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EDITORIAL CREDITS Editor-in-Chief Creative Director Jennifer Chabri Copy Editor Layout Editor Argie Mitra Contributors Robert Fenn Reece Fernando Lauren Gherardi Jordyn Jackson Lisa Kaminski Danny Lang Holland Morgan Toni Smailagic

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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR After struggling with a creative block, the idea for LA DE DA emerged as the catalyst for deeper inspiration. It became a celebration of creative talent in a visually aesthetic medium. The most amazing and further inspiring part I discovered in this journey was how much talent exists in the fashion industry. The unexpected positive response from fellow artists and the community to the LA DE DA project has been exciting. I hope that LA DE DA Magazine will be an excellent display and representation of emerging talent, and an inspiration to ourselves and fellow artists to continue to bring aesthetics to our world. Artists, whatever their medium, are often seen as individuals who merely ‘la de da’ around life. In reality, they often work very hard generally to fine tune their skills and form, creating design, products or works to better our quality of life by making it more beautiful. They often even have a powerful and captivating voice that speaks beyond just mere beauty. This issue features photographers and artists from or with roots primarily in northeast Florida, including a designer who makes beautiful limited edition swimwear for the collector. Thank you for viewing LA DE DA magazine. Supporting these creatives may just make you a little happy.

Jennifer Chabri Editor-in-Chief

We currently have an open submission call for the next issue. For info and guidelines please visit 6 | LA DE DA

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The “Fabric” of Our Lives Written by Holland Morgan Photography by Lauren M. Gherardi

“My friends and I used to iron each other’s hair on the ironing board.” “Really?” I asked, puzzled and amused. “Well what else could we do?” the guest in my salon chair responded. “No one had ever heard of a flat iron. They probably hadn’t been invented yet,” she laughed. “We just had to make sure the steam wasn’t on!” It was the first time I had heard of ironing hair this way, but definitely not the last. It was also not surprising, as there is a long history of beauty products borrowing ingredients from the laundry care and textile industries. Additionally, many hair professionals refer to hair as fabric when explaining chemical processes or styling techniques. I often do this myself: the way our hair gets split ends is much like the way our pant cuffs get frayed, and curling hair with a flatiron is like curling ribbon with scissors. Through my own observations and studies, good or bad, we often treat hair like fabric. If likening hair to fabric seems natural to hair stylists, it should come as no surprise that hair product manufacturers also think in the same terms. I picture a chemist’s thought process now: “Okay, so our customers are looking for an anti-frizz product that will leave their hair static-free...” As he ponders all the 18 | LA DE DA

botanical compounds available to him, he paces around the lab, his white lab coat swishing with his movements. He notices his lab coat to clinging to his trousers. “I forgot to add the fabric softener again,” he thinks to himself, and suddenly a lightbulb goes off. “Eureka! Polyquaternium!” he squeaks. If it reduces static on his lab coat it should work in hair, right? Yes! Those conditioner quaternium compounds originally used in fabric softeners have been adapted for the same use in leave-in conditioner. Common ones are quaternium-80 and behentrimonium chloride. If you’re on the go and find you have static cling, you could use a leave-in conditioner with one of these ingredients in it. Just rub a small amount on your legs like lotion. Probably the oldest class of crossover ingredients is hair color. Indigo, a dark blue plant-based dye, has been used for centuries to dye fabric. It was also mixed with henna, an orange plant extract, to tint hair dark brown or black. Indigo is still used today in some violet tinted shampoos. Then there was the new world discovery of the cochineal bugs. The scaly little cactus-eating insects are crushed to create a vibrant red dye, also known as carmine and ponceau 4R. Again, can’t you imagine someone thinking, “Hey if it’s good enough for wool, what about my hair?” So the cochineal ingredient originally used to dye fabric then made its way into hair dyes. You may also remember their appearance in the Starbucks Strawberries and Cream Frapuccino debacle a few years ago.* Continued on page 22 *No cochineal insects were harmed in the writing of this article.

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is unbeatable when it comes to curly hair�

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continued from page 18

p-Phenylenediamine (try saying that five times fast!) is one

of the first chemicals that began the modern era of permanent haircoloring. This fabric and hair connection works the other way around: it began to be developed as hair color in the 1860s, became an ingredient that revolutionized the hair color industry, and then made its way into the fabric industry. In the 1960s, it became one of the building blocks of Kevlar, the fabric used in bulletproof vests. Obviously there are some chemical changes there, so your brown hair won’t stop bullets, but it’s pretty cool anyway! What about shampoos? The ingredient ammonium chloride, used for processing fabric dyes, tanning leather, and adding luster to cotton, can also be found in shampoos. It works as an acidifier for pH balance and as a thickener. Also, natural plant starches like rice starch, formerly used as laundry starch to keep clothes crisp and stain resistant, can now be found in a variety of dry shampoos. Dry shampoos are especially efficient at absorbing oils, and can be used to add a lot of body to limp hair. And like starch or regular shampoo, they leave a light fragrance or also come unscented. It is important to note that however natural it seems to treat hair like fabric or clothing, it’s still a different “fiber” with specific needs to keep it healthy, much like the difference between silk and cotton. As a hairstylist, it is important for me to educate my guests on the best practices for styling their hair. So if you were wondering, “What’s the big deal about the clothing iron?” I’ll tell you. Unlike clothing irons, flat iron heating plates are made of ceramic and other ionic materials. They emit positive ions that keep moisture in the hair rather than steaming it out. It also radiates heat more efficiently through the hair, thereby reducing the time your hair stays in contact with heat. If you can’t make it into my chair, read on the following care instructions to learn more about ironing and caring for your hair safely.

Shampoo is for the scalp; conditioner is for the hair.

This is my mantra. Shampooing too often can cause your scalp to become more oily. Try going an extra day between shampoos, condition only the ends, or skip conditioner all together and apply a light leave-in conditioner. For dry hair, leave your conditioner on for at least five minutes, then rinse with cool water. This leaves more of the conditioning oils in your hair rather than blasting them all down the drain with hot water. When using a clarifying shampoo, let it sit on the hair for about 5 minutes before rinsing, which will give it time to do its job.

Wrap your hair in a microfiber towel

Microfiber removes more moisture than conventional bath towels and rubbing your hair with a towel causes frizz. If you are going to flat iron or curl your hair, try to let it air dry; that way you are only applying one heat source. Use the cool shot button on your dryer once the hair is dry to set the shape. For example, if you dry your hair upside down for volume, cool it down before you flip your hair back over.

Air dry

Air drying is unbeatable when it comes to curly hair, but if you must diffuse, use medium heat and speed on your dryer. Rest your hair on the diffuser and leave it there. Bouncing it up and down only causes frizz. Diffuse only until the hair is Anytime you style your hair with heat, use a thermal protector. about 80% dry and leave it to finish air drying. Thermal protecting sprays, hairsprays, and serums all create a barrier that protects your hair. They prevent drying and aid in smoothing.

Use a thermal protector

Take smaller sections

Whether you are curling or flat ironing, take sections that are no wider than your tool. Using a 1 inch wide iron? Take a 1-inch wide section.

Change the temperature

If you find yourself passing the iron through a section of hair more than two or three times, turn up the heat! It sounds strange, but you will do less damage with a few high heat passes of the iron than many passes with low heat. 22 | LA DE DA

Our hair is the only clothing we wear everyday. So be sure to follow the “care instructions” to keep your fabric in excellent condition. Holland Morgan is a hair stylist available for TV & film, print, and special occasions. He is also a Color Specialist and Master Stylist at Regis Salon at St. Johns Town Center in Jacksonville, FL. Visit him online at Shoot Credits: Photography: Lauren M. Gherardi Models: Samantha Rager & Lauren Ryder Styling: Argie Mitra Wardrobe: That Poor Girl. in King Street District, Jacksonville, FL Makeup: Tracey Upson Hair: Holland Morgan


up the heat!

You will do less damage with a few high heat passes of the iron�

PHOTOGRAPHY Lauren M. Gherardi MODEL Amy West STYLING Argie Mitra MAKEUP Erin Foster HAIR Holland Morgan

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LAUREN GHERARDI fashion photographer |



“shining star” signature collection MONOKINI

PHOTO: Natalie McCray

Featured Designer

Florida’s own Lisa Kaminski is LA DE DA’s very first featured designer. Her classic, beach-inspired style and fun and unique personality are reflected in her original art swimwear. Photography by Lauren M. Gherardi

LDD: Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from and what got you started in design? Lisa: My passion for swimwear started very early, growing up on the beaches in Jacksonville, Florida. I designed and created my first swimsuit at age 15! What makes your swimwear stand out? I am a self-taught designer, and all my swimwear is handmade by me in Florida. I put my eco-conscious beliefs into action, utilizing reclaimed hardware and ornate found objects from my world travels to design wearable art. What's your favorite part about conceptualizing a design? I love the process: seeing my designs go from sketch to creation and finally worn by other swimwear aficionados! What matters to you most as a fashion designer? Creative freedom! Do you have any special rituals when preparing for a fashion shoot or show? A great night of beauty rest! I also make as many checklists as possible. Shoots and show days are always long, so it’s important to make sure everything gets done. How would you define your personal style? Casual, beach lifestyle with healthy doses of geek and glam--everyone needs balance! With that said, how would you define the style your line exemplifies? Expect the unexpected! My goal for every design is to include a unique element: unusual fabrics, reclaimed hardware, bead accents, vintage pins, and more. I like to create wearable art!

Where do you get your inspiration? My love for travel, food and music inspire all my designs. When I'm not designing, I'm a "Foodie" who loves to travel! Who are some of your favorite designers? I admire Diane Von Furstenberg, Catalina Alvarez and Mariana Hinestroza of Agua Bendita, Naomi Newirth and Lyndi Irons of Acacia Swimwear. What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers? Follow your passion, work hard, stay true to yourself, and never give up! Where can our readers get their own Lisa Kaminski Swimwear originals? You can find everything available--bikinis, monokinis, coverups, and maxi dresses!--in my online store at My designs are also available at Gwen Berlin Boutique in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL and Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast, FL. Lisa, thank you for taking the time to share your personality, inspirations, and of course, your gorgeous swimwear with us! Check out the following pages featuring looks from Lisa’s latest collection “A New Day”. To learn more about Lisa and Lisa Kaminski Swimwear, log on and interact at and stay connected with the info below. Facebook: Lisa Kaminski Swimwear Twitter & Instagram: @lkbikini SUMMER 2013 LA DE DA | 33

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My love for travel, food and music inspire all my designs. LISA KAMINSKI

“Optimistic� original art bikini

“endless” maxi dress

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“honor� signature collection bikini

I put my eco-conscious beliefs into action, utilizing reclaimed hardware and ornate found objects from my world travels to design wearable art. Lisa kaminski


Follow your passion, work hard, stay true to yourself, and never give up! Lisa Kaminski “BE KIND” signature collection bikini

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PHOTOGRAPHY DANNY LANG MODELs Anna o. & anna z. jewels model management

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closer to the sun Photography Toni Smailagic Model Ines Rau Makeup & Hair Ingrid Yuzly Photo Assistant Eyo Ido

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summer heat photography robert fenn

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La Bella Imena



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music+ charity with Flagship Romance This summer, visit a different kind of music festival. Jacksonville Beach-based band Flagship Romance continues their success of last year’s Clean Water Music Fest, benefitting those without access to clean water. We sat down with Jordyn Jackson of the pop/folk duo and she shared her excitement and all the details about the charity and this year’s festival. Photo by Nancy Kent

LDD: The second Annual Charity Water Music Fest is coming up on August 10, but I know that you have been active in fundraising for Charity Water for a longer time. Is there a special reason why you have become so passionate and active in fundraising for Charity Water? Jordyn Jackson: A few years ago, I learned about charity: water. The fact that only $20 gives a person clean, safe drinking water for 20 years blew me away. When I started researching the water crisis, I just couldn’t believe the statistics. Every 19 seconds, a mother loses her child to a waterborne illness... really?! 800 MILLION people on our planet walk hours daily to gather water that will make them sick? It’s just not acceptable when we, as privileged humans, can do something about it. Another thing that blew me away was charity: water’s model as an organization. Since the beginning, they have committed to using 100% of the donations they receive for the water projects. Their salaries and operating costs come completely from individual investors. I love the fact that they put it all out there, and there’s no doubt that every bit you raise will go directly to help those in need. What else makes it so awesome? Along with their 100% model, which I mentioned above, the people that work for charity: water are incredible! While on our last Flagship 76 | LA DE DA

Romance tour, Shawn & I had the opportunity to hang out at the charity: water headquarters in NYC. We toured their offices, and had lunch with Kaitlyn (Kate) Jankowski, our “girl” at charity: water who helps us out with ANYTHING we need for the Clean Water Music Fest. It was so amazing getting to chat with Kate, and hear her stories about how much she adores her job, the CEO Scott Harrison, and the experiences she is blessed to have everyday working in such an inspiring environment. Last year was a huge success. Can you tell me more about that experience? Any new or expanded goals for this year’s music fest? Last year was the inaugural year for Clean Water Music Fest, and we had no idea what to expect. The average well-building project costs about $5,000, so our goal was to raise at least half that. Then, Venus [Swimwear] became our title sponsor, and took care of all of our production costs. In our heads, we really wanted to raise $5,000, but we didn’t want to push too high on our first year, either. We had a banner of a thermometer at the Fest, showing the progression of the donations throughout the day/night. As it got later, the numbers were rising so much, it was overwhelming. When Flagship Romance got off stage, and we went into the silent auction area, we were told how much we raised, and immediately burst into tears. We ended up raising over 4x our goal, almost $12,000! Now, two entire communities can live their lives without the burden of not having a basic need: clean water. Pretty amazing. This year, we’ve set our goal at $12,000. We hope we can raise this much again, but of course, we’re hoping to raise even more! What is it like being able to use your musical talents not only for the art itself, but also philanthropically? We can’t imagine it any other way. Both of us love being able to sing & perform, obviously, but being able to use our gifts to help others, and to spread awareness about issues bigger than ourselves is the most fulfilling thing we feel we can do. We feel that it’s our duty as musicians with a voice. Has participating and leading these types of efforts molded the music you create in any way? In some ways it has. We love writing love songs, and that will never change. We have begun writing songs that have more of an environmental message, or a “lift-you-up” message together since the inaugural Clean Water Music Fest. Can you give me a sneak peak of some of the music artists that will be performing at this year’s event? Yes! SUNBEARS!, Flagship Romance, The Dog Apollo, Four Families, Sam Pacetti, Chico Lobos Band, The Rubies, Oscar Mike, Dalton Cyr, Dudes on a Rug, and maybe more! I heard that the silent auction is pretty rad. What type of items are being donated to help with the efforts? Our silent auction is going to amaze anyone who attends the Fest. We’ve had incredible donations this year! The Surf Boardroom, one of our Well Wishers (Sponsors), is donating two custom surfboards. The SB Skate Co., another Well Wisher, is donating skateboards. We have lots of celebrity autographed memorabilia, including pieces from Jewel, Goo Goo Dolls, Zac Brown, The Civil Wars, etc. The Players Championship has donated tickets and parking passes. Crazy Dave’s

Music, another Well Wisher, is donating many musical instruments. The Donovin Darius Foundation is donating a signed football. We have items from Theatre Jacksonville, Alhambra Dinner Theatre, Zen Cog Bicycles, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, and SO much more! We could keep going, but there are over 180 businesses who have donated! When, where, and how can we get tickets and/or make donations? Tickets are available for a donation online at our campaign page, or at the door on the day of the Fest. We suggest that people come early to ensure admission. Ticket link: cleanwatermusicfest2 Clean Water Music Fest August 10, 2013 1pm - 11pm Ponte Vedra Concert Hall 100% proceeds benefitting charity: water For more info on the organization, visit SUMMER 2013 LA DE DA | 77

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