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JULY 2018 | 3

Our journey of change Monica McIntosh PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” This quote is typically attributed to Henry Ford. We are embarking on a journey of change – change to become a better version of ourselves, not to change the essence of who we are. We have a very unique club. There’s the obvious of course – we are a club for women, governed by women, and founded by a formidable pioneering female golf professional. But we are much more than that. We have a very strong community: a friendly and welcoming group of like-minded supportive women who share their love of golf and their ups and downs, not just in golf, but in life. Change is necessary to move forward, and change is necessary to improve. Ladies’ is going through change with the goals of improving the experience of our Members, and to improve how we look to potential new members, but even positive change can be disruptive and uncomfortable and even overwhelming at times. And all of our change needs to be done in the context of our current cash constraints. So what are we changing? We employed some help, through hiring a marketing consultant, to make sure that how we present the club – both externally and internally – reinforces who we are. The result is that we have a fresh, more modern look to our materials and signs. This will eventually extend to our public and private websites. Paul talks more about this update to our look in his article. The Golf Shop has changed – including the product offering and a more integrated staff/Member environment with the removal of the counter – and sales are way up. We’ve switched the old style of water cooler for a full water-and-ice cooling station, and in the process provided a more open vista as you approach the first tee. The Clubhouse menu has many fresh, new items. Breakfast is now available. New herb and vegetable gardens have been added, and the new bees are busy making honey. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback on the changes. It has not all been smooth, though, and a few things have not gone as planned. GGGolf has been harder for Members to transition to than was expected, and it wasn’t helped by a few glitches in the system. While Members have lost the tee time summary on the Home Page of the website, there is so much more functionality overall that Members’ should enjoy the new system much more once familiarity with the system improves. And the system will improve further when the new website is rolled out, at which time the extra log-in currently needed to get into GGGolf will disappear. We have also needed to make some adjustments. While most Members have enthusiastically welcomed the new menu, some are missing a few of the old items. Lisa and Chef Umesh worked hard to incorporate your feedback and strike a better balance between old favourites and new tastes in the updated menu.


The Halfway House is another area where adjustments were needed. In an effort to ensure that food was fresh in the Halfway House, there were no prepared items waiting for “grab-and-go”. Feedback from Members was that it just wasn’t working, and you should now find a few options available even if you do not call ahead. Feedback is always important, and it’s particularly critical during times of change. Ideas or comments can be shared though the on-line “comment box” under “Member Home > Suggestions” on the Member website. Of course, you can always give your feedback directly to Paul, Paddy, Lisa or John, depending on the topic. Update on planning activities We had a good turn-out of interested Members, GCHs and staff on June 13 for Tridel’s Open House at Ladies’ to discuss their proposed development plans, including both building and landscape concepts. Tridel also hosted an Open House for local residents on June 20 at the Thornhill Community Centre, where the most common concern noted by residents was the impact on traffic. Otherwise, and as expected, the Land Project Steering Committee Phase 3 is at a “wait-and-see” stage of the project as we await Markham’s formal comments on the application. The Strategic Planning Committee is exploring many themes geared towards two primary goals: member retention and growing our membership. In the upcoming consultation sessions we will present some initial thoughts on various future directions. First we’ll present the “base case,” that is, the basic things that we’re already doing and will continue or new things that need to be done. Next, we will talk about where additional investment could take us. We will be seeking your point of view, asking what you like and what you are concerned about. We are hoping these sessions will be very interactive and therefore each session size is limited to 30 Members. All Members have received an invitation to participate in the consultation sessions. Please follow the instructions and let us know that you will be coming. We look forward to constructive discussions of our future. The Land Sale Net Proceeds Strategy Committee continues to collect background data and research practices of golf clubs and other organizations. The information gathered through the July Member consultation sessions done in conjunction with Strategic Planning will be a valuable input to the process. Member consultation specific to Net Proceeds is expected to occur later in the year or early next year. The Land Sale Course Planning Committee is refining the key criteria for evaluating concepts, while continuing to evolve several potential options. The expectation is that we will be ready to share the 2-3 best concepts for discussion with Members in the fall. As always, please write us to share your thoughts at planning@ladiesgolfclub.com.


JULY 2018 | 5

Ladies’ at its best Paul Bussiere GENERAL MANAGER’S MESSAGE

This has been a very busy year at the club. The first couple months of the season have flown by. During that time though, the staff have been working hard on improving the Member experience. When I first arrived at the club, I felt there was a bit of a disconnect between what Members were paying and what they felt they were getting for their money. There has been a lot of concern expressed about how much the fees have risen. Unfortunately, we had not been doing enough to continually improve the Member experience and there was a gap between the fees and the value. I challenged our staff to come up with ideas to improve that Member experience. There have been fantastic ideas, from the shoe cleaning station at the back shop, to the new Vegetable Bistro on the lawn. We have also had some hiccups with the implementation of some of the changes. Despite providing Members with a month to play with the new GGGolf tee sheet system, it was still tricky to navigate a new system once the season started and the tee sheet went live. There are many new features in this system to enhance the Member experience like the ability to indicate if you are playing 9 holes or 18, the tournament list and match play brackets, and the ability to post your score right in GGGolf if you are keeping a handicap. No more guessing what your handicap is from a certain set of tees, as the tee sheet will let you know and will indicate a change if you are playing the 9 hole vs the 18 hole course. Part of my job this offseason was to lead the refresh of our brand identity. I’ve had questions as to why we needed to do this. At the AGM this year, our marketing consultant, Brad Green, gave a presentation on our current brand and where we could go with a brand that reflects the essence of Ladies’. A brand is made up of 1000 little touchpoints that collectively tell the story of who you are. We were lacking the attention to detail in those areas and are trying to improve them. Prior to the AGM, staff worked with the Marketing Advisory Group and members of the Board to ensure we were taking the refreshed brand identity in the right direction. New colours were introduced, and the logo was tweaked slightly. We ran focus groups with Members, Guest Card Holders, and Academy participants to get their feedback on not only the visuals we were working on but feelings and phrasing. We wanted to know what they thought it meant to be a Member at Ladies’. For the Academy participants, we wanted to know what would attract them to becoming a Member at Ladies’. The information that came out of the focus groups was fantastic and shaped our new colour palette and identity, “feel good golf,” a theme that resonated with each focus group and spoke to how they felt when at Ladies’. Rolling out the refreshed brand identity takes time and we have been phasing it in. New signage went up around the club. Our e-blast communications were updated along with our new newsletter, “Beauty, Grit & Grace”. Coinciding with the focus of improving the Member experience, we are trying to show the public what the Ladies’ community is all about. Our website, although functional, is not a great representation of our club. We are currently working on a new design to improve the Member experience and better reflect our great club, by keeping the focus on our three areas of attracting new people to the club, golf for women, golf for men, and the Academy. The Member side of the website will make navigation of the calendar easier and with enhanced security features, a safer place for Members where you can control what contact information is visible to other Members. Booking a tee time will only require one login on the Member site and a link will take you directly to GGGolf and automatically log you in. The new website will be streamlined to make it easier to find the content you need and will be continuously updated with new material. The main focus of this update is to improve the Member experience online. As you can see, it’s been a busy year already. We hope to launch the new website this fall and we will give you plenty of updates prior to the launch to ensure everyone is ready. I hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather this spring and are ready for a wonderful summer. Please bring out your guests so they can experience Ladies’ at its best.


JULY 2018 | 7

Community & connection Loryn Ingham SALES AND MARKETING MANAGER

Trial Members enjoying Ladies’ As most of you already know, Ladies’ is so much more than just a golf club. We’re a community of like-minded and supportive women. Ladies’ is a place to relax, to play, share stories, and be carefree. As of June, Ladies’ has welcomed 20 Trial Members (18 unlimited and 2 8-week) into the Club for 2018 and we’ll be welcoming a few more new faces in the months ahead. Buddy Program In addition to our welcoming Membership and friendly staff, the Buddy Program is an integral part of the Trial Member experience. We pair Trial Members with current Members based on golf availability and common interests. These volunteer Buddies help Trial Members meet others, set-up games and seamlessly integrate into Club life. This year, each buddy has taken two Trial Members under their wing in order to help them meet one another. I would like to give Patty Parker and Rosemary Thomson a special thank you for all of the work they have put in as Buddy Coordinators thus far. New Member Golf Events We are hosting three 9-hole New Member Golf Events and these special events are for Trial Members, First & Second Year Members, Intermediate Members and Buddies. We already hosted our first event on June 3 and had over 30 excited ladies in attendance. Despite the on-and-off rain showers that evening, several groups finished all 9 holes and celebrated with a dry shirt for the cocktail hour! We are looking forward to the next event late July. A warm welcome to the following Members! New Full/Associate Karen Nixon Donna Wagg Stefanie Morand Shirley Cheong Welcome back to Marilyn Goldman! 2018 Trial Members Anna Kinastowski Birte Reader Debbie Brown Donna Williamson Janice Francisco Kim Schultz Lisa Sabato Michelle Ben Sandie Parker Susan Nanni

Anna Vanek Dav Cvitkovic Devika Stefansson Hanya Kizemchuk Kathy Speedie Kimberly Gibson Loretta Chatoff Nancy Pollack Susan Bray Virginia Minnaar

Please be sure to introduce yourself when you see a new face around the Club! If you have any friends, neighbors, or colleagues who might like to experience Ladies’ through a Trial Membership, please contact me at 905-889-3531 Ext 308 or loryn@ladiesgolfclub.com.


“As a relatively inexperienced golfer, I had a fabulous experience as an unlimited Trial Member last year. I golfed more than I’ve ever golfed in my life, got some great exercise outdoors, and met many very interesting and accomplished golfers. Thoughtful efforts were made to introduce the “newbies” to all levels of golfers in a non-threatening and supportive way. We were each assigned a buddy, and there were some fun events throughout the summer just for us newcomers. I made some new friends and, best of all, my golf improved a little! Now that I’m a new Member, I have many more years ahead to get better. Hope I live long enough!”

Bev Moir, Member

JULY 2018 | 9

Green speed and consistency John McLinden GOLF COURSE SUPERINTENDENT

It’s a beautiful fall day with cool temperatures and low humidity. You are playing golf and enjoying the condition of the course, particularly the pace of the putting greens. Some golfers might be inclined to just enjoy the moment. Others will wonder why the greens can’t play like this all the time. There are innumerable variables that affect turfgrass growth and putting green speed, and what is possible to achieve at one time of year under certain conditions may be impossible at other times. Unquestionably, the biggest variable affecting turf health and playability is weather. Air and soil temperatures both have a tremendous impact on turfgrass growth rates. So does moisture and humidity. Rain or irrigation events, particularly when combined with a fertilizer application, can stimulate extra growth. This effect can be magnified under warm conditions with the result being increased surface resistance and reduced ball roll. Similarly, hot, humid conditions cause turfgrass leaves to retain moisture and remain fat, and this also may result in reduced green speed. Conversely, dry, windy conditions can cause the turf to wilt which can reduce surface resistance and increase putting green speeds. Putting green speed will vary from day to day merely as a result of weather influences and the seasonal changes turf undergoes. Maintenance practices also have major effects on putting green speed. Mowing and rolling operations increase putting green speed. Applications of topdressing, needed to dilute organic matter and smooth putting green surfaces, can initially slow putting green speeds. A day or two after a topdressing application, putting green speeds often get faster than they were prior to the application. The same often is true of vertical mowing and brushing. Practices that stand the turf up aid in controlling the development of grain and can improve the quality of cut, but these practices can slow putting green speed for a day or two before stimulating an increase.


Many other factors affect turfgrass growth. Growing environments, soil conditions, and applications of plant growth regulators, plant protectants, and fertilizer are just a few. Anything that affects turf growth is likely to affect putting green speed. Here at Ladies’ we are constantly juggling maintenance practices with the weather to maximize playability and maintain consistency. Consistency is defined as the reliability or uniformity of successive results or events. Consistency is one term commonly used when dealing with greens and can be often misinterpreted. Many players believe that green speed should be nearly the same, day in and day out, depending upon the weather. To the extreme, there are golfers who think it should be the same year round. Yet others believe that the green speed should be identical in the morning and afternoon. The true use of the word consistency for greens should apply to the day you play the golf course, not day to day. The greens here at Ladies’ are all treated in the exact same way. All cultural practices such as vertical mowing, brushing, topdressing and rolling to accomplish the same consistency on a daily basis are carried out on a regular basis.


JULY 2018 | 11

Our gardening success Cindy Chamandy Hor ticulturalist

Growing your own garden, whether it’s an annual/perennial garden of your favourite flowers or a vegetable garden to feed your family (and your soul!) can be so much more successful with just a little bit of planning. Is the environment the right fit? Do your plants need full sun or partial shade? Do they prefer a wet boggy environment or moderately moist soil? Do they require nutrient rich soil or are they happy with roadside gravel? All of these considerations will greatly impact your success. When growing your own vegetables, nothing beats good, rich soil! By good soil, I mean, soil that has good structure and lots of organic matter. The structure of soil is the clay, sand and silt composition. A certain amount of each provides a varied particle size that supports water movement and root growth. Organic matter improves soil structure if the mixture isn’t quite right. It helps clay soil with drainage and sandy soil with water retention. It also helps to create air pockets for roots to grow into. What kind of organic matter is best? I’m a big fan of all kinds of compost. Mushroom compost is a wonderful addition to your gardens, but any kind of compost will do. If you make your own compost - even better! Our new veggie gardens are growing in a mixture of topsoil, cow manure and mushroom compost and WOW are they growing fast! In addition to having great soil there are a few other considerations that might ensure a successful garden. A perennial garden looks best when plants bloom at different times throughout the season. Make sure to include plants that bloom early in the season, mid season and late in the season. A trick to remember - garden centres generally carry plants that are in bloom (they look best to the consumer), so try to visit once a month from spring to fall when shopping for plants to get a variety of bloom times. When planting vegetables, consider companion planting. Some edibles grow better with a friend! Tomatoes prefer to partner with basil, carrots and peppers. Beans grow well with broccoli and cabbages. There are even some plants that are beneficial to ALL of their friends. The flowers you find in our veggie gardens are not only beautiful and delicious, but are also helpful to their garden companions. Borage is one of my favourite companion plants. It has fuzzy, blue star shaped flowers that are mildly cucumber flavoured and helps deter damaging pests. It attracts bees and wasps for pollinating and also adds trace minerals to the soil. Now that’s a superplant! The nasturtiums that our chef has been adding to so many delicious dishes deter many different pests in the garden and they are known to improve the flavour of tomatoes and cucumbers. The scent of marigold repels tomato worms, slugs and other garden pests.


Of course, even with all of these considerations, we can still encounter damaging insects, fungi and diseases on our prized plants. Weekly inspections can help identify a problem before it gets out of control. We found cucumber beetles munching away on our cucumber and summer squashes! Daily bug squashing will help keep populations in check. Come by and see how our gardens grow. We already have tomatoes, hot peppers, summer squash and cucumbers growing on our plants. I can’t wait for our first harvest!


JULY 2018 | 13


A Vegetable Bistro recipe Umesh DiWaker EXECUTIVE CHEF

Chef Umesh’s Nasturtium Butter Spread I knew I wanted to share this recipe, which I have created to highlight my favourite item in our garden - the nasturtium plant. The vibrant and unique taste of its flower and leaves create contrast in many different dishes. You can find this delicious butter spread on some of our weekly featured sandwiches, as well as some of our fish dishes. Ingredients (makes 10 servings): Nasturtium flowers - 20 pcs Nasturtium leaves - 20 leaves Unsalted butter - 12 oz (room temperature) Lemon zest & juice - ½ tsp Orange zest & juice - ¼ tsp Salt & pepper to taste Instructions: 1. Combine flowers and leaves with a pinch of salt in a mortar and pestle and to create a paste. 2. Add butter into a seperate, larger bowl and fold the paste into it evenly. 3. Add lemon and orange zest. 4. Spread on your favourite breads, sandwiches or use as a seasoning on fish and enjoy!

Chef Umesh Find more fresh ingredients from our Vegetable Bistro in dishes like these!

JULY 2018 | 15

Tee it forward! Eiko Aki GOLF COMMITEE, CHAIR

How many of you walk up to the same set of tees every time you play at Ladies’? Why not shake it up a bit and “tee it forward”? • Our multiple tees allow members of any ability to choose the difficulty/length of course that they play on any given day. It’s like having 5 different courses at your disposal (or at least 3 for most of us)! • It is easier, and more fun, for newer golfers to start on forward tees and progress back through tees as their skills develop. There is more enjoyment and less frustration when the green can be reached in a reasonable number of shots. • If you have limited time, playing off shorter tees makes for a quicker round. • Playing different tees will help your game as you will be in different positions in the fairways and be using different clubs into the greens. • Teeing it forward is a great option if you find you are losing distance. It will allow you to enjoy the game in the same way, instead of having to play bigger clubs into the greens. • Playing a shorter set of tees with your friends is always more fun than playing the longer set on your own! If you are unsure of which tees to play, try choosing a set of tees based on your current handicap or average driving distance. The Golf Shop staff would be glad to chat with you about it. Of course, you may also move back for a change of scenery as long as you still keep pace and are able to enjoy the round. Purple, Red, Green, Yellow or Blue? They are all there for your enjoyment! But why not try teeing it forward? You might be pleasantly surprised!



JULY 2018 | 17

Oh, what a beautiful course! Jean Davy COURSE AND GROUNDS COMMITTEE , CHAIR

After a late start to the season, it is wonderful to see everyone enjoying the course; the bee hives humming; and the vegetable garden plentiful. The grounds crew have been able to get an excellent start on a number of projects this year due to the good weather and the decision to do all bunker replacements in the fall. There was a short period where the mower was not working; but otherwise, the roughs are continually cut; the fairway bunkers weeded and filled; the bull rushes cut; mounds created and sodded between hole 14 and 7A; areas where the cedars were removed sodded and seeded; and the greens are smoother and faster. You may have noticed the new Audubon sign at the first tee. The Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto became a certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary golf course in 2016. This is an award winning education and certification program that helps golf courses protect our environment and preserve the natural heritage of the game of golf. By helping people enhance the valuable natural areas and wildlife habitats that golf courses provide, improve efficiency, and minimize potentially harmful impacts of golf course operations, the program serves an important environmental role worldwide. Our course also received the highest possible Integrated Pest Management (IPM) accreditation rating. IPM is a process that uses all necessary techniques to suppress pests effectively, economically and in an environmentally sound manner. C&G recieves questions such as: • Does the club have defibrillators? There are 3 on the premises - one in the Clubhouse, one in the Golf Shop and one in the Halfway House. If anyone shows signs of cardiac arrest, call 9-1-1 and then call the Golf Shop for assistance. • What is happening with the gardens on the left side of the 5th hole? The current gardens are difficult to maintain and create an additional hazard for those errant golf shots. They are being sodded over and a new garden will be planted near the clubhouse. • What is the rough height? It is at the lower end of the standard range. Keep those questions, comments and ideas coming and finally, thank you to John and his crew for being detail oriented, friendly and courteous. You have created a beautiful and environmentally friendly course for us to enjoy and be proud of. Let’s play golf!

Course and Grounds Committ ee Jean Davy, Sharon Anderson, Helen Folker, Mary Bovaird and Peta Lomberg


JULY 2018 | 19

And the season is moving along! Yvonne Bland FINANCE COMMITTEE , CHAIR

This time last year we had just finished a rainy spring and the May financials were looking a little wet! The 2018 season has seen some better weather and at the recent Finance Committee meeting we reviewed the May financial statements to 2018 budget. The table below provides a summary of the key highlights. There are lots of new faces and changes around the Club and staff training was pretty well complete. In some areas, we have had some very positive outcomes but we have begun the reforecasting exercise. Management has already identified some areas that they need to address to ensure we come in on the overall budget. It is still early in the year, and we have many opportunities to all contribute towards our budgeted results. As ever, we are cautiously optimistic!

Area Membership/GCH Numbers

May 31, 2018 YTD Results As compared to budget, we are: • Full Members under by 3 (302 actual)

What is happening or what we can all do • Actively promote our 8 week trial • Work to converting our unlimited trials – please encourage them to play and take advantage of the Club amenities

• GCH Silver under by 20 (90 • Continue to attract new Members and actual) GCH • GCH Gold over by 6 (36 actual) • Clubhouse/Social Senior on budget • Unlimited trials under by 8 (18 actual, 20 including 8 week trials) The GCH Gold fees compensated for the lost GCH Silver fees. Membership revenue is reforecast by $50,000 less.


• Promote the Golf Academy Programs

Area Clubhouse

Golf Shop

May 31, 2018 YTD Results

What is happening or what we can all do

• We are slightly above budget on revenue which has compensated for some additional staff training costs.

• Management is promoting their offerings/events – join in!

• Food and beverage costs are in line

• Have a snack at the Halfway House too – remember our half year minimum expires July 31. • Still great styles for both golf and other social events (male and female)

• We are ahead on revenues to budget

• Promote our Clubhouse for personal or business functions

• Inventory levels on track • Shop until you drop

Course and Grounds and Capital Expenditures

• Golf Academy on track (150+ attendees) • We are on budget for operating costs • We are on track for capital expenditures • A number of small projects have been completed

Green Fees/Cart Fees

Land Project Budget

• Test drive some new clubs – your handicap might love it! • Enjoy the course - it is looking lovely • Fix our divots and ball marks to keep us in ship shape • Management will be able to make some capital savings to cover unexpected costs

• A couple of unexpected capital costs e.g. septic tank motor, have been incorporated in the 2018 capital budget • Are approximately 20% • Bring guests behind budget. • Host golf events • Tournaments are on • Manage the pace of play so guests track and will take place want to come back! through the summer months • Use our great 9H cart service if a little hot! • No further reserves drawn since November 30, 2017

• $198,000 remains from $350,000 land sale deposit.

Ada Mackenzie Heritage Funds are now administered directly through Finance rather than a separate committee. The funds are sitting with a balance of $80,000 in unrestricted reserves and $17, 500 remaining for bunkers. Other Fund information is available on our website for more details.

Yvonne JULY 2018 | 21

The challenge of 18 Jan Flott 18H CAPTAIN

Match Play Update All the matches which were to be played by June 17 were completed and winners are on to round 2. One advantage of our new GGGolf system is that by one click Dylan was able to send out emails to the winners and inform them of their next opponent. Round one of the new Cottage match play has been completed with Jill Lavine, Jane Joyner and Joan King moving on to Round 2 in September. Important Upcoming Club-Wide Events Both the Nora Stott (Saturday July 14) for members who have had their 50th birthday and the Marjorie McKenzie (Sunday July 22), our popular 4-Ball event, used to be played from just the yellow tees. However, now that our red tees are played so often a RED tee section has been added for each of the events, making them suitable for everyone. All you need is an established handicap and a little yen for competition. More details on the website.

Chip-ins Chip-ins do not have to be attested but to register your accomplishment you do have to make your way to the second-floor bulletin board. You do not have to do it on the same day, but you do have to do it before you forget the date and the hole which are both required. So far 48 members have registered one or more chip-ins. The leader has 7 so far. Remember that even if you just have one chip-in, your name will go in the raffle for sleeves of balls. The more chip-ins, the more your chances improve.

Ms. Congeniality? After the Friday eblast showing you how GGGolf keeps track of all the members you play with, I received several emails from people who had played with over 35 different members. Since there is this much interest, the prize has been doubled and there will be two members taken out to dinner at the end of September and all you have to do is play. You don’t have to put in scores or reduce your handicap. There is no small print. Just come out and play!



JULY 2018 | 23

The beauty of 9 Krisanne Knickle & Kathy Constantinou 9H CO - CAPTAINS

The golf season is now in full swing and individual tournament events and match play are well underway. With mostly great weather, there has been a good turnout to 9H section games. The morning shotgun in May had 21 participants in addition to 12 Social Seniors joining in for the United Kingdom featured lunch. The Afternoon section “Spanish” Shotgun attracted 44 Members who later enjoyed a marvellous Spanish Paella for dinner. In June, our section Shotguns stopped in Cyprus and Japan. The 9H section holds the Flo Jowsey trophy event over a 3 week period. Unfortunately, the 3rd round was postponed due to lightening and extremely high winds. This did not stop the Members who showed up to play anyway- a determined 23 women went out into gale force winds to enjoy an evening of golf and camaraderie. The Member Guest Day was a HUGE success with a full turnout of over 80 golfers who enjoyed great food and prizes. Thanks to Alison Lam and Anne Raby for organizing and making it a success, once again. Of course, all the staff at Ladies’ made this an event to remember, from the Golf Shop staff to back shop, and from kitchen to clubhouse staff. A great team effort!

The month of July has many golf and social events that we encourage all Members to attend. In particular, The PM Shotgun on July 18, 2018 is a special one that will focus on breast cancer awareness. We would be thrilled if as many Members as possible sign up for this great event. Wear pink, and come with a smile. This will be a fun event with on course prizes and special games. Of course the really large pink holes will be out to help the putting seem so much easier! Ladies’ Golf club is hosting the 9H Tri Club Trophy event against Thornhill and Rosedale in July. Who will win this year? Pace of play is always important to keep in mind. In our non-competitive games, remember the only person we are competing against is ourselves. If you are having a bad hole, don’t frustrate yourself. Instead, pick up the ball, take the maximum based on your handicap and relax. Remember, the LGPA is another year!

Krisanne & Kath y 24 | BEAUTY, GRIT & GRACE

JULY 2018 | 25

A social summer Jo-Anne Applebaum ENGAGEMENT COMMITTEE , CHAIR

We have had a busy May and June with a host of activities from Speakers, Book Reviews and Dinner events. On May 17, Landon Hong, a registered dietician, talked at Ladies’ on the importance of snacking while playing golf. As obvious as this may sound Landon discussed the right balance of snacks and reminded us to prepare ahead of time. The highlights were sliced mango and apples, figs, hard or soft boiled eggs, an assortment of nuts, and my favorite goldfish crackers to retain the salt we loose on a warm day. It was a great night had by all and we hope Landon will return next year. On May 31, Sandra MacTavish returned for her second year to Ladies’ and reviewed the book “Little Fires Everywhere.” All I can say is after the book review I was so interested in the conversation I started reading it the next day. Feel free to join any of the book reviews even if you don’t have time to read the book. It is a nice way to decide what book to start reading if you don’t have one. Special thanks to both Paul & Cathy Striowski for organizing a wonderful evening with Terry Fallis on June 7. His talk was centered on his latest book “One Brother Shy”. After his discussion he signed every book that was sold. Rumour has it that his next book which should be out by summer 2019 features Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto. So stay tuned. Cathy Tile reviewed her book selection “And After the Fire.” She will be back at Ladies’ on September 4 and October 2 so more information to come on her book selection. On May 26, over 90 people attended the Mediterranean Dinner. The music was fabulous and it was great to see so many people out with their family and friends. Don’t worry if you missed this one as there are many more events planned for July. • Prime Rib Night - July 7 • Rib Night - July 11 • Progressive Dinner - July 14 • Lobster Feast - July 21 On July 19 Ladies’ Member Pat Butler is discussing her book “Thanks for leaving me”. She will fill us in on what it takes to publish a book and her inspirational story. You don’t have to read the book to attend and there will be copies for sale for cash or cheque. Please RSVP on line or email Lisa Lamb, llamb@ladiesgolfclub.com. Hope to see you all out very soon!



JULY 2018 | 27


York Women’s Golf Carol Brown CONVENOR

2018 Amateur and Bronze Championships The weather was perfect for the 2018 York Women’s Golf Amateur and Bronze Championships held Tuesday at Maple Downs Golf and Country Club. We were treated to a lovely breakfast and after golf, a buffet lunch was enjoyed on the terrace. The golf course was in great shape, even if most of us found the greens hard to figure out! Ladies’ was well represented by 5 of our own, and we came home with some impressive hardware. Nancy MacTavish won the trophy for low gross in the Bronze Championship. We understand her chipping and putting were near perfect! Marg Auld also received recognition for her 4th place low net in the Amateur Championship. Really well played to both of them! We hope to continue this trend at the next York Women’s Golf event, the Senior/Super Senior Championship at Carrying Place on July 9. Go Ladies’!


JULY 2018 | 29

Guest Card Holder Corner The golf course was beautiful in the month of June. I hope all of the Guest Card Holders had a chance to play during one of those sunny days! Heading into July, it looks like this amazing weather will stick around - let’s hope so! June was a busy month for the Golf Shop with all of the beautiful days, golf academy programs and events we had. I personally only got out a few times in June but I am definitely trying to get out more in July. So if you see my name on the tee sheet, feel free to join me! With May and June in the books, our Guest Card Holder Match Play is in full swing. 1st round matches were all completed and the winners are moving on to the next round. Looking at the results, there were some very close matches in the 1st round. I hope the 2nd round matches are just as exciting; however, they do need to be completed by the end of this month. This year, the Golf Shop created a new event called the Mixed Member/Guest Card Holder Match Play. There were 14 teams signed up for the event and 1st round matches are almost completed. Good luck to all! One of my favourite events of the year is the Progressive Dinner. The event this year is on July 14. If you are around for the weekend, consider signing up as it is always a great time! Guests are more than welcome to come. There is more information on GGGolf or feel free to contact me with any questions. Moving forward into August, the Guest Card Holder Championship is the weekend of August 25 and 26. There will be two flights – Stroke Play and Stableford. All Guest Card Holders are welcome to participate and choose either flight. The tee times for GCH flights will be starting early in the morning for the weekend. You can contact me or sign-up on GGGolf. I hope the month of July will be as beautiful as June and that all of you can get out and play during one of the gorgeous days ahead of us! Please feel free to contact me with any questions as I am more than happy to help and I hope to see you on the course!


Are you a Guest Card Holder? Join us for these special events! July 7 Prime Rib Night July 11 Rib Night July 14 On Course Progressive Dinner July 21 Lobster Feast

July 2018 July 2018 Sun







1 Canada Day Scramble


3 PGA of Canada Women’s Championship

4 PGA of Canada Women’s Championship

5 PGA of Canada Women’s Championship


7 18H Draw

9H Interclub@ Oakville

Patio Party - Live Music and BBQ

12 Ladies’ Hosting 9H Tri Club


Prime Rib Night

9H draw PM 8

9 York Women’s Golf Seniors/Super Seniors

10 18H Draw

11 9H 9:30 AM Shotgun

On Course Progressive Dinner

9H Draw PM Rib Night 15


17 18H Draw

18 9H Draw AM 9H 5PM Shotgun

14 18H Draw

Nora Stott 50+ 19 Book Club: Pat Butler “Thanks for Leaving Me”


21 18H Draw Lobster Feast

Quad Club at Thornhill GCC 22 Marjorie McKenzie 4 Ball


23 Tri Club at Brampton


24 18H Draw

25 9H Draw AM Stableford 2

Summer New Member Golf Event

9H Draw PM Stableford 2



28 18H Draw

31 18H Draw Dining Minimum Period 1 Ends

JULY 2018 | 31

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Beauty, grit & grace - July 2018  

Beauty, grit & grace - July 2018  

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