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Eamon Gilmore TD Labour Party Leader Representing the people of Dun Laoghaire January 2011

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Happy New Year. Tel: 6183566

2011 will be the year of change in Ireland. There will be a General Election and hopefully, a new government which will lead change, make a fresh start for our country, and bring about recovery. For the first time ever, we can elect a government, which is led by Labour, and which breaks with the politics of the past. A Labour led government will change the way politics works; will change our economic priorities to creating jobs; will change the bad deal which Fianna Fรกil made with the EU and IMF and will change the future for our young people, offering fresh hope and confidence. Here in Dun Laoghaire Labour will be running the strongest possible team to win 2 seats, in order to elect a Labour led Government. I will be joined as your Labour Candidate by Senator Ivana Bacik and I am asking you to vote for us No. 1 and 2 in order of your choice when the election is called. If you would like to help us win, to help elect a Labour led Government and to be part of the change which our country needs, please contact me or Ivana directly or Angela Loscher on 087 6640264 or Paul Daly on 087 2235187.

Fax: 618 4574 Email: Web: or Write to Eamon at: Dรกil Eireann Kildare Street Dublin 2 Follow Eamon on


ADVICE CENTRE Every Monday from 9.30 am (except Bank Holidays) Park House, Library Road, Dun Laoghaire

ONE IRELAND: jobs, reform, fairness

ONE IRELAND: jobs, reform, fairness The Labour Party has just published a new plan entitled, ‘New Government, Better Government; changing a broken system’ designed to transform government politics and the public service. The plan contains 140 proposals covering such areas as constitutional change; electoral reform; Dáil reform; the National Parliament and the EU; ministerial responsibility and public service reform. (Details available on


ed e it is a bad deal for Ireland, we vot aus bec And . and Irel for l dea bad a is it. (Read more on Labour’s view is clear. This will seek a mandate to re-negotiate we tion elec g min hco fort the in , and against it

GILMORE ON BUDGET (December 8) This is a budget based not on sound economics, but on bad politics and failed diplomacy. This budget was written, not in the national interest, but in negotiations with the European Union and the IMF. It is part of what is a bad deal for Ireland. It is part of an attempt by Fianna Fáil to write, not just this budget, but the next four budgets, and to tie the hands of the next Government to their own failed strategies. But, Labour will not be bound by their failures. Labour passionately believes that, as a country, our best days are still ahead of us. We believe that, as a people, we can do a lot better. Labour believes we can restore confidence, build enterprise, expand trade, train our people, and create a stable and prosperous future. We can meet the aspiration that is deeply engrained in the Irish people – that the future for our children will be better than today. This is the last act from the worst Government in the history of the State. The next Government will have hard decisions to make, but from here on, we can begin to build. (Full text available on



This plan is the price for 13 years of Fianna Fáil misrule. It is a price that will be paid by pensioners and people on the lowest pay, by families and households. It is the direct result of the politics of the Galway tent. It is the direct result of ‘show-time’. It is the direct result of the unbelievable political arrogance and folly of the worst Governments in the history of this state. (Full text available on

Our first objective is jobs. The more people we get into work, the more people we get back to work, the more quickly our economy will be revived. People will spend and invest, state revenues will grow, and our collective ability to meet the demands placed on us will be enhanced. To achieve this, we will need a jobs strategy that has a number of components to it. (Read more on

ONE IRELAND: jobs, reform, fairness UNIVERSAL SOCIAL CHARGE Labour Opposes Cut in The Government has introduced a new tax called the Minimum Wage Universal Social Charge. The tax replaces the income levy and the health levy. If your income is less than €4,004, you don’t have to pay the charge. Income from social welfare and State pensions is not subject to the charge but most other income is. The following rates apply: Under 70 years:

70 years and over:

2% on the first €10,036 4% on the next €5,980 7% on the balance

2% on the first €10,036 4% on the balance

This will impact on different people in different ways. Some people will see a slight gain from this measure while most people will be worse off. Most people who previously were exempt from the income levy and/or health levy will no longer be exempt. These include medical card holders, low paid workers (under €500 p.w.), working widows, working lone parents, the over-seventies and some other pensioners with occupational pensions. If you fall into one of these categories, you will see a significant reduction in your take-home pay. Meanwhile, people with incomes above €200,000 actually gain from this measure. Believe it or not, a selfemployed millionaire gains €2,000 per month from the 2011 Budget.

Fianna Fáil has reduced the Minimum Wage from €8.65 an hour to €7.65 an hour.

In practice, this will mean that a person forced to move to the new minimum wage will get €40 a week less if they work 40 hours a week. On top of this, they will have to pay €8.42 in tax under the new Universal Social Charge. So from now on a person on the minimum wage will be taking home less than €300 per week for 40 hours work. This is a disgraceful and nonsensical move. It will actually cost money instead of saving it. The vast majority of workers are recruited at levels well above the minimum wage so this will do absolutely nothing for competitiveness.

OTHER BUDGET MEASURES D.I.R.T. tax has been raised by 2% to 27% for payments made annually or more frequently and to 30% for payments made less frequently. Rent Relief was reduced to €1600/€3,200 (single/married under 55 yrs) and €3,200/€6,400 (single married over 55 yrs). Rent relief is to be phased out altogether by 2018. Benefit-in-kind will now be payable in respect of childcare provided by an employer. The tax-free amounts a person may receive from inheritance have been reduced by 20%. FÁS training allowances were reduced by €8 p.w. Most people in receipt of rent supplement have to make an extra €2 weekly contribution to their rent. Passport fees for over 65s are being reintroduced.

No change to the Drugs Payment Scheme. You still pay up to €120 per month. Air Travel Tax will be standardised to €3 from 1st March. Tax relief on Trade Union subscriptions was abolished. The PRSI ceiling has been abolished meaning people with an income in excess of €75,036 must pay PRSI on any income above this level. The self-employed must now pay PRSI at 4% but there was no corresponding change in social welfare benefits. There was no change to the medical card income guidelines announced in Budget 2011. Third level student fees (now called a “Student contribution”) will rise to €2,000. Where more than one student from the same family is attending, the €2000 contribution will only apply to the first sibling.

ONE IRELAND: jobs, reform, fairness

Senator Ivana Bacik

Eamon Gilmore TD

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Eamon Gilmore TD - Newsletter for January 2011  

Eamon Gilmore TD - Newsletter for January 2011