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project cowork Los Alamos Opens June 8 helps empower ideas and mash them with others. Experts have said that coworking environments offer individuals increased innovation, happiness and productivity when compared to the more isolated experiences of working from home or in a coffee shop, where all-day work sessions are not always encouraged in the space. project cowork Los Alamos, a new collaborative coworking space located at 150 Central Park Square, will officially open to the public on Wed., June 8. A ribboncutting opening ceremony will be held at 10 a.m. At 5:30 p.m. the celebration will continue in conjunction with the monthly Los Alamos Entrepreneurs Network social event. Food and drinks will be available, and the public is encouraged to attend to check out the new space. “project ,” once the code name for Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, pays homage to the Manhattan Project-era with its décor. Some of the furniture and decorations were donated by the now-cancelled “Manhattan” TV show production that filmed in Santa Fe for two seasons. The 2,400 square-foot open floor plan of project accommodates desks, a kitchen, private phone rooms, lounge areas and a conference room. It is intended to foster a dynamic, collaborative work environment that harnesses the collective energy of those working and sharing ideas in the space. Coworking is now considered a global movement that many say is the future of the work environment, with DeskMag reporting that the most rapid growth is seen across regions in Asia. In New Mexico, Albuquerque has established a coworking alliance of several of its own coworking spaces, such as FatPipe ABQ, Ideas & Coffee Coworking, and Quelab. Santa Fe is home to CoLAB at Second Street Studios and the executive suites of Regus. The magic of coworking is to build an opportunity-rich community, not simply use the environment as an office space. You can work for yourself, but not by yourself, as the community effect

At project , the intention is to build a community of resources and serve as a hub for startups, freelancers and others to feel like they belong to a wider community of like-minded individuals. project will host events, conduct programming and connect entrepreneurs with business experts, investors and other mentors who will help them achieve their personal and professional goals. While project cowork Los Alamos is intended to be a physical collaborative space for like-minded innovators to gather, share ideas, seek guidance, make important connections and have fun, it simultaneously promotes sustainable economic progress by encouraging regional entrepreneurship. project delivers a community workplace environment thanks to support from collaborative partners, including Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation, Los Alamos County, Los Alamos National Laboratory Feynman Center for Innovation and Community Relations and Partnerships Office, and Central Park Square owner Philip Kunsberg. Flexible pricing options range from non-member $10/ day passes, to monthly occasional-use memberships that include 5-day and 14-day options, as well as a special “founding member” rate of $149/month for new full-time members who sign up before July 1. Custom packages are also available for corporate events and meetings. The projectY cowork Los Alamos memberships include free admission to all programming and events, WiFi, basic office supplies and printing, as well as coffee, tea and snacks. For more information, visit

Q2 2016 MYB Newsletter  
Q2 2016 MYB Newsletter