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Beauty, grit & grace December Newsletter 2018

Looking Forward Monica McIntosh PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE

On November 26, we had the opportunity to meet our new Course Architect, Jeff Mingay. Members were treated to an enthusiastic presentation that included a history of golf course architecture in Canada, how our original architect, Stanley Thompson, got into the business, and Jeff's love for our course and the spectacular view that greets a newcomer after they turn in from Yonge St. Jeff also shared his philosophy on approaching a new course, balancing his reverence for history, respect for the existing course that has served so many golfers so well for many years, and the functionality needed for today and the future.

Update on Planning Activities

We are looking forward to working with Jeff on a Course Master Plan. The initial focus will be on the east end due to the pending sale of the current 9th hole to Tridel, working closely with the Land Sale Course Planning Committee.

Closing Remarks

The Course and Grounds Committee will be working with Jeff with respect to the plan for the remainder of the course. Depending on the degree of change identified, implementation of this part of the plan could be spread out over several years. We expect there will be some steps taken sooner rather than later, such as where opportunities are identified to cut back the rough to open up some of the approaches into greens or widen fairways, which is one of the “tweaks” that Jeff has already identified. The draft Course Master Plan, including the implementation strategy, is just one of the many planning activities that will be shared with Members next year, as further noted below.


The ad hoc committees will continue to meet over the winter months and expect to have preliminary plans and options to share in the new year. Strategic Planning will present a final draft of the strategic plan at the Annual General Meeting in February, and both the Land Sale Course Planning Committee and the Land Sale Net Proceeds Strategy Committee expect to have preliminary plans and options to share with Members for consultation in the spring/summer. The Land Project Steering Committee will provide updates when new information is available. Members are reminded of the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at 7 pm at The Thornhill Club. We will be providing a full financial report as well as the results of the recent membership survey in a Business Brief to be sent early next year. As my term as President draws to a close, I would like to thank the Board, Committees, Members and staff for their support this year. This is truly a unique place and it has been an honour to serve as your President. Enjoy the holiday season and best wishes to all for the New Year!


DECEMBER 2018 | 3

Winter Project Updates Paul Bussiere GENERAL MANAGER’S MESSAGE

I often get asked what I do over the winter time and I usually chuckle to myself. It does make sense that a golf club that’s not open in the winter must not be that busy. Although, in reality it’s quite the opposite. We spend most of our time in the offseason doing all the planning for the upcoming season. There are also many side projects that need to be completed when we don’t have the responsibilities of operating the club. One of those projects is the website. It has been a work in progress for the whole year. The public site has been ready for some time now but due to some difficulties with our software provider, we were unable to get the Member side ready until now. You will be receiving an email in the coming weeks explaining a little more about the features of the new website. A couple of images from the public and Member sites can be seen to the right. We’ll send out another eblast the first week of January to remind you that the new website is coming and then a further email on the launch date of January 15, 2019. The launch day email will include the instructions on how to register on the website. You will need to go in and create your own username and password for the new website. You will only have to do that once and we’ll be here to help you if you have any difficulties. The new website will allow you to access GGGolf to book a tee time without having to login a second time. We are also working on developing that same access for our Academy registration


site. There’s added security measures in the new website and you’ll be able to control what information is shared with other Members in the online roster. We’ve tried to make the navigation on the site a bit easier than it was before without losing any of the functionality that you currently have. There are many great features on the website and I look forward to everyone’s feedback. With any new project, we know there will be some hiccups along the way. We ask that you let us know if you find anything not working or out of place on the site. We will get it fixed right away. We appreciate your patience and understanding as you get used to the new look and feel of the website. We are very proud of how it looks and how it continues to show the beauty of our club and provide a sense of the wonderful community we have here at Ladies’. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season with their friends and families. We hope to see you out to the Dickens Dinners and Poinsettia Lunches or one of our Holiday Brunches. Tis the season to be merry! If we don’t see you, have a great winter and we will look forward to reconnecting at the Opening Tea! Happy Holidays!


Public Website

Member Website

DECEMBER 2018 | 5

Thank You to Ladies’ Volunteers Events and initiatives at Ladies' are successful because of the many Members who volunteer their time and experience. Whether participating on committees or sections; helping with events, tournaments, and draws; serving as buddies, ambassadors, greeters; our Members do whatever is needed to make our Club activities a success. A HUGE thank you to: Alanna Quinn

Donna LePan

Kathy Hill

Nadine Segal

Alicia Milner

Donna Wagg

Krisanne Knickle

Nora Montgomery

Alison Lam

Donna Williamson

Laurel Archibald

Pamela Symes

Ann Davis

Eiko Aki

Lauren Marshall

Pat Butler

Anne Raby

Eleanor Canavan

Leslie Ferrari

Pat Ward

Barbara Hejduk

Elizabeth Marriott

Leslie Wilson

Patti Moore

Barbara Hooper

Emilia Moon-de Kemp

Lina Roberts

Patty Parker

Berta McLean

Evelyn Hurwitz

LJ (Linda) Nagel

Pauline Fortier

Beth Medhurst

Fran Edgar

Lois Cormack

Peta Lomberg

Betty Chee

Heather Parker

Loni Wan

Rosemary Thomson

Brenda Humphreys

Helen Charles

Louisa Newbury

Saeeda Foss

Brenda Touzot

Helen Folker

Lynn Reynolds

Sharon Anderson

Carol Brown

Jan Flott

Marcie Anderson

Sharon Brubacher

Carol Devlin

Jane FitzGerald

Margaret Anderson

Shawna Kamien

Carol Heller-Mepham

Jane Hills

Margaret Auld

Susan Finlayson

Catherine Chan

Jean Davy

Margaret Deeks

Susan Nanni

Catherine Fauquier

Jennifer Hall

Maria Rico

Susan Wickware

Cathie Moffat

Jessica Pastorek

Maria Speyer

Terri McKinnon

Cathy Striowski

Jill Lavine

Marlene Metzger

Tricia Thomas

Christy DeMont

Joan Anderton

Mary Ann Lee

Verna Lister

Deborah Doyle

Joan King

Mary Bovaird

Virginia West

Deborah Pankhurst

Jo-Anne Applebaum

Mary Pat Frey

Wendy Girvan

Deborah Trepanier

Joy Bradford

Michele Bussieres

Winnie Kwok

Dee McKenzie

Katherine Keeler

Monica McIntosh

Yvonne Bland

Devika Stefansson

Kathy Constantinou


Thank You Course & Grounds Jean Davy COURSE AND GROUNDS COMMITTEE, CHAIR

The survey results are in, and many of you commented on how John McLinden and his staff should be congratulated. Well here it is. From Ladies' Members and GCH - thank you to John, Amanda, Carol, Cindy, Fred, Steve and all the seasonal staff for giving us such a wonderful course to play and enjoy this past season! Like everything in life, there is always room for improvement. Several of you commented on the need to address the long and thick rough, so players of all levels can enjoy the game even more. Two other themes that appeared in the survey were the need to formalize the purple tees and to address the openness between the 14th tee and the 7A tee. Firstly, my apologies for not getting a couple of quick fixes implemented to the rough in the entrance to some of the greens before the end of the season. We had the best intentions; but between the cooler weather and the timing of getting our new Course Architect, Jeff Mingay, on board, we missed the boat. However, John did reduce the height of the rough for the last month of the season, and we have received some very positive feedback. The reduced height will continue through the end of June 2019, at which time the C&G Committee will assess whether this will become the new standard for Ladies’. We are already meeting with Jeff Mingay and have asked him to identify some changes that can be done at the beginning of next season to cut or remove the rough, especially where it prevents a player from hitting and rolling onto the green. We will report back on this and the other areas of improvement in the new year. Next year, the three-year project to raise the sprinkler heads will also continue.

As reported last month, dead and dying trees will be removed over the winter. This is for the safety of the Members, guests, neighbours and staff. In October, the Committee went out on the course with John and viewed every proposed tree before approving the list of those to be removed. We thank you for your survey comments and encourage you to send us your comments throughout the year by using the website comment cards, speaking to a Committee Member, or speaking to a staff member. More on that in the new year. Until then, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!! See you in 2019.

Course & Grounds Committee

Jean Davy, Mary Bovaird, Sharon Brubacher, Helen Folker, Peta Lomberg DECEMBER 2018 | 7


Winter Golf Academy - In our Golf Shop November 15, 2018 to March 15, 2019

Hours of Operation

Member Perks

Monday 12pm-5pm Tuesday 9am-5pm Wednesday 9am-5pm Thursday 9am-5pm Friday 9am-3pm Saturday By appointment Sunday By appointment

Complimentary indoor practice available to Ladies’ Members Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 12pm-2pm. *subject to availability

Indoor Private Lessons Includes a short warm up period before and 15 minutes of practice time following. 1 hour 2 hours 3 hours 5 hours

$120 $240 $350 $550

Indoor Practice Full Season Practice Membership $325 Up to one hour of designated practice time per day. Single Practice Session $15 One hour of practice time.


Give the Gift of Golf

Make this an extra special holiday. All the golfers on your list will love the gift of golf. Whether it's a round, golf accessories, a Winter Academy package, a Trial membership or lessons, there are so many ways to score big when you give the gift of Ladies’ golf. For Membership inquires: Contact Loryn at: loryn@ladiesgolfclub.com or 905-889-3531 ext. 308 For rounds, lessons or Golf Academy inquires: Contact academy@ladiesgolfclub.com or 905-889-3531 ext. 401

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Beauty, grit & grace - December 2018  

Beauty, grit & grace - December 2018