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Portfolios Term 3 [Type the document subtitle] Lachlan Delaney 9/20/2011

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PYP Attitudes/Learner Profile I have showed risk-taking behaviour this term during my holiday when I walked up to the top of Uluru. I was very scared and it was very dangerous but I still went up to the top even though it was dangerous.

Term Reflection This term I had a great time. There were so many things we have done... I don’t even know where to start. During the start of the term before my holiday we went to another school and met Morris Gluten and also we got peered with someone to talk about the book with them and about ourselves. On the 6th of August in the morning we left at 12pm for Hall’s Gap. We stopped at Ararat and had lunch at a nice cafe. They had delicious lasagne and they had little metal statues for sale. When we got in the car to continue to Halls Gap I fell asleep straight away. When I woke up we were at Hall’s Gap and were just turning in to The Log, which was named Hall’s Gap Log cabins. We went in to get the keys. The man that gave us the keys stared talking about Dad and he said he had “lasted 3 durations”. Mum and I were confused and did not know what he meant but we just nodded. We got the keys and went into the cabin. It had 2 bunks and a double bed and a kitchen and a small TV. The weather was 9®. After we left the cabin we went to the information people and rangers. They said some of the places that we thought of going to were blocked off by trees falling on the road and bridges getting washed away, so we could not go through there. We went to a waterfall named Silver bands. It was cool and you could see what the folds have done because there where broken tree’s everywhere and we also so a broken bridge. When we stared waking back to the car it was dark. So when we got back to the cabin we had dinner. When we went to bed mum and dad said the double bed was too hard to sleep in for them so I slept in the double bed and they slept in the bunks. One of my favourite things would be Uluru. In the morning we left Alice Springs to go to Uluru. We were staying in Sails in the Desert. It was a 6 hour drive from Alice. On the way there were not many things or places to have lunch. On the way we saw two dead camels on the road. We were not sure what they were at first but then we noticed. We stopped and look for a minute. When we did we actual found out a car had been hit because there were car marks and pieces of the car everywhere and on the road there was a mark where the camels were on the road. When we got to Sails in the Desert we booked in then went right to Uluru. When we were driving there we had to pay to go into the park. When we got to Uluru we read some information about it. After we went to the base of Uluru and stared walking up it. Mum and dad where so slow and I ran up the whole thing. The start of it was climbing then you hold on to a chain to walk up it. Most of the people we passed on the way up stopped and went back. On the end of the chain we had to climb up with no help. We only had a white line to follow. Most of the way to the top would be going up and down. When we go to the top it was a great view. At the end of the day I think it was great.

So over all I had have a great term and the best would be the holiday.

English In English in Term 3 we did a lot of things. One of the things that I learned was different kinds of Connectives /Conjunctions like adding connectives, (Ex: and, also, as well so, moreover and too) sequencing Connectives, (Ex: next, then, first, second, third, finally, meanwhile, eventually, after, before) emphasising Connectives, (Ex: above all, in particular, especially, significantly, indeed, notably) comparing connectives (Ex: equally, in the same way, similarly, likewise, as well, like) cause and effect connectives, (Ex: because, so, therefore, thus, consequently) qualifying connectives, (however, although, unless, except, if, as long as) illustrating connectives and (Ex: for example, such as, for instance, as revealed by, in the case of) contrasting connectives. (Ex: whereas, instead of, alternatively, otherwise, unlike, on the other hand.) Other things we have done would be a short play which we stared the last 2 week of term 3. The play was called “Boot’s and his brothers”. It’s about a 3 boys who leave home and got to a town because there was a challenge and if they won they would get half of the kingdom. In my group I had Leyton, Andrey, Cody, Sheil, and Jai.

Maths In Maths in term 3 we have done lots of things. We have learned how division with 3 decimals places works and we did a test of it of 21 questions but I got 19 and a half questions right. At the start of the term we were ordering numbers like to hight to lowest. We have also done converting fractions to decimals and place value (Ex: ¾ =75%) and determine the value of the underline number. We have done graphs. We did seven pin polygons which is a shape made by joining five squares together side-to-side.

Specialist In Library in term 3 it was fun. I have been reading Beast Quest, Avantia and other books. In the start of the term we were starting book week. We had to get a short book from the internet from a different country and make a bookend to stick the story on. In Art in term 3 it was really fun. One of the things would be doing the colour medic and we also done a thing where you draw a ever day object like a pencil and then colour it to top to bottom but it must be dark and light. In Music in term 3 we have been learning about the planet which is a song. It’s about a plant like Mercury -the winged Messenger and Mars Bringer of War and it sing about it but it is just music. It was written by Gustav Holst. In Science in term 3 we have being learning about the Great Barrier Reef and other reefs. We had to do a project about a creature which lives in there. I did the Great White shark because I did not know much about them. In Sport in term 3 we have been doing football and hockey.

UOI In UOI or Unit of Inquiry in term 3 we have been doing How We Express Ourselves. When I got back we started doing a play. In my group I had Leyton, Yun and David. It had to have a sock, chair, chapter book and something it is related to BGS or Berwick Grammar School. We chose to do our play on World War 1.We did some acting at David’s house on the weekend.

Term 3 Goals Academic I want to be better with my Spelling and my writing. So when I write I will concentrate harder and not talk to anyone and try to get the work finished. Also, I will go over my work and see if my spelling is wrong and once ever week I will do a 10mins of spelling revision. After check my spelling and after 4 weeks I will see if I am improving from the 10mins. Story and also with my homework spelling words I will practise hard on them. I want to also be fitter and a better runner so I will walk twice a week and I will do the treadmill 5 to 10 minutes every week. Behavioural I would like to be a better listener so I know what to do in my work. So I won’t talk anyone or listen to anyone but the teacher and I will have eye contact with the teacher.

I would like to be a more cooperative person in group work. So I will let over people have a chance to talk and I want put people down as well. Attitude Who do you want to be? I want to be a person that people can come up to me and ask to play and I want to know a lot more things so when we have inquiry I will get right into it and listen to the teacher.

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