I receive is; “How is the golf course doing”? Well, it has been a very unusual spring to say the least. The temperatures are trending to be one of the coldest Aprils in history with an average temperature of only 3 degrees. Combine that with the recent ice storm that transpired on April 14 and 15 and it has certainly been hard on the turf. The turf is still dormant and warmer temperatures are required to initiate growth which has not happened yet. The snow cover has slowed our efforts in preparing the golf course. 10 | BEAUTY, GRIT & GRACE

As of April 17 we still do not have a definite opening day. When the snow e will be and ice finally do melt off we re-evaluating conditions and d will be updating you soon. ard to Thank you and looking forward another exciting season.


APRIL 2018 | 11


Welcome to the 2018 Season! The mandate of the Golf Committee is to support, advise and be accountable to the Board with respect to policies, programs and practices that promote the enjoyment, playability, caliber and integrity of the game of golf for both competitive and non-competitive golfers at the Club. We oversee all golf programs and events offered to Members with the objective of balancing the competitive, social, and recreational aspects of golf at the Club and of being welcoming and inclusive. One change of note this year is that 9H and 18H match play and trophy competitions, with the exception of the Club Championship and the 9H Championship, will be open to all Full, Associate, Unlimited Trail and Intermediate Members. Of course, Section draws will also continue to welcome Club Members from both Sections. To ensure Members are aware of all possible events, 9H and 18H Section Members will receive the e-blasts from both Sections. Events are also listed on the website calendar, most with a live link to details and sign-up instructions. While you are on the website, please check out our new online tee sheet! Our Committee is always interested in communication and feedback. Please feel free to contact your Section Representative or any of us over the course of the season. We are looking forward to a great year!



2018 Golf Committee Chair Eiko Aki Member At Large Deborah Trepanier Golf Events Coordinator Carol Brown Handicap Committee Christy DeMont 9H Representative Deborah Doyle 18H Representative Jessica Pastorek Staff Liaison Padraig Kelly

“True sportsmanship is… Knowing that you need your opponent because without him or her, there is no game. Acknowledging that your opponent holds the same deeprooted aspirations and expectations as you. Knowing that, win or lose, you will walk off the course with pride. Always taking the high road. And always, always, always being a good sport.” LORII MYERS

APRIL 2018 | 13


The Marketing Advisory Group has been renamed the Marketing and Sales Advisory Committee, and is now a committee of the Board. Our mandate is to support and advise on activities to attract and convert prospective new members. We have returning committee Members: Christy DeMont, Deborah Trepanier and Alanna Quinn; new Members: LJ (Linda) Nagel; Board Liaison: Monica McIntosh. Paul and Loryn are integral to our committee, as are Paddy and Shelby (filling in for Jacquelin who is on maternity leave).

In recognition for your efforts, receive the following when you refer:

Full or Associate Member $750 Club Credit.

Gold GCH or Unlimited Trial Member $100 Clubhouse or Golf Shop gift card.

Silver GCH $50 Clubhouse or Golf Shop gift card.

2018 – Continuing our Momentum Here are the key elements of our continuing Marketing outreach for 2018: Goals for 2018: 200 LGA (Ladies’ Golf Academy) participants, 26 Unlimited Trial Members, 10 Introductory Trial Members, 15 New Full Members. This is our ’funnel’. Top Prospects: Women aged 50+ experiencing a transition in their lives where they are ready to discover life at Ladies’.

Golf Academy Participant (4+ Week program) $25 Clubhouse or Golf Shop gift card.

For more information on the Member Rewards Program, the 2018 Ladies’ Golf Academy Programs and the Open House visit our website. Watch your eblasts and regular mail from Ladies’ for more information.

Guest Card Holder Goals: Sign up 40 Gold Guest Card Holders; introduce our new Intermediate Gold GCH package for men aged 19-35. The Big Event: Open House, Sunday, April 29th, 1-4 p.m. This is an opportunity for new Member and Guest Card Holder prospects, and Ladies’ Golf Academy participants to get a first-hand look at what Ladies’ has to offer. How to Meet These Goals Here are some key roles that Members can play this Spring to help fill the funnel: • Refer a friend or family member for the 2018 Ladies’ Golf Academy • Invite a prospect (women and men) to the Open House on Sunday, April 29th • Invite your sons, grandsons, spouses and neighbours to consider one of our three Guest Card holder packages.

Deborah 14 | BEAUTY, GRIT & GRACE

For your referrals and program details contact: Loryn Ingham loryn@ladiesgolfclub.com (905) 889-3531 x308

It’s rewarding to welcome

friends & family

Earn up to



in Member Rewards through our referral program

APRIL 2018 | 15



Fee l good golf!

APRIL 2018 | 17

The beauty of 9 Kathy Constantinou 9H CO - CAPTAIN

Let the game begin! After a long winter, we will soon reconnect at the Opening Tea on April 21st. The regular 9 hole draw begins on May 2nd. The opening dinner is April 26th. We are experimenting with an “open tee time policy� for 9 hole draws: Arrive without a tee time and organize a foursome with the ladies present. Based on the survey, there will be limited costume themes for most shotguns and two with bigger themes. The first morning shotgun is May 9th at 9am. The theme is United Kingdom followed by food representing the country. If you like, wear red, white and/ or blue. The first 5PM shotgun is May 16th. The theme is a taste of Spain with colours red and yellow. The section is hosting many of the 9 hole tournaments this year: 3 Interclub home games, the tri-club event, and the Crystal Tournament. Information and dates for major 9H events will be provided at the opening dinner. The Member Guest day will be on June 10th. Have you guessed the theme? Hopefully you made it to our Information Night on Tuesday April 17th to discuss the new tee sheet system. This was a great opportunity to have your questions answered as signup for all events as well as regular games will be handled on line. There will be many exciting events throughout the season. With the enthusiasm and comradery of our members, we are going to play lots of golf and enjoy every minute.

Kath y

Please acquaint yourself with the 9H Committee Members. Co-Captains: Kathy Constantinou & Krisanne Knickle Vice Captain Position open Past Captain Carol Heller-Mepham Treasurer Krisanne Knickle

Golf Committee 9 Hole representative Deborah Doyle Handicap Representative Maria Speyer Buddies

& Introductory Members Patty Parker

Co-Member Guest Day Convenor Alison Lam & Anne Raby Co- Social Convenor Laurel Archibald & Carol Heller-Mepham Weekly games and Chip-Ins Marlene Metzger Bulletin Board Marlene Metzger Morning shotgun Kathy Constantinou Evening shotgun Kathy Constantinou & Krisanne Knickle Interclub/Triclub Convenor Kathy Constantinou Crystal Tournament Convenor Sharon Anderson & Carol Heller-Mepham 9 Hole Association rep Evelyn Hurwitz










9a APRIL 2018 | 19

The challenge of 18 Jan Flott 18H CAPTAIN

We open the 2018 Season with 203 members in our section. We welcome five members ( Claudia Egger, Brenda Humphreys, Karen Nixon, Brenda Touzot, Donna Wagg ) who were Trial members and loved Ladies’ so much that they joined the Club. We now welcome our new recruits, Kimberley Gibson, Susan Nanni, Susan Bray and Anna Kinastowski who have taken out Trial memberships for 2018. At the other end of the spectrum, we have thirty-four members who have been at Ladies’ for at least 30 years. In our Rogues Gallery on the 2nd floor Bulletin Board, we have pictures of almost all of our members, both to help new members and to help those of us who might have forgotten the names for some very familiar faces. Weekly Draws will start Tuesday May 1st and Saturday May 5th. Details will follow in the weekly eblasts. Spring Shotgun and Dinner Please mark your calendars for the first event of the season on May 15th. 1:00 Shotgun and Dinner to follow. Match Play 2018 There will be 7 different events this season. Three 4-Ball match play, and four individual match play. Because I am concerned we may lose people as we get used to the new software system, all signing up will be done either by emailing me or signing up in the Golf Shop. Matches have to start early in the season so make sure you get signed up. Details will be in the weekly eblasts. The Challenge How many different members do you think you play with over the season? Use your roster to keep track. The 18H committee members are all keen. Join us in the challenge and I will take the member who played with the most members by October 1st for a special dinner prepared by our new chef Umesh.


Direct all your kudos and questions to any member of the 18H committee: 18H committee Pat Ward Leslie Wilson Donna Wagg Brenda Humphreys Rosemary Thomson Jessica Pastorek Patti Moore Nora Montgomery Cathie Moffat Dee McKenzie Verna Lister Donne LePan Mary Ann Lee Jill Lavine Shawna Kamien

APRIL 2018 | 21

Every flowe r blooms at a different pace. 22 | BEAUTY, GRIT & GRACE

Suzy Kassem

Let it

bloom! Cindy Chamandy HORTICULTURALIST

Welcome to spring blooms at Ladies! For those of you I have not met, my name is Cindy and I have the pleasure of tending to our beautiful gardens here at Ladies’. This is where I will keep you up to date on what’s blooming in the gardens and introduce you to a few favourite plants. This month, spring bulbs are pushing their way up and soon a show of new tulips will welcome Members as they enter the parking lot. Look for muscari, daffodils, scilla and many varieties of tulip all through the garden beds. Which one is your favourite? New this year to our gardens - veggies, veggies and more veggies. Our new chef will have lots of home grown veggies, herbs and edible flowers to serve and there will even be opportunities to get up close and personal with our veggie garden, so stay tuned! Stop by and say hello anytime you see me in the gardens. I’m happy to answer any questions!

Cindy APRIL 2018 | 23

Save the date Opening Tea & Fashion Show April 21, 2018 starting at 2pm Open House for prospective Members and GCH April 29, 2018- 1-4pm


More to enjoy! Jo-Anne Applebaum ENGAGEMENT COMMITTEE , CHAIR

I am pleased to be chairing the Engagement Committee for the 2018 golf season. Barb Hooper, Verna Lister and I are the newbies and we are fortunate to work with Cathy Striowski, Berta McLean and Alison Lam, all of whom have experience working on Engagement. The committee’s mandate this year will be to work on increasing the enjoyment and level of satisfaction for the Social and Full Members, Guest Card Holders and Unlimited Trials. Our role will be to create a comfortable, attractive and safe environment while offering different and exciting non-golf activities. We have beautiful surroundings and gorgeous gardens right outside our clubhouse and the plan this year is to be creative and offer more events such as Theme Dinners that our new Chef will create along with some fun music. So after a nice afternoon or early evening of golf we can all take advantage of our own private oasis and enjoy the Club atmosphere. The book reviews, speakers’ series, beer and wine tastings, progressive dinners, mahjong on Thursday nights and Bridge on Monday and Wednesday will continue along with some new events which will be sent through eblast. The annual Stratford trip to watch the “The Music Man” and lunch at The Bruce is scheduled for September 21, 2018. A list of events will be sent out once the dates are finalized.


APRIL 2018 | 25

New for the season Padraig Kelly GOLF SHOP

2018 is shaping up to be an exciting one here at the Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto! We have spent the winter reviewing our Golf Shop and operation. We are beyond excited for you to return to a new and exciting Golf Shop this spring! An extensive renovation will provide you and your guests with an enhanced experience both in style, sizing and service. Late last year we were invited to join the invitation only BPG Buying Group. This will allow us to provide exclusive lines in the Golf Shop and to offer you tremendous value throughout the season. Keep your eyes open to many of the exclusive opportunity buys starting this spring. We didn’t stop there either. We are also launching a new tee time reservation sheet. GG Golf will allow your experience of booking tee times, tracking your handicap and signing up for Club events to be much more streamlined and efficient. As with any new system there will be some growing pains so we ask for your patience as we roll out this fantastic program this spring. With the launch of the Ladies’ Golf Academy a few short years ago, we are now seeing some of those “beginners” as our newest Members. We are committed to constantly improving and look forward to welcoming more Members from the Academy this year and beyond. New for 2018 we have launched online registration! You are now able to refer your friends to this new website which will answer any questions and allow folks to sign up immediately. Head Teaching Professional Jaime Steedman, now in her third year, has created a terrific lineup for 2018. She truly does have a passion for the game that is unrivaled and is extremely infectious…perfect for someone new to this great game. We would like to thank Kyle Robinson and Jennifer Kimmons for their work over the last few years. Kyle has moved on to Golf Tec and Jennifer is just across the street at the Thornhill Club. We wish them both well as they improve their skills and grow as professionals. Our newest addition to the Golf Shop is Laura Parrott. Laura brings an enthusiasm and energy that is second to none. 26 | BEAUTY, GRIT & GRACE

She will be a great addition and she is looking forward to her first season at the Club. Please join as as we welcome her to our great community. As an added value to your membership, you have been enrolled in the Golf Canada Gold Membership. This fantastic value added initiative provides many exciting new benefits. The most exciting is the Golf Canada Incident Protection Plan which provides up to $6000 coverage per Member. A few key points i) up to $2500 reimbursement for damaged, lost or stolen equipment. ii) up to $1000 reimbursement for damage up to $1000 towards the cost of replacing a window. As always, your feedback is what helps us grow and improve. Please do not hesitate to speak with me so that we can make 2018 the best year yet! Happy golfing!


FJ golf shoes engineered specifically for women, lightweight & breathable yet waterproof and fiercely performance-based. FJ Sport SL golf shoes for women, a category of athletic-inspired shoes for women seeking footwear that will perform on course and will hook up with their sporty outfits. FJ, The #1 Shoe in Golf.

New for


Golf Digest 2018 Hot List Gold Medal Winner! Rogue Irons are the best combination of distance, accuracy and playability ever in a Callaway iron with our 360 Face Cup and VFT, multi-material construction, and Urethane Microspheres. APRIL 2018 | 27

Your board for 2018

Monica McIntosh PRESIDENT

Alanna Quinn

Betty Chee

Jean Davy




Joan Anderton

Catherine Chan

Eiko Aki




Beth Medhurst

Marcie Anderson

Jo-Anne Applebaum





Safety LIGHTNING SAFETY AT LADIES’ The following guidelines are recommended for players: SINGLE CONTINUOUS HORN BLAST Lightning has been detected within 20 miles. Suspend play immediately and go to the Halfway House, Clubhouse, Golf Shop, Maintenance, Admin building or your car. Do not use rain shelters during electrical storms In the event that golfers cannot reach any of these locations, remove all metal items such as jewelry, golf clubs and umbrellas and proceed to the nearest low lying areas, such as bunkers, away from trees. INTERMITTENT HORN BLAST Lightning strike has not been detected within the last 30 minutes. Golfers may resume play but should exercise caution. By following these safety recommendations the possibility of lightning casualties will be greatly reduced. Please note that staff will not be deployed in dangerous conditions. It is up to the individual players to seek cover and stay sheltered until conditions are safe.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE As part of its Emergency Response Plan, our Club has available a First Aid Kit, Emergency Oxygen and Automated External Defibrillator. These items are kept together at the Golf Shop. Club staff is trained in the use of this equipment and in CPR. What should you do if you witness a person in need of medical attention?

✓ Call 911 immediately – the address is 7859 Yonge Street – staff will direct Emergency per-sonnel once they arrive; and

✓ Notify Golf Shop any way you can (call 905-889-3391, wave down staff, use phone in Half-way House or send someone there);

✓ If you can, carry out first aid; ✓ Get as much information about the person as you can and let the Golf Shop know as much as possible as soon as possible.

The Golf Shop becomes the Emergency Head-quarters and will:

✓ Confirm or call 911; ✓ Dispatch first aid staff and equipment; ✓ Dispatch someone to await EMS and direct them to site; ✓ Follow up on other needs. Clubhouse becomes the Emergency Headquarters when Golf Shop is closed.

APRIL 2018 | 29

Mondays are fabulous days! Enjoy 9 holes, bridge and supper.

Ladies’ Bridge Club Contact Sue Winchell swinch24@aol.com 416-445-3144


Victoria Day! Monday May 21st, 2018 9:30 AM Shotgun Step Aside Scramble for 12 Holes! No handicap required Lunch (small charge) and prize presentation to follow. Sign-up online or with the Golf Shop

April/May 2018 Sun












Sat 21 Members’ Opening Tea










9 Hole Opening Dinner 29 Open House

30 Guest Card Holder and Guest Restrictions in Place


May 1





21 Victoria Day






9H DrawAM 9H Draw PM Guest Card Holder Beer and Wings Night 15


17 Quad Club at Ladies’ Speaker Series: Golf & Nutrition


9H Back Nine 9H Shotgun

22 18H Draw Cultural Practices, No Tee Times after 2PM

23 24 9H Draw AM On Course Rules 9H Draw PM Night Hosting Interclub – Toronto Golf Club


29 18H Draw Tuesday League Opening Cocktail Party

9H Draw AM 9H Draw PM


We will be resuming our regular sanctioned duplicate bridge game on Monday, May 7th. Anyone interested in joining our friendly group is more than welcome. Come with or without a partner, or bring a guest. All are welcome. We meet every Monday afternoon except for long weekends. We start at 12:30 with a short tip or question period then play finishing up by 4:00. As there are often tournaments booked for Monday what better way than to fill our day with playing bridge. We also

12 18H Draw

18H Shotgun & Dinner

Calling all bridge players

5 18H Draw

8 18H Draw

Mother’s Day Mother’s Day Brunch & Dinner

2 9H Draw AM 9H Draw PM


19 18H Draw

26 18H Draw

Jun 1


Book Club: Little Fires Everywhere

are often able to play 9 holes of golf after we finish our bridge and then stay for supper – what a marvelous way to spend a Monday! If anyone would like to know more about our group, please contact either Sue Winchell swinch24@aol.com, 416-445-3144) or Marsha Cox (marshacox22@bell.net, 905-640-7785) It is appreciated when we know ahead who is planning on coming to help with the setting up so a quick email or call is welcome. APRIL 2018 | 31

7859 Yonge Street, Thornhill ON L3T 2C4 ladiesgolfclub.com

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Beauty, grit & grace - April 2018  

Beauty, grit & grace - April 2018  

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