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June 2009

Principal’s Message By Ryan Bollenbach

Throughout this past school year the Ladera community has worked together to create a positive learning environment and professional learning community where every student can excel both academically and socially. It has been through the work of the students, teachers, support staff and parents that Ladera has truly become a community of learners. To everyone who is part of this community, THANK YOU!

Thanks to School Site Council Many thanks to the parents and staff members who served on the 2008-2009 Ladera School Site Council:

To our PTO and PTO President Kirsten Jessel, thank you for all you do for our students and staff. Whether it’s organizing our fundraisers, coordinating assemblies, planning Family Nights, working the Book Fair, bringing together a student Green Team, or the countless other jobs the PTO has participated in, your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you to all of our parents, you have shown your support of our school throughout the entire school year. Whether you are volunteering in the classrooms, chaperoning a field trip, or helping your child with their math homework, we are so grateful for the time, energy and effort that you dedicate to Ladera



Paris Hajali

Erin Neuer

Nancy Mallory

Bonnie Elconin

Kim Patrick

Ro Moore

Liberato Martinez

Melanie Valencia

Julie Wiggins

Tammi Girch

Ladera Elementary School 2515 Rawlings Way, Tustin, CA 92782 (714) 730-7505 - 2008-09 PTO EXECUTIVE BOARD

Thank you to our support staff, you consistently demonstrate the highest degree of dedication and professional performance. Ladera is fortunate to have so many wonderful people to work with our children.


Ryan Bollenbach


Kirsten Jessel

Co-VPs, Programs

Noreen Wong Linda Lowder

Co-VPs, Fundraising

To our teachers, not only have you done an incredible job of educating our students, your dedication to our profession is amazing. You have set the bar high for your students and for yourselves and through hard work and motivation you have helped our students reach that bar. It has been my privilege to work with you this year. To our students, you are the reason we come to work everyday. We are all so honored to be able to work with such an exceptional group of young scholars. Thank you for being such wonderful citizens. I want to personally wish all of our fifth graders the best of luck as you continue your educational careers in middle school.

Nancy Mallory Kathy Kendall

Co-VPs, Membership

Pam Edmondson Janice Lee

Co-VP, Publicity (Newsletter)

Kim Patrick

Co-VP, Publicity (Email Blast)

Michelle Hernandez

Co-VPs, Volunteer Coordinators

Emmy Coats Tori Crummack

Secretary/PM Meetings

Kirstin Schechter

Secretary/AM Meetings

Liz Lehnhof


Camille Gershenovitz

Financial Secretary

Pam Dixon


Cathy Waldman

It has truly been an honor to serve as your principal. Have a great summer and I look forward to seeing everyone in the fall. Ladera News, June 2009, Page 1

President’s Message By Kirsten Jessel, PTO President

During the 2008-2009 school year, members of the Ladera PTO were dedicated to accomplishing our mission “To enhance and improve the existing educational experience of students attending Ladera Elementary School.” Of course this goal could not have been reached without the support of Ladera teachers, staff, and even the students themselves. I’d like to thank the PTO Executive Board for their hard work and commitment this year; 1st VPs Programs, Noreen Wong and Linda Lowder, 2nd VPs Fundraising, Nancy Mallory and Kathy Kendall, 3nd VPs Membership, Pam Edmondson and Janice Lee, 4th VPs Publicity, Michele Hernandez and Kim Patrick, 5th VPs Volunteer Coordinators, Emmy Coats and Tori Crummack, Secretaries Liz Lehnhof and Kristin Schechter, Treasurer, Camille Gershenovitz, Financial Secretary, Pam Dixon, and Parliamentarian, Cathy Waldman. I would also like to thank our Committee Chairs; Pam Edmondson, Victoria Longstreet, Elizabeth Stevens, Janine Rilum, Lori Palmer, Julie Wiggins, Sherry Higgins, Angelika Belle, Tori Crummack, Michele Hernandez, Kathy Winters, Sara Varela-Martinez, Linda Beck, Judy Wiese, Janice Lee, Nicole Stepanian, Shannon Bowers, Shannon Heaton, Michele Hernandez, Robin Steinmetz, Helen Sirmopoulos, Charlene Wong, Mary Hajali, Anjela Jaquez, Keith Schildt, Marilyn Monroe, Gita Kalili and Maryanne Liscio. The organizational skills and creativity of these individuals is amazing! Innovative thinking, tenacity, teamwork, and of course generous donations have created an efficient and multi-faceted Parent Teacher Organization. To the many other additional parent volunteers that gave so much of their time and efforts -- your assistance is vital and greatly appreciated! On behalf of the PTO I would also like to thank our Principal Ryan Bollenbach for all the support he has shown over the past year. The PTO is extremely grateful for our Ladera Teachers and Staff, who always give our children the highest standard of education and help them to become their best. I have truly enjoyed my role as Ladera’s PTO President these last two years. The Ladera Community is comprised of a very special group of people who together greatly benefit our amazing school. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe summer. Congratulations to our graduating Fifth Graders and for all those returning, I look forward to seeing you on September 1rd, the first day of the 2009-2010 school year.





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Walk to School Wednesday Walk to School Wednesday 3rd Trimester Awards Ceremony Kindergarten Promotion Field Day Walk to School Wednesday Last Day of School-Minimum Day End of 3rd Trimester 5th Grade Promotion

SEPTEMBER 1: FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR THE 2009-10 SCHOOL YEAR The Ladera News is a monthly newsletter published by the Ladera PTO. To submit an article, please contact Kim Patrick at. Look for the Back-toSchool issue in late August. Ladera News, June 2009, Page 2

Teacher Appreciation Day By Michele Hernandez Committee Chair


I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the volunteers who came to school on Tuesday, May 12th to clean the classrooms. The tables and chairs, sinks, windows, doors and outside areas were all wiped down and sanitized. PTO sponsored breakfast and lunch on Wednesday, May 13th, with the teacher’s lounge decorated by Pam Edmondson and Lisa Thoresen—it looked great ladies!! A special “thank you” for breakfast goes to Carlie Lendino coordinating with Nancy Aynehchi’s for a superb buffet. Another “thank you” for coordinating lunch by Beach Pit BBQ goes to Kathy Winter’s and her assistants Cathy Waldman and Pam Edmondson. The strawberry shortcake dessert was wonderful. In addition to the meals on Teacher Appreciation Day, teacher duties were covered by a dedicated group of volunteers which included: Pam Edmondson, Niki and Joe Patrick, Tori Crummack, Kirsten Jessel, Kavitha Ravikumar, Golita Kalili, Liz Lenhof, Kiran Dara, Riza Querubin and additional Kindergarten parent volunteers.

Mark your calendars for WED, JUNE 17th. The kids will spend their morning playing games, getting wet, and just having fun. Please remember to send them to school with sunscreen and a hat. They may get wet and dirty so please have them dress accordingly. Snack will be provided for grades K-5 and a pizza lunch will be provided for grades 1-5. Contact Shannon at (714) 573-7525 or to volunteer or with any questions. See you there!

Tustin Public Schools Foundation holds an annual “Teacher of the Year” dinner following Teacher Appreciation Day, and PTO sponsored all Ladera PTO teachers who wished to attend. Congratulations to Mrs. Moore for her Teacher of the Year award. The Ladera Elementary turnout was awesome!!

A Note from P.E. By Maryanne Liscio The school year is almost over and I wanted to wish you all a very happy, healthy and safe summer. Teaching PE this year has been very exciting and getting to know our amazing students has made my job most enjoyable. I sincerely hope your kids have learned a new skill or have become even better at a sport they currently play. Mr. Bollenbach has officially told me I am able to return next year. YEAH!!! (I LOVE my job!!!) I will be planning new lessons and getting more equipment for next year over the summer. Please feel free to email me any comments or suggestions you may have at: Enjoy the summer and keep those kiddos moving!

Ladera News, June 2009, Page 3

Ladera Talent Show A Smashing Success! Are you looking for a way to network, use your skills, have fun and support Ladera Elementary? If so, the Fundraising Committee is the place for you! All parents are invited to participate in the Fundraising Committee for the 2009-2010 school year. We need your ideas, knowledge and energy in order to raise the incremental funds needed to support the PTO programs and Ladera! The committee will be getting together over the summer to brainstorm and plan for ’09-10. If you are interested in participating, please email Kathy Kendall at or Janice Lee at .

The Ladera students have showcased their talents once again in Ladera’s annual talent show held on May 29th. The show included all grades and a wide range of talents from singing and instrumental music to dance and magic. Thank you to the cast for a great show. In particular, a huge thank you to Mrs. Pilon, Mrs. Whitfield and Miss Crawford for all of their efforts and many extra hours in putting together the show. Also, a big thank you to all of the parent volunteers that made the show possible.

We are looking forward to a great year! Kathy Kendall & Janice Lee, Co-VPs, Fundraising

Ladera News, June 2009, Page 4

Library Corner By Geri Shaw, Ladera Librarian

Summer is upon us and that means more time to relax and enjoy a good book! This summer, I am encouraging students to read with my Summer Reading Program. Reading logs will be coming home with your child soon. For every twenty books your child reads, they can choose one new, free book when they return to school in September. When tracking student reading, chapter books are worth one book per each 100 pages. The student that reads the most books during the summer will receive a special prize! For book lists and recommendations, please visit the Library page on the Ladera website. There are lists from the school district by grade as well as great links to other resources. There is a link to the Orange County Public Library site that has a great page for kids, including access to online books and beautifully-read audio books. Click on the children’s services link for lots of neat information. Barnes & Noble and the local public library will also have summer reading programs. Stop by and pick up reading logs at the end of May/beginning of June. Put together a folder with all three book lists in it as an easy way to keep track of your child’s reading. Each book your child reads can be listed on all three. Remember, books that you read aloud to your child count toward their reading total as well. Reading more challenging texts aloud to your child helps enrich their vocabulary. Whether you think a book may be above or below your child’s reading abilities, allow them to read it anyway…this is what reading for personal enjoyment is all about. Finally, I would like to say a big thanks to the parent volunteers that came in each week with classes to help during library time. Sima Bhakta, Reena Bhargava, Shawn Zambon, Cindy Mathes, Robin Steinmetz, Cindy Lee, Michelle Fong, Steve Wayt, Alison Fong, Lisa Thoresen, Laurie Biele, Jenny Roettger, Dana and Shirley Crandall, Charlene Pitchess, Kathy Ghanouni, Marilyn Jones, Robin Martinez and Nina Patel keep the library running smoothly. Also, thank you to the parents that came in to help with our Reading Counts book labeling project. A special thanks to Elizabeth Stevens for organizing the Birthday Book Club all year. The students loved seeing the new largerformat photos in the hall. Nearly 150 Leopards donated books to the library this year. Most importantly, a big thanks to Lori Palmer and Janine Rilum, the organizers of our fantastic Mrs. Nelson’s Book Fairs as well as the parents who staff the fair. These are so well-run and are very successful financially. The funds earned from the book fairs are used to purchase books for the Ladera Library. These funds are the key to keeping an updated collection of books available for our students.

Have a great summer and remember to keep reading!

Birthday Book Club The Ladera Birthday Book Club welcomes the following new members who recently donated a new book to the Ladera Library in honor of their birthday: Kylie Bell Julie Chun Bella Coats Samuel Coulston Alana Edmondson Jed Fernando Anastasia Gershenovitz Misty Kang Sloan Kiley

Olivia Knobbe Jason Lam Cade Libertoski Ali Raoufi Dylan Ryan Sooji Shin Ashley Teng RJ Winters

Congratulations Battle of the Books Finalist Gold Medal Teams: Miss Whitfield's Fourth Grade Team (Zack Heller, Christian Sul, Ashley Palmer, Leah Messinger and Justin Wayt) and Fifth Grade Team (Malik Faez, Paris Carillo, Dani Lowder, Lauren Nguyen, Misty Kang, and not pictured; Andrew Mathes)

Ladera News, June 2009, Page 5


Hello Ladera Leopards. This will be my last entry for the school year. I have enjoyed being a part of the Ladera family and have been impressed with the dedication of the parents as well as the students to ensure Ladera remains one of the best Tustin has to offer. So for this article I thought of sharing with you what school nurses do. As quoted by a nurse from Orange, school nurses are invisible when we are doing our job right. All school nurses are licensed registered nurses who’ve completed a bachelor’s degree, many in nursing. California is one of the states that require a Health Credential in addition to our license. This means nurses must take additional 32 units of upper division courses and pay a fee to receive their credential from the California Teacher Credentialing Commission. This credential authorizes the holder to conduct immunization programs, assess and evaluate the health and development status of pupils; interpret the health and development assessment to parents, teachers, administrators and other professionals directly concerned with the pupil; design and implement individual student health maintenance plans, incorporating plans directed by a physician; maintain communication with parents and all involved community practitioners and agencies to promote needed treatment and secure reports of findings pertinent to educational planning; interpret medical and nursing findings appropriate to the student's individualized education program and make recommendations to professional personnel directly involved; consult with, conduct in-service training for, and serve as a resource person to teachers and administrators; develop and implement health education curriculum; act as a participant in implementing a comprehensive health instruction curriculum for students; counsel and assist pupils and parents in health related and school adjustment services; and to teach health related subjects under the supervision of a classroom teacher. Majority of school districts place school nurses in the certificated position and receive the same pay scale as a teacher. This makes the job unattractive to many licensed nurses. Many of us have completed our education, have had 10, 20, even 25 years of nursing experiences before we enter school nursing, however very few districts award a move in the pay scale for non school related experience. Also, the ratio of nurses per students has grown astronomical. “At last count, there are approximately 2,844 nurses who serve California’s 6.3 million public school students. That translates to a ratio of 2,227 students to every one school nurse, the largest student-to-nurse ratio in the country. This in no way, shape or form provides effective healthcare for the increasing numbers of students with complex chronic and immediate health needs that require daily care on our school campuses. If we had more school nurses on our campuses, perhaps they could have played an even greater role in early detection and prevention efforts". According to Ca. State Superintendent Jack O'Connell testifying before the Congressional Hearing on H1N1 Flu (5/7/2009) Tustin Unified school nurses will have a ratio of 5200 students to every one nurse next school year because of budget cuts. Therefore, our nursing staff will be depending more on you, parents, to ensure your child come to school healthy. School nurses have an array of community base partners that provide free or low cost medical, dental, vision, hearing services so do not wait until the problem arise. Contact your school nurse or the health clerk if you require assistance to meet the needs of our little Leopards, because healthy children learn better.

Ladera News, June 2009, Page 6

Students Honored at 3rd Trimester Awards Assembly Congratulations to the following students who were recognized for their achievements during the 3rd trimester of the school year at the June 15, 2009 Awards Assembly: Kindergarten/Elconin Miachanel Nguyen – Principal’s Award Asal Khosraviani - Citizenship Jacob Weiser - Penmanship Bella Tran – Writing Unique (Niki) Andre - Participation Kindergarten/Wenner Sidra Villacorta – Principal’s Award Elijah Bunney – Principal’s Award Emily Manetta - Citizenship Gwendolyn Gaylord– Reading Ethan Fong – Math Julianna Christpoulus - Writing Joshua Koblin - Penmanship st

1 Grade/Crawford Eli Schwartz – Principal’s Award Vincent Mann – Math nd 2 Grade/Crawford Milton Ortiz – Principal’s Award Jason Lam – Spelling Brooke Pitchess - Writing Christina Garabedian - Math st

1 Grade/Semotan Kelly Winters – Principal’s Award Leo Lee – Principal’s Award Alyssa Young - Reading Kristine Kato – Reading Ali Raoufi – Writing Ethan Zambon – Art Negin Favakehi – Reading Benjamin Tran – Math st

1 Grade/Valencia Sanda Kim – Principal’s Award Sphia Aguila – Principal’s Award Bradford Le– Writing/Reading Alan Hernandez – Math Sophia Koch – Reading Micah Taira - Citizenship Thomas Koch – P.E.


2 Grade/Goldenberg Kylie Bell – Principal’s Award Eugene Kang – Principal’s Award Kala Franklin - Citizenship James Hoag – Voice in Writing Adrian Ortiz - Math Sammy Wang – Reading Kian Aminloo - Math Bella Coats - Writing Sooji Shin – Academic Excellence Danielle Lee -Reading nd

2 Grade/Moore Jenna Alvstad – Principal’s Award Sabrina Chen – Art Elizabeth Bowers - Reading Halle Andree – Math Aylssa Nguyen – Math Eden Miller - Reading Parmida Favakehi - Reading nd

2 Grade/Neuer Carley Worobey – Principal’s Award Sean Ignatuk – Principal’s Award Wells lee - Science Julia Patrick - Math Zach Wayt – Math Madison Shealy – Reading Alyssa Nguyen - Citizenship rd

3 Grade/Donavan Olivia Patrick – Principal’s Award Justin Stepanian– Writing Sabrina Crummack– Poetry Taylor Stern - Math Zachary Shube- Math Justin Sul - Writing Alex Ignatuk - Music rd

3 Grade/DiLellio & St. Clair Anna Biele – Principal’s Award Andrew Kim – Principal’s Award Carson Wong - Writing Lauren Kilger - Writing Anastasia Gershenovitz - Math Calvin Mouisset - Math Julia Greenbaum - Math R.J. Winters - Reading Jason Shube – Language Arts

Ladera News, June 2009, Page 7


3 Grade/Pilon Cameron Mallory – Principal’s Award Andrew Hwang – Principal’s Award Casey Hernandez - Math Gianna Lendino - Math Matthew Nugraha - Writing Jared Platero - Math Andy Liscio - Writing Sarah Klaus - Science rd

3 Grade/Sommers Emma Monden – Principal’s Award Isabelle Ho – Principal’s Award Luc OlhavaHenderson – Reading Mateen Raoufi – Math Weston Caruso – Social Studies Kyle Hysen – Language Arts Dylan Dieckhoff – Social Studies thh

4 Grade Schwartz Aria Aminloo - Citizenship Justus Henderson - Principal's Brian Bowers - Citizenship Hayley Johnson - Positive Attitude Jose Villa - Science Alec Martinez - Science th


4 /5 Grade/Whitfield Leah Messenger – Principal’s Award Nichholas Tran – Principal’s Award Autumn Heil-Carr – Language Arts Andre Spinoglio – Citizenship Misty Kang – Performing Arts Curtis Talley – Math Paris Carillo – Academic Excellence th

5 Grade/McDonald Cala Gin – Principal’s Award Natalie Tran – Principal’s Award Junior Lanz – Citizenship Erin Foley - Citizenship Sammy Holte - Reading Elisa Zonouzi - Writing

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