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Dear Members Welcome to the latest edition of The Lab Report. We have a number of articles, news stories and helpful tips which I hope you will find useful in the months ahead.

rooms at Muswell Hill, and at Hendon the pool and spa baths' UV cleansing system has been upgraded to incorporate the latest state of the art technology.

It’s great to see the energy in the clubs is so vibrant. Seasonal introductions like the Running Clubs have been very well attended and the success of the Zumba courses have convinced us to make it a permanent fixture on our timetable.

Following my recent visit to the USA for the International Health and Racket Sports Association convention (IHRSA), it’s very refreshing to see we are still at the forefront of the industry with regards to innovation and technology. I did see one or two new pieces of equipment which caught my eye and I am pleased to announce that we will be adding these to our gym floor over the coming months.

The first half of 2010 has seen some fantastic additions to our facilities. Many clubs are now cutting back on further investment, however we continue to move forward - maintaining and improving our clubs to ensure we offer our members the very best possible facilities. The "Freeform Zone’, including Power Plates® and Kettle Bells, has been very well received at both clubs. We have installed new oak lockers and vanity areas in the men’s changing

You, our members, are the heartbeat of the clubs. So, I would like to thank you for your continued support and your part in making The Lab such a special place. Have a wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing you soon! Kind regards,

Markos Markos Lyras

Vice Chairman

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Thank you to all our members who have sent in their stories. Please keep them coming although we can’t promise we will publish them all but we will aim to, space permitting. Please send all news and photos to

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Angie Delivers The Lab Report By Hand Angie Newson, our Lab Report editor and yoga/pilates teacher exercised herself round Australia recently and whilst in Melbourne, caught up with Andy Barker, whom some of you may well remember. Andy, along with our Chairman, John Lyras, founded The Labora-

tory Spa & Health Clubs nearly 15 years ago. Andy has been living with his family in Melbourne for nearly seven years now but is still Lab through and through and hopefully he will be visiting us sometime soon. Andy was Angie’s Melbourne tour guide for the day!

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Seb's Indian Adventure Seb Barre, General Manager at Hendon, recently competed in The Rickshaw Rally around India - all in the name of adventure! When I called my old University friend late one night and asked him “I know this is insane Tom, but do you fancy taking part in a rally across India travelling 4,500 kilometres on some of the world’s worst roads in little more than a lawnmower with a sense of humour?” I quite rightly expected silence, tumble weed and the prompt action of Tom’s phone receiver being hung up. What I actually got from the other end surprisingly was “Sure why not Seb ... but I’m not wearing fancy dress!” Hindsight can be a beautiful thing and when that call last November was made, it has to be said that neither I nor Tom realised what we had quite let ourselves in for. Ok so we knew in would be an adventure, but as we stood there on the start line next to our freshly painted Tuk Tuk (wearing pristine cricket whites ... I argued

successfully that cricket whites came under the genre of sport rather than fancy dress!) we didn’t quite imagine what would unfold over the next three weeks. The event: "The Rickshaw Rally" takes place each year, and with each ensuing rally, the organisers try and make each one more difficult than the last in testing the resolve and pluckiness of each team to survive the course! This year saw the rally begin in Cochin in the South of India, winding its way right through to Gangtok in the Himalayas. The rally attracts competitors from all over the world and we were one of 70 inter04 | S U M M E R 2 0 1 0 | W W W. L A B S PA . CO. U K

national teams to take part and test ourselves across this unforgiving subcontinent. Our team: The Bagatelle Card Club (hastily thought up over a few drinks in The Langham one night!) certainly had its fair share of misadventure, if we weren’t up to our necks in sand dunes digging out our wheel spun tyres, then we were flying round hair-pin bends, being undertaken (whilst in the process of being overtaken) by lunatic lorry drivers or having to emergency break every time we came up against an Indian bus with a death wish ... which was often, very often! Each night we made sure we always stopped before nightfall as the roads became too perilous in the dark. This led to some rather amusing night stays in some rather interesting local haunts ... or when the worst came to the worst, (and when a town or a village couldn’t be found) a couple of nights under the stars. I remember one night where our only meal happened to be a packet of Bombay mix around the campfire! The whole 3 week adventure was an amazing opportunity, not only in seeing India through a different perspective, but to see places very rarely visited by Westerners. During our daily routine of stopping off at tea stops (in some very remote villages)

we became used to attracting crowds of 20, 50 and sometimes 100 people, and then we became very adept at entertaining the masses as we drunk the local chai. Wherever we went and stopped in these far out places we tried to learn what local village life was like and how the caste society worked. Our rally across India gave us some unforgettable life long memories (both heartbreaking and heart warming), but not least it gave us the memorable image of us crossing the finishing line to the back drop of the Himalayas whilst being greeted by hundreds of laughing and cheering children. Simply amazing! However it wasn’t just a hugely personal rewarding experience for us both but an opportunity to raise much needed funds for two Third World based charities, Mercy Corps and Frank Water projects of which we raised just under £3000 in total. The organisers prior to the start of the rally made it quite clear that once the race was underway there really was no back-up or support, in fact they endorsed total mayhem as one of the major ingredients to a successful rally. Well mayhem they certainly got from us! ... and perhaps if you do happen to grab me walking through the club at Hendon I might just tell you about our near death escapes from the Pirates and the Ganges bandits!

Seb Barre

General Manager | Hendon

Swing Time!

Get a lean & naturally toned body with the ancient martial art of Indian Club Swinging Indian Club Swinging has its roots in India and Persia. British and American soldiers brought Indian clubs home where the practice of swinging the clubs soon become the most popular form of exercise that it became an Olympic sport during the 1900s. Indian Club Swinging is now returning to popularity once again as sportsmen, golfers, tennis players and mixed martial artists incorporate club swinging into their training programmes to achieve the unique benefits of circular strength and joint/ muscle rehabilitation.

Lightweight clubs are held in each hand and swung in various motions according to the body’s natural range gaining MORE COURSES SOON! circular strength and enhancing mind LOOK OUT FOR body coordination. The movements POSTERS. promote energy in all of the body’s joints alleviating stiffness and tightness.

The whole body receives a gentle but challenging workout that will shape you in the most natural way. With regular daily practice and a healthy diet, you can achieve rapid weight loss. Heavier clubs are used to build muscle size. Indian Club Swinging is a gentle and holistic practice that will relax the mind and help improve overall health and improve energy levels. So if you worry about bingo wings, love handles, spare tyres or everything moving south and want to gain a lean and evenly toned body, try Indian Club Swinging. It’s a fun way to lose weight too!

Neil Archer

Qi Gong Teacher & Therapist

S U M M E R 2 0 1 0 | W W W. L A B S PA . CO. U K | 05

MARK FOSTER Heralded as one of Britain’s greatest swimmers of all time, Mark Foster, has recently become a member at The Lab at Hendon. Mark is a 6 time world champion, 10 time European Champion, 2 time Commonwealth Champion and held 8 world records. He has won a total of 47 international medals and carried the flag for Team GB in Beijing.


Described as a specialist short course (25m pool) swimmer, you’ve obviously swum in hundreds of pools over the year, tell us what you enjoy most about swimming at our Hendon club. I love the fact that it is UV treated, easy on your skin, eyes, hair and lungs!! The pool temperature is great for swimmers wanting to do a lot of laps or just a few. I also love the fact after I have swum, I can have a jacuzzi or a steam so after I’ve trained I can chill out straight away! You specialise in butterfly and freestyle. Can you suggest some handy training tips for our members. When you watch anyone do something well they make it look easy. The key is practice - just keep trying and the better you become and the more you can switch your brain off, the more relaxing it is. It’s all about timing, I need a diagram to really show you! But like running or walking, you swim freestyle with opposites, by that I mean, when the left arm enters the water the right leg kicks. As we are all getting older, do you find it harder to motivate yourself to train and how did you feel about being one of the eldest in the Great Britain team? I find it’s so much easier either training for something - do a marathon, triathlon, open water swim - just give yourself a goal.



06 | S U M M E R 2 0 1 0 | W W W. L A B S PA . CO. U K

Pick a charity event with your friends, say a walk, a climb, something you all think you can do and make it a group challenge. Or even make it social - meet friends at the gym and enjoy, share the pain! No it does not need to be painful, make it fun. Are you training for any event at the moment, or focusing more on your charity work? In 2009 you became patron of The Anaphylaxis Campaign, a charity to help people with severe allergies. I aim to inspire people. If I can inspire the next Rebecca Adlington or Chris Hoy that’s great, but I am more interested in getting children away from computers, games, phones and TVs and learning the benefits of being fit and healthy. We all have to remember our health is our wealth so let’s get this country fit! I am ambassador for British Gas and British Swimming. I’m trying to get as many people swimming so they enjoy its the benefits. Famous for your six pack, especially when you wore those revealing glittery costumes on "Strictly Come Dancing" a couple of series ago - did you get your washboard abs through swimming only or crunching hard in the gym? Swimming is great for all round fitness and everyone always says swimmers have the best bodies! Not sure about that one, but we do have good shape - upside down



TRX Suspension Training® Suspension Training® is a revolutionary method of leveraged body weight exercise.

triangle! A strong core is important for every sport and life in general. Everything we do comes from our core and having a strong core makes it easy lifting shopping and we all love a bit of that! I do lots of abdominal training and I also strengthen my back. Was Strictly one of the hardest things you ever had to train for? And how did you feel when you lost the dance-off to Andrew Castle, another sportsman? Strictly was the hardest challenge I’ve ever had, but also one of the most rewarding. I trained 5 hours a day - I know it did not show! I approached it with the same focus for swimming: I will try my hardest to be the best I can. Unfortunately 6ft 6in is a lot of body to move around and look graceful! Andrew is a friend and at least being put out by him was fun well at least he shared my pain!! How do you switch off and relax - do you practise yoga or meditation? I play golf and walk my dog! Swimming is my way of relaxing, the sound, feel and sight of the water is very spiritual. I want to start Pilates and Yoga and will be in some of the classes at the Lab soon! I will be the tall one at the back!



See Sport Relief clip of Mark at Hendon on our website

With the TRX you can challenge all of the major muscle groups while always having to activate the deep core muscles to perform the movement with control and stability. The difficulty and resistance of the exercise can be adjusted by simply changing the angle of the body so that less or more body weight is involved. Suspension Training® allows the individual to use full range of motion, which is great for recruiting a larger percentage of muscle. It can be used for a variety of health and fitness goals varying from gentle rehabilitation to hard core athletic training and everything in between. Traditional weight training often isolates muscles, which is contradictory to the normal co-ordinated muscle effort used to complete most activities. Focusing on only one muscle group has its benefits but in the long run is more likely to lead to overuse injuries and muscular imbalances, as well as potentially limiting strength and movement gains. Suspension Training® allows for the use of multiple planes of motion and works multiple muscles and joints simultaneously, which correlates with the movement


that our bodies a r e designed to perform in everyday life. An additional benefit is that you are not limited to using the TRX in the confines of 4 walls, simply throw it over a tree and away you go.


We will take you through a variety of exercises based on your fitness levels and objectives. Book in and add an extra dimension to your training.


S U M M E R 2 0 1 0 | W W W. L A B S PA . CO. U K | 07

Vas Meets Gok Look out this Autumn for The Lab Muswell Hill being featured in an episode of the new series of Gok Wan’s "How to Look Good Naked" on Channel 4.

Fashion stylist, Gok Wan presents the inspirational television programme to show women how to look fantastic with their clothes off (and on), no matter what their body shape. Gok’s team chose The Lab as they were looking for an exclusive health club in London with premium facilities so the chosen lady of that episode could relax and experience our luxurious and pampering treatments.

On Your Bike! I discovered the amazing exercise craze of indoor cycling (sometimes called Spinning) in 1998 and since then I’ve enjoyed participating and teaching classes. For the last two years, as a Schwinn UK Master Trainer, I’ve trained lots of new instructors, including some teaching here at The Lab. For those of you not sure what indoor cycling is - to put it simply,

it’s riding a specifically designed indoor static bike in a studio class setting along to motivating music. Check out my 10 Reasons to Cycle (right) and if you haven't experienced a session, give it a spin soon, you won't regret it!

Stefano Ruggeri

Schwinn IC UK Master Trainer

I’ve been Spinning with Stefano for nearly fours years now. I find the classes invigorating, energizing, and a challenge. It’s great fun, and by the end of the class, although you’ll find many tired bodies, you’ll also see many smiling faces. By simply adjusting the resistance on the bike, I can continue to increase my fitness Naomi Shragai - Hendon Member I have been indoor cycling for 6 years and currently do 5 classes a week so I guess you could call me a spinning addict. I joined the Lab soon after a hip resurfacing operation and also having been told that one of my knees also required major reconstruction, so I was looking for a cardiovascular workout that would not inflict further stress on my joints. Spinning is non-impact and by altering the resistance on the bike, I could increase or decrease the intensity of the class according to how I feel on the day. The thing I love most about the classes is that no matter where my mind is before I start, once the rhythm of the music grabs me, I am swept away for 45 minutes by the momentum of the class and the instructor David Fox - Hendon Member 08 | S U M M E R 2 0 1 0 | W W W. L A B S PA . CO. U K

10 Reasons To Cycle 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10

Everyone can take part rhythm is NOT essential Coordination NOT required.

Intensity to suit everyone. You can work at your own pace. Everyone works with the resistance and not speed. It is non-impact, so it’s easy on the joints. Can help with weight control (along with a good diet and strength exercises of course.) It is an alternative to your usual workout. Improves cardiovascular fitness level for the de-conditioned person Maintains and enhances fitness levels for the conditioned person Helps reduce stress and high blood pressure.

Juice Bar News Healing Foods Healthy Skin

Stress Reduction

Blueberries • Cranberries

Sugar Snap Peas Green Peas • Chick Peas Beans(Navy, Pinto, Red, Black, Green)

Raspberries • Strawberries Cherries • Currants Purple Grapes • Pumpkin Carrots • Butternut Squash Sweet Potatoes

Bright & Sparkly Eyes

Keep Young & Beautiful Boost The Immune System Skinless Chicken Breast

Broccoli • Brussel Sprouts Cabbage • Cauliflower Kale • Romaine Lettuce Spinach Mustard Greens

Turkey • Broccoli • Cabbage, Cauliflower • Kale • Spinach Black or Green Tea Bok Choy • Turnip Greens

Reduce Sun Damage

Strong Bones

Tomatoes • Watermelon Pink Grapefruit

Semi-Skimmed Milk Yogurt • Soya Kefir Tofu

Eating in our Juice Bars keeps you young! It seems that most magazines on sale today offer tips on how to stay young. We all know we can’t change Have you the fact we are growing older day by day, however by extried our ercising and eating healthily, Daily our skin tone and condition Specials? can improve, our eyes will glisten and our hair and nails will grow stronger and longer. At The Lab we believe in growing older gracefully and naturally and as the saying goes - “We are what we eat!” This summer try our fabulous range of fresh juices and healthy snacks - great as a boost after a challenging workout. And don't forget we also offer a takeaway menu too!

Diary Dates

Following our successful Elvis and The Rat Pack Event Nights in the Juice Bar at Hendon – we have a fabulous Abba Evening scheduled for you on Thursday 16th September - a fun night of Abba hits and an hour of 70’s tunes to dance away to. Also put Sunday 19th December in your diary as Rod Stewart will be visiting the Juice Bar at Hendon to sing his hit numbers including Maggie May and Sailing – we look forward to Muswell Hill members coming along too! Look out for posters for more information and here's to a brilliant sing along to Waterloo! S U M M E R 2 0 1 0 | W W W. L A B S PA . CO. U K | 09

We welcome our new Gym Team staff who come to us with a broad range of knowledge across all spectrums of health and fitness and also bring their unique twists to the team. They look forward to meeting you.

Gym News Summer’s here (hopefully) and there’s a real fresh buzz around both clubs. We would like to say a big welcome to all new members of The Lab and a thank you to all our founder members - it is your continued enthusiasm that motivates us (yes the Gym Team also needs motivation). With the Power Plates®, Kettle Bells and TRX Suspension Training fitting into both gyms like they were part of the furniture and all three proving very popular, it’s time to take your training to another level. If

testing and nutritional advice. Even to the point of giving you a "fullbody MOT" with our "Wellbeing Check" which covers cardio fitness tests, body fat, strength and flexibility testing. So if you want to take things a step further, remember we also provide Level III qualified Personal Trainers who would be happy to offer a free consultation to discuss your training objectives. We will be promoting outdoor exercise over the next few coming months (see

you would like to find out more about any of the new range of equipment we have and the benefits they offer, then please come and see an instructor for more details. The possibilities are endless. With summer holidays just around the corner, we all want to feel and look as good as possible. There is no point waiting two weeks before your vacation before you realise you are not quite where you would like to be! So there’s no time like the present. There is much you can achieve in the time between now and then. Whether it be reducing body fat, increasing muscle mass or something more specific, we are here to help you achieve your goals providing personalised exercise programmes, fitness

Paul’s article in this issue) and Muswell Hill recently started in April by setting up their new Running Club. Hendon is looking to start Park Fitness classes once the warm weather is here to stay. Well done to all those that participated in the Sport Relief One Mile Challenge. Your contribution and efforts were immense and this all made for an extremely fun day for both staff and members. A special mention to Daniel from the Muswell Hill Gym Team who put in an amazing time of 5:24 mins and to Paul Cinnamon from Hendon who posted an extremely impressive time of 5:33 mins. The challenge is on for next year for even faster times - maybe a 4 minute mile!

Hana Barclay Hendon

Patrick Furphy Hendon

Priya Garara Hendon

Nick Andrews Hendon

Monika Martonakova Muswell Hill

Paul Ranson

Gym Manager | Muswell Hill

Please ensure you securely lock away all personal belongings in the lockers provided whilst working out. 10 | S U M M E R 2 0 1 0 | W W W. L A B S PA . CO. U K

Phil Daniels

Gym Manager | Hendon

Congratulations to all of our members who participated in The London Marathon - well done to you all.

Studio News Sport Relief 2010 Well done to all our members who took part in our Sport Relief Saturday workouts recently. A special big THANK YOU to instructors, Stefano who taught a massive 2 hour Spinning class and Caroline who taught the well-deserved stretch! We raised over £1,000 and it was great fun, a brilliant atmosphere and a fantastic reason to workout.

Yoga Day The Lab Hendon recently held a fantastic Charity Yoga and Holistic Treatment Day to raise money for the Peace Hospice in celebration of the life of our long-standing and very popular yoga teacher, Barbara Davis. Nadine Watton led two wonderful yoga sessions adding fantastic Indian & Hebrew dedications and prayers. There were relaxing and energising taster treatments in the Day Spa, including Chinese facial rejuvenation, reflexology and massage and the day was completed with the draw of the raffle. In total a massive £800 was raised. Thanks to all those who supported, attended and donated the lovely prizes. The Peace Hospice were very appreciative of the donation and Barbara’s family were delighted to join us for the day.

Kids' Fitness Fun 'n Fitness for Kids - ages 9-11 years old, starts in June with Yvonne. A variety of high energy, fun, safe and effective exercise activities - indoors, and weather permitting, outdoors. Book in advance at Reception and encourage the healthy habit of exercising now so it becomes a way of life forever.

Tom Taylor Muswell Hill member, Tom Taylor, was always the life and soul of the Gym or spin studio. Sadly Tom died at the end of February 2010 from cancer. "He was always happy to see everyone with his beaming smile" says Shannon "and he always cycled so passionately in my classes". If you knew Tom and would like to make a donation to Macmillian Cancer Support in his memory, please do so at www. His family will be deeply touched. Our thoughts are with them.

Welcome We welcome new freelance instructors to both clubs - Diana Hurwitz, Henri Berest, Monika Kolb and Sofia Demir. They all have a vast amount of experience and passion and will be valuable additions to Team Lab.

Good Luck We wish good luck and all our best wishes to instructor, Monika Kratka, who has taken maternity leave to have her first baby and look forward to welcoming her back soon. I look forward to seeing you in class. If you have any feedback or comments you would like to make, please email me at

Elia Siaperas

Studio Co-ordinator

If you have booked a class and unable to make it, please ensure you cancel your space giving as much notice as possible. S U M M E R 2 0 1 0 | W W W. L A B S PA . CO. U K | 11

How To ... Get Toned Arms Sharif Lawton

Gym Team | Muswell Hill

Firm legs, tight glutes, shapely shoulders and a toned chest - these are all often goals and objectives the Gym Team hear consistently when asking members what they want to achieve. However, a body part that almost all members at The Lab wish to improve upon no matter what age, gender or stage they are at with their training, is arms! Our female clients often want to tighten up their triceps (the back of the arm), giving the area a defined more toned appearance, whereas men often want bigger and more shapely arms as it symbolises strength and power. Whatever the reason you may

have for wanting to develop your arms, following the tips below will set you well on your way. Arms are made up of primarily two major muscles: the biceps (two muscles at the front of the arm) and the triceps (three muscles at the back of your arm). By only

The arms need a mixture of both compound and isolation work to be stimulated effectively. So

Arms need a mixture of both compound and isolation exercises focusing on one part of the arm, you will never develop your arms to their full capacity so make sure you train both biceps and triceps during workouts.

when training triceps, make sure you add at least a set of dips or close grip bench presses as well as isolation work such as the rope extension on the cable machine.


Likewise, for biceps, make sure you add in chin-ups or straight barbell curl as well as isolation exercises like those performed with locked elbows such as on the preacher bench. For even greater development of the arm muscle, it is wise to train the brachialis muscle, located between the bicep and the tricep. Training this muscle is important when

A really good way of training your arms is by supersetting. This is an intensity technique whereby you perform one exercise and then go straight on to another without

Remember to review your gym programme every six to eight weeks. We look forward to seeing you in the Gym soon and if you would like further information on how to tone your arms, please ask Sharif or any one of the team 12 | S U M M E R 2 0 1 0 | W W W. L A B S PA . CO. U K

resting. For example, you would bicep curl for 8-10 repetitions and then go straight in to a set of dips for 10-12 repetitions and repeat as many times as necessary.


SUPERSET #1 Bicep Barbell Curl Dips

SUPERSET #2 Incline Bicep Curls Close Grip Bench Press

SUPERSET #3 Preacher Cable Curls Cable Rope Extension


8-10 10-12


8-10 10-12


8-10 10-12

Try this workout for 4-6 weeks. the goal is to have more aesthetically pleasing arms as it helps the arm look more impressive when relaxed.

Muswell Hill member Tim Stephenson shows off "The Lab Report" in the Swiss Alps, near Adelboden where he was ski mountaineering which is 100% "off piste" and involves uphill as well as downhill skiing. He says, "Fortunately all my ski circuit sessions with Daniel paid off and I was suitably fit, even if it was still rather hard work!” Tim wins two free guest passes for sending us in his great photo.

If you would like the chance of winning two free guest passes, please email a picture of you somewhere "interesting" holding a copy of this edition of "The Lab Report" and you could be in our next issue out in January 2011.

Cross body hammer curls or reverse bicep curls are extremely effective for targeting this muscle, yet you hardly ever see many people doing them! Next time you come in, ask anyone of us to show you how. In terms of repetition range and frequency, make sure you take reps to failure if you want them to adapt and respond. This will mean that the last 1 or 2 reps for your given exercise should be very hard to complete. Biceps seem to respond better when trained at slightly lower reps, say 6-8 or 8-10, whilst triceps generally respond better to higher reps of 12-15 plus. In terms of frequency, there’s no need to train them more than once or twice per week as they are a small muscle group so avoid overtraining them. In the next issue of The Lab Report we continue this series with "HOW TO . . . START JOGGING"

Spin-A-Thon On Sunday 23rd May, we hosted a special Spin-a-thon to raise funds for The Kevin Steeds Lymphoma Fund in full support of UCLH Leukaemia & Lymphoma Unit. Muswell Hill member, Kevin, sadly passed away in Dec 2008 and his wife Susan has set up the fund. Thank you to everyone who took part. We had a great response and we followed Kevin’s mantra of "get on with it" - as we certainly did. If you were unable to attend, it’s not too late to make a donation - please visit S U M M E R 2 0 1 0 | W W W. L A B S PA . CO. U K | 13

BACK PAIN RELIEF Expert tips from the Muswell Gym Team

Massage A common culprit in back pain is flexibility, or lack of it! Stretch classes and massage is a great way to relieve tension, especially in the back where a lot of people experience tightness, often from years of neglecting stretching. A good massage will also have other benefits, such as detoxifying the body, relaxing your mind, and even helping you sleep better.

Core Strength Muscular imbalance is a huge cause of back pain. Many people who want to flatten their tummies opt straight for the typical "sit up" or "crunch". Although there is nothing wrong with these particular moves, they neglect the lower back, and if this is not worked in equal proportion to the abdominal muscles, it could lead to lower back problems. Opt for exercises that work the entire core such as "The Plank" or "Russian Twists" and if these sound unfamiliar to you, just ask one of the Gym Team to show you.

Chris Robson

Try the Power PlateÂŽ - stretch and massage all in one! Please book in for your free induction. Paul Carter

Flexibility Most people don’t realise that if they have a tight lower back it can originate elsewhere. Look to the hamstrings, glutes, calves, quads and I.T. bands. If these muscles are pulling tight, they can have an impact on the joints and pelvis, which can in turn impact the back. By loosening these large muscle groups, we can help to free up the joints. If you are unsure how to stretch these areas or what you should feel, just ask any one of us. Another alternative is to use the foam roller - pleasure & pain all in one! Shannon Pearce

14 | S U M M E R 2 0 1 0 | W W W. L A B S PA . CO. U K

Temperature Cold and hot treatment can help relieve back pain.


Try compressing an ice pack (wrapped in a thin towel or cloth) to the area that is tight or painful and keep it there for 10-15 minutes, then immediately after jump in a nice hot bath.

If you are suffering from back pain you may get stuck in certain positions and find it difficult to freely move.

This will increase the blood flow to the area in question promoting recovery through reducing muscle spasms and increasing range and flexibility. Paul Ranson

Posture If you have a job where you’re sitting at a desk all day, your lower back will start to get stiff as the day goes on. You can prevent this by being aware of your posture ... sitting up tall, engaging through your core and keeping your spine aligned.

One of the best ways to alleviate the pain is to lie on a relatively hard surface (like a carpeted floor) on your back with a bolster under your knees. This will allow the vertebrae to realign. Dominic Buxton

And remember to take regular breaks and walk around. Demi Siaperas

Swim Swimming is a great all round workout, not only does it open up stiff and sore muscles, but your heart gets a great workout too. Muscles are the spine’s main defence against gravity.

support the spine with exercise, can prevent, reduce and even eliminate back pain. So what are you waiting for, take a dip and relieve your back pain.

Strengthening the muscles that

Monika Martonakova

S U M M E R 2 0 1 0 | W W W. L A B S PA . CO. U K | 15

GOOD VIBRATIONS Reap the Power Plate® rewards in time for your holidays.

The Power Plate® is a machine that works with vibration and acceleration training, which gives the body’s muscles a high-speed workout by using the vibrations to stimulate them to contract and relax. They generally contract once or twice a second, but by standing on the Power Plate® its vibrations cause an automatic reflex contraction of 25-50 per second. The Power Plate® is a great time saver due to the effectiveness of training and the fact that many muscle groups are activated at the same time. It is claimed that as little as 15-30 minutes on the Power Plate® will have the same results as 2-4 hours of conventional strenuous training and therefore much loved by celebrities and those time-poor. Remember though that the Power Plate® is not a short cut to a beautiful body and optimum health. You still need to make sure you have a healthy nutritional eating plan and incorporate other forms of physical activities like cardiovascular training to get fit and healthy.

Key Benefits Include • • • • • •

Increases metabolism Helps combat cellulite Increases strength & power Improves balance & flexibility Improves muscle strength and tone Improves relaxation & reduces stress

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future planning and worrying what lies ahead which brings up feelings of anxiety and fear so the present moment is always lost. By using a blend of techniques to hold the mind focused in the present moment the mind begins to calm down and the body is free to relax and a sense of peace is experienced.

Benefits Of Meditation

Ready To Meditate? Where Did Meditation Originate? History shows meditation as being a long-standing tradition in mainly Asian countries, like Japan, China, and India. Meditation appears to be universal, appearing in cultures all over the world. The differences appear to lie more with the goals, purposes, and styles. What archaeologists and scientists have been able to discover so far, is that recorded evidence of meditation has been in existence for at least 4,600 years. Meditation did not make its way over to the west until the mid 1900s. The knowledge

came through three main streams: Western scholars; the work of philosophers, writers and artists; and the arrival of Asian immigrants.

Why Meditate? In this fast pace society we live in, there is a growing problem of over-active obsessive thinking, causing tension in the body and stress related ailments. The present moment is a place that most people never experience. The mind is either going over the past which brings up a set of uncomfortable thoughts and feelings of regret and what if things had been different. Or the mind pushes forward in to the

Through the variety of techniques and breathing disciplines, the body experiences a freer flow of inhalation and exhalation. By breathing well the body releases the carbon dioxide (toxins, stale energy) which leaves room for a positive intake of oxygen which feeds the vital organs, nourishes the brain and allowing the blood circulation to move through the body more efficiently. In simple terms, it strengthens the opportunity for the body to reach a sense of well-being. More recently in this country the NHS are advising GPs to recommend meditation to their patients suffering with depression. The NHS guidance suggests that it could halve depression relapse rates. Mental health specialists have said that greater use of meditation would reduce an over-reliance on anti-depressants.

Shelley Bloom

Therapist | Muswell Hill

Loving-Kindness Meditation Course Loving-kindness, or MettĂŁ, is an ancient Buddhist meditation practice that aims to bring about a positive attitude required to make changes in life. Through this practice, we begin the healing process by moving away from old habitual negative patterns and develop the quality of "loving acceptance" that

4 WEEK COURSE | STARTS 7TH JUNE | ÂŁ30 MEMBERS| ÂŁ40 NON-MEMBERS supports this positive change. Week by week you will cultivate loving-kindness, first towards yourself, then towards your loved ones, and as the course progresses, you will be encouraged to include friends, teachers, strangers and finally foe. Please book in advance at reception S U M M E R 2 0 1 0 | W W W. L A B S PA . CO. U K | 17


Sannæs Smaller

A Real


& True Inspiration! You may have noticed a petite blonde member carrying a heavy backpack on the Muswell Hill Stairmaster recently and like myself wondered what she was training for? Well, having asked that question I wasn’t expecting the reply to be the 7th summit of the "7 PEAK CHALLENGE" (that’s the highest mountain on each of the seven continents). Sissel has already reached the tops of Everest (Asia), Elbrus (Europe) and Kosciuszko (Australia) Aconcagua (South America) and the Vincent Massif (Antarctica) all at a first attempt, leaving "just" Mount McKinley in Alaska. Following an article in a magazine, a project for breast cancer victims was formed which culminated in Sissel travelling to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with 14 women who had either had breast cancer themselves or had their lives affected by breast cancer. Sissel is justly proud of the fact that all 14 made it to the top, validating 18 | S U M M E R 2 0 1 0 | W W W. L A B S PA . CO. U K

her opinion that those who conquer a serious illness are mentally tough people - an opinion formed during her years as working as an intensive-care nurse in Sydney. Sissel’s achievements are very impressive and don’t end with her amazing mountaineering exploits. She has also run and won a 250km race across the Atacama Desert in Chile, skied down the steepest slopes in the Alps and raced 250km in 6 days through the deserts of Namibia! Although all these accomplishments make her sound like a female version of Bear Grylls, Sissel is far from being a gung-ho adventurer. Her motivation is primarily to be an inspiration and to prove to her own and other children that it is possible to set and achieve tough goals. To get the message across Sissel travels to schools around England to give inspirational talks about her journeys and the challenges they have posed. Sissel maintains it must be the Norwegian blood

Well Done The Lab


that gives her the desire for adventure and travel. She was born in Arendal, but has lived much of her life abroad in various parts of the world before settling down to home life in London. Her children both attend English schools and they certainly seem to have been inspired by their mum, as her son of 18 has already climbed the highest mountain in North Africa and her daughter of 14 is one of the top tennis players in her year-group in the UK! Recently Sissel has been made an Ambassador and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in the UK, which is a great honour of which she is rightly proud and which certainly places her in some very exalted company - the society enshrines famous names such as Livingstone, Stanley, Scott, Shackleton and Hillary. We are very proud that Sissel has chosen The Laboratory to aid her training. Paul Ranson

Gym Manager | Muswell Hill

"Last year I took part in the Swimathon for the first time. My mother was being cared for in the Marie Curie Hospice in Hampstead and I wanted to raise funds. I was the highest fund-raiser at London Fields Lido where I did my swim, sadly the day after her funeral. I usually swim outside, but missed it so much this winter I joined The Lab instead as a treat and to make sure I stayed fit. It is easily the nicest indoor pool I’ve swum in and this makes the four sessions of training a week I do a real pleasure. In April I participated in a Swimathon and reached my high fund-raising target. If anyone is interested in sponsoring me, my fund-raising page can be found at, by going to "Search for a Swimmer" putting in my name (Tatty Theo) and pool (London Fields Lido) - there is no closing date for donations!" Tatty Theo

Congratulations Congratulations to our resident Shaw Method of Swimming teacher, Steven Shaw and Zillah on the birth of their beautiful baby daughter, Akyra Rachel Shaw, born on the 17th May at The Whittington, weight in at 10 lbs 2 oz! We wish them lots of happiness and our best wishes.

"I’m not a person who takes to exercise easily, but The Lab is the health club that I have been a member of for the longest time. It’s more of a lifestyle club than a fitness club and in my first two months of membership, I lost nearly 2 stones in weight through swimming and changing my diet all without even really trying! I had the Wellbeing check - something I would have never have considered before, but it was positive and the gym staff helped me work out a plan that was right for me. The Lab is clean, spacious and has none of the hang ups that many other gyms have. The equipment is excellent and well maintained; the pool and spa areas are clean and relaxing to be in and the changing rooms are spotless. What makes it most appealing is the staff - they are friendly and approachable and always ready to help and give advice. In my opinion The Lab is responsible for changing my lifestyle for the better once and for all." Paul Devonshire Thank you Paul, we always like a pat on the back!

Torso Of The Year Hendon member, Nicholas Simmons has been voted "Torso of the Year" by readers of Heat magazine and says he was inspired on his way by the Gym Team at Hendon and he’s now training as a fitness instructor himself. Nicholas says "A lot of people give up going to the gym because they don’t see results immediately and don’t enjoy it. I’ve been motivated by The Lab so much so that I really want to help other people enjoy fitness and reap the benefits." S U M M E R 2 0 1 0 | W W W. L A B S PA . CO. U K | 19

ParkLife Reaping The Benefits Of Exercising Outdoors This summer, the Lab is going to help you realise the full potential of exercising outdoors using what nature provides.

tal effects that this causes. We need to combat this “devolution” of the body and mind and do what we are designed to do … MOVE.

We are built to move in the outside world where the terrain alters with We as humans are naturally active, each step and our muscles have to mobile, and highly fit mammals. Prior adapt to these variations. Take walking to the modern world that we live in and running as a prime example; today, humans were naturally tall, the benefits of walking and running strong, lean, fast and agile. These outdoors are that it provides fresh traits were a necessity to survive air, constantly varying terrain that the hunter-gatherer lifestyles we increases the strength of the legs and lived and we did not need the use of core stabilising muscles, combined modern technologies to keep fit and with the chance to commune with healthy - nature provided us with all nature. Running outdoors helps us the tools necessary and it still does! escape from the confines of modern life and experience freedom, which Due to huge developments in technolis also critical for emotional health. ogy and design, in a relatively short When running on trails, you are period, our environment has changed reducing impact stress on your body, at a rapid rate but our bodies cannot truly enjoying nature, adapt so quickly and and challenging your suffer as a consequence. We are built body as you run up and Today the large majority to move in the down hills, leap logs, and of people’s lifestyles can navigate root systems of be considered relatively outside world sedentary and we spend where the terrain which Highgate woods has many! Although far too much time sitting, alters the treadmill and road slouching and allowing our running have great cartechnological advances to diovascular benefits they do not move and do the physical work for us. compare with the more natural form As a result, our muscles, tendons and of trail and cross-country running. ligaments do not reach their potential and our general health and wellbeing The human body is designed to is suffering as a consequence. With move in an integrated fashion, using most of us sitting at a desk for 8 hours multiple muscle groups in unification. or more a day, exercise is of utmost In the gym, generally most resistimportance to fight the detrimenance equipment is designed to isolate 20 | S U M M E R 2 0 1 0 | W W W. L A B S PA . CO. U K

muscles or muscle groups, which has its benefits but also some limits. Exercises that emphasise whole body movements are generally the most efficient and effective forms of physical exercise, since they promote natural conditioning simultaneously across Outdoor large areas of our body, "Park Fitness" while often requiring Classes significant mental focus Coming Soon and attentiveness. At Hendon. When it comes to training outdoors your imagination is your only limitation. Performing a variation of body weight movements such as climbing, crawling, scrambling, jumping as well as pushing and pulling all at high intensities is the most natural way to develop the body and maintain a lean and pain free physique. Obviously being able to perform such movements requires an initial level of strength and fitness but all can be done to varying levels to suit the individual or group. Keep an eye out for posters over the next few weeks for “natural”/outdoor exercise classes starting. Our Running Club kicked off at Muswell Hill in April and is proving very popular. If running’s not for you, then why not start the day with one of our regular and popular Brisk Walk Clubs on Mondays and Fridays.

Paul Ranson

Gym Manager | Muswell Hill


Afni Shah is an experienced podiatrist who graduated from University College London in Podiatry BSc (Hons) and completed her master’s degree at Kings College London. As well as her specialist expertise, Afni has been trained in acupuncture to help treat conditions of the lower limb such as painful plantar fasciitis.



If you look on the Internet, you will read that podiatry is a branch of medicine devoted to the study, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle and lower leg. In fact, a more common question is what is the difference between a podiatrist and a chiropodist? The simple answer is not that much, but as the profession has become more specialised and the medical training more intense, podiatry is the term now more commonly in use.

Afni runs a regular MONDAY CLINIC in our Hendon Day Spa and is on call for Muswell Hill

She says “We have regular checks on our teeth, we pay special attention to our hair and nails, but in many cases, our feet go unattended! It’s only when something goes wrong that we tend to realise how much we rely on our feet and an early visit to a podiatrist can often save months of pain and suffering.”

The key message is that as a qualified medical practitioner, a podiatrist is uniquely placed to give expert advice on all your foot related problems. These can range from the traditional problems of ingrown toenails, corns and hard/ cracked skin to more complex problems such as analysing your biomechanics and gait (walking patterns) or assisting with the side effects of diabetes or chemotherapy. Afni Shah can deal with all these as well as providing reflexology sessions to help you relax after a long day at work.

It’ll Soon Be Sandal Time! As the sun starts to shine and we think about heading abroad for our holidays, one area that Afni is expecting to find increasingly popular is Wilde-Pedique nail care treatments. This technique is used to cover up fungal infections and unsightly, thick discoloured nails while also treating them. The anti-fungal gel provides the appearance of a normal nail so that your feet can be shown off with pride. Unlike related beauty treatments though, by visiting the podiatrist you can address the underlying medical problem causing foot problems and not risk exacerbating it through delaying treatment or even damaging your feet further with other products. S U M M E R 2 0 1 0 | W W W. L A B S PA . CO. U K | 21

Guinot Hydradermie Lift The ultimate anti-ageing treatment lifts the facial contour & smoothes fine lines The western world’s attitude to ageing has changed dramatically in recent years and innovations to keep ageing at bay have flooded the market. Consumers are faced with a plethora of anti-ageing options and have to make a decision about what to choose. With a heritage of over 40 years, Guinot has become synonymous with scientifically-based products and treatments at the forefront of innovation. Guinot treatments and products have a huge loyal following and it is with this in mind that here at the Laboratory Day Spa we have decided to introduce the Hydradermie Lift Treatment. Hydradermie Lift is the latest in advanced anti-ageing professional skincare treatments. This machine-based facial uses cutting-edge technology to treat both the skin and the facial muscles for an immediate "lifting" effect. Designed for skin that shows signs of loss of elasticity, it

targets areas where fine lines are most evident - around the eyes, mouth and nose and across the forehead. It also lifts and firms the cheeks, jaw line and neck. The Hydradermie Lift uses the Hydraderm machine, unique to Guinot, which transmits a gentle microcurrent to stimulate facial muscles. The frequency of the microcurrent can be customised to suit each client. The treatment includes exfoliation to remove dead skin cells; lymph drainage to eliminate toxins from the facial muscles and skin and prepare the skin for muscle stimulation; and muscle stimulation to firm and define the facial contour. For the ultimate in results and efficiency, the Hydradermie Lift may be combined with other Guinot treatments (deep-cleansing Hydradermie or Hydradermie Plus and radiance-boosting Liftosome). Hydradermie Lift is recommended for mature skin as an intensive course of 10-12 treatments over five to six weeks.

After 4 Guinot Hydradermie Lifts

tests at Laboratoires Guinot showed the following results

Increase In Radiance 50% Reduction In Depth Of Facial Lines (particularly around the eye area)

Over 40% Increase In Overall Firmness

22 | S U M M E R 2 0 1 0 | W W W. L A B S PA . CO. U K

Day Spa Promotions JUNE 2010 Father’s Day Tonic

1hr 15mins


A relaxing back massage and an ESPA Luxury Foot Treatment. The perfect Father’s Day treat.

St. Tropez Sunshine 1hr 15mins


Receive a 15% Off Voucher to use against any body treatment in July when having a St. Tropez treatment in June.

Products Of The Month

Introducing the new range of

Frank & Sense Aromatic Soya Candles Frank & Sense Soya Candles are hand poured and fragranced. They are a great alternative to paraffin candles.

• • • • • •

S afer - no carcinogens released Cleaner - no carbon soot Made from renewable sources Biodegradable Water soluble - easy to clean Eight fantastic fragrances

15% OFF any 2 or more products from our Men's ranges


15% OFF any 2 or more products from the St. Tropez range.

JULY 2010 Beach Preparations 1hr 30mins


A Guinot Body Polish, Express Pedicure & Eyelash Tint The perfect trio of treatments to get you ready for your summer holiday.

Product Of The Month Pink Hair & Scalp Mud - £30 Burning Time ±35 Hrs

BALANCE* Patchouli • Geranium Sweet Orange

RELAX* Lavender • Clary Sage

Rosewood • Ylang Ylang

AUGUST 2010 Thirst Quencher



ESPA Skin Hydrator Wrap plus a £5 voucher for use towards ESPA products purchased at the time of your treatment.

Product Of The Month 15% OFF ESPA Essential Moisture Balm

INVIGORATE* Lemon • Lime • Eucalyptus PALOLEM* Citronella • Lavender Lemongrass

JACARANDA** A lovely light and airy fragrance that is reminiscent of a warm summer breeze

SKANSEN** Cleaning fresh scent of Northern Europe

SENTOSA** A fruity and zesty fragrance reminiscent of exotic beaches

CAPESTANG** A fresh aroma of fields after a hot day.

*100% essential oils **Combination of 100% essential oils and fragrance oils S U M M E R 2 0 1 0 | W W W. L A B S PA . CO. U K | 23

We were all saddened to hear of the tragic death of Zoë Sheldrake. Zoë was a wonderful, generous person and a talented therapist. She will be missed by us all. Our thoughts are with her family at this sad time.

Lash Perfect For a perfect look every day - individual eyelash extensions last for weeks and they look and feel like natural lashes - only you will know they are not real! Lash Perfect eyelash extensions are waterproof and durable and you can enjoy having long, beautiful and thicker lashes 24 hours a day and for weeks at a time without the hassle, inconvenience or the need for mascara or curlers. The eyelash extensions come in various thicknesses and lengths to beautifully blend with your own lashes. A variety of curvatures will give you the desired look, whether it be a subtle enhancement or a dramatic show stopping look, our therapist will tailor-make the look you are after.


a Day Spa Voucher worth


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