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Beauty, grit & grace June 2018

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JUNE 2018 | 3

Enjoyment, stability & longevity Monica McIntosh

The focus at this stage for the Land Sale Net Proceeds Strategy Committee is data gathering. Research of practices of golf clubs and other organizations has begun, and sources for other inputs identified. The Net Proceeds Committee will be working in conjunction with Strategic Planning for the first round of Member consultation, with more specific consultation expected to occur later in the year or early next year.


We had several opening events in late April and May, and I want to extend a hearty thank-you to staff and Members who ensured that they were all successful. As I’ve had the pleasure to attend them all, I’m particularly thankful for the great food!

With Kathy Constantinou out enjoying her vacation, Krisanne Knickle took over the microphone and did a fantastic job welcoming all to the 9H Opening Dinner on April 26. Jan Flott, captain of the 18H section - demonstrating her schoolteacher experience - made sure that the 9H Section was aware of all of the 18-hole individual and partner match-play opportunities that are available to all Members, with sign-up deadlines in May.

Despite the rainy start to the day, there was a great turn-out for the 18H Opening Shotgun and Dinner on May 15. Many thanks to Jan Flott, the 18H Committee and staff for putting together such an enjoyable day. The scramble format is perfect for those of us who are still working the rust out of our swings!

The Land Sale Course Planning Committee continues to develop the key criteria by which all conceptual designs will be evaluated.

As we move our club towards stability and longevity, we know we have many strengths: we nurture a love of golf among women, we provide seamless access to learning and playing, and we embrace a supportive, fun, and friendly environment. The Strategic Planning Committee continues its research and discussions to help us build a strong future. We greatly welcome your thoughts. We are planning several information and consultation sessions in July. We will be communicating dates and times shortly and hope you’ll be able to attend one of these sessions.

If you wish to share your thoughts and ideas, please write us at


It was a pleasure to join the men for the Guest Card Holder Beer & Wings Night on May 9. I enjoyed talking to many of the GCHs, and Paddy was sure to let them know of the Match Play events available for them this year. This includes a mixed Member/GCH four-ball, so you may be asked to team up. I understand that husband and wife teams are permitted, but play together at their own risk!

We also had our first club-wide golf event with the Victoria Day field day. A great time was had by all who attended this fun, non-competitive event. With Mother’s Day Brunch and Dinner, Book Club, Speaker Series and other events, we’ve had an exciting start to the season!

Update on planning activities

The Land Project Steering Committee Phase 3 has been in regular contact with Tridel as we wait for Markham’s response to the application. Tridel will be hosting an Open House for the Ladies’ community – Members, GCHs and staff – on June 13 from 5 pm to 8 pm at the Clubhouse. This will not be a formal presentation but a drop in and visit format, to view displays and ask questions of the Tridel representatives and consultants, which will include building and landscape architects.


JUNE 2018 | 5

Don’t forget to smile! Paul Bussiere GENERAL MANAGER’S MESSAGE

I started to smile as I walked around the property recently when the thought came to my head that everything is finally coming together. The bees have arrived, the vegetable gardens are almost complete, the sun was shining, and so on, and so on. I celebrated my one-year anniversary at Ladies’ on May 15 and it still feels like I just got here. It has been a busy 12 months when I stop and think about everything that has transpired over that time. We have had a lot of change and change is not always easy. It’s comfortable to keep things they way they are, it’s familiar and usually less stressful. But as Prince Philip of England said, “Change does not change tradition. It strengthens it. Change is a challenge and an opportunity, not a threat.” There are thousands of quotes on change and all come down to the same root. To grow there has to be change. That’s what we are doing at Ladies’, creating change to help the club grow and secure our future.

My goal this year was to create a positive Member/Guest experience. As I mentioned last month, I challenged the staff to think of different ways this could be accomplished. The Board challenged the committees to come up with three ways to improve the Member experience with no constraints given to their ideas. So far this year, I think we have accomplished our goal. The amount of positive feedback I have received is overwhelming. I want to give credit to all my staff for that. They are the ones creating the experiences for the Members and Guests. From our wonderful new menu items, to a quick game of table tennis before teeing off. There are a lot more smiles around the club these days.

fantastic for golf so far this year and we hope it continues. In July (3, 4, and 5), Ladies’ is hosting the PGA of Canada Women’s Championship. This is a two-day event on Wednesday and Thursday with a Pro-Am on the Tuesday. The field is usually only about 60 players leaving lots of time after the competitors go out for the Members to try their luck with Championship conditions. There will be an opportunity to purchase spots in the Pro-Am and play with one of the competitors on the Tuesday, but spots are limited. We’ll be sending out details soon. There will also be an opportunity to host a few of the players in your homes. Some of the ladies are going to be coming in from out of town and are hoping to find a Member willing to open their homes for them. Remember that most of these participants are either club professionals from across the country or tour players trying to make their mark. If you are interested in either the Pro-Am or hosting a player, please let me know as soon as you can.

I hope everyone is smiling like me when they are on the property. Fun is the key word for this year. Please come to Ladies’, forget your troubles at home and enjoy yourself. Allow us to take care of everything else and don’t forget to smile!

Ladies’ is the proud host of the

2018 Data PGA Women’s Championship of Canada Wednesday July 4 and Thursday July 5, With a Pro-Am on Tuesday July 3. We are looking for volunteers to help out during the event! There will be many different jobs that volunteers can assist with. If you are interested in volunteering for the event, please contact Padraig Kelly at


I finally had the chance to play the course this year with a couple of Members and a guest. John and his team have done a wonderful job of preparing the course and creating an outstanding golf experience. I hope everyone is encouraging their friends and colleagues to come out and play the course to either experience it as a potential Member or to enjoy it as a guest. The weather has been


JUNE 2018 | 7


When you think of Golf Course Design, water management may not immediately jump to mind, but course design has a very significant impact on long-term sustainability and water management on the golf course. The main function of the irrigation system is to replace the amount of water lost due to evaporation and transpiration. This is best achieved by providing uniform water distribution through proper sprinkler selection, placement and operation. Uniform distribution will provide consistent turf that looks great and is a pleasure to play. Inefficient irrigation, on the other hand, will cause areas of soft and hard turf which irritates players, takes away the fun from the game. Given that water is perhaps the single greatest challenge to golf’s sustainability, we have to continue to optimize water consumption by increasing efficiency and utilizing innovative technologies. This includes capturing and storing

as much water as possible for future needs. Water costs will rise; so acting decisively now will reap financial benefits for the golf course in the forthcoming years. Research and development into new drought and disease resistant turfgrass that can survive using low quantity irrigation water is critical. In tandem we need to consider an approach to design, construction and management for future development. Other sustainable drainage features such as storm runoff can make a meaningful contribution to the natural replenishment, purification and re-cycling of water supplies.


Did you know? Our ponds on the course are replenished with a combination of well water and drainage runoff. There are two wells that feed into the pond on the 10th hole. One well is located beside the 9th tee and the other well is located near the bridge on the 16th hole. Combined, these wells pump a total of 160 gallons of water per minute into the 10th pond. During periods of dry weather, irrigation water is drawn from the pond on the 12th hole. When water in this ponds draws down it is replenished with water from the 10th pond over a series of underground drains and dams.


JUNE 2018 | 9

Here we grow again! Cindy Hor ticulturalist

What’s growing in the veggie garden? So many tomatoes! We’re growing many heirloom varieties in a rainbow of colours, along with at least four kinds of kale, summer squash, cucumber, rhubarb, Swiss chard, hot peppers, garlic and even pumpkins! You’ll find our pumpkin patch next to the Golf Shop along with the garlic that was planted in the fall. They will have lots of room to ramble there, especially after the garlic is harvested in late summer.

In addition to vegetables, our beautiful new raised gardens are full of edible and beneficial flowers. Marigolds to keep pests away, zinnias to feed the bees, calendula for edible flower petals and nasturtium for salads and sauces. Of course, no kitchen garden would be complete without herbs! We have basil - Thai, nufar, genovese, amethyst and lemon, as well as thyme, sage, rosemary, dill, chives, parsley, cilantro, lemon balm, mint and oregano. Take a peek outside the kitchen near the sports entrance at our new herb garden.

Continuing with our edibles theme this year, the parking lot pots are planted with ‘Early splendor’ tri-coloured amaranth. The (soon to be) tall, red, pink and purple leafed plant in the centre of the pots is a variety of amaranth that is not only beautiful but is nutritious and delicious and somewhat spinach-like in flavour. They will be tucked into various spots around the gardens as well.

Of course, we also have so many blooming perennials around the gardens, with irises open now and peonies getting ready to burst. Next up will be a sea of blue geranium. Things are always changing in the perennial garden, it transforms many times over within our short summer season. I hope you enjoy all the blooms that it brings!



JUNE 2018 | 11

Share your love of Ladies’!

The Gold Intermediate Guest Card Holder program is for men aged 19-35 with the same privileges as our current Gold GCH, providing unlimited play for younger men who want the benefit of a private course in the city with the flexibility of seasonal participation. Priced at a similar rate to our Intermediate package for women. What’s Coming Up?


Spring Initiatives Our Marketing activity swings into full gear starting in April with our annual Open House. On April 29th this year, we welcomed 53 guests looking to sign up to the Golf Academy, learn about Trial Programs or explore Guest Card Holder packages. A special thank-you to all the volunteers who assisted our guests, and to the staff who provided an impressive experience of our Club. We have also undertaken a targeted digital media campaign since March broadening awareness and encouraging enquiries by those interested in our golf programs. To date, we have had over 80,000 impressions between our Google Ad Words and Facebook advertising campaigns. Our Google campaign is linked to key words that users search for, such as ‘golf instruction’. What does an impression mean? “An impression is counted each time your ad is shown on a search result page. Each time your ad appears on Google, it’s counted as one impression.” – Google Of course we also have the Member Rewards program in place, encouraging you to refer your friends, family and acquaintances to Ladies’. Early Results (as of May 18)

The Women’s Golf Day international event is slated for June 5 this year and provides an opportunity for Ladies’ to showcase our Club to all women interested in golf. Send your friends to to find out more and look for activity near the first tee that day! You can help by: •Extending a warm Ladies’ welcome to Trial members; •Encouraging friends, daughters, granddaughters, spouses and neighbours to take advantage of our Ladies’ Golf Academy and Trial Membership programs •Encouraging sons, grandsons, spouses and neighbours to consider Ladies’ Guest Card Holder packages Share your love of Ladies’! For further information and assistance, contact Loryn Ingham in the Administration building, (, 905-889-3531 Ext. 308


How are we doing? Here are the early results: Digital Media Campaign: Search Engine Marketing, Google Ad Words – Over 50,000 impressions have led to 1,600 clicks, 85 calls, and 18 emails. Facebook Advertising – our campaign has a well above average click-through rate of 3.47%, showing relevant creative and targeting. 36,000 impressions have led to an impressive 1,253 clicks on the ad; 1,132 users engagng with the Facebook page; and 1,051 users clicking the call to action button on the ad to visit the website. Referrals: We have handed out 9 gift certificates already this season as a thank-you to Members who have provided referrals. Ladies’ Golf Academy: 105 participants have signed up, filling 149 spots. Despite the late start to the season, we are not too far behind the number of spots filled this time last year. Trial Programs: We currently have 17 Unlimited Trial members and 2 Limited (8-week) Trial Members. Gold Guest Card Holders: A total of 123 have signed up for the current season, vs. our target of 140. The Gold GCH category is up to 33 from 29 this time last year. New Full Members: Although we usually sign up new Members in the Fall season, we have had 3 new Full Members sign up this Spring, following on Trial participation last year. What’s New for 2018? The Limited Trial program is an opportunity for those prospects who have some familiarity with Ladies’ and need only a short trial to experience membership, or who are ready to start a trial a bit later in the season (up to July 31st start). It includes 8 weeks of unlimited play, one private lesson, and all the benefits of membership for $2400, plus tax. And, $675 of that fee will be credited to the entrance fee for those who join the Club.


JUNE 2018 | 13

Level the playing field

A fabulous start

Christy DeMont

Jean Davy



Now that the season is well underway, it’s time to remind everyone about posting scores and keeping your handicap up to date.

We are off to a fabulous start! John and his crew have been working diligently to give us a gorgeous golf course to play and enjoy.

Why have a handicap? It levels the playing field for players with different skill levels. It’s particularly important for participants in competitions, whether it’s the Marjorie McKenzie or an interclub, so that we can make sure that the competition is fair. If everyone participating has an accurate handicap, then the winner of a “Net” competition is the person who plays best relative to their own capabilities. So to any of you out there who don’t want to participate because you feel like the good players always win, we say, make sure your handicap is up to date and you have as good a chance as anyone else.

Mother Nature always throws us a few curves and this year is no different. On May 4, there was a big wind storm that blew down 12 trees and toppled over all the water huts. The grounds crew immediately went to work putting the water huts back up and getting the downed trees off the course.

We also use handicaps for internal fun events like field days so that we can make sure we have equitable teams, which helps everyone feel like they are contributing to their team and are engaged in the event.

The maintenance staff are focused on making our rounds more enjoyable. There are new pins and flags. The 150 yard markers are back. The height of the roughs will be lowered by ¼ inch to 1 ¾ inches. Lower tree branches are being removed so the machines can maneuver under the trees and you can find your balls. Over the winter and spring, 50 tons of sand was applied to the greens to make them firmer and provide a more consistent speed. All of these undertakings will make our rounds more pleasurable and improve the pace of play.

The Handicap Committee (a sub-committee of the Golf Committee, consisting of Christy DeMont, Barb Hejduk, Maria Speyer and Paddy Kelly) is responsible for verifying scores and handicaps for entrants into competitive events. On an ongoing basis we generally keep tabs on games played and scores entered to see that they are in alignment. Before any significant event at the club, like the club championship, we review the entrants list to ensure all eligible scores have been posted and that handicaps are correct.

Sprinkler heads that have sunken over the years are continuing to be raised to decrease trip hazards. More sand is being put into the fairway bunkers and the areas where the cedars were removed is being sodded. Between holes 7A and 14, berms will be created for separation and safety. This area will continue to be monitored to determine if trees also need to be planted. There will not be any major bunker work until after the prime playing season.

With the implementation of the new tee time booking system, we now have the opportunity to get electronic reminders of games played where scores have not been posted. We hope this will help you keep your handicap current through the season, rather than having a bunch of scorecards piled up at home, waiting to be entered.

Coming up soon is the PGA of Canada Women’s Championship which is being played here at Ladies’. The PGA will determine the setup for the course; that is, the pin placements, tee locations, green speed and hazard markings. So come out and play a round after they have finished for the day and see what you can score!

If you need help navigating the score posting process or want to find out more about handicaps, please ask for assistance from the Golf Shop staff.

Jea n



JUNE 2018 | 15

Investing in Outstanding Golf and Facilities Yvonne Bland FINANCE COMMITTEE , CHAIR

Last month we provided background on the Club’s 2018 operating budget including sources of revenue and types of operating expenses. This month we focus on our 2018 capital budget. We open the season with an approved capital budget that was developed during last year’s budget process with input from the General Manager and from key department managers, as well as drawing from the 10-year capital plan that identifies scheduled capital expenditures. Capital available is derived from New Members’ entrance fees, Capital Replenishment fees, and any unspent capital revenues from prior years. An outstanding golf and clubhouse experience relies on continued investment in assets that will generate income for Ladies’ well into the future. This year, an estimated $454,000 will be invested in equipment, course and grounds improvements, building upgrades, technology, and related items. How are these capital spending priorities selected? There are three broad criteria that apply – health and safety, state of good repair, and “nice to have” items. Consideration is also given to optimizing course playability, improving efficiency in operations, and impact on Member satisfaction.

As you may have already noticed, capital spending is well underway for the season. Almost a third of approved 2018 spending had taken place by the end of April. This is not to be unexpected as we want to ensure our Course, facilities and Member administration systems are tip top for the season. Capital expenditures to date total $140,000 with investments in new drainage on the greens on holes 5 and 7, tree removal and pruning, masonry and interlock repairs, exterior painting, building repairs, new clubhouse carpet, new GG Golf tee sheets, and new green cutting equipment to improve green consistency across the course. When extraordinary opportunities or emergencies arise and unbudgeted capital dollars are needed, the General Manager documents the rationale, options, and estimated costs( based upon quotes), and seeks the approval of the Finance Committee and the Board based upon our policies. A 2018 opportunity was the investment in the water and ice dispenser adjacent to the Clubhouse. A 2018 emergency was the breakdown of the sewage pump earlier this year which required immediate refurbishment. In both instances, the unbudgeted spending was modest and will be funded from savings in other capital areas. Overall, and in conjunction with Member committees, senior staff work to ensure that total capital spending stays within the approved capital budget. In this way, we are able to ensure that Ladies’ finances are managed in a prudent way that aligns with approved budgets. A big thanks this month to Alicia who is helping with the articles this year.

Yvonne and Alicia

In addition, we have in a reserve $200,000 towards the Clubhouse Roof which still continues to keep us dry with minimal replacement. The six broad categories of spending in the 2018 capital budget are summarized in the table below.


Approved 2018 Budget

Main Items

Maintenance Equipment


Utility vehicle and trailers, walking flex mower brushes



Roof tile repairs, exterior/interior paint, garden, carpet

Course & Grounds


Tree removal and pruning, drainage, paving, sod and sand



Security system, computer and phone hardware and software systems, website, building repairs

Golf Shop and Halfway House


Interlock repair, backshop accessories, signage, GGGolf system



Prior year commitments for golf carts, cutting equipment and club truck



JUNE 2018 | 17

The beauty of 9 Kathy Constantinou & Krisanne Knickle 9H CO - CAPTAINS

Welcome to our 10 new Trial Members in the 9H section! They have had a terrific start to the season getting to play golf with each other and their buddies. Please sign up for all the events possible at Ladies’ — it is a great way to make new friends and enjoy the lifelong journey here at Ladies’.

The survey results indicated that Members wanted to enjoy section games without too much pressure to dress up. So, this year 6 out of our 8 Shotguns are following the theme — “Around the World”. We have already visited the UK and Spain — enjoying their culinary delights and testing our knowledge of each country’s traditions. Next stops in June will be Cyprus and Japan – come join us!

What an exciting season so far for the 9 Hole section! This year the 9H section is hosting five 9 hole events involving other clubs: 3 non competitive and 2 trophy events. Our first friendly Interclub with Members from the Toronto Golf Club was a huge success! We are always looking for Members to help host our visiting clubs, so please check the calendar and sign up for our events. We will be giving priority for away game play to those who play at home. Our next two away games are on June 25 and July 3.

As for competitive games, the 9 Hole section is also hosting our Tri-Club trophy event on July 12 and the 9 Hole association Crystal Tournament in August. More news on those to come!

Our first section trophy event, The Flo Jowsey, will be held over three weeks in June and our 9 Hole 4 ball Match Play, the Beth Matheson, will continue throughout the summer. Great ways to meet new people to play with!

What about weekly draws? We tried using an open tee time policy for the afternoon section in May. We had some issues with Members waiting too long, not playing with a variety of people, and sometimes not having anyone to play with! So, after the next shotgun event, we will revert to a hybrid system: Each tee time will have 3 assigned players, and one open slot for those who cannot commit to a time. You will need to indicate your choice when you sign up. Hopefully, this will meet everyone’s needs. As you can see, the 9 Hole section is a vibrant group who are an important part of Ladies’!

Kath y & Krisanne


JUNE 2018 | 19

The challenge of 18 Jan Flott 18H CAPTAIN

Magical Mystery Tour On Tuesday June 19, 40 adventuresome and trusting souls are going to put their total faith in Paddy, and jump on a bus with their clubs, headed for a mystery golf course within a 40-minute drive from Ladies’. At that magical destination, 40 other souls will be boarding a bus headed to Ladies’. We will play the mystery course, have lunch and return filled with wonder. Read your eblasts so you don’t miss out.

Veranda Socials Our first Socials for 2018 will be Tuesday June 12 and Saturday June 16. Those dates coincide with the qualifying rounds for the YWG 4-Ball which will be held at Ladies’ on Monday August 13. So, on the 12th and the 16th there will not be an extra competition. The normal prize money which is set aside will go into chips, SP fries and nibbles. We hope that anyone who plays will spend some extra time on the veranda and greet the next few groups as they finish. These Socials are replacing the 8:30 am shotguns for which the attendance has really declined over the last few years. We welcome your feedback.

Match Play Events The seven match play events are all up and running. There are many different formats and dates. Here is the summary: Red Marriott Round Robin, 3 matches completed by July 31 Cottage Round Robin, 3 matches completed by June 30 Red 4-Ball Round 1 completed by June 17 Green 4-Ball Round 1 completed by June 17 Sally Cameron Round Robin, 3 matches completed by July 31 Yellow 4-Ball Round 1 completed by July 15 Yellow Marriott concentrate on the 4-Balls, but play as soon as you can.



JUNE 2018 | 21

Off to a great start... Jo-Anne Applebaum ENGAGEMENT COMMITTEE , CHAIR

Cathy Tile’s first book talk of the season is Tuesday, June 5 at 2:00pm. This story spans centuries and continents to reveal the secret of a long-lost musical masterpiece and the two women bound together by its troubled past. The book is “And After the Fire” by Lauren Belfer. $20 per member to attend. The next book review is Thursday, June 7, at 7 pm by the author himself Terry Fallis on his book, “One Brother Shy.” There is no charge for this event. “Terry Fallis writes just about the tidiest romantic comedic novels you can find on earth, let alone in Canada.” - The Globe & Mail. On Thursday, July 5 don’t miss the second annual Beer Pairing Dinner, hosted by Magnotta. Cocktail reception will start at 6:30pm featuring passed hors d’oeuvres with the first beer starting at 6:30 followed by a three-course dinner each paired with another beer starting at 7:00pm. Don’t miss one of our very own members, Pat Butler who has written a novel and will review it on Thursday, July 19 at 7 pm, “Thank You For Leaving Me”. Copies will be available for $17 (cash or cheque only). Progressive Dinner July 14 - If you have not experienced this 9 hole event it is a must. On course appetizers on each hole starting with a glass of bubbly on hole #1. Join us for Lobster Night as well, on Saturday July 21! The season is off to a great start and we hope to see you soon. More events to update in July so stay tuned! Please RSVP to Lisa Lamb, Clubhouse Manager,



JUNE 2018 | 23

An Update from Umesh! Umesh DiWaker EXECUTIVE CHEF

First, I would like to thank all the Members and staff of Ladies’ for this incredible welcome and support so far. I am very excited to welcome all our Members and their guests to enjoy the fresh dining experience with the introduction of our new Menu. While designing the menu I considered the many aspects of food expectations s well as old favourites at Ladies’.

over 100 Members and guests enjoying the great food and entertainment.

I am so happy to have such encouraging feedback from Members who are trying our new dishes, such as the Avocado Toast, the perfect starter for a warm summer day, and the Beet Spaghetti Salad and the Ancient Grain Salad, which are extremely healthy and loaded with superfoods. The 48 hours Brined Whole Chicken Sandwich with Brie cheese and sour cherry compote is moving fast. Ladies’ favourite Salmon with Israeli Couscous and Cornish Hen is a very popular option at dinner time, along with the vegetarian Mediterranean style pasta ‘’Gnocchi’’.

I again would like to meet and welcome you in the dining room to enjoy the food I am creating with my fantastic culinary team.

We are in the process of building Chef’s herb and vegetable gardens which will be a huge support to create and design some great dishes with home grown produce. The weather has been cooperating this spring to help make this new project possible. I am very excited about it.


All our dishes consist of different flavours and textures, and very importantly, appropriate garnishes. Our garnishes are combinations of fresh organic seedlings or shoots, assorted radishes, and fresh herbs and vegetables, which not only make our dishes pretty but also add a healthy aspect and texture contrast. Like I always mention, the radishes are a natural ingredient which greatly assists in digestion. We are very happy to introduce breakfast into our dining options, which is a very important meal of the day. So, all of you must try and spend a beautiful morning with some healthy and delicious dishes in the Garden room. Apart from our Bistro Menu every week, I am making weekly features which will add another variety and combination to choose from. The dishes are totally inspired by the fresh ingredients available. We are now hosting a monthly theme night based on the different cuisines from countries around the world. Our May Mediterranean night was a huge success with


JUNE 2018 | 25

Get to know the Pros From the Golf Shop

Ryan What is your favourite hole on our course?


My favourite hole is #17. It’s the definition of a risk-reward hole depending on your length off the tee. For me, a solid drive has the distance to get there but there’s no room to miss. If I decide to layup, it still leaves a tough approach with a narrow green and bunkers surrounding. I’ve made more bogies than birdies on this short Par 4.

What is your favourite hole on our course?

What/where is your dream course?

#12 - a great par 5 with a shape that suits my eye (hook for a lefty!) the willows and mounding on the left are a great visual and great for aiming off the tee. Any par 5 that is reachable in two is great in my books! The real challenge is the green. Even though it is reachable in two I have often walked off the green writing a 5 on my card.

Augusta National. I have studied the layout and design for so many years that when I finally stepped foot on the property this past April with Carlie (my wife) I broke down and cried. It’s such a beautiful perfect place with so much history. It was one of the greatest thrills of my life and I was so happy she was there with me…someone had to hold all the tissue!

Who is your favourite golfer?

Who is your favourite golfer?

What is your favourite item currently in the golf shop?

Impossible to pick just one. Phil and Seve for their creativity and ability to make par from literally anywhere. I could watch “Gentle” Ben Crenshaw’s putting stroke all day. Bubba for his self-taught swing. Tom Watson for proving the game is for anyone of any age. Arnold Palmer for making the game global and teaching us that we should all just “swing your swing.”

Lacoste polos. Cotton pique. Classic. Available for women and men.

What/when was your best golf moment or memory of all time? My grade 2 teacher owned a small golf course near my childhood home. If I scored over 85% on a test she would give me a free green fee pass. My parents and teachers learned at a young age that golf was the only way to motivate me! I remember playing golf with my dad one day and finally clearing the pond on the 8th hole. I had never felt so accomplished in my life. It was only 150 yds. But I felt like a Tour player. That cut down Campbell 2 iron with that cord grip would make my hands bleed, but I loved it! I cried when the round was over because I was so sad that we had to go home.


I started playing golf in 2000, so for me the answer is easy. Tiger Woods was so dominant over his competitors and as a youth, to me he had the “cool” factor with trick shots, Nike sponsorship and his signature “Sunday Red”

What/when was your best golf moment or memory of all time? For me it was my playability test to become a Golf Professional. Paddy was caddying for me (he was also my boss at that time) and after a rough opening round, I shot 71 in the second round to pass with a few shots to spare. The round included 4 birdies and a hit flagstick.

What/where is your dream course? I think the easy answer is Augusta National. If I’m being more realistic, I would love to play Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs.

What is your favourite item currently in the golf shop? The Tommy Bahama line is such a nice summer collection. It may not have your classic golf shirts and skorts, but it has some nice prints and the linen fabric is a great summer material/look. Their detailing is fantastic, and many pieces can be worn on the course, the patio and to the beach. I love clothing with multiple uses.

JUNE 2018 | 27



What is your favourite hole on our course?

What is your favourite hole on our course?

My favourite hole at Ladies’ is hole #17 - it’s such a pretty hole with the trees framing it, particularly in the fall when the leaves start to turn colour. While it’s a short par four, it requires a great deal of accuracy and meticulous positioning off the tee. I also really appreciate how challenging the approach shot is, even with a short iron or wedge in hand, with its shallow, well-protected green. It’s a clever little hole.

My favourite golf hole at Ladies’ would have to be Hole 12. I love the tee shot from any tee looking down the fairway. The design of the hole is one of the best on the course in my opinion. Depending on your tee shot, it will make a difference on how you play the hole.

Who is your favourite golfer? All time, my favourite golfers are Annika Sorenstam and Tiger Woods. Their dominance in the sport has been incredible, and the footprint they are still leaving on the game is profound. Both embody a strong work ethic, steely focus, competitive drive, and raw talent that is seldom seen at that level. I also love watching the amazing talents of Brooke Henderson, Alena Sharp and Mackenzie Hughes.

Who is your favourite golfer? My favourite golfer would be Tiger Woods. I grew up watching golf every weekend with my parents and grandparents. Every weekend we would watch the final round and Tiger would always make a run or the impossible shot. One of the greatest memories was watching Tiger at the Masters in 2005. What/when was your best golf moment or memory of all time?

What/when was your best golf moment or memory of all time? When I was taking up the game as a youngster, I played most of my golf with my grandparents, so I really cherish those memories, and I still absolutely love sharing a round with them. Though, there was one occasion that sticks out in my mind as a special moment which came during a playing lesson with a student. She was working on her alignment and aim and after several holes with my assistance, it was her turn to take her set up position independently. She selected her club, got herself set up, looked back at me for assurance (I gave a thumb up) and made her swing. The ball ended up in the hole. It was her first ace.

My favourite golf memory of all time would be playing with my parents and grandparents every weekend during high school. My grandparents were members at Thornhill GCC for almost 35 years. As kids, both my brothers and I would play the short course (9Holes). Once we got old enough, we moved to the long course and were able to play with them and my parents. Golf has been a big part of my family since we all play together and we always make some of the best memories on golf trips or even in Florida.

What/where is your dream course? What/where is your dream course? The list is long. I love views of water, mountains, and vistas coupled with impeccable conditions. Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, Cabot, Chambers Bay, Kapalua, to name a few.

What is your favourite item currently in the golf shop? Sun Bum Sunscreen. I am needing it now more than ever!

My dream course would be Augusta National. I have always wanted to go and walk around the course and see each hole in person. Watching the Masters every year, I can always picture myself playing the course. I think the atmosphere there would be unbelievable and one of the best golf moments. I hope my brother and I win the lottery for next year for the practice rounds. What is your favourite item currently in the golf shop? My favourite item in the Golf Shop would be Bobby Jones brand. Bobby Jones is one of the new brands in the Golf Shop which has both a ladies’ and men’s line. I love the styles and the designs both lines have to offer as well as how comfy the material is. The ¼ zips and dress shirts are definitely some of my favourite pieces.


JUNE 2018 | 29

York Women’s Golf Carol Brown CONVENOR

We have a number of exciting events coming up to celebrate our district’s talented women! In order to reach out to even more women and to experience different courses, we have teamed up with Golf Scarborough. Please have a look at these events and consider signing up for one or more! Further information is available on our calendar, on GGGolf and sign-up sheets are also posted on the Bulletin Boards in the Club House. Tournament Schedule York Women’s Amateur/Bronze at Maple Downs, June 26 Enter by Tuesday June 12 York Women’s Sr/Super Sr at Carrying Place, July 9 Enter by Monday June 25 York Women’s 4 Ball at Toronto Ladies’, August 13 Enter by Monday July 23 Qualifying for the 4 Ball is at Ladies’, Tuesday June 12 or Saturday June 16 Scarborough Combined Championships at King’s Riding, June 11 Enter by Monday June 4 Scarborough Women’s/Mens 4 Ball at Bayview G & CC August 27 Enter by August 20 Contact to sign-up!



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Guest Card Holder Corner

June 2018 June 2018

New for 2018!









2 18H Draw

Mixed Member GCH Match Play Sign up online or in the Golf Shop! Find a Member and make a team. This inaugural event will see a team of one member and one GCH battling it out for the title of Champion at the end of this season long Match Play event. This will be a Net Better Ball format with full handicaps. You must have a posting rate of 75% to be eligible for your full handicap. All those under 75% will be assigned a 0 handicap.

GCH Match Play


Magnotta Beer Tasting

Spring New Member Event

4 Tri Club at Ladies’


5 18H Draw Women’s Golf Day, Cathy Tile “And After the Fire” 2 PM


12 18H Draw

Join us for a tasting of craft beers from Magnotta! A special guest from Magnotta will guide us on a wonderful tasting adventure! This event is open to Members, Guest Card Holders and guests.





19 18H Draw Magical Mystery Tour






Quad Club at Summit Golf Club



9H Draw AM Stableford 1 9H Draw5 PM Shotgun

9 18H Draw

14 Sandra McTavish “Little Fires Everywhere” 7PM

20 9H Draw AM Shotgun 9H Draw PM Stableford 1

26 18H Draw

7 On Course Rules Night Terry Fallis “One Brother Shy” 7 PM

9H Draw AM - Flo Jowsey 3 9H Draw PM -Flo Jowsey 3

Member Guest Day!

Father’s Day

6 9H Draw AM - Flo Jowsey 2 9H Draw PM - Flo Jowsey 2

16 18H Draw 18H Draw YD 4 Ball Qualifying York District Training 7:30AM 23 18H Draw


30 18H Draw 18H Draw YD 4 Ball Qualifying Rain Date

Sign up online or in the Golf Shop! Join your fellow GCH’s for a season long Net Match Play Event.

Join us for Book Club! “And After the Fire” by Lauren Belfer, led by Cathy Tile, June 5 at 2 pm

Matches can be either played from Yellow or Blue Tees You must have a posting rate of 75% to be eligible for your full handicap. All those under 75% will be assigned a 0 handicap.


“One Brother Shy” presented by the author, Terry Fallis, June 7 at 7 pm “Thank you for Leaving Me” presented by the author, Pat Butler, July 19 at 7 pm

JUNE 2018 | 33


JUNE 2018 | 35

7859 Yonge Street, Thornhill ON L3T 2C4

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Beauty, grit & grace - June 2018  

Beauty, grit & grace - June 2018  

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