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Emily Ladd English 106 Photo Essay Rational A photo essay is meant to tell a story not only through pictures, but with words as well. In order to get the reader to interpret the essay as a whole all of the pictures included must relate to a specific topic and be uniform throughout. In my essay I chose my topic to present unique structures and with traditions and myths behind them. I stayed uniform with not only the way I edited and blended the pictures themselves, but the color schemes and font was consistent as well. For my essay I chose my topic to be showing unique structures and traditions/myths that coincide with the different configurations. Each picture is a special part of the individuality Purdue University has and captures the beauty of the campus as a whole. I chose this topic to do my photo essay on because one of the most interesting thing to me about the campus is what makes it unique, and the traditions that not only I will participate in, but older alumni including many of my family members did when they attended Purdue University in previous years is something that makes this campus that much more beautiful. In order for the essay to be interesting to others, it must also be interesting to the person creating the essay. In order for all the pictures to blend and form an essay each slide had to be set up uniformly so the reader understands that they all relate. I placed all the pictures in the center of the right side of each page with the exception of the first photo. The reason I placed the first picture in the center of the page towards the top versus to the right like all the others was mainly because that was my only picture which was horizontal, however, it worked out to my advantage

as the first page is more resembling of a cover or introduction page making the essay more like a story. Aside from the placement of the pictures on the page another similarity is how I transformed each picture. Every picture is blended with the background using the same blending option. I chose to do this because I wanted every picture to be uniform not only for structure, but also for the reader to focus more on the picture itself and what it tells instead of focusing on how different each picture was and only noticing the effects themselves. Each picture has a natural brightness none being extremely bright or extremely dark; however, I made each picture to show extremely high contrast. I did this because making the contrast very high brought out all the different colors in the pictures and made all the different angles and colors of fall really stand out and totally transform each picture in a different way. Staying consistent with the colors used outside of the photos themselves is very important in order to make all the slides collide. I chose gold as my background color because Purdue University’s colors are black and gold. Gold was the better color for the background versus black because it was not too dark to distract from the photos themselves therefore leaving black for the font. I not only stayed constant with the colors and placement of the pictures but the font as well. I used the same font for everything with the titles all the same font size and the descriptions all the same. The descriptions had to be smaller in order to fit on each page. The blending with both the titles and descriptions were consistent with not only each other but each page as well. The titles were placed in different spots on the pictures in order to blend them into the photos and since the photos were all different had to be different as well.

Throughout my photo essay I stayed consistent and uniform with not only the topic I chose but each slides effects as well. Each picture was blended onto the background the same way and had high contrast to illuminate the different colors and textures of the photos. The color scheme was similar with the background colors and the fonts. My photo essay tells a unique and interesting story is not only told through its pictures, but also each description and can be interesting to any student at Purdue University.

Photo Essay Rational