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Beauty, grit & grace August Newsletter 2019

Mid-season Betty Chee PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE

July began with quite a bang. In the first week, we proudly and successfully hosted the DCM PGA Women’s tournament. Seeing the professionals and near-professionals tee off at the familiar first tee, brought a surprising surge of pride. I am certain I wasn’t the only member of the club to feel that. I was very proud of how well the course was prepared, how hard our staff worked, how enthusiastically our members volunteered, and how amazingly the four members of our club played in the tournament. Especially, in the moment of celebrating Lorie Kane’s arrival as the newest Honorary member, I knew we, the Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto, would be enduring and successful.

immediate and future needs. Our members recognize their role in this idea, that we are here in support of the best golf club built by women, governed by women, existing for women. An idea bigger than us individually. I recently met a woman in her twenties. We were both having dinner with our partners at another established golf club downtown. Through our conversation I was able to tell her about the idea of Ladies’ and the Ladies’ Golf Academy. It did not take long for the proverbial light bulb to go off in her head. The powerful idea of Ladies’ was instantly recognized. Her partner suggested she takes lessons at the golf club downtown. Her response was “I prefer to check out the Ladies’.” The idea of Ladies’ isn’t old or new. It is relevant and current. We will congregate at the upcoming Mid-season Forum on August 14 (new time - 7:30 pm). We will review the year we’ve had so far, in particular in relation to our strategic plan. We will review the many different tasks we will complete by the end of the season. Together, we will collect ideas about what we need today and how we plan for the future. Looking forward to seeing you at the Mid-season Forum, followed by the Club Championship (August 17 – 18).

You see, it isn’t just up to us. It is the cumulative efforts of those who came before us and those who are to come after us. The efforts we are putting into our club today not only honours the legacy but prepares us for future generations of women. The thoughtfulness of today extends beyond the boundaries of the club. As someone recently said in a very different context, “There are eyes on us”. We are certainly worthy of the scrutiny we face and will face. Our course changes will continue to build a golf course of choice for those who have played it. Our financial strategies provide for our 2 | BEAUTY, GRIT & GRACE


AUGUST 2019 | 3

Summertime Golf Paul Bussiere GENERAL MANAGER’S MESSAGE

What started off as a cold wet spring has turned into a hot and humid summer. I will gladly take the heat, as it creates lots of opportunities for golf. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to partake in many rounds, I can still count how many I’ve played on one hand, but it’s great seeing all the members out enjoying the course. We’ve been very fortunate that John, Amanda and their team have done a fabulous job with the course and we’re receiving a multitude of compliments on it from members and guests. As you’ll see later in John’s article, we are going through the recertification process for the Audubon Certified Sanctuary Program. They set a very high standard and it looks like Ladies’ will pass the recertification with flying colours. I’ve been very proud of the staff for the initiatives they have created to help the environment. From the honey bees and vegetable gardens, to the reduction of single use plastics like cups and straws. Ladies’ is a leader in our industry in this regard. I hope you are as proud of your club as I am for the innovative thinking and initiative. We have several unlimited trial members this year and a record high for the 8-week trial program. Our group of trial members is fantastic, and I hope you reach out with a welcome when you see them and put your name next to them on the tee sheet as well. This is a great time of year to begin promoting the fall special to your friends. Anyone signing up for an unlimited 4 | BEAUTY, GRIT & GRACE

trial starting September 1, can pay for 2020 and play the rest of 2019 for free. It’s a great opportunity to introduce someone to the club and have them form a long-lasting relationship. For more information, please contact Jacquelin at jjackson@ladiesgolfclub.com. Club Championships are around the corner and I hope to see everyone out participating. You never know when lightning will strike, and you will find the groove with your golf swing. You may just find yourself hoisting a trophy at the end of the weekend. Keep playing well, bring your guests, and enjoy your summer!


The Gardens in August Cindy Chamandy HORTICULTURALIST

After such a long, cool spring, July certainly gave us some heat! It’s interesting how weather patterns can affect the garden. Our spring bloomers were late to show and then finished quickly with the arrival of hot days and little rain. Thankfully the heat has helped our veggie garden fill out. Our tomatoes are still a bit behind, but we’ve had great harvests of snap peas, carrots, string beans, kale and Swiss chard. The beets and squash are ready for the picking and the jalapenos are ripening quickly. We are so pleased to be providing farm-to-table dining here at Ladies’. Soon our garlic will be harvested and cured for use throughout the winter. Garlic is definitely one of the easiest veggies to grow! If you’ve never tried it before, plan to dig in a few cloves this fall. Each clove should be planted 3-4 inches deep and 6 inches apart and then layered with a generous amount of mulch. They can be planted in late September or into October - at least before the first frost. Make sure to plant them with the pointy side up! By next summer you’ll be harvesting your own garlic scapes in June/July and then full garlic bulbs in August.

In our perennial gardens, we have been busy weeding and cutting back early blooming perennials such as hardy geranium and irises, something we have plenty of here at Ladies’! By cutting back the entire plant we make room for later blooming species to really show off. The lilies are exploding in a variety of colours; while bee balm, echinacea and black-eyed Susans are busily attracting bees and butterflies. In order to help our Monarch butterflies flourish, you may have noticed that we’ve allowed some milkweed to grow in the gardens at the golf shop. Milkweed is the only source of food for Monarch caterpillars and the butterflies enjoy the nectar from the flowers. Keep an eye out for these beauties - see if you can spot a Monarch butterfly or two. Cheers to a great month of blooms and harvests in the garden. We hope you enjoy!


AUGUST 2019 | 5

Ladies’ Year-to-Date Financials Alicia Milner FINANCE COMMITTEE, CHAIR

Above, below, or at par? With a challenging rainy start to the season, we are now on track to meet budget and are working to secure this outcome for the full 2019 season. Year-to-date as of June 30, 2019, membership revenues are above budget with the details provided in the accompanying table. All aspects of Ladies’ operations – clubhouse, golf shop, golf academy, course and grounds, and capital spending - are on track. The only lagging areas are green fees and cart rentals. These numbers loosely follow rounds played which, due to the wet start to the 2019 season, are 3.7% below where we were at this time last year. Based on staff’s reforecasting estimates, we expect to be able to offset below budget results in these areas with better-than-


Year-to-Date Results (To June 30, 2019)

expected results in other areas. The loss from operations continues to be forecast at $90.3K, consistent with our 2019 approved budget and with an approved plan to cover this loss from surpluses in our operating and capital funds. Approved capital spending is also on track with flexibility to adjust, as needed, depending on what the rest of the season may bring. All-in-all, we are on track to achieve par vis-à-vis our approved budgets. Kudos to staff, who bring their best game each day in support of the club and its members.


Encouraging Even Better Results

1. MEMBERSHIP a. Members

As compared to budget, we are: • Full Members over by 5 (290 actual) • Clubhouse/Social/Social Senior on budget at 95

b. Guest Card Holders (GCH)

• Gold GCH over by 6 (36 actual) • Silver GCH under by 8 (92 actual)

c. Trial Members

• Unlimited Trials under by 11 (15 actual) • Limited Trials over by 1 (5 actual)

Attrition was lower than forecast this year, so a very good place to start from. Spread the word that Ladies’ is a leading course with a rich heritage and a vibrant golf community. The GCH/Guest day has been postponed to August 21. If you know someone who would enjoy playing a round with one of our GCHs, please contact the Golf Shop and help get them involved in the event. While the opportunity to sign up for the 8-week limited trial ends July 31, new full trial members are always welcome. Tell others that conversion to full membership is at an attractive rate.

Membership revenue from members, GCHs, and trial members is over budget by $10.8K year-to-date. With fewer-than-expected unlimited trials, revenue from members and trials was under budget by $8.7K. This was more than offset by GCH dues revenue being over budget by $19.6K. Gold GCH dues also more than compensated for the decrease in Silver GCH, similar to what we saw in 2018. 6 | BEAUTY, GRIT & GRACE


Year-to-Date Results (To June 30, 2019)

Encouraging Even Better Results


• Revenue under budget by < $8K or Take advantage of chef’s weekly specials. 3.1% Sign up for one of the many social events that take place at the club each month. • Lower wine sales mean that less wine is being purchased Use the clubhouse for gatherings of friends or for business functions.


• Year-to-date profit is over budget by 23% • Inventory levels are above budget and being managed • Golf Academy doing well in terms of participation levels

4. COURSE & GROUNDS • On budget with advance purchase of supplies to be used over season

Browse the selection of clothing and other items for men and women at the golf shop, taking advantage sales at the shop. You can still sign up for academy programs or encourage others to do so. Enjoy the course – it is in beautiful shape and has recovered well from all that rain earlier in the season!

• Salaries, wages and benefits below budget by 2.4% Be sure to fix divots, repair ball marks on greens, and use the “palm in” technique • Sport entrance repaired; bridge on to retrieve balls from the cup, so as not to #8 improved; several small drainage damage around the pin. projects done 5. GREEN FEES & CARTS • Green fee revenue below budget by 9.4% • Cart rental revenue below budget by 23%

Bring guests and consider hosting a group of friends at the club for a round of golf and a meal.

Request a cart for pick up at the 6th hole on the steamy days of summer. The golf • Year-to-date rounds below 2018 by shop can assist with this service. 3.7% due to wet spring weather 6. CAPITAL SPENDING

• On track for capital spending with 47% of budget spent • Water/ice dispenser for halfway house funded from within total approved capital envelope


• Paid $31.5K in late 2018 for work done by the former course architect from the land sale deposit

Staff are carefully managing capital spending, while working to ensure an outstanding experience on the course and in the clubhouse. $166,993 remains from $350,000 land sale deposit from Tridel

AUGUST 2019 | 7

Member Guest Day 2019 What a Fantastic Event! Kathy Constantinou 9H CAPTAIN

26 teams for a total of 52 players were well represented by both 9H and 18H section member and their guests. The weather (finally) cooperated and it was a beautiful day to show off the “Garden Theme”, both by the flowers grown at Ladies’, and the flowery outfits and decorations seen in abundance. Even the dessert incorporated garden theme. Guests enjoyed a fabulous dinner while listening to live musicians playing both flute and guitar. Prizes were awarded, and everyone received a take home gift. The guests even had their cars washed while they played golf! Many accolades were received and this email from Jean Davy says it all: “Thank you for a tremendously successful member guest day last weekend. Loved the scavenger hunt, the delicious dinner, the thoughtful and theme-based gifts (terrific that everyone went home with something) and the enthusiastic atmosphere spearheaded by Brenda and Jessica. My guest had a wonderful time and I was proud to show off the course, the clubhouse, the member spirit and the professional and welcoming staff. The day was a great showcase of what it means to be a member at Ladies’.”


THANK YOU to Jessica Min and Brenda Touzot as convenors. Thanks to Paddy Kelly and the professional staff for making the day go so well (and for Paddy’s tomato plants). Thank you also to both Romualdo and Chef Umesh and their staff for the fabulous hospitality and meal. A Member Guest day photo album is available here.


Audubon Certification John McLinden GOLF COURSE SUPERINTENDENT

The Audubon Cooperative Program (ACSP) for golf helps golf courses enhance wildlife habitats and protect and sustain natural resources for the benefit of people, wildlife and the game of golf. Achieving certification as an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary demonstrates leadership and commitment to high standards of environmental management. As an ACSP member, Ladies’ Golf Club is required to demonstrate our continued best management practices efforts in order to maintain certification. Under the ACSP program, we continue to strive to meet certification standards in six focused areas: •

Environmental planning

Wildlife and habitat management

Chemical use reduction and safety

Water conservation

Water quality management

Outreach and education

On Thursday, July 11 we had the pleasure of hosting an individual from the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program (ACSP) for recertification purposes. One component of maintaining our ACSP certification is to have a scheduled site visit from an auditor every three years. We spent approximately 3 ½ hours on

the golf course going over all our environmental resourcefulness. The auditor was particularly impressed with the initiatives we have introduced since our certification in 2016 that includes honey bees, vegetable and herb gardens, harvesting maple syrup and introducing more milkweed for Monarch butterflies. We are anticipating the auditor’s report in the coming weeks and are extremely confident that recertification will not be an issue. We are exceptionally proud to be one of 803 certified members worldwide!


AUGUST 2019 | 9


Posting scores and obtaining a handicap is important when you golf regularly and is helpful for a number of reasons. Most importantly, it lets you create an even playing field when you are playing competitive or casual games. Many golfers find that creating a friendly but competitive environment helps keep their focus during even the most casual games. This might be as simple as a putting contest or a longest drive on a given hole but can also be a match play or a four-ball match with your regular playing partners on a weekday round. Having an established handicap creates equality across the players and helps ensure you have to bring a good game to the course to win your match and maybe also win a post-match beverage. It’s a very interesting feeling the first time you realize that your 25-handicap index is the best of the group and that you have to give all your playing partners strokes! Another important perspective on a handicap is that it helps you track your improvement as a golfer. If you are working on improving your game the most effective way to see long term improvements is to watch your handicap go down throughout the season. If you are not posting your scores, a couple of hints… perhaps the easiest place to post your score is on the club booking web site (GGGolf). If you are keen on tracking your statistics, you can also track number of putts, fairways hit, birdies, pars, etc. and enter hole-


by-hole scores on GGGolf. You can also do this at the Golf Canada web site (www.golfcanada.ca) by logging in and using the “at-a-glance” tab to post your score. If you are not posting the score on the day you played, take care to select the right date when you do post, or your posting average will not be correct. For support with any of this, talk to the team in the golf shop who are always ready to help. One final comment about posting – starting in January 2020 the next evolution of handicap rules will be implemented. Most of the changes are technical calculation changes, although there will be a few differences in posting that we will provide information on as we begin next season’s play. The World Handicap System will calculate handicaps in a consistent way wherever you play and will replace the six different handicap systems currently used around the world. The new system will accommodate different formats of play and degree of competitiveness, it will require fewer scores to establish a handicap, and will even be adjusted for abnormal course and weather conditions. Early this season I played golf in snow and sleet - I’m looking forward to a score adjustment the next time that happens!


Ladies’ on the Go Carol Brown CONVENOR

Many of our ladies have been very active in tournaments outside the club this summer. We have participated in both 18 Hole Tri and Quad Club events. We’ve also sent a record number of golfers to York Women’s Group events. We not only join in these exciting tournaments, but we also produce some impressive results. Though we did not win the day at Brampton G & CC on July the 22, we did show the best team spirit! We look forward to hosting the Brampton and Donalda ladies at our course on Wednesday, August 28, when we can really shine. Our teams playing in the Quad Clubs at Scarboro G & CC and Summit G & CC have been very successful so far. Ladies’ is leading in points, as we head to Thornhill for the final event on Thursday, August 22. We had 11 women compete in the Amateur Bronze tournament at St Georges G & CC on Tuesday, June 4. Those taking home a prize included Denise Tobin1st low gross C flight, and Siobhan Lee-8th low net in the amateur division. We also congratulate Nancy MacTavish-3rd low gross Championship flight, Dee McKenzie-2nd low gross B flight, Jane Hills-1st low gross C flight and Wendy Inouye-3rd low gross C flight, and finally Brenda Stocking-7th low net, all in the bronze division. The competition was fierce, the course challenging and the meal exceptional! A great day overall! We have an amazing 13 players currently golfing in the Senior Super Senior Tournament at Weston G & CC. I have no doubt we will see some happy results when the day is through. Some of the participants are defending last years’ success. “Hot off the Press” Peta Lomberg has repeated as Super Senior Champion. Congratulations, well done! Other members receiving prize vouchers were Denise Tobin, Stephanie Mayo, Brenda Stocking, Dee McKenzie and Wendy Inouye. Looks like another successful day for the ladies from Ladies’!

Finally, we are sending at least 7 teams to the 4-Ball Tournament at Toronto Golf & CC on Tuesday, August 13. We had 22 women (11 teams) try to qualify for this event. Our teams produced some very impressive low scores. This event was so popular this year that many teams had to go on a waiting list. Fingers crossed that some of our other teams will be called up! It speaks well to the commitment and enthusiasm that our ladies possess. Well done to you all! As you can see, the women from Ladies’ are thoroughly enjoying representing our club in outside tournaments, as well as committed to the many events that we play at home. We are fortunate to have so many opportunities. Happy golfing!


AUGUST 2019 | 11

Be a Part of Our History Tricia Thomas CLUB EVENTS COORDINATOR

Marjorie McKenzie The beautiful Lladro trophy, chosen by Marjorie McKenzie herself, was won by teams Wendy Girvan & Dee McKenzie (Yellow) and Mary Pat Frey & Jo-Anne Applebaum (Red). Finishing in a tie for second place from the yellow tees with only a one stroke difference were Joy Bradford & Denise Tobin and Nancy MacTavish & Siobhan Lee. Tied for second place from the red tees were the teams of Nadine Segal & Eiko Aki and Georgia Leon & Mary Ann Lee. Congratulations to all! Thank you to all the competitors for making this another great event celebrating our heritage. Club Championship August 17 and 18 There is a myth that one has to be a low handicap golfer to play in the Club Championship. EVERYONE has a place in this two-day event. Yes, the low handicappers are playing for the Jessie Dunlap and the Janet McCheyne trophies which are presented to the best golfers in the field and there are yellow and red flights to be won and also a two-day Stableford event from red and yellow tees. This year we are also introducing a prize for the lowest senior in the over 65 age bracket for the yellow flight. For players new to competition, consider playing in the Stableford field just as you would in a section draw but with two consecutive day totals. If we can’t persuade you to play, why not come out to cheer and volunteer. Let’s see if Lauren can ‘3peat’ and Kathy and Pauline can repeat. Be part of our history!


Hazel Hudson 65+ Tournament Our final ‘heritage’ event this season is the Hazel Hudson Tournament, scheduled for Tuesday, September 10. Birth certificates are not required but golfers must be at least 65 years old to play. We should have a full field for this event which is played from the red tees.

We are Having our Club Championship! Margaret Auld ARCHIVES COMMITTEE CHAIR

Time for some advice from Ada and some inspirations as well. Ada said, “I treat athletics like recreation, participation just adds to the fun!”.

One of the things that impressed me in doing the research was Ada’s swing over time. We should all look this good

This is the 94th playing of our Club Championship, it is time to reflect on the woman who had the tenacity and vision to create the Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto. She was characterized as: •

Having a love for all sports

For fair play

For winning (but not at all costs)

For never giving up

For being gracious in victory as in defeat

For never making excuses

These qualities, exemplified in Ada, are characteristics for us to carry into our championship. Ada’s father was a keen and proficient club golfer, as was her mother. Ada began her golfing career at just 13 years old when she took her mother’s place with her father in a mixed foursome. They took the low gross prize. Ada competed at home and abroad winning 5 Ladies’ Championships, 5 each of the Canadian Open and Closed Championships, and a number of international trophies. She won many other tournaments, too numerous to list here. She finished her golfing career at age 74 and was inducted into the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame in the year it was founded, 1971, just two years before she died. We are fortunate to have some of Ada’s trophies in our clubhouse in the main hall just beyond the painting of her. Do take some time to have a look!

Come one come all and join in the fun of our Club Championship. Ada will be cheering for all of us.


AUGUST 2019 | 13

Monday Fun Event - The Rainbow Scramble Tricia Thomas CLUB EVENTS COORDINATOR

On Monday, July 29 we held our second Monday fun event of the season. We had 9 teams participate in the scramble and played 11 holes using blue, yellow, green, red or purple tees as required and so it was called the rainbow scramble.


Jan Flottâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s team won (by a hair). Stay tuned for announcements regarding out next Monday fun event, which will take place in September.


The Great Canadian Birdathon Jane Kirkpatrick LADIES’ MEMBER

This spring, the 10th annual Great Canadian Birdathon at Ladies’ was held in May with Mary Calvert, Bea Wilson and Jane Kirkpatrick combing the golf course from May 20 - 21 for all the nesting and migrating birds we could find. We identified 44 species in all. Of particular note were Bluebirds, who nested in 3 of our bird boxes for the first time, Red-bellied woodpeckers, our newest residents, and a few migrants we don’t always see such as the Tennessee warbler, Purple finch, Olive-sided flycatcher and a Cooper’s hawk.

A big thank you to all the members who sponsored us as we raised $ 950 for Bird Studies Canada and their ongoing efforts to monitor and protect our feathered friends.


AUGUST 2019 | 15

Crossing Our Bridge Jacquelin Jackson MARKETING MANAGER

What a difference a month makes! July has been very hot in comparison to the dreary spring we experienced. The club has been buzzing with enthusiastic golfers, satisfied diners and exciting events. We welcomed five new trial members, bringing our total up to 25 ladies. Please give a warm Ladies’ welcome to: Donna Shen

Linda Gavendo

Jennifer Jackson

Sue Perle

Kathy Camelon On Tuesday, July 23, we hosted our second New Member Fun Event of the season. We had a great turn out that included trial members, first/second year members, intermediates and buddies. The group kicked off the evening with a clinic run by Paddy, followed by 9 holes of golf and patio cocktails. We shared stories and had a lot of laughs! Thank you to all of the ladies that came out and participated. We look forward to hosting our next event in September!

Share Ladies’ with your friends and family! It’s time to share the news of our upcoming fall special for women and men. Starting September 1, anyone who buys a 2020 unlimited trial membership, or a first-time guest card holder package can play for the remainder of the 2019 season on us. Plus, they pay the 2019 price for next year! This offer has great value for new prospects and includes the Member and Guest Card Holder Rewards Program with incentives for our current members and GCHs. Watch for more information in upcoming club emails. Introduce a new LGA participant, trial member or guest card holder to Ladies’ for 2020. If you know someone who would like to experience our club, please contact Jacquelin Jackson at 905-889-3531 ext. 308 or jjackson@ladiesgolfclub.com. You could be eligible for rewards up to $100 in clubhouse/ golf shop credits, or even $750 off your annual dues for next year!

I would like to congratulate Jaime Steedman and her team on all of their hard work on the Ladies’ Golf Academy. As of mid -uly, the academy has filled a record breaking 287 non-member spots! That is 174 non-member participants crossing our bridge. And there are still two months of programs to go with offerings for players of all skill levels. Remember, members can participate in academy programs as well! 16 | BEAUTY, GRIT & GRACE


A Summer of Experiences Jo-Anne Applebaum ENGAGEMENT COMMITTEE, CHAIR

A summer of wonderful experiences it has been. Back by popular demand, Chef Umesh’s Indian Night was an overwhelming success with 100 members, GCHs and guests attending. It was a fantastic evening, and everyone was in good humour as they were eating and drinking on a warm summer night. On Tuesday, July 16, 33 members and guests attended trial member Joanna Kervin’s presentation “Everything You Wanted to Know about Transit”. The feedback we received from this event was awesome and Joanna is welcome to speak again if she has a sequel to present! Sunday, July 28 saw over 45 adults and children attend Family Day at Ladies’. Chef prepared a beautiful kid-friendly buffet, including French toast, pancakes, frittata, delicious chocolate cupcakes and many other sweets. The lawn was set up with ping pong, mini golf and Romualdo even had a movie for the kids. Kudos to everyone involved in planning and setting up what proved to be a wonderful day. For all of us sitting in the Garden Room it was especially nice to see our members enjoying the club with their children and grandchildren. Jazz & Ribs will be one evening you won’t want to miss. On Saturday, August 24 our head golf professional, Paddy Kelly will be competing against Akshay and Nyoka, both chefs at Ladies’. Register online before this entertaining evening sells out.

We have a lot more golf and non-golf events to come this summer. Please review the website for all the details: •

Every Thursday is Pub Night, offering $5 Beer and delicious tacos and snacks

Wednesday, August 14- Mid Season Forum (7:30pm)

Saturday, August 17 & Sunday, August 18- Club Championship

Thursday, August 29- Cooking class with Umesh

Tuesday, September 3- Book Club with Cathy Tile (Washington Black)

Sunday, September 8- Mixed Member Guest Day

Thursday, September 12- Book Club with Terry Fallis (Albatross)

Friday, September 27- The musical Billy Elliot in Stratford (lunch included)

On behalf of the Engagement Committee, I’d like to thank everyone who has supported the increased number of events this summer. It’s very encouraging to see our members enthusiastically participating in club activities, both on and off the golf course. Enjoy and I hope to see you all at Ladies’ soon!


AUGUST 2019 | 17

In the Golf Shop Padraig Kelly HEAD GOLF PROFESSIONAL

Bushnell Phantom GPS

Hole More Putts

The Bushnell Phantom GPS is not one of the classic scope range finders. It allows you to show the distance from anywhere on the golf course. One of the key features for this gadget is its ability to stick to any metal surfaces such as power carts or push carts. This is called BITE Magnetic Mount. The GPS is very portable and can be taken anywhere with you on and off the golf course. Some other notable features for the Bushnell GPS are: front/center/back pins, shot distance calculation, up to 4 hazards per hole, auto course recognition, auto hole advance, 36000+ courses and the Bushnell Golf Mobile App included.

Odyssey, the #1 putter in golf has always been ahead of the curve in the technology game. Recently, Odyssey has introduced “Stroke Lab” technology in their putters.

The best part is the price! All of this technology for $129.99. In your golf shop now! Callaway ERC Soft AND 4 for 3 per dozen on all Callaway golf balls! The ERC Soft. The new Callaway ball has some new improvements that have been proven to get you real results. One of the key features is the new hybrid cover delivers performance between traditional ionomer and urethrane which engineers to promote long distance and increased spin with a softer feel. Not only with the cover, the Gaphene core delivers faster ball speed, higher launch and low spin on the longer shots and will increase control on greenside shots. Lastly the key feature is the new Triple Track Technology which ultimately helps you line up your putts on the green and sees the true roll. ERC are selling for $49.99, however they are on sale in your golf shop. Buy 3 dozen and get one free! 18 | BEAUTY, GRIT & GRACE

“Most putting strokes are inconsistent. Yet most putting technologies focus on improving alignment or the quality of roll. That’s all good, but there’s more help needed. Our new Stroke Lab putters actually help improve the golfer’s stroke, including back-swing length, face angle at impact, head speed through impact and tempo, all through a profound change in weight distribution made possible by an innovative new shaft. This is a completely new approach and only Odyssey has it.” – Sean Toulon Along with Stroke Lab, Odyssey has partnered with a special putting analysis technology called “Hole More Putts”, which we are lucky to be able to provide at Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto. This analysis determines errors in the putting stroke that may not always be immediately visible to players and coaches. This will help our professionals teach their students more efficiently and create better results on the green. This technology is also a fantastic tool for getting golfers fit with the correct putter for their game.

Contact the golf shop to book an appointment for a putter fitting.


Guest Card Holder Corner Dylan Cattanach ASSOCIATE GOLF PROFESSIONAL

The Guest Card Holder Club Championship is right around the corner! Join us on August 17 & 18 for one of the most exciting club competition weekends of the summer. With early tee times between 6:50 and 7:50 am on both Saturday and Sunday, the two flights are sent out before the ladies. The first flight is Stableford, a scoring system that involves scoring points based on the number of strokes taken at each hole, using a playerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s net scores. The second flight is stroke play, a more traditional format. If participating in the stroke play

flight, there is both a gross and a net winner. Both days count to the total round scores. You have the option to play in either flight. The Guest Card Holder Championship is a great event that you should consider participating in. We look forward to seeing you that weekend!


Join us for the

Guest Card Holder Club Championship August 17 & 18, 2019

Join us for these other special events! September 8 Mixed Social Golf Event October 6 Ada Mackenzie Fall Classic

AUGUST 2019 | 19


AUGUST 2019 | 21

Fall Special Buy 2020, get Fall 2019 on us! Trial memberships available for women and seasonal packages available for men. Limited time offer! Contact: Jacquelin Jackson 905-889-3531 x308 or jjackson@ladiesgolfclub.com


August 2019











Pub Night

18H Draw








18H Draw

9H Draw/ PM

Pub Night





Duplicate Bridge

18H Draw

9H Draw

Pub Night

Mid-season Forum



10 18H Draw

Shotgun & Dinner Mahjong

Progressive Dinner 16

17 Club Championship Day 1 Prime Rib Night






Club Championship Day 2

Duplicate Bridge

18H Draw

9H Draw

Quad Club @ Thornhill




Duplicate Bridge

18H Draw


24 18H Draw Jazz & Ribs Night

Pub Night Mahjong

9H Interclub @ Thornhill



9H Draw

Pub Night Mahjong Cooking Class with Chef Umesh


31 18H Draw Prime Rib Night

AUGUST 2019 | 23

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Beauty, grit, & grace - August 2019  

Beauty, grit, & grace - August 2019