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[about us ]

Laboratorios Zepol is the industry leader in Central America manufacturing personal care products, pharmaceutical OTCs and cosmetics. We provide fast, flexible and error-free R&D, registration and contract manufacturing services for a wide range of customers, combining favorable pricing with world class quality. With over 62 years of experience in the industry, we act as a division of our clients, regardless of their size or specific needs, enabling them to concentrate in their core competencies: i.e. servicing distribution channels and/or promoting products. Laboratorios Zepol’s manufacturing is designed to achieve speed with GMP compliant quality. Over the years we developed both complex and simple manufacturing lines to meet our customers’ needs with a mindset of cost, agility and practicality.


quality policy ]

Laboratorios Zepol’s

We understand that the quality of our products is not only a reflection of our company but also of our valued customers. This is why quality is the focus and the responsibility of every employee at Zepol. To achieve the highest quality standards, we have implemented and maintained the following: • FDA and other Health Bureau product registration (Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Cuba, Dominican Republic and the EU). • Current good manufacturing practices (GMP) throughout our facility. • Complete documentation: • Training • Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) • Batch records • QC testing • Rigorous in-process and finished product quality checks. • Inspection of incoming ingredients and and full traceability of all components. • Regulatory compliance: • Certificates of free sale • Certificates of manufacture • Verification of US, EU, and other foreign government compliant formulas and ingredients • Compliance with Microbiology Methods • Experienced quality control and quality assurance staff. • First labortory in Central America ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.


turn-key service]


Laboratorios Zepol offers complete turn-key service. From formula development and packaging selection to freight forwarding. We can easily guide our customer through the intricate process of developing unique products ideal to their needs and their targeted market.


25.000 KILOS



We offer: • High quality products produced under a clean operation governed by a system of strict international standards, procedures and controls. • ISO Class 8 - 5 clean rooms, controlling pressure, temperature and the number of free particles in the air. The water used for production is purified using top-of-the line double reverse osmosis system and ultraviolet sterilization. • Stainless steel mixing and holding vessels, as well as jacketed kettles, pumps, filters and other specialized pharmaceutical equipment. • Extensive experience and technical expertise in process engineering for the pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical industry. • Pilot plans for trial batches. • Rapid response to clients’ needs for product formulation, development, project management, supply-chain management and production. • Confidentiality: all technical, marketing, and business matters are handled with the utmost concern that customers’ proprietary information never be disclosed.

[project stages]

1. Induction : Business Plan Development Free consultation to discuss product options and the manufacturing process. 2. Research and Development $2500 R&D payment is required for each formulation to begin work on the project. Our professional Research and Development staff is available to help you create all formulations tailored to meet your individual needs, utilizing the following: • Pharmaceutical grade ingredients. • Use of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) to ensure the highest quality products available. • Individualized, exclusive, and innovative product development. • Duplication of marketplace products for customization. • Continuous research and analysis of the latest trends & developments in health and beauty. • Continuous source of premium raw materials with clinical studies to support your product claims. • Authority on natural botanical extracts, created in-house to ensure quality and purity. • Full range of antioxidant vitamins, natural oils, essential oils, and fragrances to allow the creation of your own unique brand.

[ project stages ] Private Label & Contract Manufacturing Division

• Prototype samples are normally developed within 60 days of payment. Your prototype package will include samples of the products to evaluate, along with a complete ingredient list and an approval form for recording your opinions of the product. 3. Registration Some countries will require registration of products before manufacture begins, i.e. Costa Rica. 4. Manufacture Once product approval is received, the production process begins with a minimum order of 200 kg per product. We will assist you in selecting packaging for your product and guide you through the process of artwork and design for the packaging. All products manufactured by Laboratorios Zepol adhere to a high standard of quality. Accordingly, all production batches are reviewed in comparison to the original R&D batch to ensure that appearance, consistency and quality are maintained. 5. Follow up Market analysis and customer satisfaction surveys are conducted.

[product capability list ] We specialize in personal care manufacturing: from liquids to solids to creams, including hair care, skin care, body care, and more… Facial Products

Body Products

• Facial cleansers: lotions, gels • Facial toners & astringents • Exfoliating creams and gels (peels) • Antioxidant creams • Nutritive creams • Anti acne treatment • Rehydrating creams • Moisturizers • Anti-wrinkle creams • Anti-aging night treatments • Clarifying lotions and creams • Facial masks • Facial sun blocks • Makeup removers • Face scrubs

• Anti cellulite body creams • Anti stretch marks creams • Body lotions • Massage oils • Exfoliant gels • After sun creams • Sun blocks (up to SFF 50) • Burn relief gels/creams • Cleansers • Toners • Moisturizers • Diaper rash ointments • Skin clarifying lotions • Foot creams • Foot scrubs • Foot lotions

Hair Products

Bath Products

Specialty Products

• Hair shampoos • Hair conditioners • Hair bleaching • Hair reconstructive treatments • Styling gels/lotions (non-aerosol) • Volumizers • Anti-frizz serums • Hair pomades

• Bath & shower gels • Milk baths • Bubble baths • Mineral baths • Bath salts • Bath tonics • Bath foamers • After bath products • Bath oils • Liquid soaps

• Men’s products • Skin blemish products • Massage oils • Cooling gels • Pet products • Nasal rinses • Mounthwashes • Toothpastes • Lip balms • Lip gloss

Laboratorios Zepol offers a range of natural plant extracts that you can purchase in bulk at a minimum of 120 kilos. • Aloe • Arnica • Ripe coffee • Roasted coffee • Pot marigold • Star fruit • Guava • Hot pepper • Turmeric

• Echinacea • Eucalyptus • Strawberry • Fucus • Soursop • Guaraná • Flax seeds • Nut • Mango

• Chamomile • Passion fruit • Melon • Mint • Blackberry • Papaya • Cucumber • Parsley • Pineapple

Additionally, we are fully qualified and equipped to develop and manufacture: • Pharmaceutical OTCs • Natural products • Biomedical equipment & materials • Botanical extracts from fruits, roots, vegetables and flowers

[getting started ]

If you decide that Laboratorios Zepol may be the private label manufacturer for you, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to set up a time to discuss your project.

Zepol Private Label & Contract Manufacturer  

Personal Care, Pharmaceutical OTCs and Cosmetics - Error-free R&D, Registration, and Contract Manufacturing.

Zepol Private Label & Contract Manufacturer  

Personal Care, Pharmaceutical OTCs and Cosmetics - Error-free R&D, Registration, and Contract Manufacturing.