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Maycomb County News October 1, 2010


Editor in Chief: Sarah Carter

Hero of the Month: Atticus Finch

H O T !


tticus Finch is an honest and confident lawyer with two children. He has raised his children, Jeremy Atticus Finch and Jean Louise Finch, on his own most for of their lives. His wife died when his daughter was only two. He saved his neighborhood from a sick dog, and he always works

as hard as he can. He offered to defend Tom Robinson since he is one of the only people in town who is against racism. He even knew he couldn’t win; yet he still stood up for what he thought was right. He raises his children to be the best that they can be while also teaching them to be kind and polite to others. If

anyone deserves the Hero of the Month award, it would be Mr. Atticus Finch.

Death of Innocence To Kill a Mockingbird is set in the 1930s during the Great Depression in Maycomb, Alabama. The narrator is Jean Louise Finch, also known as Scout. She and Jem, her brother, were six and ten at the time the story starts. Dill is a new kid who came to visit his aunt over the summer and he takes a liking to the Finch kids. They become fast friends and Dill quickly becomes interested in Boo Radley. Boo is a quiet man living at the Radley place. He doesn’t come out much, and if he does then no one sees him. The kids try everything to get Boo out

of his house but nothing works. Dill leaves at the end of summer and Jem and Scout begin school. Scout’s first day starts out rough since her teacher does not like her. Scout and Jem’s father, Atticus, is a wellrespected lawyer and widower. He volunteers to take on the task of defending Tom Robinson in court. People are mean to both Atticus and his children after he makes this decision. The Ewell family was the main antagonist in the story. Mayella Ewell accused Tom of raping her and

Bob harassed Tom’s wife. Calpurnia, the family’s maid, takes the kids to her church and they welcome them with open arms. Only a woman named Lula didn’t seem too happy. The next summer, Aunt Alexandra moves in. Dill doesn’t come to visit until he runs away from his new father and his mother. Tom’s trial rolls around and Jem and Scout sneak in to watch it all go down. Tom is sent to prison and later tries to escape, only to be shot and killed in the process. One night, when Jem and Scout are walking home from a Halloween

party, Bob Ewell follows them. Boo Radley saves the kids and stabs Bob to death. Jem comes out with a broken arm, but Scout is fine.

Physical Description: Generally drunk and disorderly white trash. Downright mean and not afraid to let people know it.

Call Atticus Finch

For: Public Drunkenness, Child Abuse, Neglect, Children’s Truancy, Filing False Police Reports, Slanderous Statements, Taunting

He Will Fight for What’s Right

Wanted Dead or Alive

Justice for All

REWARD $1000

“I just started

Dear Harper: Heartfelt Advice Dear Harper,

school this past week, and my teacher doesn’t like me at all.” Hopelessly Honest


I just started school this past week, and my teacher doesn’t like me at all. She keeps getting mad at me for silly things. I only tell her the truth, but she’s so mean that she just yells. On the first day of school she told me I needed to stop reading because I didn’t need to get ahead of everyone. I thought being able to read was a good thing. She also got upset when I told her the

honest truth about a boy in my class. She slapped my hand with a ruler on the first day of school. It isn’t fair. Please help, Hopelessly Honest Dear Hopelessly Honest, I feel your pain. I’d be upset if my teacher got mad at me for knowing how to read too. I think you should just read at home without your teacher knowing. She seems

like she isn’t really able to teach very well, so maybe she’ll lose her job. When you’re in school, I think you should just try to stay quiet as much as you can. It sounds like this teacher won’t take anything other than just the way she likes it, so making yourself less known in the classroom might be the best option for you. Sincerely, Harper

Book Review: First Novel Masterpiece


o Kill a Mockingbird , Harper Lee’s first novel, is a masterpiece. This well written story about two children living in the south during the depression deals with the issues of race and prejudice. The characters are so lifelike that the reader feels as if he or she knows them. Each character is unique. I loved them all, but Jem was my favorite because he was so sweet and good to his

younger sister, Scout. There was enough suspense in the story to keep me on the edge of my seat., but the book also had several light moments. Scout’s innocent view of her surroundings added some needed

lightheartedness to the story. For example, her blunt honesty would often get her into trouble. To Kill a Mockingbird is a must read for everyone. Readers of To Kill a Mockingbird become a part of the book experiencing it through the eyes of Scout, the young narrator of the story. Every reader should

Editorial: Racism is Evil Dear Editor, I do not understand the terrible racism against Tom Robinson. There was no evidence other than the accusation coming from Mayella Ewell that Tom raped her. Atticus made a great point when he mentioned the bruises on Mayella were from a person

with the use of their left hand. Tom Robinson didn’t even have any use of his left hand. He caught it in a cotton mill! The Ewells have never been trusted in Maycomb, so why are they being trusted now? It’s because Mayella is a white woman who accused a black man of rape. It isn’t fair to

Tom. Tom Robinson has a family he actually cares about, and he doesn’t deserve this treatment when he’s worked so hard. Sincerely, Reverend Sykes

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family he actually cares about, and he doesn’t deserve this treatment when he’s worked so hard.”

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“Tom Robinson has a

Mort gage.


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