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2019 Ladies Fish-Off - 1

BEST Summer EVER! Ages 7-14

P M A C Sessions Start June 10 2019 Ladies Fish-Off - 2




WE COULDN’T DO IT WITHOUT YOU! To our LFO Community: The Ladies Annual Fish-Off is upon us, and it’s our 34th year! As we’ve been preparing for the tournament this year, I’ve been reflecting on all the moving parts of this tournament that come together, and am in humble amazement of the overwhelming multi-faceted support we have for this tournament year after year. Our Sponsors are the heart of our tournament, and allow us to do what we do - have an awesome, fun-filled weekend centered on fishing, while raising money for charity. Our Charities bring us the education and resources we need to help and support our local community. hard and have a fantastic tournament!

Our Committee of volunteers generously donate their time and energy to grow and keep our tournament strong. Our Anglers, their families and friends fish the tournament with enthusiasm and encouragement of our community effort. They say “it takes a village to raise a child.” And it takes a community to build a charity fishing tournament. To everyone in our LFO Community - it’s great to see you this year, and THANK YOU for being a part of our tournament community.

To Register for the Tournament visit...

See you all at the Kick-Off party and on the dock on Saturday! FISH HARD, and have a fantastic tournament!! Tight lines, Ladies! Lindsey Tenberg, Esq.


Annual magazine published by Ladies Fish Off, Inc. All rights are reserved. We appreciate your participation in our tournament, sponsorship, support for our charities, and welcome your contributions, volunteerism and help to make this event a success each year. 2019 Ladies Fish-Off - 3

Kick-Off Party

Date: Thursday, May 30, 2019 Time: 6pm - 10pm Location: Galuppi’s on North Federal Hwy. in Pompano Beach What: Silent Auction, Registration & Captain’s Meeting

Tournament Day

Date: Saturday, June 1, 2019 Boat Check-Out: Port Everglades or Hillsboro Inlet - 6am - 7am Lines In: 7am All boats must clear Hillsboro Inlet by 4pm and proceed to Weigh In at Alsdorf Park in Pompano Beach Address: 2974 NE 14th Street Weigh Ins: 3pm - 6pm

Awards Brunch

Date: Sunday, June 2, 2019 Time: 9:30am - 12pm Location:J.Mark’s in Pompano Beach What: Awards Presentation

2019 Ladies Fish-Off - 4



he 33rd Annual Ladies FishOff ended on a high note Sunday June 3rd following a full Saturday of fun fishing by 162 female anglers on 47 boats offshore the Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach and Lighthouse Point, Florida coastline.

Fish caught in the tournament included Kingfish, Dolphin, Cobia, Blackfin Tuna and Bonita by anglers ranging in age and experience from 5-years old, to teenagers, to seasoned senior anglers. No wahoo were caught last year. President of the Ladies Fish-Off Lindsey Tenberg said, “Our anglers and supporters know that the Ladies Fish Off benefits great charities like Ronald McDonald House, The Billfish Foundation and Freedom Fighters Outdoors, and we plan to grow our organization so we can continue the great support for these causes.”


Tom Tucker Family Award

1st place – Katy Sapp - 16.2lbs on Native Son


2nd place – Joana Nagy - 14.2lbs on Native Son Blackfin Tuna 1st place – Diane Crites - 31.9 lbs on O-Sea-D 2nd place – Missy Edwards - 28.2 lbs on Conch

Pee Wee 1st place – Savanna Nagy on Native Son 2nd place – Kira Sapp on Native Son 3rd place – Elle Bonner on Dog Gone

Bonita 1 place – Diamond Bergeron – 21.4lbs

1st place – Payton Palmer - 41.9 lbs on Bustin’ Loose

Top Boat

2nd place – Marina Maddock - 27.8 lbs on Vitamin Sea


1st – O-Sea-D


2 – 27 Conch

3rd place – Mikaela Whitmer - 19.7 on Sea Otter

3rd – Advanced Roofing

Top Angler


4th – Nearly Impossible


5 – Summerwind

1st place – Sara Bliss - 39.2 lbs on Bowdacious

6 – Native Son

2nd place – Vicki Burrier - 32.7 lbs on O-Sea-D

7th – Hooker Electric

3rd place – Lauren Chesier - 27.3 lbs on Advanced Roofing

9th – Bowdacious

1st place - Jordan Carlos -15.7 lbs on Runnin Game


3rd place – Jessica Hawkins - 27.2 lbs on Nearly Impossible

Tournament Results:


Champion’s Circle

th th

8th – Bustin Loose 10 – Water World / Fishing Headquarters th

1st place – Nikki White on O-Sea-D - 48 lbs 2nd place – Trista Evans on Hooker Electric - 42.8 lbs 3rd place – Jessica Hawkins on Nearly Impossible - 41.2lbs Heaviest Fish Sara Bliss 39.2 lbs on Bowdacious

Top Captain Matt White on O-Sea-D

2nd place – Kristina Gunnlaugason - Hard Luck 11.8lbs on The Skinny Fishing Ellie Dana on Sir Reel Team 2019 Ladies Fish-Off - 5

2019 Ladies Fish-Off - 6

2019 Ladies Fish-Off - 7



n 1986, a group of ten enthusiastic lady anglers organized the Ladies Fish-Off to raise money for a local children’s charity. The first ladies-only saltwater tournament was held at the Sands, and featured 72 boats and 125 anglers. The tournament raised $5,000 in its inaugural year. In its second year, the tournament had 127 boats and 237 anglers. The heaviest fish was a Blue Marlin caught by Kim Burgess, and the tournament netted $10,000. Most recently, 162 anglers fished on 47 boats in the 33rd Annual Fish Off, and the tournament netted $20,000. The longevity of the Ladies Fish-Off is a true testament to the fishing community in Southeast Florida. Our lady anglers are familyfocused women with a passion for fishing and their community. This tournament is planned and executed 100% by volunteers, and it is amazing what can happen when a community comes together. Since its inception, over $550,000 has been donated to our beneficiaries. As a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, all the tournament proceeds go directly to The Ronald McDonald House Charities of South Florida, The Billfish Foundation and Freedom Fighters Outdoors. The Ladies Fish-Off also made a $1,500 contribution to the NSU Oceanographic. The RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE is a “home-away from home” for families who must travel hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles outside their own community to seek medical treatment for a child. Each house offers families a refuge from the hospital - a special place providing warm, friendly, low cost housing alternatives to parents and siblings of seriously ill children. The Ronald McDonald House in South Florida is located on the grounds of Jackson Memorial Center in Miami. Houses are designated to encourage interaction among their guests to help them cope during an extremely difficult time. Website : The BILLFISH FOUNDATION (TBF) is the only non-profit organization dedicated solely to conserving and enhancing billfish populations around the world. Based right here in Fort Lauderdale, TBF’s international network of supporters includes conservationminded anglers, captains, mates, scientists, policy makers, tournament directors, clubs and sportfishing businesses. A three tiered strategy of research, education and advocacy is employed by TBF in order to create marine conservation strategies that benefit oceanic resources while also empowering the recreational fishing community. TBF recognizes that future fishing opportunities depend on today’s conservation successes. If you want to help ensure continued fishing opportunities, healthy oceans and successful related economies, then TBF is the team for you! Please take a moment to visit the website and learn more about TBF’s work, become a member and make your commitment to insuring a strong fishing future for generations of anglers to come. Website:

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2019 Ladies Fish-Off - 8

BACKGROUND & BENEFICIARIES continued from pg 8

FREEDOM FIGHTER OUTDOORS, a tax-exempt 501(C) (3) nonprofit organization, was launched to support and build awareness for our local veterans. The mission of their organization is to show gratitude to our nation’s injured service veterans and their families for their sacrifices. This is done through raising awareness and seeking public aid for needs, services and activities for injured service veterans; to facilitate injured service veterans aid and assist each other through teamwork based outdoor recreational activities and to provide a unique, once in a lifetime outdoor activity to honor and empower our nation’s injured service veterans. The vision of Freedom Fighter Outdoors is to assist injured veterans in their transition from the armed services to civilian life. F.F.O. has an Outreach program where they take Veterans on fishing excursions, a total of 4-6 times a year in Lighthouse Point, FL; Montauk, NY; and Jensen Beach, FL. If you would like more information about F.F.O., or would like to become involved with taking our veterans fishing, please visit their website: MANA BENEVOLENT OUTREACH INC., a non-profit organization, exists for the service of the community and individuals, helping people to lead more comfortable, secure, and independent lives. Since 1997, Mana Benevolent Outreach Inc. has empowered

families by providing them with a quality food distribution program. They feed the homeless and needy people every Saturday 10 am to 12pm (noon) with a hot meal at The First Baptist Church of Pompano Beach, in Pompano Beach, Florida. They also provide a Christian context to empower those in need to be equipped for life, and a mission’s context providing them skills to help others. Mana Benevolent Outreach Inc. brings the Hope of Jesus into the lives of people and families. LFO will be donating all leftover fish from the tournament to Mana Benevolent Outreach for them to use in their food distribution program to feed the local homeless and families in need. Website:

2019 Ladies Fish-Off - 9



stablished in 2009, the Billfish Foundation’s Tag and Release Program has generated the largest private billfish tagging data resource in the world, which remains the cornerstone of TBF’s conservation and advocacy programs. With TBF receiving close to 15,000 tag and release records annually from across the globe, our database contains over 250,000 records, all contributing to what is known about billfish. More tagging is still needed to increase valuable recapture data. The success of TBF’s Tag and Release program comes from dedicated anglers, captains and mates, who voluntarily tag, release, and report their billfish catches, tags, releases and recaptures. It is the recapture data that provides the most valuable scientific data for helping to advance our understanding of billfish growth rates, migratory patterns, habitat use and post-release survival rates. Tag and release data also provides valuable information to include in stock assessments that calculate the abundance of each species remaining in the water to support continued fishing. The data contributes to the foundation upon which smart conservation policy can be built. Go to to check out more of the recapture maps, and if you’ve been tagging fish for a while without having had one of yours recaptured, check out this sailfish that John Anderson and Tommy Tight aboard “Off the Wall” recaptured after 8.5 years!



SERVING BRUNCH SATURDAY'S FROM 11AM - 3:30PM AND SUNDAY'S 10AM - 3:30PM 270 North Pompano Beach Blvd, Pompano Beach, FL 33062 - 2019 Ladies Fish-Off - 10

Good Luck, and Tight Lines Ladies! 2019 Ladies Fish-Off - 11

2019 RULES & REGULATIONS While this is a fun fishing tournament, we do need rules and regulations to ensure it’s also fair. It’s the responsibility of all anglers and participants to read and understand these rules and regulations that govern the Ladies Annual Fish Off. You can download a complete set of the rules here now. On submission of your tournament registration you are acknowledging that you have read the rules and fully understand your responsibilities and obligations. If you have any questions, send an email to RULE 1: The tournament is open to female anglers only. Men may join the fun as captain and crew. RULE 2: Registered anglers are responsible for providing their own fishing vessel and must have a valid Florida fishing license, unless the event is being held on the weekend when the state license is exempt. (The first Saturday in June is always license free day for Saltwater anglers). RULE 3: Check Out Saturday June 1st, 2019 from Hillsboro and Port Everglades Inlets: All boats must check out for visual recognition. Check out points will be the Hillsboro Inlet Finger docks and Lauderdale Marina docks, which will be open from 6:00 am – 7:00 am on Saturday. After 7:00 am, boats must be checked out visually at Lighthouse Point Marina fuel dock. Assigned boat numbers must be displayed on the starboard side of your boat. Boat numbers must be displayed at all times, not just at check out. Once visually checked out, boats may proceed to fishing grounds. However, there will be no lines in until the official start at 7:00 am. This announcement will be made on channel 78. No fishing for live bait is allowed between the time of check out and tournament start time of 7:00 am. RULE 4: Check In: All boats must be visually checked into Hillsboro Inlet Finger docks by 4:00 pm. If you are not visually checked in by 4:00 pm, you will be automatically disqualified. There is NO lines out time. Tournament channel is 78. RULE 5: Fishing area is Florida waters only. Boats fishing in the Bahamas will be automatically disqualified. RULE 6: All IGFA rules apply to the Ladies Annual Fish-Off. No wire lines are permitted. The use of treble hooks (unless part of a commercially-manufactured lure) and electric reels (except kite rods and downriggers) are prohibited. Stinger hooks must be firmly imbedded or firmly attached to the bait. RULE 7: Live bait, dead bait and lures are permitted. Live chumming is prohibited. RULE 8: Anglers must abide by IGFA rules by hooking and reeling in their own fish. Mutilated fish are not eligible. Any fish that has been tampered with to increase the weight shall be disqualified and removed from the tournament. The weigh master’s decision is final. RULE 9: The following species are eligible: Cobia, Dolphin, Kingfish, Wahoo and Black Fin Tuna. Bonito are also eligible if the boat entered into the Bonito optional entry category, or if the Bonito is caught by a Pee-Wee Angler. RULE 10: Scoring – One point will be awarded per pound, per fish with a 10 lb. minimum per fish. Fish not meeting minimum weight will not count. All boats must adhere to Florida recreational bag limits as they pertain to all eligible species. To view current recreational bag limits, visit a) A maximum of four fish per species, per boat may be weighed. b) A maximum of ten fish per boat can be weighed. c) If entered into the Bonito optional entry category, only one fish per boat can be weighed. RULE 11: All boated catches may be reported at time of catch to the committee boat, by boat number and angler name. It is recommended that anglers call in fish; in the case of a tie in weight, earlier fish called in would prevail. All boats must be visually checked into the Hillsboro Inlet by 4:00 pm. RULE 12: Tournament officials will monitor VHF radio channel 78. Back up channel is 74. Please use a relay if you cannot contact the committee boat on channels 78 or 74. A cell phone will be provided at the Captain’s meeting. 2019 Ladies Fish-Off - 12

RULE 13: Awards and/or trophies will be given as follows: Top Ten Boats, Top Three Anglers, Top Master Angler, Heaviest Fish of the Tournament, Top Three Species, Top Family, Top Captain, Top Three Junior Anglers, and Top Three Peewee Anglers. RULE 14: Registration fees will not be refunded for any reason. RULE 15: Weather: If a small craft advisory #1 flag is flying, the tournament will be postponed until Sunday June 2, 2019. RULE 16: Registered junior anglers age 11-16 are eligible for all awards. IGFA rules apply for all junior anglers. If a junior angler places in the Top Three Anglers of the tournament, she will not be eligible to place in the Top Three Junior Anglers. RULE 17: Peewee division is 10 years and under. Peewee anglers may be assisted with reeling in their fish. Fish caught will ONLY be eligible for Top Three Peewee Anglers. Only three fish may be weighed in per Peewee. Fish must weigh a minimum of 5 lbs and meet all state, federal and local regulations. Peewee anglers fish do not count towards the family category. RULE 18: A family of 2-4 anglers is defined as any combination of anglers through marriage or blood fishing on the same boat. In order to be eligible for Top Family, anglers must be identified as family on the registration form. RULE 19: In case of a tie, the earliest fish reported will be the winner. RULE 20: As a condition of the entry in the Tournament, the angler specifically understands, agrees and consents to a polygraph examination if requested by decision of the tournament committee. Refusal of any angler to submit to a polygraph examination shall result in her immediate disqualification. In the sole opinion of the polygraph examiner, any untruthful response in the examination shall result in her immediate disqualification. Any participant so disqualified, shall not be entitled to any prize, award or entry fee refund. RULE 21: The Ladies Fish-Off Committee reserves the right to refuse tournament applicants or entries with or without cause in its sole discretion. RULE 22: Any protest must be submitted in writing with a nonrefundable fee of $100 per incident and delivered to the Ladies Fish Off Committee by 7:00 pm Saturday, June 1, 2019. Discretion of the LFO Committee will be final. RULE 23: It is expressively understood that all participants enter at their own risk. Directors, officers, committee members, sponsors, officials and all other persons directly or indirectly involved with the operations of the Ladies Annual Fish-Off shall be exempt from loss, damage, liability, negligence or injury suffered to any participant, entrant, sports angler, their companions, boat captains, crew members, vessels and equipment, which may occur during the Tournament. FLORIDA RECREATIONAL SALTWATER REGULATIONS SPECIES MINIMUM SIZE DAILY BAG LIMIT • Cobia 33” to fork of the tail 1 per person or 6 per boat whichever is less • Dolphin 20” to the fork of the tail 10 per person max 60 per boat • Kingfish 24” to the fork of the tail 2 per person • Wahoo no minimum 2 per person • Blackfin Tuna no minimum no daily bag limit The first Saturday and Sunday in June are License-Free fishing days. No fishing license is required.

Conveniently located Highly experienced Professional Practice Tight Lines Ladies! 1 NE 23rd Avenue, Ste. 2 Pompano Beach, FL 33062 2019 Ladies Fish-Off - 13



& NE



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nternationally acclaimed and award-winning artist and designer, Dennis Friel, has cemented himself as one of the premier craftsmen in his field. With a primary focus on gamefish and pelagic environments, Dennis brings to life stunning imagery with a masterful stroke. By focusing his core talents across a wide variety of mediums, he consistently pushes the standard of what is conventionally accepted among marine wildlife painters and illustrators. His unique and fluid style is depicted with a soulful and innovative approach. Being a native South Floridian has Dennis rooted in what he calls the “mecca of marine art.” He has successfully combined his passion for the ocean and visual arts into a lifelong career. Using his experiences, travels and inherent surroundings as his ‘great influence,’ Dennis has galvanized a body of work that is supported by collectors and clientele from around the globe. From Costa Rica to Hawaii, Africa to Dubai, Australia to the Outer Banks and all parts in between - if it’s Connected By Water™ chances are his artwork is there. Since the studio’s full-time operation began, Dennis Friel has worked with some of the finest and most renowned fishing tournaments in the world, as well as the most elite vessels and fishing teams. He is a monthly illustration contributor for Marlin Magazine, a brand ambassador for Maui Jim and Olukai and recently he was named The Billfish Foundation’s ‘Artist of the Year’ in 2017, an honor among many received during his successful career spanning greater than two decades. You may also recognize this artist’s recent work adorning the Atlantic Boulevard Intracoastal bridge titled, Atlantic Harmony, here in Pompano Beach. Commissioned specifically by the city Dennis states, “Bridges are designed to connect people to places and each other. My goal for this project was to create a series of images portraying the diversity within our local marine ecosystem and a bionetwork that harmoniously reflects a sense of pride for an oceanic community that is so tightly bound to it.” Dennis Friel is an artist, fisherman, loving husband and father of two children. Along with a dedicated staff he operates a full-time local art studio, Connected By Water™, that services the custom and licensed artwork, apparel, boat wrap and accessory printing needs for boaters and anglers, as well as their own line of branded apparel and private artwork collections.

2019 Ladies Fish-Off - 15


Over $20,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded.

Heaviest Fish $2,000.00 Cash & Trophy Top Angler $2,000.00 Cash & Trophy Merchandise 2nd Place Angler $1,000.00 Cash & Trophy Merchandise 3rd Place Angler $500.00 Cash & Trophy Merchandise Top Junior Angler $200.00 Cash & Trophy Merchandise 2nd Junior Angler Trophy 3rd Junior Angler Trophy Top Pee Wee Angler $100.00 Cash & Trophy Merchandise 2nd Place Pee Wee Trophy 3rd Place Pee Wee Trophy Tom Tucker Family Award $200.00 Cash & Trophy Merchandise Top Captain Trophy & Merchandise

2019 Ladies Fish-Off - 16

Hard Luck Award Trophy Top Boat $2,500.00 Cash & Trophy Merchandise 2nd Place Boat $1,250.00 Cash & Trophy Merchandise

Dolphin Prizes 1st Place Dolphin $225.00 Cash & Trophy 2nd Place Dolphin $125.00 Cash & Trophy 3rd Place Dolphin Trophy & Prize

3rd Place Boat $1,000.00 Cash & Trophy Merchandise

Kingfish Prizes 1st Place Kingfish $225.00 Cash & Trophy

4th Place Boat $750.00 Cash & Trophy

2nd Place Kingfish $125.00 Cash & Trophy

5th Place Boat $500.00 Cash & Trophy

3rd Place Kingfish Trophy & Prize

6th Place Boat $300.00 Cash & Trophy 7 Place Boat $200.00 Cash & Trophy

Tuna Prizes 1st Place Tuna $225.00 Cash & Trophy

8th Place Boat $150.00 Cash & Trophy

2nd Place Tuna $125.00 Cash & Trophy

9th Place Boat $100.00 Cash & Trophy

3rd Place Tuna Trophy & Prize


10th Place Boat $50.00 Cash & Trophy

Wahoo Prizes 1st Place Wahoo $225.00 Cash & Trophy

Cobia Prizes 1st Place Cobia $225.00 Cash & Trophy

2nd Place Wahoo $125.00 Cash & Trophy

2nd Place Cobia $125.00 Cash & Trophy

3rd Place Wahoo Trophy & Prize

3rd Place Cobia Trophy & Prize *Cash and prizes based on 150 Anglers

OPTIONAL ENTRY PRIZE CATEGORIES 10% of the money collected for the optional entry categories will be donated to Freedom Fighter Outdoors

Overall Points: Prize money in this optional competition category is awarded to the fishing team that receives the most points. You must be entered in this optional category to qualify for the prize money. 50% to Top Boat; 30% to 2nd Place Boat & 20% to the 3rd Place Boat. Entry fee: $150.00 per boat.

Heaviest Fish: Prize money in this optional competition category is awarded to the angler with the heaviest fish. The fish must be one of the five eligible fish species. You must be entered in this optional category to qualify for the prize money. Winner Take All. Entry Fee: $150.00 per boat.

Heaviest Kingfish: Prize money in this optional competition category is awarded to the angler with the heaviest kingfish. You must be entered in this optional category to qualify for the prize money. 70% to the Heaviest Kingfish & 30% to 2nd Heaviest Kingfish. Entry Fee: $50.00 per boat.

Heaviest Bonita: Prize money in this optional competition category is awarded to the angler with the heaviest bonita. You must be entered in this optional category to qualify for the prize money. Only one fish per boat may be weighed in. Winner Take All. Entry Fee: $50.00 per boat.

Heaviest Dolphin: Prize money in this optional competition category is awarded to the angler with the heaviest dolphin. You must be entered in this optional category to qualify for the prize money. 70% to the Heaviest Dolphin & 30% to 2nd Heaviest Dolphin. 10 per person max, 60 per boat or whichever is less. Entry Fee: $50.00 per boat. Heaviest Black Fin Tuna: Prize money in this optional competition category is awarded to the angler with the heaviest black fin tuna. You must be entered in this optional category to qualify for the prize money. 70% to the Heaviest Black Fin Tuna & 30% to 2nd Heaviest Black Fin Tuna. Default bag limit 100 pounds or 2 whichever is greater. Entry Fee: $50.00 per boat. Heaviest Wahoo: Prize money in this optional competition category is awarded to the angler with the heaviest wahoo. You must be entered in this optional category to qualify for the prize money. 70% to the Heaviest Wahoo & 30% to 2nd Heaviest Wahoo. Entry Fee: $50.00 per boat. Heaviest Cobia: Prize money in this optional competition category is awarded to the angler with the heaviest cobia. You must be entered in this optional category to qualify for the prize money. 70% to the Heaviest Cobia & 30% to 2nd Heaviest Cobia. Entry Fee: $50.00 per boat.

Based on 30 boats, the optional category prize money totals $18,000. If there are fewer than 30 participating boats, prizes decrease accordingly, just as a greater number increases the prize money. If there is an optional entry category without a winner, the money collected goes to the Ladies Fish-Off’s beneficiaries. 10% of the money collected for the optional entry category will be donated to the Freedom Fighter Outdoors Organization.

To Register for the Tournament visit... 2019 Ladies Fish-Off - 17

2019 Ladies Fish-Off - 18


TUNA BURGER Procedures to make Tuna Burger: Combine all ingredients (except tuna and blended oil) in a mixing bowl. Add tuna to mixture and gently mix. Using blended oil to coat hands, form tuna mixture into 7-ounce patties molding them into a patty no more than 1 inch high by 4.5 inches in diameter.

Ingredients Tuna 2lbs+ Fresh Ginger Garlic Tamari Soy Sauce Scallions Red Bell Peppers Sesame Oil Black Pepper Kosher Salt 90/10 Blended Oil Brioche Bun Sweet Soy Sauce Guldens Mustard



Sandwich Preparation: Brush both sides of brioche bun with butter and toast on the griddle. Place 7 ounce tuna burger onto a lightly oil hot fish grate. Cook the tuna burger to medium-rare or otherwise specified temperature. Glaze tuna burger with 1 Tbsp. of sweet soy sauce before removing from grill. On the bottom of the toasted bun spread 1 Tbsp. of mango chutney coast to coast and place tuna burger on bottom bun. On the top bun spread 1 Tbsp. of spicy mustard coast to coast. Toss Asian slaw and Toasted Sesame dressing and place on top of spicy mustard.

Asian Slaw

Place bun open faced onto a plate and ENJOY!

Toasted Sesame Dressing Mango Chutney






2019 Ladies Fish-Off - 19


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2019 Ladies Fish-Off - 23

2019 Ladies Fish-Off - 24

TUNA YUKKE Yukke Sauce: Mix the following: • 1 cup of kimchee base • 1/2 cup of olive oil • 2 tablespoons sesame oil • 1 large egg, lightly beaten • 3 finely chopped scallions

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Tuna: Finely chop or coarse grind desired amount of Tuna and mix with yukke sauce to taste. Serve with toast spears or crackers. For a nice presentation, serve in cucumber cups.

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Thank you for your dedication, and all you do to ensure we have a successful tournament every year. We could not do it with you!

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76’ 2014 Viking Call Steve Moynihan: 561.722.9629

70’ 2012 Viking Call Steve Moynihan: 561.722.9629

“St. Judith IV” 66’ 2013 Viking Call Brian Komer: 305.304.1015

“Win Won” 64’ 2008 Viking Call Tony Maggio: 561.818.1442

“Ciao” 60’ 2001 Bertram Call Andrew Dean: 561.358.1723

“Maverick” 60’ 2000 Hatteras Call Mark Mitchell: 407.435.6982

“Slic Chic” 60’ 2013 Viking Call Pat Kelly: 561.723.9300

“Escape” 54’ 2008 Viking Call Mark Mitchell: 407.435.6982

“Becky” 52’ 2008 Viking Call Chris Vacchio: 772.263.0547

“Reelin N Deelin” 48’ 2017 Viking Call George Beck: 954.612.1433

42’ 2011 Viking Call Brian Weaver: 561.308.0939

“Li La Lu” 42’ 2016 Scout Call Mike O’Connor: 561.635.5968

39’ 2017 Yellowfin Call Alexie Creary: 305.393.6333

“Five O’Clock Somewhere” 38’ 2004 Tiara Call Luke Davis: 561.310.7450

“Top Shelf” 36’ 2010 Albemarle Call Doug Donohue: 954.914.4303

HMY.COM 2019 Ladies Fish-Off - 28


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3 Ounces Braised Greens

pan. Season cobia with salt and pepper and place in a hot skillet. Cook for three minutes and flip the fish over. Remove from heat and brush with Dijon mustard and top with the herb and pecan breading. Place skillet in oven to finish cooking the fish.

-Place a small amount of oil in a sauté

Meanwhile place a tablespoon of whole

7 Ounces Cobia 2 Ounces Rock Shrimp 3 Ounces Tasso Ham Gravy 1 Tsp. Dijon Mustard 2 Tbsp. Herb & Pecan Crust 3 Ounces Grits

butter in a sauté pan and add the greens. Sauté for one minute and then add a quarter cup of chicken stock and a dash of tabasco. In another sauté pan, place a teaspoon of oil and add the rock shrimp. Cook for a minute till the shrimp turn white. Add Tasso gravy and bring to a simmer. -Once fish is cooked, place grits on the bottom of the plate, followed by the braised greens. Place gravy on top of the grits and the fish on top. Enjoy! Tasso Ham Gravy: 1 Tbsp. Yellow Onion (diced) 1 Tbsp. Celery (diced) 1 Tbsp. Green Bell Pepper (diced) 1 Tsp. Garlic Puree 1 Ounce Tasso Ham (diced) 1 Tsp. Tabasco 1 Tsp. Cajun Seasoning 2 Tbsp. Whole Butter 1 Tbsp. Oil 2 Tbsp. Flour 1 Cup Chicken Stock Taste; Salt & Pepper -Place butter and oil in sauté pan over medium heat. Add onions, peppers, celery, and garlic puree and cook for two minutes. Add Cajun seasoning and flour and cook for an additional two minutes. Add Tasso ham and cook for a minute, then add chicken stock and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to a simmer and add Tabasco and taste to season. Grits: 1 Cup Stone Ground Grits 8 Ounces Chicken Stock 8 Ounces Heavy Cream 2 Tbsp. Whole Butter 1 Tsp Salt Pinch White Pepper -Place chicken stock. Cream, and butter into a sauce pot and bring to a simmer. Wisk in grits, stirring constantly for the first two minutes. Reduce heat to medium and continue to cook for five minutes. Season with salt and pepper and serve. Pecan Herb Crust: 1 Tbsp. Chopped Pecans 2 Tbsp. Panko Bread Crumbs 1 Tsp. Chopped Thyme -Mix all ingredients together to place on the cobia 2019 Ladies Fish-Off - 29



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3099 E. Commercial Blvd, Suite 200 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 T 954-771-4500 | F 741-771-4923

3099 E. Commercial Blvd, Suite 200 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 T 954-771-4500 | F 741-771-4923

3099 E. Commercial Blvd, Suite 200 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 T 954-771-4500 | F 741-771-4923

3099 E. Commercial Blvd, Suite 200 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 T 954-771-4500 | F 741-771-4923

3099 E. Commercial Blvd, Suite 200 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 T 954-771-4500 | F 741-771-4923

3099 E. Commercial Blvd, Suite 200 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 T 954-771-4500 | F 741-771-4923

3099 E. Commercial Blvd, Suite 200 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 T 954-771-4500 | F 741-771-4923

3099 E. Commercial Blvd, Suite 200 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 T 954-771-4500 | F 741-771-4923

3099 E. Commercial Blvd, Suite 200 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 T 954-771-4500 | F 741-771-4923

3099 E. Commercial Blvd, Suite 200 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 T 954-771-4500 | F 741-771-4923

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