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Beauty, grit & grace June Newsletter 2019


I recently received an email from a friend who used the acronym WSE to describe the beautiful condition of the golf course he just played. I racked my brain but could not figure out what the acronym stood for. But one thing was clear, he relished the great green patch he played golf on. No matter where our game is at this time of the year, the golf course is lush and green. We all try hard to be worthy of the grounds, the service, the ingenuity, and the hours of preparation our staff put into their work. Everywhere I look I see golfers at the short game range on Yonge, at the driving range off Bayview, on the putting green, and every tee deck. I love that scene. Seeing members, each in their own way, preparing their game for the rest of the season. Working on specific areas with their choice of instructors or clinics. Analyzing their swing and deciding on whether to keep one swing thought or multiple swing thoughts in their takeaway. Renewing the friendships of last fall, engaging in the familiar banter, and remembering how much we enjoy each other’s company.

into shape. Deciding which one of Chef Umesh’s meals to reward oneself with after the last putt is dropped. Seeing the brilliant tulip patch greeting our arrival. And, watching with keen interest the growth of our clubhouse gardens. All part of spring golf at Ladies’. Of course, the soggy conditions also bring ball marks on the newly defrosted greens and messy divots in the softened fairways. I’d like to think that my personal valet/caddy will clean up after me, but alas, no valet, no caddy. I guess it’s just up to me. I am also waiting for a break in the weather so I can bring friends to play the course and enjoy the substantial labour of our kitchen staff. Both are aspects of Ladies’ I am particularly keen to show off to my friends. In the meantime, I enjoy seeing fellow members come into the clubhouse with rosy cheeks and a frozen smile that could only be brought on by knowing they had achieved a personal golf feat. We give each other a knowing nod and an encouraging smile. Then we sit down to be pampered by the wait staff and enjoy that well-deserved cold beer (or hot tea). So, it really doesn’t matter that WSE stands for Worst Spring Ever. Like my friend, we have learnt to take the frosty temperatures, the sheets of rain and make spring golf what we want it to be. A good walk on a lush green patch. Update

I have a love/hate relationship with spring golf. With the chilling wind and slashing rain there is a built-in excuse for the rising handicap factor. Wondering when the consistency will kick-in to whip our score-per-round 2 | BEAUTY, GRIT & GRACE

By now you have all received e-blast notifications regarding the member consultation and information sessions offered by the Course Planning Committee and the Land Sale Net Proceeds Strategy Committee. To be fully informed of what Ladies’ future plans are, get yourself in the room instead of hearing it on the fairway. If you have any questions or comments, please use the email planning@ladiesgolfclub.com.


A Positive Start to the Season Paul Bussiere GENERAL MANAGER’S MESSAGE

I like to take daily walks around the club, usually in the early afternoon. In part to stretch my legs and in part to check on how we are doing as staff to create a welcoming and positive experience for our members. Today, during my walkaround, I stumbled upon a beautiful deer walking up the maintenance path underneath the bridge to The Golf Shop. Unfortunately, I had to run back to my office to grab my phone to try and get a photo. The deer of course eluded me and walked up into the trees. I decided to take a walk over to the 16th tee to see if I could get a picture as it came out of the trees. The deer had other ideas. Apparently, deer are very patient and although it saw me through the trees about 15 feet away, it didn’t run. It just waited for me to go. I tried to outwait the deer, but I lost.

With that positivity, I’m asking you for referrals. It’s a great time to share Ladies’ with your friends and colleagues. With the pending land sale, Ladies’ is on the cusp of a historic time and it’s a perfect time to join the club. We have several great trial members this year and I hope we can add even more in the coming month. All you need to do is pass along the contact information of the person you are referring to Jacquelin Jackson, our Sales and Marketing Manager, and she will do the rest. The DCM PGA Women’s Championship of Canada is fast approaching, and we’re excited to host this great event once again. Lorie Kane will be back competing and representing Ladies’ as our newest honorary member. Defending champion Jessica Porvasnik is back to defend her title but she’s going to have to watch out for the home course advantage from Elizabeth Tong and our club champion Lauren Zaretsky. Please come out and watch these women battle it out on your course and support our members competing to be named champion. Volunteer opportunities are still available if you would like to be a part of the event as well. I hope everyone is enjoying the start of the season and soaking up all the liquid sunshine. There’s bound to be more sunny days in our near future. Play well and we’ll see you at the course soon.

What it did provide me though was an opportunity to speak to a few groups playing the 16th hole while I waited. It was a quiet day on the course but thankfully everyone I spoke to was having a wonderful time and enjoying the course. This season has been full of positivity from the members. I can’t thank everyone enough for coming to the club with a positive attitude and enjoying everything the club has to offer. We’ve done our best to provide you with a wonderful experience and the feedback I’m receiving is that the staff are doing a great job at it.


JUNE 2019 | 3

Early Season Financials Alicia Milner FINANCE COMMITTEE, CHAIR

Ladies’ is off to a solid start for the 2019 season in terms of year-to-date revenues and membership base. The 2019 operating budget was developed assuming 285 full members and we are already above this number. That is encouraging to see as we settle in for a great season of golf! The member attrition rate (i.e. those who do not carry on as full members) is better than in previous years. While there will still be some minor fluctuations in member numbers in the next few months, we now have a solid base from which to achieve this year’s desired financial outcomes. For 2019, total club revenues are budgeted at $3.5 million with 59% of operating revenue forecasted to come from annual dues and fees. Members are expected to contribute 86% of annual dues and fees. Guest card holders will provide the remaining 14%, as well as contributing 47% of green fee revenue. The bar chart shows the four operating revenue sources for the club and their relative contributions. It’s no surprise that members are the lifeblood of the club and the numbers bear that out!

Operational spending spans five key areas – course and grounds; clubhouse and halfway house; administration, general and fixed expenses; golf shop and golf academy; and buildings and property. With minor exceptions, the relative proportions of spending by category remain unchanged from 2018. What is different this year is that forecast spending will exceed revenues by 2.6% or approximately 4 | BEAUTY, GRIT & GRACE

$90,000. Budgeting for a loss from operations is an extraordinary situation for Ladies’, but it is one we believe can be managed responsibly during this interim period as we wait for the land sale project to come to fruition. During 2019, members will continue to benefit from the same level of programs and services as last season with only a $5 increase in total dues, fees, and taxes versus 2018.

In addition to operational spending, the club maintains an approved program of capital spending. An estimated $307,000 is budgeted for 2019 capital needs ranging from cart and equipment leases to course and grounds maintenance such as tree pruning and removal, sod for fairways, and sand for bunkers. There is also modest capital spending planned for the clubhouse, administration office, and golf shop needs. As you may have seen, the clubhouse sport entrance has already been re-done and it looks great. Work continues on various drainage projects on the course and progress is being made. This year, a new course master plan will be developed. This critical document will provide the basis for renewing the club’s 10-year capital plan, giving us important insight to guide future capital planning.


June in the Gardens Cindy Chamandy HORTICULTURALIST

The garden staff have been busily planting and the gardens are bursting with colour this month. The front circle has been planted with a mix of grasses, amaranth, coleus and zinnia in eye catching colours that incorporate the Pantone colour of the year coral! Many other annuals have been tucked into the gardens to add season-long colour. We’ve renovated the gardens at the verandah and added in some new perennial varieties. The diversity of our gardens is a thing of beauty and I’m always looking for ways to add layers to the perennial blooms. At the approach to the 18th green, we’ve created a new garden where some mature trees were removed. We’ve added mulch between the plants to allow golfers access to retrieve stray balls. We will also be removing more of the overgrown plant material along the slope to allow further access throughout this area. In our veggie garden, things are really growing! We will soon be harvesting radishes and salad greens as well as some beautiful snap pea tendrils. We’ve planted a variety of snap pea that produces an abundance of

tendrils (the long curly strands that help the plant to grab on to its supports). These tendrils taste just like peas and are as beautiful as they are delicious! The variety is called Magnolia Blossom. They’re planted along the back trellis of the raised garden beds if you want to take a peak. Our garlic patch is growing strong and we’re hoping to spy some scapes for harvest this month. Garlic scapes are what would eventually become the flower of the garlic plant. We remove the flower stalk so that the plant will put more energy into forming the bulb of the garlic which we havest later in July. The scapes are used in the kitchen in many ways. I’m sure chef will come up with some amazing ideas. An easy one is garlic scape pesto for anyone with scapes at home. I hope you enjoy the sights, smells and tastes in the garden this month!


JUNE 2019 | 5


There is a popular adage that is commonly shared amongst turfgrass managers. What are the three most important aspects of a golf course? The answer. Drainage. Drainage. Drainage. This saying could most certainly be true considering the spring we have experienced thus far. Near record rainfall for the months of April and May have exposed many wet areas throughout the property. Couple the excessive rain with the soil type we have, and wet, soft conditions arise. Here are a few facts about the golf course: •

The predominant soil type on the golf course is categorized as a clay/loam soil structure. The first 12 inches of soil is good quality loamy topsoil. The layer below the topsoil is hard clay. Clay is made up of very dense, hard particles and it makes it very difficult for water to move down through the soil profile.

The property is relatively flat with the exception of the valley holes, so water tends to collect in some of these flat pockets.

There is acceptable drainage installed around the golf course but as time goes by many of these pipes have been crushed or become clogged preventing water from draining properly.

The 7th hole is a good example of the drainage issues we have been experiencing. There was existing drainage going in front of the green as well as in front of the red tee deck. Over the years these pipes have clogged resulting in wet, soft conditions. 6 | BEAUTY, GRIT & GRACE

New drainage has been installed at the green and tee and we are already noticing a significant change in these areas. We were also able to uncover a large catch basin to the right of the 7th green in the marsh and now all water is captured in the marsh before coming onto the golf course. Drainage is an exceptionally important facet of maintaining healthy turf and a detailed drainage plan will be included in the upcoming master plan.


Summer Golf Events Eiko Aki GOLF COMMITTEE, CHAIR

Club Championship

Just For Fun Mondays

The main event of our competitive golf season at Ladies’ is the Club Championship which takes place on August 17 and 18 this year. All competitions will be held over two days and there is something for everyone!

The Golf Committee will be sponsoring some new events this season, on Monday mornings, just for fun. Our first event, an Orange Scramble, will be held on Monday, June 24. We will tee off at 9:30 am, play 11 holes (1-6 and 14-18) and be in for lunch at 12:30 pm. Eleven captains have been chosen and sign-up sheets are now in The Golf Shop. You can’t sign up online for this one!

Stroke play competition is held from the yellow and red tees and there is a stableford flight for those who are feeling less competitive. For details about handicap requirements, go to the tournaments handbook on the website. If you have never taken part in the Club Championship, please consider signing up. We are hoping to have record-breaking participation this year! If you are unable to play, please come out and walk a few holes or wait at the 18th green and support your fellow club members. There will be an all-day BBQ to enjoy and much to celebrate!


JUNE 2019 | 7

Victoria Day 2019 On Monday, May 20 Ladies’ hosted its annual Victoria Day Shotgun. This was our first club tournament of the season, and after the unpredictable spring weather everyone was eager to get out on the course and engage in some friendly competition.

awaited (the Queen herself would have been proud of the spread)! It was also announced that Mary Pat Frey, Joan Elliott, Joan Anderton, Karen Ryan, and Lauren Marshall were proclaimed the winners (pictured in the bottom right on page 9).

Members were welcomed outside the golf shop with warm beverages and snacks and after a ceremonious ball toss determined the teams, the 12-hole scramble began!

Overall, this was a fantastic golf event to start the season! A huge thank you to the convenor, Tricia Thomas and all of the Ladies’ staff that aided in the success of the day!

After a great afternoon, the teams were welcomed to the clubhouse, where a Victoria-day themed feast


JUNE 2019 | 9

The Challenge of 18 Jan Flott 18H CAPTAIN

It was with unanimous support that our Opening Shotgun was cancelled on May 14 and we quickly came up with a plan B so that the day would still be a special event. We started bingo at 4:00 pm with an impressive prize table completely donated by the fifty members who participated in the bingo. Prizes ranged from an iBKUL top which is now worn by Marsha Cox to a set of Mickey Mouse ears which your captain will be wearing for special events.


After the salad and entree, we had a break for a special contest, emceed by Paddy and Dylan. Although the idea was to have three contestants, trying to answer questions, there ended up being a lot of audience participation. After four dozen golf balls had been given away, it was time to bring out the special cakes. Romualdo and Umesh and their support staff did a fantastic job making sure the evening was very special!


Be a Part of Our History Tricia Thomas CLUB EVENTS COORDINATOR

Sign up and play in our trophy events this year Nora Stott 50+ - June 15 Marjorie McKenzie 4-Ball - July 21 Club Championship - August 17-18 Hazel Hudson 65+- September 10

Save the date! Canada Day Shotgun Monday, July 1

JUNE 2019 | 11


Committee update I am happy to announce that Joanne Tofani has joined the committee. Spring initiatives Our marketing activity swings into full gear stating in April with the annual Open House. On April 28 this year we welcomed close to 50 guests looking to sign up to the Ladies’ Golf Academy, learn about trial programs or explore guest card holder packages. A special thank you to all the volunteers who assisted our guests, and to staff who provided an impressive experience of our club. The Open House was preceded by a postcard sent to several nearby neighbourhoods, providing information on both the Open House and the “Guest for a Day” opportunity, and we continue with our digital media campaign using both Facebook and Google Ad Words. Of course we continue to have the member rewards program in place, encouraging you to refer your friends, family and acquaintances to Ladies’.

have for the trial programs at this time of year, with 14 unlimited trial members so far. We are currently working with many prospective members to hopefully increase this number shortly. We also have 2 limited (8-week) trial members. Guest card holders: A total of 124 have signed up for the current season vs our target of 130. The Gold GCH category is up to 36 vs 33 this time last year. What’s new for 2019? Several changes were made going into this season: •

The reinstatement policy was revised to cover all former members, not just those who left in the last 5 years.

The associate membership was updated and now the initial payment for the entrance fee is only $7,500, with the remaining being paid upon conversion to full membership (to occur within 5 years or by age 65 if earlier).

The conversion incentive was dramatically increased. Any limited or unlimited trial member who converts to full membership by September 30, 2019 will have their entire trial fee applied to the entrance fee. If a trial member prefers to convert to associate membership, 50% of the trial fee will be applied to the entrance fee.

Early results (as of May 31) Digital media campaign: The campaign accounted for over 10% of all website visits and 14% of the new users since the beginning of March. Guest for a day: We have received over 150 email addresses through our guest for a day program and many are now trying us out or being scheduled to play over the coming weeks. Referrals: We have handed out a number of gift certificates so far this season as a thank you to members and guest card holders who have provided referrals. Ladies’ Golf Academy: The academy program line-up was launched much earlier this year and participation is well ahead of this time last year. So far, we have 162 participants signed up, including 136 non-members, with a total of 257 spots filled. Trial programs: We are below what we would like to 12 | BEAUTY, GRIT & GRACE

Share your love of Ladies’! •

Extend a warm welcome to trial members.

Encourage friends, children, grandchildren, spouses and neighbours to take advantage of the Ladies’ Golf Academy, trial memberships and guest card holder packages.

For further information and assistance, contact Jacquelin Jackson in the administration building, jjackson@ladiesgolfclub.com, 905-889-3531 ext. 308.


2019 Member Referral Program

Introduce your family and friends to Ladies’ and receive great rewards! Member & Guest Card Holder Rewards Program Receive the following when you refer a: • Full or associate member - $750 off of your next annual dues. • Gold GCH or unlimited trial member - $100 clubhouse or golf shop gift card. • Silver GCH or 8 week trial member- $50 clubhouse or golf shop gift card. • Intermediate member or Golf Academy participant (4+ week program) - $25 clubhouse or golf shop gift card. *Please note golf shop gift cards are for clothing and accessories only.

Contact Jacquelin Jackson 905-889-3531 Ext.308 jjackson@ladiesgolfclub.com

7859 Yonge Street, Thornhill ON L3T 2C4 ladiesgolfclub.com JUNE 2019 | 13

Positive Changes Jo-Anne Applebaum ENGAGEMENT COMMITTEE, CHAIR

In case you have not been up to the club to dine or play golf this season because of the non-spring like weather, travelling in May, or just too busy with dayto-day responsibilities, I would like to share some of the positive changes that I have encountered in the first month. I hope this article will motivate you to come to the club and remind you how lucky we are to be a member of Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto. 1. As well as providing the usual vast array of golf clothing, equipment and accessories, our award-winning golf shop is now selling snacks such as trail mix, protein bars and other treats as well as Gatorade, beer and canned wine. 2. The new power carts are not only super comfortable, but they are equipped with two USB ports, in case you did not charge up your phone the night before. So, if necessary, pack a charger in your golf bag! 3. There is new signage in the carts with the club address, phone number and some important points on cart etiquette. 4. The new website has many useful upgrades. For example, it provides “event details” and includes the names of members who have registered so if you are on your own you can find a member you know who is attending. 5. There is an online “suggestion” option, so if you see something that you find positive or would like to make a suggestion that can improve the experience at Ladies’, it will take you less than a minute to complete. I find this very useful in that we receive a quick response. Go to the home page of the website, click on menu, click on member central and then click on suggestions. You can also find a link at the bottom of each e-blast. This is a quick and efficient method to make useful comments about the things you might notice every time you play. For example, the new hole signs are a great addition,


especially when guests are playing or when we are hosting tournaments. 6. This season, I have noticed wonderful service both from The Clubhouse and The Golf Shop staff. Thank you to them! There does not seem to be anything too big or small that they won’t do. I have brought several guests to the club and had the privilege of hosting a wonderful party, receiving very positive feedback. The club is a great venue to have a party and it offers great value and excellent service. If you are interested in hosting an event at Ladies’, our new catering package can also be found on the member website homepage and in the dropdown menu. If anyone is interested in speaking at a future speaker session please do not hesitate to reach out to me, Engagement Committee Chair, or Wendy Girvan, Engagement Committee Board Liaison.


Our June Events are quickly filling up - register online! Starting June 6 Pub Night Every Thursday Mahjong starting at 7pm Tuesday, June 11 Book Club with John Doyle at 7pm Sunday, June 16 Father’s Day BBQ Thursday, June 27 Indian Night

Lightning Safety at Ladies’ The following guidelines are recommended for players:

SINGLE CONTINUOUS HORN BLAST Lightning has been detected within 20 km. Suspend play immediately and go to the Halfway House, Clubhouse, Golf Shop, maintenance, admin building or your car. Do not use rain shelters during electrical storms In the event that golfers cannot reach any of these locations, remove all metal items such as jewelry, golf clubs and umbrellas and proceed to the nearest low lying areas, such as bunkers, away from trees.

INTERMITTENT HORN BLAST Lightning strike has not been detected within the last 30 minutes. Golfers may resume play but should exercise caution. By following these safety recommendations the possibility of lightning casualties will be greatly reduced. Please note that staff will not be deployed in dangerous conditions. It is up to the individual players to seek cover and stay sheltered until conditions are safe.

JUNE 2019 | 15

Take Care of the Course and be Rewarded! Padraig Kelly HEAD GOLF PROFESSIONAL

While putting with the flagstick in creates a faster more enjoyable round of golf, some of the damage we have

Here’s what NOT to do!

13.2 c. Ball Resting Against Flagstick in Hole If a player’s ball comes to rest against the flagstick left in the hole: •

If any part of the ball is in the hole below the surface of the putting green, the ball is treated as holed even if the entire ball is not below the surface.


noticed around the holes creates a lot of frustration to golfers behind you.

Here’s how to correctly retrieve a ball… “palm to the pin”

Previously, the flag had to be removed in this case to let the ball fall into the hole.


Guest Card Holder Corner 10 Rounds for just


Pre-purchase 10 rounds at a discounted rate for $900 These are only to be used for silver guest card holders, not for guests and can be used all season but do not carry over to next year. Offer expires June 15, 2019. Multiple packages may be purchased contact Jody to purchase at 905-889-3531 ext. 301 or accounts@ladiesgolfclub.com

Join us for these special events! Starting June 6 Pub Night Every Thursday August 17-18 GCH Championship September 8 Mixed Social Golf Event October 6 Ada Mackenzie Fall Classic

JUNE 2019 | 17

June 2019







Sat 1 Prime Rib Night 18H Draw






Duplicate Bridge

18H Draw

9H Draw- Flo Jowsey Round 3

Pub Night

Book Club With


8 18H Draw


Cathy Tile Women’s Golf Day 9






Duplicate Bridge

18H Draw

9H Draw

Tri Club @Ladies’

Nora Stott 50+

9H Interclub @ The Toronto Hunt Club

Course Planning Member Consultation Session

Course Planning Member Consultation Session

Pub Night

Course Planning Member Consultation Session


Book Club with John Doyle

Prime Rib Night






Father’s Day BBQ

Duplicate Bridge

18H Draw

9H Draw

Magical Mystery Tour

Net Proceeds Member Consultation Session

Quad Club @ Ladies’




Member Guest Day

Duplicate Bridge

18H Draw



Net Proceeds Member Consultation Session



22 18H Draw Net Proceeds Member Consultation Session

Pub Night Mahjong





9H Draw

Indian Night

Night Golf

18H Draw

Trial Offer

Try Ladies’ out this season! Unlimited Golf

$4,600 Contact: Jacquelin Jackson 905-889-3531 x308 or jjackson@ladiesgolfclub.com

JUNE 2019 | 19

7859 Yonge Street, Thornhill ON L3T 2C4 ladiesgolfclub.com

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Beauty, grit & grace - June 2019  

Beauty, grit & grace - June 2019  

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