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Newsletter June 2017 President’s Welcome:

Dear Circlers I would like to officially say hallo to each and every one. I am honoured and proud to be your National President and I am looking forward in working sideby-side with my fellow Board Members in serving YOU our Circlers.

One thing that connects us all in Ladies Circle is that we want to make a difference. Making a difference and serving the community is our Purpose and looking back to my recent travels I am glad to say that we definitely have the Passion. So ladies, I want to encourage you to start this year fresh with #PassionAndPurpose in your hearts.

My goals: One of my goals is to create awareness for Ladies Circle South Africa, followed by awareness about our Circles, My logo: various projects and our National Service Project The OWL has been my favourite bird since I can (Project Dignity). I am convinced that through goal remember and it was the very first thing I thought of to orientated efforts we will not only inform the public represent me. I started reading about owls and what about who we are, but it will also create interest. Not they symbolize and found an article about the ancient only will it attract new members, but it will also Greeks. They believed that owls represents wisdom encourage our fellow Service Organizations and the and womanhood and that is a perfect description of us Corporates to join us, add value to and or help us to … we are a group of intelligent and wise woman. achieve our Aims and Objectives.

My motto: “Passion and Purpose go hand in hand. When you discover your purpose, you will normally find it’s something your tremendously passionate about” – Steve Pavlina

In closing I would like to thank Garden Route LC20 for their continued support and patience with me. I wish you all a wonderful year ahead and please know that I am just a phone call or email away if you have any questions or concerns. Yours in Friendship and Service Michelle Jacobsz LCSA President 2017/18

Meet the Rest of Your Board

Being elected as Vice President of Ladies Circle South Africa was the best thing that could happen to me. I am very passionate about Charity and believe that what we do in Ladies Circle makes a difference. I am 33 years old single mom of 2 beautiful kids Jareth (16) and Jean Marie (13). I recently qualified as an Electrician. I was inducted in Ladies Circle No 4 in Louis Trichardt in 2012. Over the years I have served on my local Ladies Circle council as Treasurer, Chairman and PRO. I have also served on the LCSA Board as Webmaster. During my membership I received awards for LCSA Circler of the Year and Traveller of the Year award from Ladies Circle Louis Trichardt. LCI has made it possible for me to experience Circling on an international level! Getting to know other ladies is amazing! I believe that apart from charity, fellowship is one of the best things that Ladies Circle has shown me. I have travelled to Mauritius, Botswana and Cape Town and would love to see the rest of the world. I am extremely excited to be Vice President of Ladies Circle South Africa and look forward to supporting my LCSA President Michèlle Jacobsz, as well as the rest of the National Board and my fellow South African Circlers.

Hello and welcome to the New Circle Year!! Firstly, let me start by saying a Hella Huge Thank You to Garden Route Ladies Circle for hosting our AGM weekend. From Neon Disco Bus to the lovely Gala dinner, we had a BALL!! I’m not going to lie, it’s a little weird from this side of the President’s chair, but I know that you will support Michelle and the new Board just as you did me and mine. I just know that we are going to have a wonderfully productive year. The new NSP is such a great initiative and we look forward to seeing all the different ways you are supporting it. And don’t forget to share your ideas, we are always stronger together. We have also had some takers for our Travel Fund. Remember that you need to send the Board your Travel Reports. This fund is there to help YOU travel, so use it!

Hi there. I’m 27 years’ old. I come from a small called Louis Trichardt. I got introduced to Ladies Circle via Raina Otto, (currently the Vice President of Ladies Circle South Africa).

Hi everyone! I’m the new Moneypenny! I’m 37 years old, married to Gareth and we have two children Teagan (7) and Reece (4). I’m a Property Valuer and Estate Agent. In my ‘free’ time I enjoy spending time with family and friends, painting or anything crafty really, and what beats a good

I grew up in Louis Trichardt, and after 12 years we moved to Hoedspruit for a few years, but came back to Louis Trichardt again. I went to school at Merensky (Tzaneen) book and a glass of vino! and Matriculated in 2007. I am one of the founding members of East London I started working at Die Grasdak Gastehuis & Ladies Circle 23 and have actively been involved in the Restaurant after High School, for almost 9 years until ELLC23 Council every year since our “In Formation” we sold the business. My mother owned Die Grasdak period with 2016 / 2017 being the chairlady of our for 18 years. Circle. I started working at Ocean Basket as a BOH (Back of house) Manager as from last year September. I have no kids at this moment, but definitely want one or two in the future. Riaan is my right hand and is very supportive in all my Ladies Circle adventures. Being a part of the National Board is a great privilege and I’m looking forward to the year ahead.

So why did I join Ladies Circle….. I think just like most of you all, it was to make a difference in someone else’s life one small step at a time. However, over the last 3 / 4 years, I’ve realised that friendship is as important as the service we do and that makes things even more worthwhile! I’m a newbie on the National Board but I’m looking forward to the year ahead!

Howzit everyone!! I have been a member of Ladies Circle since April 2009 and it has been an awesome ride! Seeing as I suffer from FOMO, I just has to make myself available for the position of Webmaster  I have much to learn, but have so great teachers! I will be keeping the website up to date, as well as publish this awesome newsletter, so keep sending your projects and articles so everyone can see what your Circle has been up to!

Vice’s Ventures Round Table 157 in Polokwane hosted there annual Winter Knight but this time they decided to team up with Ulysses Motorbikes.

VP Supports 7 Day Circle Challenge

Riana Otto (LCSA Vice President) and Diane Otto (LC4 Chairman) supported there Winter Knight/Mass Ride project. We helped them with their bar and supplied 5 crates of Clothes that will be donated to Vision of Hope Foundation. This project started small and I am sure it will grow very fast. After the day was finished they were so grateful for our support, that they opened there homes and we ended the day with a lovely fellowship braai! Quote from Vos Botha Vice Chairman of RT157 ”And a special thanks to the ladies from Ladies Circle for their generous donation of clothes, as well as all their help with packing up and for all your hard labour, these girls are by no means afraid of carrying tables and chairs.” #IAmAWinterKnight

Wearing anything that says Ladies Circle makes me proud. We know what we do but we need to make other people aware of who we are and what we do. Wear your Logo with pride so that more people can know what Ladies Circle is.

Daars ‘n Hoender Wat ‘n Eier Nie Kan Lê….. It was an honor to support National Round Table Vice President and Potchefstroom 47 table with their annual chicken braai. Friday I arrived late and met Mr. Robert and Mrs. Sharon Trautman where we had their Friday night braai. The Tradition is fellowship, meat and bread. Desmond O'Toole, Walter Groenewald, Liezl Smit, Riana Otto, Diane Otto and Vos Botha.

Well it was my first time in Potch so Mr. VP showed me Its Saturday and time for the Chicken Braai. What a a little bit of the town. We went to Mystic Boer and super awesome idea. We had loads of fun and I was in met up with Wilme. charge of selling Bugs. The night is still young and we decided to head back home so that Jaclyn can also join in the fun.

I also met Mr. Anri Liebenberg he is an inspiration for short people like me, keep on encouraging and being your friendly self.

Once again we took the Party to VP’s house. A weekend with little sleep and amazing memories, I am sure to return to Potch but next time I want to visit “Imps”.

VP Donates Clothing to Knysna By now we are all aware of the devastating fire that ripped through Knysna. Donations of all items have been flooding in from all parts of the country. Riana, delivered 20 crates of clothes to DHL, who are doing their part in the relief events by offering to transport items of need to the fire victims. All free of charge. We would like to thank DHL for their commitment to deliver the goods to Knysna Our hearts goes out to the People of Knysna whom have lost everything.

The Reason we wear Hats Ladies Circle South Africa’s godmother country is Ladies Circle Great Britain and Ireland. We have taken many traditions from them and wearing hats is one of them. We wear our hats at all AGM’s and Board Meetings.

VP & Secretary Raid RT66 In Louis Trichardt raiding meetings is one of the things we love to do. And we do it well! For Round Table 66’s meeting we decided it was time for us to pop in. So taking Diane Otto, the LC 4 Chairman with us, off we went. We were welcomed with open arms for their meeting and were hosted with food and drinks. The fellowship we share with RT66 is an amazing one and know it will continue in the future.

Mother’s day at Ocean Basket Mother’s day is always one of our import dates on our Ladies Circle calendar.

We also had a motivational speaker who inspired and motivated each and every woman who attend the brunch. We sold some raffle tickets for prizes like: Manicures, Pedicures, Jewelry vouchers from Cazzabella, and many more…. Of course, ladies need to be spoiled. Overall we sold 58 tickets and it was a good project for us. I think everybody enjoyed it, and is looking forward to our next Mother’s day project for next year.

This year we decided to go to Ocean Basket for an exclusive brunch. We had Salmon Trout Salad for starter, Beef Fillet wrap for main and Panna Cotta for dessert. Jacques Mouton (a local artist) entertained us with some gentle background music.

Mother’s day spoils Wow! We were expecting some Baby Powders and Creams, but no, everyone went out of their way to contribute to this project. Special thanks to Round

Garden Route LC 20 treated ladies and staff of the Tuiniqua Old Age Home Frail Care Unit on Mother’s Day with a small cupcake as part of their morning tea. This was the second year they visited the ladies and plan to do so for many years to come. Most of these ladies / mothers are forgotten by their families or society and it is such a pleasure to spend a little bit of time with them. GRLC would like to thank everyone who baked the cupcakes. We want to wish all the mom’s a special Mother’s Day.

Lcsa gives back during our agm At the last LCSA AGM that was held in George on 26 – 28 May 2017 the ladies of Garden Route LC20 decided to add one of our local projects to the weekend’s mix. As entry fee for the Friday Night’s social event, everyone had to donate some sort of baby product or non-perishable food to our Sabina’s Safe House Project.

Table Mossel Bay 32 who brought a couple of boxes filled baby clothing. Round Table George 30 also made up a collection bin filled with all kinds of goodies. Last but not least, the generous attendees of the LCSA AGM weekend – from the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank each and every one that brought along (and travelled with) various items.

Father’s day festivities Garden Route LC 20 treated men and staff of the Tuiniqua Old Age Home Frail Care Unit on Mother’s Day with a small cupcake as part of their morning tea. This was the second year they visited the ladies and plan to do so for many years to come. Most of these men / dads are forgotten by their families or society and it is such a pleasure to spend a little bit of time with them. GRLC would like to thank everyone who baked the cupcakes. We want to wish all the dad’s a special Father’s Day.

LCSA Adopts a New National Service Project

WHAT IS PROJECT DIGNITY The aim of Project Dignity is to reduce absenteeism and dropout rates in schools and increase opportunities for girls to complete their education with dignity. THE OBJECTIVE The objective of Project Dignity is to empower young girls through education and access to sanitary wear to reach their full potential. THE CURRENT SITUATION It is a widespread but unacknowledged problem that girls in Africa miss school and stay at home because of menstruation. According to UNICEF, one in ten schoolgirls in Africa miss classes or drop out completely due to their period, and substitute regular pads or tampons for less safe and less absorbent materials such as rags, newspaper or bark¹.

There are many aspects that link young schools girls’ attendance rates to their menstrual cycles. In the poorer peri-urban and rural schools there is lack of affordable sanitary products and facilities, the lack of clean and healthy sanitation such as toilets and running water and the lack of safe and private ablution facilities. The lack of essential resources makes it easy to understand why a young menstruating girl would choose staying at home rather than attending school. The taboo nature of menstruation also prevents girls and their communities from talking about and addressing the problem. Raising awareness and education to eliminate the stigma of menstruation is an essential building block to tackling this problem. Project Dignity aims to use existing networks of community educators and Life Orientation Teachers in schools to raise awareness and distribute the Subz Pants and Pads product to young girls aged 10-19 years. Each young woman will receive face to face awareness raising, educational materials and a Subz Pack consisting of 3 pieces of underwear and 9 Subz Pads. Project Dignity hosts 1 hour workshops run in primary and high schools by qualified community educators. Community educators engage pupils in open dialogue on the topics of reproductive health, menstruation, feminine hygiene and sanitary wear with the objective of de-stigmatizing, raising awareness and empowering young girls to remain in school. Ultimately, Project Dignity will educate and distribute Subz Packs to young girls in the schools or communities. THE SOLUTION Subz Pants and Pads were created to reduce the rate of absenteeism and school drop outs among young girls. Subz Pads are eco-friendly, re-usable sanitary pads which clip onto ladies underwear and do not need to be disposed of. They are simply washed and dried in the privacy of the home and re-used the next day. Subz Pants and Pads are packaged in Subz Packs consisting of 3 pieces of underwear with clip on studs, 9 re-usable sanitary pads and an educational booklet. The pack will last the young lady for 5 years, as long as she only wears the panties whilst menstruating. Subz Packs are distributed to young girls aged 10-19 years in schools and communities through Project Dignity. There are 9 000 000 school girls in South Africa who don’t have access to sanitary pads as they cannot afford them. Most girls are from child headed homes where there is no one to talk to and educate them on sexual health. Through Project Dignity we give the girls their basic education they deserve. Their dignity is kept intact and we empower them to be the best they can. We grow their self-esteem by educating them on their bodies and sexual rights.

LADIES CIRCLE SOUTH AFRICA (NSP) We propose that each CIRCLE host a Fundraising event on (or around) 11 October 2017 (“International Girl Child Day”). All funds raised has to be paid over to LCSA’s bank account – as one complete payment will be made to Project Dignity. Each Circle has to identify a group of young ladies at a local Primary or High School (ages between 10 and 19). The team of Project Dignity will come to your area and “activate” the project at the selected school, at a date suitable for you and their team. These girls will receive Education and also the Subz packs (according to your fundraising amount). Project Dignity also offers training for anyone that is interested – with your training you will be able to activate the Education and Distribution in your area on your own. Please feel free to host any type of Fundraising Event, for example a Ladies Tea, Quiz Night or a Fun Run. Be creative, but let’s try and keep the event date in October, as seen in the past it is awesome when all the Circles work together at the same time for the same cause J There are loads of ideas on their Website and Facebook Page. For more information on the NSP please do not hesitate to contact Michelle Jacobsz at or Liza Adlem at 082 772 9057 / Go LIKE their Facebook Page: Or Visit their Website:

Get in Touch MichĂŠlle Jacobz LCSA President

Riana Otto Vice President

Bronwenn Odendaal Immediate Past President

Cherise Gamble Secretary

Yolande Gray-Browne Treasurer

Judy Theunissen Webmaster @LadiesCircleSA

Lcsa newsletter  

Meet our new President and Board.

Lcsa newsletter  

Meet our new President and Board.