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summer/autumn 2016

Celebrating 80 years of Fun, Friendship & Fundraising Circlers Jump on Board in Cardiff • It's Cocktail Time & so much more!

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summer / autumn 2016

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a message from

the national president... Hello Ladies! I am absolutely thrilled to be your National President for 2016-17 and I hope you’re ready to “Jump On Board” with all the amazing fun, friendship and fundraising activities we’ve got going on this year… and what a year our 80th will be!! It was fantastic to see so many of you at our celebratory luncheon in June… much thanks to Lara Lachello and the Charter Committee for organising such a marvellous celebration. I am honoured to head up the BEST Women’s group in Great Britain &Ireland! Over the next few months, I am looking forward to representing our wonderful association at official events such as the Women of the Year lunch held annually in October, but most of all to get out and about all over the UK to see YOU - our members - and to hear all about what you’ve been up to and all the great things you’re doing… and to offer my support in any way! Please do contact Allison on to put something in my diary. You will also be aware that my nominated charity is Epilepsy Action. Affecting around 600,000 people in the UK each year, the charity works hard to improve the lives of those with epilepsy. During this Circling year, there are lots of opportunities to get involved with fundraising events and activities… please help where you can  like my page @LadiesCirclePresident on Facebook to keep up to date. So Ladies… let’s make 2016-17 one of the best in Circling history, moving our association forward for the next 80 years! I will look forward to seeing you again soon!! Yours in friendship

Alex xxx Alex Bennett NALC National President 2016-17 Find out more about Alex’s charity, Epilepsy Action on page 6. e:


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epilepsy action Bag Packs All monies raised would be split 50/50 between your charity and EA. This is an amazing opportunity for not only promoting Ladies Circle but also raising awareness for our President Alex Bennett's Charity Epilepsy Action.





Bag Pack Date


Viaduct Street



15 & 16 October


Crown Centre



22 October





22 October


32 High Street


AB53 4EN

22 October


Ruthin Road


LL13 7TU

15 & 16 October


Greenstead Road



Date TBC


65 Northgate


NG34 7BB

23 October


Kingsley Road


EX39 2LG

9 October


Hill Street



22 & 23 October


Tiviot Way



23 October


218 St. Mary's Lane


RM14 3BT

22 & 23 October


Kingston Road


NR19 1WB

22 October

No bags packed in your area, why not organise one?

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity Ladies! Any queries contact Alex's Charity Liason Sarah Mackenzie-Briggs on


summer / autumn 2016

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cocktails te ri u o v fa r u Check out o ive one a try! and g

Greetings from your NEW National Executive Team


The difference you will make...

Your Exec are: (pictured left to right) Jo Hudson, Exec Admin Tamsin Ireland, Secretary Zoe Gaskill, Immediate Past President Alex Bennett, President Lara Lachello, Media & PR Ginette May, Vice President Lindsay Pickard, Membership Rebecca Baker, Treasurer

summer / autumn 2016

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Lindsay Pickard -

Jo Hudson -

Ingredients: 2 parts (1 oz) Vodka, 1 part (1/2 oz) Peach Schnapps, 4 parts (2 oz) Cranberry juice

Ingredients: 2-4 drops of Bitters, Top with Carbonated water, 5/6 oz (one part) Lemon squash, 1 2/3 oz (two parts) Cyprus brandy

Woo Woo

Preparation: Build all ingredients in a highball glass filled with ice. Garnish with lime wedge.

Brandy Sour

Preparation: Stir into glass over ice, garnish and serve.

Ginette May -

Rebecca Baker -

Strawberry Peach & Daiquari Elderflower Collins Ingredients: 4 fresh strawberries, plus ½ strawberry to garnish, 2 tsp white sugar, 35ml/1½fl oz white rum, 1 tbsp strawberry liqueur, 25ml/1fl oz lime juice Preparation: Place the strawberries, sugar, rum, strawberry liqueur and lime juice into the base of a cocktail shaker and mash (muddle) with the end of a clean rolling pin. Place the lid onto the cocktail shaker and shake well.

Ingredients: 50ml Bombay Sapphire, Juice of half a lemon, 15ml elderflower cordial, One third of a fresh peach or 20ml white peach puree Preparation: Crush the peach in a mixing glass before adding all other ingredients and stir with ice. Fine strain into a tall glass filled with ice and top with soda water and stir.

Tamsin Ireland -

Alex Bennett -

Zoe Gaskill -

Lara Lachello -

Ingredients: 1/2 oz Fresh lime juice, 1 oz Cranberry juice, 1/2 oz Cointreau, 1 1/2 oz Vodka Citron

Ingredients: 1 oz (1 part) Gin, 1 oz (1 part) Campari, 1 oz (1 part) Sweet red Vermouth

Ingredients: White peaches, 2 oz Fresh peach purée, 4 oz Prosecco

Ingredients: 3 oz (3 parts) Pineapple juice, 1 oz (one part) White rum, 1 oz (one part) Coconut cream

Preparation: Add all ingredients into cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and double strain into large cocktail glass. Garnish with lime wheel.

Preparation: Stir into glass over ice, garnish and serve.

Cosmopolitan Negroni


Preparation: Pour peach puree into chilled flute, add Prosecco. Stir gently.

The difference you will make...

Pina Colada Preparation: Mix with crushed ice until smooth. Pour into chilled glass, garnish and serve. 5

The difference you will make... “In 2012 I climbed Mount Meru in Tanzania. Its 4,565m high – around 15,000 feet – which meant a three or four-day climb. Climbing a mountain so high is one of my biggest achievements. It proves to people – with and without epilepsy – that you can do anything you want to do and be proud of it. Don’t let anybody stop you!” Megan’s story is not unique – it’s just one example of how your support can touch and change a life.

At the age of ten, Megan was diagnosed with photosensitive epilepsy. Her family contacted Epilepsy Action soon after, beginning a long association with the charity. Megan herself first called the Epilepsy Action helpline for advice on how to tell her school friends about epilepsy. Then aged 18, she started university, meaning a whole new group of friends needed to learn about her condition. “The support I got from the helpline really helped me to be more confident telling other people about epilepsy. That’s helped me to be more independent. It’s the most important thing for me: to show that people with epilepsy are just as capable as everyone else!

Thank you to the Ladies Circle for “jumping on board” and helping to support everyone affected by epilepsy. When making your donations please remember to use the reference code COTY300. This will help us to keep a record of the fabulous support you have given. To get involved or find out more Visit: Email: Call: 0113 210 8832 Epilepsy Action Helpline: freephone 0808 800 5050 text 0753 741 0044 email twitter @epilepsyadvice Registered charity in England (No. 234343)

© Copyright Epilepsy Action 2016


o show you just how big a difference you can make, we would like to tell you about Megan.

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summer / autumn 2016

LADIES CIRCLE INTERNATIONAL MTM is taking place in our home country, 3-5 February in Lichfield. This is a great opportunity to be part of Ladies Circle International. Find more info at:

a message from The magazine of the National Association of Ladies Circles of Great Britain & Ireland All press enquiries to: Lara Lachello - Media & PR e: w: Circler Magazine is designed & published twice a year by Zest! Graphics Limited t: 01527 457404 e: w: Printed by Philtone Litho Limited t: 0117 952 1125

the editor... Hello Ladies

Welcome to this special ‘80th’ edition of the Circler! After all the fun, friendship and fundraising we have had at the Cardiff AGM and the Ladies Circle 80th Party, we are even more fired up to spread the word about our fabulous association. I’d like this issue of the Circler to inspire you to drive your Circle forward. We have been going for 80 years, and we want to be even bigger and better in 10 years time. I look forward to jumping on board with you all over the next year. Love

FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK: Search for Ladies Circle Great Britain and Ireland FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: @LadiesCircleGBI

Lara xxx Lara Lachello National Media & PR Officer 2015-17

The difference you will make... 7

summer / autumn 2016

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Cardiff AGM Check out our picture gallery for highlights of this years AGM

L wouladies Circ big T d like to sle the c HANK YOUay a o all thmmittee &to a involt were ved



summer / autumn 2016

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Party time in Cardiff Check out our picture gallery for highlights of this year's fancy dress party & formal ball


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The difference you will make...

summer / autumn 2016 bl

The 2017 National Conference Where Art THou?






for Round Table & Ladies Circle Stratford-upon-Avon, 5th-7th May 2017



• 4 Star Hotel on the river Avon



e in Fr ie nd sh


• Double, twin and single rooms (with supplement) or for no supplement choose ‘buddy me up’ !

• Onsite pool and fitness centre

• Hardcore Hut (late night club with drinks) • Full Package (sharing) £245 per person • Food & Party Only Package £135 per person • Saturday AGM delegate - FREE (Optional lunch of Hog Roast, Real ales & Mr. Whippy ice cream £15) • Bookings now being taken MUCHADOMORE.COM




summer / autumn 2016

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Girl Power For the first time in National Conference history we have Circlers on the organising committee for National Conference in Stratford 2017 #muchadomore. Not only that, but the Conference Chairman is Area 4’s very own Fiona Bull who is driving it all forward with committee members Jacqui Till, Tracey Phipps, Vicky Hadley and Zoe Gaskill close behind.

Over 150 places have already been sold, and with the option of paying in installments, a room buddy system, and more plug sockets in the bedrooms than a girl could ever need, there is every reason to join the fun.

To book your place go to and don’t forget to keep your best #shakesbeard photos coming in via Facebook and Twitter.

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summer / autumn 2016

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'Time to Grow' was the theme of the year for National Ladies Circle President, Zoe Gaskill. Well she certainly spent time growing the profile and fundraising for Round Table Children's Wish during her year as President! From Clock relays to London Marathon, the ladies stepped up for the charity. Many, many thanks to Zoe, Ladies Circles and Circler's across Britain and Ireland for their huge generosity and support of the wishes we grant. Karen Winchcombe

Round Up

Call 01202 514515 Email Visit bo

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summer / autumn 2016

Ladies Circle

80th CelebratIONS Thank you to the 80th organisational committee for all their hard work over the last 2 years and putting on an amazing event for us!

The difference you will make... bp

summer / autumn 2016

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Thank you to all that supported either via the raffle, or via the t-shirt sales. We would never have raised such a fabulous amount without your help.


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summer / autumn 2016

COCKTAIL COUNTDOWN Circlers locally, nationally and internationally got their creative juices (and spirits) flowing and celebrated their 80th Birthday by raising a glass to our fabulous association. Chin! Chin!

The difference you will make... br

Well, do you? If not, it’s probably time you became more acquainted with them because knowing your boobs, the signs and symptoms of breast cancer AND checking them regularly could help detect the disease early which could, one day, save your life. So we think you’d be silly not to. Start a habit of a lifetime today and your boobs will be forever grateful. And so will we.


Knowing your boobs could save your life.

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summer / autumn 2016

Appe Frida al Day: Nove y 18th m 2016 ber

BBC Children in Need 2016

This year once again we have offered our time at Carfest, and not only do we support by selling raffle tickets but we have a blast at the same time. At Carfest North we have already helped raise over ÂŁ45k, and we look forward to raising even more money at Carfest South!

Last year we helped BBC Children in Need raise a record breaking total of ÂŁ50 million!! You can also take part in Gung Ho 5k, and take on ten of the greatest inflatable obstacles on the planet! To find your nearest race go to: fundraisinghub/ideas/gung-ho/new So come on ladies, there are loads of ways you can jump on board and show our support for BBC Children In Need.

Reg. charity England & Wales no. 802052 and Scotland no. SC039557

Pudsey is back and needs your support to make 2016 the best ever year for assisting BBC Children In Need in achieving their fundraising goals, so that they can continue to assist disadvantaged children all over the UK.


summer / autumn 2016

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circlenews... MONEY, MONEY, MONEY !! The last year has been very busy for Aberystwyth Ladies Circle and we raised over £4,500 for our nominated local charities so the hard work was definitely worth it. Our main fundraising events included: holding a Fashion Show (there were no complaints when members of Aberystwyth Football Club agreed to be models!); a big winter raffle; a Disney Children’s Party; and one of our members was even brave enough to do a sponsored skydive! In March, it was Aberystwyth Ladies Circle’s 60th Charter and we had a fantastic time celebrating with both past and present circlers. We were also proud to have taken over the Round Table’s Santa Run last year and revive it. Seeing the delight on lots of children’s faces was amazing.

VINTAGE TEA PARTY FUN Members of Area 35 celebrated their Area Rally in style with a sumptuous afternoon tea at The Mill, St Catherine’s Hospice near Preston. Approximately 40 ladies from the Area, including National President Alex Bennett who was back on her home patch, were treated to a wonderful day to celebrate outgoing Area Chair Helen Carter’s year and welcome the incoming Area Chair, Alison Moore.

In keeping with the theme, the room was beautifully decorated with floral bunting and sprays of garden flowers and many of the raffle prizes had been hand-made by Blackburn Circle and friends who organised the whole afternoon’s celebrations. A total of £116 was raised for St Catherine’s Hospice and a further £126 for Homestart, Helen’s chosen charity for her year.

AREA 4 GROWING This past 12 months, while Tracey Phipps has been chair we have seen 3 new circles join our area: Tamworth, Malvern and Evesham. At the Animal Print Themed Area Handover on 11 May at the Village, Shirley we said goodbye and thank you to Tracey and hello and welcome to Fiona Bull; some of the Tamworth Ladies joined us. It was great to see them! We thank them for making the journey to this fun event.


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summer / autumn 2016

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AREA 51 SIDE BY SIDE WITH ROUND TABLE AREA 6 In our little corner of the country, Area 51 – Norfolk had a busy year. We started off by helping out at Round Table Area 6’s National Sporting Weekend, manning the registration and helping out Table where we could. It was also a great opportunity to raise funds for my Area Chairman’s Charity – East Anglian Children’s Hospice (EACH).

In January we welcomed Zoe Gaskill to join us for chocolate making at The Chocolate Deli in Little Walsingham, followed by a meal at a local pub. Great fun was had by all and we had a fantastic turn out from Area 51 ladies all loving their chocolate! Through several other events, raffles and kind donations from our male counterparts at RT Area 6, I am delighted that together we have raised £3,400 for my Charity EACH and look forward to presenting the cheque to them. Many thanks to Area 51 ladies and to Darren Barker RT Area 6 IPC.

HORSING AROUND WITH DEREHAM CIRCLE Ladies Circle is all about having fun and making new friends – this time of the fourlegged variety. Millie, Zora, Jimmy, Molly – meet Michelle, Ruth, Nikki and Kim  It was a perfect summer’s evening and our Ladies were put through their paces at Kimblewick Equestrian Centre’s outdoor arena in North Tuddenham, Norfolk.

All quickly gained in confidence with the more novice riders within our group easing into a controlled trot, and the more experienced cantering and even popping over a couple of jumps.

The evening proved a real test of stamina… with plenty of laughter along the way – respect for our beautiful horses and relishing the opportunities that being a part of Circle brings us. Hey… what’s next?

6 NEW MEMBERS FOR 849 Hunstanton & District (849) decided to capitalise on the National Membership Week last October by holding an ‘Introduction to Circle’ night at a local hotel which gave prospective members an insight into Circling. Following this very successful evening, we were pleased to induct 6 new members in March and very grateful to Alex Bennett for attending both of these events. Our new members have thrown themselves in at the deep end, one of which even decided to take on the role of Vice Chairman just two week after induction! A great result and our Circle is flourishing once again.

GOODBYE BUT NOT FAREWELL! Last month saw Bromsgrove Circle say goodbye to Jo Till and Suzanne Green who have “retired” from Ladies Circle! Between them, Jo and Suzanne have clocked up over 23 years of service with both enjoying time at the helm as Bromsgrove Circle Chair as well as Area 4 Chair. There has been lots of reminiscing over fizz, cocktails and G&Ts and whilst we are sad to see them go, Circle are looking forward to seeing Jo develop Bromsgrove Tangent in the same way as she has Circle. Cheers girls!

The difference you will make... cl

summer / autumn 2016

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circle news...

PENISTONE LADIES CIRCLE – BUILDING BRIDGES BY PULLING PINTS! LITTLEBOROUGH LADIES LAUNCH NEW CIRCLE IN LANCASHIRE The first half of 2016 has seen a new Ladies Circle group gathering momentum in the picturesque village of Littleborough, Lancashire.

KINGS LYNN CELEBRATE THEIR CHAIRMAN In May 2015 I was dependent on Anti Depressants, I was told by my doctor to go and find something fun to do. I'd heard an advert on the local radio station for a cocktail night hosted by Kings Lynn Ladies Circle, That night changed my life and without these beautiful ladies I don't know where I would be. Going along alone was daunting, now I look back and I don't know why I was worried, I walked into a room with these strangers who I instantly took a like to. Helen was the Chairman, she was welcoming and like a ray of sunshine. I've never looked back and am now only dependent on the laughter from these ladies that I don't just class as Circlers I class them as friends.

The circle officially launched on 8 April with an Alice in Wonderland themed charter dinner, held at the White House, Blackstone Edge. Attended by National Ladies Circle president Zoe Gaskill and Vice President Alex Bennett, the evening also saw ladies from neighbouring Hebden Bridge circle 190 and Tangent join the fun. Vickie Mason, Littleborough Chairwoman, said: “It’s been fab meeting so many ladies from different backgrounds and experiences. I have been completely overwhelmed by the response. In January I had never met any of these ladies before and now we meet every two weeks for fun and frolics.”

On April 30th this year was our annual Chairmans day, to celebrate our Chairmans year (or in Helens case a year and a bit). Helen chose to spend the day in Cambridge with a spot of shopping, prosecco, cocktails and lunch. We had a wonderful day and the sun even shone for us! Helen took over as Chairman when our previous chairman left early....and if she was ever worried about it......I don't know why as she's done a fab job! We also welcomed Nicola as our new Chairman and I just know that with these fabulous ladies, Kings Lynn Circle will go from strength to strength. Paula


The difference you will make...

summer / autumn 2016

visit our website @ Over the last couple of years Circlers in Penistone have become more involved in the organisation of the annual Penistone mayors gala. In the past circle have always had a presence with a fundraising and membership stall and offering help and support over the weekend, however this has now become more formal with members being involved in the planning committee and taking on full organisation of the bar for the weekend.

LICHFIELD – FUNDRAISING FANTASTIC!!! Lichfield has started the year with the usual frolics and fun – but with plenty of fundraising too. January saw the culmination of the first year of the Community Challenge with the cheque presentation night.

This involvement has really helped to promote ladies circle as a community organisation in its own right to the local area. The circle logo is now included on all advertising for the event, we get lots of people asking about circle from a membership point of view as our presence is visual over the whole weekend. Mostly though it's great fun! It's a lovely opportunity for us to work together as a circle but also alongside other community groups.

Twelve businesses created an offer of the month which raised a staggering £4323 for local causes. This challenge helped to win Lichfield the national fundraising award as a total of £12730 was raised in 2015-2016. Here’s hoping the second year of the Community Challenge will be as successful! Frolics and fun included cheerleading, skittles, cupcake decorating, pottery painting, a silent disco, wine tasting, Vice weekend in Barcelona

LOUGHBOROUGH LADIES CIRCLE HAVE A ROYAL START TO THE CIRCLING YEAR Loughborough Ladies Circle ended a brilliant year at the end of May at their Installation dinner. A cheque for £941 was presented to the Mike Atack Trust, and Fiona Mee was presented with our Diamond Lady Award for being our Circler of the year.

The difference you will make...

and the annual ‘Chair v Vice’ competition – this year human table football led the Chair’s team to victory! Fundraising continued with an Easter cocktails and clock bingo night raising money for the Round Table Children’s Wish charity and a shopping bag pack raising funds to donate a further 300 baby journals to the neonatal unit at Birmingham Women’s Hospital.

Outgoing Chair Vicki Carter-Bland handed the Chair to Bethan Scurrah who gave a moving speech about her chosen charity for 2016/17, Widowed and Young. Bethan’s year got off to a Royal start with our Queen’s Garden Party hosted by Area Chair Joy Jones. Pimms and Fizz was flowing and we enjoyed an amazing buffet, with the centrepiece being the Union Jack gateaux made by Terri. We were joined by Clare Dunkley from Newark Circle and our fundraising began with a sweepstake for the Euro’s. We are looking forward to a fantastic year! cn

summer / autumn 2016

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LOUGHBOROUGH LADIES CIRCLE CELEBRATE THEIR DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY On Saturday, March 12th, Loughborough Ladies Circle celebrated their 60th Anniversary with a Charter luncheon hosted in the Old Stables at the Griffin Inn, Swithland. The celebration was attended by 50 ladies made up of past and present members including 18 former Chairs of Loughborough Circle. Esteemed guests included MP Nicky Morgan, and

Zoe Gaskill, who took the opportunity to welcome the newest member of Loughborough Circle, Emma Fieldman, during her speech at the luncheon. Guests, which included members of other local Circles, enjoyed a fantastic meal, an inspirational speech from Nicky Morgan,followed by music from singer Eleanor Mattley. Nicky Morgan said“It was a real pleasure to be invited to the Loughborough Ladies Circle 60th Anniversary Luncheon. It was wonderful to see so many there and to hear of the support they give to local charities. I wish them all the best for their next 60 years!”

ADVENTURES OF THE NORDIC HAT Since winning the Nordic Hat at conference in May, (lady with the best hat on the day) I have donned my hat with pride at the Area 2 Handover Rally, the cinema, on a country walk and through the streets of Wilmslow in training for the I Love Manchester 10k. My aim is to raise £500 this year for Alex Bennett’s charity, Epilepsy Action. There are more adventures in the pipeline, including taking the aptly named Sir David Hattenborough (courtesy of Jennifer Richards!) on safari in South Africa,so do follow me on the Facebook Nordic Hat page and if you spot me at a luncheon or event, please come up and share a schnapps with me! I love meeting new people.


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WE ARE FAMILY On Sunday 12 th July the Redditch Circle family worked side by side to volunteer at Redditch Race For Life. The Redditch Ladies circle have always volunteered by marshalling, manning the admin tent and selling products to raise funds for Cancer research, but this year was extra special as we were accompanied by newly formed Redditch Tangent and members of the 41 club along with some ladies from the Kingfisher Ladies Circle too which shows the strength of our family in this area. It also was a positive for promoting Redditch Ladies because there was no official photographer to take pictures for the race, so I stepped in to take over 350 photos. During the day we publicised who we are and what we do and posted all the pictures on our site. This meant that our FB page likes went from 383 at 11am to 502 by the end of the day which I hope you think is PHENOMENAL!!

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ROUGH RUNNERS Circlers love a challenge and several of our ladies (plus a Tabler!) took on the Rough Runner course in April. Members from Maidenhead and Winchester braved the tough 5k hilly course complete with obstacles from popular TV shows - including the sweeper from Total Wipe Out and the travellator featured in Gladiators. Despite various injuries incurred on the route, the team all finished at the top of the travellator covered in mud and fairy liquid (in parts of the body they didn't know existed) but smiling. Huge congrats to the team - making new friends, pushing ourselves and working together epitomises what Ladies Circle is all about.

SPALDING BEER & MUSIC FESTIVAL We have just joined forces with Spalding & District Round Table to put on the first “Spalding Beer & Music Festival” over the late May bank holiday. The months of hard work culminated in a huge success with over 4000 visitors over the weekend and with excess of £15k raised which will go to youth charitable causes in the Spalding area. Our Area Chairman, Michelle Chapman summed it up well, ‘(the festival) is a great example of teamwork and so proud of Spalding Circle for their efforts ...we’re not the ‘little women’ any more but still a part of an amazing family, the future is all about joint projects like this within the community and both Spalding Table and Circle are leading the way in showing the rest of Area how it can work’. We hope to recruit possibly 3+ new members from this event, in showing the world that we can play and work hard as the boys and Ladies Circle is not knitting and tea but having great fun and building great friendships. Sarah Griggs and Daniella Nundy were instrumental on the committee in booking caterers, cashing up and the endless paperwork involved in the organising. Our neighbouring ladies at Holbeach LC, Bourne LC and our Area Chair also lent a hand volunteering over the weekend alongside our other ladies.

The difference you will make...

summer / autumn 2016

CIRCLE, REDDITCH TANGENT & REDDITCH 41 CLUB UNITE TO SUPPORT THE "GROW WILD" CAMPAIGN Redditch Ladies Circle, Redditch Tangent & The Redditch 41 Club have just supported the national Grow Wild campaign together by planting wild flower seeds in Redditch. They are looking forward to heading back to the same spot in September to see how their wild flower seeds have bloomed. Grow Wild aims to bring colour and vibrancy to local areas, much like our Ladies Circle, Tangent & 41 Club and encourages the transformation of local spaces by sowing wild flowers. With permission of Redditch council wild flowers were planted on Proctors barn meadow at arrow valley lake. They are looking forward to heading back to the same spot in September to see how their wild flower seeds have bloomed Redditch Ladies Circle Chairman Mel Vaughan said "It’s great to be involved in supporting this great initiative and hopefully we can transform this space into a colourful inspiring wildlife haven"

WINCHESTER’S FUNDRAISING SUCCESS CONTINUES! Winchester Ladies Circle was delighted to present Age UK Winchester with a cheque for over £3,000, following a successful year of fundraising events in aid of the Hampshire branch’s Lunch Club programme. Immediate Past Chair Karen Tregunna said, “Our Circle gives us the opportunity to meet new people and forge long-lasting friendships, and we strongly believe that the Lunch Clubs offer the same to older members of our community.” Fundraising efforts included a Burns Night supper for 90 guests, a raffle with a remote-controlled piranha as a prize, managing ticket sales for the Winchester Bonfire, and door-knocking and bucket-shaking for Santa’s Sleigh. “I’m very proud of the hard work of all our members and can’t wait to see what we achieve next year,” said Karen. cp

summer / autumn 2016

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JOINT SCOTTISH LUNCHEON It was a Red carpet lunch in Kirkcaldy, at the Adam Smith Theatre. Our speaker was Keith Partridge an Adventure cameraman.

Dates for your diary... North East Regional Lunch -1st October 2016

South West Regional Lunch - 8th October 2016

South East Regional Lunch - 11th March 2017


They were treated to a mouth-watering talk from Amanda Storey and her twin sister Tracey Collier from Creative Chocolates.

Exec!) and guests were invited to take part in a sweet themed quiz which kept ladies quiet as they struggled to think of the names of sweets or chocolate bars from ages past to present to fit the clues.

Area 35 Chair, Helen Carter and her Exec organised the 2016 North West and Ireland Regional Lunch at Shaw Hill Golf Club, near Chorley. Just under ninety ladies, including Claire Wevell (National Immediate Past President), attended the “Sweet Little Things” themed day on 2nd April.


It was the first joint Regional Circle / Tangent Lunch. We welcome Zoe our IPP, along with Tangent President Paula Farnfield and 80 other guests.

The talk included plenty of opportunities to taste over ten different flavours of chocolate and ladies were reminded to “chew not suck” to enjoy the chocolate at its best! The tables were decorated with sweetie tree table decorations (painstaking made by the

The difference you will make...

All in all the day raised over £200 for Round Table Children’s Wish and Homestart, Area 35’s charity of the year. Sweet! Helen Carter, Area 35 Chair

we are family...

summer / autumn 2016

Ladies Circle is part of a family of clubs offering ‘something for everyone’ across all age-groups. I have been so lucky to have spent time with Alex. First up was the wonderful 80th Charter for Ladies Circle where I had the honour of saying a few words to some very inspiring ladies. It was great to hear about Coppafeel, and all of the other work that LC has going on to support our communities. I was also proud to have jogged around the 10th anniversary Round Table Colourthon with Alex Bennett.

Check out our latest news... Despite the 10th anniversary, it was the first ever event with paint - as the photo shows! We made a respectable time, and supported the event raising over £1.5 million over those ten years. All that sport was off set at the Brackley Beer Festival which saw us stand side by side, although Alex definitely poured more beers than me! Finally, I am really looking forward to standing side by side with Alex at the

Cenotaph this year. We have shared the places equally, so this year will see the same number of Circlers and Tablers make the march. There are more events to come, and thanks so much for all you do. Yours in friendship Mark House, National President 2016-17

Hello ladies, let me introduce myself, I’m Paula the new Tangent National President and I‘m looking forward to a fabulous year alongside the other three National Presidents. We are all excited to be able to give back to the associations that have given us all so much, the fun, the friends and the memories. This is a fantastic time to be part of the Round Table family, with all the anniversary celebrations happening, it’s a great time for us all to talk about all the clubs & that’s what I will be doing on all my club visits, spreading good news and encouraging Tangent members to talk about all 4 clubs at every opportunity. My chosen charity is The Kidstime Foundation who support children of parents with a mental illness, and one of my fundraising events of the year is my Winter Wonderland Ball in Egham, Surrey on Saturday 19th November; so dust off your dancing shoes and come along to party with us (contact Looking forward to meeting you when I’m out and about on my travels, mine’s a G&T. One time, one meeting Paula Farnfield, NATC President 2016-17 At the time of writing we are all thinking of our President Barry who had an accident whilst on his charity bike ride from John O'Groats to Lands End, in aid of his chosen charity, SHELTER. Our hero came off his bike near Bodmin on the penultimate day of his challenge, sustained a number of injuries and is being well looked after in hospital. The incident has shown how the 4 Clubs can rally to support in a crisis. Local 41 Clubs are hosting his wife Rachel. He has lots of visitors from the clubs, including Claire Wevell who visited Barry in hospital, bringing a welcome gift of chocolate brownies which were well received! The Ladies Circle 80th Anniversary in June was supported by Barry and he thoroughly relished the opportunity to talk to the nearly 600 ladies present. 41 Club supported the National Conference in Cardiff and again, we all had a great time and enjoyed seeing Alex

The difference you will make...

Bennett 'jump on board' as your new National President. Alex has supported Barry during his epic ride and appeared in one of his daily video postings on Facebook. As Vice President I attended the 4 Club Family Meeting at Marchesi House and had the opportunity to strengthen the ties between our clubs and share ideas and experiences. We floated the idea of having an allocated month when our four associations could join forces both locally and nationally to engage in some form of fund raising or community service work. I am looking forward to working with Ginette next year and to meeting members of Ladies Circle during my term as 41 Club National President. In continued friendship Dave Campbell, Vice President 2016-17 cr

summer / autumn 2016

visit our website @

START THE FANS PLEASE!!! Last June word hit the media that the 90’s TV challenge show ‘The Crystal Maze’ was making a coming back - but this time as an immersive event for anyone to have a go. Launched on crowd funding site Indiegogo, a group of eight like-minded Tablers and Circlers shared fond memories of the programme with one another and their love of a team challenge and thought it was worth the punt. They ‘invested’ at the cost of a launch ticket and as the weeks and months followed, watched the event and build progress with keen interest to see if it would pay off, and pay off it did! Launched officially this March, the team secured one of the early investor slots and took on the Crystal Maze on April 23rd!

True to form the maze, complete with the Medieval, Aztec, Futuristic and Industrial zones had been replicated to a tee and the team took on various skill, mystery, physical and mental challenges. With just one lock in (Circler of course) and a couple of game fails (all), the team took on the concluding challenge - the Crystal Dome with a brilliant 13 crystals, securing 65 seconds of time! After hearing the immortal phrase, “Start the fans please” the team had to leap about grabbing gold tickets from the air and stash them into the collection box at the front of the dome. Great fun and actually much harder than it looked on TV. After watching the other four teams who had also competed during the same period scrabbling about, the tickets were all counted out, which to the teams delight awarded them second place. Not too shabby at all.

Meeting in a non-descript secret location near Angel tube station in London, Tablers and Circlers from Barry, Swindon and Maidenhead donned their own - and official Crystal Maze attire (bomber jackets!) and led by a slightly bonkers maze master, descended into the maze.

Your circler magazine is now even easier to share! Simply download the latest version from and forward on to your friends, community websites and Facebook groups. Enjoy!!

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