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Alternatives for Physical & Emotional Healing Have you ever cut your thumb? Chances are the cut healed itself without much effort on your part. That’s because there is something in each part of the body that is constantly working to heal itself. Bobbie Hall (a Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Master Herbalist and Naturopathic Doctor) and Merry McIntyre (a chiropractor) work together at Trinity Natural Health Center to help their patients rediscover their bodies’ natural healing abilities. Instead of writing out prescriptions, Dr. Hall recommends dietary supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies and lifestyle changes. “The problem with taking pharmaceutical drugs is that they treat symptoms, but don’t take care of the root cause,” said Hall. “More often than not, they just cause more symptoms.” Finding the root cause of illness is the unifying goal at Trinity Natural Health. “For example, with hormonal imbalances, the cause is usually the liver or endocrine system,” Hall said. “So rather than try to override the hormones, I will treat the liver and the glands and the hormones will then correct themselves.” In many cases the patient’s diet is the culprit; their bodies are simply depleted of the nutrients necessary to stay healthy. Hall can find out what specific vitamins and minerals her patients are deficient in or what specific allergies they may have using a noninvasive computerized health assessment. “People come to me all the time for weight loss,” said Hall. “I can help you lose weight, but you have to change your beliefs and behaviors if you’re going to keep the weight off.” Unhealthy habits like overeating, over-drinking, and over-working are hard to break. Hall and McIntyre give people the tools that empower Bobbie Hall & Merry McIntyre them to change their habits and their lives.

Providing Emotional Support “During any form of healing, emotions are so important, because emotions drive everything in our lives.” said Hall. “That’s why we have a combination of physical and emotional therapy in our office.” Merry McIntyre is a chiropractor that also offers emotional therapy. “I teach people to how to feel and be authentic with what they’re feeling,” said McIntyre. “The problem is that most people don’t want to deal with uncomfortable feelings and so they stuff them or pretend they are not there.” According to Dr. McIntyre, e-motions (energy in motion) are magnetic energy and carry an energetic “charge.” The emotions that are repressed are always some form of fear. If this energy isn’t released, it can and eventually will cause physical symptoms, such as tight back muscles, a weakened immune system or auto-immune disease. Have you ever felt physically uncomfortable when you recall a childhood memory? Many times, when strong emotions come up, you’re reacting to an uncomfortable feeling from the past that needs to be addressed. According to Dr. McIntyre, our internal wiring is based on core beliefs that are passed on generationally in family systems. Core beliefs are lies, such as “I am bad,” “I hate myself,” “I am not enough,” or “I am alone.” Dealing with and clearing the repressed emotions will erase the core belief. “When I tell my clients about what Merry does, they will sometimes get defensive, because they don’t want to have to deal with their emotions,” said Hall. “I tell them that it’s not a confession session. She identifies the emotion through kinesiology leaving you feeling like a burden has been lifted. You’re able to think more clearly. You’re focused and at peace.” This new state of mind allows you to respond to the events in your life rather than react to them. “It is of utmost importance to discern the difference between a reaction and a response,” said McIntyre. “A reaction is knee-jerk, unconscious behavior from the past that fuels and feeds the problem. A response is conscious, is present moment, it restores choice, it focuses on a solution, and enables problems to be resolved.” “Most people are focused on what is going on outside of them, regretting the past and/ or worried about the future, stressed and rushing around. We turn the focus inside. To find out who we truly are is like an archeological dig,” said Merry. “The people that I see take


responsibility for their lives. We’re partners in a process. The intention is to help them live in the present moment, creatively, joyfully, passionately, compassionately and feeling connected and free.” Trinity Natural Health Center is located at 464 Central Avenue, Suite 5. Call 505-6622222 or visit

Using hypnotherapy to bring about positive change & healing Lisa Smole started practicing hypnotherapy in early 2011 and opened the doors of Creative Clinical Hypnotherapy in November 2011. “A series of health issues led me to hypnotherapy,” said Smole. “It helped me so profoundly in so many areas of my life that I decided to check it out as a career. The more I learned the more it became a passion. I feel fortunate to do something that I feel passionately about as a career.” There are many uses for hypnotherapy. Smole is trained to use hypnosis to change and positively affect people’s lives – mentally, emotionally and physically. Reaching goals When you make a resolution to improve your life, break a habit, or lose weight, that decision is made in your conscious mind, where your will and volition lie. The subconscious is what drives our behavior, emotions and experiences. Hypnotherapy makes it possible to relax the boundary (called the Critical Factor) between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Most of our subconscious programming has already occurred before the Critical Factor has been established, around the age of seven. In order to meet our goals the conscious and subconscious minds need to match. When this subconscious programming is in opposition to our conscious goals and desires, our willpower is not enough for us to resolve our problems. Smole begins with a 20-60 minute free consultation where she finds out what her clients want to achieve through hypnosis and the history of the problem. She tailors her treatment approach based on that conversation. In addition to her in-person sessions she creates custom hypnotherapy CDs. “I spend more time on the CD’s than I do in sessions,” said Smole. “I want it to fit the person. I use language that they like, and imagery that they like and use ideas that they like.” Medical experiences and increased athletic performance As a certified medical support clinical hypnotherapist, Smole has 500 hours of hypnotherapy training, with 100 hours of training in accelerated healing and pain control. Scientific evidence shows that using hypnotherapy can improve patients’ experiences during standard medical and dental healthcare. She said, “I want to help people have ideal dental and medical experiences - free from worry, anxiety and fear.” Smole can also help with athletic performance. Athletes routinely set goals to increase their performance, calm, and stamina. Grueling workout sessions, expensive supplements, fancy equipment and conscious determination can make a difference. But according to Smole (who is a martial arts instructor at the YMCA), real improvement needs to begin at a deeper level. She offers help to eliminate hidden beliefs or attitudes that hinder growth and improvement. Creative Clinical Hypnotherapy is located at 127 Eastgate Drive, Suite 212-I. Call 505500-4031 or visit

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