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2007 Taipei, Taiwan

City Play Ground Jyu-An Park Heping East Road in Taipei along the Dunhua South Road from the north, passing through several green characters, the right hand side of the urban space suddenly, an undulating park in front of passers-by into the present. In the small and densely populated areas of Taipei were both large parks such as Daan Forest Park, or in an alley between the neighborhood park, and being squeezed on the busy rush of people living in Taipei, it is a very A rare location, hard impervious pavement swept every inch of the city each foot, can be full of green space vision is almost gone. However, residents of Taipei to the plant whether it is unlimited or limited by the loose packing cloth of open spaces, I might design of the park in which Jyu-An to give people awake-up call in mind, or even joking tone in some say to this a space for people, "This is a game field, and you are not just a player, you are also the object to be played!" .

Ln. 81, Sec. 2, Dunhua S. Rd.

Zih Jie, Hong FJU

Sec. 2, Dunhua S. Rd.

General Site Plan

General View

Zih-Jie, Hong FuJen University

Human Rights Memorial Space Green Island PORT “In that time, how many mothers crying at night, for their child imprisoned in this island.""

2007 Green Island, Taiwan Project Statement


Green Island Human Rights Memorial Park was located on village near by port in order to commemoration the history, to those who fight the development of the human rights movement in Taiwan sacrificed for the people.A poet Bo Yang mentioned : "In that era, how many mothers crying at night, for their child imprisoned in this island." Shows the story of human rights activists and their relatives was blood and tears.


Concept Process






p ro c e s s or



Green Island, a place combines political, culture, nature in one. As a public space, designed for memorize the history of human rights liberty would be a good play. The port is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, more than the initial visit to Green Island, the natural landscape in the vague sense that exist an atmosphere of guarded. In the fact, behind the natural landscape, hide a story of a democracy movement in the Taiwan, was said to be composed of blood and tears.Because the isolated location of the island, it is difficult to arrive. In the past, the government used this great advantage to lock criminals. Most of the people inside the jail were important prisoners or political prisoners. The port is used to transport the prisoners in and out .

Site Plan

N 0



20 m

Due to intricate historical factors, to express people's anger and discontent would not be the heart of the design. I hope the way can be "a symbol to ease the pain of the tragedy and a place to meet the new century." And also keep the design narrative. Finally through the group discussion, analysis and thinking, "the story transforms" into the design of important concepts. It is a description of the process of change. Without decorate the space, but it must be strong meaning. Finally the abandoned port developed into my space to design. To design discontinuous, indirect changes in the abandoned space, and finally to the unfinished bridge, the reflection will be forget, so I reserved a final design is not completed as at the end, I must admit it is not a good design practices, but I hope to keep some defects increase the intensity of the story.

Sequence Lan d sca p e


test only for

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