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Bares, Broncs and Bulls in the Navajo Nation Premieres November 15th on


Levi’s Presents Stories of The New American Worker Ranching and riding in the desert of the Southwest with the hardest working Navajo kids around.


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LEGEND 14. MUSICIAN: Lady Tigra 15. VENUE: Bootleg Theater 16. ARTIST: Philip Lumbang 17. GALLERY: New Image Art 18. FILMMAKER: Brad Furman 19. FILM: Black Swan


22. IMAGE GALLERY: LA Street Art 24. FASHION: Winter Fashion Spread 26. DESIGNER: Wren 29. STORE: Levi’s Store 30. JACKETS: Winter His / Her Jackets 32. SHOES: His / Her Shoes 34. ACCESSORIES: Winter Accessories


36. PRODUCTS: Mixed Fashion and Beauty Products 40. CHEF: Scott Conant 41. RESTAURANT: Tinga 42. DRINK: Holiday Cocktail 43. BAR: The Falls 45. FOOD SPOTS: Juices

48. GAME: God of War 50. TECH: Gadget Gifts 53. REVIEW: Xbox Kinect 54. VOLUNTEER: Giving Back 58. CALENDAR: Nov. / Dec. 60. MAP: Distribution Spots 66. LAST LOOK: Samantha Magowan


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EMBEDDED, 2010 Oil on canvas 8’ (H) x 7’ (W)



Erin Bunch, Fashion Editor Once upon a time, Erin moved to L.A. to study screenwriting at USC. Flash forward a few years, and this fashion-obsessed gal found that her student loans and lack of a multi-million dollar script sale meant she couldn’t quite afford all of the material possessions her happiness required. So, after having worked for the man awhile, Erin founded Broke Girl’s Guide. Not long after, she joined L.A. Canvas…for the free clothes.

Kat Odell relocated from New York to Los Angeles after college tit to work for Bon Appe 09 20 In e. magazin she was hired as the Editor of Eater LA and s currently maintains thi s joy en e Sh . on siti po cheese in melted form, stale gummy bears, and frequent trips to San Gabriel Valley for . dumplings and noodles


t, Arts Ed

s Dambro

Shana Ny


Kat Odell, Food Edito

s ost as Art n to her p D is the io it d d a In vas, SN r LA Can ill. Editor fo at Flavorp r o it d E g d in n g a a r n Ma edito ell as an zine, com, as w at Whitehot Maga l tor u ra e ib v tr n se o c nd rtkrush, a Art Ltd, A rld publications, o -w rt r other a ent autho s a frequ and an s as well a g lo ta a ion c and of exhibit speaker d public in-deman t curator. A more den f indepen ccount o mplete a curatorial or less co d n t; cations a her publi s at www lives e v li ts c proje crawl, , Urban S , and her her blog m o .c te a es Fix g launch at Create st LA blo o P ’t n sn to e g Huffin . She do ber 2010 ad. in Novem rinks coffee inste d e . sh k , o p o slee Faceb she’s on And yes,

Andrea Emmes,

Tech Editor

Andrea Emmes, one time Vegas sensation , is now working towards female domination in the gaming industry! Long tim e gamer, ever since Pong , has taken her passion in ga ming and transferred it to the written word. Andrea is proud to be a part of the LA Canvas team!

HEY! So... we want to hear from YOU! Send us your questions, comments, and opinions to PR@LACANVAS.COM. We will showcase your words in the next issue.



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hip-hop scene. From writing a jingle for Pinkberry to guest appearances on kids TV show Yo Gabba Gabba, she now calls LA home and is ready to lead the way for other female artists in the genre. While currently recording a followup album, expect to see Tigra on the big screen soon and putting on dance parties at Bar Lubitsch and Hollywood Standard’s Purple Lounge. When it comes to Tigra’s music, humor and bass seem to be the most common elements in the writing process but it’s the realness that keeps her music flowing. “I love the little imperfections of the human touch in the music making process, like a lisp, giggle or one note played off key by accident,” Tigra explains. “I like to leave some mistakes in. We’re listening to such perfectly sanitized sounds now that it’s fun when some moment in the song is a little off and makes you cock your head like ‘huh?’ They didn’t edit that out? It reminds you that people are still making the music even if they’ve got robo-voice.” Story by Ashley Eliot.

Photo by Rush Varela and illustration by Justin Fitzwater

e real. Speak what you feel and own it. That’s sexy,” says power pop/hip-hop artist and vivacious “style chameleon” Lady Tigra (Rachel de Rougemont) who coined the name in sixth grade when she would put on “cat-eye” makeup and flash dagger-like fingernails. Everyone guessed her to be a pussycat but one love-stricken boy deemed her as a “tigra.” While in high school, Tigra and friend Bunny D (Elana Cager) started Miami-based hip-hop group L’Trimm. Even with their Top 40 hit “Cars With The Boom,” three album releases – one grabbing the attention of Atlantic Records, L’Trimm, four years later called it quits. From there, Tigra started working in music and fashion, throwing parties and organizing club nights in New York and Miami, and after many years decided it was time to stop being silent and step back into the spotlight. In 2008, Tigra debuted her first solo record Please Mr. Boombox – a fierce, sexy and booty bouncing mix - and since has been a driving force in the underground

us ue c n Fo Ve

Main image, top and bottom thumbnail image courtesy of Bootleg Theatre. Middle thumbnail image by Sergio Estevez.

A Look Inside...

The Antlers ripping up the stage during their performance at Bootleg.

The signature cocktail sign.

Exterior of Bootleg.


ocated on a desolate street beneath a misleading exterior sits a venue that was once a bra factory and warehouse dating back to the 1930’s. Facing Beverly Boulevard, the cozy venue is known for bringing in the best local acts ranging in artisans involved with music, theater, dance and film. The Bootleg Theater, across from Brooklyn Bagel and within the Rampart District, is an arts hub. Founded by Alicia Adams, an actress, producer and set

designer, Bootleg’s purpose is to bring a positive and culturally driven outlet to a depressive area. The theater is funded by the James Irvine Foundation, Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. The Bootleg Theater’s casual hangout showcases diverse performers away from the Hollywood scene, which frequently comes up in conversation amongst those in the music scene. Bands such as Broken Bells, Hot Hot

Heat, Funeral Party, Darker My Love, Pepper Rabbit and Giant Drag, to name a few, have taken the stage performing to a crowd of a couple hundred, allowing for an intimate setting for the audience and performers. From the Bootleg’s doorway you can see pretty much the whole room. The crowd hovers around the stage and overhead artistic structures dangle from the ceiling reinforcing the creative atmosphere that is recognized at the venue. Between sets, most of the crowd lingers past the greenroom and head to the back

patio. Make sure not to exit the venue through the front doors, you won’t be let back in. But once in, you won’t want to leave anyway. You’ll end up drinking a couple beers (cash-only bar) then make friends with other fans and talk it up with talented musicians. Soon you might even call it your home away from’s no secret we all need one. Story by Ashley Eliot. Web site: Address: 2220 Beverly Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90057 Age: 21+


ti st Fo cu s



Nys Dambrot caught up with Lumbang on the eve of some big changes to discuss what happened, what’s next, and what’s really going on with those smiling bears. “My time at Studio Number One was amazing, I learned so much; Shepard is one of the coolest dudes I’ve ever met. But at the end of the day, with so much creativity locked up in my brain, I had to leave to pursue my own

career. I have a show in Denver next year; I’m working with Art of Elysium; and volunteering at a 6-12th grade art program called Room 13 in South Central. LA is a hell of a city -- it’s definitely my favorite place. Every inch is oozing with inspiration.” And the bears? “I can be a jerk if you catch me on a bad day; no one is perfect and I don’t claim to be. These bears, these happy animals, are in a

way a reflection of who I strive to be. They are my answer to the bad news hammered into us by the media. I want to make people happy -- in turn, making me happy.” So far, so good. Follow Lumbang at: philiplumbang. and huglife.bigcartel. com, for information, inspiration, and quality merch. Story by Shana Nys Dambrot.

Photo by Luke Lovell and Illustrations by Philip Lumbang


est known for LA’s ubiquitous blue dancing-bear posters, Phil Lumbang III has been drawing since he can remember; festooning desks, notes, homework -- and most recently, LA Canvas HQ -- with the outpourings of his imagination. After art school he hooked up with Shepard Fairey’s graphics empire, a post he recently departed to work full-time on solo projects. Shana

ry us le c al Fo

G Featured Art...

Retna Installation, 2010. Photo by Yuri Hasegawa and Courtesy of New Image Art Gallery. Bottom Thumbnail Image by Luke Lovell

Faile, Swoon, David, Ellis “The Burning House” Installation paint, collage, ink, on wood, 2007

Art Piece by Judith Supine


ew Image Art Gallery, the brainchild of artist, curator, and surfer chick Marsea Goldberg has shown art in spaces on and around the corner of Fairfax and Santa Monica Boulevards in West Hollywood for the last 15 years. In that time, she introduced LA audiences -- and in many cases world-debuted -- an impressive roster of visual artists who have since gone on to international success as iconic figures in the once-subversive, now-mainstream Street Art movement.

Founder and Director Marsea Goldberg and Associate Director Amber Abramson pose for shot in gallery.

From Shepard Fairey to Neck Face, Ed Templeton, Barry McGee, Jo Jackson, Clare Rojas, Chris Johnason, Jeff Soto, Phil Frost, Cheryl Dunn, Dalek, Rich Jacobs, Albert Reyes -- the foundation of what was to eventually represent LA in the Beautiful Losers juggernaut was laid at New Image Art. Trusted as one of their own by skittish skaters and taggers with volumes of untapped potential; well-known among the artists as a committed collector of contemporary art and a painter herself;

and with a personal love of tough chicks and open-minded collectors, Goldberg’s gallery and international curatorial reputation has flourished as the rest of the art world finally caught up to her visionary, stylish, chic, and ballsy take on contemporary art. With a constantly evolving stable that now includes emerging stars like Kime Buzzelli, Judith Supine, and Suzannah Sinclair, the ladies of New Image Art clearly aren’t slowing down, or turning down the volume, any time

soon. Here’s to another killer 15 years. Story By Shana Nys Dambrot. Location: New Image Art Gallery: 7908 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046, 323.654.2192, Current Show: Menage a Trois: Steve Olson, Susan Melanie Berry, and Craig Stecyk, through November 13. Upcoming: Cleon Peterson: Daybreak, opens November 20.


ak e Fo r cu s

lmm Fi



Photo by Sergio Luis Estevez and Illustration by Justin Fitzwater

want to Trojan Horse the industry,” Brad Furman admits, crackling with excitement after a long day of editing The Lincoln Laywer, his upcoming sophomore directorial effort starring Matthew McConaughey, Marisa Tomei, and Ryan Phillippe. As the conversation continues and the rapidfire Philly native settles into a rhythm, it becomes increasingly apparent why this former NYU basketball player is turning into a Hollywood power player: he just can’t sit still. Furman scored his first feature directing job with The Take, an $800,000 John Leguizamo starring revenge flick he scraped together with independent investors. “It was crazy -- shootings, arrests, the crew got mazed, shot film was stolen,” Furman explains, practically falling off the edge of the couch, “But I just had to do it. It was sink or swim.” Furman swam. The indie did well enough to attract the attention of Matthew McConaughey and Lakeshore Films, who offered him the directing gig on The Lincoln Lawyer. He accepted, but soon learned studio filmmaking has its own set of challenges. “I realized about two weeks in I could have the easiest job in the world. I could just roll in, kick my feet up, and just say yes. But I’m not built like that. I’m out there fighting tooth and nail for what I believe in.” “The system is really built to keep people out. And I understand it’s like that for a reason, but there are a lot of talented people that never get the opportunity to prove themselves.” That’s what Furman wants -he’s desperately searching for a way to bring more talented outsiders in to Hollywood’s golden gates. Unfortunately for the rest of us, the Furman Horse remains a long-term goal. “I’m not nearly where I want to be yet,” he says, almost apologetically, “but I’ll get there.” And of that there’s no doubt -- it’s the only way this hustler knows how to work. Story By Max Hurwitz.

us M oc F



f you’ve seen a Darren Aronofsky film before, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what’s in store for you when his latest, Black Swan, hits theaters on December 3rd. With a story based heavily on the classic ballet Swan Lake, the movie presents us with Nina (Natalie Portman) who’s paid her dues and is finally cast as a featured dancer, but finds that sometimes reaching your dreams can ultimately be a nightmare.

Of Aronofsky’s previous films, Black Swan probably has the most in common with Requiem for a Dream, describing the inner thoughts of the main character(s) visually through story and cinematography. Every shot has been carefully thought out, showing exactly what you need to see (or what you think you see), and is so well done it seems almost effortless. The music and audio cues are also extremely effective (like effectively making me piss myself

during a particularly tense scene.) Besides the camera work, the performances in this movie are completely worth the ridiculous ticket prices, especially those of Portman and Mila Kunis (Lilly). Though much will be made of their lesbian sex scene, both actresses rock this movie. While Kunis is better than I’ve ever seen her, Portman steals the show. Forget her awful portrayal of a block of wood in the Star Wars prequels. Here she

gives us sorrow, pain, hope, anger… oftentimes all in a single instant, and you will believe every moment. If you’re looking for a great film to see with the family this holiday season, well, you’ve probably got something wrong with you if you take them to this one… but if you need a quick break from the festivities, Black Swan is a beautiful, if not completely uplifting, holiday diversion. Story by Justin Fitzwater.


A great artist is always before his time or behind it. -G. E. Moore LA’s newest source for...







Los Angeles Street Art 22 LACANVAS.COM




ke 2 010


os Angeles. There is something intoxicating about this city; something inspiring about the way that beautiful things are often found in the most unlikely of places; something relentless in the way that street art seemingly bubbles up from the gutter. Photographing street art can become a life’s obsession. The fact that it can be here today but gone tomorrow gives its admirers a whole new way of seeing the city. Waiting and watching as one artist after another infiltrates and colors our landscape with post-graffiti, witty imagery can quickly become an addictive pursuit. The poignant social commentary being communicated through this medium creates an impulse in any observer to capture these pieces before they are inevitably painted over or torn down. A work can disappear so fast that there is often no time to consider the method of recording it. Shoot it with your camera phone if you must: Make a u-turn and screech to a halt to snap a shot of some new masterpiece before it’s gone... and be 5 minutes late to work. It’s worth it. Story and photos by Emily Bradley.



z eli






A L T S E W ANTA MONIC A B LV D 11 531 SA-1416 310-479


4 S ONE NON- 1/4/10 TO 12/2 VA L I D 1

time of ly on rrendered at on must be su upon per visit. Valid ion, on up co e co omot il Inc., erials, Reta be honored. Limit onother discounts or prrds. at M t Ar Blick copies wills. Not valid with any of furniture or gift ca s purchase; no -stock item d purchase non-sale, inl/internet orders an phone/mai




s! n o i t a c o l r e h t o A Vi sit o ur E L E S SPOAUTSHARADYMEONNDAADVOE). G L O SESAT NBEVERLY BLVD.

7301 W 3-933-9284 32

44 F COLOR O H T U O (S -4985 626-795


artist: Jordan Josafat photo: Lenny Gilmore


rt su a r u o y l l For a


lick B k c i p , s ly need

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Photo by Rush Varela, Hair/makeup - Nikki Krause, Stylist - Brenna Egan and Illustrations by Justin Fitzwater

ON THIS PAGE: ON HIM: Olive short by Joe’s ($106) at; Eco-heather long sleeve pullover hoodie by Alternative Apparel ($38); Heather gray sweater by Ever, $168 at; Wool plaid jacket by Ever ($450 at ON HER: Vintage floral bohemian dress ($98) at www.; Fur vest by Adrienne Landau exclusively for ARCADE boutique ($256) www.; Maroon Sweater by Patterson J. Kincaid; Vintage crystal hippie headband by; Crystal flower clip (on sweater) by ($130) www.; Silver ring by Tom Tom jewelry, ($155); Suede fringe bag by EmberSkye ($650)LACANVAS.COM 25

e Fo r cu s

n ig es D



Photo Courtesy of Melissa Cocker

rowing up, Wren designer Melissa Coker wanted to be an interior decorator. Her love for the exterior, however, soon got the best of her and in early adulthood she entered the fashion world as an intern for Helmut Lang. Several impressive fashion gigs later (trend forecaster?!), Coker began to design clothes for herself and for her friends (lucky girls!), an entire collection of which was readily bought by Opening Ceremony. Thus Wren was born and named for the Dickens character Jenny Wren, whom Coker describes as a ‘winsome creature who makes dresses for dolls.’ The designer, who counts Satine, Driftwood, and OK among her favorite local boutiques, says she’s loving longer length skirts and animal prints this season and is looking forward to peter pan collars this spring. As for what to wear this holiday season, Coker favors ‘something sparkly but rough around the edges’ and recommends gifting favored girlfriends with silk blouses from her collection because ‘everyone needs one!’ What does Coker most need this time of year? Plane tickets to some place ‘warm and peaceful.’ Bah, humbug! Bring on the cold – how else can we rock Wren’s leopard print coats all winter long? Story by Erin Bunch.

Detail of dress (robe à l’anglaise) France, 1785–90, Photo © 2010 Museum Associates/LACMA

–Los angeles Times

european dress in detail: 1700–1915

fashioning fashion

“ astounding collection of costumes and accessories...”

On view in LACMA’s new space for art with two brand new exhibitions: Olmec: Colossal Masterworks of Ancient Mexico Eye for the Sensual: Selections from the Resnick Collection 5905 wilshire blvd (at Fairfax ave)



Photo by Phillip Angert Photography


u re c o Fo



estled into the store’s wooden racks can be found woven hats from Ethiopia, knit ponchos from Bolivia and Peru, miniature baby moccasins, and vintage jean jackets from the 50’s and 60’s. Any guesses as to which new Malibu Country Mart tenant this describes? Perhaps surprisingly, it belongs to Levi’s new Malibu concept store, the first of many such spaces LA Canvas is told will be popping up in neighborhoods across the country

this year and next. While this magazine has been sworn to secrecy about the new locations, the Malibu shop, now open, is fair game. From the hand-crafted looms that frame the store’s entrance to the well selected Malibu mural that adorns the back wall (a map of ‘Racho Malibu’ taken from a 1930’s real estate brochure), not a detail has been spared in the creation of this unique retail space. The overall vibe is less “surfer” than rustic, though locally

made board shorts and surfboards do take up some wall space. The ambiance has a nostalgic sensibility reminiscent of grandpa but countered by hipster employees. Denim lovers can peruse carefully considered selections of 501’s, curve ID’s, vintage Levi’s, and almost any other denim style they desire (leggings!) as well as selecting cost-friendly leather jackets, cozy plaid button-downs, bow-ties, any number of hats, and BillyKirk

wallets. Many items are displayed alongside their history, a feature which enables connection between the famous corporation and it’s perhaps more indie-minded, beachdwelling clientele. After all, Levi’s began in California, a fact which makes this new store a homecoming of sorts. The reunion feels about as right as an old pair of Levi’s, no? Story by Erin Bunch. 3862 Cross Creek Rd, Malibu


The best thing about winter in Los Angeles is that you can do sleeveless fur without looking like a fashion victim. It’s cold! But, it’s hot! Okay, it’s 70 and sunny but it’s December so faux fur is not a faux pas. Long and wooly or short and leathery - anything goes when the weather is anything but cold.

Sanctuary Natalie Faux Fur Vest $136 Alice + Olivia Jeremy Officer Coat $495

Mike Gonzalez Francois $862

Wren Faye Short and Boxy $596

Ever Langdale Moto Jacket $775 Story by Erin Bunch


These local designers must not realize that men are not to look better than their lady friends. Rock these frocks and she’ll be begging to borrow even if the wind chill stays above 80. A gentleman always offers his coat...but this is L.A., not 18th century Europe! Hands off, little ladies!

Band of Outsiders Shawl Collar Dinner Jacket for $1824 on

Band of Outsiders Duffel Coat $1790

Ever Harlan Jacket $875

Brixton Debaser $110

Brixton Sham Motorcycle Jacket $120


... which is odd, given their Angeleno origins (who walks in LA!?!). But boots this season, if not wedged, feel a little flat - in a good way. Nothing’s wrong with a little comfort through the blustery cold Los Angeles winter.

Crea t Tan ive Recre $155 . ww ation Ma w.cr8 r rec.c ino Light om

Creative Re creation Vian a Black $250 www.cr8rec .com

L.D. Tuttle Wing (Black), Story by Erin Bunch


Creative Recreation Capri Black Tweed $115

Tuttle C

ross, w


Penelope and Coco Gypsy Rose $484

Illustrations by Yushi Imai

Rock & Republic Maximo (White) $250 www.rockand

George Esquivel The Boot Brown Hand Stained, Douglas Fir (323) 651-5445






live events

8801 W. Sunset Blvd West Hollywood 310.360.1660


What could possibly be more LA than a personalized yoga mat? We suggest a bikini shot to keep you and yours motivated year round. These other local goodies might just prove that it’s better to receive than to give. Or, er, however that saying goes.

ALEXANDRE HERCHCOVITCH for Chilli Beans, $228, Chilli Beans Melrose (323) 653-0067

James Perse Ove rsized Cashmer e Scarf $295 ww Rock & Re p u b $275 w lic Dude Tort o ww.r oc kandre ise Sunglasse s public.c om

79 to $461, $ s, a v n a C Chic ca ic h .c w w w / http:/

Enjoy Lighting Flameless Holiday Candle, 34 LACANVAS.COM

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Brixton Grace Loop Scarf $35

Y htt ogama p:// tic y o g , $R am atic etail: .com $6 /ho 9.00 me. ph p

.00 5 6 r $ com e v Co tusa. e h on p por p I eca ersu B y po w Ror www.

Story by Erin Bunch

8012 Melrose ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90046 323 951 0678


There’s a reason the Beach Boys called out the natural beauty of the California coasts all those years ago. And by that we mean, we’re hot! This holiday season, give those who wish they could all be California girls (or boys!) the right tools to make it happen with a little Los Angeles stardust (a.k.a. amazing locally made beauty products).

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Baxter Skin 1.2.3. $45 com www.baxterofcalifornia.

Matte for Men, prices vary,

Strange Invisi ble Perfume (for Peloponnesian Men) $160 ww w. strangeinvisib


Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Liquid Soap $14.99

ck ecay Bla Urban D Sephora $36 Palette Story by Erin Bunch


e c n Si 917 1



Gif to t Ce Bur rti ger fic Kit ate che n


abyDinn Blu er f es or GIF BBQ 2

0 f r o BAG GIFT




li ft M sk ou tic i nt ke re a t so in s to H rt i g h



V in TO En ta ot g ec e a


ef Fo cu s


At the helm of a budding restaurant empire (locations in New York, Miami and Toronto), chef/owner Scott Conant, brings his rustic, yet refined Italian mainstay, Scarpetta, to the Montage in Beverly Hills. LA Canvas caught up with the itinerant chef to chat about his first West Coast eatery. Story by Kat Odell.

Photo By Elizabeth Daniels

LAC: For Angelenos that have never eaten at Scarpetta, what can they expect from your food? CONANT: The starting point for Scarpetta in general is actually the last point of the meal… the food is just so good and the environment is so comfortable that you are just inspired to grab that last piece of bread and sop up what’s on the plate, which is called a scarpetta. The name Scarpetta, I think, is a great word, but most importantly it’s that constant reminder to me that that’s the point of the experience for the customer. LAC: How do you plan to divide your time between all of your restaurants?


How much time will you spend in LA? CONANT: I plan on spending a lot of time here. I am opening up Las Vegas in December and the good thing about that is that I am really forced to spend a lot of time on the West Coast…so I am looking forward to being bi-coastal. LAC: What percentage of dishes at Scarpetta Los Angeles appear on menus at other locations? CONANT: There are a lot of dishes that are unique to Scarpetta and myself. About 60% of the menu is tried and true and the other 40% of the menu evolves seasonally. LAC: What do you think people

here in LA want to eat more compared to in New York? CONANT: It seems like people are much more health conscious, so I’m not sure the trio of bacon is gonna work. LAC: What are some signature dishes guests should look out for? CONANT: I do this spaghetti with tomato and basil, which just seems to follow me around. That’s the one thing I am really looking forward to cooking in this kitchen. LAC: Who inspired your love of food and when did you decide you wanted to be a chef? CONANT: It had to be my grandmother. I have these memories

of my grandmother making pasta and things like that. They had this huge garden in their backyard that I remember as a kid… the wafting scent of basil still reminds me of them…huge fennel growing by the side of their house… radicchio being cut… and then on my father’s side of the family… my father grew up on a potato farm in Maine… so I think it started from that…the appreciation of food, appreciation of product at the table… in a very subtle way, it wasn’t really spoken about. It was just dinner. Or it was lunch. Location: 225 N. Canon Dr.

us t n oc ra F au st

Re What to Order...

Roasted corn side dish.

Photos By Elizabeth Daniels

Tingas tacos served with a side of chips and fresh red tomato salsa.

Fried chewy tortilla chips beneath a scoop of ice cream


ucked behind a smattering of outdoor tables on an up-and-coming stretch of La Brea sits Tinga, LA’s newest ode to the taco and then some. This tiny, narrow gem serves up uber fresh Mexican fare with a colorful twist. Within its eco-friendly, Thomas Hayes-designed digs, communal tables are crafted from renewable walnut cutting boards and repurposed metal, while dishes are served in biodegradable bowls and the entire space is brightened with LED lighting.

Moderately priced and super casual, you simply walk up to the counter and place your order, grab a fresh watermelon lemonade and, if you’re lucky, nab one of the three outdoor tables. Inside, you can perch comfortably atop a short, round stool and tuck into a short rib taco composed of a house-made tortilla piled high with beef, salsa verde and pickled red cabbage. Otherwise, you may opt for the flavor-packed and hot, hot, hot “cochinita pibil,” stuffed with pulled pork and lovingly slow-roasted

with bitter orange, achiote, pickled cabbage, and habanero salsa. Did we mention this one was hot? Tacos arrive two to a plate, served with a side of crisp tortilla chips along with a spoonful of red tomato salsa. Still hungry? Don’t miss the creamy mushroom quesadilla, melted down with jack, goat, and cream cheese - the secret ingredient. In my book, there’s always room for dessert. The absolute must-try sweet at Tinga is a riff on fried ice cream - but here, chef and owner

Jerry Baker switches it up a little and serves a plate of partially fried, chewy tortilla chips beneath a scoop of melting vanilla ice cream, topped off with a house-made caramel sauce and a light dusting of cinnamon and powdered sugar. For a neophyte restauranteur, Tinga is off to a flavor-packed start. Story by Kat Odell. Location: 142 S La Brea Ave. Prices: 2 tacos cost $5.50 and $8.50 Quesadillas are $9.50


ta F o il cu s

Co ck

Noggin Grog Recipe: ¾ oz yellow raisin-infused Starr Rum* ¾ oz vanilla-infused Amaretto** ¾ oz candy cap mushroominfused Basil Hayden’s Bourbon*** 2 ounces heavy cream 1 whole egg 1 oz agave 70% dark chocolate Add all ingredients to shaker and dry shake without ice for one minute. Add ice and shake for one minute. Strain into a Collins glass without ice. Grade 70% dark chocolate atop.



engaged couples sit side by side whispering to each other, all the action takes place behind the bar. Enter, mix master Matt Biancaniello, farmers market fiend and creative force behind the bar’s supremely seasonal and stellar libations all concocted with fruits and herbs from Santa Monica and Hollywood farmers’ markets. Sometimes those fruits, veggies, and herbs get juiced or muddled, other times Matt drops them straight into bottles of booze for his roster of varied house infusions. Shiitake

mushroom infused bourbon? You’ll find it here. However, full disclosure, because of seasonality and limited batches of infusions, there’s no guarantee that what you drink today will be offered tomorrow. While at Library Bar you might want to acquaint yourself with Noggin Grog, a creamy, holiday style refreshment perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas cocktail parties. The flavors of vanilla and almond, plus the warm earthiness in the bourbon with a hint of

sweetness in the rum embody the ultimate cold weather libation decoratively garnished with a dusting of chocolate. And as beautiful as Matt’s concoctions appear, hard to believe, but they taste even better. Though do remember, just because you can’t taste the booze most definitely does not mean it’s missing. Designated driven highly encouraged. Story by Kat Odell. Location: 7000 Hollywood Blvd

Photo by Elizabeth Daniels

ibrary Bar, one of LA’s best kept drinking secrets resides in a most unexpected locale, the perpetually chic, Old Hollywood-inspired Roosevelt Hotel. Blink and you might miss this tiny, darkly-lit bar tucked directly behind Teddy’s. Dark wood paneling and a few tufted sofas within the intimate space lend the feel of a personal library although, no Liberian will admonish you to be quiet here. The bar space lends the feel of a personal library, and while

* Mix one pound of yellow raisins with one bottle of Starr Rum for 4 days in airtight container. Strain. ** Place two whole vanilla beans, split, into a bottle of Amaretto and let sit one week. Strain. *** Mix 1 ounce dried candy cap mushrooms in a bottle of Basil Hayden’s Bourbon and let sit for 4 days in airtight container. Strain.

us r c B a Fo

Photo by elizabeth daniels


n an up and coming block, nestled between nightlife newbies Exchange LA and Spring Street, sits downtown’s newest haunt, The Falls. The Falls is a design dream come true for proprietor Michelle Marini, who previously opened Lava Lounge back in 1993, which was reopened three years ago as The Woods. “Everything I didn’t get to do at The Woods I got to do at The Falls,” Marini explains. If you’ve been to The Woods, The

Falls isn’t a huge aesthetic departure. Where The Woods showcases a geometric wall of square log cutouts, The Falls boasts a similar wall of round log cutouts, just imagine the side profile of a stack of Lincoln Logs but on a larger scale. “The Falls is like a more adult version of The Woods,” Marini continues, and this statement couldn’t be more true. The Woods’ earthy wooden tables made from tree trunks make an appearance at The Falls; however,

this time around they are coated with a splash of gold paint for a hint of gilded glamour. Haphazardly broken pieces of slate fit against the bar’s backsplash like a jigsawpuzzlewhile the tiered art deco chandeliers cast a warm, golden glow over the space and its patrons. And the whole earthy-glam-70sinspired feel transcends over to the dj in the back left corner spinning an amalgam of electric beats. Get comfy in one of the two round

booths over right, or sidle up to the long, wooden-topped bar for a bevy of cocktails crafted from fresh lemon, lime and grapefruit juice. Down the line, Marini plans to add other muddled creations, like her recent experiment, The Mustang Ranch, which incorporates: red pepper vodka, strawberries, lime, simple syrup and basil. Story by Kat Odell. Location: 626 S. Spring Street


P u re u na dul te r ate d Y UM! Killer bur g e r !

-Ye lp

-Urban Spoo n

B est b u rge r i n LA!

- Cit y Se a rch

O p e n t i l l 3 a m S u n - T h u r , t i ll 4 a m F r i & S a t

(3 2 3 ) 465- 8429

“Now open on 3rd st restaurant row Featuring fresh farm to table authentic thai cuisine   Top 100 restaurant in the USA -zagat”

6340 H olly wood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 9 0 0 2 8

Best Barbecue in town 323.656.1277 West Hollywood 7953 Santa Monica Los Angeles, Ca 90046 44 LACANVAS.COM

Venice 444 Lincoln Blvd. Venice, CA 90291


Oaxacali fornia in side Merc 3655 S. G ado La P rand Ave almoa . Los Ange les, CA 9 0 007 213-748-1 963 Situated insi Paloma, d de downtown’s m ini Mexic on’t miss o mecca Oaxacali Mo-Chic , Mercad fornia, ju a. A gian o st across t b lazing ye juice bar’ from Peru La llow overh s offering vian hau s, and just anging si can orde nt gn rb lik like tama y picture and num e in a Chinese re displays the st les and to ber. Savo rtas, but ries are se aurant, customers Mercado with rved here (M as well, to go. Try o-Chica, Chinche so many fantastic n Itza) stic the Vamp eateries in the ir k juice and e, a ruby ing with juice is th ta red conc oction of e way a surprisi rt apples, or go e fre a ngly tast y combin t your veggies via sh pomegranate spinach. ation of p the Supe Last but n ineapple r Green, ot le from fresh , apple, p mamey (a ast, try a typical arsley, an Mexican large pap d milkshak aya) juic e made e blende d with m ilk.


Natura 322 E P ico Los Ang Blvd eles, CA (213) 74 90015-2 1-0016 510 Bricia a nd of that ty Fernando Lop ez of Gu p elaguetz formerl ical juice bar fou yh a the deli oused the orig nd throughou fame recently t Mexic cately fl inal Gu o. Attac opened a pop avored elaguetz for a cle py he jicama, an or the R a, this tiny café d to Pal Cabro , hip version or a tam , green taste. egenera n, which sells fre Those c arind sh w s ra h h av refrigera ving a s ich mix Mexica es cactu n juices w ted cou ed ice, there’s s, celer like also Me eeter option c nter. Po chalk, a y, and a a p a squ x nd add n ic o a rder bu n flan a pple at at on to the c and me rnt milk nd brig e of the afé’s wa ssages htly-h ice c café’s tw ll from ch o front ta ued jell-o in th ream, alkboard art which man ifests it e front b le wall to s , g self rab chalkbo ard wall as customers’ some colored colorfu . Story b l drawin y Kat O gs dell.

Photos By Sergio Luis Estevez

ena La Oaxaqu d. Monica Blv ta n 5640 Sa 038 90 A C s, Los Angele 42 323-464-83 ion of e intersect all near th serves w a e n th e u in aq le rn, La Oax A gritty ho e st e etors W ri p d ica an shop. Pro Santa Mon d produce xt door an e n e ic re o ju st d ry as a hybri rger groce and help own the la to pop by y here also p ap h an th . A colorre sh o li g m En and are ance do speak ey th r, th e of e entr with an ord ic sign to the right c fi ci e ph ns, no sp ful pictogra ice selectio potion ju h s ac y e la p in is ts proudly d ingredien range, and er just the , parsley, o names, rath ry k le ce o, at m range drin o To . d ow e are list a pale yell g, or n te ta ra d e n an e g ess grapefruit t of sweetn eapple, ual amoun ose the pin o lly with an eq ch s e st ta n hich litera o w y e la ak p for a fun kiwi milksh m. Yum. , e p u lo ta n Yu papaya, ca uit Bubble Tropical Fr tastes like


ame Fo cu s G


ust when we thought the best franchise of all time was over with its unnerving ending (no spoilers here) we are rewarded with another iteration in the God of War franchise. Ghost of Sparta is set for the PSP! The demo was released to a select few of us at an exclusive round table taping of all five Creative Directors from the franchise which was filmed as a part of the pre-order bundle. Now that the demo is available for the masses, gamers will get a true taste of what this amazing game has to offer once it hits the streets November 2nd. Ghost of Sparta was helmed by the talented Dana Jan, fifth director of the series and so far, he’s off to a good start.


Dropping you right into the heart of battle on a ship just over Atlantis, Kratos must battle several new baddies, like a Krakken looking creature named Scylla. Armed with a killer new spear and shield, no more is he just an offensive fighter but now he has more defensive skills. With shield in hand, you can now block long ranged attacks as well as unleash intense damage with the Eye of Atlantis, a powerful blast of lightning that electrocutes your enemies to death. Down side to this demo is the fact that it finishes in about 15 minutes, which is way too short for for hard-core gamers. Story by Andrea Emmes.

80 Million Years In The Making.

Fresh Water Taste





Infused with Fulvic Acid Experience the power of fulvic acid. Our propriety, certified organic formula is sourced from an 80 million year old BLACKWATER TM IS THE REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF BLACKWATER INNOVATIONS CORP. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED / COPYRIGHT 2009


deposit high in the North American Rockies and blended with natural spring water. BLACKWATERTM contains natural electrolytes, antioxydants, a pH of 8+. and 77 trace minerals With it’s ‘Fresh Water Taste’ it’s the revolutionary way to hydrate your body. Our proprietary, all natural, organic fulvic / humic formula with 77 natural trace minerals is mined from an 80 million year old mineral deposit. BLACKWATER DRINK CO. 300 - 1062 HOMER ST., VANCOUVER, B.C. CANADA V6B 2W9 T: 604 736 9796


Everyone loves a shiny new toy, but it’s not all flash and flair here, these gadgets are also quite handy. Let us do the shopping for you with this balance of fun, convenience and necessity (this doesn’t include the Wii) that should help when you’re boggled for gift ideas this holiday. Story by Curt Hutson. The Xtensor Video Watch with OLED Screen Video watches aren’t just for futuristic sci-fi movies anymore, now you can watch videos, view photos, voice record with the built-in microphone, and play MP3s on this marvel of technology! It sports 8GB of space and a full color 128x128 screen. It can even tell the time! Will wonders never cease?

Whether you type, create, play, or game, the Xtensor is a great way for artists and athletes alike to reduce pain and strengthen all the muscles from your elbow to the tips of your fingers.

OWLE iPhone Video/Audio Rig This rig gives your iPhone a little cosmetic surgery (it is Los Angeles after all) but unlike some “deviated septum” procedure, this is legit. Throw your iPhone in this doodad and experience better picture and sound thanks to the wide-angle lens and boom-mic. Dawling, you look marvelous!

Credit Card Lightbulb The credit card lightbulb is illumination on the go. As small as a credit card, the little gadget fits snuggly in your wallet and comes out to help light up dark places by just flipping it up. It’s as easy as turning on, you know, a light!

Nintendo Wii bundle

Sony Dash Welcome to the home of tomorrow! Well, part of one anyway. The Sony Dash is a pint-sized powerhouse that sports a 7” LCD touch screen and has access to the Internet, email and tons of apps and movies. www.SonyStylecom/Dash


At this point we’ve all played with a Wii, but isn’t it always more fun to play with your own?! There isn’t a better time than now with Nintendo’s bright and shiny new Wii bundle. For a very fair price of $199 you get the console, the new Wii Remote Plus as well as two games! Also, it’s Mario’s 25th birthday and all he wants is for you to buy this.


SINCE 1976

MPressi Twist The MyPressi Twist allows you to make perfect espresso with no need for external power. Just add coffee grinds, hot water, give it a twist and you’ll be the envy of your co-workers as you relax into caffeinated heaven.

NEW! Wavebox Portable Microwave Oven

Includes 8GB SD Card!

Are you ever in your car and wish you could just cook a whole pizza while driving? Or maybe a delicious Hot Pocket? Well now you can. Don’t let cell phones be the only thing causing accidents these days. This baby is durable, shiny and can plug in virtually anywhere, even your in-vehicle power outlet. Great for extended trips on the road such as vacations, evictions or running from the law.

Full 1080p HD Cinematic Video with full-time autofocus & sound


• 3” monitor with One-Touch Live View • 3fps continuous shooting • ISO sensitivity 100-3200, expandable to ISO 12800 equivalent ALL NIKON PRODUCTS INCLUDE NIKON INC. USA LIMITED WARRANTY. AUTHORIZED NIKON DEALER, NIKON USA INC.


Capture professional audio for your video Verbatim Wallet Drive

4 track stereo recorder with on-board high quality microphones and 2 XLR jacks for external mics

With 500GB of storage in a teeny tiny package, the wallet drive holds everything you like to take on the road, what that includes is your business. Carry it with you in your pocket, backpack or, dare we say, wallet?




Samson Reference Headphones! with every H4N purchase $ 60 VA LU E!

Imation Link Wireless Audio/ Video Extender

Records to SD memory cards

Using the wonders of wireless USB technology you can project Internet TV, movies and tons of other content from your computer to a television or projector. Great for presentations, parties or your own amusement. Just keep it clean, folks.

HF R100 Flash Memory Camcorder SAVE $80


$ Ultimate Ears 100 These headphones fit ever so snuggly in your ears and blast an unrivaled listening experience straight to your noggin. It has sound quality that matches a live stage show, but at a better price.


$379.95 - $80 instant savings

1920 x 1080 Full HD Recording • Dynamic IS system provides continuous adjustment throughout the entire zoom range • 24p & 30p Frame Modes ALL CANON ADVERTISED MERCHANDISE INCLUDES CANON USA 1 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY REGISTRATION CARD.

LOS ANGELES (323) 938-2420 431 S. FAIRFAX AVE. CULVER CITY (310) 450-4551 4411 SEPULVEDA BL. PASADENA (626) 796-3300 41 E. WALNUT ST. ORANGE COUNTY (714) 557-9400 3309 S. BRISTOL ST. SANTA BARBARA (805)963-7269 614 CHAPALA ST.

samys. com

LACANVAS.COM 51 Prices good for a limited time and are subject to change without notice. Not responsible for typographical errors. Limited to stock on hand. First come, first served. No rainchecks and no holds.

TE ch Fo cu s


hen the Nintendo Wii became a runaway success among everyone from toddlers to grandparents, Microsoft learned the hard way that young males aren’t the only demographic worth chasing. Kinect, a $150 Xbox 360 controller, is Microsoft’s answer to the Wii and is aimed at a market that has little interest in Halo or Gears of War. Unlike the Wii, Kinect does not


rely on accelerometers or vibrating remote controls. It’s simply a 3D motion-tracking camera complete with microphones that mount to the top of the television. Sony, Microsoft’s rival, has scoffed at the approach, arguing that physical controllers with buttons are an essential part of video gaming, and always will be. But it is Microsoft’s willingness to ignore this old trope that makes

Kinect really interesting. Unfortunately, Kinect’s software lacks the ambitions of its hardware. At launch, you may find it a bit of a Wii Sports clone. There’s a racing game in which you hold an imaginary steering wheel, a couple of dancing games and a whole bunch of exercise programs. They’re not necessarily bad ideas, but they bring an air of “been there, done that,” even if the

execution is a little different. Kinect’s allure lies in its potential. In Kinect Adventures (the game included with the controller), your avatar travels on a raft, while you flail your arms wildly and watch as the character mimics your moves precisely, albeit with a brief lag. This actually has no bearing on the game’s outcome whatsoever, but I dare you not to smile while you’re doing it. Story by Jared Newman.




OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6 or SATURDAY, DECEMBER 4 Check-in: 9:30 AM Presentation: 10:00 AM

LEARN MORE AND RSVP: At our OPEN HOUSE, you’ll: • Learn more about our programs. • Tour our classrooms and technology labs. • Speak with current students, faculty, and admissions staff. • Learn about student services, scholarship opportunities, grants, and financial aid (available to those who qualify).



We offer programs in the following areas:


We make events unforgettable by taking photos so good that your guests will want to share them with all their friends. Super customizable, and wildy entertaining, we’re the best add-on for your event! To learn more, visit

5250 Lankershim Boulevard | North Hollywood, CA 91601 Toll-Free: 877.468.6232 | Local: 818.299.5100 Accredited Member, ACICS



ith the holiday season approaching, you might find yourself reflecting on those in the community who are less fortunate than yourself. In these uncertain economic times, many people have found themselves struggling and here in Los Angeles, there are several ways to help. This season, make time for others and sign up to volunteer for a worthwhile cause. Not only will it look good on your resume, but it will feel good, too. Below are some organizations that you can get involved with to really make a valuable difference to your community. Happy Holidays! Story by Hollie Reina.

American Red Cross, Los Angeles Region Give the gift of life this holiday season by donating blood. LA’s Red Cross is always in need of blood donors, especially around major holidays. To find a donation spot near you, visit their website or call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE.

Los Angeles Regional Food Bank The Los Angeles Food Bank welcomes volunteers from Tuesday to Saturday to help inspect, sort, organize and package donations of food. All volunteers must sign up directly via email or phone prior to the day that they want to help, and must be aged 14 or over. The Los Angeles Food Bank also accepts non-perishable food items as well as financial donations. For more information, visit the website or contact their volunteer coordinator by email on

If you are feeling really ambitious, you can even sign up to host a blood drive yourself. For more information on hosting your own blood drive, visit




Food on Foot Help Food on Foot distribute pre-packaged food and clothing to Hollywood’s homeless and hungry. Every Sunday, volunteers are asked to give 90 minutes of their time to help this organization feed, clothe and educate the needy. Volunteers can sign up via the website. Food on Foot also accepts clothing that is in good condition as well as financial donations.

Los Angeles Animal Services The Los Angeles Animal Services needs volunteers to help assist the public and help the staff at their animal service clinics and at off-site adoptions. For more information about animal clinic centers near you and to volunteer, visit their website.


Volunteer Center of Los Angeles If none of these seem right for you, visit the Volunteer Center of Los Angeles website and they will connect you with a volunteer opportunity that fits with your interests, schedule and means.


Rock out with LA Canvas! Check out our parties and events... ood alibu w M t s e nch el W u t a o L H ore - W t S s y s a uesd Levi’ T o c LA phy Ta a n r w g o o Lom ownt D r Tou walk d t l r r A o W er Diana Octob lub C l a Soci a m u P LAC @ 56 LACANVAS.COM

A brand new production exclusively on the stage of the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles







Only Vegas delivers a Cirque du Soleil ® experience like this.

NOV. 29 – DEC. 5 Daring acrobatics. High-flying action. Stunning costumes, choreography and music. It’s the Cirque du Soleil experience only Vegas can deliver. For one week only, see Cirque du Soleil like you’ve only imagined it – up close and personal. Exclusive show packages include backstage tours, intimate events that allow you access to the performers and more. For complete details, specially priced Cirque Week ticket packages and to book direct with hotels, go to

Offer valid for select performances from November 29, 2010, through December 5, 2010. Available performance days and times vary per show and are subject to availability. Zumanity™ has been created for guests 18 years or older. Tickets for “O” are very limited. Prices do not include tax and fees. Valid on select seating areas. Not valid on previous reservations or in conjunction with any other discounts or promotions. Management reserves all rights. Restrictions apply. LACANVAS.COM 57

Art Exhibit Maira Kalma: Illuminations of a Crazy Woman @ the Skirball Cultural Center

16 W


Concert Blondie Redhead @ The Music Box, LA



39NOW: A Group Exhibition Curated By Sophia Luisa @ the Pacific Design Center


Jacks Manequin @ El Rey Theatre






LA Auto Show @ LA Convention Center


Robbie Conal: The Missing Link @ the Buck House, LA

20 Festival


Harvest Beer Festival @ Echoplex, Glendale



27 F

Chewbacca to Zapata: Revisiting the Myth of the Mexican Revolution, Closing Ceremony @ Morono Kiang Gallery in the Bradbury Building, LA


7th Annual Artivist Film Festival & Awards @ the Egyptian Theatre

David Guetta @ Hollywood Palladium


Slightly Stoopid @ The Roxy Theatre


Weezer @ Gibson amphitheater

Concert OK GO @ Club Nokia







Downtown LA ArtWalk

UCLA Bruins Vs. USC Trojans @ Rose Bowl



Showbiz Expo @ LA Convention Center

Suprasensorial: Experiments in Light, Color, and Space @ MOCA Geffen

ART EXHIBIT Peter Frank’s exhibit @ Beacon Arts


Our Word is Our Weapon: Critical and Conscious @ Highways Performance Space





KROQ Presents X-Mas with X @ House of Blues, LA



7 T











Music and Game Festival @ Various locations in LA

Passion Pit @ Hollywood Palladium


W Concert






FESTIVAL Zero Film Festival


LA Clippers Vs. LA Lakers

New Year’s Eve 2010 Countdown Featuring Steve Lawler @ Avalon, Hollywood



New Years Music Festivals: Together as One @ LA Sports Arena

Adam Lambert @ Club Nokia


Tron Legacy opens





Silverlake Art Craft & Vintage


B I R T DIS 101 Coffee Shop 1600 Vine Adidas American Vintage



Musicians Institute Optical Shop of Aspen Otis College of Design Royal/T

Blick Art Materials Aviator Nation Swingers



Merry Karnowsky Gallery l Mauro’s Cafe at Fred Sega


Bliss Hollywood


RVCA Samy’s Camera Smashbox Studios Space 15 Twenty

Floyd’s 99 Barbershop Groundwork Coffee Co. Guitar Center House of Blues Hoff Optometry LA Film School

Sportie LA Stussy Toast Bakery Cafe


UCLA Bookzone Troubadour

Larchmont Wine & Cheese Laurel Canyon Country Store

Undefeated Volcom







Zachary’s Smile Live! On Sunset Rudy’s Barbershop The Art Institute of California - Hollywood Rehab Vintage




Check out

.com www.LACANVAS

list of For a complete ints distribution po 60 LACANVAS.COM




mbia Eastern Colu n Fine Arts Edgar Valero e El Rey Theatr Met Lofts Novel Cafe o One Colorad mpus Village Pasadena Ca Winery San Antonio The Spoke


Trattoria 25 re USC Booksto

kstore Vroman’s Boo FIDM J Lounge Architecture) f o l o o h c (S Sci Arc ofts Brewery Art L ol Cafe Metrop 88 Colorado






n Art Center College of Desig Intelligentsia Coffee

...and MANY more!









1737 E. COLOR ADO BLVD. (IN THE BACK), PASADENA, CA 91106 Official Seating Company & Ticket Office of the Tournament of Roses速 Parade 62 LACANVAS.COM

LACANVAS.COM 63 / 888-754-7878


SALE For a limited time! Regularly $599.  Pays for itself in just 6 visits!  Valid any day or night of the 2010/11


 Valid at the North Pole Tubing Park.  10% off non-sale

retail items.& adult lessons. 64 LACANVAS.COM

Children’s passes also available.


Fun-filled effective workouts 60-minute Yoga for Athletes® classes 45-minute Indoor Cycling classes “YAS” classes (30 min Cycling /30 min Yoga) Meet and mingle with fellow DTLA Residents Learn how to combat stress and live a healthier lifestlye


free 2-hour validated parking and showers

831 s. hope street l.a., ca 90017 213.430.9053


La st Lo o k 66 LACANVAS.COM

Photo by Sergio Luis Estevez


amantha Magowan paints, draws, sculpts, photographs, art directs, and sometimes appears in her own art -- generally doing whatever is necessary to fully express her complex, obsessive, seductive, and unapologetically beautiful visions. The catch? Despite their delightful and enigmatic mix of borrowed glyphs and small detail, and the finely-finished, decorative-arts influenced optical frisson she achieves; amid the Rococo elegance

of her compositions, these pictures are not really about beautiful things. Her hyperbolic cavalcades of abstract and symbolic imagery are constructed of floral motifs, constellations, patterns of nature, industry, urbanity and pop culture -- incorporating organic and artificial color and form into layered walls that both evoke, express and subvert their own story-lines. And about those story-lines. These confections are high-caloric intake, referencing the extreme end-game of this culture’s obsession

with celebrity and material luxury. Magowan has been thinking about fashion (a result of her work in the industry); or, more precisely, she’s been thinking about it from a different, deeper, darker angle. These images are in no small part inspired by a profound curiosity about the circumstances of the 1994 murder of fashion-design icon Gianni Versace at the hands of Andrew Cunanan. Rather than the grisly details, Magowan is intrigued by the interweaving narratives of

ambition, celebrity, desire, and style that motivated the killing spree -- and the salient metaphorical implications for our broader culture. Knowing this does nothing to diminish the visceral impact of the work, which commits its own share of Art Historical transgression in embracing decorative arts, textile design, and balls-out prettiness in a fine-art context, as Magowan creates a Versace-esque love of visual intensity imprinted with her own unique style. Story by Shana Nys Dambrot.




LA Canvas Issue 01 featuring Lady Tigra, Philip Lumbang, Brad Furman, Scott Conant, Melissa Coker and much more.

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