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January/February 2009

FAN CLUB The FAN club takes place the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

January 21, 2009 PEEC 3540 Orange Street Los Alamos, NM February 18, 2009 AM 1490 KRSN 145 Central Park Square Los Alamos, NM March 11, 2009 Marketing & Promotions Reel Deal Theater 2551Central Ave. Los Alamos, NM

BUSINESS BREAKFAST 1st Thursday of every month at UNM-LA 7:15 - 7:30 a.m. -Networking 7:30 - 8:30 a.m. -Program

February 5, 2009 State of the County County Administrator Max Baker Please contact Katy Korkos at for info on future topics.



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Bilingual Montessori School Recognized as Los Alamos Success Client Odalys González Fernández has been a Montessori teacher for the last 20 years and has always had dreams of owning her own school. In May 2006, she began to pursue that dream when she first visited with a counselor at the UNMLA Small Business Development Center. Through the next two years, she spent countless hours with her counselor and friends, researching and designing her new concept for Bilingual Montessori School (BMS). Odalys was chosen as the 2008 Success Client for Los Alamos because of her commitment to follow her dreams and the dedication necessary to follow through with her commitment, as well as her continued efforts in successfully marketing the school. BMS, a colorful 5,000 square-foot facility, opened for learning on June 2, 2008 in White Rock. Prior to opening, Fernández spent an abundance of time preparing the new school for an Open House in May of 2008 and its introduction to the community. The new school has received much attention due to its unique approach to childcare and because of the lack of adequate childcare in Los Alamos County. The opening of the school is not only ‘a dream come true’ for Mrs. Fernández but meets a real need within the community. BMS combines the power of Montessori Mrs. Fernández interacting with her students. and Spanish language instruction to develop the young mind and to prepare children to excel as the leaders of tomorrow. BMS now employs five outstanding teachers including Mrs. Fernández, an assistant teacher and a volunteer who aim to prepare their students to excel as young leaders of tomorrow by combining an exclusive curriculum based on both Montessori and continued on pg. 4


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MYB Newsletter Now Available Online In the November/December issue of the newsletter we had mentioned that we were planning on providing an electronic version of this newsletter. The MYB online is now available at Have you ever run across some information you wanted to learn more about or register for an event that you saw featured in the newsletter? You can now get that information and register for the event as you are reading the electronic version. With embedded links in the publication you are now capable of being more involved with Chamber, MainStreet, LAMVB, UNM-LA SBDC, and other LACDC topics. If you would like to replace your paper version and receive the digital copy please sign up to do so using the link at or email your request to chamber@ When a new issue is published you will receive an email alert with a link to the MYB.

LA Historical Museum

Numbers of Those Viewing Traffic Catcher Pages Growing

Do you want to improve your web presence and make your products and services pop up first when people are searching the web? The Chamber of Commerce’s Traffic Catcher pages are designed to bring you more business by making you more visible on the Internet. Your Traffic Catcher page is included with your membership, and we are happy to help you set it up if you haven’t already done so. We’ve added two Small Business Center employees, Heather Campbell and Clarice Rodriguez as "traffic catcher assistants," who can help you upload your logo and pictures. More than 100,000 people type in “Los Alamos” to their search engines each month, and thousands of them are looking for something specific in our community. Those numbers are growing every month, from 6023 people in September to 7456 in October to 8100 in November, who were intent on looking for goods and services locally. For help in taking advantage of this free member service, call Katy Korkos at 6614816 or send her an e-mail:

LACDC Will Attend the 2009 Legislative Reception

The annual Legislative Reception will be held at the new Santa Fe Community Convention Center on February 2, 2009 from 5:30-7:30pm, and will be an exciting event for the business community. The Legislative Reception is the largest gathering of the year for Chambers of Commerce, lobbyists, businesspeople and legislators, held just prior to the opening of the New Mexico Legislature. Some of the finest restaurants in Santa Fe come and provide wonderful hors d'oeuvres, desserts and other tasty delights! This is a great opportunity to meet state officials and legislators. We encourage Chamber members and MainStreet business owners to come and take advantage of the opportunity to lobby their legislators and market their businesses.

The Coffee House

Me and Mom Creations


You can promote your business interests, network with the business community, and enjoy some of the best food in Santa Fe! Tickets can be purchased through the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce. Admission is $25 for the Legislative Reception. Registration information: (505)988-3279 or e-mail:, by Jan. 27 Hope to see you there!


Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation

LACDC News It's Good Business

Article by Stan Primak, LACDC Board Chair, on LAPS Bond Issue

In January we will have the opportunity to vote on a bond issue to make a major, longterm investment in upgrading the facilities and infrastructure of our schools. As a business owner and current chair of the Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporate Board of Directors, I wanted to explain why I think voting Yes on the bond is a good investment. Some may argue that you can get a good education without great facilities. So why should Stan Primak businesses and homeowners pay higher taxes to pay for new school facilities? I think there are three compelling reasons. First, as a builder, I know that facilities and infrastructure age and require investment. I served on the team of citizens whom the School Board asked to examine the state of our schools and make recommendations to sustain them over the next 20 years. In spite of diligent care by the school district staff, the operating costs of maintaining the buildings and infrastructure have become exorbitant – replacing boilers, fixing roofs, improving insulation, upgrading electrical systems, etc. If we don’t invest more in replacing or renovating our schools, the operating costs will start to eat into the budget for teachers, other staff, and programs, which would have a terrible impact on the education our students receive.

Our investments in art, video, and vocational facilities have had similar impacts. Finally, if we invest in our school facilities and infrastructure, key people will see we care. • Our students. • Our teachers. • Parents. • Potential residents. • Employers, especially the Laboratory and the Department of Energy, which provides $8 million a year to Los Alamos Public Schools for teachers and programs. • And the State, especially our Legislators and the Public Education Department who will see we are serious about investing in ourselves and hence deserving of matching State funding. The return on our investment will be great. From my perspective it’s just good business. For more information go to www. To see related articles go to and search for keyword: “school bond”.

Second, the strength of our schools has been a key factor for people deciding to live in Los Alamos. I know many folks and, I expect you do too, who moved from Santa Fe or the Valley when their kids got to school age. If our schools look decrepit, fewer parents will want to move or stay here and have their kids attend. It will also be tougher to attract high quality teachers, which will accelerate a downward spiral. Having new families move into town is essential for the health of many businesses including mine. Third, good school facilities do help learning. For example, the investment we made with the 1998 bond issue that led to the new science labs at the High School with up-to-date equipment has helped students learn and prepared them to realize their potential, including being better-informed citizens. January/February 2009


UNM-LA SMALL BUSINESS  DEVELOPMENT CENTER 2009 Spring Workshop Schedule Make a RESOLUTION to keep your business on the right COURSE… with Small Business Workshops!



Learn to Deal with Difficult People and Much More! The Customer Service Workshop 01/22/09 Thursday 1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Small Business Center Fee: $25.00 Speaker: Rosanne M. Roberts, R.M. Roberts and Associates

Subtract the Stress Out of Accounting… Basic Bookkeeping 02/03/09 Tuesday 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. 02/05/09 Thursday 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Small Business Center Fee: $50.00 Speaker: Karen Simpson, Small Business Owner & Northern NM College Instructor

Know What to Pay and When… The Business of Business Taxes – Corporations and Partnerships 01/27/09 Tuesday 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Small Business Center Fee: $25.00 Speaker: James Dinkel, CPA Know When to Pay and Why… The Business of Business Taxes – Sole Proprietors 01/29/09 Thursday 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Small Business Center Fee: $25.00 Speaker: James Dinkel, CPA

Becoming a Great Boss! Improving Your Leadership and Management Skills 02/12/09 Thursday 1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Small Business Center Fee: $25.00 Speaker: Rosanne M. Roberts, R.M. Roberts and Associates Focus on Your Employees! Building a Team for Your Business’ Success 02/26/09 Thursday 1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Small Business Center Fee: $25.00 Speaker: Rosanne M. Roberts, R.M. Roberts and Associates Fine Tune Your Skills … Intermediate QuickBooks 2/27/09 Friday 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. UNM-LA, Room 412 Fee: $50.00 Speaker: Karen Simpson, Small Business Owner & Northern NM College Instructor

UNM-Los Alamos 2008 Success Client (continued from pg. 1) bilingual education, tailored specifically for children, with enhanced first-class childcare services. The school, which already has several children on the waiting list, provides a truly unique opportunity for children in the area. The parents of currently enrolled students are extremely proud of a school that will prepare them for their future while teaching them a second language. When asked about her involvement with the UNM-LA Small Business Development Center, Mrs. Fernández was very excited about her recognition and said: “The UNM-LA Small Business Development Center worked with me to help organize my ideas and thoughts and played a role in clarifying the process for getting my business started.” The school is expanding their infants’ area and is currently accepting applications. The school’s website is loaded with details and information about the Montessori school curriculum and the current activities. Check them out online at

How to register for SBDC workshops!

Please visit the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce Click on calendar of events ….then the date of the workshop. You can complete registration and pay by credit card. Any questions? Call or email Heather Campbell at 505-661-4803


Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation

Connections January/February 2009


Southwest Office Solutions Tracy Kitts, President

Southwest Office Solutions is Los Alamos’ authorized sales agent for Xerox, and President and CEO Tracy Kitts brings bundles of enthusiasm and years of experience to her business, which she formed in 2007. In addition to Xerox sales, the company can also provide printing services and image archiving services. She attributes her success Tracy Kitts so far to knowing her client’s needs, knowing the Los Alamos business environment, and knowing she is representing the industry leader in the market. “I was employed with Xerox for about ten years, and Los Alamos was my territory,” Kitts says. She has been the recipient of numerous awards from Xerox for outstanding customer service. Southwest Office Solutions has been chosen by Xerox Corporation to continue this tradition in the Greater Albuquerque area and Los Alamos and Northern New Mexico.

Kitts says that her company specializes in helping companies work smarter by analyzing their document flow and by personalizing products and services to suit the company’s needs and objectives. The company sells and leases equipment in all sizes and price ranges, from desktop printers to large equipment capable of printing books. They also can provide wide-format equipment, used for architectural and engineering drawings. You may have seen the brightly painted “SOSMobile” zipping around Los Alamos with Tracy at the wheel, on her way to consult with a client or to pick up an order. When not in motion, Kitts enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. In April of 2008, Southwest Office Solutions, Inc. expanded into the Albuquerque marketplace opening their second location and expanding their partnership with Xerox Corporation. Contact Southwest Office Solutions 1789 Central Ave. Ste 4 (Next to Ruby K's) 505.661.2554

Help With Navigating the Health Insurance Maze Every small business has a wide range of employees, from those who don’t need health insurance because they are insured through a family member, to those who have been turned down for insurance, to those who are qualified to receive assistance from the state. Navigating the maze often leaves the small business owner feeling like they are paying too much, having to settle for a “one size fits all” employee benefit package, or not taking advantage of all of the available state programs put in place to support them. Anne Sperling, Region 7 vice-president of the National Association of Health Underwriters, has worked to develop a matrix with a clear outline of how a businessperson finds the January/February 2009

best possible fit for his or her employees. She was one of the founders of the New Mexico Health Insurance Alliance, served on Gov. Richardson’s steering committee to the Health Care Coverage and Access task force and serves on many advisory councils and board for the insurance industry. She has also been a small business owner with her own life insurance/ health insurance agency. If you’ve missed Anne’s talk at the January 8 business breakfast, copies of the matrix are available on NAHU’s website, as well as in member services coordinator Katy Korkos’ office.


Chamber News


March MARKETING Madness 3rd Annual

FAN Club*

M arketing & P romotions Fair




Reel Deal Movie Theater Local avenues of communication, promotion and advertising will gather in one place to ensure you have all the necessary contacts and information for your 2009 marketing strategies. Receive your own MARKETING TOOLKIT filled with tips, tools and resources when you attend this “March Marketing Madness” FAN Club and enter for your chance to win valuable door prizes, ‘free advertising space’ or a one year membership in the Los Alamos Chamber! Attend at least 4 of the 6 workshops below & the 3rd Annual Marketing & Promotions Fair during the month of March to enter for your chance to win a one year membership with the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce (a $200 value)!

What is the Market Potential of your Product or Service? Simplifying Market Research 03/03/09 Tuesday 1:00pm – 3:00pm Small Business Center Fee: $25.00

Dealing with Creative Block? Learn to Think Like a Marketer and LOVE It! (Marketing Plan Basics) 03/05/09 Thursday 12:00pm – 4:00pm Small Business Center Fee: $25.00

Speaker: Donna Berg, LANS, LLC, Technology Transfer Division

Speaker: Venessa De Los Santos (formerly Finn), Business Advisor, UNM-LA SBDC

Learn the Art of Building Alliances… The Power of Networking 03/12/09 Thursday Small Business Center Fee: $25.00

The Benefits of Building Media Relationships… Media & Public Relations Planning 03/17/09 Tuesday 1:30pm – 4:00pm Small Business Center Fee: $25.00

1:00pm – 4:30pm

Speaker: Rosanne M. Roberts, R.M. Roberts and Associates

Speaker: Rubina Khan, Firefly Santa Fe

Create a Compelling Story that Goes to Print! The Press Release Workshop 03/19/09 Thursday Small Business Center Fee: $25.00

Learn to Deal with Difficult People and Much More! The Customer Service Workshop 03/26/09 Thursday 1:00pm – 4:30pm Small Business Center Fee: $25.00

Speaker: Rubina Khan, Firefly Santa Fe

1:30pm - 4:00pm

Speaker: Rosanne M. Roberts, R.M. Roberts and Associates

*For more information about workshops listed above please visit *Food & Networking (FAN) Club is a monthly after-work-hours social that promotes interaction, friendship, & identification of business opportunities.


Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation



Contact Name

LA Mesa Law, P.C. 1475 Central Ave LA, NM 87544 Cindy Hollabaug Decadent Table 4710 Quemazon LA,NM 87544 Lisa Kratzer Locals Care 551 West Cordova #191 SF, NM 87505 William Underwood Me and Mom Creations 190 Central Park Sq., Ste. 302 LA, NM 87544 Taylor Rose Ortega Southwest Public Relations Associates 3210 B Walnut LA, NM 87544 TJ Taub


Type of Business

(505) 662-7205 (505) 412-2559 (505) 983-2581 (505) 412-2629 (505) 661-8696

Attorney, Accountants Dining & Treats Business Services Gifts & Art Professional Communication Services

Chamber Member Anniversaries January Business Name

Paul Parker Construction Atomic City Tours by Buffalo Tours Central Avenue Grill Ron Brown Realty Arthur Montoya, Jr, DDS Honeywell, Inc. Los Alamos Medical Center Miles & Kendricks PC UPEX United Blood Services . Spectra Gases Journal North Arellano Rental Properties Cities of Gold Hotel TLI Solutions Los Alamos Family Council Lou Santoro State Farm Insurance Boyer Los Alamos, LLC Orion Technical Resources Los Alamos Co-Op Market Patti's Painting & Interior Perspectives

February Date Joined 1978 1985 1990 1990 1991 1996 1997 1997 1999 2002 2002 2003 2003 2004 2004 2004 2004 2007 2007 2007 2007

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Hill Diner Joseph Matthews DDS PC RPM Automotive Rocky Mountain Business Systems Wells Fargo CR Cabinets LANL Foundation Housing Solutions, LLC Regional Development Corporation Project Management Institute KSL Services Bandelier National Monument Golden Light Massage Therapy Energy Employees Compensation Resoucer Ctr Merrick & Company New York Life Dugan's Travel Los Alamos Inc., Realtors Thomas W. Chrisman Jemez Physical Therapy Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northern NM Edward Jones Investments, Isaac Lucero Ridgeview Veterinary Hospital, LLC Los Alamos Visual Analytics YellowBook USA Santa Clara Development Corporation Hot Hole Energy Services, LLC Reel Deal Theater MH Builders LLC

1987 1992 1995 1996 1997 1998 1998 2001 2002 2002 2003 2004 2004 2005 2006 2006 2006 2006 2006 2006 2007 2007 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008

! s n o i t a l u t a r g n Co

Opportunity To Get Youth Involved Know of any students or youth looking for something productive to do this fall? Tell them to view for ideas on how to get involved with the community this summer. Businesses/organizations can also search the website for fall help!

January/February 2009


MainStreet News For more information on the MainStreet Program please contact: Jeremy Varela. Phone: 505.661.4844 E-mail:

Get Noticed for Sponsoring LACDC Events Los Alamos MainStreet and Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce are gearing up for 2009 events. Along with individual sponsorships that we have offered in the past we are introducing annual sponsorship packages. Committing to a year of support for community events will get your organization perks that individual sponsors do not have an opportunity to take advantage of. Some advantages of getting packages include: • Ads in this LACDC bi-monthly newsletter (MYB) which is distributed to over 650 business owners, managers, and staff. • Banner ads and links on the Chamber and MainStreet websites. • Ad in The Essence in advance of and during the month of the event. Take advantage of packaging your sponsorships and get a better deal. Los Alamos MainStreet and Los Alamos Chamber Rockin’ of Commerce will strive to be the premiere organization for 50’s providing sponsors the greatest promotional opportunities, ChamberFest and we will work one-on-one with sponsors to fit their needs. June 13

& 14

For more information about these sponsorship packages please contact the Los Alamos MainStreet manager.

MainStreet Participates in Downtown Street Standards Committee As reported in the last newsletter, the Chamber and MainStreet are participating on a downtown street design committee being facilitatated by the Los Alamos County Community Development Department. The committee is evaluating future needs of downtown streets and will be advising the County on future design considerations. The committee established Trinity Drive as its first priority for consideration and has developed six alternatives for future consideration, including the "as is" option. The County Transportation Board has been briefed on the work of the committee and a joint public workshop is planned for January 22nd from 5 to 7 pm at Community Building to begin getting public feedback about the ideas. A key question has been how to get the best possible business community input. To assist in this process, LACDC has established


cert Gordons’ Con Special Holiday South By



ge at Fuller Lod 7pm December 6th

a website at to post information about the alternatives and provide a feedback form. The website will also include schedule information for upcoming forums that will allow for reviewing the work of the committee and providing input as well as a signup capability to receive email notices on this topic. Please have a look and give your feedback any time. As consideration of the alternatives narrows in on a recommendation, LACDC plans to facilitate a specific business forum to hear about and comment on the recommendation. Feel free to contact Katy Korkos (661-4816), Jeremy Varela (661-4844), or Kevin Holsapple (661-4806) if you want to learn more about the work of this committee. BLE LE AVAILA T SCHEDU.COM TERFES TREET FULL WIN LAMAINS

Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation


MainStreet News For more information on the MainStreet Program please contact: Jeremy Varela Phone: 505.661.4844 E-mail:

Walkable Downtown Los Alamos MainStreet has a vision of creating a downtown filled with activity, merchants, and pedestrians. Having more places to go would make Los Alamos more walkable. We also see the value in mixed-use housing such as townhomes and condos in making our community more walkable. Today, as the Main Streets of America give way to sprawling suburbs, more of us use our cars, rather than our own two legs, to get around. Cities and rural areas pose walking challenges with their traffic, crime, congestion, dangerous roads, and a lack of sidewalks or walking paths. That’s beginning to change and there’s a national movement afoot to return to the walkable communities of those “good ol’ days.”Cities are reclaiming their natural resources. In Los Alamos case, developers are looking at building structures that overlook our majestic canyons. A "town center" best describes Los Alamos. We have a set of stores and as you all know we need more. Creating the bump outs, additional crosswalks, and pedestrian lighting will help set an atmosphere of a walkable downtown. We hope that property owners will seize the opportunity to build property that will continue the "town center" feel of Los Alamos. Here are some characteristics of a walkable downtown: • Store areas designed for people first, cars second • Neighborhoods with mixed income and mixed-use housing • Safe neighborhoods • Adequate and appealing public space for people to gather and to sit • Easy access for people of all ages and abilities • Main streets that are speed-controlled and interconnected, or laid out in a grid • Many people walking

We can help you by finding exactly what you need for all of your document needs

Products Available Copiers Printers Fax Machines Wide Format Engineering Machines

Services Available Digital Scanning and Archiving Various Document Production

Walkable communities are becoming more appealing to retired people, as well as young families. Both like the convenience of having stores, entertainment, and services all within walking distance. Central Avenue’s streetscape project is now complete and was a necessary first step in achieving a walkable community. In the summer the effect of the added landscapes and flower baskets on the pedestrian lights will dramatically add to the aesthetics of our downtown. Along with Los Alamos MainStreet, the project was supported by Los Alamos County and LA Walks. 20% of the cost for the project was funded by Los Alamos MainStreet in the form of a grant that was awarded by New Mexico MainStreet.

January/February 2009

Agent Owner-Tracy Kitts 1789 Central Ave. Ste. 4 Los Alamos, NM 87544 (505) 661-2554



Go to for a complete and detailed list of events.

January 2009

February 2009

16 16,17 17-19 19 22 22 23,24 23-25 24 29-31 31

1,7,8 Crosscountry Skiiing and Snowshoeing on the Caldera 11 After School Valentine's Fun at the Ice Rink 14 End of Season Slush Tournament 14-16 Crosscountry Skiing and Snowshoeing on the Caldera 16 Adventure Edge - Rock Gym Climbing Trips 19 Los Alamos Winter Farmers' Market 21 Los Alamos Community Winds - Music of Scotland 21,22 Crosscountry Skiing and Snowshoeing on the Caldera 26 Authors Speak Series – Polly Schaafsma 28 The 19th Hole! Indoor Golf Tournament 28 Crosscountry Skiing and Snowshoeing on the Caldera

Big M.A.C. Ice Skating Night Annual Melodrama - Ten Nights in a Barroom Crosscountry Skiing and Snowshoeing on the Caldera Adventure Edge - Rock Gym Climbing Trips Winter Farmers' Market Author Speaks Series - S.M Stirling Annual Melodrama - Ten Nights in a Barroom Theater Performance - Topper Revue Community Bowl Painting Party Theater Performance - Topper Revue Crosscountry Skiiing and Snowshoeing on the Caldera

Tourism Day at the State Capital

The Annual Tourism Association of New Mexico (TANM) Business Day and Tourism Day at the New Mexico State Legislature is Tuesday, February 3, 2009. LAMVB will attend the ACI's annual Business Day breakfast on Tuesday morning, Feb. 3, at the new Santa Fe Community Civic Center to meet with business associates. The TANM annual meeting will be at Bishop's Lodge Ranch

Resort and Spa on February 2nd and 3rd, 2009. The annual meeting is when the Board elections are held. Currently, Chelo Rojas of the Los Alamos Meeting and Visitor Bureau is a board member. There will also be a joint press conference in the capital rotunda Tuesday afternoon, so we'll keep you informed on how to get involved. Please call Chelo Rojas at 505-661- 4817.

Volunteer Spotlight...

Eileen Tobey

has been a volunteer at the White Rock Tourist Information Center (WRTIC) since 2006, helping direct visitors, providing computer-compiled information, and locating hard-to-find supplies on the Internet. There have been many times when she made special efforts to research changes in services in town, changes in hours of the many places our visitors ask about, and to assist specific visitors who needed extra time and help in solving emergency travelling issues. She takes her volunteerism seriously and does a truly professional job working with her colleagues and visitors. Occasionally, she even helps translate English to German for visitors, as she spoke German at home as a child. Eileen is married to Bob Tobey, who is one of the longest serving staff members at the WRTIC. He also started as a volunteer at the WRTIC back in 1991, later becoming a paid staff member. Eileen "turned into" a volunteer as a natural consequence of helping Bob, who would come home and share his visitor center experiences and interesting stories with her after his shifts. Bob is a very loyal and dedicated staff member, who surely appreciated that his partner had the same interest


Ski Packages for Visitors

As we have in past years, the Los Alamos Meeting and Visitor Bureau is working with participating Los Alamos lodging establishments to offer Ski Packages. Several have signed up. Go to: and click on the blue "Ski $79 Per Night For Two" button to see how visitors find out about the packages. Call Chelo Rojas at 661-4817 to sign up. Participating Lodging Establishments so far: Adobe Pines Bed and Breakfast Best Western Hilltop House Canyon Inn Hampton Inn North Road Inn Pueblo Canyon Inn

in and desire to contribute to his love of working at the TIC. They met in 1959 while Eileen was studying nursing and business administration at the University of Illinois, and they married in 1960. Her education has been a great asset as a volunteer. They came to Los Alamos in 1964 when Bob was hired on at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory (now LANL) as a microbiologist. He was a researcher and group leader in LS Division (now B Division) and loved the science. He retired from LANL in 1990. They've lived in the same house in White Rock since 1965, where Eileen was a stay-at-home Mom, finding being wife and mother of two children very rewarding. Their daughter, Karen, was born in Illinois and son, Kevin, was born in Los Alamos. Both graduated from Los Alamos High School and went on to get their college degrees. Once the nest was empty, Eileen could then put more time into her hobbies and many interests. Eileen has taken courses at UNM-LA where she learned a love of computers. Currently she is website administrator for her church and she also teaches computer courses from time to time. She is certified by the Arthritis Foundation to teach the aquatics classes held in the Therapy Pool at the Larry R Walkup Aquatic Center, which she does Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation

The LAMVB, a program of the Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation, operates the Visitor Center in Los Alamos and the White Rock Tourist & Information Center (WRTIC). The LAMVB also produces and distributes advertising and marketing materials such as the Los Alamos Visitor Guide. We also maintain the online visitor guide at

Winter Discoveries

Outdoor recreational winter enthusiasts are like bees to honey in this part of the state. Whether it's the quiet tranquility of snowshoeing on the Valles Caldera or the raucous risk-taking dare-devil snowboarding at Pajarito Mountain - there's a myriad of outdoor recreational opportunities to attract out-of-towners to Los Alamos. The winter activities are the jewels on the crown of what is the Pajarito Plateau. The "Come to Where Winter Discoveries are Made" invitation is found in many publications such as the Journal North Winter Guide, the Los Alamos Visitor Guide, The Jemez Adventure Recreation and Attraction Map, the Essence, the Mountain /Flyer Magazine out of Colorado, the New Mexico 2009 Vacation Guide and in many articles that have shown up in regional newspapers. Back in 1975 local author Roland Pettit wrote, "Northern New Mexico is proving to be a Mecca for cross country skiing. The Jemez country with its open valleys and wooded mesas is becoming very popular." How prophetic Roland was. The Valles Caldera National Preserve picked up on this "trend" and now offers beautiful trails and guided snowshoeing and sleigh rides as well as cross-country skiing trips from yurt to yurt. As cross-country skiing became popular here back in the 70's, snowboarding is now the latest form of outdoor recreation

activity. Pajarito Mountain "Where the Fun Never Sets" has expanded. There's a brand new HUGE terrain park for snowboarders on Big Mother. There's even nighttime winter fun. The Valles Caldera offers nighttime skiing on dark nights where hand lamps show the way and stargazing is as good as it gets. On full moon nights, Recreational Director Rob Dixon says, "The Valles Grande looks like a big ocean with the moonlight rippling off it." Bandelier holds a moonlight walk in the winter where participants must stay silent and hold candles as they walk along the bottom of the canyon. The winter Bandelier night walk is an experience not replicated anywhere. The County Ice Rink is one of only two outdoor rinks in northern New Mexico. As the only regulation NHL refrigerated outdoor ice rink in New Mexico it offers competitive ice hockey and recreational skating. This year they have offered all kinds of activities - a Luau, frozen turkey bowling, skating with Santa, a New Year's bash and of course noon time hockey. And as Los Alamos is built on hills, canyons, mountains, mesas and valleys - sledding and any kind of hiking fills one with the earth's beauty and an eye-full of vistas of the local mountain ranges. Los Alamos in winter is a rare experience. Invite your friends and family to Los Alamos this winter!

every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She says, “If the pool is open, there's ALWAYS a class. I truly believe it’s those classes that keep me out of a wheelchair.” Looking at Eileen one would never realize she's afflicted with such a condition. In addition, she teaches “Learn to Swim” classes and has all the necessary certifications from the American Red Cross including Water Safety Instructor and Professional CPR.

about the quality of life they expect in a small town. They would love to see the White Rock Master Plan implemented so that the White Rock they "grew up" in would again thrive and support the many needs of its 7000 residents.

Other interests include teaching country western line dance classes at the Betty Ehart and White Rock senior centers. “When I first started line dancing, I had a terrible time learning. Maybe that helps me teach others. I think I had 3 left feet but the third one was invisible, and I kept tripping over it!” When not otherwise busy, she loves to knit and occasionally teaches knitting classes.

They say having very active Senior Centers and now the "absolutely wonderful" Atomic City Transit buses have made their lives so much richer. Whenever possible, Eileen plans her schedules to coincide with the bus schedules. She spends the chauffeured ride up the hill reading, knitting or catching up with fellow riders. Eileen and Bob have 5 grandchildren living in Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico. All are busy teenagers.

As is the case with many Los Alamos community members, both Eileen and Bob moved to the southwest from the Midwest. Eileen was born in Illinois, and Bob is a Michigan native. They travel back to visit Bob's and Eileen’s families, but they love coming home to Los Alamos and could think of no better place to live. They're both the kind of community members who stay informed and have opinions to share January/February 2009

Eileen Tobey

When asked why she chose to volunteer at the visitor center, she says, “I love it here, and I want other people to love it, too.”


MainStreet's Holiday Lights Parade Central Avenue December 6th 6pm


Newsletter Managing Editor: Jeremy Varela- please call 661-4844 for comments and information. Contributions by: Venessa De Los Santos, Katy Korkos, Kevin Holsapple, Chelo Rojas, Claire Roybal, Jeremy Varela

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