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It is Wednesday morning My kisses to you on your eyelids your lips and then your neck Today in my fantasy: You and I we sleep together in a big bed serene, in a dream world created by the love in our hearts In my sleep my hand finds your chest I feel your skin I make a soft noise so happy I feel your heartbeat we are one I am laying on my stomach Needing to be closer to you I move my leg over your body As you sleep My inner thigh On your cock Now, you moan I slide my thigh over your cock Over and over Feeling you getting hard I start to kiss your chest My kisses going lower And lower As my fingers lightly Stroke your cock I begin to lick your stomach My Warm, soft, wet tongue Against your hot flesh Then I feel your hands Holding my head Then, you whisper

"My slave girl, do not stop, Prepare your Master" I tremble with desire I continue to kiss, to lick Your beautiful body Waiting for My Master To enjoy my lips And for His words His touch To continue our pleasure (Please continue our fantasy. Tell me your desires)

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