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KC Showroom CAMParts gets a facelift Optimate: Hit the Mark

LAC goes Back to Basics


Upclose and Personal

Management takes its leaders back to the roots of the company A 32-year-old company with undeniable stability that withstood its competitors, the Philippines changing economy, six presidents, technological advances and calamities, LAC has proven its success as a viable business venture. After decades of growth and innovation for the company, management revisits its mission, vision and core values to realign the business and its people and set a clearer path for LAC to go beyond. Last August 17 to 18, Director of Sales and Marketing Andrew Dela Cruz (ADC) prepared an exciting new program for its Business Review to enable the company to weave together a more realistic, Christ-centered and sustainable plan for LAC. (continued on the next page)


Welcome Newbies Birthdays Weddings


Glowing Skin Health Buff with Ma始am Josie

VISION To be the leading and most respected agricultural spare parts and machinery provider in the Philippines.

MISSION Maintain our dedication to providing world-class quality products Create strong brand value Provide intuitive service Achieve our annual STAR goals

CORE VALUES L - Life-giving A - Accountable C - Customer-Oriented I - Intuitive N - Noble (with high moral principles) C - Christ-Centered

Call Bhing now for Christmas Party Theme

PLAYHOUSE your orders 3710863

Venue: Carmel Plaza Date: December 20, 2012 Time: 4:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. COSTUMES Sales: Dora the Explorer Warehouse: Fairy Tale FJ: Barbie Koffee Concept: Justice League Optimate: Anime Read details inside.

news across the group Message from Boss LAC goes Back to Basics (continued from page 1) Who would have thought that a simple company founded in 1980 would reach this far. A company that began with a very simple mission, to provide food and basic needs to a starting family. But nothing happens by accident. Somebody out there looked after us and guided us. He is God. Godʼs hand helped us steer LAC to where it is today. With expectant faith God will always be on our side as we journey and gain more successes. Since the beginning “Positive Advancement” has been part of LACʼs logo. This is a sincere commitment to positively advance, making little improvements, moving forward, changing for the better. This year we are moving on a positive direction by coming up with a company newsletter. Through this newsletter we will know more of the companyʼs directions, plans and our achievements. We can share happy moments, know each other better and recognize those who deserve credit. Hopefully this newsletter would make you feel proud of the company you belong with.

Managers were able to form their personal and career paths in accordance to LACʼs as a means of achieving success in both areas of their lives. APEX trainor Dan Esguerra led the personal visioning and several team-building and personality development programs while ADC guided the team in the drafting of their Strategic Plans and presenting them as their company commitment for 2012-2013. Their One-Year Strat Plan was met with a management reply from LAC President and CEO Florante Dela Cruz (FPC) and Chief Financial Officer Josefina Dela Cruz (JCC). Both were optimistic about the year ahead, setting up the mood and providing a positive challenge to their managers.

I would like to thank Andrew, Ricci and the people who contributed to the launching of this newsletter. We promise a delightful reading experience. In the next issues we also would like to hear from you. Please take an active part in the future issues. Happy reading to all!

“LAC still has room for growth and we want to expand our business not only for ourselves but also for our people,” FPC said. JCC has these words of advice, “we need to work harder malaki pa ang market, hindi tayo dapat maging complacent.” Surely with a strong and inspired team to lead LAC greater success is only a stone-throw away.

Power of Words


Fellowship Night

Everyone made snowflakes and given to their colleagues. With it are nice words of appreciation and inspiration.

A display of teamwork for LAC, the group managed to pass 100 balls around the table for only 3 minutes without dropping one.

Listened to an inspirational talk from guest speaker Dan Esguerra on how we can turn to God in order to break bad habits.

news across the group KC Showroom Koffee Concept is planning to be the next company to build its very own showroom to showcase the companyʼs products, conduct Barista training sessions and hold client meetings and demos. Architect Jed Hernandez presented a modern concept of the showroom as rendered in this digital drawing.

CAMParts gets a facelift Hitting the Mark to reach the Star The Strategic Planning Workshop of Optimate focussed on updating their Vision and Mission based on the changing market and company dynamics over the 16 years of its inception. Their new Vision and Mission served as their guide for the coming years to make the company grow and be more profitable.

Optimate achieves milestone Just when you think that the Dragon failed to inspire Optimate this year 2012, the sea of sales came back with milestone waves in July. Recording its highest sales to date after an alarming dip in the first half of this year, Optimate was able to turn things around with its new equipment offerings for optical shops and an aggressive customer campaign. According to Sales Manager Wendy De Mesa, “we have expanded the line of our products this year in order to cover the demand for affordable but quality optical equipment. This gave more entrepreneurs and doctors the opportunity to venture in their own optical business.” Optimate President and CEO Florante Dela Cruz commended his team led by General Manager Amelio Uy for their efforts and positive attitude that enabled the company to thrive again this year.

Optimateʼs showroom located at 2F/40 Dangay St Project 7, QC.

All the key personnel involved in the different areas namely Sales, Admin, Warehousing including the Management, laid down their individual action plans and presented them in order to ensure that they are all inline with each other and guarantee a smooth flowing system within the company. Everyone committed to hitting their target and find ways to secure more opportunities for Optimate and achieving CEO Florante Dela Cruzʼs goal for the company which is “to double the target for next year.” VISION To be the leading and most respectable supplier of optical products in the Philippines. MISSION To provide quality products Building excellent rapport to customers Delighting customers with efficient service Dealing with integrity and dignity at all times Continuing education Seeking new opportunities and innovation CORE VALUES O - Opportunity P - Passion T - Tenacity I - Intuitive M - Maturity A - Aggressiveness T - Teamwork E - Empowerment

upclose and personal


Someday I'm going to get up the nerve to... tumalon sa bldg pero hinde para magpakamatay kundi mag bunjee jumping If you could meet anyone past, present, or future... Who would it be? Princess Diana Favorite Movie of all time...First Knight Favorite Expression...Ay…Kabayo!!! If you had 3 wishes, what would they be have happy & simple family 2.peaceful environment 3.maunlad na bansa. Least favorite Smell...mapanghi If the world was going to end tomorrow I with my family!!! Life is...beautiful...enjoy!! Paper or Plastic...paper True love is...sacrificing Thing you're most proud of {an accomplishment of yours} education Do you screen your One word to describe your life so far...simple What super power would you like to have...power to see the future Most important thing in life (hehehe) Favorite quote...”Do unto others what you want others do unto you” Si Nora o Vilma? Vilma What is the essence of a woman? Pang Miss Universe lang yan

Someday I'm going to get up the nerve to... Huh?! If you could meet anyone past, present, or future... Who would it be? Eba at Adan Favorite Movie of all time...Land Before Time Favorite Expression...Wooh! If you had 3 wishes, what would they be 1.manalo sa lotto 2.maka-quota every month 3.maging bata ulet start 2 yrs old Least favorite Smell...Summer Breeze If the world was going to end tomorrow I would...kasama buong pamilya Life is...Trial and Happiness Paper or Plastic...Paper True love is...Hindi ko alam basta nararamdaman mo na lang everyday. Thing you're most proud of {an accomplishment of yours} be a father Do you screen your calls...No One word to describe your life so far...Challenging What super power would you like to have...Invisible Man Most important thing in life...Happiness, money, anak and Loving loving Favorite quote...Everyday is a challenge or Age doesn’t matter, it’s just a number. Si Nora o Vilma? Hindi ko sila panahon...c Anne tsaka Christine na lang. What is the essence of a woman? Panganganak


announcements Welcome Newbies

Christmas Party 2012

PLAYHOUSE For the past three years, LAC Group of Companies has looked forward to a fun-filled themed company Christmas Party.


2011 VOGUE

John Alvaro A. Macalalad, Koffee Concept AJ is the new Business Development Officer of Koffee Concept responsible for Sales and Product Development. He worked in Dubai for four years as a Head Barista and Sales Associate for Second Cup Coffee Company and Caffee Risteretto. This year, it始s PLAYHOUSE! All employees will be invited to join this trip to the world of adventure and fun with our favorite cartoon heroes and heroines. Everyone must dress up as a character of the assigned cartoon/toy theme to their group. Official communication regarding details of the Christmas Party will be forwarded to all companies and departments from October.

Happy Birthday!

Raymond Nolasco, LAC Raymond is the Information Technology Officer of LAC responsible for data management, report generation, But it is important to note that Raymond始s skills do not end with Excel spreadsheets and numbers, he is also an artist of multi media arts. He is a graduate of Information Technology from Bulacan State University.

OCTOBER 1 - Alvin Dayao 2 - Richard Fernandez 5 - Tess Morillo 7 - Roger Cedullo 13 - Flor Manuel 15 - Amelio Uy 20 - Noel Polintan 27 - Bhing Relloso


Gerald D.C. Tiongson, Koffee Concept Gerald is the Technical Assistant of Koffee Concept assisting in the maintenance, repair , testings and presentation of coffee machine and other equipment of the company. He is a graduate of Electronics and Communication Technology from Bulacan State University.

NOVEMBER 1 - Joey Tejolan 2 - Noveleen Bionson 8 - Marie Aggabao 16 - Remary Aganos 18 - Vic Enriquez 21 - Jomari Romero 28 - Macky Gatuz 28 - Jun Tumbaga

DECEMBER 4 - Bernadette Alpe 11 - Mitch Roque 17 - Raymond Nolasco 24 - Crystal Casta帽os 30 - Aikz Tingga

ORDER NOW!!! Look for Bhing 371.0863 / 371.0884 AVAILABLE PRODUCTS Banana Loaf Muffins Brownies

Melodeeh & Brian - Jun 2, 2012 Joyce & Bryan - Dec 8, 2012

*All employees will receive a 10% discount. HURRY!

healthy living Glowing Skin: New advocacy of Optimate Optimate will be introducing its newest product offering to the Philippine market - an exclusive line of Skin Care products from Australia. All these products are topical therefore are non-intrusive.


Living Healthy with Maʼam Josie Malunggay tree is very common here in the Philippines. You can actually ask your neighbors for some leaves should you decide to cook it for dinner. But did you know how rich in nutrients and antioxidants Malunggay leaves really are. Here are some facts you may want to know.

Bio-nano Skin Defence System Concentrate Leading skincare technology that brings you an entirely new concept in skin beauty. Turn your dreams into reality with healthy, youthful, and beautiful radiant skin.

Vitamins/ Minerals

Food Source


Vitamin A


4 times 


Vitamin C


7 times 



4 times 



3 times 



9 times 



3 times 

Bio-nano Concentrated Placenta Liquid Developed using innovative bio-technologies and is enriched with biologically-active substances of sheep placenta cells, rich in deoxyribonucleic acid and alkaline phosphatasel, plus vitamins and minerals.

Carlmark - bTX Argiline and Adenosine Contains peptides and natural extracts to help firm and smoothen the appearance of the skin, minimizing roughness along the way. It is infused with antioxidants to help restore cells and counteract free radical damage.

Bio-nano Skin Whitening Bio-nano Skin Whitening Hydro-Active Moisturiser Contains natural active ingredients have been encapsulated into small particles, known as nanospheres.

There are a total of 46 antioxidants and 36 inflammatory compounds found in Malunggay. This is along with several more Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and other nutrients. Some specific benefits we can get from it are: • Good for digestion • Increase metabolism • Increase milk quantity for lactating mothers • Protects liver and kidney • Can beautify the skin • Balances cholesterol levels in the body • Control blood sugar • Has anti-cancer properties TIPS ON HOW TO CONSUME MALUNGGAY 1. Malunggay Tea 2. Malunggay Juice 3. Monggo 4. Tinola 5. Pancit Molo 6. Swam 7. Malunggay Pandesal 8. Malunggay Pasta 9. Malunggay Ice Cream 10. Malunggay Burger

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LACink October 2012  

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