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»Dia-5085-CNC« Edition 2007



established 1922

Leader in Diamond Grinding Technology

»Dia-5085-CNC« Edition 2007 The automatic saw sharpening machine for the complete processing

of all tooth shapes – from individual manufacturing all the way to multiple manufacturing – in one clamping – for blades up to 800 mm in diameter.


The »Dia-5085-CNC« has been developed on the basis of many years of practice and experience of the tool manufacturer LACH-DIAMANT. For manufacturing and service of diamond saw blades the »Dia-5085-CNC« offers a number of avantages; the same goes for resharpening of diamond hoggers and diamond scorings saws. Examples: the modern menu navigation on the monitor based on Microsoft Windows® the precise 3-D calibration of individual tools or tool sets the quick reclamping of diamond tools with different diameters and dimensions without additional set-up the ergonomic layout with the advantage of direct proximity to the machine and tool the high production safety by the triple safeguarded fire protection system (fire warning + 2-times fire extinguishing system)

»Dia-5085-CNC« – all in one diamond scoring saw – conical or diamond grooving saw

diamond saw blade – triple chip

diamond compact or folding hogger diamond saw blade – roof tooth

diamond compact hogger – varying tooth shapes diamond hogging saw

diamond scoring saw for printed circuit boards


»Dia-5085-CNC« Edition 2007

»Dia-5085-CNC« – all in one operation


Automatic compensation of the side tolerance Even the best saw tool body has a side tolerance. The »Dia-5085-CNC« does not try to minimize this side tolerance through clamping systems instead it simply measures the side tolerance automatically for every tooth and takes it into consideration during the sharpening operation. Consequently you can always be sure that the tooth will always be in the centreline of the tool body and the saw blade will then perfectly work.

From 0 to 100 in …. or better from Ø 80 mm to 800 mm: From Ø 80 mm to Ø 700 mm (optional Ø 800 mm) without re-setting. With the »Dia-5085-CNC« you can change from a Ø 80 mm scoring saw for PCB industry to a Ø 700 mm saw blade in only 1 minute set-up time without any problems.

Multiple manufacturing without extra charge: Why should you clamp only one tool on the machine if you can also prepare several tools? The extensive processing areas of the »Dia-5085CNC« enable you to clamp up to three different (different numbers of teeth, tooth shapes and diameters!) saw blades on the machine and to have them processed automatically – without buying an additional loading system. Everything you need is already integrated in the »Dia5085-CNC«.

Confidence is good, control is better You would like to manufacture saw blades with tolerances in the µ range? So it is good that the »Dia-5085-CNC« is equipped with a separate measuring system for capturing the electrode parameters and can thus maintain constant machine parameters. The result are tools in a quality not known up to now.

Digital generator of the latest generation Surface quality up to Ra < 0,2 µm The wanted surface qualities are easily obtained with the digital generator of the latest generation, either with copper or graphite electrodes EDG®plus.

Recognize and utilize advantages Copper electrode – its largest benefit is its high dimensional stability which minimizes dressing cycles. Example: diamond hogger

Copper or graphite electrodes – you have the choice Take advantage of the particular electrode. With the help of the modern software it only takes seconds to change from one electrode to the other.


»digital flexible« replaces conventional roughing, finishing, fine finishing The digital generator of the »Dia-5085-CNC« is digitally addressed by the control and thus reaches flexibility not known up to now. The respective generator stage is represented by a file on the hard drive of the control. This process offers a multiple number of variants and exceeds by a wide margin the classic processing steps such as roughing, finishing and fine finishing. This gives you the security for present and future PCD variants and types of electrodes. Please remember you will always benefit from the experiences of the pioneer LACH-DIAMANT in the processing and manufacturing of PCD tools since 1973.

A control with affection for detail

Complex technology hidden behind an easy to operate user interface The operation of the »Dia-5085-CNC« supports the newcomer in the expanding diamond service business with the new generation user interface (Microsoft® system) with concise, clear menu navigation. Assistance for an assured sharpening process is provided by integrated illustrations, photos and short videos. The control of the »Dia-5085-CNC« has been designed for around the clock (24 hours) operation. The modular configuration of the »Dia-5085-CNC« assures high reliability.


A program developed for the service of diamond tools The integrated data bank is able to call up any tool data which were ever sharpened on your »Dia-5085-CNC«.

We won’t leave you alone Almost all programs and parameters are backed up by clear graphics and even videos which greatly simplify the operation of the machine.

Two are better than one All LACH-DIAMANT sharpening machines and measuring instruments based on Microsoft Windows® are equipped with two hard drives which automatically protect all files.

»dia-ToolNet« Station – get the maximum of your »Dia-5085-CNC« With the help of the »dia-ToolNet« Station the measuring of tools can be carried out in seconds. Transfer measured tool data directly via the network cable to the tool editor. Inspect tools with the same ease and precision as you would with higher priced measuring instruments.

Technical data Axes


X-axis 420 mm Y-axis 420 mm Z-axis 270 mm C-axis 360° E-axis 360° manually D-axis 135° 0,001 mm Positioning accuracy of CNC-axes Repeat accuracy of CNC-axes 0,001 mm Worktable 510x560 mm (6 t-slots) Maximum tool diameter 700 mm* Tool collet ISO 40/SK 40

Industrial PC with multi-axes processor Operating system Microsoft Windows® Display screen LCD-TFT monitor Modem for online support

Measuring 3-D measuring system Optional: additional 3-D measuring probe for automatical recording of electrode parameters Dimensions

*optional: 800 mm

Machine Control Weight Work space requirement

2500 x 1500 x 2150 mm 900 x 900 x 1030 mm 2500 kg 5000 x 3000 x 2500 mm

Ventilation Air capacity Filter class

600 m3/h Stationary filter class „S“

Safety systems Double safety through two self-sustaining fire warning systems. At impending danger the eroding process is automatically stopped at once. Fire extinguishing systems CO2 Fill-up quantity 6 kg Electrical data Input voltage Fuse

6 KW 230/400 V – 50 Hz 400 V / 16A

Color Sand RAL 1011, Brown RAL 8014 LACH-DIAMANT reserves the right to make improvements and technical changes!



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»Dia-5085-CNC« - Edition 2007  
»Dia-5085-CNC« - Edition 2007  

Leader in Diamond Grinding Technology established 1922 ® ® The automatic saw sharpening machine for the complete processing Edition 2007 of...