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A Timeline of L.A.’s Premiere Independent Lot 1958—Architects Pereira & Luckman finish construction of the tower and wing buildings, which rise above the first underground parking structure in Los Angeles. 1965—The television pilot for Get Smart is filmed at what was the Unocal World Headquarters. 1975—The film Death Race 2000 shoots on Boylston Street. 1988—Unocal sells its headquarters to a developer that plans to demolish the buildings and create a new development called Los Angeles Center. 1994—Unocal starts to reduce the company’s presence in Los Angeles. Unocal will completely relocate its headquarters to El Segundo over the next few years. 1996—The decision is made to begin marketing the nearly vacant property as a filming location. Hollywood Locations attracts movies such as Liar Liar, Austin Powers, The X-Files and The Game to shoot on the site. 1997—After the developer fails on multiple attempts to secure a tenant for a new development on the site, the present-day studio management proposes to keep the majority of the existing structures and build six sound stages on the site, turning the facility into the first Downtown studio. 1999—The six sounds stages are fully constructed with silent air, floating wood floors and every other innovation one would expect from the newest stages in the Los Angeles area. Blockbuster films Mission Impossible II and Charlie’s Angels were the first to utilize the stages. 2000—Los Angeles Center Studios hosts events related to the Democratic National Convention. 2000—Sony Playstation decides to hold their annual event on the LACS lot for the next three years. 2002—Flix Café opens in the Beaudry Building. 2005—Los Angeles Center Studios signs the first long term tower office deal with Maya Cinemas. continued on pg 2 >

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THE E-WORD Box office numbers in 2008 were remarkably strong in light of the financial strain prevalent throughout the United States and the world. During the toughest times, including the Great Depression, the arts have been an important resource and escape for the people within this country. In a time when the word “economy” is uttered daily, we are thankful to be able to balance it out with another e-word that is full of hope: “entertainment.” Two labor disputes, runaway productions, and the recession have all taken a significant toll on the entertainment industry as a whole; however, Los Angeles Center Studios, due to its strong entertainment company alliances and creative tenant base, has been able to weather these difficult times. In 2008, LACS achieved 100% occupancy on all of the sound stages, an amazing achievement in any year. While commercial real estate slowed throughout California, Los Angeles Center Studios was fortunate enough to have secured three new long term tower office tenants. Tenants on the lot have also experienced a surprising amount of success in the face of the downturned market, with many of them expanding, some more than doubling their original office space. In early 2009, the California government passed a budget which exemplifies just how important entertainment is not only to surviving this economic struggle but also to solving it. The Legislature approved a version of the California budget which included a tax incentive for films and television shows to shoot in California. The other 30+ states that offer tax incentives have been pulling productions and billions of dollars away from the entertainment capital over the last continued on pg 2 >



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2008—Stage 7, a new insert/swing stage is constructed. 2009—Los Angeles Center Studios, the Downtown “studio-that-could” has been 100% occupied over the last few years. In addition, the tower is almost fully leased. Production crews are shooting practical locations and operating out of the wing buildings around the clock. The production credits now look like a “who’s who of Hollywood” with TV series such as NUMB3RS, Mad Men, ER, House, Ugly Betty, and CSI and films like Where the Wild Things Are, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, Get Smart, Live Free or Die Hard, Dreamgirls, National Treasure Book of Secrets, Catch Me If You Can, Fight Club, The Aviator, and hundreds more all shooting here over the years.

LACS: GOING GREEN Thanks to the efforts of the tenants and productions on the lot, Los Angeles Center Studios has been making huge strides in creating a greener studio environment. In 2008, LACS recycled 159 tons of paper and plastics, reduced CO2 emissions by 9,540 pounds, and saved 2,653 trees, 3,275 cubic feet of landfill space, 60,420 gallons of oil, 636,000 kilowatts of energy, and 1,113,000 gallons of water. These natural resources were saved due to programs currently in place such as paper, plastic, aluminum and glass recycling, motion and time-controlled lighting plans, low flow and waterless bathroom facilities, limited heating and air-conditioning usage, and drought-resistant landscaping. In 2009, LACS has already started to expand these existing programs and is investigating further solutions such as solar e n e r g y, f o o d composting, and recycling of wood and other set construction materials.

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few years. Even amid an extraordinary budget crisis, California realizes that entertainment is a vital investment. With help from the communities of television productions, filmmakers, and creative companies, Los Angeles Center Studios and the California film industry will survive these rough times. From recession to financial boom, this industry will continue to entertain and ease the concerns of audiences around the world.


Be Well Spa As many of us are cutting back on extraneous expenses, it’s easy to forget how vital of an asset our own health and wellbeing is to overall success. With this in mind it’s easy to see that an occasional yoga class, massage, and/or relaxation treatment is an investment not only in ourselves, but in our relationships with co-workers and loved ones. Luckily the productions and tenants on the lot have Be Well Spa as an immediate resource. Be Well, located in Production Building C next to the Fitness Center, offers an assortment of services including but not limited to: massages, facials, reflexology, body wraps, aromatherapy, and personal training in Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and more. Be Well Spa provides on-location services as well, including chair massages for large groups or parties. There is no better way to show appreciation and attain a loyal crew then to provide them with a few minutes of relaxation in the middle of a stressful work day. For reservations or further information please contact the Spa Director by calling (213) 534-3945 or emailing Go to the website for prices, services, and more.

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian: May 22, 2009 Where the Wild Things Are: October 16, 2009 The Effect: TBA 2010


IN DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES Los Angeles Center Studios surveyed the campus asking, “What are the best things to do in Downtown Los Angeles?” Below is a sampling of the top answers.

5. MOCA: View one of the nation’s most renowned permanent collections of contemporary art.

1. L.A. LIVE: Located adjacent to STAPLES Center and the Los Angeles Convention Center, L.A. LIVE features some of the region’s bestknown restaurants, a state-of-the-art 7,100 seat live-performance NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE, the Grammy Museum, a 14-screen Regal Cineplex, Lucky Strike Bowling Lanes, and the 2,400 capacity Club NOKIA.

6. Chinatown: Take in the distinctive Chinese architecture, culture and cuisine. Tenant Jennifer Kramer, from Promotional Partners, recommends stopping by Yang Chow for lunch; the Slippery Shrimp is a highly ranked menu item.

2. Angel City Drive-In: Khali MacIntyre from the TV production Cop House won a Flix Café gift certificate for providing the following answer: “My favorite thing to do in Downtown LA is go twice a month to the Angel City Drive-In. Bring a picnic and some wine coolers and watch old and cult movies on the rooftop with the sounds and skyline of the city surrounding you. If you get hungry, no worries-the Roller Derby Girls are there on their skates to sell you candy, drinks, hot dogs and nachos.” Tickets are $10 per person and you can walk, drive, or even motorcycle in.

7. Fashion District-Santee Alley and the Flower Mart: Shop at the festival-style Santee Alley located within this 90 block district. After shopping, Marcy Patterson, from Mad Men, suggests stopping to smell the roses at the Flower Mart. 8. The Edison: Sip a drink at this world-class bar, which was originally a private power plant. 9. Historic Broadway Theater District: See a play in a beautiful theater or join a historic tour.

3. Dodger Stadium: Cheer on your favorite team while eating a Dodger Dog and taking in the stunning surroundings. 4. Walt Disney Concert Hall: Listen to the L.A. Philharmonic in one of the most acoustically sophisticated concert halls in the world.

10. Olvera Street: Eat authentic Mexican cuisine and shop the market for handcrafted wares.

Other suggestions: > Swimming at The Standard > Breakfast at The Pantry > Lunch at Mr. Ramen > Going to the Downtown Art Walk > Seeing an Opera at the Ahmanson > Visiting the Cherry Blossom Festival in Little Tokyo

Flix Café Flix Café, located within the Los Angeles Center Studios campus, offers the Downtown community a high-end option for breakfast and lunch with an entertainment flair and, best of all, reasonable prices. The LACS staff often hears comments like these from first time Flix diners, “I didn’t know a studio commissary could have such a great variety of foods and flavors.”

Another great new program is the Flix Fax system. Simply fill out a Flix Fax form with the desired grill items for a specified date and time, fax it, and the food will be hot and ready for pick-up. No more waiting for freshly prepared dishes. This program is also great for those office conferences; collect everyone’s orders in advance and have the food ready minutes before the meeting.

One of the best new features at Flix Café is the assortment of healthy and organic food options. In addition to ordering up menu items that contain these fresh fruits and vegetables, one may also purchase these organic foods at the register for a snack or to avoid that dreaded trip to the grocery store. As an added bonus, the Flix staff often posts nutritional information for their various dishes and are happy to provide substitute options to diners with a variety of dietary needs.

More information about Flix Café, such as their catering services, promotions and weekly menus, can be found by typing www. into the browser and clicking on the link for Flix Café.

Hours of Operation: 8:00am-10:30am Breakfast 8:30am-10:30am Hot Breakfast 11:30am-2:30pm Lunch 8:00am-4:00pm Coffee, Drinks and Snacks


What Do You Know?



New Paradigm Broadcasting Network is a television and interactive broadcasting network committed to providing transformative content that entertains, educates, and inspires its viewers. The NPBN niche target viewer is the middle income and affluent African American and acculturated Hispanic market.

(answers at the bottom of the page) 1. This 90’s TV series Principal was recently in an AM/PM commercial shot on our 12th floor. 2. She was here as a host of a fashion TV show and in a commercial shoot for Diet Coke?

Oskoui+Oskoui is a creative agency vested in the realms of advertising, strategic marketing and interactive environments. As such, Oskoui+Oskoui delivers innovative, strategic solutions for the entertainment industry and is able to function successfully in both traditional and emerging markets. Among its clients are Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Suite T-430

3. This six time Grammy® award winning rock band has played at Los Angeles Center Studios twice. 4. Executive Producer of ER, John Wells, created this new police drama that shoots at LACS.

The Warnaco Swimwear Group (NYSE:WRC) has a brand portfolio consisting of Speedo and Calvin Klein. Speedo’s heritage of innovation, including the groundbreaking LZR Racer swimsuit developed with Michael Phelps and NASA, is unrivaled. Calvin Klein is among the most powerful brands on the planet and the definition of modern style. Suites T-1100 & T-1200

5. This year’s Oscar host was in what magical film that shot at Los Angeles Center Studios? 6. The LACS offices for this film were filled with inventive contraptions and previously homeless puppies?


In addition to providing increased efficiency and security, the newly renovated elevators at LACS contain vibrant LCD screens. Until now these screens have been used for informational purposes, letting our tenants know about screenings, daily menu items, the most efficient paths of travel, etc. Now the LACS creative tenants are being given the opportunity to show everyone how they would utilize this unique opportunity for screen time. Film, animate or compile an elevator-ride-length silent piece and submit it to Suite T-110 prior to May 30, 2009. The studio staff will select a winner, to be announced at the Summer Tenant Party. The top film creator will win a reserved parking space for one month and will have their masterpiece displayed in the elevators.


T 213.534.3000 F 213.534.3001 WWW.LACENTERSTUDIOS.COM Office Leasing Christy Sullivan-Beck Stage + Location Filming Ken Johnson Special Events Erica Chambers 4

1. Mr. Belding 2. Heidi Klum 3. Foo Fighters 4. Southland 5. The Prestige 6. Hotel for Dogs

1201 West Fifth Street, Suite T-110, Los Angeles, CA 90017-2019

Janitorial Staff The Los Angeles Center Studios janitorial staff is charged with the difficult task of keeping this enormous 20 acre campus sparkling. While it is up to every LACS staff member, vendor and even guest to make the lot look its best, our four regular Day Porters, Ezekiel Lopez, Berta Venegas, Indy Reyes, and Eddie Naranjo, are at the forefront of these efforts. These staff members make daily rounds of the entire campus vacuuming, scrubbing, sweeping, and doing it all with a positive attitude. Dolly Greene, Manager of Tenant Services, had the following to say about this hardworking team, “I'm impressed each day with the work done by our Day Porters. Not only do they perform their daily scheduled tasks, but they also make themselves available for any special requests. Each of them comes to the lot with a wonderful attitude and is a pleasure to have on site.”

LACS Spring 2009 Newsletter  

LACS Sprimg 2009 Newsletter

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