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MAY 2018 | 3


‘Tis the (green) season Monica McIntosh PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE

It’s great to be back! Members had the opportunity to sample some of the wonderful food from Chef Umesh and his team at the Opening Tea on April 21. The Fashion Show was a hit again this year, and Members flocked to the Golf Shop as word spread about the exciting fashions that were available. I want to thank the Honourary-Life and Life Members who made it out to the Tea this year. Honourary-Life Members are chosen by the Board of Directors for their exceptional contributions to the Club. We presently have two Honourary-Life Members, Kathleen Kynoch, still a very active golfer, and Gloria Crotin, who continues to be a strong supporter of the Club. Life Members are those who have been Members of the Club for 50 years or more and three were at the Tea – Barbara Veyvara, Roma Watson and Jan Flott. Thank you for your continued support of the Club! We had 53 interested neighbours and friends attend the Open House on April 29th. The Open House has been a strong showcase for the Ladies’ Golf Academy over the last few years. This year, sign-up for the Academy was automated and accessible prior to the Open House, and many took advantage of this on-line opportunity. Sign-ups for the Academy are progressing well, with 95 sign-ups as of the week following the Open House. Members are reminded that the Academy programs are available to them as well. We now have 15 Unlimited Trial Members – 1 of them joined after attending the Open House. Typically, new Members join in the fall for the following year. This year has been a little unusua l, as 3 new Full Members joined prior to the start of the season. Please check out the calendar for events on the Course and in the Clubhouse and enjoy your Club!

MAY 2018 | 5

Update on planning activities The Land Sale Course Planning Committee is well underway as you can see from their article later in this publication. The Strategic Planning Committee has conducted the first stage of planning through a survey among those Members who are on standing committees of the Board and ad hoc committees, as well as senior staff. They are in the process of reviewing and researching the opportunities and risks in our shared future from this initial perspective. In the coming months, they will be coming to you to seek your input, likely in the form of a survey. We really look forward to hearing what you have to say. The Land Sale Net Proceeds Strategy Committee had its first meeting to review background documents and to discuss the expected process. The next step will include research of leading practices at golf clubs and other organizations. The Strategic Planning learnings will be part of the inputs to the Net Proceeds committee, and we will be building on some of the input that they receive for our member consultation stage. As you would have seen in the e-blast, the municipal planning process is continuing as expected under the oversight of the Land Project Steering Committee Phase 3. A milestone was passed with Markham confirming that the application submitted by Tridel is complete. That confirmation triggered the posting of the Notice of Application signs on the property. Your help in being ambassadors in the neighbourhood and if necessary clarifying that the signs are just referring to the small parcel containing hole #9 would be much appreciated. We intend to provide you with regular updates on the committees. While all committees are outlining a planned way forward, paths may change as the work unfolds. Stay tuned! If you wish to contact any of the planning committees, please use planning@ladiesgolfclub.com. LPSC@ladiesgolfclub.com remains active for any questions on the municipal planning approvals stage of the pending land sale.



MAY 2018 | 7

MAY 2018 | 8

Think Different Paul Bussiere GENERAL MANAGER’S MESSAGE

The golf season is finally upon us. Although we had a late start, the weather has cooperated since the course opened and we have had several great golfing days. Last month I introduced many changes that occurred or are still occurring with the branding and other areas of improvements. There have been so many changes, I didn’t get a chance to go through them all. The Membership Satisfaction Survey last year identified a few key areas in need of improvement. The main area was our Food & Beverage department. With our new Clubhouse Manager, Lisa Lamb, and our new Chef, Umesh Diwaker, I feel we are set to have a fantastic year. They have made great changes to both the front and back of house. Our menu items look spectacular and if you are not following us on social media, then you are definitely missing out on some great photos. Improvement in the Food & Beverage department was one of my main goals this year. I had an expectation of what I wanted to see at our club last year and we failed to meet it. Both Lisa and Chef Umesh, have exceeded all my expectations this year and I look forward to a tremendously successful year. Breakfast has been a huge hit with Members and although some of the old favourites are not on the all-day menu, I have been receiving rave reviews on the new salads and other new items. To encourage more Members and Guest Card Holders to dine at the club, we will be introducing a new program for the month of June. Envelopes will be mailed to all our Members and Guest Card Holders in the coming weeks. Don’t open them! Instead, make a reservation to dine at the club and bring the envelope with you. If the envelope is opened at the club, you will have a chance to win some great prizes while trying out the wonderful new menu. Stay tuned for more details! Another area of focus this year is our greens. The past few surveys have indicated that the conditions of our greens are not up to everyone’s standards. Superintendent John McLinden, and his team, have been working diligently to get the course in great shape for the start of the season. We added new drainage on the greens on holes 5 and 7 this spring. This is a continuation of a greens drainage 9 | BEAUTY, GRIT & GRACE

project started a few years ago. We’re also purchasing new equipment to assist with the cutting of the greens. The new equipment is going to provide a more consistent cut and allow us to maintain a more consistent green speed across the course. The greens have responded nicely from the spring aeration and we are expecting great conditions on our greens this year. We’ve communicated a few times already about the trees that have been removed on the course. We’ve received lots of positive feedback from the Members and I wanted to reiterate to everyone that the work is not completed yet. The turf health in the areas that the cedar groves were removed have already improved, but we realize that there are areas that will need replacement trees. Those areas are being evaluated right now, in conjunction with our course architect, and we will communicate the plan once it is finalized. There are still many more areas we are working to improve. Our new vegetable garden behind the clubhouse, the honey bee hives being installed, the new water and ice dispenser at the Golf Shop, the new pin flags and pins, the new 150-yard markers, a new website, and the list goes on and on. I would like to take the opportunity to thank my staff for all their hard work this year. I challenged them to think different and find ways to improve the Member experience. They took that challenge to heart and exceeded my expectations and hopefully yours as well. I am blessed with a wonderful staff and they are the heart that keeps this club beating. We hope you have as much fun when you are at Ladies’ as we do working here.



There is a real buzz going on this year at Ladies’. Aside from the new look of the golf course, we are pleased to announce that we will be introducing bee hives on the golf course, as part of our ongoing environmental initiatives to embrace sustainability. Honeybees are naturally docile and easy to manage. It is because of their docile nature that honeybees can be placed in our urban environment. We have located an area near the clubhouse that is a safe and secure place for the bees so they can work away without being disrupted or disturbing members and their guests. The hives will be installed in the next few weeks to take advantage of an early nectar flow. Ideally, the hives would face south east and would be on a raised platform (e.g. a standard wooden pallet or other suitable material) off the ground and away from dampness. We’ll feed the hives typically by setting up a covered bucket of sugar water close by with access holes so the bees can drink from it.

“There are numerous advantages to having honey bees on our course! Bees will travel up to 5 kilometers to pollinate flowers, so all of our course gardens will be well taken care of.”


There are numerous advantages to having honey bees on our course! Bees will travel up to 5 kilometers to pollinate flowers so all of our course gardens will be well taken care of. Bees can also serve as an overall indicator of the course’s health which reinforces the concept that healthy golf environments foster healthy bees and pollinators. Did you know that lmost one third of the food we eat is directly or indirectly derived from honeybee pollinators? There will be four hives installed very soon and we are extremely excited about this new endeavor. Each hive can produce as much as 25 pounds of honey. The honey will be harvested and made available to members as the year progresses. We will keep everyone updated throughout the season. Enjoy!


MAY 2018 | 11

The start of something new Eiko Aki Golf Commitee, CHAIR

The start of a new season is the best time to review the online calendar or Roster to plan your participation in the many golf events Ladies has to offer! There are competitive and non-competitive events providing something for everyone. • The Victoria Day Scramble is the first club-wide event on May 21st. It is a 12-Hole Scramble and does not require a handicap. • Match Play is a different and fun way to compete. This year, all Club Members can sign up for 18-Hole or 9-Hole play. 9H offers 4-Ball Match Play, where you play with a partner against another twosome. 18H offers four individual match play events and three 4-Ball match play events. • Interclub Competitions are a way to see other clubs, meet new people and engage in a friendly competition followed by lunch. 18H Interclub can be played in the Northern Quad Club or the Western Tri Club. 9H will be hosting Toronto, Thornhill and Toronto Hunt this year and visiting York Downs and Oakville. Plan to sign up early if you are interested as registration is limited. • Many opportunities are available for competitive play, culminating in late summer with the Club Championship in August and the 9H Section Championship in September. The Club Championship offers options for all levels of golfers. All Club Members will receive both the 18H and 9H e-blasts so it will be easy to stay informed of upcoming events. Challenge yourself to “think outside the tee-box” this year and participate in at least one new event or competition!



Excellence... Is never an accident, it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities. ANONYMOUS

MAY 2018 | 13

Let the games begin! Jean Davy COURSE AND GROUNDS COMMITTEE , CHAIR

The mandate of the Course & Grounds Committee is to provide oversight with respect to the maintenance, stewardship and development of the golf course and grounds to ensure they meet the needs of the current and future membership, and adhere to progressive environmental standards. This year, your committee is chaired by Jean Davy; includes returning committee members Sharon Brubacher, Mary Bovaird and Helen Folker; new committee member Peta Lomberg; and our Course Superintendent, John McLinden. The committee will also focus on timely communication of major course changes and would like to hear from you about ideas you have for the course. Comment cards are available in the Golf Shop; or you can speak to a member of the committee; or you can contact the Administration Office. The committee will review all remarks and get back to you. John and his crew have done a fantastic job of getting the course ready for us including aerating the greens to keep the turf healthy and playing well. So, if you haven’t already, it is time to get back out on the links and enjoy our wonderful course. But before you head to the first tee, grab your water bottle and fill it up at the new water & ice station outside the Golf Shop washroom.


See you on the course!


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MAY 2018 | 16

Creating a memorable season Yvonne Bland FINANCE COMMITTEE , CHAIR

Finance Committee activities are well underway for the 2018 season! After committee orientation in March, we have had our first official Finance meeting in April. During our monthly meetings, Committee members work with senior staff to review actual results versus budget with the goal of ensuring revenue targets are met and spending is prudent and in line with approved budgets. For 2018, total Club revenues are budgeted at $3.6 million with 57% of revenue forecasted to come from annual dues and fees with 87% of these dues and fees revenue coming from Members. Guest Cardholders provide the remaining 13% of the annual dues and fees, and also contribute 43% of green fee revenue. The first pie chart shows sources of revenue by category. Ladies’ is a not-for-profit corporation, so now that dues and fees have been invoiced for 2018, the focus shifts to spending the funds in a way that ensures a successful and memorable 2018 season. Where does the money go? There are five broad categories of operational spending as shown in the chart. Operational spending on course and grounds makes up the largest share at 28%, while spending on Clubhouse and Halfway House food and beverage activities comes second at 23% of total forecast expenses. For 2018, spending is roughly forecast to match total revenue with a modest surplus forecast of $9,743. This delicate balance of matching operating revenue and expenses is consistent with the approach taken in recent years and it ensures that the Club is not “living beyond its means.” Another critical area under the purview of the Finance Committee is capital spending. The 2018 approved capital budget allows for approximately $440,000 in spending from capital reserves. In addition to covering the cost of purchasing and leasing required items, spending in this area focuses on investments to support and maintain a highquality Member experience both on the course and in the Clubhouse. Late last season, the main front driveway was widened, so as to improve safe access from Yonge Street. Other capital improvements that have recently been made include a newly-painted and carpeted Clubhouse; the creation of a new Ladies’ website with a fresher, more contemporary look and new tee sheet software. Finally, there are those areas of capital spending that, while not directly visible to members, are critical to the effective functioning of the Club: Investments in new hardware and software, as well as a new telephone system are on the cards for 2018. We are on track so far and as the season opens trends and reforecast will formulate.



Land Sale Update Land Sale Course Planning Committee

As you know by now the Land Sale Course Planning Committee has been struck, consisting of five Members representing the 18H and 9H Sections with a cross-section of playing ability. The management liaisons are Padraig Kelly, John McLinden, and Paul Bussieres. We are privileged to be consulting with Dave Moote on the re-design of the course to accommodate the land sale of hole number nine. Dave Moote has been working with Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto for 35 years. His father, Bob Moote was our course architect before that. It is interesting to note that Bob was a junior associate of Stanley Thompson in his early career. Dave oversaw the 2005 course re-design when we created the holding ponds for our water requirements. I think we can all agree that all the due diligence that went into that project resulted in a spectacular course for us to enjoy! The first step the committee took was to determine what our decision criteria would be. The design concept must be evaluated within a framework considering things such as, but not limited to, challenge and playability for all golfing abilities, maintenance and sustainability factors, construction expense and disruption, and safety. In addition, the ideas must dovetail with the Strategic Planning Committee’s direction. The ultimate goal of the Committee is to create a process that is transparent and shows due diligence such that our final recommendation can clearly be communicated to Members and hopefully meet with an enthusiastic response. Stay tuned for updates as the season progresses. Comments are encouraged at all stages of the process and can be submitted to planning@ladiesgolfclub.com

Kathy (Chair), Jean (Board Liaison), Deb, Jan and Margaret


MAY 2018 | 19

MAY 2018 | 20

The challenge of 18 Jan Flott 18H CAPTAIN

We now have five Trial members in 18H as we add Sandie Parker, who comes to us with 25 years of golfing experience. Survey results We learned several things from the end-of-year survey in 2017. The majority of our 18H members would rather play with lots of different members and mix up the handicaps; you would be quite happy to have several draws where there is no competition of any kind ; you think having 4 draws where you played as a team was just the right number. We will take these ideas into consideration as we plan each month in 2018. Weekly Draws When you sign up for a draw, you will be able to see a description of the competition if there is one and who will be greeting you on the veranda. If you decide to end your round after 15, for countless possible reasons, please come over to the veranda and tell us so we don’t send out a search party. The Tuesday’s draw will be made Saturday at 12:00 The Saturday’s draw will be made Wednesday at 12:00 To register after the draw has been made please call the Golf Shop. We will fit you in at the end or earlier if there is a cancellation.



Save the date Mediterranean Dinner with Live Music May 26, 2018 - 6 pm Magnotta Beer Tasting July 5, 2018 - 6 pm


These are the Days... Jo-Anne Applebaum ENGAGEMENT COMMITTEE , CHAIR

The season is now underway at Ladies’. The weather is beautiful for golf, and also for enjoying the patio and Clubhouse where many social events have been planned for you. The Engagement Committee will keep you updated on these, and we look forward to seeing you often. Remember every Tuesday is free corkage night so you can enjoy one of your favorite wines at dinner and the club will not charge you for the corkage. What a deal!

Save the date

Social Events

May 17

Speaker Series Langdon Hong “Golf and Nutrition” at 7pm (Dinner special available)

May 26

Party on the Patio Mediterranean Dinner with Live Music by Jeremy de Freitas at 6 pm

May 31

Book Club “Little Fires Everywhere” by Celeste NG, led by Sandra McTavish at 7pm (Dinner special available)

June 5

Book Club “And After the Fire” by Lauren Belfer, led by Cathy Tile at 2 pm, $20 fee

June 7

Book Club “One Brother Shy” presented by the author, Terry Fallis at 7 pm

July 5

Beer Tasting Special Guest from Magnotta Beer to guide us on a taste adventure, with many craft beers. Open to Members, Guest Card Holders and guests. at 6pm

July 19

Book Club “Thank you for Leaving Me” presented by the author, also a Ladies’ Member, Pat Butler at 7 pm

July 21

Lobster Dinner Night

September 21

Annual Stratford Trip “The Music Man” and lunch at “The Bruce” Please call Jody in the office to RSVP 905 889 3531 x301

Monday Afternoon Bridge

Sanctioned Duplicate. Contact is Sue Winchell

Wednesday Evening Bridge

Supervised. Contact is Jan Flott

Mah Jong Thursday Evenings

Supervision and help from Shawna Kamien at 7 pm

Please contact Clubhouse Manager, Lisa Lamb llamb@ladiesgolfclub.com or 905 889 3531 x223 to RSVP to any event


MAY 2018 | 23

Spring back into the game! Padraig Kelly GOLF SHOP

Spring back into the game! It’s that time of year – the weather is 24 degrees one day and 6 the next. It’s difficult to get on the course consistently, and we’re all rusty from lack of play over the winter. So what can you do to start the season fresh and knock that rust off? I recommend the following game plan to help get your season off to a good start. Get your clubs ready for the season If your clubs need to be re-gripped, do it at the beginning of the season. If you are looking at a new set of clubs now is the time to buy them. By all means if you are looking at getting a new set, get a club fitting. The price is the same as if you buy them off the rack. And remember, if your buddies are selling you their old set, try before you buy! They may be a good deal, just not for you! Play! Get out and play a few rounds After a long, cold winter your body is stiff and needs to move. The first time


you swing after a long time away is the hardest, so make sure you get to the course early enough to warm up your full swing and short game. Play a few rounds, see what your swing and game are like, and then develop a plan for improving your game. Take lessons - golf lessons early on in the season is a great start to accomplishing your goals for the year. An instructor can help direct your game and help you understand how you are going to reach your goals. They will also keep you on task. If your goal is to lower your score by 10 strokes, and your short game is the place you need the most help, your instructor will keep your focus on that part of the game.


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MAY 2018 | 25


Guest Card Holder Corner New for 2018!

Mixed Member Guest Match Play Sign up now! https://secure.gggolf.ca/ladies/index.php?option=com_ ggmember&req=teetime&Tour=147&Mode=T&lang=en Find a Member and make a team. This inaugural event will see a team of one member and one GCH battling it out for the title of Champion at the end of this season long Match Play event. This will be a Net Better Ball format with full handicaps. You must have a posting rate of 75% to be eligible for your full handicap. All those under 75% will be assigned a 0 handicap. GCH Match Play Sign up now! https://secure.gggolf.ca/ladies/index.php?option=com_ ggmember&req=teetime&Tour=138&Mode=T&lang=en Join your fellow GCH’s for a season long Net Match Play Event. Matches can be either played from Yellow or Blue Tees You must have a posting rate of 75% to be eligible for your full handicap. All those under 75% will be assigned a 0 handicap.

10 Round Packages Pre-purchase 10 rounds at a discounted rate for $900! These are only to be used for Silver Guest Card Holders, not for guests and can be used all seaon but do not carry over to next year. Offer expires May 31, 2018.

Mondays are fabulous days! Enjoy 9 holes, bridge and supper.

Ladies’ Bridge Club Contact Sue Winchell swinch24@aol.com 416-445-3144


Victoria Day! Monday May 21st, 2018 9:30 AM Shotgun Step Aside Scramble for 12 Holes! No handicap required Lunch (small charge) and prize presentation to follow. Sign-up online or with the Golf Shop

May/June 2018 Sun




Spring New Member Event 3:30 PM







Quad Club at Ladies’ Langdon Hong Golf & Nutrition

Sat 19

18H Draw

22 18H Draw Cultural Practices, no tee times after 2pm

23 9H 9 AM Draw Hosting Interclub Toronto Golf Club 9H Draw PM

On Course Rules Night




29 18H Draw Tuesday League Opening Cocktail Party

30 9H Draw AM - Flo Jowsey 1 9H Draw PM - Flo Jowsey 1

31 Sandra McTavish “Little Fires Everywhere” 7PM

June 1


5 18H Draw Womens’ Golf Day Cathy Tile “And After The Fire” 2pm Tuesday League Round 1

9H Draw AM - Flo Jowsey 2 9H Draw PM -Flo Jowsey 2






16 18H Draw 18H Draw YD 4 Ball Qualifying




23 18H Draw - YD 4 Ball Qualifying Rain Date


Tri Club at Ladies’

10 Member Guest Day




Father’s Day


9H AM Back Nine 9H 5PM Shotgun

Victoria Day Scramble - 9:30AM Shotgun 27


18H Shotgun and Dinner

Mother’s Day Brunch and Dinner 20


18H Draw Tuesday League Round 2 18H Draw Magical Mystery Tour Tuesday League Round 3



9H Draw AM: Flo Jowsey 3 9H Draw PM: Flo Jowsey 3 9H 9:30AM Shotgun 9H Draw PM Stableford 1

Calling all bridge players Our Monday sanctioned duplicate bridge games have begun! Anyone interested in joining our friendly group is more than welcome. Come with or without a partner, or bring a guest. All are welcome. We meet every Monday afternoon except for long weekends. We start at 12:30 with a short tip or question period then play finishing up by 4:00. As there are often tournaments booked for Monday what better way than to fill our day with playing bridge. We also


Terry Fallis “One Brother Shy” at 7PM

18H Draw


2 York District Training 7:30AM

18H Draw


are often able to play 9 holes of golf after we finish our bridge and then stay for supper – what a marvelous way to spend a Monday! If anyone would like to know more about our group, please contact either Sue Winchell swinch24@aol.com, 416-445-3144) or Marsha Cox (marshacox22@bell.net, 905-640-7785) It is appreciated when we know ahead who is planning on coming to help with the setting up so a quick email or call is welcome. MAY 2018 | 29

7859 Yonge Street, Thornhill ON L3T 2C4 ladiesgolfclub.com

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Beauty, grit & grace - May 2018  

Beauty, grit & grace - May 2018  

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