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Beauty, grit & grace September Newsletter 2019

A Championship for the Ages - A Course for the Ages Betty Chee PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE

By now most of you have congratulated young Lauren Zaretsky in her club championship feat...a hattrick! She has claimed the title for the third year in a row at the ripe old age of 15. Equally worthy of your congratulations is Mita Kobayashi who claimed first place in the red-course low gross category, 10 days before reaching 90 years of age. In all, there were 47 golfers who came out to participate in the club championship, at times fighting the urge to curl up behind the rain shelter, but we persisted. Many others came to volunteer, to cheer, and to be part of the fun of championship day. We at Ladies’ are so very proud of these golfers for their competitiveness and indominable grit, and of the volunteers for their good cheer and spirit. Congratulations from this president who is neither young enough, or old enough, or good enough. The span of age brings a smile to my face. In planning for our future, which will span beyond a century, we examine how conditions might evolve in the future and how they affect our greatest assets. And of particular importance is the golf course. In these times of environmental conscientiousness, climate change, and climate adaptability our course standards may evolve using sustainability as a process to good stewardship. The process is no longer linear, going from “need” to “design” to “solution”. The sustainability process, by nature, is more circular or iterative, where the solution may inform an examination of the original needs leading to multi-disciplinary designs and diverse, even unexpected, solutions. Heat extremes, droughts, and floods are sadly in the cards for the years ahead. In the past when we experienced heat extremes, droughts or floods we would wait them out as temporary occurrences. Climate change projections include higher frequencies of flooding interspersed with longer spans of drought conditions. And these will occur in the context of 2 | BEAUTY, GRIT & GRACE

rising temperatures which will mean not only more pressure on our trees, greens, and waterways in the summer but less snow cover to protect greens and the greater chance of ice storms in the winter. Meanwhile, stormwater management will increasingly be a critical issue. To enhance the sustainability process – whether for design of greens and our new holes or stormwater management and more – there is much learning to be had, drawing on the relation of design to emerging ecological sciences. All this is to say, it is time to take a wholistic look at sustainability in the age of climate adaptability and environmental responsibility. We will put our heads together and demand the best from our design, engineering and agronomy consultants to help us navigate the future with the intention to better the course for play and prepare it for generations to come. Like when Lauren is 90 and her granddaughter or great-granddaughter is, just maybe, playing in the 2094 Ladies’ club championship.


SEPTEMBER 2019 | 3

Ladies’ on Screen Paul Bussiere GENERAL MANAGER’S MESSAGE

It’s been an interesting year at Ladies’. We’ve been fortunate to benefit from some external revenue this year and at the same time garnered some free media exposure. It started back in April when the new Netflix show “Spinning Out” approached us to film a scene for one of their episodes. They placed a car in one of the green side bunkers on 9A. This show is set to be released this fall.

others. They even did interviews with members Barb Veyvara and Selena Costabile and our professional staff of Jaime Steedman and Padraig Kelly. Great exposure and marketing for the club at no cost to us. Both of these Golf Channel programs should be airing in the new year. Next month we will be hosting yet another filming. This time Jason Priestley will be joining us and directing an episode of his hit tv series “Private Eyes”. Private Eyes airs on CTV and is filmed in and around Toronto. This episode is based around a celebrity pro-am golf tournament. Playing in this tournament aside from the stars of the show will be Mike Weir (PGA Tour player), Scott McGillivray (HGTV’s Income Property star), and Pascal Siakam (NBA Champion Toronto Raptor). It looks to be an interesting episode and filming will take place between September 18 and 25. Once the locations and timing have been set, we will be communicating where the filming will be and will do our best to limit any disruption, if any. We budgeted for an operating loss this year and all of this external revenue is going to help us get closer to that break-even mark. We’re very thankful and fortunate it came to us in a year like this as we prepare for the land sale. It is both great revenue and great exposure for the club.

The second opportunity came to us through the Golf Channel. The Golf Channel recently partnered with the guys from “Me and My Golf”. Me and My Golf is a YouTube channel started by Piers Ward and Andy Proudman. They consider Me and My Golf as “your very own digital golf coach, structured training program and global golfing community”. They filmed multiple episodes of their show here at Ladies’ that week and did a great job of communicating how beautiful our course is. Along with their show, the Golf Channel filmed a separate show called “Toughest Tracks”. This show profiles some of the world’s best golf courses. In Season 1 they profiled Royal Portrush, St. Andrews, TPC Sawgrass, and Quail Hollow amongst others. Ladies’ will be profiled right up there with the 4 | BEAUTY, GRIT & GRACE

Keep playing well, bring your guests and enjoy the rest of your summer!


September in the Gardens Cindy Chamandy HORTICULTURALIST

Summer may be coming to a close, but fall is my favourite time for golf and gardening! Fall is the time for collecting the harvests of a summer’s worth of growth in the veggie garden as well as re-evaluating what is working in the garden and what isn’t. With cooler temperatures on the way and hopefully a bit of rain (at night please!) it is the perfect time to divide and plant perennials. One thing I love about a garden is that it is a growing and changing thing. If there is something that just isn’t working - try moving things around to find the right balance. In a garden as large as Ladies’, it becomes a chain reaction once one plant is removed or divided. What shall we plant in that space and where shall we put the extras we’ve created by dividing? It’s a project that once you start, is hard to stop!

What are we harvesting from the veggie gardens in September? It seems that we are a bit behind this year in terms of plant growth - likely from the long, cold and wet spring. We still have plenty of cucumbers, tomatoes, buttercup squash, zucchini squash, beets, carrots, kale and Swiss chard. We are still harvesting lots of herbs and edible flowers as well. We’ve been able to almost completely fill our veggie needs in the kitchen this summer! I love seeing the creative ways Chef Umesh finds to cook with our fresh produce. Yum!

Before we begin the garden makeover, take some time to enjoy some of the later blooming perennials in the gardens. Stonecrop sedum is one of the easiest plants to grow in full sun and this is the time of year that it really shines. It features succulent-like leaves and a mop of pink on top that the bees love! Then there is the delicate blossom of the fall anemones. A light pink swirl of petals high above the foliage below. A bold splash of yellow from the black-eyed Susans and the purple spikes of Russian sage and the palette is complete. Of course, you can’t miss the giant hardy hibiscus beside the bench at the first tee!

Have a wonderful September, and I hope to see you in the garden!


SEPTEMBER 2019 | 5

Growing the Base! Alicia Milner FINANCE COMMITTEE, CHAIR

Six years ago, Ladies’ dreamed up the idea of enhancing its learning programs and establishing a golf academy. The Ladies’ Golf Academy (LGA) was premised on taking a fresh approach to teaching the game of golf to women of all ages and all skill levels. Ladies’ members benefitted from having access to a range of defined clinics that supplemented private lessons available from club professionals. Nonmembers benefitted from learning and improving their game, while being exposed to the potential to join Ladies’ when the time was right. Starting as a three-year trial in 2015, the LGA was formalized as a permanent Ladies’ initiative in 2018. The growth of the LGA has been nurtured by members and staff alike, and is led by Ladies’ Head Teaching Professional, Jaime Steedman, with management leadership from Paul Bussiere and Head Professional, Padraig Kelly. Jacquelin Jackson provides support including liaising with participants, prospects, and trial members. Laura Parrott, our Academy Administrator, also supports the LGA through the administration of the programs and communications to the participants. The LGA is having a record year with the most clinic spots filled since its inception with 40 member participants and 180 non-member participants as of the end of July. With respect to non-member participants, the LGA has grown from 143 in 2015 to 180 in July 2019. Another interesting trend has been the return of non-member participants who come back to take additional classes in subsequent years. These returnees are shown as the purple bars in the graph. In 2019, more than 20% of non-member participants returned to take another LGA clinic. The continued growth of the LGA is positive! Returning registrants reflect well on Ladies’ and on the caliber of the programs being delivered. The number of non-member participants over five years as well as communications to them are summarized in the infographic here or on the LGA page on the member website. Increased non-member involvement has


resulted in 42 new trial members and 17 new full members at Ladies’ over this period. This is the funnel that was envisioned when the LGA was launched as a trial five years ago!

We’ve learned that LGA participants can take several years before they might consider membership. Those that are new golfers need time and help building their confidence before they are comfortable going out on a course. For this reason, the LGA is structured with progressive clinics – we are now up to Get GolfReady Level 5! And this structure, along with the opportunity to participate in academy nights, helps keep participants who are not ready to consider a membership connected with the academy and the club. So, why the interest on the part of finance in the LGA which is clearly being well-managed by staff with strong oversight by the Marketing & Sales Advisory Committee? Well, in three words, the answer is, “ongoing financial sustainability.” Aggregate revenue over five years from the new trial and full members that can be traced to the LGA funnel represents an estimated $270K. The LGA also generates a modest profit based on revenue minus the direct costs associated with delivery.

Modelling done by the Net Proceeds Committee shows that, while the land sale net proceeds will allow for enhanced capital and project spending as well as for the establishment of a legacy fund, the club needs to relentlessly focus on membership retention and membership growth in order to ensure ongoing financial sustainability. Nothing matches the power of members paying annual dues! From a finance standpoint, the challenge is how Ladies’ can further capitalize on the LGA, so as to achieve the strategic plan goal of 300-350 full members by 2023. To date, and like many other golf clubs, we have not yet been able to reverse the trend of declining annual full membership, although our attrition this year was

lower than in recent years. The LGA is getting us part way there, but how can the club further leverage this channel? The LGA is a well-established and important part of Ladies’ and it needs to continue to be an area of focus as we refine our approach and look for ways to ensure that we are maximizing the benefit to the club.


SEPTEMBER 2019 | 7

A Busy Month for our 9H Section Kathy Constantinou 9H CAPTAIN

Although we are well past the midway point of the season, it seems as if we are just beginning. This last month held a number of events for the 9H section. We finally completed our 3rd round of the Flo Jowsey Trophy event. The weather had often plagued us during our Wednesday evening draw times, and the last round appeared to allude us. The winner of this event will be revealed during our Awards and Closing Dinner in October. This was the first time the 9H section had played the Beth Matheson as a round robin event between 2 sides of the draw. We thought it would be an easy task to have a winner from each side then play for the trophy. Surprisingly enough, 2 teams on the same side of the draw played so well that no matter how the scores were evaluated, they had tied for a spot in the final. Since they had posted a tied score in their first match against each other, it was back to the golf course. The tie was finally broken on the 8th hole, and we will have the final match between Jo-Anne


Applebaum and Mary Pat Frey against Carol HellerMepham and Sharon Anderson. Good luck to all! This month we also placed 2nd at the 9H Tri Club event at Thornhill. Ladies’ was represented by Sharon Anderson, Catherine Chan, Kathy Constantinou, Lauren Marshall, Carol Heller-Mepham and Brenda Touzot. Although we weren’t the winning team, we did manage to win the lowest net score and longest drive. The 9Hole Golf Association sponsors an annual event for all member clubs. This year 10 teams competed at the Toronto Golf Club in the Crystal Cup Trophy event. Ladies’ team of Sharon Anderson, Carol HellerMepham and Joan Elliott placed 2nd, and Mary Pat Frey, Jo-Anne Applebaum and Kathy Constantinou placed 4th.


Behind the Scenes John McLinden GOLF COURSE SUPERINTENDENT

Plan the work. Work the plan. This is an analogy we have used here at the maintenance facility for several years. Many hours are spent each year devising a plan that maximizes the efficiency of our labour budget, while having the least interference to golfers. When thinking about the time it takes to complete golf course maintenance tasks, we are really focusing on labour hours. Every maintenance task requires a certain amount of labour and equipment to complete in a given amount of time. If the timeframe shortens, more employees and equipment will be required to achieve the same level of course maintenance. If the available labour or equipment decreases, more time will be needed to complete the same tasks or fewer tasks will be completed. There is a direct link between time spent on maintenance and golf course conditions, there is no way around this concept. So, how can maintenance and golfer access be balanced? We can track the labour hours required to complete specific tasks. With this information, starting times for golf and maintenance can be coordinated so that maintenance is completed ahead of play, when staff can work most efficiently. Using our current tee time system makes it easier for maintenance work to proceed ahead of play because it takes time for golfers to make their way through the entire course. Shotgun events require maintenance to be completed in a tighter window because all holes will be occupied simultaneously when play begins. Good communication between the golf shop and the maintenance department is imperative for scheduling

maintenance according to daily starting times and special events. Golfers can do their part by respecting daily starting times. Our maintenance operations are carefully planned. Once maintenance is bogged down by golfer traffic, efficiency is dramatically reduced. This causes a domino effect throughout the day, potentially keeping important tasks from being completed. If this frequently happens, overall course conditions can suffer. During the summer, our day usually begins around 4:30 am where I meet with our assistant superintendents Amanda and Carol. As daily weather conditions have a huge impact on our planning, we must make adjustments accordingly every day. Staff begin to arrive shortly after 5:00 am with their tasks for the day posted in our lunchroom. They then make their way out on to the course at 5:30 am to begin their day. We have just over an hour to make our way ahead of golfers prior to the first tee time. Our busiest days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday as all areas of the course are mowed on these days. On these days’ greens, tees, approaches, fairways and rough are cut. In addition, greens are rolled, holes changed, tee blocks moved, fairways blown off and bunkers are raked. Many golfers may not even see this work being done as most of these tasks are completed by 9:00 am allowing staff to concentrate on areas off to the side on the golf course.


SEPTEMBER 2019 | 9

Quad Club Update Shawna Kamien LADIES’ MEMBER

A strong lead heading into the final event at Thornhill on August 22, was enough to keep Ladies’ in first place and bring the overall championship trophy back home for yet another year. Many thanks to Jill Mason, Gloria Downey, Margaret Auld, Leslie Wilson, Elly Muchnik, Cathy Shaw, Dee McKenzie and Mona Mausberg, and


to all the players who participated in Quad Club over this season. It’s been a great year! Way to Go Ladies’!


Sydney Mulqueen Tournament Carol Brown CONVENOR

The Sydney Mulqueen Tournament has been played since 1964 with 13 clubs invited. Each club sends a 4-person team made up of its lowest handicap players. This year the tournament was played at Weston G & CC on August 19, and it will be at Credit Valley in 2020.

overall. Of the 13 participating clubs Ladies’ placed 8th for gross score, 7th for net, and 5th for better ball (2 lowest scores of each team). Overall, our score was quite respectable, as many clubs fielded 4 single-digit handicap players.

We went, we played, we did reasonably well. Weston copper tees play 5524 yards, like our yellows and are par 74. The scores for the field were quite high, as players struggled with the greens’ inconsistencies. However, the weather was beautiful and pace of play excellent.

Congratulations to our team of Lauren Zaretsky, Lily Liu, Jill Mason and Peta Lomberg. We applaud your efforts!

Lauren Zaretsky did exceptionally well with a gross score of 75 (one over) plus her handicap stroke which netted her at 76. She was the second low gross


SEPTEMBER 2019 | 11

Our Golf Shop Evolution Margaret Auld ARCHIVES COMMITTEE CHAIR

The Golf Shop (or pro shop as it was known for many years) has evolved through several renovations. Some were minor and some were major. The photograph below, we believe, was taken in the early ‘40’s. The pro shop is on the left with what is probably the turf care centre on the right. In the early years, most members carried their clubs in light, small canvas bags which were collected by the head professional Matt Brown (1947 to 1956), taken to the back of the pro shop where his wife cleaned all the clubs.

Our pro shop was very small. Bill Whitcombe, Head Pro from 1956 to 1959, said, “I worked out of the corner of a framed building that was also the club storage and repair shop area. I had a space about the size of a small closet in the corner, with a counter to register members and to handle green fees.” Honorary members, Barbara Veyvara and Pauline Hogarth, remember Mrs. McQueen, the club secretary, also worked out of the pro shop in a little office at the back. The next photograph shows the pro shop was expanded to house the club office, a bedroom, shower and washroom. It was added sometime between 1956 and 1965 but we have not been able to determine exactly when this happened.


The first “major” renovation came in 1973 at a cost of $39,000 which is about $220,000 in 2019 dollars. The original plans called for electrical and plumbing improvements, excavation under the main section of the building, for storage of bags, carts and electrical carts as well as improvement to the upper level of the pro shop and office space. As is usually the case, when a renovation is undertaken, there are surprises. During the excavation a 40-ton tank was discovered. It turned out that the tank was holding up the building and that most of the supports were completely rotten. A section of the building was not below frost level so had to be excavated and a wall built. The list of surprises goes on, but you get the idea. The pro shop was in very bad shape. Over the years there were internal changes to the pro shop and the office space but eventually the building had to be replaced. It was in bad shape yet again. Here is a list of reasons for replacing the entire building: •

Club storage was not big enough and the storage rack could not accommodate the longer clubs • There were a lot of riding carts that could not be stored indoors • The charging station for members’ cart batteries was inadequate • The locker room for guest card holders that was in the basement of the pro shop was a disgrace • The rodents in the basement were winning • Roots were coming up through the drains in the shower • The roof needed replacing • The retail space always too small and overall appearance was dowdy. The decision was made in 1998 to demolish the building and build a new pro shop. The teardown began in the fall of 1998 with construction of the new pro shop continuing through the winter and spring of 1999. The photographs on the next page give you some idea of the teardown and construction of the new pro shop. All of the photographs are pre-digital and of poor quality, but they do give you an idea of what happened.




The big dig.

Starting to look like a pro shop.



Our Head Pro M-J Hall rescued the flag.

Almost there but needed a temporary pro shop in the trailer.

The Golf Shop before the trees grew up. SEPTEMBER 2019 | 13

Late Season Events and Request for Suggestions Eiko Aki GOLF COMMITTEE, CHAIR

Mixed Member Guest Event This year our Mixed Member Guest Event, “50 Shades of Green”, will be held on Sunday, September 8. It is open to full, associate, unlimited trial, intermediate members and guest card holders. Each team must be comprised of one male and one female. Please sign up for what promises to be a very fun day! 1 pm shotgun, modified chapman format. The cost is $190 per team with dinner and prizes included!

can sign up as an individual or as a group and guests are more than welcome. Participation is the name of the game! It is a 9:00 am shotgun with a step-aside scramble format. Play is from any set of tees and there will be on-course competitions. Play will be followed by a tasty lunch! This event is limited to the first 100 participants so don’t wait to sign up! Members/Gold GCH/Social Members - $75 Silver GCH - $105,

Monday Fun Day

Guests - $120

Our final Monday Fun Day of the season will be held on September 9. We will play 11 holes from various tees, with lunch and prizes following. These events have been very popular and lots of fun. Please consider signing up, especially if you haven’t played in one yet!

Suggestions for Next Season

Sign up on GGGolf or in the Golf Shop. Ada Mackenzie Fall Classic Our last formal event of the season is the Ada Mackenzie Fall Classic on Sunday, October 6. You


The Golf Committee always welcomes input from members. If you have any suggestions for events or tournaments for the 2020 season, or anything related to the Golf Committee, please email Eiko Aki at Eikoaki@gmail.com.


Ada Mackenzie Fall Classic

Sunday, October 6 Registration - 8:00 AM Shotgun - 9:00 AM Lunch to follow Step-aside scramble format Back by popular demand - reverse draw! Play from your regular tees On-course competitions Guests are more than welcome! Sign-up as an individual or as a group. Participation is the name of the game! Members/Gold GCH/Social Members -$75 Silver GCH $105 Guests $120

SEPTEMBER 2019 | 15

Club Championship Tricia Thomas CLUB EVENTS COORDINATOR

The golf course was absolutely beautiful, and Mother Nature did her best, especially on Saturday, setting the stage for a wonderful event and trying to make up for the rain out two weeks ago. Proving we aren’t fair weather golfers, we carried on, pleased we had umbrellas on Sunday afternoon. Thank you to all the golfers who added to the fun and competition in this year’s club championship. Although we expected our talented youngster to ‘3peat’, Lauren did so with style and grace and posted a first round 69, getting closer to the course record. Just to top off her day, Lauren also won the low net trophy thrilling her parents and her grandparents and at the same time edging out our president, Betty Chee, who won the 2nd low net. Peta Lomberg and Carol Brown also played well to win third low net. Susan Wickware, with her new clubs, was the runner up in the low gross category and won the 65+ championship. Peta Lomberg finished third in the low gross category.


Showing us that age has no boundaries to golf talent, Mita Kobayashi won low gross in the red flight and Georgia Leon finished first in the low net category, with Kathleen Kynoch following in second place. A special thank you to all the golfers who participated in the two-day club stableford event. Bev Moir was our winner and Melanie Wengle scored well as runner up. The first place setup award goes to our golf staff and grounds crew who must have slept at the club in order to have everything in place for our two early morning starts. Thank you also to our volunteers and brave spectators who came to cheer on the golfers. The speedy response award must be presented to the clubhouse staff for providing champagne and food at a moment’s notice. On behalf of your Golf Committee, well done everyone!


Cooking with Ladies’ Umesh Diwaker EXECUTIVE CHEF

Now in its second year, Ladies’ annual cooking class was once again an overwhelming success! Last year’s event made such an impression on our members that this year’s cooking class sold out almost immediately, with many members returning for their second year. The evening started with welcoming wine and cheese on the verandah, and once everyone was accounted for the “master chefs in training” headed to their stations to get suited up in a Ladies’ apron and chef’s hat. Dressed the part, the group headed out to our gardens to pick some fresh produce, herbs, and edible flowers to add to their dishes. Our extremely knowledgeable horticulturalist, Cindy Chamandy, was on hand to answer any questions. Being able to showcase Ladies’ farm-to-table cooking style was extremely rewarding. Back at their stations, the fun began, starting with dessert! Inspired by our beautiful gardens, I decided to include lavender infused lemon curd, in this year’s class. After a quick demonstration on the art of plating, everyone was left to their own creativity – and the results were impressive! Next, we made a caprese salad with our garden grown heirloom tomatoes,

bocconcini, basil drizzle, and vinaigrette. Once again, creativity was encouraged, and everyone excelled at improvising the look of their own dishes. The main course took it up a notch, and I seared white striped Australian lamb which was then coated with fresh herbs and Dijon mustard by our cooking class participants. In the end, we all sat down family style and enjoyed the dishes we created. The food was delicious, and I was truly impressed by what everyone created. The entire night really was magical, from the perfect weather, to the aromatic smells, to the sight of everyone having fun and interacting. It was extremely rewarding to once again share my knowledge of cooking and I am already looking forward to the next event in 2020! I am very thankful to the members, GCHs, guests, my team and servers who all made this evening such a success. And last but certainly not least, I am thankful for my talented sous chef, Akshay!

Chef Umesh

SEPTEMBER 2019 | 17

Soak Up the Last of Summer Fun Jo-Anne Applebaum ENGAGEMENT COMMITTEE, CHAIR

When I look back at the September 2018 BGG article written on behalf of the Engagement Committee, we highlighted four key things we all love to do at the club when we are not golfing: 1) Drink wine 2) Attend fun food events 3) Enjoy good books to read 4) Listen to interesting guest speakers I hope you all agree that there has been a great emphasis this summer on accomplishing this. We had over 100 people attend the Jazz & Rib night on Saturday, August 24. Chef Umesh, Romualdo and all their staff worked so hard to make this a very enjoyable & magical evening. We can’t thank them enough for all the planning and the excellent execution. It was great to see so many people out with their friends and family as both the lawn & patio were packed. On Thursday, August 29 Umesh had his second annual cooking class which sold out very quickly. Everyone who attended raved about the quality of the food and the fun they had. Cathy Tile returned to Ladies’ for the second time this season on Tuesday, Sept 3. She discussed “Washington Black”, the acclaimed novel by Canadian writer, Esi Edugyan. On Thursday, September 12 Terry Fallis will be back 18 | BEAUTY, GRIT & GRACE

by popular demand. He will be presenting his new novel “Albatross” which highlights Ladies’ Golf Club in the first chapter. On Wednesday, September 25 at 7:00 pm Jamie Harris, the incoming President for the Stanley Thompson Society, will be presenting some informative and educational information and will do a short reading from his recently written book “Stanley Thompson and Icons of Canada: A history and a biography” (which also includes Ladies’). It will be an outstanding event you will not want to miss! Please register online or email Sabrina at achm@ladiesgolf. com. Friday, September 27: If you haven’t seen it already, now is your chance to see “Billy Elliot”, the musical. The annual trip to Stratford includes breakfast, lunch at The Bruce and transportation. For more information please call Jody in the office at 905 889-3531 x301. Saturday, September 28: There will be another family fun event with a Hawaiian theme. More information to come! September is a beautiful month at the club and there is still lots of golf to play and more exciting events for the remainder of the 2019 season. Hope to see you out soon!


Guest Card Holder Corner Dylan Cattanach ASSOCIATE GOLF PROFESSIONAL

Guest card holders have had a busy month – and a couple congratulations are in order. First of all, I would like to congratulate Lorne Eidinger on his big win this past weekend at the 2019 CGH championship. Way to go Lorne! I would like to thank the other guest card holders who participated in both days. I hope you enjoyed yourself and we hope to see you back out next year! Secondly, congratulations to Dave Stock for his hole in one on August 5 on the 3rd hole. This is Dave’s second hole-in-one at Ladies’ and 5th in his career! Way to go Dave!

With the final two months left of the 2019 golf season, I want to take the time to talk about the remaining golf events for guest card holders. The mixed member guest event is quickly approaching on September 8. If you are interested in playing with a member or female guest, please sign up on GGGolf as this is one of the most fun events of the year! Additionally, the Ada Mackenzie Fall Classic is on October 6, this is a fun, unique event and our last club tournament of the season! Sign-up available on GGGolf.


Join us for these special events! September 8 Mixed Member Guest Event September 27 Stratford Bus Trip - Billy Elliot September 28 Luau Night October 6 Ada Mackenzie Fall Classic

SEPTEMBER 2019 | 19


SEPTEMBER 2019 | 21

Buy 2020, play 2019 on us!

Fall Special Join for 2020 at our 2019 price and play the rest of this season on us! For Women

For Men

Unlimited Trial $4,600

Gold Guest Card Holder $5,050

Join now as an unlimited trial member for 2020 and play unlimited rounds for the rest of this season on us. Includes full access to the practice facilities and clubhouse.

Join now as a gold guest card holder for 2020 and play unlimited rounds for the rest of this season on us.

Silver Guest Card Holder $1,250

Join now as a silver guest card holder for 2020 to lock in this year’s access fee and pay as you play for the rest of 2019.

For more information please contact Jacquelin Jackson 905-889-3531 Ext.308 jjackson@ladiesgolfclub.com


September 2019















18H Draw

9H Draw Section Championship Round 1

Pub Night

18H Draw


Doors Open Markham

Club Championship Day 2

Book Club with Cathy Tile






Mixed Member Guest Day

Tri Club @ Donalda

Hazel Hudson

9H Draw Section

Pub Night

18H Draw




Prime Rib Night

Monday Fun Event



Round 2 & Dinner Book Club with Terry Fallis

Duplicate Bridge 15







Ladies’ Solheim Cup

Duplicate Bridge

18H Draw

9H Draw

Purple Hat Tournament

Wine Dinner

18H Draw

Pub Night Mahjong 22







Duplicate Bridge

18H Draw

Host 9H Interclub

Pub Night

Stratford Trip

18H Draw

Magical Mystery Tournament

9H Draw


Luau Night

Stanley Thompson Society Presentation 29

30 Duplicate Bridge

SEPTEMBER 2019 | 23

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Beauty, grit, & grace - September 2019  

Beauty, grit, & grace - September 2019