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LACDC Business Visitation Survey Beginning in New Year

Trick-or-Treat on MainStreet 2015

As we all know, a thriving local business sector is the foundation of a robust and diversified local economy. The Los Alamos Commerce & Development Corporation is preparing a comprehensive Business Visitation Survey to collect hard data along with anecdotal data from business owners about the local business climate, both good and bad. In 2004, LACDC performed an extensive Business Visitation Survey in Los Alamos County as part of a Business Retention and Expansion effort. A survey of more than 120 questions was created to gather information from local businesses covering a wide variety of topics including business history, workforce demographics, sales, customers, local business environment, local taxes, and government provided service. Almost 100 businesses participated in the project. The data was analyzed and major strengths and issues were identified. Several presentations were made to stakeholder groups including

local business owners, County staff, elected officials, Los Alamos National Laboratory management, and the public. The identified issues provided for the first time hard data that supported anecdotal evidence. These issues guided LACDC business retention and expansion strategies over the next few years. Several initiatives were started to address the identified issues. It has been over 10 years since that data was collected and much has changed. LACDC staff will again meet with business owners in person to conduct the survey. By collecting and analyzing new data, LACDC can identify the current issues and challenges facing our business community and address them head on. This will once again drive our Business Retention and Expansion efforts over the coming years. This will lead to job retention and creation in both local retail and base economic business sectors. The findings will also help LACDC to

prioritize our strategic goals for the next fiscal year. Our expected outcomes are to interview 75-100 businesses by June 30, 2016. Following this initial “blitz� LACDC will make a series of presentations on the findings to several stakeholder groups. LACDC will then continue to interview 5-10 businesses a month on an ongoing basis to continue to collect data and stay in tune with our local business community. Please participate in the survey if you can. We look forward to your input. You will soon be contacted by LACDC to schedule an appointment, but please feel free to contact us at any time to schedule an interview. We hope this project will lead to enhancing the great advantages of owning a business in Los Alamos and to assist in overcoming barriers that limit growth or expansion.

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