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Beauty, grit & grace October Newsletter 2018

The season to give thanks Monica McIntosh PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE

With Thanksgiving this month, I wanted to take this opportunity to offer my thanks to everyone who has contributed to a great year at Ladies’: •

John McLinden and his staff for keeping the course in great condition, including the slick greens and healthy rough (too “healthy” in my opinion!).

Lisa Lamb, Chef Umesh and the entire Clubhouse staff for excellent food and a number of great Clubhouse events.

Paddy Kelly and all of the Pros and staff for their commitment to our enjoyable golf experience, particularly with the addition of more fun events and an improved retail experience in the Golf Shop, as well as their contributions to the ongoing success of the Ladies’ Golf Academy.

The office staff for all their hard work and support.

All of those who are involved with the Buddy Program — including our Buddy Coordinators, Rosemary Thomson and Patty Parker, the Buddies and Loryn Ingham, who did an amazing job of taking on the leadership role for the Buddy program this year. So far, 9 out of 18 of our Unlimited Trial Members have converted to Full/ Associate Memberships, bringing our total number of new Members for the year to 13.

All of our volunteers! Between the sections, event convenors, Committees and the Board, there is no shortage of enthusiastic women lending their skills and time. And this is not a normal year: with four ad hoc Committees tackling specific initiatives, we have many Board Members as well as some Committee Members doing double — and sometimes triple! — duties. Special thanks to all of the talented women who have stepped forward.

Our Members have great passion for and attachment


to our Club, but it means that making changes isn’t always easy. So, I would like to give a special thankyou to Paul Bussiere, our GM for under two years, for his leadership in helping to move our Club forward and his poise while dealing with the extra demands that come with supporting and participating on the additional four ad hoc committees. He is extremely proud of Ladies’ and shows off the Club whenever he can through hosting events such as the DCM PGA Women’s Championship and the Ontario CSCM (Club Managers) — all to great reviews. And, finally, but most importantly, I would like to thank our Members, for ultimately it is our Members who make this Club the strong, warm and welcoming community that it is. I particularly want to thank those Members who provided valuable feedback in this year of change so that we could make any necessary adjustments. There are several opportunities for Members to provide their opinions to the Board and one of these is the annual survey. The Board reviews the results carefully and uses the feedback to plan for the following year, and a summary is typically provided to Members in a subsequent issue of the newsletter. I encourage you to complete the annual survey which was recently sent out. Update on planning activities The Strategic Planning Committee continues to analyse and research the major themes arising from Members’ input. One of our responsibilities is to overlay the timeline associated with the land sale to ensure coordination of strategic initiatives. We will be seeking input and comments from the leadership of Ladies’ and then look forward to coming back to the Members.

The Land Sale Net Proceeds Strategy Committee continues to explore possible frameworks for use of funds over the nearer term (roughly, the next 10 years) and the longer term (after 10 years), including financial modelling. The Land Sale Course Planning Committee has been busy interviewing course architects. Members will be updated when the process is complete. The Land Project Steering Committee Phase 3 continues to wait for Markham’s formal comments on the application. This is in line with our timeline, as no formal comments were expected until sometime after the municipal election. In the meantime, the

application continues to progress through the Markham approval process, with Markham staff having provided a preliminary report to Markham’s Development Services Committee. The pending land sale also continues to receive attention from local media. Recent articles are posted on the land project section of the Members’ website.


OCTOBER 2018 | 3



October is one of my favourite times of year to play golf. The fall colours and the cooler weather make for some great playing conditions. There is still lots of time left to come out to the Club and enjoy Ladies’ in its fall beauty. I wanted to take the opportunity to welcome all our newest Full Members to the Club. Over the past few weeks, Loryn has been very busy meeting with all our Unlimited Trial Members to learn about their experience over the past season and what their plans are for the future. I am happy to announce that 9 of our 18 Unlimited Trial Members converted to Full Membership. Our newest Members are Anna Kinastowski, Anna Vanek, Birte Reader, Devika Stefansson, Kathy Speedie, Kimberly Gibson, Michelle Ben, Nancy Pollack, and Sandie Parker. Congratulations on making a great choice to join Ladies’ and be a part of our wonderful community. We had so many positive comments from our Trial Members this year regarding their experience, that I’m sure there will still be an opportunity for a few others to convert to Full before we begin next season. Those 9 coupled with 4 new Members who joined prior to the start of the season bring our new Member total for 2018 to 13.

September 30, 2019. A fantastic deal and a great way to introduce someone to Ladies’. Contact Loryn if you have any prospects or need any further information on the program. Chef’s new menu is out and looks delicious, with some nice fall comfort foods as well as your regular favourites. Even though Thanksgiving is here, we are also planning for the December holiday season. Dickens Dinners and Poinsettia lunches are back. You can reserve your spot by clicking on the links in the calendar on the website. We are also hosting a Brunch with Santa this year. Please bring out your young ones, kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, or friends. It looks to be a very fun event and I hope to see everyone there! Enjoy your fall golf!


We also have 9 Unlimited Trials for 2019 already, with another month left to go with our Fall Special. If you know of anyone who may be interested in trying the Club out next year, now is the time to join. They can pay the 2018 price for the Unlimited Trial and play the rest of this season, along with next season until

OCTOBER 2018 | 5


Chef’s favourite fall dish Umesh DiWaker EXECUTIVE CHEF

I hope everyone enjoyed the summer and our delicious summer dishes at both the Clubhouse and the events we organized. Now that fall is officially here, and the weather is starting to cool, we are inspired to create some more hearty dishes. I would like to share with you one of my favourite fall dishes - slow roasted Ontario duck with seasonal vegetables, roasted rosemary potatoes and blueberry gastrique. This dish is very local and is loaded with different flavours and textures. Ingredients:


Ontario duck breast – 5 or 6 oz

1. Take a small sauce pan, warm up the oil a bit and add the cinnamon and star anise. Next, add all the other ingredients for the blueberry gastrique and leave it to simmer. Cook slowly until the blueberries break down to a soft and syrupy consistency.

Russet potato – 1 pc Seasonal vegetables – broccoli, baby carrots, Pattypan (mini yellow squash), brussel sprouts For Gastrique: Cooking oil – 1 tbsp Ontario blueberries – 1 pint Balsamic vinegar – 1 cup Sugar – 1 cup Cinnamon – 1 stick Star anise – 2 pcs

2. Take a cast iron pan or non-stick pan to sear the duck breast until most of the fat renders and the skin gets crispy. Turn over the duck breast and sear for one minute to seal the juices. Save the duck fat. Cook the duck at 275 degrees Fahrenheit for 8 minutes in the oven and then let it rest for the next 7 minutes. 3. Cut the vegetables and potatoes into desired shapes and sizes. 4. Roast the potatoes into the duck fat (reserved), rosemary, garlic and seasoning for at least 20-25 minutes at the same temperature as the duck. 5. Blanch all the vegetables and toss in butter or extra virgin olive oil with seasoning. 6. Assemble and present the dish on a serving plate using your creativity and enjoy the beautiful fall flavours! Culinary Regards,

Chef U,mesh OCTOBER 2018 | 7

Toronto Herb Society Donna Buss LADIES’ MEMBER

The Toronto Herb Society is a group of ladies who are interested in learning about herbs, how to flavour food with them, and all the various uses of different herbs in our everyday lives such as in ointments or medicines. On Tuesday September 18, 2018, the Toronto Herb Society held their monthly meeting and luncheon at Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto. It was a huge success! The ladies enjoyed a delicious luncheon that Chef Umesh DiWaker prepared using fresh herbs and vegetables from the Club gardens. I hope you have all visited the two gardens, as they are truly beautiful. Chef spoke to us about herbs and his life in India, the United States, and Canada. He is a very interesting speaker and extremely witty. I would recommend him as a speaker. The ladies learned a lot and loved him. Next, he took us on a tour of the gardens and answered all of our questions patiently. The ladies were wowed by the ambience of our Club, and they would like to return next year and have Chef speak to us again, so get ready Umesh! Please bring your friends and relatives to introduce them to the Club and to the yummy menu prepared by Umesh.



Recreational Cannabis Use Paul Bussiere GENERAL MANAGER

Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto is truly interested in the health and safety of its employees and Members. The Club is committed to promoting a healthy and safe Club for all employees, Members and their guests. In response to the Bill C-45 Cannabis Act, which comes into effect October 17, 2018, Ladies’ has made the decision to prohibit the use of recreational marijuana on Club property. Members and staff will be asked to produce a medical license to use medical marijuana while on Club property. Even in situations where marijuana is being used for medicinal purposes, the Club reserves the right to establish where it is used. The administering area will be discussed during the accommodation discussion with the Member, guest, or staff, as it may differ depending on the way in which the marijuana is to be medically taken. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the recreational use of marijuana, please contact Paul Bussiere at gm@ladiesgolfclub.com.

OCTOBER 2018 | 9


Autumn in the gardens Cindy Chamady HORTICULTURALIST

As hard as it is to say goodbye to summer blossoms and veggies, there is so much to keep our gardens looking great through fall here at Ladies’. Fall blooming perennials like sedum and grasses provide a foundation for extending the season. Additional beauties such as Chelone (commonly known as Turtlehead) and Japanese Anemone add colour after most perennials have finished. The airy, pink blooms of ‘September Charm’ anemone pair beautifully with the dark, purple leaves of the annual ‘Purple Knight’ Alternathera just off the veranda. Another favourite of mine is Cimicifuga (common name Snakeroot), a tall, white, pipe cleaner like flower with an unbelievably sweet scent. You can find it just outside the patio in the middle of the bed but beware of bees and ants also enjoying its sweet blooms! All of these fall bloomers allow us to continue providing beautiful floral arrangements for you to enjoy. Thank you to assistant gardener, Julia (who is also a floral designer), who creates these gorgeous bouquets! In the veggie garden we are still harvesting plenty of tomatoes, kale, Swiss chard and edible flowers and herbs. With any luck our first frost will be a late one to keep those harvests coming. With all the success that we’ve had growing our own food, we look forward to making it even better next season. We hope you’ve enjoyed our farm to table experience here at Ladies’!


OCTOBER 2018 | 11


The days are getting shorter, the temperatures cooler and the leaves are gorgeous shades of orange, red and yellow. Yes, fall is here. We still have another 4 - 5 weeks of golf, but where has the season gone? This summer the weather went from dry conditions to very humid conditions. Both come with their unique challenges for maintaining the course. The dry conditions are hard on our water supply while the humidity can cause disease growth. The dedication, diligence and hard work of our Course Superintendent, John McLinden, and his staff have resulted in all of us enjoying excellent course conditions. A number of the summer staff were students who have now returned to school. They have been replaced by very good new staff and there will be minimal impact on the course conditions. You may notice that the turf on the tee edges is cut less frequently and the bunkers not groomed every day, but the course will continue to be well maintained. At the Mid Season Forum, a Member made the observation that the Member and guest experience on the course could be improved by cutting or removing the rough in a number of locations. The Course and Grounds Committee agrees the Member experience could be improved and have asked John McLinden to consult with the Course Architect. In addition, John will be looking at the financial impact of all changes on the operating budget. Some changes may be achievable quickly, while others will take longer. It is our aim to have one or two improvements this season. The 9A bunker project scheduled for this fall has also been put on hold until John can consult with the Course Architect. More information on both these initiatives will be communicated in the coming weeks. Golf cart signs have been removed from the course to allow carts to scatter. This reduces the wear and tear on the turf; however, this has also resulted in some confusion, such as carts appearing in areas which put the driver and passenger in danger, and carts driving too close to the greens and bunkers. Let’s all continue to do our part by adhering to the following: •

Keep riding carts on the cart paths near the tee boxes and greens. They should never be operated within 30 yards of a green unless they are on a cart path.

Keep riding carts away from soft spots, newly constructed areas and casual water.

Keep riding carts on the paths on all par 3s (on the 7th hole, the cart may be taken on the rough to exit to the paved path up to 8th hole; on 7A, there are no cart paths, so carts can scatter but must not be operated within 30 yards of the green).

Keep riding carts on the cart paths on all hills. Riding carts should never be driven on or parked on the grass on the side of a hill.

Keep push carts off the greens and away from in-between greens and bunkers.


We thank all of you for your continuing questions and comments. Throughout the season, they have helped the committee to develop plans in conjunction with the Course Superintendent to improve the course and golfing experience. Enjoy these cooler days, the beautiful nature and golfing with friends!

Course & Grounds Committee

Jean Davy, Mary Bovaird, Sharon Brubacher, Helen Folker, Peta Lomberg

OCTOBER 2018 | 13

Minor changes to handicaps Christy DeMont HANDICAP CHAIR

The Golf Committee wanted to update everyone about some minor changes we are going to make for tracking handicaps and playing in competitions for the 2019 golf season. As many of you know, we have had a requirement for Golf Committee trophy events this season that participants a) have an up-to-date handicap, and b) post scores for 75% of their games played at Ladies’. (We specifically mentioned this for the Marjorie Mackenzie, Hazel Hudson, Nora Stott and Club Championship events.) We have also made this a requirement of playing in interclub events (Tri Club and Quad Club). So first I want to clarify that these two conditions are different things. While they may be loosely related, particularly for Members who play most or all their rounds of golf at Ladies’, they are in fact two separate criteria. The easiest way to satisfy both of these conditions is to post all your scores, regardless of where you played. Posting tips: When you are posting, particularly games at Ladies’, take care to check that the date you played is correct. If it’s wrong, it will look like you are missing a score and lower your posting rate. Also, note that the posting process in GGGolf allows you to identify a game where you don’t have a valid score by identifying the reason you weren’t able to post a score (didn’t finish enough holes, played alone, not played within the rules, etc.). On to our plans for 2019. First, we would like to clearly set the expectations for anyone playing in a competitive or trophy event at Ladies’ needs to meet both the handicap and posting rate conditions. This will now apply to section events such as match play and four-balls, etc. The staff in the Golf Shop already verify posting rates and prepare cards for Club events happening on specific days, and we have asked them to further support Members by printing out scorecards that include posting rates and current handicaps for events where the games are scheduled between players – so if you are playing a match, let them know and they can get scorecards ready for you. This will ensure that posting rates and handicaps are defined before the game takes place and that everyone is clear on the conditions of participating.



The beauty of 9 Krisanne Knickle & Kathy Constantinou 9H CO - CAPTAINS

The season is coming to an end. Daylight hours are dwindling, so play fast for the last few 9-hole Wednesday evenings! The Club championship took place over two weeks with the championship dinner on September 12. Thank-you to our social conveners, Laurel Archibald and Carol Heller-Mepham for a great job organizing the championship dinner.

2nd Flights:

The winners are as follows:

Erin McCafferty & Sharon Brubacher

Low Gross: Laurel Archibald Low Gross Runner Up: Cathy Striowski Low Net: Anne Raby Beth Matheson 4 ball match play winners:

9-hole Champion/Low Gross: Deb Doyle

Runners Up: Eiko Aki & Nadine Segal

Overall Low Net: Carol Heller-Mepham

It’s been a busy season with us hosting many triclub and interclub events as well as the Crystal Tournament. We are looking forward to seeing you at the closing dinner on October 17.

2nd Low Gross: Sharon Anderson 3rd Low Gross: Kathy Constantinou 1st Flights: Low Gross: Joanne Applebaum Low Gross Runner Up: Carol Devlin Low Net: Mary Pat Frey

Kathy & Krisanne

OCTOBER 2018 | 15


The challenge of 18 Jan Flott 18H CAPTAIN

This Year’s Award Winners Members who had holes-in-one: •

Susan Wickware

Jane Kirkpatrick

June Phillips

Stephanie Mayo

Jo-Anne Boyd

Members who broke 90 or 100 for the first time at Ladies’: Nora Montgomery Members who were “the most improved golfers”: Fortunately, the computer does this calculation using a very complicated formula. We don’t ask for the results until October 15. The Member with the most chip-ins by October 15 and then a lucky draw for sleeves of golf balls for all the Members who reported their chip-ins on the chart: The more chip-ins, the better your chances. All the 18H winners in the match play events Red 4-Ball Winners: Verna Lister and Marg Sothern Second: Kathy Constantinou and Eiko Aki Green 4-Ball Winners: Joan Ling and Verna Lister Second: Monica McIntosh and Elly Muchnik Yellow 4-Ball Winners: Jan Flott and Kathy Hill Second: Denise Tobin and Joanne Boyd Cottage (Round Robin) Jill Lavine, Jane Joyner and Joan King are still competing for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Yellow Marriott Sue Wickware and Marg Auld are still deciding a winner. Sally Cameron (Round Robin) Winner: Mary Ann Lee Second: Denise Tobin Third: Shawna Kamien All the 18H winners in the Club-wide events The winner of the Nora Stott Trophy: Dee McKenzie and the Plaque: Pauline Fortier The winner of the Hazel Hudson: Mardi Saunders. The winner of the Janet McCheyne: Kathy Hill The winners of the Marjorie McKenzie 4-Ball Yellow: Joy Bradford and Denise Tobin Red: Barb Rankin and June Phillips We are all winners because we all belong at Ladies’!


18H Awards Dinner

Thursday, October 18 6:00 - Appetizers & Cocktails 6:45 - Dinner with awards sprinkled throughout (see website for menu) 8:00 - Fun & games with prizes PLEASE SIGN UP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Red Marriott (Round Robin) Winner: Verna Lister Second: Joan Anderton OCTOBER 2018 | 17

Ryder Cup Tricia Thomas LADIES’ MEMBER

While Equipe Rouge has bragging rights for this year’s Ryder Cup, Equipe Violettes can hold their clubs up high and celebrate a well played fun competition - there’s always next year. It was great to see both teams warming up together and singing, ‘pleine voix’, our rally ‘chanson’ before heading out to begin the scramble, best ball and alternate shot series which make up the Ryder Cup challenge. The temperature rose to a very balmy 28 C and some of our players kept cool under umbrellas, in the trees and it was rumoured, even in the water. To top off our favourite event, a delicious buffet français was waiting for the players as they arrived. Seeing the players in their team colours and listening to the friendly kibitzing reminded us once again how great it is to be a part of our very special Ladies’ Golf Club. Mark your calendars for Sunday, Sept 15, when Sharon Brubacher and Erin McCafferty will be captains for the 2019 Ryder Cup.

Tricia T homas


OCTOBER 2018 | 19

This is the best time to golf John McLinden GOLF COURSE SUPERINTENDENT

September and October are perhaps the best months of the year for golfing here at Ladies’. The days are still warm and temperatures are great for playing a round of golf with your friends and guests. The fall colours are also a treat later in October. Despite the pleasant weather it is also the time of year when we start to prepare the course for the winter months. The fall months will be upon us shortly bringing shorter days and cooler temperatures. This time of year is essential to winterizing the golf course or ‘putting it to bed’. The Course and Grounds team has already begun performing cultural practices to help strengthen the turf to endure the winter months. Greens aerification took place in late August and tee and fairway aerification will follow in the next couple of months. Another greens aerification is scheduled to occur in November. We will also be applying a fall fertilizer high in potassium in the next couple of weeks to strengthen the plant. Timing of these applications is very important as the plant still needs to be growing in order to take up the nutrients for the winter. A dormant fertilizer is also applied later in the fall to assist the turf in greening up as the snow melts in the spring. Other preparations for winter include irrigation blow out, leaf clean up and drainage projects. On the next pages are some of the more frequent questions I receive throughout the year.



Q: Why does the water level fluctuate in the pond around the 12th hole? A: This pond is the main reservoir that supplies all the water to feed our irrigation system. It is a unique system of replenishing water to the pond. As the water level drops in the pond, a sensor activates our ground wells that feeds water into the pond around the 10th hole. The 10th hole pond is set at a predetermined level and as the water rises above this level it spills over into a series of drains to fill the pond on the 12th. Limited irrigating is done throughout the day and the water level slowly rises as the day progresses.

Q: How do you change the holes on the greens? A: The holes are changed a minimum of 6 times a week. We have a routine in place so that there are 6 red flags, 6 yellow flags and 6 blue flags on the greens on a typical day. When changing a hole, our course set up person will examine the area of the green to place the new hole and will pick the most appropriate location. They then place a long cylindrical hole changer on the green and use a heavy hammer to pound the cylinder into the ground. The cylinder is preset so that the cup fits precisely into the hole with a 1-inch lip above the cup. The plug from the new location is then placed into the previous day’s hole.

Q: What is the total acreage of the course? A: The total acreage of the golf course is 132 acres. We have 2.3 acres of greens, 2.1 acres of tees, 25 acres of fairways and approximately 40 acres of rough. The remainder of the acreage consists of buildings, ponds and streams, woodlots, bunkers, parking lots, roadways and cart paths.

OCTOBER 2018 | 21

So long summer! Jo-Anne Applebaum ENGAGEMENT COMMITTEE, CHAIR

It is hard to believe that this is the last BGG article from the Engagement Committee for the 2018 Season. We had a lot of changes this summer and the committee had a lot to learn. It came down to four key things: Wine, food, good books and listening to great speakers and the first two are the most important for our Club. We also learned that Members, Social Members and Guest Card Holders like to come out for a good theme dinner and stick around for a speaker and we promise you that we will host a lot more of these next year. Last month Alison Lam presented a terrific overview of the changes in the airline industry and discussed her company that sanitizes the airlines that we all fly on. It was a very interesting talk and a good crowd attended. Alison also organized the Magnotta Beer Pairing and dinner event on Sept 5, 2018. Everyone we spoke to raved about it and enjoyed the beautiful food Umesh and Isabel prepared. Alison is an incredible attribute to the Engagement Committee, and as a new chair of Engagement I personally cannot thank her enough for her dedication and loyalty to the Club. Our very recent annual Stratford trip took place and was a huge success. There was a fantastic lunch at The Bruce and “The Music Man” was a great show to watch. Special thanks to Jody for organizing this annual trip as it takes a lot of perseverance above and beyond her daily responsibilities. The Mah Jong players at Ladies’ were all excited as they were invited to play the competition at Thornhill Golf and Country Club on September 27. Shawna Kamien has patiently taught our ladies for the last 3 summers. We all really appreciate it and love the weekly games. Finally, we are understanding the game and welcome anyone who is interested to learn or play along with us. Please reach out to anyone on the committee if you have a great idea for the 2019 Season, if you wish to present something or if you know someone like George Clooney and you want him to speak at the Club. All kidding aside, we are starting to prepare for next year and always welcome good ideas. From the entire Engagement Committee, we wish you all a wonderful fall and winter season!

Joanne All my best,


OCTOBER 2018 | 23

Keeping momentum through fall and winter Deborah Pankhurst MARKETING AND SALES ADVISORY COMMITTEE, CHAIR

Fall New Member Programs September represented a major focus for marketing activity as we signed up our new prospects for 2019 and welcomed this year’s new Full Members into the Ladies’ family. This season, 18 women enjoyed the Unlimited Trial program, and 5 participated in the 8-week Limited Trial program. We are delighted that 9 Trial Members have converted to Full and Associate Members. We welcome our new Members to Ladies’ and the many years of fun, friendship and golf ahead. In addition, 4 of our 5 Limited Trial participants have signed up for the 2019 Unlimited Trial program, (along with a further 5 women for a total of 9) and are ready to enjoy next season. Please welcome Sue Bartholomew, Noi Moreau, Maureen Sheran, Deb Cross, Sharon Schwartz, Dav Cvitkovic, Mavis Knight, Pamela Hamilton and Nancy Viner. Many of our Trial Members and Golf Academy participants have been introduced by current Club Members, through our Member Referral Program. Over 60 Member Rewards have been earned thus far in appreciation of those efforts. Member referrals are invaluable, and we thank those who have reached out to their network to bring them across the bridge and experience life at Ladies’. A special thank you to the following Members and Guest Card Holders who introduced new faces to Ladies’ this season: Barb Langs, Barb Stief, Betty Barrons, Brenda Touzot, Carolyn Dushenski, Catherine Chan, Cathy Striowski, Denise Bawden, Denise Mifflin, Eileen Holden, Dick Parker, John


Gibson, Steve Hecht, Heather Parker, Helen Charles, Jane Rounthwaite, Cathy Fauquier, Marilyn McCowan, Marilyn Goldman, Mary Bovaird, Mary Pat Frey, Maureen Parkinson, Patty Parker, Pauline Fortier, Tricia Thomas, Monica McIntosh, Nadine Segal, Nancy Ogden, Noreen Lenihan, Rita Franklin, Rosalie Finkelstein, Rosemary Thomson, Sara Minatel, Shannon Nevison, Sue Bartholomew, Teri Aboud, Virginia West, Valerie Michell, Vivian Halliday, Wendy Girvan and Yvonne Bland. Awareness Building Activity We continue to build awareness for Ladies’ through the fall. In September, Ladies’ was present at the Thornhill Festival where we invited local residents to participate in a raffle for a complimentary lesson. These names were then added to our direct communication list for targeted advertising. On September 22, the Club opened up to the public for guided tours as part of Markham’s annual Doors Open event. We received 66 visitors to our historic property. Ladies’ Golf Club was also featured in the Thornhill Liberal, the local community newspaper, with an engaging story quoting our Intermediates Elizabeth Tong and Selena Costabile about the inspiration provided by Ada Mackenzie as a competitive golfer and what it means to be part of a unique club for women. Coming Soon As winter approaches, mark your calendars for the Winter Golf Academy. Remember to tell your family

“what you really want for Christmas” – a gift certificate for lessons and practice sessions at Ladies’! You will hear more about these offers soon, which are also available as Valentine gifts. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have about how to help your contacts become familiar with Ladies’. Contact our Sales & Marketing Manager, Loryn Ingham in the Administration building, (loryn@ladiesgolfclub.com), 905-889-3531 Ext. 308.


OCTOBER 2018 | 25

Guest Card Holder Corner Ron Foreman GCH WEDNESDAY GUYS COMMITTEE

The ‘Wednesday Guys’ comprise about 30 Guest Card Holders. We play Wednesdays at noon and usually have 4 foursomes with many staying for drinks afterwards. All Guest Card Holders are welcome to join. On August 22 we had 22 golfers for our first guest day including 5 guests. Dylan ran a competition called “Dylan Family Fun” and Ron Foreman won a dozen golf balls. Other winners who received a Triple Bogey included: Lance Speck (closest to the pin on 3), Richard DeMarco (Jamie Milner’s guest with longest drive on 12) and Richard Ponesse (closest to the Triple Bogey sign on 17 fairway). The group finished with a BBQ at the Clubhouse, followed by a few words from Terry Fallis, who was one of the guests who joined us for the day, on his new novel which includes a setting at the Ladies’ Golf Club. Everyone enjoyed themselves on the course, the lawn and in the Clubhouse! On Wednesday, September 19 we held our annual Cecil Awards. We had 21 for golf and dinner and four on-course competitions with the following winners: Closest to the pin on 3: Jamie Milner Longest putt on 8: Dave Harris Longest drive on 12: Colin Kingsland Closest to the pin on 16: Tim Steele


Each winner received a sleeve of Callaway golf balls. We shared some memorable moments from the past golf season, including Rich Mason warning us about how not to carry your driver when driving a cart. Following dinner, we awarded the Wednesday Guys Cecil award for the closest to the pin this season on holes 3, 9 or 13. The winner was John McIntosh who was presented with the trophy by last year’s winner, Dave Stock. Johnny Mac won the award for being 4’2” from the pin on hole 3 on June 22. The group expressed their gratitude to Tony Pasteris by presenting him with a gift in thanks for his efforts organizing the Wednesday Guys this season.


Join us for these special events! October 7 Thanksgiving Buffet Dinner October 8 Thanksgiving Plated Dinner

OCTOBER 2018 | 27

October 2018















Ada Mackenzie Fall Classic

Please note: Tee times in Oct begin at 9:10am Mon-Thurs & 9am Fri-Sun until Oct 14

18H Draw

9H Draw AM




Thanksgiving Buffet Dinner

Thanksgiving Day 18H Draw GCH & Guest Thanksgiving Restrictions Plated Dinner Removed

9H Draw AM Final Draw





Halfway House closed for the season

18H Draw

9H Closing Dinner

18H Awards Dinner







18H Draw

9H Draw PM




13 18H Draw

9H Draw PM Final Draw 19




All tee times begin at 10am 21

22 PCA Cup


29 Golf Shop Limited Hours 10am-5pm


Dining Minimum Period 2 Ends Halloween

OCTOBER 2018 | 29


OCTOBER 2018 | 31

7859 Yonge Street, Thornhill ON L3T 2C4 ladiesgolfclub.com

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Beauty, grit & grace - October 2018  

Beauty, grit & grace - October 2018