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Resume Relate Institute ORCA Munchbox Water Balloon Fight

I’m an efficient and effective people-pleaser. I view the world through rose-colored glasses and I’ve learned nothing in this life comes free. I’ve studied Industrial Design, tried my hand in acting, and even written an extra scene for Shakespeare’s “A Mid Summer Nights Dream”. I’m not afraid to do something out of the ordinary and test the boundaries of discovery. But, what I am most looking forward to is discovering what is next. I love change and the adventures that come with it. I throw my heart and soul into everything I do, and I do it well.

:-;=5¨ Experience Advanced Advertising Lab, 2009-Current. BYU

- Acting account executive in charge of running multiple campaigns, meet weekly with clients, work directly with creative team and planning team - Managed teams of creatives and managers alike to create effective and creative campaigns - Conducted primary research and created a surveys, brand models and creative briefs for the BYU Wellness program and Footnote - Clients Include: Relate Institute, Footnote, BYU Orca, Haagen Dazs, L’Oreal Brandstorm, Zions Bank, Nature Valley, Gatorade, Smith & Wollensky, Jet Blue, MTV, L’Oreal Brandstorm, Braindrops

Student Services Associate 2008-2010, BYU

- Work with students at the window or phone taking payments, dealing with financial aid, admissions, scholarship and tuition questions - Mitigate successfully with angry parents of denied applicants

Personal Assistant/Nanny, Summers 2006-2009, CA

- Managed logistics of getting 5 kids to and from various activities - Assisted family with coordination of constructing a new home - Organized a household for a move

Additional Qualifications Proficient in: - Illustrator - InDesign - Word - Excel

Qualtrics Certified

Education Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah -- Graduate April 2011 Major: Advertising Management

Classes include Account Management, Marketing Research, Media Law,

Media Planning, Media Ethics, Account Planning

Minor: Business Management

Classes include Finance, Marketing, Business Writing, Econ, Accounting,


Additional Education Experience

Classes in Industrial Design, Product Design, Adobe Suite, Creativity &

Design Thinking, Visualization Methods

Leadership & Service Sundance Film Festival 2011 Volunteer

- Directed numerous film goers in directions to various events - Dealt with angry patrons who weren’t admitted to films

Service Council Member 2010-2011, BYU Center for Service & Learning - Supervised the activities of 5 service organizations and 15 directors - Oversaw the 1,500 5th and 6th grade children brought to campus

- Organized and arranged group of 250 student volunteers and the days schedule

Talents & Hobbies

- Playing the piano, singing, traveling and pretending I can cook - I enjoy design and funny stuff:

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Account Executive


Brand Relate with a website redesign, production of two videos. In addition to this, create a logo and brand the upcoming Marriage Day 5k sponsored by the Relate Institute.


- Arrange everything for the commercial shoot - Supervise production of an AfterEffects HR video and the voiceover - Act as brand advocate in the re-brand deliverables

The Relate Institute needed to be branded and redesigned to appeal to a broader demographic.

Real couples were asked the question, “What would you do to better your marriage?”.

The previous website design was outdated and didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t represent the new brand identity.

The HR Video is aimed toward prospective donors and large quanitity purchasers. As opposed to the commercial, this video has a hard sell.

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Account Executive

Raise campus awareness of the ORCA research grants given out to students. Bring back the memorable childhood game of POGS. Placed stylized photos of professors on the pogs and created a memorable and tangible personality: Grant the Orca Whale. - Organize logistics of designing and purchasing 36,000 pogs - Arrange distribution, placement, permissions and client/campus approval - Manage budget

Teaser posters were placed around campus to build hype for the upcoming campaign.



Professors from every department were willing to have their photo taken to be placed on the pogs.






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Pogs were distributed by hand and via posters that were placed throughout buildings on-campus.


New Product Development

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Account Executive


Munchbox conquers the battle between the picky palettes of kids and the healthconcious minds of mothers. The design, online and in-store order service makes it easy and quick for mothers to give their children the healthy options their kids will eat.


- Develop a survey to discover insights about mothers and their views on kidsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; eating habits - Conduct focus groups, one-on-one inter views and ethnographies - Present final presentation to client via teleconference

To solve the unhealthy eating habits of children.

This unique design and eco-friendly packaging make the Munchbox attractive to both moms and kids. Made out of combustable cardboard, it is easily shipped and recycled.





Mothers ages 30-45 3-5 children ages 1-10 Average income of 75,000 - 120,000


They want their children’s food to be healthy, but easy. They want their children to eat their lunch, but be happy with it. They want nutrition, but don’t want it to be pricy.


Munchbox will be the guardian of lunch.


This is my go-to option for my children’s lunch. It’s healthy, convenient and my kids love it!

Our brand makes you the hero by providing you with options that your kids will love without breaking the bank. Our brand gives you the flexibility of in-store options and the convenience of online purchasing. Thus, enabling you with more time with your kids and empowering your kids with the nutrition they need to play and learn each day. Muchbox makes you the hero of lunch time everyday.

The online portion of the campaign makes it easy for mothers to decide on options for their kids. Sign up includes an option to save kids lunch preferences to profiles.

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Account Manager


Held an event to win the title as â&#x20AC;&#x153;Worlds Largest Water Balloon Fightâ&#x20AC;?. A giant water balloon fight was held on BYU grounds, while filming a music video.


- Organize the filling of over 126,000 balloons - Develop distribution method - Design procedure for keeping track of participants and beginning fight

McCann NY needed a creative and inexpensive idea for their music video for a new record label artist: Kyle Andrews.

The video had over a million hits in under two weeks. In addition to that it has been mentioned in Billboard, Creativity and Teen Vogue. In addition to many industry accolades, this campaign has also won a professional Bronze Pencil.

contact me: 661.755.1012

Resume + Ad Portfolio  
Resume + Ad Portfolio  

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