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MEDIA IS A REX Time and again, the world has gone through the change of civilization and cultures and each one Bringing along with it, (no comma needed)(a) significant impact on the pattern of life (culture change in life style) andMEDIA is no exception. Nevertheless,Media is (comes in) two types TRADITIONAL and SOCIAL .In (there are) traditional media(, like) television, radio, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, tax press and other print publication(s) and social media, media terms (which is a term) used to described the new generation of digital, computerized networked information and Communication skills. When using social media(the term also refers to) tools (that we use) off hours or for personal reasons.

Moreover, Traditional verse which described (like) books is a treasure. Books always are not(are not always) attractive for children’s or youngsters. It is because books are quite boring. (no full stop)Compare to television it (which) has movies and Sound. We don’t (informal) have to read a lot of words in television. Some people allow the (no article) children to surf the Webs without noticing that there are plenty of disasters on the internet which the young have little Experience to deal with. Nowadays, it is a tend and youngsters tofollow(follow) what their idols do and say no matter (whether)these things are good or bad(.) especially teenagers (do that) and they do not respect our family or old person (plural). They regret our culture. Some time(sometimes) they adopt bad things from (and) through (the) internet. In crux, we have absolutely no control over the media(.) in the same way the extent of the power (of) mass media is able to influence us(.)(it) only reaches this far, (and) the rest is really still within over (not in our) control.