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Robert Dowds TD Working with Cllr. Breeda Bonner

WORKING HARD FOR A NEW HEALTH CENTRE FOR NORTH CLONDALKIN "Over the last number of months, I have been working very hard to get the Government to build a new health centre in Rowlagh, North Clondalkin. The needs of the people of North Clondalkin have often been overlooked by previous Governments, and I am determined that the Labour Party will deliver a brand new health centre for Rowlagh while it is in Government. The whole reason why Labour is in Government is to make sure that those who are most in need of Government support get that support, and Rowlagh needs a new health centre." "I have been putting pressure on Labour Minister Alex White in the Department of Health to ensure that the needs of the people of Rowlagh, Neilstown and Quarryvale are not forgotten when it comes to health facilities. With Labour Ministers in Government, I am hopeful that we will be able to deliver on this project. "We cannot be certain at this point about whether we will get this health centre over the line, but I am doing everything I can to make the argument that the Government should build it. We don't know whether we will be successful, but I am going to make sure that everything that can be done, is being done, to make this health centre happen."

HELPING NORTH CLONDALKIN TIDY TOWNS TO GET UP AND RUNNING Cllr Breeda Bonner has congratulated all the volunteers who came out to help out with the North Clondalkin Tidy Towns. Breeda, who is principal of St. Bernadette's National School, has been working hard over the last few months to help get the Tidy Towns up and running in North Clondalkin. Now, under chairman Brian Dunne, they are meeting every Wednesday at 6pm outside the Rowlagh Community Centre.

Breeda and the North Clondalkin Tidy Towns. Photo: Tommy Keogh


Breeda said: "I am absolutely delighted that we have managed to get the North Clondalkin Tidy Towns group up and running, and that there was such a good turnout. There was a great buzz for our first clean up, and I would hope that more people will get involved when the word spreads. It shows fantastic community spirit that so many people were happy to come out and clean up their neighbourhood. If you have a few hours to spare on a Wednesday and want to get involved, please feel free to contact myself (087-4132627 or Tidy Towns Chairman Brian Dunne (085-1374473), or come down on Wednesdays at 6pm to the Rowlagh Community Centre."

KEN KINSELLA APPOINTED LABOUR LOCAL AREA REP Ken Kinsella has recently been appointed as a Local Area Representative for the Bawnogue and Clondalkin Area. Ken is 32 years old and from Oakwood in Clondalkin. He is a past President of IT Tallaght Students' Union, is a former youth worker, and has been involved with many groups and organisations in the area including Tallaght Rugby Club, Clondalkin Swimming Club and Round Towers GAA club.

After being selected, Ken said: "I strongly believe that by working together we can ensure that the economic reality won’t stop us from progressing as a community. My goal is to work hard for the all those in my community. As a member of the Labour Party for over 10 years, I am very pleased that the Government is continuing I have campaigned on not just at election times but also on student to cut politicians pay for a third time. I feel very issues in Tallaght IT as Union President and on local issues that affect strongly that politicians need to take large pay cuts us all." when the Government is cutting the public sector pay "As a former youth worker (North City Centre Community Action bill. To give an example of how these pay cuts for project) I firmly believe that the most cost effective, and positive intervention in the fight against anti-social behaviour begins in the politicians are taking effect, the Taoiseach will be community. I am committed to providing support and help to those in the community who have been forgotten. I am an advocate of earning ₏85,000 less than what Bertie Ahern was youth diversion programmes developed in the community through the work of local sports clubs and community groups. I am proud to earning when he was in office and there will be big have contributed to the development of our community through involvement of sporting clubs such as Tallaght Rugby Club, Clondalkin cuts for Ministers and TDs too. At a time when the Swimming Club and as a junior member of Round Towers GAA Club. Government needs to cut the public sector pay bill to sort out the country's pay bill, this is only right and I I will listen to your concerns and worries and make representation on your behalf where possible and to the best of my ability. If there is am very happy that the Government is cutting anything you feel I could help you out with or if you would like to discuss any of the above with me further please feel free to contact me via the details on this page. I look forward to hearing from you." politicians pay.


Constituency Office: Main Street, Clondalkin, Dublin 22 Tel: 618 3446

Mobile: 087 652 0360 E-mail: Website:

Robert Dowds


GUIDE TO THE PERSONAL INSOLVENCY ACT WHAT IS THE PERSONAL INSOLVENCY ACT? In the Programme for Government and in the deal with the EU/IMF, the government committed to introducing legislation that would address the debt crisis affecting so many of our citizens. The Personal Insolvency Act will provide new and more flexible approaches to assisting those in financial difficulty.

WHAT ARE THE MAIN DETAILS OF THE PERSONAL INSOLVENCY ACT? Minister Shatter has stated that reform of personal insolvency law contained in the Act will involve: ■ A Debt Relief Notice to allow for the write-off of qualifying debt up to €20,000 ■ A Debt Settlement Arrangement for the agreed settlement of unsecured debt over 5 years; ■ A Personal Insolvency Arrangement for the agreed settlement of secured debt up to €3 million (though this cap can be increased with the consent of all secured creditors) and unsecured debt over 6 years. ■ The Act will reduce the time taken to emerge from bankruptcy from 12 years to 3 years. ■ The establishment of an Insolvency Service of Ireland to facilitate the non-judicial aspect of debt resolution.

DEBT RELIEF NOTICES (DRN) Debt Relief Notices will be introduced. Debts qualifying for a Debt Relief Notice are most likely to be unsecured debts. Examples include personal loans, credit cards etc A DRN will be issued subject to the following conditions: ■ The qualifying debts are €20,000 or less; ■ The qualifying debts incurred in the previous 6 months must not exceed 25% of the qualifying total. ■ Debtors will have a net monthly disposable income of €60 or less after provision for "reasonable" living expenses and payments in respect of excluded debts (if any); ■ Debtors would hold assets (separately or jointly) to the value of €400 or less. There is an exemption from the asset test for essential household appliances, tools, etc. required for employment or business and one motor vehicle up to value of €1,200. ■ Debts excluded from a DRN include: taxes, court fines, family maintenance payments and service charges arrears. ■ A DRN will last for 3 years from the date of issue. At that time (and subject to no other action) the DRN terminates and the qualifying debts are discharged and the debtor will be removed from the Register of Debt Relief Notices.



The unemployment rate is still too high, but the Government is trying to help people back into the workplace through the JobBridge Internship Scheme. A recent report on the scheme found that 60% of people who have used Jobbridge have gotten jobs. The scheme is a great help to people who have good qualifications but don't have the experience they need to find a job. The scheme has the added bonus that if you are on the dole, you will get an extra €50 per week for participating in it. Currently, there are over 2,000 internships available on you have any questions or need any help, please contact my office.


"I am very glad that the Government has signed the contract which will see Newlands Cross upgraded with a flyover. The traffic at Newlands Cross has been causing delays to people in our community for many years, and I am glad to be able to say that thanks to this Government, we are going to put an end to that. "I've been keeping the pressure on the NRA to get this project up and running as soon as possible. This is a junction that has been causing long traffic jams for the residents of Clondalkin, Saggart, Newcastle and Rathcoole over many years. With 80,000 vehicles going through the junction every day, this project will make a real difference to commuters and businesses within our community by putting an end to the gridlock around the intersection. I am very proud that Labour is in Government getting projects like this over the line, even when money is in short supply."

Congratulatio ns to all the st udents who entered the 19 13 Lockout Co mpetition organised by Ro bert, Emer Cost ello MEP and the Clondalkin Labour Party. The winner of Best Individual was Clondalkin student Justin Browne from Moyle Park Co for his sculptur llege e of Jim Larkin . Oisin McEvoy and Gavin Qui nn were the ru nners up in th Best Group ca e tegory. Well do ne to all involv ed.

l Last year I made a specia nd Rou the t tha t ues req Tower be opened to the public for the Clondalkin Festival. After last year's e spectacular success, I hav m fro s nce ura received ass the OPW that the Round Tower will once again be open to the public during the Clondalkin Festival. The festival is taking place on h the weekend of Friday 28t for s new for out tch June. Wa the hours that the Round t Tower will be open, as las ple peo 600 n tha year more er went into the Round Tow in just 3 hours!

Congratulations to Clo ndalkin Youth Band wh o hosted the renowned Ohio University Wind Ensemble and Marching Band in the Green Isle Hotel in Clondalkin on May 8th . Over two hundred yo ung American musicians joi ned Clondalkin Youth Ba nd to give the audience a mu sical treat. Congratula tions to everyone involved wit h the Youth Band, which has a long tradition of doing Clondalkin proud.

If you wish to raise any issue with me, whether personal, local or national, please contact me. Constituency Office: Main Street, Clondalkin, Dublin 22

Working with your local Labour team

Tel: 618 3446 Mobile: 087 652 0360 E-mail: Website: Robert Dowds @robert_dowdsTD

Joanna Tuffy TD 01 6183822

Cllr. Breeda Bonner 087 413 2627

Emer Costello MEP Ken Kinsella 01 874 6109 01-5044135

You can talk to me at my advice centres: ■

10am every Monday morning on Main Street, Clondalkin

10.30am every 3rd Saturday of the Month on Main Street, Clondalkin

5pm every first and third Mondays at Bawnogue Community Centre


Robert Dowds TD


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