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Arts & Culture Quilters’ Night Out Nicole Dunn, an award-winning fiber artist and owner of Dunn Quilting, is helping quilters (and people who have always wanted to try quilting) finish a special quilt by providing step-by-step guidance and materials through every stage of their project. She invites people to join her individual quilting classes or her new Block of the Month Club. The Block of the Month Club has a distinct ‘girls night out’ feel. You receive the pattern and fabric for a single section of a quilt every month. Then you’ll get together with other quilters to learn new quilting techniques, and socialize over drinks and refreshments. By the end of the year you’ll be ready to put it all together. To join, call Nicole at 505-662-0829

Warm Hearts = Sense of Community

By Mandy Marksteiner

Living well for many local artists include ways to get together to pass on their skills and nurture community ties. The knitters and quilters of today are not who you think of: they’re not the white haired, bespectacled lady with the shawl around her shoulders and the cat on her lap, who sits in her doily-covered parlor. Today’s stitchers are hip and young, urban or rural, connected on line, making helmet liners for soldiers and veterans. And they’re getting together to share tips on child-rearing or surviving cancer, on caring for aging parents or baking gluten-free. “After I had my first child I spent a lot of time on the Internet, searching for inspiration. But I missed having human interactions,” said Katie Brousseau, the owner of Warm Hearts Yarn in White Rock. “Moms, especially, can feel very isolated. So much of what happens in our lives is ‘virtual.’ It’s nice to have something tangible to do with tangible results. I feel that I am tech savvy, but at the end of the day, it’s nice to see what I’ve done with my hands.” Before the store became Warm Hearts Yarn, it was Crop Around the Corner. There Brousseau consigned her handmade knit and crocheted items. She quickly expanded her section of the store and brought in yarn. Eventually, Katie picked up the lease and turned the space into Warm Hearts Yarn. Brousseau learned how to knit from her grandmother. She knows that it’s possible to learn how to make any craft by watching a webinar or how to video online, but it’s more fun to learn from someone else. The store has between fifteen and twenty vendors who sell their own handmade items as well as vintage and repurposed creative green crafts. Sellers can choose between consigning individual pieces or renting a booth. With consignment, sellers get 75% of the sales. When sellers rent a booth (for $50 or $100, depending on the size) they keep 100% of the sales. She offers classes and individual instruction in addition to providing a space where people can get together informally. “It has been personally fulfilling for me to have a creative outlet and have a chance to interact with adults and teach,” said Brousseau. “I love having a sense of community.”



Photo Contest We are always looking for new photos. Currently at our MainStreet facebook page, we are having a photo contest for best picture of downtown. Go to Winner will receive $30 in chamber checks and have the photo printed right here in the Essence.

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