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Beauty, grit & grace October Newsletter 2019

Across the Pond Betty Chee PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE

I once had the chance to play golf in Scotland at North Berwick where the Firth of Forth meets the North Sea. I saw the occasional sheep grazing in the fairway and I took care to sidestep the natural fertilizer they left behind. I hit over an ancient wall that ran across a fairway, all the while struggling to put on or take off my rain gear. In the dramatically perfect imperfections of those links I was reminded of how different and self-sustaining the game invented in those seaside pastures is from what we play back home. There were no penalty areas, or sprinkler heads, and no fleets of lawn mowers. It was just you with a club in your hands trying to get that little ball into a hole in a distant patch of (by our standards) motley grass. It is a self-contained ecosystem that someone took advantage of in creating this fun game of golf, played in its natural setting. And, there was little mother nature could do to keep golfers away. The game has evolved and has moved inland to places where water is mechanically brought to the site and where the grassy surface is made pristine by the ondemand irrigation system. At Ladies’ we do not have to deal with the grazing rights of the local sheep herder or the constant storm blowing in from the sea, but, we do have plenty of sprinkler heads that are connected to a system of pipes that carry the water from our ponds which are the retention vessels for the water that comes from our wells. In other words, what we don’t have is a constant natural irrigation system that those seaside Scottish courses have. Water management has become one of the most important aspects to the survival of North American golf courses. The water management strategy is essentially establishing the sources or supply of water, and, the retention or storage of this water until it travels through the irrigation pipes. The proposed and now abandoned designs for our east side were pond-centric: the focus was on increasing the water storage capacity of the ponds. The due diligence of the past three months has revealed that the design will not perform as intended. Our ponds cannot be 2 | BEAUTY, GRIT & GRACE

made deeper due to the presence of shallow aquafers immediately beneath our ponds. And so, we are re-directing our focus to the source and supply of water. There will be more to report once our engineers are set to work. There is something else we can do. I have suggested to the Course and Grounds Committee that they explore our course standards taking into consideration those longer wet periods and dry conditions in the face of climate change. North American golf courses are water hogs by definition. Is this a sustainable position to maintain? Are there opportunities to rethink how we see our course? Can we accept brown grass in our roughs during dry spells? What course standards can we create to anticipate those longer periods of drought? Are there new learnings from agronomy and ecological sciences that we can better incorporate? We should find out. We should ask the questions. We should explore whether there are solutions in addition to turning on the sprinkler heads. The course design, liberated from its focus on reshaping and increasing the size of the ponds, can now be made simpler and more cost effective. Our construction schedule will no longer be tied to the dredging and digging of the ponds. We will continue to keep an eye on growing seasons for any new course elements, but the disruption is much more manageable. We will continue to focus our resources based on lists of priorities, needs, overall enhancements, and just maybe one or two wishes. The one thing I can promise we won’t do: there won’t be any grazing herds of sheep.


OCTOBER 2019 | 3

Welcoming Fall and Ladies’ New Members Paul Bussiere GENERAL MANAGER’S MESSAGE

Fall is officially here, and the leaves are already starting to turn. Fall golf is a great time of year to be on the course and I’m looking forward to getting in a few rounds before the end of the season. We’ve been very fortunate this year to have some fantastic weather. Our total rounds this year have surpassed our total rounds to the end of September last year. That’s great because it means we have had more people here utilizing and supporting the club. I would also like to take this opportunity to officially welcome all our newest full members. I am thrilled to announce that 14 of our 18 unlimited trial members converted to full membership. Along with two full members who were former members that returned and one of our associates moving up to full, we have a total of 17 new full members this year. A very positive number as we continue to improve our new full number each year.

We are very excited that all of them made the decision to join the wonderful community that we have here at Ladies’. I urge everyone to wish them a welcome and congratulations when you see them next. We’re already looking towards next year and signing up unlimited trial members through the fall special. This is a great opportunity for anyone you know. When they sign up for the unlimited trial for next year right now, they pay the 2019 rate for 2020 and get to golf the rest of this year for free! Please reach out to your network and send any referrals to Jacquelin Jackson, our Sales and Marketing Manager. Jacquelin can be reached at jjackson@ladiesgolfclub.com or at extension 308. The member satisfaction survey has been sent out to the membership and we’re looking for your feedback. We took all your suggestions to heart last year and we hope that you found we did our best this year to improve upon them. I’m looking forward to seeing the results from this year. Enjoy the rest of the golf season, take in all the fall colours and don’t forget to share that experience with your friends. See you soon!


Welcome to our newest full members; Philippa Barber, Sue Bartholomew, Deb Cross, Dav Cvitkovic, Doris Dumais, Sharon Groom, Pamela Hamilton, Miya Haque, Joanna Kervin, Beverley Morden, Noi Moreau, Maria Rico, Sharon Schwartz, Maureen Sheran, Anne Socka, Alison Wheeler, Carol Wright. 4 | BEAUTY, GRIT & GRACE

On the Course this Fall John McLinden GOLF COURSE SUPERINTENDENT

October can be one of the best months for golfing; but it can also be one of the worst. According to the long range forecasts the weather this October seems to be favouring the former, making for some great golfing days. The fall months are now upon us bringing shorter days and cooler temperatures. This time of year is essential to winterizing the golf course or “putting it to bed�. The course and grounds team has already begun performing cultural practices to help strengthen the turf to endure the winter months. Greens aerification has been completed and tee and fairway aerification will follow in the next couple of months. We will also be applying a fall fertilizer high in potassium in the next couple of weeks to strengthen the plant. Timing of these applications is very important as the plant still needs to be growing in order to take up nutrients for the winter. A dormant fertilizer is

applied later in the fall to assist the turf in greening up as the snow melts in the spring. Other preparations for winter include irrigation blow out, leaf clean up and heavy topdressing on the turf for protection. One of the several projects we will be focusing on this fall is drainage. We will be concentrating on some of the persistent wet areas on the course to help improve drying conditions. Another project we will be converging on is the 5th green. The middle of this green has constantly been weak due to its bowl effect and high traffic. We will be resodding the middle section with healthier, tolerant bent grass to improve this area. Enjoy the rest of the fall!


OCTOBER 2019 | 5

Wrapping Up 9H Events Kathy Constantinou 9H CAPTAIN

The 9H events are quickly coming to an end this time of year. Daylight hours are dwindling, and our final Wednesday draw is just around the corner. Below is an overview of some of our final events. 9H Section Championship The 9H Championship was held over a 2 -week period in which the 2 9-hole stroke play matches were combined. This year’s winners are as follows: 9H Section Championship trophy awarded to low gross in the field: 1st low gross & trophy winner: Erin McCafferty 2nd low gross: Joan Elliott Boynton Jeffers trophy awarded to low net of the field: 1st low net & trophy winner: Kathy Constantinou 2nd low net (tied): Sharon Anderson & Nadine Segal


Beth Matheson 4 ball match play With 10 teams in the field, a modified round robin format was used with 5 teams on each side of the leaderboard. The winners from each side played to determine the final winner of the Beth Matheson trophy. Winning team: Mary Pat Frey & Jo-Anne Applebaum Runners up: Carol Heller-Mepham and Sharon Anderson Congratulations all! I can’t wait to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments this season at our closing dinner and awards presentation on October 16.


Outside Events Overview Carol Brown CONVENOR

We were well represented in several external events this past season. Ladies’ took part in the 18-hole Quad Club and Western Tri Club which both ran throughout the summer. We managed to retain the trophy in the Quad Club with some amazing performances by all. This event has been embraced by our regular competitors and especially by some who are new to competition. The idea of playing with a partner takes some of that pressure off, it seems! Though we did not win the Tri Club Cup, we still showed great character in all our matches. The challenge of playing two concurrent matches keeps a golfer’s mind sharp and focused. We rose to that occasion each time. We’d like to congratulate Donalda for winning this year. Ladies’ may have set a record for participation in the York Women’s Golf Events in 2019. We had 27 women sign up for the Amateur/Bronze, Senior/ Super Senior and 4 Ball trophies, with many playing in more than one competition. Our own Leslie Wilson and Donna Wagg managed to secure the 4 Ball trophy this year.

The overwhelming interest from our club is quite an achievement! The GAO, which used to assist in supporting district events, hasn’t been as involved. As a result, the events are planned and run by volunteers made up greatly by our own members. Jane Hills, Jane Kirkpatrick, Kathy Hill, Jan Flott and Pauline Fortier are the moving force behind York Women’s Golf. Congratulations to you all for all your efforts. We at Ladies’ truly enjoy these tournaments. Our members also fielded two teams for outside trophies played at very challenging private clubs in the GTA. We sent a 4-woman team to the Sydney Mulqueen at Weston in August, which consisted of Lauren Zaretsky, Peta Lomberg, Lily Liu and Jill Mason. Conditions were tough, weather was beautiful and scores all around were higher than usual. Despite that, Lauren was able to shoot one over par, 75, and capture second low gross for the field. Congratulations to her. As well, we sent a 6-woman team to the Solheim Cup at Thornhill in September, comprised of Jane Kirkpatrick, Peta Lomberg, Betty Chee, Wendy Girvan, Lily Liu and Carol Brown. We managed to place in the middle of the field, playing against some of the best golfers from these private clubs. Our past pro, Jennifer Kimmons, ran an amazing 27-hole tournament that ended with a delicious meal and lasting memories for all. Finally, a few members from our club participated in the Ontario 4-Ball in September, held at Ladies’. After a grueling 6-hole playoff (finishing practically in the dark), Denise Tobin and her partner won the low net for the tournament. Talk about stamina! Well done Denise. As you can see, Ladies’ had a very busy summer, considering the many events that went on within the club too. We continue to be a group of women who play for the joy of competition and for the wonderful friendships and memories that go along with it.


OCTOBER 2019 | 7

Welcome to our Newest Members Monica McIntosh MARKETING AND SALES ADVISORY COMMITTEE, CHAIR

Fall New Member Programs September is a month with a flurry of marketing activity as we sign up new prospects for the following year and welcome this year’s new full and associate members into the Ladies’ family. This season, 18 women enjoyed the unlimited trial program, and 8 participated in the 8-week limited trial program. Two of the unlimited trials came through the limited trial program, so in total we had 10 women who participated in the limited trial program at some point during the season. We are delighted that 14 trial members have converted to full members, bringing our total new members for the year to 15, in addition to two reinstatements. We welcome all to Ladies’ and the many years ahead of golf, fun, and friendship. In addition, 4 of the limited trials participants have signed up for the 2020 unlimited trial program for a total of 5 to date and are ready to enjoy next season. Please welcome Alana Goulden, Aviva Gottlieb, Cindy Stern, Deborah Grieve and Donna Shen. Many of our trial members and Golf Academy participants have been introduced by current Ladies’ members and guest card holders through our Member Referral Program. Over 42 member rewards have been earned thus far in appreciation of those efforts. Member referrals are invaluable, and we thank those who have reached out to their network to bring them across the bridge and experience life at Ladies’. A special thank you to the following members and guest card holders who introduced new faces to Ladies’ this season: Adam Joseph, Anne Raby, Barb Hooper, Betty Chee, Bev Moir, Catriona King, Claudia Egger, D’Arcy McConvey, Jane Kirkpatrick, Janet Heagle, Jay Heller, Jenelle Ross, Joan Anderton, Joel Ross, Monica McIntosh, Noreen Lenihan, Pamela Hamilton, Pauline Fortier, Peta Lomberg, Philippa Barber, Rachel Moran, Sara Minatel, Sharon Groom, 8 | BEAUTY, GRIT & GRACE

Susan Alford, Susan Wickware, Theresa Tsiang, Trish Beck and Wendy Girvan. Awareness Building Activity We continue to build awareness for Ladies’ through the fall. The fall special encourages women who want to sign-up for the unlimited trial for 2020 to join now and enjoy fall golf for free and has been advertised through our Google AdWords online campaign as well as directly to Tridel employees. On September 7, the club opened up to the public for guided tours as part of Markham’s annual Doors Open event. We received over 100 visitors to our historic and beautiful property, including a couple of Markham city councillors. Thanks to the efforts of Tricia Thomas, Zoomer Magazine was here to interview some of our active women. We expect the article will be published next spring and will be sure to let you know when it’s available. You are likely all very aware of the filming of an episode of Private Eyes that occurred during September. While the primary purpose was revenue generation, our club will be featured prominently in the episode expectedly to air next summer. Coming Soon As winter approaches, mark your calendars for the Winter Golf Academy. A gift certificate for lessons and practice sessions at Ladies’ make great holiday gifts! You will hear more about these offers soon. Please reach out with any questions you may have about how to help your contacts become familiar with Ladies’. Contact our Sales & Marketing Manager, Jacquelin Jackson, at jjackson@ladiesgolfclub.com.


OCTOBER 2019 | 9

Being Part of our History Tricia Thomas CLUB EVENTS COORDINATOR

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is our chapter for this year’s trophy events.

Our Solheim Cup event convened by Erin McCafferty and Sharon Brubacher, highlighted the hot topic of climate change. Ninety-six members were divided into two teams - Water and Land. Sharon’s prescient Water Team (aided by Mother Nature) swamped the Land Team but in fairness, all participants were well-watered. The wonderful buffet meal and the belated sunshine added to this popular event. Congratulations to the Water Team!


This year three Monday Fundays were added to our event schedule, with the goal of getting less competitive golfers out to play non-stressful 11-hole scrambles, meet new players and be just a little unconventional while having fun. Jan and I think we accomplished the Golf Committee’s aim with the help of all the team captains and the happy participants. The initial orange day was followed with a red day and we played from all five tees during our final event.

Even if purple is not your favourite colour, it could become your favourite course at Ladies’. A full complement of 11 teams set off to play the eleven-hole scramble, from the purple tees, of course. The weather was perfect and at the end of the round, four teams tied for low gross. Once again, a putting contest on the 18th green set the stage to declare a winner. Jan, Peta, Wendy and Tricia each putted to the flag: a very tricky pin placement. Wendy’s putt lagged beautifully to the pin but Peta capitalized on her team’s strategy and putted a little closer, winning the BV Cup for 2019. As golfers enjoyed a perfect Purple Hat lunch selected by Marg Sothern, our hat fashionista, Jessica Pastorek chose her favourite purple hats. Pat Ward and Donna LePan can now start a millinery business with the cash winnings donated by Susie Cotton.

In summary, thank you to all the enthusiastic participants (and those who signed up just to get rid of me). You are the joyful spirit of Ladies’! Thank you to our wonderful golf staff for making everything happen so seamlessly and setting the scenes where magic happens. Thank you to Umesh and Romualdo and their teams for being so very supportive all season providing delicious food and attentive service as we gathered together to eat, drink, laugh and feel so fortunate to be a part of Ladies’. See you on the fairways,


OCTOBER 2019 | 11

The Building that Keeps Changing Margaret Auld ARCHIVES COMMITTEE, CHAIR

Originally, this was the coach house for the Watson family, but it became known as the annex. The annex has a varied history but the best story about it comes from Barb Veyvara (member since 1949). You will notice a door in the photo to the right. When you opened it there were steps down into a room that contained lockers, a shower, and a couple of toilets. Members hung out here after golf to chat about their game and consume a libation. The room became known as the “Snake Pit” which was the name of a movie starring Olivia de Havilland whose character was sent to a mental institution named “The Snake Pit”. It would have been fun to be a “fly on the wall” and hear their stories. When we demolished the pro shop in 1998 the office also disappeared. But we had a plan! The club office was temporarily relocated into the basement of the clubhouse. This meant the boardroom moved upstairs in the clubhouse. The head professional and the clubhouse manager shared an office in the basement as well. The converted boardroom held four desks - three for the office staff and one for the general manager. Very cozy! This arrangement lasted through the winter of 1998 and into the spring of 1999. Et, Viola! The new home of the club offices. There are more stories about plans to change the annex and many other stories, but you will have to wait until next year. My thanks to Joan Elliott. She has returned to the Archive Committee to help do the research needed to bring you our history.


Menu Favourites for Fall Umesh DiWaker EXECUTIVE CHEF

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members and guest card holders for supporting our food and beverage service this year. We had a wonderful summer and I hope that we continue on this note as we get further into fall. Finishing off strong with our Dickens Dinners and Poinsettia Lunches during the festive season at Ladies’. Our new menu items reflect all the suggestions and ideas we received last year to make our bistro dining better. I tried to accommodate everyone’s suggestions, while still keeping many of Ladies’ classics on our menus. Some of this year’s new menu items have been really popular including our eggs and asparagus, avocado toast, brie toast, tacos and both the tuna tartar and tuna melt. New salads were also introduced such as rhubarb and brie, kale with raspberry vinaigrette, beet waldorf and chimichurri steak – all of which quickly became favourites. Furthermore, the menu presented a variety of popular protein-based dishes such as BBQ pork loin, butter chicken, Atlantic salmon, and the Asian wok. The vegetarian ravioli has been another favorite.

Our Chef’s garden did very well this year (and it will continue to thrive during fall). We are extremely thankful to Cindy and her team for providing us with such great support and aiding in the “farm to table’’ experience at Ladies’. We are excited to continue to improve this experience and our gardens next year! All the tournaments and events went really well this year. The organizers did a great job! Furthermore, participation in club events this year has been outstanding, with almost all of our events selling out! This has been one of the most rewarding things to happen this season. If you haven’t attended any of our special dinning events, I would strongly encourage you to attend our upcoming thanksgiving dinners, our final prime rib nights, and our Halloween costume party and buffet. As we enter the fall season, a few new menu items are being introduced to help compliment the cooler days. Stay tuned for comfort food favourites such as shrimp mac n cheese. Ladies’ first harvest of honey is also now available for purchase in the clubhouse, with a second harvest coming soon. This delicious honey is being incorporated in many of our new dishes and weekly specials for the remainder of the season. Thank you once again for supporting our food and beverage services this season. I am looking forward to our final culinary events of the season! Culinary Regards,

Chef U,mesh

OCTOBER 2019 | 13

A Season to Remember Jo-Anne Applebaum ENGAGEMENT COMMITTEE, CHAIR

September was yet another busy month at Ladies’. We had many successful golf tournaments as well as some outstanding non-golf events. Terry Fallis attracted 52 members and guests in the living room for his presentation on “Albatross”, his latest book that references Ladies’ in the first chapter. The patio was filled for dinner and everyone really enjoyed themselves. The room was so full that a couple of people actually sat on the verandah and pulled their chair up to the door to listen. If we had a bigger room, even more people would have attended! Terry loves speaking at our club and will return again.

On Friday, September 27, 40 of us hopped on a luxury coach bus and headed to Stratford. We had an hour to do some shopping prior to lunch and then sat down to a wonderful three course menu in our own private room at the elegant Bruce Hotel. The icing on the cake was watching the amazing play “Billy Elliot”, with fantastic seating in the third row. Jody organized a first-class day for us and we cannot thank her enough. Next year the play is “Chicago”. I already have committed to two tickets and I hope more of you will sign up as it will be a truly memorable day!

A week later on Friday, September 20, 40 of us attended a special dinner with wine pairings. This event was capped at 40 people and was sold out before the menu was even advertised. A huge thank you to Carol Heller-Mepham for introducing Romualdo to her friend Jenny who is a sommelier. Jenny paired four different wines with dinner and gave us a brief explanation of each one. Umesh knocked the ball out of the park with the presentation of each course. Everyone was impressed with the food, wine and service. We are definitely adding more of these evenings to the agenda next year so more people can experience these first-class events. 14 | BEAUTY, GRIT & GRACE

For those of you that may be home in the winter months, we are discussing opening for a night or two for a Valentine’s Day Dinner. This will be a good opportunity to get your family, friends and loved ones together for a special dinner prepared by Umesh. As this is my last BGG article for the 2019 season, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the non-golf events this year and remind you that we could not do it without you. On behalf of the Engagement Committee I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving and all the best for the remainder of the year. Sincerely yours,


OCTOBER 2019 | 15

Guest Card Holder Corner Ron Foreman GCH WEDNESDAY GUYS COMMITTEE

The Wednesday Guys comprise of about 42 Ladies’ Golf Club guest card holders. We play each Wednesday around noon and stay for drinks afterwards. We regularly have 15-20 golfers. We also organize certain golf events like the season opener and guest day followed by dinner. We will continue to play each Wednesday until the club closes in November. On September 25 we had our annual awards dinner. We have 3 season long competitions. Nick Arrigo won the closest to the pin Cecil Award on 13 at 25 inches. Rich Mason won the longest putt on 18 at over 30 feet (measured 4 pins and 18 golf balls!). The closet to the pin on 16 wins a triple bogey beer. Peter Sevitt won on September 25 and on several other Wednesdays. The season also included some remarkable accomplishments like a hole-in-one (Dave Stock) and eagles on hole 2 (Peter Sevitt and Nick Arrigo). On behalf of the Wednesday Guys we would like to thank the following individuals. • Dylan, for establishing our tee times with great creativeness and flexibility. • Paddy for giving us a seminar on the 20 most misunderstood golf rules. For example, you can declare your ball unplayable at any time. If you

are putting from above the hole on #7 and your ball rolls off the front of the green, consider declaring your ball unplayable and taking the putt over from its original location with a one stroke penalty. • Romualdo and Sabrina for providing excellent clubhouse service. • Umesh for providing superb food. • Mike for reminding us it’s time to tee off. • John for keeping the course in excellent condition. Wednesday Guys Committee, Tony Pasteris, John McIntosh, Paul Striowski, Ron Foreman

Tony, John, Paul, Ron

Join us for these special events! October 13 Thanksgiving Buffet Dinner October 14 Thanksgiving Plated Dinner


OCTOBER 2019 | 17

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Beauty, grit, & grace - October 2019  

Beauty, grit, & grace - October 2019