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Job Descriptions ______________________________________________________________  National Chair   The National Chair is responsible for setting the political  direction of Labour Students, and coordinating the  day-to-day work of the organisation. They are main point of  contact for external stakeholders and lead Labour Students’  engagement with Young Labour, the National Union of  Students and Labour Students NUS Group, and elected  representatives and officials of the Labour Party. They act  as Chair of both the Labour Students National Committee  and Labour Students National Conference. The National  Chair is ultimately responsible for ensuring that Labour  Students contributes effectively to the Labour Party’s efforts ahead of key  elections, as guided by colleagues in Labour Party Head Office.     National Secretary   The National Secretary is responsible for the day-to-day administration of labour  Students. They look after much of the internal mechanisms of the organisation,  managing the finances, organising all Labour Students national events, and  administering the democratic processes of the organisation. They chair the  Elections Committee, and take responsibility for the communication of  democratic procedures and deadlines prior to events, compiling agendas,  motions documents and practical guidance for members. The National Secretary  is responsible for day-today communications such as all-member emails and  communications to club chairs, as well as maintaining the Friends of Labour  Students alumni network.     National Campaigns and Membership Officer   The Campaigns ad Membership Officer is responsible for leading the  campaigning work of Labour Students, both on annual priority campaigns and  Party election work, and for supporting membership and club development.  They produce materials to support the annual priority campaign and work with  club chairs to help deliver their campaigns on campus, as well as supporting the  development of new Labour Clubs. This includes managing the production of  Labour Students’ extensive range of materials for Fresher’s Week. The  Campaigns and Membership Officer plans and supports national campaign days  and campaigning activity ahead of key elections, and also acts as Chair of the  Labour Students Policy Committee.     The National Committee   Vice-Chair (Policy and Campaigns)    

Job Descriptions ______________________________________________________________  The Vice-Chair (Policy and Campaigns) assists the Campaigns and Membership  Officer with the organisation of national campaigning activity and mobilisation of  members ahead of events.     Vice Chair (Events and Communications)   The Vice-Chair (Events and Communications) with the National Secretary as  required to assist in the organisation of national events, and to ensure that the  relevant information is communicated to clubs ahead of these events. They also  work year-round to support Labour Clubs seeking advice and best practice on  how to run successful events on campus.     Liberation Officers - 4 positions  The four Liberation Officers represent the four Liberation Campaigns in Labour  Students. These are the Women’s Officer, the Disabled Students’ Officer, the  BAME Officer (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) and the LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay,  Bisexual and Trans+). These are elected by caucuses made up of members who  define into that campaign, and are there to represent the views of their  members in Labour Students.     Regional Coordinators - 9 positions   Regional Coordinators are responsible for supporting clubs and mobilising  members within their region, building links between Labour Clubs and  facilitating the sharing of best practice. It is expected that Regional Coordinators  will hold at least one campaign day and one regional event per term.     There are nine regional coordinators, one per Labour Party region:   - Eastern  - East Midlands  - London  - North  - North-West  - South-East  - South-West  - West Midlands  - Yorkshire and the Humber    Members wishing to stand as Regional Coordinators must be students at an  institution in the region they seek to represent. In the interests of gender  balancing, each year half of the regional coordinator positions are reserved for a  woman - which regions are reserved and which are open alternates every year - 

Job Descriptions ______________________________________________________________  please see latest election communications for details of this year’s  arrangements.     Further Education Representative   The FE Rep sits on Labour Students National Committee to represent the view of  students at Further Education institutions. They are elected by FE students and  should focus on engaging and building new Labour Clubs at colleges across the  country.     National Policy Forum Representative   The National policy Forum representative is Labour Students’ voice in the Labour  Party’s policy-developing NPF. Elected for two years, the NPF Representative is  expected to attend NPF events and meetings, and advance the agreed policy  positions of Labour Students through the National Policy Forum.     _________________________________________________________________________    Policy Committee - 5 places  The policy committee is chaired by the National Campaigns and Membership  Officer and is responsible for drawing up action plans to advance the policy  agreed at Labour Students National Conference. The committee also assist with  the administration of the priority ballot at National Conference. At least half of  the committee are made up of self-defining women - this includes the National  Campaigns and Membership Officer as Chair.   _________________________________________________________________________    Elections Committee - 4 places   The elections committee is chaired by the National Secretary and is responsible  for approving the timetable and spending limits for National Committee  elections and organising of a hustings event to be live streamed to members. At  least two places are reserved for women.      

Job Descriptions  
Job Descriptions