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E E R F Friday, November 5, 2010

State School & Ahern not ‘liquid’ Panel made to realize Laconia properties can’t quickly be turned into cash — P. 6

voL. 11 No. 114

LaCoNia, N.H.



Gilford woman & her dog were shot to death


Woman walks through wall of flames to escape Gilford home

AG’s office assures residents murder was not a random act & there’s no community-wide danger By Michael Kitch THE LACONIA DAILY SUN

GILFORD — Authorities confirmed that the Gilford woman, whose body was found in her home on Country Club Road late Monday afternoon, died at the hand of a murderer from multiple gunshots. In a statement released yesterday, New Hampshire Attorney General Michael

Delaney announced that an autopsy performed by Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Thomas Andrew on Wednesday confirmed that Roberta Miller, 54, was the victim of homicide. He added that in the course of the investigation the body of Miller’s dog, which had also been shot to death, was found in her home. Although Delaney said the autopsy was

complete, he made no mention of when Miller was killed. Town Administrator Scott Dunn said yesterday that Assistant Attorney General Ben Agati assured him yesterday that Miller’s death was not a random act and there was no reason for neighbors and residents to fear for their safety. Country Club Road see MUrdEr page 12

As red as red can be


GILFORD — A woman apparently suffered significant burns but was able to escape her home in dramatic fashion as it burned around her, shortly after noon yesterday. The first Fire Department Crew responding to 72 Varney Point Road called for a third alarm response to the fire, based upon the column of smoke they saw while approaching the scene. Crews from eight area fire departments assisted Gilford. The one story home, located just north of the town beach, was severely damaged to the point where it is no longer habitable. Radiant heat from the fire also damaged a nearby residence. The woman, whom the Fire Department did not identify, was treated by paramedics for burns. She was transported to Lakes see firE page 8

A maple tree near the Rist-Frost Shumway building on Water Street in Laconia. (Laconia Daily Sun photo/Ed Engler)

Protest appears likely to have saved community band budget By Gail oBer


GILFORD — Selectboard Chair Kevin Hayes and Budget Committee Chair Richard Hickok both agreed yesterday that they


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would support reinstating the money cut from the Community Band line item in the proposed 2011 Gilford town budget. As part of their efforts to deliver a zero increase budget, Hayes said a number of


Fuel Oil 10 day cash price 490 Laconia Rd. Lochmere NH 729-0003 64 Primrose Dr. North, Laconia 524-1421 subject to change


cuts to every department were made to reach the goal, but if the taxpayers feel strongly about the community band then it should be funded. see BaNd page 11

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Page 2 — THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, November 5, 2010

Woman, considered world’s oldest, dies

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Today High: 49 Record: 73 (1987) Sunrise: 7:27 a.m.

GUSTAVIA, St. Barts (AP) — Eugenie Blanchard, a nun who was considered the world’s oldest person, died in the French Caribbean island of St. Barts on Thursday. She was 114. Blanchard, who friends called “Sweets” because of her kindness, died at Bruyn Hospital, where she had lived in the geriatric ward since 1980, said hospital director Pierre Nuty. Her death leaves Eunice G. Sanborn of Jacksonville, Texas, as the world’s oldest person, according to two organizations that monitor that status. Blanchard’s cousin Armelle Blanchard told The Associated Press that while her relative could no longer talk, she had seemed to be in relatively good health. “When you talked to her, she would smile,” she said. “We don’t know if she understood us.” Blanchard was born in St. Barts on Feb. 16, 1896, and lived much of her life in a convent in the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao before returning home in the 1950s. She was the last survivor of a family of 13 brothers and sisters. Blanchard worked hard from an early age, her cousin recalled. “At that time, life was very hard in St. Barts,” she said. “She tended the garden and took care of the animals.”

SAYWHAT... Life’s Tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late.” —Benjamin Franklin

Tonight Low: 37 Record: 22 (1986) Sunset: 5:32 p.m.

Tomorrow High: 44 Low: 30 Sunrise: 7:28 a.m. Sunset: 5:31 p.m. Sunday High: 45 Low: 28


DOW JONES 219 to 11,434.84



DAILY NUMBERS Day 6-8-0 7-9-6-9

NASDAQ 37 to 2,577.34

adjective; Of winter.

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WEDNESDAY’S POWERBALL 34-38-39-45-50 (33) (2)

S&P 23.10 to 1,221.06

records are from 9/1/38 to present

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Death toll from Indonesian volcano climbs to 56 MOUNT MERAPI, Indonesia (AP) — A deadly surge of blistering gases cascaded down the slopes of Indonesia’s most volatile volcano Friday, torching houses in one mountainside village and triggering a chaotic midnight evacuation. At least 12 people were killed in the inferno and 50 others injured. Men with ash-covered faces streamed down Mount Merapi on motorcycles and women and crying children packed into trucks, as officials announced over loudspeakers that they were again expanding the volcano’s “danger zone.” Even staff at the mountain’s main monitoring post were told to move farther from the glowing crater. Mount Merapi, which means “Fire Mountain,” has killed 56 people since

bursting back to life on Oct. 26. Though scientists earlier expressed hope dozens of big explosions in the last week would ease pressure building up behind a magma dome high up in the crater, eruptions Friday appeared to be intensifying. “We have no idea what to expect now,” said Surono, a state expert on volcanos, adding that he has never seen the needle on Merapi’s seismograph working with such intensity. Towering clouds of ash shot from the crater with a thunder-like roar on Thursday morning, sending soot 20,000 feet (6,000 meters) into the air and dusting towns up to 150 miles (250 kilometers) away. Just before midnight, Merapi unleashed a deadly surge of searing ash, gases and rock fragments. Known to experts as pyro-

clastic flows, such clouds race down the slopes at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour). Though more than 75,000 people living along Merapi’s fertile slopes have been evacuated to crowded emergency shelters, many by force, others are reluctant to leave their precious livestock and homes. It is not clear how many people were in the village of Bronggang, nine miles (15 kilometers) from the crater, when the heat cloud hit. Waluyo Raharjo, a search and rescue official, was on the scene as at least 12 bodies were pulled from burned homes. Soldiers helped load the corpses into vehicles, delivering them to a hospital morgue. A 3-year-old girl was killed in the inferno, said Pangardi, a forensic expert at Sardjito hospital, where the wounded were being treated.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Victorious at the polls, congressional Republicans asserted their newfound political strength on Thursday, vowing to seek a quick $100 billion in federal spending cuts and force repeated votes on the repeal of President Barack Obama’s prized health care overhaul. At the White Houses, Obama said his administration was ready to work across party lines in a fresh attempt to “focus on the economy and jobs” as well as attack waste in government. In a show of bipartisanship, he invited top lawmakers to the White House at mid-month, and the nation’s

newly elected governors two weeks later. Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, in line to become the new speaker of the House, brushed aside talk that the No. 1 GOP goal was to make sure Obama is defeated at the polls in 2012. “That’s Senator McConnell’s statement and his opinion,” he told ABC, referring to the party’s leader in the Senate and adding that his own goals included cutting spending and creating jobs. But tentative talk of compromise competed with rhetoric reminiscent of the justcompleted campaign. In a speech at the conservative Heri-

tage Foundation, Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell said the only way to achieve key party legislative goals such as ending government bailouts, cutting spending and repealing the health care law “is to put someone in the White House who won’t veto” them. “There’s just no getting around it,” he added. Obama has ruled out accepting repeal of the health care measure, and Senate Democrats responded quickly to McConnell. “What Sen. McConnell is really saying see GOP page 10

GOP asserts new strength, targets Obama programs

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THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, November 5, 2010— Page 3

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Coroner says Mont Vernon woman was alive for 32 machete & knife wounds

NASHUA (AP) — A woman hacked to death with a machete and knife in her home was alive for all 32 slash and stab wounds that split open her skull, sliced through bones and pierced organs, a medical examiner testified Thursday. Both sides in the murder trial of 18-year-old Steven Spader have rested. The defense called no witnesses, ending speculation Spader might take the stand. Jurors will begin deliberating Monday, after final arguments. They heard from 45 witnesses during the nine-day trial. Spader has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder and burglary and witness tampering. He was 17 years old when prosecutors say plotted the home invasion and rounded up the three other young men who accompanied him. During the home invasion, 42-year-old Kimberly Cates was killed, and her daughter was severely injured. Prosecutors said Thursday that Spader’s own words on paper and to witnesses are enough to convict him. In arguing against a defense motion to acquit Spader on all charges, prosecutor Jeffery Strelzin

Jeb Bradley in line to be majority leader when N.H. Senate meets in January

Milford’s Bragdon will be president CONCORD (AP) — New Hampshire’s newly elected Republican senators voted unanimously Thursday to nominate Senate Republican Leader Peter Bragdon for president of the chamber. With 19 of the Senate’s 24 seats held by Republicans, Bragdon should win when the Legislature meets to organize and elect leaders on Dec. 1. The Republican senators haven’t developed an agenda but have agreed to focus on economic issues, said Bragdon, of Milford. “We plan to focus our attention as much as we can on those key issues that voters are concerned about,” he said. He said senators are free to file legislation on see SENATE page 11

said Spader’s letters to fellow inmate Chad Landry “are sufficient to prove every charge.” In those letters, which Spader described as “bedtime stories” to Landry, he detailed the many machete wounds he inflicted on Kimberly Cates, and what her body looked like afterward. Witnesses say he brought the machete down on 11-year-old Jaimie Cates, who survived. Spader’s description of Kimberly Cates’ body to Landry closely matched the testimony of state deputy chief medical examiner Jennie Duval. Spader wrote that he could see brain and an eye hanging out of its socket. Duval said she counted 32 wounds on Cates that were inflicted by at least two weapons. She said a machete could have made the long and deep cuts that cleaved bone and split Cates’ skull. One slash to the left side of her face broke the bone around her left eye socket, Duval said. Duval said Cates died from massive blood loss. Strelzin stood over Spader and glared at him as he asked Duval if Cates was alive for every wound that was inflicted. She said she was. Duval said one slash cut through Kimberly Cates’ upper arm bone and another broke her jaw. She said

Cates likely was trying to fend off the blows when her palm and forearm were slashed. Co-defendant Christopher Gribble of Brookline, who prosecutors say used a knife to hack at the victims, is set to go on trial in February. Now 12, Jaimie survived by pretending to be dead, then staggered, covered in blood, to a kitchen phone to call police. A doctor testified she would have died of a punctured lung if she had lost consciousness before summoning help. She was on the state’s list of witnesses but was not called to testify. She has not been seen at the courthouse throughout the trial. Blows that cut off portions of Jaimie’s left foot, split open her head and struck her face with enough force to break her jaw had to have come from a heavy and sharp weapon such as a machete, several doctors testified. Document analyst Alan Robillard of Vineyard Haven, Mass., testified that the letters to Landry and song lyrics found in another inmate’s cell were Spader’s handwriting. The song lyrics include the lines: “We went up in the room, Mommy is it you?, Mommy isn’t here, I slit her throat from ear to ear.”

Page 4 — THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, November 5, 2010

Dean Dexter

Just 2 years from the ashes, an epic victory for GOP No matter how you spin it, what happened in the 2010 midterm election, across the country, and here in New Hampshire, was an epic event. November 2 was nothing less than “Resurrection Day” for a party that only two years ago was read its Last Rites. In the Granite State, not only the two congressional districts and the open U.S. Senate seat were handily picked up by Republicans, but the five-member governor’s council and both houses of the state legislature went Republican, with the GOP taking 19 out of 24 senate seats, and in the 400-member house, the party won an astounding 298 races. This included the defeat of such Democrat icons as Senators Martha Fuller Clarke and Maggie Hassam, and Executive Councilors Beverly Hollingsworth and Deborah Pignatelli — all from liberal-leaning districts. Only John Stephen, the young Republican gubernatorial candidate, went down to defeat. This is significant because it means voters had to make a calculated effort while going down the Republican column, to divert over to the Democrat side to make their mark for incumbent John Lynch, who was clearly vulnerable this year. Why? Stephen could not make the sale, for whatever reason. Phone bank people will tell you they saw it coming. Was it Stephen’s youth (read: not ready for prime time)? Was it style (urgent, intense, a little rough around the edges)? State party chair John Sununu blames the Lynch attack ads, which Stephen couldn’t seem to effectively counter, or otherwise neutralize. Having captured another term in the Corner Office, Governor John Lynch, the gentle soul, not known for his spunk and strong leadership skills, will now face a veto-proof legislature in both houses, so he will essentially be a captive of the Republican agenda. This, however, will likely not bother him much. We predict the ever smiling Mr. Lynch will ride out the next two years, the way he has for the past six: by cutting ribbons, entertaining visiting school children at the state house, and occasionally appearing on the Morning Buzz radio shows, while letting the legislature make all the hard decisions, decisions that include coming up with ways to put New Hampshire’s dreadful fiscal house in order, which collapsed on Lynch’s watch. S’ppose if you’re going to have a figure-head for governor, John Lynch is as good as any. Now, let’s fast rewind to winter 2009 to the ironies of ironies. Fresh from parties at the White House and news that Judd Gregg had accepted

a cabinet post in the Obama Administration (huh? We still haven’t figure that one out — late, very late midlife crisis, Judd?), Second District Democrat Congressman Paul Hodes, jubilantly announces his intention to seek the open seat. Judd later backs away from the White House offer, but announces his retirement. Today, that dream of a seat in the U.S. Senate is in shambles, with Hodes getting smoked by former Attorney General Kelly Ayotte to succeed Gregg by over a 105,000 vote margin. Ayotte had come out of a difficult primary unscarred, overcoming the stigma of being handpicked for the race by “Washington GOP power brokers,” with a united party behind her. If Obama is any friend to the luckless Hodes, there should be an ambassadorship to some exotic clime where he can serve cocktails to visiting dignitaries, while licking his wounds, before returning to New Hampshire to practice law. In a perverse way, I feel sorry for defeated Congresswoman Carol Shea Porter, bested in the Second District by Republican, former Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta. Shea Porter has essentially remained true to her liberal ideas during her four year tenure, even as political doom creeped up on her. “I’m a liberal. I campaigned for health care reform. I believe in it,” she’d tell Tea Partiers and others at her town hall meetings, as they raised a ruckus. Maybe the president will take care of her, too. There’s still something endearing about a politician who doesn’t weasel about her record, as her career goes up in smoke. In the Second District, Republican ex-Congressman Charlie Bass beat back a hard challenge from Concord lobbyist Ann McLane Kuster, who interestingly ran a strong campaign touting bigger government and higher taxes. Oops. Wrong year for that, although at times it looked like Bass would be in trouble. Running on a cut-spending, anti big government platform, many Republicans nevertheless were not enthused with the Bass candidacy since he was turned out office by Hodes in 2006. It’s because, always given to politically moderate tendencies, Bass still had forgotten he was supposed to be the Reagan fiscal conservative he first ran as, back in 1994. Now, his defeat and come-back appears to have made him a true believer again. Hope it sticks this time. (Dean Dexter is a former newspaperman, who has served as chairman of the Belknap County Commission, the Laconia School Board, and as a state representative from Ward 4. He now resides in Meredith and Concord.)

LETTERS People are afraid and frustrated and when this happens . . . To the editor, In a bad economy with a slow recovery, these election results are no surprise. People are afraid and frustrated, and when this happen, they turn their rage onto people already in office. It’s hard to win reelection in bad times. The problem with this is that the cure may be worse than the disease. Decisions driven by emotion are often not good ones. History has many accounts of bad economies followed by the rise in power of unsavory people who led their nations to destruction. The real winner of this election is corporate America, especially the defense industry, the health industry and the insurance companies. While there are many fine people in the Republican party, the party itself tends to attract the kind of people who write nasty letters to the editor – name-callers, bigots, anti-intellectuals and those prone to violence. When Democrats are in office, I have

some hope and expectations that we can move forward as a society. However, I have been disappointed that these wars of choice we are engaged in have not ended and that the health care bill was not stronger. Now with the Republicans back in power, I will no longer be disappointed because I have no expectations. This really hit me when Newt Gingrich recently said that the Republicans should cooperate with the Democrats but never compromise and when Mitch McConnell said that Democrats must now go along with whatever the Republicans want to do. In other words, it’s our way or the highway. I seriously doubt that the Republicans can bring peace and prosperity but good luck to them. I don’t see how a party that lacks ideals, soul and even a conscience can pull that off but I don’t mind being surprised. Leo R. Sandy New Hampton

This is American buddy, feel free to believe whatever you want To the editor, My-oh-my but Steve Earle is in a snit, eh? First, Steve, I don’t, and wouldn’t if I could, have my letters printed on any certain day. I send them and the wonderful editors of this fantastic paper print them when they see fit to do so. I have to thank you, Steve, for the best laugh I’ve had in a long time, I can always use a good laugh. Since most of your letter has nothing to do with me I will only comment on that part of it that does. I would now like to see you give one example of my “bombastic” slurs and insults against you. If you mean when I commented on someone else saying that the tea party might have more followers if they were more civil, you certainly put me in my place by accusing me of wearing a chicken suit to a tea party rally, and several other nonsensical acts. Or

maybe when you accused me of “watching” you when you delivered a letter to this great paper. I did comment that I didn’t want you to think I was stalking anyone, how “bombastic” of me. Now as to the nonsense of the president using the race card debate we had going on there for a while. You see, Steve, civilized people can agree to disagree on certain matters (oops, there’s that offensive, bombastic word again, those pesky “civil” people). I really believe that Martin Luther King, Jr. had a huge role in getting, um, civil rights laws passed and that mentioning him would have been the prudent way to go. This is America buddy and you are free to believe whatever you want, and Steve, I would fight to the death for your right to do so. Marty Valengavich Belmont

Democrats can’t lock the doors, the people now have the keys To the editor, Goodbye Paul and Carol. Good riddance to both of you. Too bad Jeanne isn’t with you. Please crack the windows to let in some fresh air and oh,

by the way, don’t worry about locking the door, the people have the keys. Jon Tyler Laconia

THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, November 5, 2010 — Page 5

LETTERS I’ve learned so much from knocking on doors, meeting 1-on-1 To the editor, Thank you to all of the voters of State Senate District 2 who made their voice heard by voting in Tuesday’s election. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve you as your next State Senator and look forward to working hard on behalf of the people and small businesses of all the 31 towns of District 2. Many thanks also to Senator Reynolds for her service to the people of District 2 for the last four years. Since April, when we officially began this effort, we’ve run a positive, grassroots campaign that involved our family and friends, old and new. I could not have been successful without the time, advice, and help these folks tirelessly provided. I can’t thank you all enough! I’ve learned so much by knocking on doors, meeting with local lead-

ers, attending community events and hosting campaign meet and greets all to connect one-on-one with voters. I have heard your message loud and clear — that it’s time for fiscally disciplined leaders committed to focusing on restoring economic prosperity here in New Hampshire. I wholeheartedly reaffirm my pledge to listen to your ideas on how to achieve this end, to be accessible, and to always remember it is you, the people of District 2, that I represent. Just as in the campaign, please call me at 279-1459 or email me at jeanie@ with your concerns, suggestions or advice. With the election past us, we are committed to collecting all the campaign signs ASAP. If you have a sign (or see one) that needs to be picked up, please call me. Jeanie Forrester Meredith

I’m proud of what I helped to accomplish for my constituents  To the editor, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for taking the time to participate in one of the most fundamental and cherished rights of the American way of life. This election was about you, and your right to decide who will represent you in Concord. I’m honored and appreciative of the support of my many wonderful volunteers, friends and supporters who worked so hard to help me. You contributed to my campaign. You made phone calls for me. You held signs on street corners, and at the polls. All of you worked unselfishly for me during the campaign and I am both humbled and deeply grateful for all that you did. Thank you so much.

I leave office knowing that I worked hard to represent all of you during the last four years. I’m proud of what I helped to accomplish for my constituents, especially in expanding broadband internet access, legislation that has helped our small businesses, in health care, job creation, and equitably funding education so that all children will have better educational opportunities regardless of where they go to school. I congratulate Senator-elect Jeanie Forrester on her victory, and I wish her the best as our new senator representing all of the great people in the 31 towns in the 2nd District. Again, thank you for your support. Senator Deb Reynolds Senate District 2 Plymouth

I hope this puts country on the right track & not same ole garbage To the editor, Thank God the election is over and done with. No more attack adds for a while. This was NASTY and dumb. All they had to do was tell the people what they were going to do instead of wasting all that money on attack adds that could have been used for reducing the deficit or feeding the hungry. I know how disgusted everyone has been with the Democrats. I just hope this puts our country on the right track and not the same old same garbage as before. But CHARLIE BASS? He has had 12 years. Why did people

give him another chance to be in again? What good did he do? Just because he is a Republican does not mean he is going to do the job well. I just hope they all do the right thing by the AMERICAN people and bring this country back to what it should be. Watch and we all will see. I’m glad it is over with. No more nasty adds or these phone calls. Put a stop to giving illegal aliens free everything. We need to be tough one all issues. Lets become a strong AMERICA again and not a SOFT AMERICA. Anna DeRose Moultonborough

I encourage you to keep in touch; I’ll always get back to you To the editor, To the voters of Laconia: I am honored and humbled that you chose me to represent you in Concord. As I have said many times, I will be accountable to you and never forget that I work for you. I want to represent all citizens of Laconia and I encourage you to contact me. If you do not let me know how

you feel on the issues I cannot represent you as you deserve. I encourage you to keep in touch with me. My e-mail address is harry.accornero@ I will always get back to you and answer your questions or suggestions. Harry Accornero Laconia

please reach out!

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IF YOU CANNOT HELP ON YOUR OWN, MAKE CONTACT WITH: • New Hampshire 211 - Simply dial 211 or go online to • ServiceLink Resource Center – for older adults, adults with disabilities and their families 1-866-634-9412 • Suicide Prevention Hotline, help & care – 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

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Page 6 — THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, November 5, 2010

Cash-hunting commission told Laconia State School & Ahern State Park won’t be quick fix for state budget woes By Michael Kitch THE LACONIA DAILY SUN


CONCORD — The commission exploring the liquidation of state assets, including real estate, to balance the biennial budget yesterday concluded that neither the former Laconia State School property nor Ahern State Park are ripe for sale. City Councilor Matt Lahey (Ward 2), who chairs the commission considering the redevelopment of the State School property, told the commissioners that the value of the site cannot be determined until a number of environmental problems on the site, including conditions in most of the 26 buildings on the property, are assessed and addressed. At the same time, George Bald, the commissioner of Resources and Economic Development whose agency owns and oversees state parks, explained that the process of selling state land is lengthy and open to close public scrutiny. The commission, chaired by Senator Lou D’Allesandro (D-Manchester) is charged with recommending state assets that could be sold or leased for total proceeds of $60-million by June 30, 2011, when the current biennium closes. It is scheduled to report on or before January 1. The $60-million sum was used by lawmakers to bring the state budget into balance. Soon after the commission convened, the 212 acres on Parade Road that housed the State School caught its attention and last month the members toured the property. When the commission met afterwards, State Treasurer Catherine Provencher noted that the value of the property would be enhanced by frontage on Lake Winnisquam and asked if a portion of Ahern State Park could be added to the tract. Describing Ahern State Park as “one of our little jewels,” Bald stressed that it represented one of very few places providing public access to Lake Winnisquam. He said that the agency was working toward entering a longterm lease of the park to the city of

Laconia, which would manage the property. Moreover, the commissioner noted that the Ahern Park Advisory Committee, established by the Legislature to advise the agency on the development of the park, was slated to disband and indicated that if the Legislature did not reconvene it, he would form a similar panel. Bald explained that the process for disposing of state property, including parks, began with referring the proposed sale or lease to the Council on Resources and Development (CORD), consisting of representatives of a variety of state departments and agencies. CORD then forwards its recommendation to the Long-Range Capital Planning and Utilization Committee, a panel of legislators drawn from the House and Senate joined by the commissioners of administrative services and transportation as well as a representative of the governor. The committee presents its recommendation to the governor and Executive Council, which finally approves any sale or lease. “It is meant to be time-consuming,” Bald said. “You want a lot of eyes to see what you are doing.” Lahey presented the findings of SRA, Inc. and Vita Nuova, LLC, the consulting firms that have assessed the prospects of redeveloping the former State School property. He emphasized that an initial environmental assessment of the site indicated that there were typical but significant concerns, chiefly contamination of soils and groundwater by petroleum products and possibly other hazardous materials as well as the presence of asbestos, lead paint and other contaminants in the buildings. Lahey said that a thorough investigation, estimated to cost from $200,000 to $300,000, was required to determine what remedial action would be necessary. Linda Hodgdon, commissioner of administrative services whose department oversees state property, said that she has included funding for the work in the see next page





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UNH aims to boost revenue & increase diversity by recruiting international students CONCORD (AP) — The University of New Hampshire is hoping to boost both revenue and the diversity of its student body by partnering with an outside company to recruit and support international students. The university recently became the fifth U.S. campus to sign an agreement with Navitas, a forprofit Australian firm that sets up and manages international pathway programs. About two dozen students are expected to arrive on the Durham campus in May for a year of English-language classes and modified academic courses. Those who succeed will be eligible to continue their studies at UNH alongside their American peers. “It’s an extraordinarily complicated undertaking to understand secondary education systems literally in countries from Argentina to Zimbabwe, and we really have not been able to invest the time and personnel,” said Lisa MacFarlane, senior vice provost for academic affairs at UNH. “It was important for us to have a partner in doing that, and Navitas has a very long and really excellent track record in working really responsibly and successfully with students.” The goal is to have 10-12 percent of the under-

graduate student body come from other countries by the end of the 10-year agreement, university officials said. In the last academic year, 76 of the school’s approximately 12,200 undergraduate students were from other countries, along with 245 of the 2,200 graduate students. Increasing the international student population will mean more money at a time when the number of American high school graduates is expected to decline over the next decade. That means a smaller applicant pool of students, particularly those paying the higher out-of-state tuition. Out-of-staters pay $27,762 per year on tuition and fees, about twice as much as New Hampshire residents. Under the new partnership, UNH will set admission criteria and will review applications from international students. Applicants will be required to meet the same academic requirements as U.S. applicants, except for English-language proficiency, said MacFarlane. For their first year, students will take mix of English language courses taught by staff at the university’s existing language institute and “language-enriched” academic courses. Navitas will hire

from preceding page department’s capital budget request. Moreover, Lahey noted that nine of the buildings were in a state of “major disrepair and required demolition.” Four other buildings are in need of repair and the condition of 10 is described as “good.” Lahey told the commission that Michael Taylor of Vita Nuova reported that “the land is underwater (financially)” because the cost of addressing the environmental problems and condition of the buildings likely exceeds the value of the property. Taylor said that the next steps are to investigate the environmental problems, assess the condition of the buildings and determined the capacity of the infrastructure — roads, water, sewer and utilities — and cautioned that “there

will be significant costs on this site.” The city has assessed the 212 acres for $23.3-million. But, Lahey said that the figure had little meaning since the property is owned by the state. “Be very, very careful of the value,” he advised. When Lahey concluded his remarks Senator Harold Janeway (D-Webster), a member of the commission, said that the panel should not preempt the work of the Laconia councilor’s committee, which is scheduled to present its recommendations for the highest and best use of the property in June. Janeway also commented that the value of the property would not be realized for some time — perhaps not for five or more years — which is well beyond the commission’s time frame.

instructors for the latter from an applicant pool that could include retired and current UNH faculty and staff. The university will approve all hiring for those courses, MacFarlane said. “So Navitas couldn’t just go off and hire someone and put them in the classroom, our faculty would have to approve those hires,” she said. The agreement calls for Navitas to reimburse UNH for the use of the institute and the content of its first-year curriculum. Students pay tuition directly to Navitas during their first year on campus and to UNH after that. “It’s not the kind of relationship a lot of schools have where they hire a recruiter. It’s a more holistic approach than that because it establishes a partnership between Navitas and the university to ensure that these students who are coming halfway around the world to go to school in a language that’s not their own have a context during that first transitional year that helps them to really be successful,” MacFarlane said. Western Kentucky University became the first U.S. college to partner with Navitas earlier this year, followed by the Boston, Lowell and Dartmouth campuses of the University of Massachusetts. Winston Langley, provost at UMass Boston, said only five students are enrolled through the program this semester because the agreement was signed so late in the year, but so far, the students are doing well. Like officials at UNH, he sees the program as a way to not only bring international students to the U.S. but to expose American students to other cultures. “Our students are from fairly modest socio-economic backgrounds generally, and we think especially for those who can’t go abroad, having a critical mix of students from abroad would help to shape the campus’s culture and benefit many of our students,” he said.


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Firefighters pour water on the remains of a house fire on Varney Point Road in Gilford on Thursday afternoon. (Alan MacRae/for The Laconia Daily Sun)

FIRE from page one Region General Hospital and later to Massachusetts General Hospital for further treatment. Ron Lien, of Gilford, was at Fay’s Boat Yard yesterday to inquire about an engine part when he witnessed the blaze. As he was pulling out of the business, he noticed the small cabin directly across the street had a small area of flames showing on one end of the roof. He ran into the boat yard’s store to have someone there call 9-1-1, then ran the few hundred feet back to the building, to find that the fire had quickly spread to engulf half of the building. “The woman inside was screaming,” Lien said as he recalled the scene. “I yelled at her to get out, get out, get out.” Lien circled the structure, which he said was emitting flames 30 feet high and singing nearby pine trees. He could hear the woman’s screams, but couldn’t see her through the fire and smoke. Then he saw her. “She comes out the door. Her hair’s on fire,” said Lien, still disbelieving what he saw moments earlier. He watched the woman walk – not run – through seemingly impenetrable flames to exit the house. “I can’t believe the wall of fire she came out of. I’m not embellishing this one bit, the flames were billowing out, the pine trees were on fire.” Lien said the woman was distraught but not seemingly badly hurt once out of the house. She told him that the fire was started by a candle near a television, and that she had tried to extinguish it herself. He said she seemed not to realize the near-miss she had experienced, and was mostly concerned with the loss of property and items in the home, instead of feeling relieved to be alive. She also told him that no one else, including pets, were in the home at the time. “If you had poured gasoline on that fire it would not have gone faster,” Lien said about the intensity of the blaze. Within a few minutes, he estimated, the fire had

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destroyed the home. “I cannot believe she walked out through that wall of fire, with her hair on fire.” Jeff Fay, part of the family that owns the boatyard, said he thinks the house has been there since the 1970s and that the couple that owns the property has been there for about six or seven years. He thought the lakeside cabin was used as a vacation property, though the owners would visit year-round. According to 2009 tax records kept by the town, the property is owned by Deborah Roy. However, both Lakes Region General Hospital or Massachusetts General Hospital reported that they had no such patients by that name yesterday evening. Fay said his family’s business was fortunate that the wind was not blowing in the boat yard’s direction, in which case the hot embers could have very easily ignited the shrink-wrapped sailboats and many wooden buildings, examples of each were less than 50 feet from the burning home. “It could have been a huge disaster,” he said. GOP from page 2 is, ‘Republicans want to let insurance companies go back to denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, let them go back to charging women twice as much for the same coverage as men, and let them push millions of seniors back into the Medicare doughnut hole,” said Jim Manley, spokesman for Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. The maneuvering unfolded two days after elections that swept Democrats out of power in the House and cut deeply into their Senate majority, scripting an uncertain new era of divided government for the final two years of Obama’s term. In the House, Boehner asked members of the Republican rank and file to support him for speaker see next page

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Selectmen & budget committee agree on Gilford police budget for 2011 By Gail OBer

GILFORD — The 2011 austerity movement continued last night when the Budget Committee approved a level funded 2011 Police Department budget of $2,195,211. The budget, down about one-half of a percent provides 1.9-percent raises as stipulated by a collective bargaining agreement that covers 18 of the 23 full-time employees. Other items cut for this year by selectmen and approved by the Budget Committee was the purchase of a second police cruiser. According to Town Administrator Scott Dunn, the selectmen acknowledged that by only buying one new cruiser in 2011, they knew the town would be forced to buy three new cruisers in 2012. Each cruiser costs about $30,000 by the time it is purchased and fitted for equipment. Typically, the department purchases two new cruisers annually and recycles their older vehicles through the other town departments before they are sold or disposed of. Deputy Chief Kevin Keenan explained that the biggest liability the police department has is cruisers and its exposure to automobile accidents. “Our cars need to be at their best,” he said.

He said he and Chief John Markland are continually reviewing the patrol routes for efficiency but acknowledged that putting 40,000 to 50,000 miles on a car each year is not unusual. Keenan said the department requested an increase of overtime to 2009 levels. He said selectmen reduced it for this year, but the department has already exceeded it and the Budget Committee agreed with selectmen to increase it to last year’s levels. Other cost drivers, said Keenan, are the cost of ammunition — officers are required to certify twice annually with their duty weapon — and the price of fuel, which is bought through the state contract at $2.82 per gallon. Keenan also said the costs for training the police dog Agbar have gone down slightly, but added that the generosity of many in the community and his handler Officer Dustin Parent are a huge cost savings to Gilford. Responding to a question from Phyllis Corigan, Keenan said Agbar is 6-years-old and probably has two to three years left before he’ll be retired from service. Keenan said the department will continue to provide 80 hours per week of patrol services to the Glendale docks during the summer months and selectmen agreed the school resource officer position at the Elementary School should be continued.

from preceding page when the new Congress convenes in early January. His victory is a formality, given the huge 60-member gain he engineered as party leader. Nor did there appear to be any competition to Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia as majority leader, the second-most powerful position in the House. Among Democrats, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has yet to disclose her plans. The most recent speaker whose party lost its majority, Rep. Dennis Hastert of Illinois, resigned from Congress a few months later. Even before the new Congress comes into office, the old one is scheduled to meet the week after next for a post-election session.

In remarks to reporters after meeting with his Cabinet at the White House, Obama urged lawmakers to avert an income tax increase that could take effect Jan 1, ratify a new arms-reduction treaty with Russia, provide unemployment aid to victims of the recession and extend expiring tax breaks for business. Congress also must enact a spending bill that permits government to remain in operation, and the issue already has emerged as a likely flash point in the post-election meeting of Congress. Many House Republicans campaigned on a platform of cutting government spending to levels in effect in see next page


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CONCORD (AP) — The last surviving paper mill in New Hampshire’s North Country could reopen if a pending sale goes through, Gov. John Lynch said Thursday in announcing the deal. Lynch said Fraser Papers has reached an agreement to sell its Gorham mill to MM Consulting and Contracting Co. for an undisclosed price. If the deal is finalized, the mill and 240 jobs will be saved, Lynch said. Fraser closed the mill last month after another proposed sale fell through. “This mill is important to the North Country economy, and it’s important that we keep our workers employed. It is because of the workers — and their skills and strong work ethic — that made this agreement possible,” Lynch said in a statement.

The mill is in Coos County, which has the highest unemployment rate in the state. In September, it was 6.2 percent, compared with 5.1 percent for the state. U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen said she was heartened by the prospective buyer’s willingness to try to save the mill and the jobs. Shaheen secured $1 million earlier this year to help reduce the mill’s energy costs, which she said helped attract the buyer. “Today is a good day for the North Country, and I will work hard to ensure that we create more economic opportunity for the region in the weeks and months ahead,” Shaheen said. In September, Fraser announced it would shut the mill indefinitely on Oct. 13, because a potensee next page

from preceding page in 2008, before enactment of an economic stimulus bill and other increases that Democrats passed. Rep. Jerry Lewis of California, the senior Republican on the House Appropriations Committee, notified Democrats during the day that GOP lawmakers will try and implement the cuts when Congress considers the spending bill needed to keep most agencies running for the next eight months. The estimated savings total $100 billion. “The unmistakable message sent by the American people on Tuesday is that they are justifiably angry at Washington. They want Congress to cut spending,” wrote Lewis, who faces an internal challenge in his attempt to become chairman of the panel next year. At a news conference on Wednesday, the president signaled he was ready to jettison his campaign-long insistence that tax cuts be extended for earners at incomes up to $250,000 but be allowed to expire for higher-income people. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs made the hint explicit on Thursday. He said extending tax cuts permanently for upper-income earners “is something the president does not believe is a good idea,” but that Obama would be open to the possibility of extending the cuts for one or two years.

Republicans responded coolly to the overture. “I take any signal that the president may be backing off his pledge to raise taxes on small businesses as a good sign, but we have to see where this discussion goes,” said Rep. Dave Camp of Michigan, in line to become the chairman of the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee. He and other Republicans say that the expiration of some income tax cuts would be felt on numerous small business owners. McConnell’s speech reflected his status as leader of a minority unable to originate legislation, a position different from the one Boehner will soon hold. “We have to be realistic about what we can and cannot achieve, while at the same time recognizing that realism should never be confused with capitulation,” the Kentucky senator said. “On health care, that means we can — and should — propose and vote on straight repeal, repeatedly. But we can’t expect the president to sign it.” Boehner, in his ABC interview, said he’s not sure the president and other Democrats fully understand the message delivered by the voters on Tuesday. “When you have the most historic election in over 60, 70 years, you would think the other party would understand that the American people have clearly repudiated the policies they’ve put forward in the last few years.”


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Gilford woman burns hands extinguishing basement fire GILFORD — A woman was able to successfully extinguish a fire in the basement of her home yesterday afternoon but had to be transported to Lakes Region General Hospital for treatment of burns to her hands. According to the Fire Department, a fire was reported at 3 p.m. yesterday at 96 Woodland Avenue, where a homeowner was alerted to a basement fire by a working smoke detector. By the time the first responder arrived, about four minutes later, the fire was

extinguished by a woman identified as the homeowner, who had suffered what the Fire Department report called “significant” burns to her hands and was transported to Lakes Region General Hospital for treatment. A second patient was treated on scene for smoke inhalation. There was no fire or water damage to the building, although it had filled with smoke by the time firefighters arrived. — Adam Drapcho

from preceding page tial buyer could not secure sufficient financing. The state worked to keep the mill open by calling companies that had expressed an interest in buying it in the past. Lynch recently met with MM Consulting and Contracting Co. to discuss the mill’s purchase, his office said. If the agreement is finalized and the mill reopens, a project to bring a gas line to the mill to help cut operating costs will proceed. The $4 million project is being funded from various local,

state and federal sources. The gas line was an attractive draw because it would supply power to the mill from a landfill, a much cheaper option than the current heating source, oil. Berlin Mayor Paul Grenier said Thursday he is “forever grateful to the governor and (Resources and Economic Development Commissioner) George Bald for all their effort and their commitment to the North Country. It is truly a beautiful day in Gorham and Berlin.”

BAND from page one “I would certainly welcome that coming back,” Hayes said. The Community Band cost taxpayers $1,500 annually and the selectmen agreed in their final budget proposal to cut that figure in half. A letter-to-the-editor writing campaign mounted by longtime band clarinetist Alice Beyrent and other community band supporters lead to others speaking up and expressing support for the 38-year-old band. “The heart of the community is in its participation,” Beyrent said earlier yesterday. She said the participants are musicians from all ages and walks of life and at one point the band was 68-members strong. She said for the most part, the musicians were not professionals but people who play musical instruments who want to play with other musicians and give back to their community. “Without this opportunity, many would have no place to play,” she said. Beyrent also said another positive about the community band was that different generations play together and learn from each other. She said for years she played clarinet next to a 90-year-old summer resident from Lowell and that her

daughter, who is a professional musician with the U.S. Coast Guard Band, began playing with a community band when she was in third grade. She said the $1,500, distributed to the conductor, who is her daughter-inlaw and the music instructor at the high school, pays for music and royalties, and pays for the lighting and sound people for the concerts at the high school. The Community Band plays five annual free outdoor concerts at the Gilford Commons, unless it rains and the concert goes to t, performs twice for old home day and gives the annual Christmas concert in the high school auditorium. Hickok said he would entertain a motion from any of his Budget Committee members to reinstate the $750. At the close of last night’s Budget Committee meeting, member Phyllis Corigan asked Town Finance Director Geoff Ruggles how one would go about contributing to the band. He said people would have to contact one of the individual members because the money that the town gives is also considered a contribution. He said the band only “puts the hats out” for collections at the Christmas Concert. The meeting ended with no other motions were made.

SENATE from page one other issues, such as abortion limits and repealing gay marriage, but the Republican-controlled House appears poised to take up the social issues and possibly send legislation to the Senate. Bragdon said he will not bring a personal agenda to the Republican Senate caucus but plans to help members develop an agenda. “My biggest challenge will be to try to coordinate all those opinions,” he said. He said he expects the Senate to tackle budget-related issues as well as a prison reform law mandating early release of inmates with supervision. The prison bill passed with bipartisan support but Republicans argued

afterward that they acted without realizing it meant releasing violent offenders. Bragdon said the law needs to be revisited, possibly giving more discretion to the parole board over the releases. Bragdon said he would appoint Salem Republican Chuck Morse as his Finance Committee chairman, a post Morse held during an earlier stint in the state Senate. He picked Lempster Republican Bob Odell to head the Ways and Means Committee. Other committee assignments have not been decided, Bragdon said. Bragdon said he planned to appoint Wolfeboro Republican Jeb Bradley as see next page

THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, November 5, 2010 — Page 11

We’re with you through Good times and bad.

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There was still a considerable State Police presence at murder victim Roberta Miller’s Country Club Road home in Gilford on Thursday, though the street was open to public traffic for the first time since her body was discovered on Monday evening. (Laconia Daily Sun photo/ Gail Ober)

MURDER from page one was reopened to through traffic Thursday, although state police remained at the home. In June 2007 Miller separated from her husband of 26 years , Gary Miller, a former car dealer from Wolfeboro, and soon after filed for a divorce, which was granted on Aug. 13 of this year. The couple have two adult children, Jennifer, who lives in California, and Jonathan, who a neighbor said frequently visited his mother in Gilford. Three days after the divorce decree, Miller purchased the property at 123 Country Club Road and on October 28 placed it in a trust of which she was the trustee. That same day Miller also placed the former family home at 82 Haines Hill Road in Wolfeboro, which she was awarded in the divorce, in the same trust. Court documents and sources familiar with the Millers indicate that the divorce proceedings were protracted and contentious, as the two quarreled over


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the division of property. On October 7, her former husband filed a motion for contempt of a court order, claiming that Miller owed him $74,094.50 in taxes and $6,097.34 in legal fees. Miller countered that she was without work and attending college and had exhausted the more than $900,000 she received when the joint assets were divided to pay taxes, mortgages, insurance, tuition and living expenses. The two were scheduled to appear in Carroll County Superior Court for a hearing this week. Meanwhile, last Friday, three days before Miller’s body was discovered, a three-season cottage in Acton, Maine, owned by Gary Miller, was destroyed by fire. The fire remains under investigation by the Maine Fire Marshal. Authorities have repeatedly asked anyone with information with about Miller’s movements or whereabouts in the week before her body was found to contact the state police at 223-4381. Otherwise they have revealed little information, which has troubled Administrator Dunn, who see next page from preceding page majority leader. Bradley is a former congressman who first won his state Senate seat in a special election after losing his congressional seat in 2008. Bragdon, 47, is entering his fourth term in the Senate. He served one term in the House. He also has been chairman of the Milford School Board for 12 of his 14 years on the board. He said he plans to serve out his term on the board, which expires in March 2012.

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Cuban airliner crash kills 68 people

HAVANA (AP) — A Cuban airliner flying from the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba to the capital crashed after declaring an emergency Thursday evening with 68 people aboard, including 28 foreigners, state media reported. There was no immediate word on whether any survived. AeroCaribbean Flight 883 went down near the village of Guasimal in Santi Spiritus province, carrying 61 passengers and a crew of seven, state television said. It said 28 passengers were foreigners, but did not give a breakdown of nationalities. State media said the names of those on board would be released later. The twice-a-week flight goes from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to Santiago de Cuba to Havana. It had been due to land in the Cuban capital at 7:50 p.m, but reported an emergency at 5:42 p.m. and subsequently lost contact with air traffic controllers. State media said that the plane was an ATR-72 twin turboprop and that the crash site was not far from the Zaza reservoir, the largest in Cuba. It said doctors and emergency workers in the area were mobilized. At Havana’s national terminal, relatives of those from preceding page yesterday on behalf of selectmen and residents expressed his “indignation” at the handling of the investigation by the major crimes unit of the state police and the attorney generals office to Executive Councilor Ray Burton. He told Burton that Country Club Road has been closed since Monday and no information has been shared with the public, calling the conduct “baffling and unacceptable.” Explaining that he had no wish to compromise the investigation, he wrote that “the time has long passed for a press release or news conference pertaining to the safety of the citizens of the neighborhood, the continuing need for the road closure and the status of the investigation.” Later in the day Dunn reported his reassuring conversation with Agati.


Atty. Stanley Robinson is designated as a Federal Relief Agency by an act of Congress & has proudly assisted consumers seeking debt relief under the US Bankruptcy code for over 30 years. 603-286-2019 • Join for now 2010 the / Sea 2011 son !

on board the plane were kept isolated from other passengers and journalists. “This is very sad,” said Caridad de las Mercedes Gonzalez, who was manning an airport information desk. “We are very worried. This has taken us by surprise.” State media gave no details on what happened to the airliner, saying only that the cause of the crash was being investigated. The flight would have been one of the last leaving Santiago de Cuba for Havana ahead of Tropical Storm Tomas, which was on a track to pass between Cuba’s eastern end and the western coast of Haiti on Friday. Cuban media said earlier that flights and train service to Santiago were being suspended until the storm passed. AeroCaribbean is owned by Cuban state airline Cubana de Aviacion. The last passenger plane crash on the island occurred in March 2002, when a Soviet-made biplane carrying 16 people — including 12 foreigners — plunged into a small reservoir in central Cuba. The plane was operated by a small local charter company called Aerotaxi.

Pittsburg man faces murder charge PITTSBURG, N.H. (AP) — A New Hampshire man accused of shooting two people at his Pittsburg home also will be charged with killing a man whose body was found in a burning car on his property. The attorney general’s office said Thursday that 50-year-old Kenneth Arsenault will be charged with first-degree murder in the death of 21-yearold Justin Flanders of Stewartstown. According to autopsy results, Flanders died of a shotgun wound to the chest and severe burns. His body was found Tuesday morning when authorities responded to the shooting. Arsenault is charged with two counts of attempted murder for the shooting of 25-year-old Jesse Parker and 30-year-old Tanya Rancloes. Parker was in good condition Thursday. Rancloes was in critical condition.



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Ham & Bean Dinner at 6:00pm For more information or to reserve a craft vendor table, contact 279-4022.

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FREE Informational Meeting 11.6.2010 at Gunstock Mountain Resort 10 am in the Yurt

THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, November 5, 2010— Page 13

If you are unable to get to our office, Chrysalis will come to your home for an additional fee. We accept BC/BS, Aetna & Magellan Insurance; sliding scale fee available for those without insurance 20 Canal St., Suite 316 Franklin, NH 03235 603-998-4210

SATURDAY, Nov. 6th • 9AM-3PM At Gunstock - Route 11A, Gilford, NH

MILLON DOLLAR INVENTORY FROM 14 SKI SHOPS New and used skis, boots, XC gear, snowboards, skates, and winter clothing for children and adults! CONSIGNMENT SALES If you have used ski or snowboard equipment and clothing to sell, bring it to Gunstock on Fri., Nov. 5th from noon ‘till 8PM Go to or call 603.528.5553 for more info.

Page 14 — THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, November 5, 2010

Just Good! Food



Alan ‘Butch’ L. Guyotte, 59

Plymouth Street, Meredith • 279-8723




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LACONIA — Alan “ Butch” L. Guyotte, 59, of 135 Pleasant Street, died at the VA Hospital in West Roxbury, Mass. on Tuesday, November 2, 2010. Mr. Guyotte was born September 25, 1951 in Plymouth, N.H., the son of Albert and Mary (Lobart) Guyotte. He served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War and had been a drug and alcohol counselor in Minnesota. Mr. Guyotte enjoyed NASCAR and taking walks with his fiancée, Jo Ann. He will be missed by his family and fiancée. Mr. Guyotte is survived by his two sons, Alan L. Guyotte and Jeremy Guyotte, both of Mass.; his fiancée, Jo Ann St. Onge, of Laconia; his father, Albert Guyotte, Sr. of Tilton; three brothers, Gary Guyotte and his wife, Cynthia, of Franklin, Albert Guyotte, Jr. of Laconia

and Tracy Guyotte and his wife, Theresa, of Laconia and several nephews and nieces. He was predeceased by his mother, Mary Guyotte, and by a brother, Jeffery. There will be no calling hours. A Graveside Service will be held on Monday, November 8, 2010 at 10 a.m. at the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery, 110 Daniel Webster Highway, Boscawen, NH. For those who wish, the family suggests that expressions of sympathy in Mr. Guyotte’s name be made to Wilkinson-Beane, Inc., PO Box 67, Laconia, N. H. 03247. Wilkinson-Beane-Simoneau-Paquette Funeral Home & Cremation Services, 164 Pleasant Street, Laconia, N. H. is assisting the family with the arrangements. For more information and to view an online memorial go to

MEREDITH — Grace Helen Vachon, 79, of Philbrook Ave, went home to be with Jesus on Oct. 30, 2010. Born in Laconia on April 12, 1931, she was the daughter of Jacque H. and Iola C. [Merrill] Souard. She was a life-long resident of Meredith and attended Meredith Schools. Grace worked for over thirty-five years as a spinner at the former Amatex Corporation, in Meredith. She was a communicant of Saint Charles Borromeo Roman Catholic Church, in Meredith. Grace was predeceased by her husband, Robert M. Vachon Sr, who died in May of 1983, her son Robert M. Jr, who died in December of 2001, and her sister Margaret Vachon. Grace always had a kind word to

say and had concern for others before herself. Grace is survived by her son, Michael Paul Jones of Long Boat Key, FL, daughters, Shelia M. Tharpe of Leesburg, FL, Trisha Sargent of New Hampton, Rhonda Mae Keenan of Bristol, 14 grandchildren, 18 great grandchildren, sister, Beatrice “Billie” Walters of Ashland, MA, numerous nieces and nephews. Calling hours will be held in the Mayhew Funeral Home, Routes #3 and #104, Meredith, on Wednesday, Nov. 3rd, 6 pm to 8 pm. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Thursday at 10am, in St. Charles Borromeo Church, Meredith. The Very Rev. Dennis J. Audet, V.F., pastor, will be the celebrant. Burial will follow in the Meredith Village Cemetery, Meredith.

Grace H. Vachon, 79

Victorius Republicans meeting in Laconia on Wednesday 183 Horne Road Belmont, NH

LACONIA — In the afterglow of an overwhelming victory on Nov. 2, the Belknap County Republican Committee will meet on Wednesday, Nov. 10 at the Shang Hai restaurant on South main Street at 6:30 p.m. Republican and undeclared voters are welcome to

PIZZA EXPRESS 528-4200 528-1910

4 Country Club Road, Rt 11A Village Marketplace Mall, Gilford

attend. An optional buffet will be served at 5:30 p.m. The special guest speaker at the meeting with be Rep. Gene Chandler of Bartlett, former Speaker of the N.H. House and candidate for the same position for the legislative session that convenes in January. Committee Chairman, and representative-elect Frank Tilton said Chandler will speak about potential public policy changes and the coming Republican agenda. The party now has a veto-proof super majority in both the House and the N.H. Senate. Tilton said Republican House members will caucus on November 18 to pick a leadership team. Chandler’s primary opposition for the speaker position is coming from Rep. Bill O’Brien of Mont Vernon, the leader of the House Republican Alliance, a conservative caucus of members who advocate strict adherence to the principals outlined in the party platform.


By New Hampshire Magazine, Nov 2010

The Gilford School Board is forming an Advisory Search Committee to assist the School Board with its search for a new Superintendent of Schools for the Gilford School District. The committee will review applications, interview candidates and make recommendations to the School Board. If you are interested in participating on the Search Committee for the new Superintendent, please submit a letter of interest explaining why you wish to serve on the search committee to the address below. All letters of intent must be submitted no later than November 17th. Other aspects of community involvement in the process are planned and will be communicated to the public as we get further into the search process. Kurt Webber, Chair Gilford School Board

THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, November 5, 2010— Page 15


Celiac Disease Information Session

Mary E. Krogman, 100

LACONIA — Mary E. Krogman, 100, formerly of 114 Blueberry Lane, Laconia and Peterborough, died at the Mountain Ridge Health Care Center, Franklin on Wednesday, November 3, 2010. Mrs. Krogman was the widow of Robert W. Krogman who died in 1998. Mrs. Krogman was born July 18, 1910 in Cornwall, England, the daughter of Frederick and Susan M. (Cooke) Williams. In 1925, Mrs. Krogman came to America and lived in Massachusetts and the southern part of New Hampshire. She studied business at the Concord Business College and in 1946, she married her husband, Robert, in Arlington, Mass. They enjoyed doing everything together including owning several companies. Before starting her own businesses, Mrs. Krogman was an executive officer for the Honeywell Company and would travel the country for the company. Mrs. Krogman was always an energetic and lively person and was an avid gardener and bird lover. She was a member of St. James Episcopal Church in Laconia and was a volunteer for Community Health & Hospice.

Survivors include a sister, Mildred Walton, of Laconia; a niece, Susan Curtis, of Potomac Falls, Virginia; two nephews, Richard Williams of Prospect Harbor, Maine and Corky Williams of Natick, Mass. and several grand nephews and grand nieces. There will be no calling hours. A Funeral Service will be held on Monday, November 8, 2010 at 11:00 AM in the Carriage House of the Wilkinson-Beane-Simoneau-Paquette Funeral Home, 164 Pleasant Street, Laconia, N.H. Rev. William Romer, Rector-in-Charge of St. James Episcopal Church, will officiate. Burial will follow in the family lot in Union Cemetery, Academy Street, Laconia, N.H. For those who wish, the family suggests that expressions of sympathy in Mrs. Krogman’s name be made to St. James Episcopal Church, 876 North Main Street, Laconia, N.H. 03246. Wilkinson-Beane-Simoneau-Paquette Funeral Home & Cremation Services, 164 Pleasant Street, Laconia, N. H. is assisting the family with the arrangements. For more information and to view an online memorial to

GILFORD — A Senior Moment-um Lunch and Safety Seminar sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Department will take place at the Community Church Fellowship Hall at noon on Monday, November 8. Sponsored by the Community Action Program,

the event will also include Gilford Police Detective/ Sergeant Kris Kelley, who will discuss Senior Safety issues. A $2 donation per meal will be appreciated. For more information, contact Parks and Recreation at 527-4722.

LACONIA — The Lakes Region community is invited to the Family Violence Prevention Council Community Dialogue: Violence Prevention Across Cultures at the Public Library from 5:30 — 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, November 9. All residents are welcome to engage in a round table discussions about violence prevention across our diverse community. A panel will then address the themes and issues brought out during the discussion.

Refreshments will be provided. Contact New Beginnings with questions at 528-6511.

36 Kearsarge Rd. 356-6460

SUNDAY NOV. 7, 2010 2–4 PM GUEST SPEAKER: SUZANNE DUNHAM Developer of Living Gluten Free Seminars

Celiacs, Diabetics & Everyone can benefit from this forum. All are welcome. As always, we will have gluten-free samples and giveaways. To learn more about this disease call LINDA, JOHN OR JOE @ 1-603-356-6460.

Senior Moment-um Lunch and Safety Seminar to be held at Community Church Fellowship Hall on Monday

Violence prevention across diverse Lakes Region community subject of round table discussion


NOTICE Road rebuilding and paving set to begin on Hunkins Pond Rd. in Sanbornton, NH on Monday November 8, 2010 through Friday November 12, 2010. Expect detours and /or delays during this period.

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by Dickenson & Clark by Paul Gilligan

Pooch Café LOLA

By Holiday Mathis can tell when a person is not fully listening, understanding or connecting with you. Stop and consider a different approach. Through trial and error, you’ll finally figure out how to get through to someone. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Arguments can go on without you, and you won’t feel a strong need to weigh in on one side or the other. Your neutrality helps you stay open to communication and remain helpful to all. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). You are smart to admit your mistakes when pressed and even smarter not to offer them up willy-nilly when there’s no reason to do so. Success will have a lot to do with knowing when to stay quiet. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). You have faith in yourself, and you trust life. Because of this, you will be able to sustain your power during challenges. Your inner essence is strong, and that’s what’s important. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Helping someone else will help you. Your self-esteem rises with every kind action. Your talent grows and you radiate confidence, all because you treat others so well. TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (Nov. 5). You’ll be transforming your life, and you’ll witness others change for the better right along with you. Love, friendship and fun are featured this month. You’ll help your family in a big way in December. A financial win happens in January. February is your chance to impress and win fans. May brings an exotic excursion. Leo and Aries people adore you. Your lucky numbers are: 30, 2, 51, 39 and 17.

by Darby Conley

ARIES (March 21-April 19). There is a point at which the time you spend doing a task will not pay off. Consider the law of diminishing returns. When the work is good enough, that’s the time to stop. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). You bring a sense of stability to your people. Everyone can rest assured that you have the important things covered, and a few of the key details, too. That’s why they feel secure around you. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Taking yourself too seriously is a real danger. You have terrific instincts, and there’s no reason to second-guess your choices. So just relax and trust yourself. CANCER (June 22-July 22). You have a demanding person inside you, directing you at every turn to try harder, be bigger and strive for more. Tell that person to pipe down. You can do your best without being so hard on yourself. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). There are no “shoulds.” You are either doing something or you’re not doing it. Lose the worry and regret. Get comfortable with your choices. Accept them, or do something else. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). You have strong conceptual skills and will come up with a winning plan to sell an idea or move a business forward in some way. Apply this talent to your personal life, too. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). It’s safe to give feedback to anyone who asks for it, but don’t chime in if you’re not asked -- that will only lead to trouble. You are more truthful than some people can handle. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). You

Get Fuzzy


by Chad Carpenter

Solution and tips at


Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 thru 9.

by Mastroianni & Hart

Page 16 — THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, November 5, 2010

ACROSS 1 Sink 6 Often fluid-filled sac 10 Profit’s opposite 14 Unattached 15 Gather leaves 16 Leave out 17 Steam bath 18 Actress Moran 19 Prefix for legal or medic 20 Swelled 22 One of Santa’s reindeer 24 Yellowish-brown wood 25 Wayward 26 Truthful 29 Relinquished 30 Frothy drink 31 In __; weeping 33 Peruses 37 Actor Tim __ 39 Chimney emission 41 Faucet problem

42 __ vaccine; Salk’s development 44 Ship poles 46 Cold cubes 47 Utter 49 __ over; delivered 51 Make out; recognize 54 Pocket bread 55 Chant 56 Quiet; aloof 60 Jacob’s twin 61 Fashionable 63 India’s dollar 64 Marine bird 65 Ripped 66 Actor Jeremy 67 Leave as is, in printing 68 Tiny beginning 69 Pennies

1 2 3

DOWN Foundation Ladd or Arkin Aretha’s music

4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 21 23 25 26 27 28 29 32 34 35 36 38 40

Present from birth Closest Stream Three feet Glide down the slopes Took care of Crooked Nebraska city Ambulance’s blare Begin Fence openings State positively Student seats Stringed instrument Bread spread Diamond or Armstrong Frog’s noise Jordan’s capital Parched Game cubes Ran quickly Store markdown Moral standard

43 Willing to listen to suggestions 45 Mockingly derisive 48 Builds 50 Disposition; character 51 Counts calories

52 Tiny map in a larger map 53 Fixed gaze 54 Walked the floor 56 Get fatigued 57 Perched atop 58 Let, as a house 59 Loch __ Monster 62 Turn the soil

Yesterday’s Answer

THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, November 5, 2010— Page 17

––––––– ALMANAC ––––––– Today is Friday, Nov. 5, the 309th day of 2010. There are 56 days left in the year. Today’s Highlight in History: On Nov. 5, 1940, President Franklin D. Roosevelt won an unprecedented third term in office as he defeated Republican challenger Wendell L. Willkie. On this date: In 1605, the “Gunpowder Plot” failed as Guy Fawkes was seized before he could blow up the English Parliament. In 1872, suffragist Susan B. Anthony defied the law by attempting to vote for President Ulysses S. Grant. In 1935, Parker Brothers began marketing the board game “Monopoly.” In 1946, Republicans captured control of both the Senate and the House in midterm elections. In 1960, silent film producer Mack Sennett, best known for his “Keystone Kops” comedies and introducing Charlie Chaplin to the screen, died in Los Angeles at age 80. In 1968, Richard M. Nixon won the presidency, defeating Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey and American Independent candidate George C. Wallace. In 1974, Ella T. Grasso was elected governor of Connecticut, becoming the first woman to win a gubernatorial office without succeeding her husband. In 1990, Rabbi Meir Kahane, the Brooklyn-born Israeli extremist, was shot to death at a New York hotel. In 1999, U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson declared Microsoft Corp. a monopoly. (Judge Jackson later ordered Microsoft broken up into two companies, but the Justice Department subsequently said it was no longer seeking a breakup.) One year ago: A shooting rampage at the Fort Hood Army post in Texas left 13 people dead; Maj. Nidal Hasan, an Army psychiatrist, was charged with premeditated murder and attempted murder for the worst mass killing on a U.S. military base. Today’s Birthdays: Actor Chris Robinson is 72. Actress Elke Sommer is 70. Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski is 70. Singer Art Garfunkel is 69. Actor-playwright Sam Shepard is 67. Singer Peter Noone is 63. Actor Nestor Serrano (“24”) is 55. Actresscomedian Mo Gaffney is 52. Actor Robert Patrick is 52. Singer Bryan Adams is 51. Actress Tilda Swinton is 50. Actress Tatum O’Neal is 47. Actress Andrea McArdle is 47. Rock singer Angelo Moore (Fishbone) is 45. Actress Judy Reyes is 43. Rock musician Mark Hunter (James) is 42. Actor Sam Rockwell is 42. Country singers Heather and Jennifer Kinley (The Kinleys) are 40. Actor Corin Nemec is 39. Rock musician Jonny (cq) Greenwood (Radiohead) is 39. Country singer-musician Ryan Adams is 36. Actor Sam Page is 34. Actor Jeremy Lelliott is 28. Rock musician Kevin Jonas (The Jonas Brothers) is 23.


Dial 2 4

WGBH Wash.

Medium Joe reaches

KYDUS ABBIDE NAHMLY Answer here: A Yesterday’s

10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 MI-5 (In Stereo) Å

Charlie Rose (N) Å

CSI: NY “Hide Sight” A

Blue Bloods “Brothers” WBZ News Late Show (N) Å With David Letterman NewsCen- Nightline ter 5 Late (N) Å (N) Å News Tonight Show With Jay Leno Dateline NBC (In Stereo) Å News Jay Leno (In Stereo) Å leader. (N) Å Primetime: What Would 20/20 Father goes to jail You Do? (N) (In Stefor sexual abuse. (N) (In reo) Å Stereo) Å Dateline NBC (In Stereo) Å

7 8

WMTW Supernanny (N) Å

Primetime: What

20/20 (N) Å




WMUR Supernanny (N) Å

Primetime: What

20/20 (N) Å






Supernatural Dean is suspicious of Samuel’s motives. (N) Å Make ’em Laugh: The Funny Business of America Å The Insider Entertain- WBZ News Community ment To- (N) Auditions WSBK (N) Å night (N) CSI: NY “Hide Sight” WGME Medium (N) Å


WTBS Fam. Guy




15 16 17

Smallville “Ambush” The WLVI General and Lucy Lane visit. (N) Å Antiques Antiques WENH Roadshow Roadshow

Fam. Guy

7 News at 10PM on Friends (In Everybody CW56 (N) (In Stereo) Å Stereo) Å Loves Raymond Make ’em Laugh: The Independent Lens “Reel Funny Business of Injun” Native Americans America Å in cinema. The Office The Office Curb Your Entourage (In Stereo) (In Stereo) Enthusi- (In Stereo) asm Å Å Å Å Blue Bloods (N) Å News Letterman

Movie: “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby” Å

Night Rox

House Massage

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ESPN NBA Basketball Chicago Bulls at Boston Celtics. (Live)


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by Mike Argirion and Jeff Knurek


NOVEMBER 5, 2010


WBZ the limits of his patience. sniper prowls the city. (N) Erin goes after a gang


Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words.


McL’ghlin Need to Know (N)

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CALENDAR TODAY’S EVENTS Lakes Region Cuisine and Anniversary Dinner for the Historic Belknap Mill in Laconia. 5:30 p.m. To purchase tickets call 524-8813. Winnipesaukee Players production of “The House of Bernarda Alba” at the Winnipesaukee Playhouse at Weirs Beach. 7 p.m. Call 366-7377 for tickets. Kids Night Out at the Laconia Community Center. 5:30 to 9 p.m. Kids age 6 to 12 will enjoy a night of fun without the parents. Activities will include pizza dinner, gym games, crafts and more. $15 per child. Call 524-5046 to register. A Tribute to Veterans assembly at Gilmanton School. 9 a.m. All veterans planning to attend should contact Kim Hayes or Cathy Lines at 364-5681. The Mug restaurant on Rte. 3 in Center Harbor is hosting a fundraiser to support Inter-Lakes students’ trip to Florida for Habitat for Humanity work. Restaurant will donate 10-percent of the day’s proceeds to the cause. Al-Anon Meeting at the Congregational Church Parish House (18 Veterans Square) in Laconia. 9:30 to 11 a.m. each Friday. Al-Anon offers hope and help to families of alcoholics. No dues or fees. All are welcome. Call 645-9518. Affordable Health Care at Laconia Family Planning and Prenatal. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 121 Belmont Road (Rte. 106 South). 524-5453. GYN and reproductive services. STD/HIV testing. Sliding fee scale. Indoor climbing wall drop-in time at Meredith Community Center. 6 to 8 p.m. Climb Mt. Meredith, a 24-ft. indoor climbing wall. $1 per person. Please pay at the front desk. Open storytime at the Gilford Public Library. 11:30 a.m. to noon. Help foster early literacy skills in your preschooler. We’ll sing song, listen to a story and create a craft. No sign-up required. Tot Time at the Meredith Public Library. 9:30 to 10:20 a.m. Stories, songs, crafts and fun for toddlers 1-3. Sign-up is helpful. USO-themed Big Band Concert at the Tilton Veterans’ Home. 2 to 3 p.m. Free and open to the public. A part of Lakes Region Reads.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6 Lake Wicwas Grange barn dance. 7 to 10 p.m. at the Grange Hall at 150 Meredith Center Road, next to the Meredith Center Store. $5 for all those 12 years and up. Called Ralph Peacock will be officiating. Refreshments. 50/50 raffle. Door prizes. Annual Ski Sale hosted by the Gunstock Ski Club. 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Gunstock Mountain Resort. Million dollar inventory from 143 ski shops plus new and used gear on consignment. Saint Joseph Parish (Belmont) Christmas Fair. 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Cash raffle, children’s activities, baked goodies, wood crafts, jewelry sale, baby and knit goods, used book & music table, silent auction, Christmas craft items, parish crafters, local artists, breakfast and lunch menus. Church is located at Church and Main Streets in Belmont village. Winnipesaukee Players production of “The House of Bernarda Alba” at the Winnipesaukee Playhouse at Weirs Beach. 7 p.m. Call 366-7377 for tickets. Flea Market at the Masonic Hall at 410 West Main Street in Tilton. 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Lakes Region Symphony Orchestra opens its 20102011 season with performance at the Inter-Lakes auditorium. 7:30 p.m. Featured will be the winner of the first annual concerto competition for high school students, 15 year-old Laurel Gagnon, a violnist from Hooksett. Tickets are $12 for adults and $6 for students age 17 and younger. See for more information.

see CALENDAR page 21

Edward J. Engler, Editor & Publisher Adam Hirshan, Advertising Sales Manager Michael Kitch, Adam Drapcho, Gail Ober Reporters Crystal Furnee, Ad Sales Elaine Hirshan, Office Manager Patty Johnson, Graphics Karin Nelson, Classifieds

Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon.

(Answers tomorrow) Jumbles: SURLY FRAUD NUMBER BUSHEL Answer: What the city fathers used to clean up after the winter storm — A “SLUSH” FUND

“Seeking the truth and printing it” THE LACONIA DAILY SUN is published Tuesday through Saturday by Lakes Region News Club, Inc. Edward Engler, Mark Guerringue, Adam Hirshan, Founders Offices: 65 Water St., Laconia, NH 03246 Business Office 737-2020, Newsroom 737-2026, Fax: 527-0056 News E-mail: CIRCULATION: 17,000 distributed FREE Tues. through Sat. in Laconia, Weirs Beach, Gilford, Meredith, Center Harbor, Belmont, Moultonborough, Winnisquam, Sanbornton, Tilton, Gilmanton, Alton, New Hampton, Plymouth, Bristol, Ashland, Holderness.

Page 18 — THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, November 5, 2010

2001 Ca dilla c Deville

2009 Ford Fusion SEL •V6 •Auto •Air •Fog Lam ps •AM /FM /CD •AlloyW heels •46k M iles •W ildfire Red •Stk # 7474

$12,898 or $191.00/mo

75 m o s. @ 5.99%

2001 V olk sw a gen Beetle GLS

ONLY 61k

$7,447 or $219.25/mo

36 m o s. @ 7.99%

•FrontW heel D rive •V6 •Leather •Pow er Sunroof •AM /FM /CD •K eyless Entry •AlloyW heels •48k m iles •Silver •Stock # 7537

75 m o s. @ 6.49%

2006 Chrysler Pa cifica Touring AW D •V6 •H eated Leather Seats •Pow er Sunroof •D VD /Rear Ent. •AllW heel D rive •AlloyW heels •55k m iles •Light G reen •Stock # 7608

$14,994 or $259.93/mo

63 m o s. @ 5.49%

2006 GM C Sierra 1 500 X C SLT 4x4

With Plow!

36 m o s. @ 7.99%

•V8 •Plow •Leather •Alloys •AM /FM /CD •Pow erW /L/M •Tilt/Cruise •94k M iles •G reen •Stk# 7555

m o s. @ $18,898 or $239.58/mo 756.49%

$20,636 or $314.53/mo

Put it under the tree for ONLY

•V6 •Alloys •H eated Leather •Pow er Sunroof •Rear Ent.System •Pow er Lift G ate •3rd Row Seating •K eyless Entry •52k m iles •W hite •Stock #7569


$27,997 or $399.97/mo

84 m o s. @ 6.49%

•V8 •H eated Leather •Pow er Sunroof •N avigation •Loaded •68k m iles •G ray •Stock # 7609

•V6 •Leather •AM /FM /CD •H eads U p D isplay •Alloys •K eyless Entry •85k m iles •Tan •Stock # 7526

•V8 •Auto •Air •AlloyW heels •Z71 O ff Road •Rem ote K eyless Entry •Cruise/Tilt •Pow erW /L/M •AM /FM /CD •52k m iles •M aroon •Stock # 7605

60 m o s. @ 6.59%

2008 Chevy Silvera do 1 500 Crew Ca b 4x4 •V8 •Auto •Air •Cepek Rim s •Brand N ew Tires! •Tube Steps •Bedliner •TrailerTow •52k m iles •Black •Stk# 7602

$23,991 or $374.21/mo

m o s. @ $23,993 or $377.08mo 756.79%

2005 GM C Sierra 1 500 Crew Ca b 4x4

2005 Buick LeSa bre Lim ited

$7,997 or $137.21/mo

84 m o s. @ 6.49%

2006 GM C Yuk on Dena li4x4

•V6 •Pow er M oonroof •H eated Leather Seats •3rd Row Seating •Pow er Lift G ate •AM /FM /CD •AlloyW heels •38k m iles •Tan •Stock # 7603

$31,881 or $458.43/mo

75 m o s. @ 5.99%

2009 GM C Aca dia SLT 4x4

•Beautiful bike! •Black •1 9k •Stk# 7565

2008 Buick Enclave CX L AW D

2006 Ford Freestyle SEL

$13,979 or $211.00/mo

•V6 •Auto •Air •AM /FM /CD •Pow erW /L/M •39k M iles •G ray •Stk# 7599

2002 Honda V TS

•4 Cyl. •5-Speed •Pow er Sunroof •Leather •M oonsoon Sound Sys. •Alloys •Silver •71 k m iles •Stock # 7583

$5,991 or $157.93/mo

2007 Toyota Ta com a Double Ca b 4x4

•V8 •Auto •Air •Leather •Alloys •Tilt/C ruise •AM /FM /CD •Pow erW /L/M •61 k M iles •W hite •Stk # 7604

$18,883 or $303.12/mo 72m6.79%o s. @ 2007 Chevy Ta hoe LT 4x4 •V8 •Auto •Air •Alloys •K eyless Entry •AM /FM /CD •3rd Row Seating •49k M iles •G ray •Stk# 7579

75 m o s. @ 6.49%

m o s. $26,996 or $423.00/mo @756.49%

Allpa ym en tsa re qu oted w ith $999 ca sh ortra de equ ity dow n .Adm in fee & title a re n ot in clu ded in pa ym en ts.Term sa n d ra tesrequ ire a 730 plu scredit score.

PROFILE MOTORS w w w.profilemotor • Factor y Trained Technicians • Free Shut tle Ser vice • Early Morning/Late Night Drop Of f

We Ser vice All

603-447-3361• Conway, NH Rte 16 & 112 (Kancamagus Hwy)

Sales Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-7pm, Sat 8am-4pm BUICK Beyond Precision

Ser vice & Par ts Hours

THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, November 5, 2010— Page 19


Dear Annie: I’ve known my 26-year-old stepdaughter, “Monica,” since she was 5. She never spent much time with her father, but when the first grandchild was born, she came by more often because she wanted a babysitter. Her dad and I were together 21 years before he passed away six months ago. Now when I hear from Monica, all she wants to do is rehash everything that happened at the end of her father’s life. She harangues me about difficult choices I had to make, even though my husband and I discussed those things in advance. I still have two children at home and work full time, and I am trying to deal with my own grief. Monica’s attitude makes it hard to stay in contact. I know she is grieving, too, but I think she feels guilty for not spending more time with her dad before it was too late. She hurt him a great deal over the years. I’m sure Monica is angry that I haven’t called lately, but I just can’t deal with her. I do love her and our grandchild, but am I wrong to want some distance right now? -- Still Grieving Dear Still: We understand that you want to avoid being assaulted by Monica. But please know that these things can take on a life of their own, and the relationship may not recover -- even when you are ready. Because you love her and the grandchild, we recommend instead that you maintain minimal contact (as much as you can handle at a time) and urge Monica to get grief counseling. You might even offer to go with her. Dear Annie: My wife and I have been happily married for 30 years without any major arguments, until now. Our 22-year-old daughter recently moved into an apartment and discovered that no pets were allowed. This meant her 9-yearold cocker spaniel, who is blind and incontinent, did not have a home. My wife offered to take the dog into our house, and it has been living with us for six weeks. I cannot tolerate the smell and the mess any longer. I told

my wife the dog must leave. She said if the dog goes, she goes with it. I do not wish to end my marriage, but I cannot remain here with the dog. What should I do? -- Solicitous Spouse Dear Spouse: Something more is going on if your wife of 30 years is willing to throw you over for a blind, incontinent dog she’s had for only six weeks. It’s possible she is reluctant to part with the animal because the dog is her link to her daughter. You need to talk to her and find out why she has put the dog first in your marriage. You might also enlist a neutral third party to referee. Or give your daughter a few months to find a new apartment that is dog friendly. Dear Annie: Your advice to “Shirley” regarding a 5-monthold, 12-pound baby whose mother kept him wrapped in a blanket most of the time was off the mark. Having worked as a child abuse/neglect investigator, I can tell you that if Shirley had contacted Child Protective Services, we would have opened an investigation based on Petey’s size alone. Keeping the baby wrapped tightly and napping most of the time also sets off alarm bells. If Petey is not given enough attention and stimulation, not to mention food, he could suffer lasting developmental delays or even starve to death. Petey is likely the victim of physical neglect. Shirley should immediately report Petey’s situation to her local Child Protective Services office. Whether or not the child is being neglected, CPS will likely offer Petey’s mother some assistance and monitor the family until the situation improves. -- Concerned Social Worker Dear Social Worker: Depending on the child’s birth weight, 12 pounds is not unreasonably low at five months. And Shirley is only guessing the actual weight. Petey sees the pediatrician regularly, and if he were failing to thrive, it would be noticed. We do agree, however, that the situation bears watching.

Annie’s Mailbox is written by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar, longtime editors of the Ann Landers column. Please e-mail your questions to:, or write to: Annie’s Mailbox, c/o Creators Syndicate, 5777 W. Century Blvd., Ste. 700, Los Angeles, CA 90045.





For Rent

CORN STALKS Free for the taking. 382 Union Rd., Belmont. Just off Route 3, Winnisquam.

1987 El Camino, solid frame & body, 305 V8, posi, driven regularly. $5995/obo. (603)367-9116, cell:(603)986-1563.

Transmission- Rebuilt 700 R4, will fit Chevy truck 4x4, late 70s-1992., with overdrive. $250. 455-6282

1993 Jeep Wrangler- 155K, 4 cylinder, 5-speed, hard top. Many extras, daily driver. $2,800 387-1073


2 Bedroom, 2 Bath + den. Private, quiet, gated community. Fully furnished and applianced. Amenities include walking trails, tennis, pool, beach, etc. $1200 per month plus utilities. $1200 deposit. Call Kevin @ 387-4778

10 ft. Basshound boat. 3 HP Mercury and electric motor. New battery, live well, lights, oars. $575. Laconia 518-332-7654

3-BEDROOM 2 bath home on Shore Dr. Immediate occupancy. $1,400/Month + utilities. 536-3620 or 707-7201

14 ft. AlumaCraft V-Hull, 4 seats, comes with anchor & set of oars. $350/OBO. 455-6282

5 minutes from Wolfeboro, large room with private bath, heat and elec incl. $390 a month. 833-3811

MOBILE BOAT SHRINK WRAPPING & WINTERIZATION 23 Years Experience $10/ft. for most boats

ALTON Bay on the lake. Newly refurbished 1 bedroom, 2 bath townhouse apt. All new appliances. All utilities included with Internet. No smoking/ pets. $850/ month. Call Misty 603-234-7651.

Animals Himalayan Kittens- 2 sealpoint, 2 creampoint. $140. Includes 1st shots & worming. 603-934-2575 NEW! THE DOG WASH WAGGIN A full-service mobile grooming salon. Easy, convenient, time-saving! Call 603-651-9016.

Announcement Barn Dance November 6th 7pm-10pm. Wicwas Lake Grange Hall located next to Meredith Center Store on Meredith Center Rd. Please join us for a great time and help raise funds for The Grange!

Autos '03 Mazda Protege 5 wagon. Auto, power locks-windows-mirrors, A/C, 6 CD, $4,500.-OBO Call 603-998- 0338 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. White, 2-door, 32K miles, $2,500 OBO. 731-0849 1986 Pontiac Oldsmobile. Runs good, well maintained. $999 or BO. 524-9537 Leave Message

1998 Cavalier- 121K, automatic. Well maintained, recent sticker, great on gas! Black beauty $2,200 387-1073 2001 Hyundai Accent sedan. 106k miles, automatic. Looks/ drives great. $2200. (603)986-3211. 2004 Hyundai Accent hatchback. 132k miles, manual. Looks/ drives excellent. $2300. (603)986-3211. BUYING junk cars and trucks ME & NH. Call for price. Martin Towing. (603)305-4504. CASH FOR junk cars & trucks.

Top Dollar Paid. Available 7 days a week. 630-3606 CASH paid for unwanted or junk cars and trucks. Same day service possible. 603-231-2859. Cutlass Sierra Mint 1990 Olds. Drives, looks & is like new, in and out; see, drive, believe, own. $2,995. 536-2489

Call 527-0032 or 581-4847

Serving the Lakes Region

Business Opportunities BUSINESS FOR SALE

Start your own business! Parking lot striping. Light sealing, stripe removal, all stencils. Includes enclosed trailer, $15,000/BRO, 603-449-2140, 603-915-6291.

Child Care CHILD CARE In my Belmont home. 20+ years experience. Have one new opening. 2 meals, snacks & crafts. Call Linda at 524-8761.

For Rent 1 Bedroom- 2nd floor apartment. Heat/Hot Water included-Pet Friendly. Off street parking, close to downtown Laconia. $175/week Joel 455-4318 Belmont 2 Bedroom duplex. Newly remodeled, no pets. $190/week + utilities.

For Rent

For Rent

BELMONT New 1 bedroom apartment located in quiet country setting in single family neighborhood. Living room kitchen combo. Separate private entrance. 1 designated off street parking spot. Heat, electric & cable included. NO pets. NO smokers. References, 1 month rent & security deposit required. $665/month Available Now.

GILMANTON: 2-bedroom, 1-bath house, lake access, $1,000/month plus one month security. Includes utilities and snowplowing. 603-267-8970.

BELMONT: 2-Bedroom townhouse style apartment, quiet area, big yard. Heat included, $225/week. 520-1431 or 267-0545.

Laconia –Large 2 bedroom townhouse style unit, clean and ready for move in! $845/mo. Heat/Hot water included. New England Family Housing 603-744-3551

BELMONT: 1 bedroom, 2nd floor, coin-op laundry and storage space in basement. $195/week including heat, electric & hot water, 524-1234.

LACONIA Pleasant St. 1-Bedroom, $750. Studio apartment $650. Heat/hot water included, no pets/smoking. 524-5837

GILFORD– 2 Bedroom house with yard near Glendale Docks. $1,100 month, security deposit and utilities. Washer/Dryer. No smokers, no pets. 603-548-2551

LACONIA Victorian home 4 bedroom 2 bath, garage. Security, references, $1250/mo. plus utilities, 524-9930.

GILFORD townhouse- 2-Bedroom, 1.5-Bath $900/month + utilities. Deck, newer carpet, dishwasher, stove, washer/dryer. Mark 617-947-7093 Gilford-1-bedroom cottage or 2bedroom apartment. $175-$195/Week plus heat & utilities. Pets considered. 832-3334 or 556-7098 GILFORD: 1-BEDROOM private house, freshly painted, furnished or unfurnished, $625. (603)566-6815. Affordable Rental: 2 Bedroom 1 bath on small horse farm, 15-minutes from Laconia. Includes washer/dryer, heat/hot water, lights, phone, trash pick-up. $1000/month. No pets/smokers. 603-848-2907.

Laconia 1 Bedroom. New paint & carpet, washer/dryer hookup, storage, no pets. Security Deposit & references. $600/mo. + utilities. 520-4353

LACONIA Waterfront- 2-Bedroom, cheap heat, no pets, hardwood, new paint, furnished optional. Very clean, $895/month. 603-998-9694. LACONIA, Large 1bedroom, $160/week. Includes parking, heat and hot water. No pets. References & security. 455-6662 LACONIA- 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath 2 story townhouse with off street parking. Updated kitchen and full bath, easy access to bypass. Cats & small dogs OK. $995/Month + Utilities. 603-216-7082 Laconia- Cozy 2 bedroom on 2 acres. Large kitchen and Living-room with skylights and wood floors. Off street parking, trash pickup. $950/Month plus utilities/security deposit. NO smokers, pet negotiable. Call 603-671-5988


One and two bedrooms: $200 a week* All utilities, cable and Internet included

Rodeway Inn

788 Laconia Rd., Tilton 603-524-6897 Go to and enter “Tilton, NH” *Some conditions apply.

ALTON/GILFORD Town-Line: 2-Bedroom house, $200/week +utilities; 3-bedroom apartment, $230/week +utilities; Studio, $200/week, includes utilities, cable/internet. Lake/Beach access. 603-365-0799. ALTON: 2-Bedroom mobile home on own land, $600/mo. +utilities. 603-534-7589. APARTMENTS, mobile homes. If you need a rental at a fair price, call DRM Corp. Over 40 years in rentals, 524-0348 or visit M-W-F, 12-5, at 373 Court Street, Laconia. BELMONT 2BR manufatured home on one half acre. Town water and sewer, newly renovated and energy efficient. Nice location. FOR LEASE: $1,000 a month FOR SALE: Call for details Call 267-8023 GC Enterprises Property Mgt BELMONT, NH - $750.00 a month. 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, W&D hookup, single wide mobile home with yard for rent. Close to school. Call Fairlane Homes at 800-325-5566 for more informa-

• • • • • •

2 Bedroom Garden Style Units Hot Water included, low utility cost Subsidized & Market Units On-Site Laundry & parking Easy access to I-93, Route 104 Minimum 2 people per household

Ask About our $150.00 Referral Bonus Special Meredith, NH Ashland, NH

Call today to see if you qualify. TDD # 1-800-545-1833 Ext. 118

Page 20 — THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, November 5, 2010

For Rent

For Rent

For Sale

For Sale

Help Wanted


Laconia-3 bedroom duplex. Great yard, quiet, close to hospital. $1,150/month. Heat/Hot water included. Non-smokers. 603-630-5877

NEW Hampton - stunning quality! Immaculate 2+bedroom/ 2 bath exclusive Condo. $1195/ mo. Astonishing open stairwell extending up to the 3rd floor lighted by the skylight in the cathedral ceiling. Brazilian wood floors, W/D hook up. Less than 3 minutes from I-93. Call today 603-744-3551. NEFH...Come on Home!!

6 foot by 3 foot, solid wood country style kitchen/craft table, some surface scratches, $10.

MIXED Bag Stovewood, Firewood, $50 1/2 cord (truck). 293-0683.



Buy • Sell • Trade

AIRTIGHT woodstove $125, ma hogany entertainment center $50, Gare kiln $100, Bunn coffeemaker $65. 366-5586

MOTORIZED treadmill, must sell, used only 8 months, paid $1,000 will sacrifice for $725. 832-3403

ELM STREET SCHOOL has an opening for a CUSTODIAN

Computer-Windows XP $75, Tivo Recorder $30, Receiver $35, Klipsch speakers $50, Other electronics. 524-6815

SNOW TIRES TWO- 225-70-16 $50. ANTIQUE radio, $100; Various Power tools, Milwaukee Plumbers Helper/$150. 744-6107.

LACONIA: 1-bedroom, near downtown, $600 +utilities. References & deposit required. Available November 1st. Call 387-3864. LACONIA: First floor, 1-bedroom, $150/week, includes all utilities, 118 Court Street. 524-7218 or 832-3535. LACONIA: Very nice 1-bedroom apartments in clean, quiet, secure downtown building. $175/week, includes heat, hot water and electricity. 524-3892. LACONIA: 26 Dartmouth St. 1/2 of a Duplex; 7 Rooms, 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bath. Walkout Basement w/Laundry Hookups. Very clean, hardwood floors, private off street parking. Convenient location, walk to library, churches, downtown, Opechee Park & schools. Available November 1st $1,000/month plus utilities. Owner/broker 396-4163. LACONIA: 2BR second floor, laundry hookup, 1-car garage, large backyard, Oak St., $750 per month plus utilities, security deposit, references. Call after 4 pm, 520-8212. LACONIA: Close to downtown, 5-Room/2-Bedroom, 1.5 baths, first floor, includes 2-car parking, snow removal, landscaping, deck, washer/dryer, 2-weeks free rent w/one year lease, Includes heat. $215/week. 4-week security deposit, first week in advance, references and credit check a must. No pets. Leave message for Bob, 781-283-0783. LACONIA: Gail Avenue, 3rd floor, 1BR heat and h/w included, no pets, no smoking. $725. 524-5837. LACONIA: Gilbert Apartments. Efficiency, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments available. 524-4428. LACONI- Large 2-bedroom 2nd floor, washer-dryer hookups, nice yard w/porch. No dogs, $775/month, Large-private attic for storage. well-maintained. 455-8789. LACONIA: Nice 1 bedroom apartment. Hardwood floors, open concept kitchen/living room. $725/month. Includes Internet, cable, electric & heat. 455-9189. LACONIA: Small 2-bedroom house near LRGH. Washer/Dryer, heat & snow removal included. $975/month. No pets. No smoking. 524-5455. LACONIA: 1-Bedroom, $150/ week; Includes heat, HW, electric. Security, references. 455-4495. LACONIA: Small 1 Bedrm $135/wk, includes heat & hot water, references and deposit. 528-0024. Lakeport-Lake view 4 room-2 bedroom 1 bath. Includes snow removal, trash removal & landscaping, 2 car parking, washer/dryer. No pets. $200/week. References & credit check a must. 1st week in advance & 4 week security deposit. Leave message for Bob. 781-283-0783 Meredith 1-2 bedroom apartments & mobile homes. $650-$750/month + utilities. No pets. 279-5846 MEREDITH In-law apartment with 1 bedroom, kitchen and living room. No pets. No smoking. $625/month, includes heat & hot water. 279-4164 MEREDITH: In-town 1-bedroom, includes heat, $625/month. Parking w/plowing. Available first week of November. No Smoking. no pets. Security deposit. 387-8356. NORTHFIELD: 2 bedroom, 1st floor, includes basement, handicapped ramp, $215/week includ-

NORTHFIELD Are you tired of living in run down, dirty housing, then call us we have the absolute best, spotlessly clean and everything works. We include heat & hot water and all appliances, Townhouses & apartments, in Northfield one block from I-93 Call 630-3700 for affordable Clean living. NORTHFIELD Really nice 2BR with deck. $750 plus util. 455-9189 Office space Main St. Tilton, Parking, $1000/ month includes heat. 455-9189. PLYMOUTH Cottage or motel room, microwave and fridge, cable and high-speed Internet, all util incl, local transportation provided. $225 weekly. 536-1319 LACONIA: Quality, affordable, 2-bedroom, spacious apartments. (1 is handicap accessible). Heat and hot water included. Income limits apply. For a limited time only, we will pay your security deposit for you. Call Julie at Stewart Property Management. EHO. 603-524-6673. RUMNEY –Spacious 1 bedroom! Heat included, large yard, plenty of parking! Close to PSU $595/month. New England Family Housing 603-744-3551 School St. Tilton- Nice room for rent in large 3 bedroom 2 bath apartment. $125/weekly, includes all. 286-4391 South Down, Golf Village: 3 bedroom 2 bath townhouse; Cathedral ceiling, gas heat, central air, gas fireplace, all appliances, washer & dryer, beach, trails, tennis and all SD amenities. No smoking, no pets. Snow removal & lawn care included. $1,200 Month. Garage available. 603-387-2954 TILTON: 5-Bedroom, 2-bath house, 1-car attached garage, hardwood floors, washer/ dryer, 3+ acres, minutes to shopping and I-93. $1,500/ month +utilities and security. 387-3004. TILTON: 3-bedroom spacious apt.,convenient location, no pets. $800/mo. plus utilities, heat. Security deposit, references. 286-8200 WATERFRONT Townhouse Southdown Shores. 2 bedroom, 2-1/2 bath, $1,150/ month, + Utilities. (617) 254-3395. WEIRS Beach Winter Rental- One person, up to 6 max., as low as $500 + utilities for one & upward. Immediate availability through May 1, 2011. Call 603-366-4673 WINNISQUAM: Small efficiency apartment and a cottage including heat, hot water and lights. No pets. $150-$175/week. $400 deposit. 528-2757 or 387-3864.

WINTER RENTAL CEDAR LODGE Weirs Beach Studios, 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom condos starting at $575 /month. Please call Wendy at 366-4316.

CONTEMPORARY black leather couch, 7 ft, excellent cond., $100; cherry wood 54” foosball table, excellent cond., $150. 387-3942 DRY firewood, cut, split delivered, $265/ cord, green $200/ cord, will do half cords, John Peverly 528-2803 and no calls after 8 pm. E-FLIGHT Apprentice 15-E PNP electric R/C airplane used in good condition. $165. 455-9042. EARLYBIRD FARM

ALL DRY FIREWOOD 12 or 16 inch, cut and split $275 a cord or $175 half cord with 2 free bags of kindling and free delivery. Extra kindling $5 a bag at our farm stand.

435-9385 • Pittsfield FIREPLACE: Hearthstone Tuscon B-Vent gas, like new, $800; (2) 225x75x16 snow-tires, low miles, $60/each. 603-860-3067. Firewood: All-purpose, hard seasoned (stove wood) $3. Self serve. 18 Arlene Dr. (Off Union Rd.), Belmont.

For Sale 1ST CUT Hay $5/Bale. Large amount $4. 524-3832. 3 TVs: 26 inch $50, 20 inch $35 & 13 inch $35. 630-7942

Furniture BEAUTIFUL, Queen Luxury Support Pillowtop Mattress Set. New in plastic. Cost $1095, Sell $295. Can deliver. 603-305-9763 PROMOTIONAL New mattresses starting; King set complete $395, queen set $239. 603-524-1430.


3-5 years experience Fax resumes to: 279-7378 or call Mike at: 279-7378 or 344-7963 Inter-Lakes Builders Driver Helper & sheetrocker. References. 524-0785 or 524-1430

FLUE: Direct vent snorkel, 14”, $175; Tub surround with shelves, new in box, $60. (603)860-3067.

GE washer and electric dryer, heavy duty, large capacity, one owner, runs great, $225. 832-3403

24-40 Hours Per Week Weekend & Holiday Availability Required Able to help close (6-6:30 pm) Must apply in person, No Phone Calls Please.

King Size mattress & box spring $75, Fisher Price Jump-A-Roo in great condition $35, Cozy Cottage Toddler Bed w/Mattress $100. Contact Stephanie 998-7059

Friday 11/5, Saturday 11/6 & Sunday 11/7 from 11am-6pm Rt. 3 Weirs Beach

Four General Altimax snow tires size 235-65-R17. Almost new, $400. Call Steve 293-8985

BED Orthopedic 10” thick pillowtop mattress & box, new in plastic cost $900, sell Queen $285, King $395, Full $260. Can deliver. 235-1695 BEDROOM 6 piece solid cherry wood Sleigh bed, all dovetail drawers, new in boxes, cost $2100, sell $750. 235-1773 HOT tub Mp3/ ipod dock, speakers, led lights, 5/6 person. All options with cover. New in wrapper. Cost $8200, sell $4200. Will deliver 235-5218. MAPLE/ Antique white and cherry cabinets, never installed, solid wood, dovetail soft close drawers. Inventory reduction! Cost $7250, sacrifice $1775. 235-1695.

Loveseats • Sleep Sofas Livingroom Armchairs • Bureaus Call 524-0500, Ext. 351

Everything Must Go!

MIRRORS FOR SALE Removed from Bridal Shop 48” x 72” mirror wood framed (50” x 92”), 30” x 48” beveled, 30” x 48”, 30” x 42”, 30” x 18” Prefer to sell as package

$250 or B.O. Located in Winnisquam To view, call



Instruction New Hampshire Aikido -Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the Barn, Wadliegh Rd. Sanbornton. 998-1419

Land BELMONT: 3 acres with 180 ft. on paved town road. 100% dry, gravel soils, driveway already installed, surveyed, soil tested for septic system. $54,900. Owner/broker, 524-1234.

$20,500 or $775 rental 2bedroom 1.5 bath mobile home in Belmont 528-0168

Holiday Help Wanted


IINTAKE WORKER— Full-time position for the Laconia Area Center. Responsible for performing intake and outreach functions for agency programs (Fuel Assistance, Electric Assistance and other agency programs) in Laconia and surrounding communities. Provides information and referral to other providers in the community and general office duties. Must possess knowledge of social service agencies/programs and a strong desire to assist those in need to help themselves. Strong communication and writing skills, computer knowledge of Windows based software and ability to work efficiently under pressure with minimum supervision. AA or BA degree in social services or equivalent experience. Own, reliable transportation with personal insurance coverage of $100,000-$300,000 is required. Salary range $11.45 to $13.73 per hour excellent benefits. Send resume by 11/12/10 to Community Action Program Belknap-Merrimack Counties, Inc. (L/AC), P.O. Box 1016, Concord, NH 03302-1016. E.O.E. Maintenance TechnicianPart-time maintenance technician needed for Wingate Village Apartments in Laconia. Experience in electrical, plumbing, interior/exterior building repair and maintenance. Pay starts at $13.00 per hour, 20 hours per week (Monday – Friday, 8-12 PM) with benefits available after one year of employment. Previous experience in maintenance preferred. Limited travel for training required. Email r e s u m e s t o EOE. EHO.

Real Estate

Mobile Homes

Fisher wood stove all nighter $550, Englander wood stove with glass doors, $350. Royall wood furnace hot air, $450. Leave message 267-9441

For Rent-Commercial LACONIA Prime retail. 750 sf., parking, includes heat. $550 per month. Security deposit & references. 455-6662.

Two leather riding jackets. Womens black, size 16. $50 OBO and Mens AGV Sport Coat. Black, silver, gray, size 50. $50. 527-8281

This is a full-time, 2nd shift, year-round position. To apply please submit an application to: William Caruso, ESS Facility Manager Laconia School District PO Box 309 Laconia NH 03247 Email: Applications are available from 8:00 – 4:00 at: SAU 30, 39 Harvard Street, Laconia, NH 03246 or online at:

(603)447-1198. Olson’s Moto Works, RT16 Albany, NH.

Motorcycles 2001 HD 883 Sportster. Well maintained, high miles. Title in-hand; $2,700 cash. Call for details: 393-8687

Roommate Wanted FEMALE roommate to share Belmont home: Must like animals. $400/month, includes utilities. 527-8808.

LACONIA 3-roomates wantedClean, quiet, sober environment. All inclusive, must see, will go fast. $129/week. 455-2014 SANBORNTON: Room for Rent in quiet country home, $595/month includes all. Clean, responsible person. Call 603-630-5264.

THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, November 5, 2010— Page 21

CALENDAR from page 17

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6 Annual Holiday Fair at the St. Francis Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in Laconia. 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Theme basket raffles, cherry tree raffle, Canadian pork pies, baked goods, white elephant tables, major cash raffle prizes, and lunch items available for purchase. Terry McKenna Memorial Walk to benefit St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry in Laconia. 1 p.m. start at the Gilford Hills Tennis Club. Bring non-perishable food items to donate in Terry’s name. For more information contact Barry at 345-5290 or e-mail Missi at Try hockey for free at the Laconia Ice Arena. Lakes Region Youth Hockey Association and USA Hockey invite boys and girls from 4 to 9 from 7:45 to 9:15 a.m. Participants should bring a parent (to complete the registration form and enjoy the fun), a helmet, a pair of gloves or mittens and skates (rentals are available). For more information visit or call Dave Pollak at 620-3133. Open House at Sant Bani School in Sanbornton. 10 a.m. A fully-accredited K-12 day school. For more information call 934-4240 or visit Trail maintenance work day on the Round Pond/Fire Road Trails with Hal Graham and the B.R.A.T.T.S. Meet at the Bickford Road parking area in Gilford at 9:00 a.m. Bring



work gloves and lunch — new volunteers are always welcome! For more information, call Hal or Peg Graham at 286-3506. Lakes Region Harvest Arts & Crafts Fair at the Conference Center at the Lake Opechee Inn & Spa. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Free admission. Free parking and shuttle. Al-Anon Meeting at the Lakes Region General Hospital in Laconia. 8 to 9:15 p.m. each Saturday in the first floor conference room. Al-Anon offers hope and help to families of alcoholics. No dues or fees. All are welcome. Call 645-9518. Mesa De Charlar (The Chat Table) group meeting at the Gilford Public Library. 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (feel free to bring a bag lunch). Intended for people who are interested in Spanish and want to improve their comprehension and speaking skills. For more information call Ellen at 528-6692. Open Door Dinners offer free weekly meal in Tilton. 4:30 to 6 p.m. An outreach housed at Trinity Episcopal Church on Main Street, downtown. provides a free hot meal open to all members of the community. All are welcome to eat and all are welcome to help out. For more information, especially about volunteering, please call Pastor Mark at 286-3120 or e-mail him at Mini farmstand hosted by Sustainable Sustenance. 9 to 11 a.m. at the Laconia Village Bakery on Main Street, downtown. Greens, root crops, squash, sprouts, tomatillos, tomatoes, potatoes, eggs, raw cow and goat milk, herbs, honey and more. All from local farms.



Halfway between Rte.104 & Parade Rd. Wed-Sun 10-5 603-279-4234

Quality Work Reasonable Rates Free Estimates Metal Roofs • Shingle Roofs

Lamp Repair our Specialty CALL Mike for fall clean-ups, snowblowing, scrapping and light hauling. Very reasonably priced. 603-455-0214



Our Customers Don!t get Soaked!

528-3531 All Trades Landscaping Construction • Irrigation Excavation • Maintenance Spring and Fall • Clean up's. Free estimates and fully insured

Kero & Electric Lamps, Shades, Supplies, Glassware, Tools & Collectibles

GILFORD — An evening of dinner and theatre is on tap for participants of the Senior Moment-um program at the High School beginning at 5 p.m. on Thursday, November 18. Parks and Recreation, in conjunction with the Rotary, GHS Interact Club, and GHS Performing Arts, is sponsoring the event. After gathering in the High School lobby for dinner, attendees will then head to the auditorium for a performance of the musical “Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” starring GHS students. There is no fee for this program, but space is limited and reservations will be accepted on a first come see next page

M.A. SMITH ELECTRIC: Quality work for any size electrical job. Licensed-Insured, Free estimates/ 603-455-5607


Senior Moment-um Dinner & Theatre Night to include “Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”

HANDYMAN SERVICES Small Jobs Are My Speciality


Rick Drouin 520-5642 or 744-6277

603-524-3969 CARPET Shampooing $25 per room. Call 603-455-1258

HOUSECLEANING-LOOKING for jobs in Lakes Region area. Condos, mobile homes, foreclosures. Available to help with errands/shopping & baking for holidays. Afternoons or anytime Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Great references. Please call 524-8649.

FALL clean ups, snow blowing, lawn care and tree work. Free estimate. 267-7186

HOUSECLEANING: Business & Residential, Very Low Rates, 50% Off First Service! Lakes Region, 603-455-1258.



2000 Arctic Cat ZRT600, 510 miles, $2,500/obo.; 1991 Polaris Indy SPefi500, 4,712 miles, $600/obo. 387-7876.

Storage Space SNOWPLOWING MEREDITH AREA Reliable & Insured

Michael Percy


Interior/Exterior Since 1982 ~ Fully Insured

FALL-CLEANUPS & Mowing: 15 years experience. Call Rob at Diehl Property Works, 603-393-4470.


The Profile GM Store is looking to expand our service team. We are looking for Qualfied Technicians WE OFFER:

• Competitive wages commensurate with experience • Paid holidays and vacation • 401K retirement program • On going factory training • A chance to grow with a company committed to quality repairs and customer satisfaction. YOU NEED:

• Positive and team oriented attitude • GM experience preferred but will train right individual • Motivated to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Call or stop by today and see Peter (603)447-3361

Justice of the Peace Notary Public I make house calls, have stamp will travel! Documents, weddings, etc. 293-8237

STORE your car-boat-motorcycle in a clean and secure brick building. Low prices. (603)524-1430 WINTER Storage: For boat or auto, secure, 15!x30! bay, $100/Month or $500/Season. 293-4542.

Yard Sale


279-5755 630-8333 Bus.

LACONIA: 2-story barn for rent. 15 ft.x 20ft., 600 sq ft. $175/month including electric. 524-1234.

GILFORD Mega Moving Sale! Saturday & Sunday. No junk, all good stuff, some free! New & used building materials, furniture, kitchen cabinets, sporting goods, clothing, appliances, etc. 257 Dockham Shore Rd. E-mail for a complete list of items



Rightway Plumbing and Heating Over 20 Years Experience Fully Insured. License #3647

Call 393-4949

NEED FINANCIAL HELP with the spaying, altering of your dog or cat? 224-1361 Before 2pm.

STEVE’S LANDSCAPING General Yardwork & Fall Cleanups. 524-4389 or 630-3511.

MEREDITH Moving Sale- Saturday, November 6th & November 13th, 9am-3pm. Everything must go. 19 Mountian Ridge Dr. 686-0803 MULTI-FAMILY Yard Sale. Petal Pushers Farm, 2635 Parade Rd., Laconia. Outboard motors, trains, post cards, 78 rpm records, household goods, collectible, WWII medals, Persian rugs, vintage Arctic Cat, furniture, Teen clothes, 16 kayak, Christmas crafts & more. Sat. 11/6 8:30am-3:30pm. Rain or shine.

Page 22 — THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, November 5, 2010

Deadline to contribute to Feeding NH Food Drive is Tuesday, November 16 LACONIA — Laconia Savings Bank is hosting a Feeding NH Food Drive at each of its 19 community offices until Tuesday, November 16. LSB is banking on the generous spirit of Granite State residents, collecting non-perishable food items as well as monetary donations. The items collected in each office will benefit local food pantries throughout the state as they prepare to assemble Thanksgiving baskets for those in need. “Hunger is a problem all year long, not just during the holidays,” said LSB Vice President, Director of Marketing and Public Relations Vickie Routhier. “Our goal is to help stock the shelves of local food pantries during the season of giving.” Saint Vincent De Paul, a Laconia food pantry, distributes 500 Thanksgiving baskets each year and this year the shelves are virtually empty. NH Food Pantries rely heavily on members of the local communities for support and, unfortunately, many members of the community who were making donations in the past are now in need of this service themselves. When asked about the current conditions, Jo Carignan of the Saint Vincent De Paul Food Pantry stated, “In 20 years, this is the worst I have ever seen it.” from preceding page basis. Participants must R.S.V.P. no later than noon on Friday, November 12. For more information or to R.S.V.P., contact Parks and Recreation at 527-4722.


AT PUBLIC AUCTION November 23, 2010, at 4:00 PM on the premises SINGLE FAMILY HOME 178 RAND ROAD

As it gets closer to the holiday, the shelves at the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry in Laconia are in desperate need of donations. Picutred above are (l-r) Joan Leroux, Vice President – Office Manager- Laconia, Laconia Savings Bank; Allison Doherty, Bank Services Representative – Gilford Village, Laconia Savings Bank; Bette Prescott, Vice President – Office Manager- Gilford Lakeshore, Laconia Savings Bank; Kendra Gard, Bank Services Representative – Laconia, Laconia Savings Bank; Amy Leclair, Bank Services Representative – Laconia, Laconia Savings Bank; Jo Carignan - Saint Vincent De Paul Food Pantry director. (Courtesy photo)

Belmont — AS GOOD AS NEW!! Completely remodeled 3 bedroom ranch with large family room in lower level. Renovations include: New kitchen cabinets, appliances, bathroom, flooring, vinyl siding, windows, doors. Newer roof. Sits on 1.25 acre.




TERMS FOR THE SALE: $5,000.00 deposit must be presented in cash, certified check or banker’s check satisfactory to the mortgagee at the time and place of sale. Balance due within 30 days from the date of sale. Attorney Thomas Haughey Haughey, Philpot & Laurent Attorneys at Law 816 North Main Street Laconia, NH 03246

View home listings on our web site or Call Ruth @ 527-1140 or Cell 520-7088


MORTGAGE REFERENCE: Recorded in the Merrimack County Registry of Deeds at Book 2890, Page 1055

Laconia Office

Willow Pond

at Long Bay, Laconia


Sat. 11/6, 11:00 - 2:00 Location: 31 Surrey Lane, Laconia, MLS 4024807

Willow Pond prices start at $279,900. Directions: Follow Parade Rd. to Entrance of South Down Shores (Outerbridge Dr.). Stop by our office at the entrance or call (603) 520-1057 to get through the gate. Follow Outerbridge Dr. straight to Willow Pond. See sign.

528-0088 279-7046 Meredith Office

528-0088 279-7046


“We Sell the Lakes Region!™” Open HOuse sat. 11/6, 10-2:00

Location: 81 Dockham Shore Rd., Gilford Price just reduced from $1.1 million to $999,900. Quintessential Lake Open HOuse! House with top notch quality and craftsmanship throughout in a great local. Fantastic lake and mountain views with crystal clear sandy lake frontage. Maintenance-free exterior. MLS#4024685

Pine Gardens Manufactured Homes Sales & Park

Lowest Prices Around! Office: (603) 267-8182 Fax: (603) 267-6621 Route 140E, 3 miles on right from Exit 20, off I-93.

Visit: For New & Used Listings MORTGAGEE’S SALE OF REAL ESTATE

AT PUBLIC AUCTION November 24, 2009 at 3:00 PM on the premises SINGLE FAMILY HOME 404 CALEF HILL ROAD


Open HOuse sun.

Open HOuse sun.

Open House: Sunday, Nov. 7th 86 Goodwin Rd., Gilford 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

Open House: Sunday, Nov. 7th 468 Union ave., Laconia 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

Come see this local landmark. Great visibility and high traffic count! Private backyard; a perfect place to live and work. Impeccably maintained wood floors, fireplace, private deck, and even a 2-story barn! One room LakeS ReGiON ReNTaLS (To view all rentals, visit and click on “Rentals” page. is currently being used as a barber shop. MLS#2823115. $239,900. Long Term Rental at South Down Shores!

$1,650/month + util. & sec. deposit. 4 BR, 2 bath home for rent on yearly basis. Quiet street in walking distance to beach. Access to all SDS amenities.(603) 528-0088

Preowned Homes FOR SALE

Tour this spectacular home on a lovely lot with a pool and beautiful mountain view. Just a short walk to Gilford Village! $552,900. MLS# 4015683

HORSe PROPeRTy / FaRM: Large farm house w/ 13 rooms, 5 BRs, outside deck, lg family room w/ gas FP, 4 indoor horse stalls, tack room & walking corral. Close to Laconia & Meredith. $1,500/month + util. & sec. deposit. Call (603) 528-0088.

Visit our new web “blog” !

PER TAX RECORDS: 2 STORY GARRISON STYLE HOME WITH 4 BEDROOMS, 1 1/2 BATHROOMS, FULL BASEMENT WITH OUTSIDE ENTRY, BRICK FIREPLACE IN LIVING ROOM, 2 CAR ATTACHED GARAGE AND MOUNTAIN RANGE VIEWS ON 1.53 ACRES OF LAND MORTGAGE REFERENCE: Recorded in the Belknap County Registry of Deeds at Book 2107, Page 602 TERMS FOR THE SALE: $5,000.00 deposit must be presented in cash, certified check or banker’s check satisfactory to the mortgagee at the time and place of sale. Balance due within 30 days from the date of sale. Attorney Thomas Haughey Haughey, Philpot & Laurent Attorneys at Law 816 North Main Street Laconia, NH 03246

THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, November 5, 2010 — Page 23

Babysitting course offered by American Red Cross at Meredith Community Center on Saturday, November 13 MEREDITH — An American Red Cross Babysitting Course will be offered to youngsters age 11 and older at the Community Center from 9 a.m. — 4 p.m. on Saturday, November 13. Participants will receive professional Red Cross instruction on many different topics of the babysitters’

responsibilities and learn characteristics of children, games, activities, basic care, safety, and first aid. Students should bring a snack and lunch to the all-day class. For more information, call the Parks and Recreation department at 279-8197.

Poetry contest for students grades 1 through 12 will award prizes, certificate and publication in quarterly magazine FARMINGTON — The Poetry Society of New Hampshire will sponsor its annual contest for NH students grades 1 — 12 awarding prizes, certificates, and publication in the Society’s quarterly magazine. There are two categories — one for elementary and junior high and one for high school. Ten poems in each category will be published in the The Poets Touchstone. Younger winning

poets will receive a certificate and small writing journal. Older students will be awarded a certificate and $10 prize check. An entry fee of $1 per poem is required. Postmark deadline is March 31. For a set of complete guidelines, visit www. or send a letter of inquiry to P.O. Box 637, Farmington, NH 03835. Please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.

524-6565 Fax: 524-6810

E-mail: 61 Liscomb Circle, Gilford, NH 03249





Newly Listed...Priceless Lake Winnipesaukee View!! Main Level Deck Feels Like You’re In The Cockpit Of A Plane...Runway To The Left And All Lake Straight Ahead!! Deeded Beach Rights...Open Concept Living W/a Wall Of Glass And Fireplace. Multi Level Decks, One Brand New! Garage...Four Seasons Of Vacation!! $279,000.

Newly Listed...Wonderful Country Cape Situated On 1.6 Acres. Absolutely Charming!! Big Sunny Rooms With Lots Of Glass. Newly Appl. Kitchen, Large Living With A Big Fireplace, 3 Bedrms, Den And Family Rm W/ sliders To A Lovely Patio. Lanscaped With A Big Garden Pond. 2 Car Garage. $240,000.

Newly Listed...Affordable Vacation Home Or The Perfect Starter Home In Gilford. Bright & Sunny Open Concept Contemporary With Seasonal Mnt Views. Vaulted Ceilings, 2 Bedrms, 2 Baths And Lower Level Family Rm. Sliders To View Side Deck...Deeded Winni Beach Rights! $179,000.




Now...$177,000 This House Is Waiting For You!! Deeded Neighborhood Beach On Lake Opechee Just Steps Away... Hardwood Floors Throughout. Nice Big Living Room, 3 Bedrms, Big Enclosed Sunroom, Brand New Roof 2010, 3 Baths And Attached 2 Car Garage.

Wall To Wall Charming!! 2004 Custom Built Post & Beam Gilford Cape,,,Tongue & Groove Ceilings, Exposed Beams And Wood Floors Give It That Charming Country Feel. Master Suite, 3 Brs, 2.5 Baths, Country Kitchen W/hearth, Screen Porch And 2 Car Garage. Very Private...$319,000.

Only $109,000...”Landing Lane” Riverside Factory Conversion...Rustic And City Charming! Townhouse Unit Offers 1 Bedrm, Loft, Granite Kitchen, 1.5 Baths, Hardwood, Brick, Beams And Covered Parking. Weight Rm, Kayak Racks...Come See...

Just $13,000...Lake Region Mobile Home Co-op In Gilford...Great Condition 5 Rm, 2 Br Mh With 2 Three Season Porches...No Age Restriction, No Dogs.

Camelot Homes

O PEN Daily & Sunday Rt. 3 (Exit 20 off Rt. 93) Tilton, NH

WWW.CM-H.Com 603-286-4624


Center Harbor Office 32 Whittier Hwy Center Harbor, NH 03226 (603) 253-4345

Laconia Office 348 Court St Laconia, NH 03246 (603) 524-2255

Mod 2 story 1,900 sq ft. $83,995

28 wides from $44,995

Sale New 14 wides from $26,995

Laconia $989,000

Elegant & lovely waterfront home on a quiet private beautifully landscaped lot w/ great views & sunsets. #4031376

Judy McShane 581-2800

Gilford $219,900

Updated contemporary chalet that offers privacy on a well landscaped lot w/ nice deck & only 2 min to Laconia. #4031227

Stan Shepard 581-2856

Laconia $129,900

Cozy ranch w/ full walk-out LL on a private, quiet lot at the end of a dead end street. #4031232

Judy McShane 581-2800

Gilford $569,000

Magnificent lake & mtn views from this 4 yr old quality custom Post & Beam home set on 3 AC. #2782236

Shawn Bailey 581-2835 or Lorraine Bourgault 581-2828

Laconia - $169,900

Lovely one level condo. Gated community with sandy beach, tennis, walking trails and marina. #4030610

Barbara Mylonas: 603-253-4345

Laconia $129,000

Very classy 2 yr old condo w/ all the upgrades-Central air, granite, & SS appliances. #4017463

Shelly Brewer 581-2879

Moultonboro - $429,000

Beautiful Cape on 7+ acres w/ breathtaking views of Red Hill. Private yet close to town. #4031216

Kristen Jones: 603-253-4345

Laconia $166,500

3rd floor spacious 2 BR condo w/ all the upgrades & balcony overlooking the Winnipesaukee River. #2794208

Ernie Millette 581-2850

Tamworth - $74,900

Great getaway home for the outdoors person. Close to skiing, boating & fishing. Needs TLC. #4031151

Kath Blake: 603-253-4345

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Page 24 — THE LACONIA DAILY SUN, Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday, Nov. 5, 2010  
Friday, Nov. 5, 2010  

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