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Beauty, grit & grace September 2018

Something for everyone Monica McIntosh PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE

I had the pleasure of playing in the Night Golf event this month. It was great fun seeing the course lit up with LED lights, trying out a golf ball launcher, playing games, and of course sampling the excellent late night snack bar! Night Golf has its own unique challenges – well, at least for me it did. It’s difficult to align your clubface with a spot on the ground in front of the ball when you can’t actually see the ground in front of you! There has been so many opportunities to sample what our amazing club has to offer: Cooking Class and the Wine and Cheese Chardonnay events were great successes; it was fascinating to hear our own Alison Lam speak about the aviation industry and how planes are cleaned and there was plenty to learn from Tom Vassos on astronomy; there were food theme nights, section and golf events; and the Club Championship was exciting as always – congratulations to our repeating Club Champion Lauren Zaretsky! And that was just August. The calendar has been very busy indeed. It continues into September, with a Cathy Tile book review, Mixed Member Guest Day, the Hazel Hudson, Ladies’ Ryder Cup, the new Purple Hat Tournament, the Ada Mackenzie Fall Classic, and of course the Stratford Bus Trip to see The Music Man.

we continue to offer that a portion of their Unlimited Trial fee will be credited towards the entrance fee if they decide to join by September 30 of next year. There is also a Fall Special for new Guest Card Holders. Loryn Ingham is the person to contact at 905-889-3531 extension 308, or email her at loryn@ladiesgolfclub.com. For Members who are keen to contribute their time and talent to Ladies’, now is the time for identifying potential candidates for adding to our Standing Committees and the Board for next year. If you are a team-player and have relevant background or skills, please fill out a nomination form available in the office. Update on planning activities Late July, 85 Members participated in four workshops on themes about our future direction. These consultation sessions yielded broad Member perspectives which will be used by three ad hoc committees: Strategic Planning, Land Sale Net Proceeds Strategy, and Land Sale Course Planning. Here is a high level summary: • Improvements to the golf experience was a point that attracted close to unanimous support. Improvements to dining/clubhouse was a strong second.

I hope you are taking advantage of the many interesting and fun events that are being offered. Check the calendar frequently – there is something for everyone!

• There was an appreciation of the role of the Ladies’ Golf Academy (LGA) in developing the member funnel and Members were generally supportive of continuing to grow the LGA.

With so much to engage in, share the fun and encourage anyone who might want to try us out to join as an Unlimited Trial for next year. Now is the best time with the Fall Special. Any Unlimited Trial who signs up now can play the rest of the fall at no additional charge, plus

• On broadening our target market, opinions were more mixed. A slight majority indicated support for pursuing a younger membership. Support for growing Guest Card Holder (GCH) numbers was more neutral.


Coming out of these broad perspectives there are key questions which need further consideration. Our next steps include a survey and focus groups to further enlist the help of Members. Please write to us at planning@ladiesgolfclub.com if you have any further comments or suggestions. The Land Sale Net Proceeds Strategy Committee is continuing to conduct research and will conclude this activity by the end of September. Two working groups have been created to dig deeper into the possible frameworks for use of funds over the nearer term (roughly, the next 10 years) and the longer term (after 10 years) which also includes financial modelling. The Land Sale Course Planning Committee is in the process of interviewing three architects having

experience working with Stanley Thompson courses. These meetings will conclude in early September. Following that, conceptual designs will be developed adhering to the principles and criteria previously established and communicated (see BG&G August issue). As this process continues there will be opportunities for Member input. The Land Project Steering Committee Phase 3 continues to be in the waiting stage of the project until we receive Markham’s formal comments on the application.

Monica SEPTEMBER 2018 | 3


Congratulations Paul Bussiere GENERAL MANAGER’S MESSAGE

With school starting, we say good-bye and thank you to our wonderful staff who have worked tirelessly for us all summer. We will also be saying hello to new staff and spending the next few weeks getting them trained and up to speed. If you see any new faces in our staff, please be sure to say hello and introduce yourself. They have a lot of faces to remember and any help you can provide goes a long way. We also said good-bye to Shelby Rowland in August. Shelby left us after five months to take a full-time position at Scarboro Golf and Country Club. We wish Shelby well and thank her for her contribution to the club. We are currently interviewing candidates for the role of Communications and Social Media Manager and hope to have someone in place soon.

having fun. We have a new guest green fee special happening in September, so please bring your guests out for a wonderful Ladies’ experience. There’s a lot more golf to be played this year and I hope to see you on the course soon.


I would also like to congratulate Loryn Ingham as she is now expecting her second child and will be taking a maternity leave early in the new year. Jacquelin Jackson will be returning from her maternity leave in the spring and will fill in for Loryn while she is away. August was definitely a busy month with many events. I would like to offer my congratulations to our two-time defending Club Champion, Lauren Zaretsky. What she has been able to accomplish at her age is outstanding and she is a great ambassador for Ladies’. Congratulations also goes out to all of the other competitors and winners from the different flights and competitions, including Kathy Hill who shot a career best 77 in round 2 of the Championship. There are still many more events in September and October and I hope to see everyone out and

SEPTEMBER 2018 | 5


Cooking with Ladies’ Umesh DiWaker EXECUTIVE CHEF

Warm culinary regards from Ladies’ kitchen to all of our Members! I am taking this opportunity to describe the wonderful experience we all had at our first ever Cooking Class on August 9, 2018. We started with a great welcoming that included a wine and cheese station on the verandah - with an amazing view, of course! Everyone enjoyed catching up and then chose their partners. It was a bit rainy that day but we managed to get some time out on the lawn and in Chef’s herb garden to pick some fresh produce and herbs to create our first course. We included heirloom tomatoes, edible flowers, fresh basil, amaranth leaves, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, kale and many other fresh herbs. To begin the class, I took a moment to thank the lady behind the beautiful gardens of our Club, Horticulturalist, Cindy Chamandy. Cindy and her team have done an amazing job of maintaining our beautiful Vegetable Bistro!

Prawn curry was the main course, which consists of various spices like turmeric clove, coriander, ginger, cumin and curry leaves. The whole space was fragrant with an wonderful aroma from cooking the spices together. This dish was very mildly spiced and subtle, as we added coconut milk. Everyone excelled when it came to this dish - it was perfection! In the end, we all sat down in family style and enjoyed the dishes we created. The food was so tasty! It was so rewarding to share my knowledge of cooking with our Members that night. I am very thankful to the Members, my team and servers who all made this evening such a success. Last but not least - I am so thankful to Marlene Metzger for capturing the evening on camera, for all of us to share with you!

Chef Umesh

Each cooking station had a Ladies’ logo apron, recipe card, chopping board, knife, chef’s hat, a portable stove and some other essentials. We began our cooking with the dessert – a mango pannacotta guided by Sous Chef Isabelle and me. Each participant made at least 6 to 7 portions with their name on the jars and we served that as our dessert feature for prime rib night the next day. It was such a fun experience for Members to make the connection at Prime rib night! Next, we made a Caprese salad with our garden grown heirloom tomatoes & burrata cheese with a fresh basil and lemon emulsion. It was so much fun! Everyone had a chance to be creative and improvise the look of their own dish.

SEPTEMBER 2018 | 7

Pace of play and posting rates Eiko Aki GOLF COMMITEE, CHAIR

Simple Tips to Speed up Pace of Play Pace of Play at Ladies’ is set at 4 hours and 20 minutes. This can, of course, be affected by player behaviour, skill level and how busy the course is on a given day. There is no question that a slow pace has a negative effect on our enjoyment of the round. This doesn’t mean we need to race around the course! We just need to play a little more efficiently. Follow these tips to improve pace of play: • Tee it forward! Play the tees best suited for your ability level. • Play ready golf. Don’t worry about who has “the honours”, or whether someone’s ball is a few yards behind yours when you’re ready to hit and they are not.

handicap, it is important to accurately post all of your eligible scores. The posting percentage shown on GGGolf is based only on games played at Ladies’ but it is also important to post rounds played at other courses. Currently, we require a posting percentage of at least 75% to enter competitions but a higher percentage is definitely preferable. GGGolf will prompt you to post a score after a round. You may either enter a score or choose a reason for not entering one – such as playing a scramble or other format where you are not playing your own ball, playing a practice round with more than one ball, etc. Remember, your handicap is calculated using the best 10 rounds out of your last 20, so a bad round or two is not a big deal!

• Park your carts on the way to the next hole and mark your score when you get there.

If competition isn’t your thing, you may still wish to consider establishing an accurate handicap. It is the best barometer of your golfing abilities and it allows you to measure your own progress. You never know when you might want to enter into a friendly competition!

• If you are really struggling on a hole, and you are not in a tournament, pick up, move on and record your maximum.


• Go straight to your next shot as soon as it is safe to walk ahead. This will minimize the time between shots.

• Keep up with the group in front of you, not the one behind you. • Talk to your friends after you hit. Why are we Hearing so Much about Posting Rates? If you want to take part in Golf Competitions, at Ladies’ or elsewhere, it is important to have an accurate handicap. In order to have an accurate 8 | BEAUTY, GRIT & GRACE

Way to go Ladies’! Carol Brown CONVENOR

Congratulations to Margaret Auld, Carol Brown, Michèle Bussières, Betty Chee, Gloria Downey, Jan Flott, Shawna Kamien, Jane Kirkpatrick, Siobhan Lee, Lily Liu, Peta Lomberg, Nancy MacTavish, Mona Mausberg, Jill Mason, Dee McKenzie and Denise Tobin.

Tri Club 2018

18 Hole Interclub Events We are fortunate to have many opportunities at Ladies’ to show off our wonderful club and then to play away at some amazing courses throughout the season. Between our Tri and Quad Club affiliations we get quite a variety of course conditions and different formats to practise our 18 hole game. Some ladies prefer the partnership and stableford format, while others like to challenge themselves to individual match play. Either way, our Interclubs have something for everyone! We encourage all of you to consider joining us next year as you read these reports and see what fun we had.

Quad Club 2018 After four strong showings at the Quad Club events, Ladies’ won the Champions trophy once again. The weather cooperated beautifully, and our players appreciated the opportunity to play at Scarboro, Summit and Thornhill. The Stableford format allows high and low handicappers to participate together and playing with a partner adds a wonderful team component to the events. A total of 16 different Ladies’ players contributed to our victory this year.

Our Tri Club events got off to a great start in June as we played at Ladies’. We managed to highlight our amazing course and enjoyed a delicious meal. Our next stop was at Brampton G&CC where we continued to work on our match play skills and added a few new names to our players’ list. Finally, we closed out the season at Donalda G&CC with a few more new team faces and continued to improve our scores. Our players showed great enthusiasm as they played two concurrent matches at each event and were wonderful sports. A great big thanks goes out to all those who made up our teams. The number of first timers speaks much to the increased interest in this format. We continue to come up with ideas to encourage this type of 18 Hole Interclub participation. Congratulations to Michèle Bussières, Kathy Constantinou, Catherine Fauquier, Sue Finlayson, Jan Flott, Wendy Girvan, Shawna Kamien, Diana Kerbel, Hanya Kizemchuk, Donna LePan, Verna Lister, Peta Lomberg, Jill Mason, Mona Mausberg, Monica McIntosh, Dee McKenzie, Elly Muchnik, Susan Nanni, Deborah Pankhurst, Maria Rico, Denise Tobin and Virginia West! We are already looking forward to next year!

Carol SEPTEMBER 2018 | 9

The beauty of 9 Krisanne Knickle & Kathy Constantinou 9H CO - CAPTAINS

As the season moves into the final months, July and August have been busy with many of our section Members competing in 4 ball Match Play competitions and other tournaments. Many of our 9 hole players have played very well in the 18 hole club events. On August 12, Ladies’ hosted our annual 9 Hole Tri Club event in which 6 of our Members represented Ladies’. Congratulations to: Mary Pat Frey, Eleanor Canavan, Deb Doyle, Wanda Ho, Kathy Constantinou, and Jean Davy, for winning the Tri Club Plaque. The “Think Pink for the Cure” shotgun on July 18 was well attended by 36 players and 2 social seniors. With separate games on each hole (yes, even a “pink” mannequin), lots of fun was had by all regardless of the serious topic discussed over dinner. It was encouraging to see the commitment for an important cause. The Crystal Tournament took place August 16 and once again was hosted here at Ladies’. Our convenors, Sharon Anderson and Carol HellerMepham, are commended for their hard work hosting


a well-organized tournament that has received many accolades. Golf Shop and Clubhouse staff all outdid themselves to share Ladies’ hospitality to all visiting teams. August has seen more rain than the rest of the season and resulted in the cancellation of two of our shotguns and other Wednesday games. Consequently, the 9 hole section games will be extended by two weeks into October with the Closing Awards Dinner being rescheduled until October 17. We hope that Members will take advantage of the cooler weather of the month of September, to continue enjoying the game.

Kath y & Krisanne

Purple Purple Hat Hat Tournament Thursday, September 20, 2018 9:00 AM Shotgun $25 + hst 11 Holes of golf from the purple tees! 56 spots available Sign-up on GGGolf today!

SEPTEMBER 2018 | 11

The challenge of 18 Jan Flott 18H CAPTAIN

Match Play Update We started the season with about 90 different Members of the 18H section being involved in the seven events. All of the matches are in the final stages with just four teams or Members left in each. If you played in the matches with the new Round Robin format you will soon be asked to comment about the change. Please take a few minutes to tell us about your experience so we can decide on the formats for next year. Special Pins Did you do something special this season and break 80, 90 or 100 for the first time at Ladies’? There are special pins which we order to celebrate that feat from any tee. Please send me an email if you have qualified to earn a pin. If you know of someone who accomplished this feat and is too shy, write on her behalf. The pin looks great on a hat. Ms. Congeniality If you have played with a lot of different Members over the season, please enter the “Ms. Congeniality” contest. There will be two winners, the one from 18H and the one from 9H who have played with the greatest number of Members in 2018. If you have not kept track of all the names, you can go to GGGolf


and look under Handicap/Groups and then Games played and it will list all the dates and partners you have played with all summer. Deadline for submission of your list of names will be Friday September 21, so there is lots of time after that to pick a day for that special dinner or lunch prepared by Chef Umesh. Read the weekly eblasts to see what to do with your list of names. Awards Dinner Our special dinner on Thursday October 18, is not only a time to visit with all the Members you played with over the summer but also a time to meet some new Members whose faces you have studied in our Rogues Gallery and to celebrate all the Members who won different events. There are also prizes for chipins and handicap reduction. (Did anyone actually do that this summer?) Many of our Members had holesin-one so they might want to tell us their stories. So please mark your calendars and attend the dinner to celebrate how lucky we all are to belong to Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto.


SEPTEMBER 2018 | 13

Enjoying what’s left of summer golf and looking ahead to Fall! Yvonne Bland FINANCE COMMITTEE, CHAIR

It has been an incredible summer of sun, heat, and more sunny weather. Unlike last year when we all needed to have our umbrellas and rain jackets at the ready, this year many Members have been planning their golf outings to avoid the intense mid-day heat, while still putting on the sunscreen and finding opportunities to get out and enjoy the fine weather. For those who were able to attend the Mid-Season Update, you will have some idea of where we are at in terms of the Club’s finances this season. The Finance Committee recently reviewed updated financials to the end of July and the summary table below provides some key highlights. Note that the composition of our Guest Card Holder (GCH) group has shifted slightly with an increase in Gold GCHs and a decrease in Silver GCHs. This change means fewer GCHs in total, but more revenues as the Gold GCHs pay significantly higher fees compared to Silver. The Golf Academy is on track with roughly 200 registrants and the Golf Shop is on pace for a great season in terms of sales of clothing and other merchandise. The reforecasting process is well underway for the


2018 season, as we seek to ensure that costs do not exceed available revenues. Management has already identified areas that need to be addressed to ensure we come in on overall budget. We are all conscious that some early season costs and loss of revenues will be difficult to make up so we will be trimming back some costs to minimize losses wherever possible. Looking ahead to September, we will begin to develop our 2019 operating and capital budgets, mindful of the ongoing need to live within our means, while ensuring that Members have an excellent golf and dining experience at Ladies’.

Yvonne & Alicia


July 31, 2018 YTD Results

What is happening or what we can all do

Membership/GCH Numbers

As compared to budget, we are: • Full Members under by 2 (303 actual) • GCH Silver under by 16 (94 actual) • GCH Gold over by 6 (36 actual) • Clubhouse/Social/Non-resident under by 9 (110 actual) • Unlimited Trials under by 8 (18 actual) • Limited Trials (8 week) at 5 • Golf Academy at 192 registrants • Medical over by 4 (10 actual) The GCH gold fees compensated for the lost GCH silver fees. Budgeted Membership revenue is reforecast by $54,000 less.

• Work to convert our Unlimited Trials – please encourage them to play and take advantage of the Club • Continue to attract new Members and GCHs • Promote the Golf Academy programs – still time to take a lesson! • Encourage newcomers to take advantage of the 2018-19 Unlimited Trial program


• We are just below budget on revenue, but had savings on food costs • The use of fresh produce and flowers grown at Ladies’ as well as honey from our hives has been well-received! • Staff turnover is increasing as we approach the start of the school year, so new staff recruitment and training costs are up. The job market is tough this year!

• Sign up and join in for one of the many social events or special food evenings • Stay for a meal after golfing • Promote our Clubhouse for personal or business functions • Have a snack at the Halfway House which will help towards your October 31 minimum

Golf Shop

• We are ahead on revenues to budget • Inventory levels are being actively managed • Golf Academy has 192 registrants as well as 75 participants in its “Women in Corporate Golf” clinic

• Still great styles for both golf and other social events with some fall styles (male and female) • Shop until you drop • Test drive some new clubs – your handicap might love it • Check out single demo club options for purchase

Course and Grounds and Capital Expenditures

• We are slightly over budget on operating costs, but expect to be able to find savings to offset costs for the remainder of the season • We are on track for capital expenditures • We are in the process of replacing our fleet of 36 carts with new carts to be available later this Fall • A couple of unexpected capital costs, e.g. septic tank motor, have been incorporated into the 2018 capital budget

• Watch for and enjoy our new carts when they arrive! • Enjoy the course in its “summer state” before the Fall colours changes begin • Fix our divots and ball marks to keep us in ship shape • Management will be able to make some capital savings to cover the unexpected costs

Green Fees/Cart Fees

• Are approximately 20% behind budget • Tournament revenue is behind, but it is expected that there may be some recovery before the end of the season

• Bring guests • Host golf events • Manage the pace of play so guests want to come back! • Use our great 9H cart service if a little hot( or wet)!

Land Project Budget

• No further reserves drawn since November 30, 2017

• $198,000 remains from $350,000 land sale deposit.

SEPTEMBER 2018 | 15

Celebrating our history on which we build our future Michèle Bussières ARCHIVES COMMITTEE, CHAIR

One of the first things that most people note, when they see Ladies’ for the first time, is the beauty and the sense of history that permeates everything you see when you “come across the bridge”. This sense of history is immediately evident in the gracious Clubhouse which was originally the Watson family country home. As described in the writings of one of our charter Members, Hazel Hudson, “of about twenty properties inspected by Miss Mackenzie, the Watson Estate at Thornhill was finally decided upon. This property was purchased and the choice proved to be quite ideal, comprising as it does some 130 acres of gently rolling country, with many beautiful trees and a branch of the Don River running through the valley. It also has the additional advantage of accessibility, being only a few miles from Toronto city limits. The very attractive house built in 1923, with its large sitting rooms and ample bedroom accommodations proved a delightful modern club house, particularly appreciated by out of town Members”. While there is little in our written history to describe the fun that was had in the upper floor, when there were bedrooms and a “lounge”, stories told by some of our long time Members suggest that the tradition of the 19th hole was alive and well from our earliest days. Rumour even has it that the lack of a liquor license (not obtained until 1990) was a minor deterrent to the socializing that was an important part of life at Ladies’ from the earliest days. The original name of our Club was Ladies’ Golf and Tennis Club of Toronto, Limited. The tennis courts


were located east of the drive-way as it turns to come up by the Clubhouse. The Charter was later changed to Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto Limited, as the tennis courts were no longer in use. The sense of history continues out onto the course itself. It is hard not to tee up on the first tee and think about the generations of Members and guests who have stood in the same place and looked out with a sense of hope (will this be the day I finally break 100/90/80?) and sense of wonder that a place of such beauty and peace is available to us so close to the city. That sense of history continues around the course, which, although it has gone through many changes and modifications over the years, continues to provide what our founder described as a “course with some modifications that suited the woman player, while still providing a challenge and enjoyable game for the male golfer.” So, the next time you “come across the bridge” take a moment to enjoy the sense of history and the rich heritage that underpins our future.


Tennis courts in foreground - looking north from below the 17th tee (prior to 1940).

Watson Estate/Clubhouse - 1924. Note there is no Garden Room or front patio these were much later additions.

Marjorie McKenzie putts while Ada Mackenzie holds the flag. (1949)

Wednesday’s supervised bridge Resumes September 4, after a six week hiatus!

Join us at 6:45pm, one of or all of the Wednesday nights, from now until Thanksgiving. For more information, please contact Jan Flott.

SEPTEMBER 2018 | 17

What a wonderful summer! Jo-Anne Applebaum ENGAGEMENT COMMITTEE , CHAIR

What a wonderful month of activities at Ladies’! Since my last update, Pat Butler, an active Ladies’ Member, gave an amazing presentation on July 19 about her book “Thanks for Leaving Me”. The book documents Pat’s life following 41 years of marriage, culminating in a fantastic wedding celebration in the Caribbean with her children and grandchildren celebrating her new found love. What a marvellous story! The evening began with a wonderful Italian Night food station event, with Sous Chef Isabelle creating “made to order” pasta dishes in front of our eyes. Incredibly tasty! As promised, Chef Umesh conducted a superb Cooking Class on August 9. The eager wannabe chefs listened to every word and created an amazing Indian dinner. The highlight of the feast was a shrimp curry, that was served to other Members that night. What a treat! We look forward to our next Cooking Class! On August 11, we welcomed Tom Vassos, the acclaimed University professor and lecturer, to Ladies’. Tom gave those in attendance a fascinating tour of the universe, with his award-winning and inspirational photographs. The 36 avid listeners were awed by him and his presentation, and the “wows” emanating from them on the way out, were almost deafening! If you missed this, you missed something truly special. Tom can be seen on many YouTube videos. They are well worth a watch.


The Chardonnay and Cheese Tasting event was also an overwhelming success on August 14. Elizabeth Clinton, representing Rogers and Company, put on quite a display. Pairing seven beautiful wines with delectable cheeses had everyone enthralled. Hosting this event in the Garden Bistro made the evening very special. What a charming venue for those 12 fortunate people. Our September events to mark in your calendars are: Tuesday, September 4: Cathy Tile’s Book Club, “Exit West” ($20 - please RSVP) Thursday, September 6: Magnotta Beer Pairing Dinner ($59 - please RSVP) Friday, September 21: Stratford Bus Trip ($205 please RSVP) Thursday, September 27: Wine Tasting Dinner with Vito Candela, Export Manager Jean Luc Colombo, France. Arrival time 6pm and Dinner starting at 6:30 pm Menu and Price TBA soon. As we head into the fall season, we look forward to more wonderful golf and other enjoyable opportunities at Ladies’. Check out the next Just Eat for the delicious upcoming events brought to us all from our wonderful kitchen.


SEPTEMBER 2018 | 19

Ada Mackenzie Fall Classic September 30, 2018 Shotgun at 9 AM & Lunch at 1:30 PM Step aside Scramble Format. Back by popular demand is our Reverse Draw! Sign-up for a chance to win a huge prize. Last year’s winner won an entire set of brand new golf clubs. Sign-up on GGGolf today!

Participation is the name of the game! Guests are welcome! Sign-up as an individual or as a group. Members $90 Gold GCH $90 Silver GCH $130 Social Members $130 Guests $140 Gift for all participants!


Guest Card Holder Corner It has been one of the best summers yet at Ladies’ since I have been here. Compared to last year with all that rain, this season has been rocking and I can’t believe how fast it has flown by. Heading into September now, I have had the pleasure to see nearly every Guest Card Holder around the golf course either on the 1st tee, in the clubhouse or the driving range. From talking to both Golf Shop Staff and Golf Ops, Guest Card Holders have been utilizing both the Bayview and Yonge Street ranges, which is great. There have been a number of golf events for the Guest Card Holders so far this year. The first event was the GCH Match Play, which had 16 players to start off the first round. We are now in our final round between Dave Stock and Mark Evans – good luck to both. Speaking of Match Play, the Golf Shop started a new event this year called the Mix Member/Guest Card Holder Match Play, which had 14 teams entered in it (hopefully there will be more in 2019). There have been some very close matches and the semifinals are now underway. It won’t be long before we crown our 1st ever Mixed Match Play Champions. The last weekend of August held the 2018 Club Championships. This year, we had 11 men sign up for the two-day event. The golf course was in pristine condition with no rain in the forecast for both mornings, which allowed golfers to post some good scores. After Day 1, some familiar faces led the field, however it was great to also see some new competitors lurking this year. Joe Turcotte fired a 79, with a finishing birdie on the 18th hole. However, Lorne Eidinger was lurking behind with a score of 80. Day 1 ended with Joe’s 79 as the clubhouse leader. Heading into Day 2, another beautiful morning, the men were off early again. With the first group teeing off at 6:50am, anything could happen during the round. After some great first tee shots from every group, the final tee time for the 2018 GCH Championship was ready to roll. Both Joe and Lorne

Join us for these special events! September 6 Magnotta Beer Pairing Dinner September 8 Mixed Member Guest Day September 21 Stratford Bus Trip - Music Man September 30 Ada Mackenzie Fall Classic

found the fairway and just like that, they were off. In just over 4 hours, the final group put the pin in the 18th hole. It was hard to tell how each of them played but after signing the scorecards and tallying the final score up, Joe Turcotte was the 2018 GCH Champion with a six-shot lead - Congratulations Joe! I would like to thank the other Guest Card Holders who participated in both days. I hope you enjoyed yourself and we hope to see you back out next year. With the final two months left of the 2018 golf season, I want to take the time to talk about the remaining golf events for Guest Card Holders. The Mixed Member Guest Event is on September 8 at 1pm. If you are interested in playing with a Member or female guest, please sign up on GGGolf as it is one of the most fun events of the year. Secondly, the Ada Mackenzie Fall Classic is on September 30, a fun unique event with one of the best prize tables you’ll ever see. Sign-up available on GGGolf. I hope everyone had a great summer and we look forward to seeing you on the course again soon.

Dylan SEPTEMBER 2018 | 21

September 2018







Sat 1 18H Draw






Labour Day

18H Draw

9H Draw AM - Section Championship

Magnotta Beer Pairing Dinner

Book Club - Exit West


8 18H Draw 8:00am Shotgun Mixed Member Guest Day

Round 1 9H Draw PM - Section Championship Round 1 9




Hazel Hudson 65+

9H Section 4:45 PM Shotgun Championship Round 2

New Member Fall Event



15 18H Draw

9H Section Championship Dinner 16


Ladies’ Ryder Cup






18H Draw

9H Draw AM

Purple Hat Tournament

Stratford Bus Trip - The Music Man

18H Draw



Hosting Interclub - Thornhill and Toronto Hunt 9H Draw PM






18H Draw

9H Draw AM

Wine Tasting Dinner

9H Draw PM 30 Ada Mackenzie Fall Classic 22 | BEAUTY, GRIT & GRACE

18H Draw

Fall Special Buy 2019, get Fall 2018 on us! Trial Memberships available for Women and Seasonal Packages available for Men. Limited time offer! For more information, please contact: Loryn, Sales and Marketing Manager at 905-889-3531 x308 or loryn@ladiesgolfclub.com

SEPTEMBER 2018 | 23



Recommended’s e-mail Address: _________________________ Phone No. __________________ Proposed by: (Name of person making recommendation or self) Position: (please check one or both) ________ Board Member

________Committee Member

Please indicate which committee you would be interested in joining: Golf


Course & Grounds




Prior participation in committees and activities at Ladies’:

Skills/Experience in the workplace or volunteer sector including any professional designations:

Other external Board or Committee work: (not including Ladies’)

Additional Information

Please return this form, by SEPTEMBER 30, 2018, to the office in a sealed envelope marked to the attention of the Nominating Committee. Please add any additional information that you think would be helpful in determining the best possible candidates for committees and the Board. Thank you for helping to ensure that Ladies’ continues to be strengthened by dedicated volunteerism.

Alanna Quinn, Past President Nominating Committee Chair 24 | BEAUTY, GRIT & GRACE

LADIES’ GOLF CLUB OF TORONTO The Role of the Board of Directors It is the responsibility of each Board Member to:

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be an active and committed participant in the affairs of the Club be fiscally responsible for the Club’s resources and its long-term growth and stability be involved at Board and Committee meetings have a working knowledge of governance procedures monitor compliance with policies and guiding principles be prepared to take responsibility for chairing a Committee participate in strategic, decision-making and exercise initiatives be informed about the background of issues in order to discuss them responsibly make decisions in an impartial manner to ensure the Membership as a whole benefits know and enhance the lines of communication between the Board, Members, Guests and staff know, understand and respect the roles and responsibilities of the Board, Members and staff participate energetically in the recruitment of new Board Members ask questions, discuss, challenge maintain Board business and Club confidentiality

The Board should be composed of voting Members who will represent, govern and act as long-term stewards on behalf of the current and future Membership of the Club. The diversity of Board Members’ life experiences, skills and knowledge all contribute to the success of our Club. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Who is eligible to serve on the Board? Voting Members of the Ladies’ Golf Club who have been Members for at least Five years (joined 2014 or earlier). How are Board members elected? Each summer, the Nominating Committee calls for nominations and also identifies candidates for the following year. Nominations can be made by any voting Member according to By-law regulations. The slate of candidates is presented to the voting Members for election at the Annual Meeting in February of the following year. How is the Board structured? Nine voting Members, each serving a three-year term, comprise the Board. There is a President, VicePresident and Chairs of standing committees: Course & Grounds, Engagement, Finance, Golf, Governance, and Marketing. The Past President is an ex-officio Member. What skills are needed? The Board does an annual assessment of its Members’ skills to ensure we have a range of competencies. In addition to strategic thinking, leadership, business management and Board experience (among others), in 2019 we are especially looking for nominees with financial, fundraising, marketing, PR and sales skills. Is there any ‘training’ for new Board Members? Yes, there is an “Orientation for New Board Members” shortly after the Annual meeting. Topics include strategic planning, goals and objectives, responsibilities, and governance processes. How much time does it take? Board meetings are held monthly, with special meetings convened as needed. In addition, Board Members serve on one or more committees each year. Most committees meet approximately 8-9 times per year. What is the role of the General Manager? The General Manager reports to the Board and is responsible for the operation and administration of the Club. We welcome your participation. For further information, www.ladiesgolfclub.com “Club Business” or contact the Past President, Alanna Quinn, Chair of this year’s Nominating Committee. SEPTEMBER 2018 | 25


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Beauty, grit & grace September 2018